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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Macdonald, G.; Cox, G., 1988:
Tamper evident/resistant packaging and the dairy industry

Callaghan, K., 1988:
Tamper-evident ice cream containers

Williams, R.J., 1987:
Tamper-evident milk causes competition

Anonymous, 1986:
Tamper-evident packaging: the choice is yours

Carreras, L.M.; Fano, B., 1986:
Tamujo - a new medicinal plant of the Iberian flora

Lee, A.L.; Liao, A.W.; Horvath, C., 1988:
Tandem separation schemes for preparative high-performance liquid chromatography of proteins

Vaidya A.B.; Arasu P., 1987:
Tandemly arranged gene clusters of malarial parasites that are highly conserved and transcribed

Zech, W.; Wilke, B.M.; Kogel, J.; Haider, K.; Schulten, H.R., 1986:
Tangelrendzina and Moderrendzina

Backer, G., 1986:
Tangential flow blower for application of plant protectives in viticulture

Burt, E.C.; Wood, R.K.; Bailey, A.C., 1986:
Tangential-to-normal stress ratios for pneumatic tires

Fay, G., 1984:
Tanghaya: an agricultural-forestry-pastoral project for the eastern Rif

Easter, K.W.; Palanisami, K., 1986:
Tank irrigation in India and Thailand: an example of common property resource management

Oppen, M. von, 1987:
Tank irrigation in southern India: adapting a traditional technology to modern socioeconomic conditions

Oppen, M. von, 1983:
Tank irrigation in southern India: adapting a traditional technology to modern socioeconomic conditions

Morrow, L.S.; Porter, G.A.; Murphy, H.J., 1986:
Tank-mix applications of cloproxydim for broad-spectrum weed control in Katahdin potatoes

Deshpande, S.S.; Cheryan, M.; Salunkhe, D.K., 1986:
Tannin analysis of food products

Bormotov, V.I.; Nilov, V.N., 1987:
Tannin content of Salix L. species in Arkhangel'sk province

Josifovich, J.; Maddaloni, J.; Bertin, O.; Echeverria, I., 1985:
Tannin-containing sorghum and maize in beef production

Dix, B.; Marutzky, R., 1987:
Tannin-formaldehyde resins from bark extracts of Norway spruce and Scots pine

Makkar, H.P.S.; Singh, B.; Dawra, R.K., 1987:
Tannin-nutrient interactions-a review

Sun, D.W.; Zhao, Z.C.; Luo, Q.Y.; Foo, L.Y., 1986:
Tannins from larch bark. (Studies on condensed tannins. I)

Sheichenko, O.P.; Sheichenko, V.I.; Fadeeva, I.I.; Zolotarev, B.M.; Tolkachev, O.N., 1987:
Tannins from the leaves of Hippophae rhamnoides

Okuda, T.; Hatano, T.; Agata, I.; Nishibe, S.; Kimura, K., 1986:
Tannins in Artemisia montana, A. princeps and related plant species

Kalac, P., 1986:
Tannins in fodder crops

Soest, P.J. van; Conklin, N.L.; Horvath, P.J., 1986:
Tannins in foods and feeds

Pollock, C.J., 1986:
Tansley review No. 5. Fructans and the metabolism of sucrose in vascular plants

Anonymous, 1986:
Tanzania - crisis and struggle for survival

Moris, J.R. et al., 1985:
Tanzania's productivity crisis: a social and institutional profile

Caviezel, L., 1985:
Tanzania: agro-industrial development strategy and its internal and external consequences

Contamin, B., 1987 :
Tanzanian food policy: the complex game of price effect

Silbernagel M.J.; Mills L.J.; Wang W Y., 1986:
Tanzanian strain of bean common mosaic virus

Walters, D.K.; Hann, D.W., 1986:
Taper equations for six conifer species in southwest Oregon

Campos, J.C.C.; Lima, F.S.; Paula Neto, F. de; Regazzi, A.J.; Ribeiro, G.A., 1987:
Taper, volume and height for Pinus elliottii var. elliottii

Carmel, D.K., 1988:
Tapeworm infection in horses

Reimer, G., 1984:
Tapeworm infection of Arctic char

Kosheleva, G.; Vereshchak, V., 1986:

Wulff, H., 1987:

Makhaev, E.A.; Kolen' ko, V.V., 1986:
Tapioca for fattening pigs

Ali, M., 1986:
Tapping the shrimp wealth

Milestone, B.A.; Lisle, G.W. de, 1986:
Taranaki dairy cattle Johne's disease-an update

Bertilsson, B., 1987:
Targa - a new selective grass herbicide for use in dicot crops

Kumar N., 1987:
Target antigens of malaria transmission blocking immunity exist as a stable membrane bound complex

Bartoli, P.; Prevot, G., 1986:
Target host infestation strategies in marine trematodes parasites of Larus cachinnans michaellis in Provence

Lourd, M.; Alves, M.L.B., 1986:
Target leaf spot of Annona muricata caused by Sclerotium coffeicolum, a new disease in the Manaus region

Sharma, R.C.; Paul, Y.S., 1986:
Target leaf spot of peach - a new disease from India

Berbel Vecino, J., 1988:
Target returns within risk programming models: a multi-objective approach

Wise, T.H.; Ferrell, C.L.; Schanbacher, B.D., 1985:
Target tissue effects of active immunization of heifers against steroids

Sharma, P.K.; Verma, T.S.; Dev, S.P.; Jaggi, R.C.; Mishra, V.K., 1985:
Target yield based fertiliser recommendations for wheat (S-308) in some hill acid soils of Himachal Pradesh

Abbott, P.; Paarlberg, P.; Sharples, J., 1987:
Targeted agricultural export subsidies and social welfare

Schoenenberger, C.A.; Andres, A.C.; Groner, B.; van der Valk, M.; LeMeur, M.; Gerlinger, P., 1988:
Targeted c-myc gene expression in mammary glands of transgenic mice induces mammary tumours with constitutive milk protein gene transcription

Dickey, E.C.; Shelton, D.P., 1987:
Targeted educational programs to enhance the adoption of conservation practices

Gronen, B.; Schonenberger, C.A.; Andres, A.C., 1987:
Targeted expression of the ras and myc oncogenes in transgenic mice

Anonymous, 1986:
Targeted frost protection - orchard trials

Maier, V.A., 1986:
Targeted planning and organization of the implementation of a programme on human natural nidal infections of man as exemplified by opisthorchiasis

Rosswag, U.; Moser, E., 1987:
Targeted plant protection in orchards: Parameters of two-way-flow

Heatwole, C.D.; Shanholtz, V.O.; Yagow, E.R.; Collins, E.R., 1987:
Targeting animal waste pollution with Virginia's GIS

Stults, H.; Dawson, R.; Raitt, D.D.; Williams, J., 1987:
Targeting erosion control: economic effects

Ambur, O.D., 1988:
Targeting farm aid toward efficiency

Haley, S.L., 1988:
Targeting of U.S. agricultural export subsidies. A theoretical analysis

Goodwin, H.L.Jr, 1987:
Targeting profitable markets for Texas High Plains onions

Tabacchi, Mh, 1987:
Targeting the health-conscious consumer

Agarwal, D.K.; Agarwal, K.N.; Roychoudhry, S., 1988:
Targets in National Anemia Prophylaxis Programme for pregnant women

Burnham, P.; Green, B.; Potter, C.; Shinn, A., 1987:
Targetting for conservation set-aside

Pack, C.M.; Kay, T.A.; Glyptis, S., 1986:
Targetting the unemployed: a review of public sector sports policies and provisions in the U.K

Bell, J.F.; Marshall, D.D.; Johnson, G.P., 1981:
Tarif tables for mountain hemlock developed from an equation of total stem cubic-foot volume

Pollock, N., 1986:
Taro and timber: competing or complementary ways to a food supply

Sabec, D.; Lazar, P., 1987:
Tarsal arthritis in pigs in relation to conformation abnormalities

Scagliotti, R.H., 1988:
Tarsoconjunctival island graft for the treatment of deep corneal ulcers, desmetocoeles, and perforations in 35 dogs and 6 cats

Abo Korah, S.M.; Osman, A.A.; Saadoon, S.E., 1984:
Tarsonemina associated with certain truck crop pests in Minufiya Governorate, Egypt (Acari: Heterostigmata)

Abo Korah, S.M., 1984:
Tarsonemina of Minufiya Governorate, Egypt (Acari: Heterostigmata)

Moser, J.C.; Bridges, J.R., 1986:
Tarsonemus (Acarina: Tarsonemidae) mites phoretic on the southern pine beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae): attachment sites and numbers of bluestain (Ascomycetes: Ophiostomataceae) ascospores carried

Glucina, P.G.; McLaren, G.F., 1988:
Tart cherries: problems and prospects

Murdoch, R.D.; Pollock, I.; Naeem, S., 1987:
Tartrazine induced histamine release in vivo in normal subjects

