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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lew, A.A., 1987:
The English speaking tourist and the attractions of Singapore

Gebre Medhin, J., 1984:
The Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front and the rural poor

Rahmato, D., 1985:
The Ethiopian experience in agrarian reform

Indeshaw, G., 1988:
The Ethiopian seed industry

Bihan, J. le, 1986:
The European Community and agricultural surpluses

Paul, A., 1986:
The European Community's wine market

Anonymous, 1986:
The European Diploma

Geldern, W. von, 1986:
The European agricultural market needs sensible alternatives

Hemard, C., 1987:
The European budget and agriculture. 1. Towards a financial revolution? 2. Budgetary stabilization and agricultural products

Sandru, I., 1986:
The European corn borer-Ostrinia nubilalis Hb. on hemp. Biology, ecology, ethology

Estrada, G.Z., 1985:
The European demand for tourism in Latin America

Orrell, K., 1988:
The European duty free business

Evans, D., 1987:
The European farmer's view of the future

Alexander, S., 1987:
The European food industry

Mitchell, C.P., 1987:
The European forest energy scene

Olesen, H.H., 1987:
The European forest sector in the year 2000. New forecasts

Doizelet, P.; Dupeyras, A.; Gauthier, P.; Maigniez, P.; Mailliez, T., 1987:
The European market for retired people (part 1)

Doizelet, P.; Dupeyras, A.; Gauthier, P.; Maigniez, P.; Mailliez, T., 1988:
The European market for retired people (third and final part)

Champeaux, J.P., 1987:
The European social tourism market: to be or not to be

Devas, E., 1988:
The European tourist. A market profile

McNabb, D.E., 1986:
The European vacation: consumers' preferences, perceptions and profiles - an empirical evaluation of the impact of terrorism and U.S. retaliatory actions

Stevens, T., 1987:
The Exploratory: hearing, seeing and understanding

Lowe, J.A., 1985:
The FAO inter-country integrated pest control (IPC)

Roux, J.G. le, 1987:
The FAO programme for the control of African animal trypanosomiasis and related development

A.Jibouri, H.A., 1985:
The FAO soybean development programme

Winkelmann, F., 1987:
The FAO/DANIDA dairy training programme

Fazekas, P., 1985:
The FATIP glulam beam construction system

Ewart, J.M., 1987:
The FERIC differential-interlock yarding crane concept

Adamus, P.R., 1988:
The FHWA/Adamus (WET) method for wetland functional assessment

Verbeek, K.; Sanogo, B.; Kleene, P., 1986:
The FSR & D-extension linkage: experience from Mali

Leipnitz, W., 1986:
The FUAN model - fundamentals and results

Jenkins, T.N., 1987:
The Farm Business Survey: farm incomes in Wales 1985/86

Beyer, H.J., 1988:
The Federal Administrative Court on the Milk Quota Regulations; Questions after the non-marketing judgement of the European Court of Justice

Anderson, J., 1987:
The Federation of Danish A.I. Societies

Andersen, J., 1988:
The Federation of Danish A.I.-Societies

Emmelin, L., 1986:
The Femundsmarka, Rogen, Langtjallet Project - a study of the effects of different management strategies for wilderness areas

Mischew, W., 1988:
The Fifth European Congress of Agricultural Economists

Dichter, C.R., 1987:
The Fifth World Food Survey: an assessment of food supplies and malnutrition

Wilkins, D.A., 1984:
The Flandrian woods of Lewis (Scotland)

MacGowan, J.B., 1986:
The Florida collection of nematodes

Nickerson, J.C., 1987:
The Florida harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex badius (Latreille) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Bakker, H. de, 1986 :
The Fluviatile district

Hansen, R., 1986:
The Fontal cheese from Branderup Dairy

Chomjakow, A., 1986:
The Food Programme in action

Bailey, K.W.; Byron, V.P.; Houck, J.P., 1986:
The Food Security Act of 1985: implications for Minnesota's farm economy

Neveu, A.; Moreau, G.; Culaud, H.P. et al., 1987:
The French Association of Rural Law, 4th National Congress, Rennes 17-18 October 1986: setting up a farm (judicial, financial and fiscal aspects). II

Pedro, G., 1984:
The French Society of Soil Science . Its role in the development of soil science in France (1934-1984)

