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Chapter 1,700

Techniques for achieving high yield for double cropping of rice

Tan, Z.H.; Fang, W.; Lan, T.Y.

Tropical Agriculture Research Series, Tropical Agriculture Research Center, Japan 20: 225-230


Accession: 001699506

This paper was presented at a symposium on technology for double cropping of rice in the tropics held in Tsukuba during 30 Sept.-3 Oct. 1986. In 1984 the rice double cropping area in China was 10.4 million ha accounting for 31.3% of the total rice area. The mean yield obtained by double cropping was 9.87 t/ha, 61.1% higher than that by single cropping. The highest yield of 14.83 t/ha was recorded in Hunan province in 1984.

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