Anonymous, 1985:
Task force on funding the arts in Canada. A discussion paper

Anonymous, 1984:
Task force on the University of Life (TFUL)

Magyar, G., 1986:
Tasks for agricultural production policy

Kulinich, N., 1986:
Tasks for the food industry

Felfe, W., 1988:
Tasks fot the agriculture, forestry and food sector to implement the decisions of the XIth Party Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of the GDR and the XIIIth Farmers' Congress of the GDR

Kosa, F., 1987:
Tasks in the development of pig breeding

Schieck, H., 1987:
Tasks of agricultural economic and farm management research in implementing the decisions of the XIth Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of the German Democratic Republic

Hahnert, R., 1986:
Tasks of legal studies on agricultural production cooperatives in putting GDR agricultural policy into effect

Marschner, S.; Rothnauer, A., 1986:
Tasks of the specialized bodies in the agriculture and food industry in rationalizing the transport complex

Kirkpatrick, J.B.; Duncan, F., 1987:
Tasmanian high altitude grassy vegetation: its distribution, community composition and conservation status

Jha, L.K.; Jha, K.N., 1985:
Tassar culture and its impact on generation of income and employment

Drewnowski A.; Bellisle F.; Aimez P.; Remy B., 1987:
Taste and bulimia

Drewnowski, A.; Halmi, K.A.; Pierce, B.; Gibbs, J.; Smith, G.P., 1987:
Taste and eating disorders

Crnjar, R.; Angioy, A.M.; Stoffolano, J.G.J.; Barbarossa, I.T.; Pietra, P., 1987:
Taste and olfactory responses of ovipositor chemosensilla in Rhagoletis pomonella.

Grill H.J.; Flynn F.W.; Schwartz G.J., 1987:
Taste effects of some amino acids and glutamate compounds in the rat

Anonymous, 1986:
Taste trials with apples and pears

Savage, T., 1988:
Tastes change. F&B meets leisure

Malecz, A., 1987:
Tastes in music in Hungary

Goff, M.L., 1983 :
Tateracarus quadrisetosus n. gen., n. sp. (Acari: Trombiculidae, Leeuwenhoekiinae) from Tatera leucogaster (Peters, 1852) (Mamm. Rodentia) in Namibia, Africa

Goyens, P.; Secretin, M.C.; Guesry, P.R., 1986:
Taurine in human nutrition

Bellentani, S.; Pecorari, M.; Cordoma, P.; Marchegiano, P.; Manenti, F.; Bosisio, E.; D.F.biani, E.; Galli, G., 1987:
Taurine increases bile acid pool size and reduces bile saturation index in the hamster

Pasantes Morales, H.; Wright, C.E.; Gaull, G.E., 1985:
Taurine protection of lymphoblastoid cells from iron-ascorbate induced damage

Galeano, N.F.; Darling, P.; Lepage, G.; Leroy, C.; Collet, S.; Giguère, R.; Roy, C.C., 1987:
Taurine supplementation of a premature formula improves fat absorption in preterm infants

Barnard, J.A.; Thaxter, S.; Kikuchi, K.; Ghishan, F.K., 1988:
Taurine transport by rat intestine

Tanizawa, K.; Mizuno, T.; Ueda, K.; Koyama, I., 1986:
Taurine treatment for spontaneous epilepsy in the cat

Chesney, R.W., 1988:
Taurine: is it required for infant nutrition?

Barnard, J.A.; Ghishan, F.K., 1987:
Taurocholate transport by human ileal brush border membrane vesicles

Bright, G., 1987:
Tax changes and machinery investment

Stallknecht, H.D., 1986 :
Tax effects of new forms of enterprise in agriculture

Saxowsky, D.M.; Watt, D.L., 1985:
Tax implications of liquidating a farm operation

Rios, J.L. de G., 1986:
Tax incentives granted to farmers through tax legislation in Brazil

Wilson, M., 1985:
Tax issues in agriculture. A discussion paper

Winkler, W., 1988:
Tax law and farm income. Winter meeting of the GFR Society for Agricultural Law (DGAR) in Wiesbaden on 14 January 1988

Chambers, R.G.; Lopez, R.E., 1987:
Tax policies and the financially constrained farm-household

Boehlje, M.D. (Chairman), 1987:
Tax reform impacts on agriculture (2 papers)

Palis, E.S., 1986:
Tax structure of the wood-based industries

Blake, L., 1988:
Tax turmoil

Kohne, M.; Jaeschke, J., 1988:
Taxable value as an indicator of farm income

Albers, W., 1988:
Taxation and social security for farmers in the GFR

Shah, C.H., 1986 :
Taxation and subsidies on agriculture: a search for policy options

Anonymous, 1987:
Taxation and tourism

Nieuwoudt, W.L., 1987:
Taxing agricultural land

Marziano, F.; Zoina, A.; Noviello, C., 1987:
Taxonomic and nomenclatural considerations on Armillaria mellea

Zimmer, B.L.; Pappagianis, D., 1986:
Taxonomic and physiologic characteristics of Coccidioides immitis

Podlech, D., 1986:
Taxonomic and phytogeographical problems in Astragalus of the Old World and south-west Asia

Damrose, I.; Liepa, I., 1985:
Taxonomic and territorial heterogeneity of ecological conditioning of the density of the alate aphid population

Cayouette, J., 1986:
Taxonomic changes and observations on the vascular flora of northern Quebec

Pascua, O.C.; Espino, R.R.C., 1987:
Taxonomic classification of Philippine bananas

Walker, C.; Sanders, F.E., 1986:
Taxonomic concepts in the Endogonaceae: III. The separation of Scutellospora gen. nov. from Gigaspora Gerd. & Trappe

Andrianova, T.V., 1986:
Taxonomic criteria of the genus Septoria S.L. (Coelomycetes)

Hossain, M.; Verner, PH.; Rezaur, P., 1986:
Taxonomic descriptions of the mature larvae of six species of Cryptolestes (Coleoptera: Cucujidae)

Balduzzi, A.; Casoria, P.; Gigliano, G.S. (Siniscalco Gigliano, G), 1986:
Taxonomic determination of a sample of poppy by morphological examination and alkaloid analysis

Zarate Pedroche, S., 1987:
Taxonomic identity of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit, with a new combination

Sniezko, R.A.; Mullin, L.J., 1987:
Taxonomic implication of bush pig damage and basal shoots in Pinus tecunumanii

Bellotti, A.C.; Mesa, N.; Serrano, M.; Guerrero, J.M.; Herrera, C.J., 1987:
Taxonomic inventory and survey activity for natural enemies of cassava green mites in the Americas

Glawe, D.A.; Jacobs, K.A., 1987:
Taxonomic notes on Eutypella vitis, Cryptosphaeria populina, and Diatrype stigma

Attiah, HH., 1986:
Taxonomic notes on Tetranychus arabicus Attiah versus T. urticae Koch

Moriuti, S., 1986:
Taxonomic notes on the diamondback moth

Beardsley, J W.; Jr., 1986:
Taxonomic notes on the genus Ganaspidium Weld (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Eucoilidae)

Tindale, M.D., 1987:
Taxonomic notes on three Australian and Norfolk Island species of Glycine Willd. (Fabaceae: Phaseolae) including the choice of a neotype for G. clandestina Wendl

Kupriyanov, P.G., 1986:
Taxonomic polymorphism and the problem of the evolutionary value of apomixis

Ergashev, A.E., 1985:
Taxonomic position of blue-green algae

Khal' chitskii, A.E.; Turova, T.P., 1986:
Taxonomic position of nitrogen-fixing Spirilla

Joffe, A.Z., 1986:
Taxonomic problems of the genus Fusarium

Beutelspacher, B.C.R., 1983:
Taxonomic redefinition of Montezumia cardinalis Dampf (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae)

Perrino, P.; Maruca, G.; Lester, R., 1987:
Taxonomic relationship among species of Vicia section Faba

Bievre, C. de; Dennetiere, B.; Ibrahim Granet, O.; Nguyen, V.H., 1987:
Taxonomic relationship between different species of the genus Exophiala

Eguiluz Piedra, T., 1986:
Taxonomic relationships of Pinus tecunumanii from Guatemala

Srivastava, Y.N.; Bhanotar, R.K., 1985:
Taxonomic researches on orthopterous/acridomorphoid insects in India

Adler, PH.; Currie, DC., 1986:
Taxonomic resolution of three new species near Simulium vernum Macquart (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Sisterna, M.N., 1985:
Taxonomic review of Bipolaris spicifera (Bain) Subram

Plazinski, J.; Franche, C.; Liu, C.C.; Lin, T.; Shaw, W.; Gunning, B.E.S.; Rolfe, B.G., 1988:
Taxonomic status of Anabaena azollae: An overview

Onder, F.; Onucar, A.; Ulu, O., 1986:
Taxonomic status of Stethoconus pyri (Mella) (Het., Miridae) and some notes about its biology