Anonymous, 1987:
The French and their heritage

Damidaux, R.; Laterrot, H., 1988:
The French basis of tomatoes for processing. The research and development effort results in a prime series of adapted varieties

Spasov, G. (Spassov, G); Savova, N.; Ilcheva, E., 1986:
The French bean variety Trnovo 13 grown as a second crop

Coudert, M., 1986:
The French national system of bovine health surveillance

Martin Prevel, P., 1987:
The French potential for developing countries

Poulain, J.F., 1986:
The French training of agricultural scientists and technicians in tropical agriculture: the Montpellier experience

Bartoli, P.; Boulet, D.; Lacombe, P.; Laporte, J.P.; Lifran, R.; Montaigne, E., 1987:
The French wine economy

Murray, W.J., 1987:
The French workers' sports movement and the victory of the popular front in 1936

Fuentes, J., 1986:
The Fuentes seed drill for direct sowing sunflowers

Haney, P.; Morse, J.; Carman, G.; Urena, A.; Brawner, O.; Griffiths, H.; Gjerde, A.; Phillips, P.; Sakovich, N., 1987:
The Fuller rose beetle. Progress report on a potential disaster

Booth, C., 1984:
The Fusarium problem: historical, economic and taxonomic aspects

Osteras, M., 1987:
The GATT International Dairy Arrangement

Duthie, L., 1988:
The GATT negotiations

Harboort, J., 1986:
The GFR food industry budget

Schingnitz, M.; Brandt, H.; Berger, F.; Gohler, P.; Kretschmer, H., 1986:
The GSP process - developments in the field of pressure gasification of pulverized brown coal in the GDR

H.Kwon Ping, 1982:
The Garden of Eden: luxury-foods export agribusiness in ASEAN

Suzuki, T., 1984:
The Gentan probability, a model for the improvement of the normal wood concept and for the forest planning

Clifton, I.D.; Foster, K.A., 1986:
The Georgia farm real estate market: survey of current developments, 1986

Morgan, W.; Houston, J.E., 1986:
The Georgia seed-handling industry: structure and conduct issues of the '80s

Schwarzel, E., 1987:
The German Beekeepers' Association - its foundation and growth. 1

Ellinger, W., 1988:
The German apple market - trends in supply and consumption

Huhn, H.W., 1988:
The German conference market. Millions of participants and billions in turnover

Wackerman, G., 1987:
The German tourist market: rigorous demand seeks serious supply!

Kerz, R., 1987:
The German-Belgian nature park: an example of frontier cooperation

Anonymous, 1988:
The German-Dutch potato gene bank

Ofori Attah, H., 1987:
The Ghanaian cocoa industry: a precarious prop

Schultze Dewitz, G.; Gotze, H.; Suss, H., 1988:
The Gingko tree and its wood

Brown, M.S.; Bethlenfalvay, G.J., 1988:
The Glycine-Glomus-Rhizobium Symbiosis : VII. Photosynthetic Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Nodulated, Mycorrhizal Soybeans

Ueno, Y.; Ishikawa, S., 1988:
The Gompertz function derived from a growth model of an individual tree

Pivert, M., 1987:
The Gorges de l'Ardeche, what a shambles!

Peitersen, N.H., 1987:
The Goth sheep

Cremer, P.; Wieland, H.; Seidel, D., 1988:
The Gottingen Risk Incidence and Prevalence Study (GRIPS). Design and results to date (June 1987)

Mortensen, B.K., 1986:
The Government Research Institute for the Dairy Industry. Organization and work projects

Brown, M.S.; Wu, T.C., 1986:
The Gram stain morphology of fungi, mycobacteria, and Pneumocystis carinii

Zerfurides, G.K.; Manolkides, K.S.; Samolada, M.S., 1985:
The Greek whey cheeses and improvements in techniques for recovering proteins from whey from goat and ewe milk

Arnon, I., 1987:
The Green Revolution

Rasmussen, T., 1986:
The Green Revolution in the Southern Highlands

Spitz, P., 1987:
The Green Revolution re-examined in India

Duanenyo, S., 1987:
The Green Revolution: discourse and finance

Barker, S., 1988:
The Grimme Q Allrounder potato harvester

Ziche, J., 1987:
The Gwembe valley on the central Zambezi. Rural development in a 'poorhouse'

Wachtel, S.S.; Picard, L.; Chartrain, I.; King, W.A., 1986:
The H-Y antigen: physiology and embryological applications

