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Study of monosomic lines of the spring bread wheat varieties Saratovskaya 29 and Diamant 1 for quantitative characters under different growing conditions. I. Number of spikelets and grains from the main ear

Arbuzova, V.S.; Maistrenko, O.I.

Genetika, USSR 22(9): 2317-2325


Accession: 001695258

In field experiments under 3 moisture and temperature regimes, spikelet and grain number were studied in a series of monosomic lines of Saratovskaya 29 and Diamant 1, which differ in drought resistance. Four groups of chromosomes were identified. The first group in a hemizygous state had consistently unfavourable effects on the characters studied, the second inconsistently unfavourable effects, the third favourable and unfavourable effects and the fourth no significant effects at all.

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