Tremblay, E.; Pennacchio, F., 1985:
Taxonomic status of some species of genus Praon Haliday (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae)

Singh Kirti, J.; Rose, H.S., 1987:
Taxonomic status of two north-eastern Indian species referred to genus Sylepta Hubner with the proposal of a new genus Hemopsis

Ponce, M.; Trujillo, B., 1985:
Taxonomic status of weeds of the genus Sorghum (L.) Moench in Venezuela. I. The weed false Johnson

Larina, T.G., 1984:
Taxonomic structure of juniper forest communities (Junipereta excelsae)

Minagawa, N., 1986:
Taxonomic studies of Criconematidae (Nematoda: Tylenchida). I. Genera Neolobocriconema, Paralobocriconema n.gen. and Macrocriconema n.gen

Singal, SK., 1987:
Taxonomic studies of genus Sulcobruchus Chujo from India (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Arita, Y., 1987:
Taxonomic studies of the Glyphipterigidae and Choreutidae (Lepidoptera) of Japan

Tateoka, T.; Koba, H., 1988:
Taxonomic studies of the genus Poa of Japan. 1. Boundaries between Poa acroleuca, P. hisauchii and P. nipponica: a reexamination aided by chromosome observations

Helfer S., 1987:
Taxonomic studies of the leaf rusts of temperate cereals

Khan, M.L.; Kaur, D.; Sharma, N.K., 1987:
Taxonomic studies on Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi (Nematoda, Aphelenchida) from India

Papantoniou, D.C., 1987:
Taxonomic studies on aerobic spore-formers from milk and milk products

Lal, A.; Khan, E., 1988:
Taxonomic studies on nematodes associated with the rhizosphere of forest trees in India. I. Two new nematode species of the Order Mononchida

Lima, H.C. de, 1982:
Taxonomic studies on the genus Hymenolobium (Leguminosae-Faboideae)

Tao, J.F.; Qin, Y., 1986:
Taxonomic studies on the genus Plasmopara of China II. New and known species of Plasmopara on family Umbelliferae

Tao, J.F.; Qin, Y., 1987:
Taxonomic studies on the genus Plasmopara of China III. New species, new combination and new record of Plasmopara on family Compositae

Khan, M.A.J.; Khan, R.J., 1986:
Taxonomic studies on third larval instar of Gasterophilus haemorrhoidalis (Linn.) (Gasterophilidae: Diptera), concerned in gastrointestinal myiasis of horses in Punjab, Pakistan

Lozano Trevino, Z.E.; Romero Cova, S., 1984:
Taxonomic study of Phytophthora isolates pathogenic on cocoa

Maciejowska Pokacka, Z., 1982:
Taxonomic study of a strain of Trichosporon beigelii (Kuch. & Rabenh.) Vuillemin from the soil

Hassan, M.I.; Shaumar, N.F.; Atwa, W.A., 1984:
Taxonomic study of certain bruchid larvae in Egypt (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Chabasse, D., 1988:
Taxonomic study of keratinophilic fungi isolated from soil and some mammals in France

Young, D.A., 1986:
Taxonomic study of the Cicadellinae (Homoptera: Cicadellidae). Part 3. Old World Cicadellini

Shang, Y.Z., 1987:
Taxonomic study on the pathogen fungus of shoot blight of larch

Naomi, S-I.; Terayama, M., 1986:
Taxonomic study on the subfamily Trichopseniinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) of Japan, with descriptions of three new species

Waele, D. de, 1986:
Taxonomical remarks concerning Trichodorus proximus Allen, T. eburneus De Waele & Carbonell and T. coomansi De Waele & Carbonell (Nematoda: Trichodoridae)

Park, K.W., 1984:
Taxonomical studies of the genus Acer in Korea by the morphological characteristics of stipules

Noh, YT.; Baek, KM., 1985:
Taxonomical studies on murine lice (Anoplura) in Korea

Gupta, V.K.; Richman, D.B., 1987:
Taxonomy and biology of a new species of Cremastus parasitizing Crossidius pulchellus in New Mexico

Krisper, G., 1987:
Taxonomy and distribution of the genus Zetorchestes in Europe (Acari, Oribatida)

Benz, B.F., 1987:
Taxonomy and evolution of Mexican maize

Crosskey, RW., 1988:
Taxonomy and geography of the blackflies of the Canary Islands (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Alden, B., 1986:
Taxonomy and geography of the genus Picea

Schauff, ME., 1987:
Taxonomy and identification of the egg parasites (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae, Trichogrammatidae, Mymaridae, and Eulophidae) of citrus weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Hall, I.R., 1987:
Taxonomy and identification of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Anonymous, 1985:
Taxonomy and management of Andisols. Proceedings of Sixth International Soil Classification Workshop, Chile and Ecuador, 9-20 January 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Taxonomy and management of Andisols. Proceedings of the Sixth International Soil Classification Workshop, Chile and Ecuador, 9 to 20 January 1984. Part 2: Tour-guide for Chile

Anonymous, 1985:
Taxonomy and management of Vertisols and Aridisols. Proceedings of Fifth International Soil Classification Workshop, Sudan, 2 to 11 November 1982. Part I: Papers

Rappaz, F., 1987:
Taxonomy and nomenclature of Diatrypaceae with eight-spored asci

Alexander, D.J., 1987:
Taxonomy and nomenclature of avian Paramyxoviruses

Chauvet, M., 1986:
Taxonomy and nomenclature of cultivated plants: an ethnolinguistic approach

Biswal, J.; Sharma, S.D., 1987:
Taxonomy and phylogeny of Oryza collina

Gams, W.; Julich, W., 1986:
Taxonomy and phylogeny of fungi

Hasni, S.; Zahid, P.B.; Bawani, B., 1986:
Taxonomy and some biochemical values of Caulerpa taxifolia and Hypnea muciformis collected from Karachi coast

Dunham, D.G.; Fowler, K., 1987:
Taxonomy and species recognition in Azolla Lam

Sharma, S.D.; Sampath, S., 1985:
Taxonomy and species relationship

Quinn, C.J., 1982:
Taxonomy of Dacrydium Sol. ex Lamb. emend. de Laub. (Podocarpaceae)

McGee, P., 1986:
Taxonomy of Glomus

Musselman, L.J., 1986:
Taxonomy of Orobanche

Paul, Y.S.; Kapoor, J.N., 1985:
Taxonomy of anamorphs of Erysiphaceae

Lester, R.N., 1986:
Taxonomy of scarlet eggplants, Solanum aethiopicum L

Butler S.A., 1987:
Taxonomy of some tetraphyllidean cestodes from elasmobranch fishes

Verger, J.M.; Grimont, F.; Grimont, P.A.D.; Grayon, M., 1987:
Taxonomy of the genus Brucella

Khasanov, B.A., 1987:
Taxonomy of the genus Helminthosporium sensu lato and criteria for identification of Bipolaris, Drechslera, Exserohilum and Curvularia species

Michelsen, V., 1987:
Taxonomy of the species of Pegomya (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) developing in the shoots of spurges (Euphorbia spp.)

Alekseev, E.B. (Alexeev, E.B.; Sokolovskaya, A.P.; Probatova, N.S., 1987:
Taxonomy, distribution and chromosome number in fescues (Festuca L., Poaceae) in the flora of the USSR. I. Subgenera Drymanthele, Subulatae, Schedonorus, Xanthochloa, Leucopoa and Festuca (section Variae)

Alekseev, E.B.; Sokolovskaya, A.P.; Probatova, N.S., 1987:
Taxonomy, distribution and chromosome number of fescues (Festuca L., Gramineae) in the flora of the USSR. 2. Section Festuca: F. djimilensis-F. lenensis

Alekseev, E.B.; Sokolovskaya, A.P.; Probatova, N.S., 1988:
Taxonomy, distribution and chromosome numbers of fescues (Festuca L., Poaceae) of the flora of the USSR. 3. Section Festuca: F. tschujensis to F. beckeri

Gauld, I.D., 1986:
Taxonomy, its limitations and its role in understanding parasitoid biology

Carter, C.E., 1988 :
Tb accreditation scheme for deer-progress in control

Anonymous, 1985:
Te whaonui o tane. Indigenous forests of New Zealand

Odgaard, R., 1986:
Tea - does it do the peasant women in Rungwe any good?