Suzuki, M., 1987:
The H-type (WY-type) cable crane system (II) Problems on planning for the H-type cable crane

Nabiev, M.N.; Yugai, M.R.; Tukhtaev, S.; Beglov, B.M.; Khodzhaev, O.F., 1987:
The HCONH2-MgCl2.2H2O system

Twito, R.H.; Reutebuch, S.E.; McGaughey, R.J., 1988:
The HIGHLEAD program: locating and designing highlead harvest units by using digital terrain models

Coulaud, J.P., 1988:
The HIV infection and AIDS

Van den Akker, R.; Bouman van Engelen, C.A.A., 1988:
The HIV-check system, rapid but reliable?

Swenson, L., 1986:
The HS dog research project

Orlandi, M.; Goio, L.; Pastorelli, S.; Petrocelli, C.; Colombani, B., 1987:
The Hafling horse: a study of morphological aspects in several lines in Alto Adige

Orlandi, M.; Pastorelli, S.; Goio, L.; Colombani, B.; Taccini, F., 1985:
The Hafling horse: a study on the distribution of blood lines of stallions inscribed in the studbook

Wolf, K., 1985:
The Hamburg-Georgswerder dumping ground, situation problems and administrative arrangements for producing a rehabilitation plan

Raymond, K., 1988:
The Harricana stroke delimber in radiata thinnings

Moore, M., 1986:
The Harrogate Trade Exhibition.

Kusigemati, K., 1987:
The Heloridae (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea) of Japan

Westren, B., 1987:
The Henganofi factor: the 'success' of a new rural 'day' high school

Anonymous, 1987:
The Henston veterinary vade mecum (small animals) 1987-88

Anonymous, 1988:
The Henston veterinary vade mecum. Large animals, part II

Aubert, P., 1988 :
The Herens cattle breed in the Valais economy

Ford, J., 1986:
The Hi-Line

Robinson, D.M., 1984:
The High Performance Sederhana Irrigation Systems (HPSIS) Project: description and history

Sahli, Z., 1987:
The High plains of Sersou, interaction between two production systems: cereal cultivation and sheepmeat

Anonymous, 1987:
The Himalaya-Ganges problem. Proceedings of a conference: Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, New York, U.S.A., 6-11 April 1986

Partap, T.; Kapoor, P., 1987:
The Himalayan grain chenopods. 3. An under-exploited food plant with promising potential

Gould, H.A., 1986:
The Hindu jajmani system: a case of economic particularism

Martinez, A.R.; Cicuta, M.E.; Filipigh, R.A.; Sandoval, A., 1986:
The Hoeppli-Splendore phenomenon in cutaneous ulcers of horses in northeastern Argentina

Whitlock, J.L.; Mudder, T.I., 1986:
The Homestake wastewater treatment process: biological removal of toxic parameters from cyanidation wastewaters and bioassay effluent evaluation

Dinges, R.; Doersam, J., 1987:
The Hornsby Bend hyacinth facility in Austin, Texas

Shewry, P.R.; Parmar, S., 1987:
The HrdF (Hor5) locus encodes nu -type hordeins

Molnar, I.; Szabo, E., 1988:
The Hungarian agroindustrial complex

Hasan, A.N., 1987:
The Hungarian consumer cooperative movement

Szabo, I., 1986:
The Hungarian farmers' cooperatives in the mid-1980s

Kreutzmann, H., 1987:
The Hunza Valley (Northern Areas of Pakistan): the transformation of economic exchange patterns in connection with the Karakoram Highway

Anonymous, 1986:
The Hutin cheese factory. The Waldner process

Bartkowska, K., 1986:
The Hystrichopsyllinae (Siphonaptera, Hystrichopsyllidae) of Poland

Murphy, D.B., 1987:
The I-J puzzle

Evenson, R.E., 1987:
The IARCs and their impact on national research and extension programs

Sanchez, P.A.; Jot Smyth, T., 1987:
The IBSRAM acid tropical soils network: a progress report

Latham, M., 1986:
The IBSRAM land development and soil management network program in monsoon Asia

Verhagen, K., 1985:
The ICA development policy and its implications for education and training priorities of developing countries

Mutuku Mutinga, J., 1987:
The ICIPE's research programme on tsetse and trypanosomiasis