Anonymous, 1986:
Tea plantation workers in the Eastern Himalayas - a study on wages, employment and living standard

Bandaranaike, R.D., 1984:
Tea production in Sri Lanka: future outlook and mechanisms for enhancing sectoral performance

Mukhopadhyay, M.; Saxena, A.B., 1986:
Teacher classroom behaviour: transactional analysis

Smyke, R.J., 1985:
Teacher cooperatives in Africa

Watsford, P., 1986:
Teacher education courses: improving the educational opportunities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Osunde, E.O.; Ellis, P.D., 1986:
Teacher education in Nigeria: an evolving academic system

Chivore, B.R.S., 1986:
Teacher education in post-independent Zimbabwe: problems and possible solutions

Chattergee, M.K., 1984:
Teacher planning: cognitive information processing approach

Sharpes, D.K., 1986:
Teacher training and higher education in selected Islamic countries

Guilbert, J.J., 1985:
Teacher training workshops in education for health personnel. Summary of a fifteen year personal experience

Ummekusum ; Khajapeer, M., 1985:
Teacher-educators' effectiveness: a research study

Dove, L.A., 1986:
Teachers and teacher education in developing countries. Issues in planning, management and training

Arora, R.K., 1986:
Teachers' anxiety at different levels of job satisfaction

Morrison, J., 1988:
Teaching a lab wasp field tricks

Turner, S.A., 1987:
Teaching about nutrition in primary and secondary schools

Pillai, G., 1987:
Teaching agriculture and food nutrition in Fiji

Bedu, L.; Martin, C.; Knepfler, M.; Tallec, M.; Urbino, A., 1987:
Teaching aid to the analysis of rural environments within a development framework

Avalos, B., 1986:
Teaching children of the poor. An ethnographic study in Latin America

Abbatt, F.R.; McMahon, R., 1985 :
Teaching health-care workers. A practical guide

Elsdon, K.T., 1985:
Teaching methods in adult education

Ryznar, J., 1985:
Teaching methods in agricultural training

Campbell-Lindzey, S., 1987:
Teaching nutrition to the fast food freaks: the application of marketing principles to teaching nutrition at the elementary school level

Nome, S.F., 1987:
Teaching of plant virology in Latin America

Ramachandran, P.; Sousa, D. de, 1985:
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Teaching weed identification

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Teaching: an option for mid-life retirees

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Teat cup claw

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Tebuthiuron formulation and placement effects on response of woody plants and soil residue

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Tebuthiuron persistence in the Piedmont region of Georgia

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Technetium-99 cycling in deciduous forests: review and ecosystem model development

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Technical Circular No. 35: Calibration of coffee sprayers

Anonymous, 1987:
Technical Circular No. 67. The antestia bug: damage, testing and control

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Technical and commercial aspects of the use of lactitol in foods as a reduced-calorie bulk sweetener

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Technical and economic aspects of rationalization of pig production

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Technical and economic comparison of different methods of harvesting maize, recovering the cobs for use in grain drying

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Technical and economic effectiveness of the use of carbofuran 5% G against Radopholus similis on banana variety 'Giant Cavendish'

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Technical and economic evaluation of selected mechanical dryers

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Technical and economic results of fertilizer and spacing trials in poplar nurseries

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Technical and economic study of a greenhouse with a heat pump installed in Montreal

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Technical and economic study of rural land assets

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Technical and economic study of wild cattle of the Chianina breed in Tuscany

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Technical and environmental limitations to food crop production in sub-humid and semi-arid West Africa

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Technical and environmental limitations to increasing food crop production under sub-humid and semi-arid East and Southern African environments and possible solutions

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Technical and operating problems raised by combustion of diesel fuel-(bio)gas blends in tractor engines

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Technical and operational aspects of winter pruning in upland situations, in relation to other cultural operations

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Technical and scientific cooperation with developing countries in the field of agriculture

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Technical and social change in currently irrigated regions: rules, roles and rehabilitation

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Technical and social implications of improved post-harvest operations

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Technical and structural heterogeneity in agriculture

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Technical and technological aspects of using tramline cultivation methods from the point of view of crop protection

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Technical approaches and parasitological rusts in rotations: 2. Regional examples: Two cases in Picardy

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Technical aspects and experiments on the mechanical pruning in winter of espaliers in upland vineyards

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Technical aspects connected with the shelter and upkeep of machinery during idle periods on large-scale agricultural enterprises and family farms

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Technical aspects of beekeeping in Piacenza: results of a census

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Technical aspects of bovine embryo transfer in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Technical aspects of cheesemaking from goat milk in Sardinia

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Technical aspects of production monitoring systems in dairy farming

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Technical aspects of the cotton strip assay in soils

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Technical aspects of the protection of the soil and plant cover from pollution

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Technical aspects of waste management: storage, treatment, handling and land application

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Technical basis of some machines for harvesting fresh stumpwood

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Technical change and efficiency gain in dryland agriculture - an econometric study

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Technical change in a Northwest parish

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Technical change in agriculture and prospects for the younger generation

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Technical change in cereal farming in Morocco

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Technical change in traditional small farm agriculture: the case of beans in Costa Rica

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Technical change, employment, and supply response of agriculture in the Nile Delta

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Technical change, technical efficiency and input usage in Taiwanese agricultural growth

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Technical change, uncertainty and investment

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Technical changes that solved the southern pine lumber industry's small-log problem

Anonymous, 1987:
Technical circular No. 30. Pruning

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Technical constraints to the wider use of farm equipment innovations

Anonymous, 1986:
Technical cooperation in rural areas. Crop- and post-harvest protection. What-where-how 1986

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Technical data and profitability estimate for hydrogen recovery from ammonia purge gas of a 1250 MTPD ammonia plant using the KCA cryogenic process

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Technical data sheets for maize varieties

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Technical data sheets for wheat varieties

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Technical data sheets on new varieties of rye, barley, oats and potato

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Technical data sheets on new varieties of wheat, triticale and potato

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Technical description of a semi-automated individual feed system for cattle production

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Technical development in sprayers

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Technical development on cooperative farms

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Technical developments in the provision of school meals

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Technical efficiency and size: the case of Illinois grain farms

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Technical efficiency in basmati rice production

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Technical efficiency measures for dairy farms based on a probabilistic frontier function model

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Technical efficiency relative to a stochastic cost frontier for the England and Wales dairy sector

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Technical energy-saving methods in climate regulation of animal houses

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Technical equipment on private farms and the production services of farmers' circle cooperatives

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Technical evaluation of a naso-ruminal instrument for collection of ruminal samples in non-fistulated cows

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Technical evaluation of geothermal energy use in agriculture

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Technical evaluation of soil conservation measures in Embu District in Kenya. Report from a minor field study

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Technical expertise as a selling item

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Technical feasibilty of using a self-propelled swather for cereal harvesting

Anonymous, 1986:
Technical features: scrub clearing machines and silo unloaders

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Technical fodder drying in the DDR - results and further requirements

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Technical grade potassium nitrate by cyclic chemical process

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Technical improvement of systems for harvest, transport, storage and dehydration of wood and straw for energy under consideration of economical aspects

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Technical information: summary of toxicity studies on pesticides. Naproanilide

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Technical innovation and experimentation in rural areas

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Technical innovation and social relationships. The case of vegetable producers in Roussillon

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Technical innovations for the collection and analysis of statistical data

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Technical innovations in feed production in the rural areas of the Senegal River Delta

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Technical instructions for herbicide application in agricultural practice

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Technical investigations on onion storage with forced air ventilation at the Vegetable Crops Research Station in Guzow

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Technical isolation in the study and breeding of legumes

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical leaflets in colour on the principal pests

Dagorn H., 1987:
Technical management of sow herds. National and departemental results for the period 1 July 1986 to 30 June 1987

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Technical measures on greenhouse cover save energy

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Technical measures to control snow movement to protect plantations and natural regeneration in mountain areas

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Technical methods of reducing energy consumption in animal rearing

Estler, M., 1987:
Technical methods of reducing soil erosion

Ait Amara, H.; Bessaoud, O., 1986:
Technical model of production and crisis in cereal farming in Algeria

Ackmann, A., 1986:
Technical norms, commodity regulations and delivery conditions (TGL) set concrete standards for cereals; More precise quality standards for food grains; TGL regulate new feed grains evaluation

Anonymous, 1987:
Technical note 55. Lokomo 910 forwarder

Anonymous, 1987:
Technical note 56. Osa 250 forwarder/363 loader

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical note 57. Enso stump treater

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical note 58. Sinkkila II mounding scarifier

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical note 59. Valmet 832 forwarder

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical note 60. Lokomo 34T

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical note 61. Valmet 862-948 harvester

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical note 62. Norcar 490 forwarder

Hervy, J.P., 1986:
Technical note: a simple apparatus for picking up and counting the very young larvae of mosquitoes

Tabouret, T., 1987:
Technical note: detection of fat migration in a confectionery product

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Technical note: identification and assay of sporidesmin by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Wilkins, C.K., 1987:
Technical note: improved separations of beet pigments

Dhankher, N.; Chauhan, B.M., 1987:
Technical note: preparation, acceptability and B vitamin content of rabadi - a fermented pearl millet food

Anonymous, 1987:
Technical notes in colour on the principal pests and diseases of the vine

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Technical papers: development impact of the Food-for-Work program in Bangladesh

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Technical possibilities for producing young own-rooted rose plants

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Technical possibilities of using portable winches for skidding and extracting wood of small diameter

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Technical problems connected with serum amylase assay in the dog

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Technical problems in the bacteriological laboratory evaluation of surface disinfectants for veterinary use

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Technical procedures for the production of cassava foundation cuttings in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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Technical progress in greenhouse construction through the use of plastics

Meyer, J., 1987:
Technical progress in internal greenhouse equipment

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Technical progress versus labour savings and outlays in the harvesting of crops with combine harvesters

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Technical properties and utilization of larch wood

Irmes, I., 1985:
Technical properties of larches in Hungary

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Technical purification of fish oil for use in feeds for fish

Anonymous, 1987:
Technical recommendations for wheat crops in Parana State

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Technical references available to scorzonera producers

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Technical secondary schools and the labour market: some results from a tracer study in Kenya

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Technical secondary schools in Kenya: an assessment

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Technical solutions for the removal of fattened pigs from one and two tier housing

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Technical specifications and prices of pasture toppers

Zulkefli, H., 1984:
Technical training program for the timber industry

Kersten, L., 1985:
Technical uses for natural fats

Schuftan, C., 1987:
Technical, ethical and ideological responsibilities in nutrition

Koehl, P.F., 1986:
Technical-economic evaluation of meat rabbit emterprises

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical-economic management scheme - balance sheet: period from 1 July 1986 to 30 June 1987

Badouard, B., 1987:
Technical-economic management scheme for slaughter pigs. Average results for 1986

Salaun, Y., 1987:
Technical-economic management scheme. Average results for 1986

Merle, B., 1985:
Technical-economic study of several components in the production of honey, according to their importance

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Technical/economic assessment of producing and marketing urea supergranules in Indonesia

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Technique and equipment for nitrification inhibitor addition to liquid swine manure

Shores, A.; Burns, J., 1987:
Technique and indications for metrizamide myelography in small animals

Nemeth, F., 1987 :
Technique and results of the surgical treatment of roaring in 398 horses, using a modified Mackay-Smith method

Clarke A.F.; Madelin T., 1987:
Technique for assessing respiratory health hazards from hay and other source materials

Etherington J.R.; Evans C.E., 1986:
Technique for ecological studies of seed germination in relation to soil water potential

Namitokov, A.A., 1988:
Technique for group diagnosis of tapeworm infestations in dogs

Issa, M.R.C.; Goncalves, L.S., 1986:
Technique for inducing oviposition in the mite Varroa jacobsoni under laboratory conditions

Probst, C.W.; Eyster, G.E.; DeCamp, C.E., 1987:
Technique for measuring the area of canine articular surfaces

Neumann, W.; Kindler, S., 1987:
Technique for photography of the corneal endothelium in the living dog

Stokes, M.J.; Newsholme, S.J.; Cooper, R.G.; Montgomery, A.; Edwards, R.H., 1988:
Technique for physiological examination of canine skeletal muscle in vivo

Zhu, Y.; Qian, D.S.; Chen, X.L.; Zhang, X.G., 1986:
Technique for producing cotton seedlings for transplanting in a spread soil layer

Vandenberg, J.D.; Shimanuki, H., 1987:
Technique for rearing worker honeybees in the laboratory

Colombo, G.; Cozzi, B.; Cremonesi, F.; Reiter, R.J., 1987 :
Technique for repeated collection of blood that has just perfused the pineal gland of sheep

Ming, D.W.; Dixon, J.B., 1987:
Technique for the separation of clinoptilolite from soils

Szabo, D., 1988:
Technique for the surgical treatment of displacement and torsion of the abomasum in the recumbent position

Peterson, R.H.; Taber, H.G., 1987:
Technique for vital staining of tomato pollen with fluoroscein diacetate

Blaha, L.; Sasek, A.; Sykorova, S., 1987:
Technique of cultivating wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plants from grain halves and possibilities for utilization

Pathak, M.K., 1985:
Technique of erosion control in Niger Delta with particular reference to vegetative groynes in Rivers State of Nigeria

Ram Singh; Agarwal, R.A.; Butani, D.K., 1985:
Technique of fumigation to prevent the carryover of pink bollworm in cotton

Belokon, V.S.; Berus, P.T.; Kul' bit, R.I., 1988:
Technique of obtaining cell cultures and organ cultures of intestine

Shetty, S.A.; Sharada, R.; Shetty, H.S., 1987:
Technique to detect grain spot of rice caused by Trichoconiella padwickii (Ganguly) Jain

Chandiwana, S.K., 1987:
Technique to detect schistosome cercariae in natural water through exposure of sentinel hamsters

Scholl, P.J.; Barrett, C.C. , 1986:
Technique to extract hypoderma sp. (Diptera: Oestridae) larvae from the backs of cattle

Moore, N.W., 1987:
Techniques and advances in the recovery, storage and transfer of embryos in the goat

Balashova, N.N.; Prostakova, Z.G.; Yurku, A.I.; Bronshtein, A.I., 1986:
Techniques and methods of breeding plants for resistance to pathogens under conditions of large-scale agricultural production (as exemplified by maize and soyabean)

Hu, J.Z.; Chen, Y.Q., 1986:
Techniques and practices of integrated control of the major diseases and insects on rice in China

Lobotka, I., 1987:
Techniques and technology of harvesting permanent grassland

Tan, Z.H.; Fang, W.; Lan, T.Y., 1987:
Techniques for achieving high yield for double cropping of rice

Peregoy, R.S.; Kitchen, L.M., 1986:
Techniques for application of radiolabeled herbicides to plants

Barrell, G.K., 1985:
Techniques for artificial manipulation of ovulation in deer

Chen, C.W.; Goldstein, R.A., 1986:
Techniques for assessing ecosystem impacts of air pollutants

Nolan A.; Livingston A.; Morris R.; Waterman A., 1987:
Techniques for comparison of thermal and mechanical nociceptive stimuli in the sheep

Hacker, L.A., 1986 :
Techniques for determining the effects of tillage on the distribution of sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia L.) seed in the soil

Fisher, C.; McNab, J.M., 1987:
Techniques for determining the metabolizable energy (ME) content of poultry feeds

Rossanigo, C.E., 1986:
Techniques for diagnosing cryptosporidiosis in neonatal diarrhoea

Liebhold, A.M.; Elkinton, J.S., 1988:
Techniques for estimating the density of late-instar gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae), populations using frass drop and frass production measurements

Mullen, J.B.; Hagedorn, D.J., 1986:
Techniques for evaluating individual Pisum sativum plants for reaction to three diseases

Derouin, F.; Millot, G.; Constant, C., 1987:
Techniques for in vitro studies of monoclonal anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies. Quantitation of the inhibitory effect

Ghate, S.R.; Chinnan, M.S., 1986:
Techniques for increasing storability of germinated seed

Kays, S.J.; Beaudry, R.M., 1987:
Techniques for inducing ethylene effects

Xia, B.C.; Shen, B.Y.; Zhang, Y., 1987:
Techniques for mass rearing of Chilocorus kuwanae

Endris, R.G.; Haslett, T.M.; Monahan, M.J.; Hess, W.R.; Rutledge, L.C., 1986:
Techniques for mass rearing soft ticks (Acari: Argasidae)

Matthew, C.; Mackay, A.D.; Chu, A.C.P., 1986:
Techniques for measuring the root growth of a perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) dominant pasture under contrasting spring managements

Eisenback, J.D., 1985:
Techniques for preparing nematodes for scanning electron microscopy

Young, S.A., 1986:
Techniques for reclamation of coal strip-mined semi-arid rangelands in the Northern Great Plains

Jesshuger, H.L., 1985:
Techniques for remedial action at waste disposal sites

Williams, MA., 1987:
Techniques for removal of Panonychus ulmi (Koch) (Acari: Tetranychidae) from samples of apple leaves

Menzies, S.A.; Falloon, P.G.; Bansal, R.K.; Beresford, R.M.; Broadhurst, P.G., 1985:
Techniques for screening asparagus for resistance to Stemphylium leaf spot and purple spot

Paoletti, R.; Locatelli, C., 1987:
Techniques for seed production on white clover. Results of an E.E.C. trial at Lodi

Zocca, A., 1988:
Techniques for sowing, experimental cultivars, choice of seed

Bromilow, R.H.; Chamberlain, K.; Briggs, G.G., 1986:
Techniques for studying the uptake and translocation of pesticides in plants

Turner, S.J., 1986:
Techniques for the assessment of PCN reproduction

Martynovich, N.N.; Radzivil, V.K., 1985 :
Techniques for the cultivation of sugarbeet hybrid Yubileinyi

Pitt, J.I.; Hocking, A.D., 1986:
Techniques for the enumeration of heat resistant fungi

Sharma, A.P.; Battersby, N.S.; Stewart, D.J., 1987:
Techniques for the evaluation of biocide activity against sulphate-reducing bacteria