Tacher, G., 1987:
The IEMVT's present and future programmes for Glossine control

Jarrige, R.; Demarquilly, C.; Dulphy, J.P.; Hoden, A.; Robelin, J.; Beranger, C.; Geay, Y.; Journet, M.; Malterre, C.; Micol, D.; Petit, M., 1986:
The INRA fill unit system for predicting the voluntary intake of forage-based diets in ruminants: a review

Anonymous, 1986:
The INRA and the future of milk

Mamaril, C.P., 1984:
The INSFFER program: its role in rice production

Bockhop, C.W.; Stickney, R.E.; Hammond, M.M.; Cochran, B.J.; Reddy, V.R.; Nichols, F.E.; Labro, S.C., 1986:
The IRRI industrial liaison program

Martinez Ortega, E., 1985:
The Iberian sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae). I. Almeria

Martinez Ortega, E., 1985:
The Iberian sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae). I. The South East

Withers, R.V., 1986:
The Idaho dairy industry. An economic overview

Almond, N.M.; Parkhouse, R.M., 1986:
The Ig class distribution of anti-phosphoryl choline responses in mice infected with parasitic nematodes

Hussein, M.M.; Fayad, M.E.; Khalil, I.; Ashour, M.M.; Wahib, A.A., 1986:
The IgE in sera and ascitic fluids of Egyptian patients with bilharzial hepatosplenomegaly

Hoostelaere, L.A.; Huppi, K.; Mock, B.; Mallett, C.; Potter, M., 1988:
The IgK L chain allelic groups among the IgK haplotypes and IgK crossover populations suggest a gene order

Hickmann, T.J.; Jenkusky, S.M.; Massie, S., 1985:
The Illinois abandoned mined lands reclamation program: a progress report

Hendricks, A.D., 1987:
The Illinois farmland assessment laws: a case study of the political passage and implications for school funding, 1977-1980

Harlapur, S.; Hiregoudar, L.S., 1985:
The Indian bear Melursus ursinus ursinus for the control of ticks (Acari-Ixodidae)

Zaghloul, T.M.; Mohammad Zakaria; Salit, A.M., 1986:
The Indian gerbil, Tatera indica, in Kuwait. Biotoxic studies, ecto and endoparasitic infection

Khalidov, A.B.; Mun' kov, A.N., 1985:
The Indianmeal moth in Kazan'

Levin, T.M., 1987:
The Infant Formula Act of 1980: a case study of congressional delegation to the Food and Drug Administration

Anonymous, 1986:
The Institute Evandro Chagas: 50 years of its contribution to biological sciences and tropical medicine. Volume 1

Anonymous, 1986:
The Integrated Farming Systems Research (FSR) project under Khon Kaen University Research Development Project. Summary of work for f.y. 1986 and research plan for f.y. 1987

Boudant, J., 1986:
The Integrated Mediterranean Programmes

Lusigi, W.J., 1986:
The Integrated Project on Arid Lands (IPAL) Kenya

Anonymous, 1987:
The International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium: agricultural trade modeling the state of practice and research issues

Beinroth, F.H.; Jones, C.A.; Uehara, G., 1984:
The International Benchmark Sites Network for Agrotechnology Transfer

Brickell, C.D., 1986:
The International Code of Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants - present and future aims and requirements

Ait Kaci, Z., 1986:
The International Labour Organisation's conceptual approach and analytical method with regard to women and rural development

Horton, D.E.; Prain, G., 1988:
The International Potato Center's experiences with farm participation in on-farm research

Sombroek, W.G.; Reuler, H. van, 1984:
The International Soil Reference and Information Center (ISRIC)

Bisdom, E.B.A.; Wells, C.B., 1981:
The International Working Group on Submicroscopy of Undisturbed Soil Materials (IWGSUSM), its purpose and objectives

Anonymous, 1988:
The International conference of peasant and associated parties and organizations on environmental damage and protection. Warsaw 25-26 March 1988

Meyers, W.H.; Devadoss, S.; Helmar, M., 1987:
The Iowa State University FAPRI trade model

Anonymous, 1986:
The Irish hotel industry, 1985. Manual for inter-hotel comparison

Gillmor, D.A., 1987:
The Irish sea fisheries: development and curtailment of a renewable resource industry

Gara, R.I.; Arnold, P.; Peters, J.; Montesdeoca, J., 1987:
The Isabela fire: Galapagos Islands

Baker, J.R., 1987:
The Isospora - Toxoplasma - Sarcocystis confusion: the Toxoplasma tangle

Levine, N.D., 1987:
The Isospora - Toxoplasma - Sarcocystis confusion: whatever became of Isospora bigemina?