Cobb, A.H.; Pallett, K.E., 1986:
Techniques for the measurement of photosynthesis in the presence and absence of herbicides

Chapman, N.G.; Claydon, K.; Claydon, M.; Harris, S., 1987:
Techniques for the safe and humane capture of free-living muntjac deer (Muntiacus reevesi)

Pickens L.G.; Miller R.W., 1987:
Techniques for trapping flies on dairy farms

Yi, F.L.; Yu, C.Y.; Chen, S.Z., 1987:
Techniques for tree planting mulched with polyethylene films in semi-dry rocky areas

Van Ho, T.; Hoa, N.T.; Loan, T.T.; Tuyet, L.T.; Zaag, P. vander, 1988:
Techniques for using sprouts for potato production in the tropics

Ganchev, P.; Tsvetkova, P., 1987:
Techniques for vegetative propagation of poplars of the section Leuce

Ochoa, O.; D.A.tonio, V.; Quiros, C.F., 1986:
Techniques for water emasculation and cut seedstalk pollination in celery

Cardenas Teresa, J.M. de, 1986:
Techniques of citrus cultivation in Mexico

Castro, N.M.F. de, 1987:
Techniques of controlling reproduction in fish

Borgatti, S.; Bernabei, M.; Ranalli, P., 1987:
Techniques of in vitro sugar beet culture

Zeitz, J.; Bohne, K., 1987:
Techniques of measuring and calculating hydraulic conductivity and its influence on groundwater rise in fen peats

Hu, X.J.; Dai, Y.Z.; Zhou, S.J., 1985:
Techniques of rice production using large seedlings

Zanin, G.; Zuin, M.C.; Toniolo, L., 1986:
Techniques of soil cultivation and weed control in maize

Silcox, D.; Holloway, P.J., 1986:
Techniques suitable for the determination of foliar uptake, movement and metabolism of nonionic surfactants

McKay, I.; Kirkwood, R.C., 1986:
Techniques to establish the effect of foliage-applied herbicides on pigment synthesis and photosynthetic activity of leaf tissues

Haynes, C.; Wightman, P.; Kirkwood, R.C., 1986:
Techniques to establish the mode of action and selectivity of a carotenoid biosynthesis inhibitor

Hartge K.H., 1988:
Techniques to evaluate the compaction of a soil profile and to follow its changes with time

Patel, P.G.; Patel, M.K.; Patel, I.D., 1987:
Techniques to harvest maximum castor yield under dryland agriculture

Perkins Veazie, P.M.; Cantliffe, D.J.; White, J.M., 1987:
Techniques to improve stands of direct-seeded cabbage

Meagher, R.L.; Jr.; Hull, LA., 1986:
Techniques to measure azinphosmethyl resistance in Platynota idaeusalis (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Benson, B.L., 1985:
Techniques used in identification and marking of various cultivars and seed lots of Asparagus officinalis L

Nilson, D.J.; Williamson, R.L.; Thompson, J.C.; Shultz, J.E., 1985:
Techniques used to establish, maintain and enhance grassland seasonal variety on the Glenharold Mine in North Dakota

McLean, A.G., 1986:
Techniques, maintenance and inspections for safe silo operation

Panaro, V.; Patruno, G., 1988:
Techno-economic analyses of new soil cultivation systems on cereal farms

Harbir Singh; Sharma, H.C.; Singh, I.J., 1985:
Techno-economic aspects of using poor quality irrigation water for crop production

Singh, V.V.; Dubey, A.K.; Srivastava, N.S.L., 1985:
Techno-economic evaluation of semi-mechanical transplanters and manual hand transplanting method under heavy clay soils

Sarles, R.L.; Luppold, W.G., 1986:
Technoeconomic analysis of conventional logging systems operating from stump to landing

Papachristodoulou, S.; Papayiannis, C., 1988:
Technoeconomic analysis of vine grape production in Cyprus

Granday, P.; Mietton, B.; Olsson, A.; Perrod, J.L.; Quiblier, J.P.; Dumoulin, D.; Gauzere, Y.; Millet, J., 1987:
Technological ability of different milk coagulants. Influence of diluent composition

Offutt, S.E.; Garcia, P.; Pinar, M., 1987:
Technological advance, weather, and crop yield behavior

Moreno, F.P.G., 1986:
Technological advances in cheesemaking in Spain

Benn, W., 1987:
Technological advances in the cold atomization of plant protectants in greenhouses

Boyce, J.K., 1988:
Technological and institutional alternatives in Asian rice irrigation

Pucaric, A., 1986:
Technological and other factors influencing hybrid maize seed production

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Technological and scientific co-operation in the South Pacific basin-soil science

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Technological auxiliaries

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Technological change, technical consultation and yields

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Technological cooperation between manufacturers and retailers to meet market demand

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Technological details on sunflower cultivation on improved saline soils

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Technological developments in seed and coatings - now and in the future

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Technological developments in the German Federal Republic's dairy industry up to the year 2000

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Technological diffusion: effects on productivity, structure, firms and markets

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Technological domains of women in mixed farming systems of Andean peasant communities

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Technological effects of whey, lactose and derivatives on ice cream. Recent applications

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Technological elements of soyabean cultivation for seed

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Technological evaluation of new varieties of durum wheat

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Technological evaluation of wine-making grape varieties

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Technological hazards and 'upstream' hazard management strategies: the use of the herbicide 2,4-D to control Eurasian water milfoil in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

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Technological improvement of the primary cultivation under durum wheat in the southern forest steppe of Western Siberia

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Technological indices of promising winter bread wheat varieties and hybrids

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Technological innovation and technical entrepreneurship for the development of a Nigerian agricultural machinery industry

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Technological innovation in agriculttural mechanization in Spain

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Technological innovation in agriculture and capital accumulation: a critical analysis of the Green Revolution

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Technological innovations for fisheries development: issues and analysis

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Technological innovations in agricultural mechanization - Denmark

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Technological innovations in agricultural mechanization in the Netherlands

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Technological innovations in agricultural mechanization: the Italian position

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Technological measurements and instruments in the logging and woodworking industries: a textbook for universities

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Technological measures applied to flax seed plots

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Technological options for efficient organization of collection and transport of potatoes at harvest

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Technological options to increase on-farm rice yields and profits in Larkana district

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Technological peculiarities of autumn barley cultivated on salty soils undergoing improvement

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Technological planning vis-a-vis plantations: a case study of Kesla Project, Hoshangabad

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Technological possibilities of composting hop bines after machine harvesting

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Technological principles for reducing fuel and energy resources used for moist grain conservation in agriculture

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Technological problems in the production of soft cheese intended for prepackaging

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Technological processing lines of machines for gathering corn stover

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Technological production of a new non-alcoholic beverage, Raubichy, based on local spice plants

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Technological progress in West German agriculture - a quantitative approach

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Technological properties of sugarbeet following presowing irradiation of seeds with gamma rays and fast neutrons

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Technological properties of wood from trees in polluted regions

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Technological qualities of Italian bread wheat production

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Technological regimes for raising red clover in a phytotron-greenhouse complex to hasten the breeding process

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Technological report on standard Indian cottons, 1983-84 season

Anonymous, 1986:
Technological report on trade varieties of Indian cottons, 1982-83 and 1983-84 seasons

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Technological suitability of calf rennet substitutes

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Technological traits of cashmere

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Technological, nutritional and physiological properties of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus

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Technological, scientific, organizational, economic, social and cultural changes in the world of work having an effect on the world of education

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Technologies for cleaning and electrostatically sorting seeds

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Technologies for storing cereals by ventilation I

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Technologies for the inoculation of mycorrhiza to pines in Asean

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Technologies for the mass-rearing of cassava mealybugs, cassava green mites and their natural enemies

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Technologies for utilizing biological nitrogen fixation in wetland rice: potentialities, current usage, and limiting factors

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Technology and Pakistan's agriculture

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Technology and economics of the accelerated ripening of Cheddar cheese

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Technology and equipment for the butter factory

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Technology and equipment of wood conversion industries: an inter-university collection of scientific papers

Anonymous, 1985:
Technology and equipment of woodworking industries: an intercollegiate collection of scientific papers

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Technology and financial adjustment in American agriculture: who will quit and why?

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Technology and organization of alkaline soil reclamation by irrigation

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Technology and pathology in aquaculture. Vol. 2 - Pathology

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Technology and preferences in the Boserup model of agricultural growth

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Technology and quality of long-life coffee cream

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Technology and repair costs of combine harvesters

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Technology and research issues

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Technology and the new legislative environment: their impacts on travel research

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Technology and the travel agent. ISTEL survey 1987

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Technology and traditional cheeses

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Technology and transportation - growing together

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Technology and work organization in cereal growing using the closed tramline system

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Technology applications and implications: the state of the art

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Technology design and adoption by farmers: the example of Yatenga in Burkina Faso

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Technology development and farmer groups: experiences from Botswana

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Technology development and industrial tests of borehole raw materials

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Technology diffusion for agricultural development and desertification control in semi-arid regions

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Technology elements for some medicinal and aromatic plant species

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Technology evaluation of the dual digestion system

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Technology for accelerating the breeding process in producing tetraploid hybrids of red clover

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Technology for automated aerial release of natural enemies of the cassava mealybug and cassava green mite

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Technology for confectionery cream

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Technology for creating clonal seed orchards of sessile oak

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Technology for direct-seeded rice in the North-Western zone

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Technology for dry farming: how the scientists, students and farmers view the challenge?

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Technology for dryland rice in eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Technology for faba bean cultivation

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Technology for growing davana - an aromatic herb

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Technology for higher anjan grass seed production in arid zone

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Technology for higher paddy production in Chhatisgarh

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Technology for improving milk production in the region of central Santa Fe and eastern Cordoba

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Technology for increasing faba bean production

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Technology for increasing productivity of groundnut in Uttar Pradesh

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Technology for increasing pulses production of eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Technology for little millet cultivation

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Technology for manufacture of yoghurt from condensed skim milk

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Technology for poverty eradication: some issues in the rural context

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Technology for production of phosphoric acid and concentrated phosphorus fertilizers from Kovdor apatite

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Technology for propagation and by-products utilization of Prosopis chilensis

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Technology for rainfed wheat

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Technology for raising soybean productivity in Uttar Pradesh

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Technology for resowing grasslands for increasing forage yields

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Technology for rice cultivation in alkali soils

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Technology for rural development. Vol. 1. Production oriented and employment generating technologies. Vol. 2. Technologies for human welfare and community services

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Technology for steaming robinia wood

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Technology for upland rice

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Technology for use of Azolla caroliniana in single-crop rice fields

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Technology for utilization of renewable and secondary energy sources

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Technology in rural environment

Anonymous, 1987:
Technology in the 1990s: utilization of lignocellulosic wastes

Anonymous, 1986:
Technology in the forest

Anonymous, 1987:
Technology in the forest

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Technology keeps cassava free of aflatoxin for four months

Anonymous, 1988:
Technology now

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Technology of Grana cheese production. IV. Studies and first applications of milk starter cultures

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Technology of cultivating sunflowers for silage. III. Comparison of productivity of sunflowers grown as main and second crops

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Technology of dried whey-egg concentrates

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Technology of fermented special products

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Technology of grain maize production. Research and knowledge obtained at the Maize Research Institute, Trnava

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Technology of grape storage in regulated gas atmosphere

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Technology of harvesting wood chips with a minimal needle content during selective fellings

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Technology of heating feed grains involving comminution and its potential application in the feed industry

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Technology of incubation of eggs grouped for weight

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Technology of kefir and kumys

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Technology of manufacture of thermophilic fermented milks

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Technology of manufacturing milk replacer and fish feed

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Technology of mesophilic fermented milk

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Technology of pesticide application

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Technology of potato cultivation in ridges

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Technology of potato production and marketing in a peasant community, Palca, Peru: agroeconomic and social implications

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Technology of preparing a mixture of mineral fertilizers and herbicides

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Technology of processing of milk protein

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Technology of production of pelleted carp feed used in the experimental plant in Goysz

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Technology of separate harvest of cereal ears and straw

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Technology of soyabean harvesting

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Technology of the manufacture of cheese in Bulgaria

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Technology of winter rape seed production for edible oil

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Technology of wood products

Anonymous, 1985:
Technology of wood-based boards and plastics

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Technology policy for dryland agriculture: some issues and approaches

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Technology to aid the poor: constraints to access resulting from privatization - the case of biotechnology

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Technology today

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Technology transfer as a development aid (2 papers)

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Technology transfer in forestry

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Technology transfer in integrated forest pest management in the south

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Technology transfer in smallholder farming systems: a programme of promotion in Africa and the South Pacific

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Technology transfer problems for mechanizing small-scale family farms in Thailand

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Technology transfer. Nine case studies

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Technology, agriculture and development

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Technology, community and water supply: case studies in KwaZulu and Transkei

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Technology, growth and welfare in agriculture - a case study in West Bengal

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Technology, productivity and employment in rural industries

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Technology, productivity growth, and economic development; Comments

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Technology, tourism and the 21st century

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Tecto 60 and Mertect: post-harvest fungicides for controlling rots of apples and pears destined for cold storage

Anonymous, 1986:
Tedding and windrowing machines

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Teenage pregnancies and school drop-outs: the relevance of family life, education and vocational training to girls' employment opportunities

Anonymous, 1987:
Teeth-open wide (dentistry in dogs and cats)

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Tefluthrin - a novel soil pyrethroid for control of maize pests

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Tefluthrin: control of sugar beet pests by a novel soil pyrethroid

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Tegumental ultrastructures of Echinostoma hortense observed by scanning electron microscopy

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Telakarhu 2000 terrain vehicle

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Telecommunications and travel: substitution or modified mobility

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Telemarketing applications in travel advertising

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Telemetric ECG recordings from sows kept under intensive husbandry

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Telemetric heart rate monitoring in sows. I. Spontaneous and prostaglandin-induced parturitions

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Teleomorph of Sphaerotheca fuliginea on cucurbits in North Carolina

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Teletext in consumer work

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Televising sport: the archaeology of a professional practice

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Television and other leisure time activities - today and tomorrow

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Television and rural development. The case of Sudan

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Television and the education of adults

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Television for development. The African experience

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Television in higher education; the Indian experience

Anonymous, 1986:
Television. High hopes for the small screen

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Telial and basidiospore stages of Cronartium flaccidum: light and scanning electron microscopy observations

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Telimena, Telimenopsis, and a new ascomycete genus Telimenochora of the Phyllachorales

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Teliomycetes of South India

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Teliospore germination in some rust fungi

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Telocentric analysis of a dominant single gene for male sterility, Ta1, in common wheat

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Telomeric DNA sequences differentially activated by heat shock in two Chironomus subspecies

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Telomeric motifs are present in a highly repetitive element in the Plasmodium berghei genome

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Telomerina beringiensis, a new species of Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) from Yukon and Alaska

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Tempeh prepared from germinated soybeans

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Temperate forest species

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Temperate fruit crop germplasm in China

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Temperate fruit crop germplasm in Czechoslovakia

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Temperate fruit crop germplasm in Greece (with particular reference to Prunus)

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Temperate fruit crop germplasm in Syria

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Temperate fruit crop germplasm in Turkey

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Temperate fruits and nuts

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Temperature affects seed germination of four Florida palm species

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Temperature and diet modulate cytochrome P-450 activities in southern armyworm, Spodoptera eridania (Cramer), caterpillars

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Temperature and egg development in the spittlebug Philaenus spumarius (L.) (Homoptera: Aphrophoridae)

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Temperature and fruit set in apples

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Temperature and imbibition effects on seed germination of Sabal palmetto and Serenoa repens

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Temperature and light integral effects on growth and flowering of hybrid geraniums

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Temperature and milk composition responses of the non-infused mammary gland to infusion of E. coli LPS and S. aureus vaccines and to intravenous E. coli LPS in the goat

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Temperature and moisture conditions in coated window joinery - a literature study

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Temperature and moisture dependence of decomposition rates of hardwood and coniferous leaf litter

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Temperature and moisture front movement in an aerated seed bulk

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Temperature and nitrogen influence on growth, nitrogen efficiency, dry matter and nitrogen partitioning of pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke) hybrids

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Temperature and photoperiod responses of soybean embryos cultured in vitro

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Temperature and plant vigour influence annual variation of abundance in cereal aphids (Homoptera, Aphididae)

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Temperature and potting medium composition affect Rhizoctonia aerial blight of Boston fern

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Temperature and relative humidity requirements for species of Chaetomium isolated from stored spices and condiments

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Temperature and scarification effects on germination of prostrate bundleflower seeds

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Temperature and seed treatment effects on taproot growth of young bell peppers

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Temperature and sucker development

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Temperature and sweetcorn production at different planting dates under polyethylene tunnel and mulch

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Temperature and the colour polymorphism of Philaenus spumarius (Homoptera: Aphrophoridae)

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Temperature and the growth of broilers

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Temperature and the persistence of methyl parathion in a flooded soil

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Temperature and the vegetative growth of three Saudi Arabian herbs

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Temperature and water quality effects in simulated woodland pools on the infection of Culex mosquito larvae by Lagenidium giganteum (Oomycetes: Lagenidiales) in North Carolina

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Temperature and wet-period conditions for infection by Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici race 104E137A+

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Temperature as a means of forecasting and warning in insect control

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Temperature as a modifying environmental factor of herbicidal response

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Temperature as the principal exogenous regulator of winter dormancy in xylophages

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Temperature changes in citrus at sub-freezing temperatures

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Temperature changes in the external and internal layers of bull semen pellets during freezing and thawing

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Temperature characteristics of extensive and intensive wheat varieties

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Temperature control systems in potato stores

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Temperature control with earth-coupled heat pump for spawning red drum

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Temperature dependence and evolutionary adjustment of critical night length in insect photoperiodism

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Temperature dependence of photosynthesis in conifers

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Temperature dependence of plant and crop processes

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Temperature dependency of the development of Anemone blanda and Eranthis hiemalis

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Temperature dependent efficacy of evaporative cooling for broilers

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Temperature distribution with hothouse culture. Distribute the heat and control the glasshouse climate

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Temperature dynamics of an experimental forage drying installation

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Temperature effect on growth and development of wheat. I. Interaction of nitrogen and moisture on grain development in cultivar HD 1981

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Temperature effect on kinetics of phosphorus availability from partially water-soluble and citrate-soluble P fractions of nitrophosphate in alkaline alluvial soils

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Temperature effect on the kinetic behaviour of beta -D-Glucosidase activity in a peat of the Ebro valley (Burgos, Spain)

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Temperature effects on germination of New Zealand herbage grasses

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Temperature effects on host-seeking by larval American dog ticks, Dermacentor variabilis (Say)

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Temperature effects on the postdiapause development and respiratory rates of Trypoxylon politum (Say) (Hymenoptera: Sphecoidea)

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Temperature effects on urea diffusion coefficients and urea movement in soil

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Temperature exposure of greenhouses from monthly means of daily maximum and minimum temperatures

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Temperature fields of plant containers under different heating systems - possibilities of improving the effectiveness of the container stone-wool technique

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Temperature for hothouse tomatoes (1). Extensive research on temperature of hothouse tomatoes

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Temperature for hothouse tomatoes (2). Flowering rate, ripening duration and growth lengthways

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Temperature for hothouse tomatoes (3). For maximal yield turn down the gas in time

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Temperature for hothouse tomatoes (4). Internal and external quality better at a higher average temperature

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Temperature humidity index for laying hens

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Temperature in a spring culture of iceberg lettuce

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Temperature in relation to peach culture in the tropics

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Temperature induced seasonal melanism in the wings of Copaeodes minima (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

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Temperature limits as a basis for calculating heat sums in maize lines

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Temperature maximum for reproduction in poikilothermic animals and temperature tolerances of gametes and embryos

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Temperature modelling of wet and dry desert soils

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Temperature optimum for the formation of diapause in species of the genus Trichogramma Westw. (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae)

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Temperature regime of soil and the cultivation of agricultural crops

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Temperature regimes for weaned pigs

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Temperature regulation in the nests of the wood ant, Formica polyctena (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Temperature regulation, endothermy, resting metabolism, and flight energetics of tachinid flies (Nowickia sp.)

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Temperature requirements for afterripening in buried seeds of four summer annual weeds

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Temperature research with capsicum. More insight into the effect of the average temperature on yield

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Temperature resistance and yield in meadow fescue hybrids

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Temperature response in the growth of young and mid-aged seedlings of rice

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Temperature sensitivity of the induction of xylose reductase in Pachysolen tannophilus

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Temperature sensitivity of winter wheat (cultivar Alcedo) in relation to rate of development during various stages after ear emergence

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Temperature stresses in large-diameter circular saw blades for log cross-cutting, and methods of tensioning the blades

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Temperature thresholds related to flight of Dendroctonus frontalis Zimm. (Col.: Scolytidae)

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Temperature treatment of sealed worker brood as a method of controlling varroatosis

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Temperature variation in lowland dipterocarp forest at Ulu Endau, Johore, Malaysia

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Temperature variation of Debye-Waller factor of KNO3

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Temperature variations within caged-layer housing as affected by inlet flow characteristics

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Temperature, development and survival in monophagous and polyphagous tropical pierid butterflies

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Temperature, relative humidity and water availability effects on proline accumulation in cultivars of Phaseolus beans

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Temperature, water, and PAR influences on predicted and measured productivity of Agave deserti at various elevations

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Temperature-dependent decay of vibrational excitons in K2SO4 crystal measured by picosecond time-resolved CARS

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Temperature-dependent development of eggs and larvae of Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) and simulation of its seasonal history

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Temperature-dependent development of immature stages of the western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

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Temperature-dependent model of life cycle development of Ips calligraphus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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Temperature-dependent size and development of California red scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) and its effect on host availability for the ectoparasitoid, Aphytis melinus DeBach (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

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Temperature-light intensity effect on the antagonism of species of Cladosporium to Melampsora larici-populina on cultivars of Populus X euramericana (Dode) Guinier

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Temperature-mediated programming of activity rhythms in male gypsy moths (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae): implications for the sterile male technique

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Temperature-sensitive development of spot blotch in spring wheat cultivars differing in resistance

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Temperature-sensitivity of race 104 (17R23) of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici

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Temperature-shift induced alterations of plasma membrane ultrastructure of yeast-form cells in Sporothrix schenckii as revealed by freeze-fracture electron microscopy

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Temperature-stress response in maize: a comparison of several cultivars

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Temperature-toxicity relationships of fluvalinate (synthetic pyrethroid) on Procambarus clarkii (Girard) under laboratory conditions

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Temperatures in the cold months of the year in relation to the overwintering of grapevines in Czechoslovakia

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Tempering broiler house summer ventilation air with a rockbed heat sink

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Temporal abundance and percent insemination of newly-emerged adult female Psorophora columbiae near the larval habitat

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Temporal and regional contents of art perception

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Temporal and regional variations in the agrarian structure in India

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Temporal and spatial analysis of maize dwarf mosaic epidemics

Anonymous, 1984:
Temporal and spatial changes in climate and tree rings

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Temporal and spatial dynamics of the periodic increase in intracellular free calcium at fertilization of golden hamster eggs

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Temporal and spatial patterns of nitrate losses from an agricultural catchment

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Temporal and spatial patterns of specific leaf weight in successional northern hardwood tree species

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Temporal and spatial relationships of canopy spectral measurements

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Temporal and spatial soil variability on three forested landtypes on the mid-Cumberland Plateau

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Temporal and spatial variability in insect grazing of the canopies of five Australian rainforest tree species

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Temporal and spectral properties of sustaining cells in the medulla of the locust

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Temporal aspects of honeybee vision

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Temporal changes in boreal forest tree canopy cover along a gradient of gamma radiation

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Temporal changes in serum cholesterol levels of rats fed casein and skim milk powdered diets

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Temporal chemical variability in acid sensitive high elevation lakes

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Temporal constancy in grasshopper assemblies (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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Temporal control of bovine herpesvirus 1 glycoprotein synthesis

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Temporal dimensions and regional patterns of hotel occupancy performance in England: a time series analysis of midweek and weekend occupancy rates in 266 hotels in 1984 and 1985

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Temporal dioecism: systematic breadth, associated traits, and temporal patterns

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Temporal distribution of Froggatt's apple leafhopper (Typhlocyba froggatti Baker) and the parasite Anagrus armatus (Ashmead) in an abandoned orchard

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Temporal distribution of transmissible mink encephalopathy virus in mink inoculated subcutaneously

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Temporal events in the invasion of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella, by a granulosis virus: an electron microscope study

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Temporal feeding patterns of adult Heliothis zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on pigeonpea nectar

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Temporal influences on image change

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Temporal patterns of competition between a pheromone trap and caged female moths for males of Argyrotaenia citrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in a semienclosed courtyard

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Temporal persistence of spatial patterns of soil water content in the tilled layer under a corn crop

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Temporal relationship between the deposition and microbial degradation of lignocellulosic detritus in a Georgia salt marsh and the Okefenokee Swamp

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Temporal relationship of contractility and myocardial potassium balance following beta-adrenergic stimulation of the in situ pig heart

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Temporal relationships in the effects of protein-free diet on the activities of rat liver branched-chain ketoacid dehydrogenase complex and kinase

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Temporal resolution of colour vision in the honeybee

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Temporal study of staphylococcal species on healthy dogs

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Temporal variability of abundance and the distribution of species

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Temporal variability of lake waters in the North Cascades mountains (Washington, U.S.A.)

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Temporal variability of soil macroporosity in a fine sandy loam under mouldboard ploughing and direct drilling

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Temporal variation in LH and testosterone responses of rams after the introduction of oestrous females during the breeding season

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Temporal variation in aluminum speciation and concentration during snowmelt

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Temporal variation in the chemical composition of sewage sludge

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Temporal variation of litter decomposition in relation to simulated soil climate. Long-term decomposition in a Scots pine forest. V

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Temporal variations in soil microbial biomass C and N under a spring barley crop

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Temporal variations of some trace organics (HCB, HCH, PCB and PAH) in rainfall, runoff and in lake sediments in remote sites of New Zealand

Girardin, P.; Tollenaar, M.; Deltour, A.; Muldoon, J., 1987:
Temporary N starvation in maize (Zea mays L.): effects on development, dry matter accumulation and grain yield

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