Blum, A., 1987:
The Israeli experience in agricultural extension and its application to developing countries

Paloscia, F., 1988:
The Italian south (the Mezzogiorno) and tourism

Cortese, L., 1987:
The Italians and television: behaviour and trends in the 'television era'

Scaramella, D., 1986:
The Ixodidae and Argasidae of Somalia. Part II. The species controlled on wild animals

Scaramella, D.; Hyanek, B.; Macchioni, M., 1986:
The Ixodidae and Argasidae of Somalia. Part III. The species present in Somalia which are actual or potential vectors of protozoal, bacterial or viral diseases

Cairol, D.; Denis, P.; Snobar, B.A.; Suwan, M.A., 1987:
The JAF greenhouse. A prototype greenhouse for semi-arid zones

Hollis, C., 1986:
The Jamaica primary nutrition education project: an innovative method for incorporating nutrition into the primary school curriculum

Jansky, M., 1986:
The Jansky DICO 500 data collection system - the right way forward

Shimizu, S., 1986:
The Japanese aspect of Sport for All

Pinot, P., 1988:
The Japanese market (Part 1)

Tsui, J.F., 1987:
The Japanese yen for the US hotels

Lako, G.T., 1988:
The Jonglei Scheme: the contrast between government and Dinka views on development

Snobar, B.A.; Haddad, N.I., 1987:
The Jordanian experience in the mechanization of lentil and chickpea harvesting

Bilbesi, U., 1987:
The Jordanian experiment in agricultural research and extension linkage: analytic overview

Orlova, V.T.; Konstantinova, E.A.; Shenkin, Y.S.; Lepeshkov, I.N., 1986:
The K, HSO4, NO3-H2O system at 50 degrees C

Berdyukova, V.A.; Grigor' eva, E.A.; Lopatin, S.S.; Khutsistova, F.M.; Denisenko, L.E., 1986:
The K2CO3-KCl-NH3-H2O and KCl-NH4Cl-NH3-H2O systems at 25 degrees C

Yantsieva, S.K.; Namazov, S.S.; Tukhtaev, S.; Kucharov, K., 1987:
The K2H2P2O7-CO(NH2)2-H2O system

Nabiev, M.N.; Yantsieva, S.K.; Namazov, S.S.; Tukhtaev, S., 1986:
The K2HPO4-(NH4)4P2O7-H2O system

Khodzhaeva, R.A.; Isabaev, Z.; Saibova, M.T., 1987:
The K2MoO4-KNO3-NH3-H2O system at 25 degrees C

Krasil' nikov, V.N.; Ivakin, A.A., 1986:
The K2O-V2O3-SO3 system

Nabiev, M.N.; Namazov, S.S.; Yantsieva, S.K.; Tukhtaev, S.; Kucharov, K., 1987:
The K3H2P3O10 -CO(NH2)2-H2O system

Yantsieva, S.K.; Namazov, S.S.; Tukhtaev, S.; Kucharov, K., 1985:
The K4P2O7-NH4H2PO4-H2O and K4P2O7-(NH4)2HPO4-H2O systems

Prodan, E.A.; Lesnikovich, L.A.; Mozheiko, F.F.; Krut' ko, N.P.; Opanasenko, O.N., 1987:
The K5P3O10-Ca(NO3)2-H2O system

Bondarenko, K.A.; Dzyuba, N.K.; Krizhanovskii, A.V.; Kugai, V.V.; Koval' chuk, S.S., 1986:
The KCl-(CH3)2CO-H2O system

Kruglov, A.N.; Sorokina, S.L.; Prostakov, M.E., 1986:
The KCl-CaCl2-ZnCl2 system

Karasev, A.E.; Raikov, A.K.; Seregin, G.V.; Kharinskii, M.I., 1987:
The KRP-2.5A wedge for clearing up strips in forest

Breadon, R.E., 1985:
The Kaiser Spyder X5M: Vancouver Island field trials, 1985

Morel, F., 1985:
The Kallhall Dairy. The Swedish model

Lindquist, J.L., 1987:
The Kansas Cooperative Extension Service: an analysis of external factors impacting organizational decision-making

Dineur, B.; Thys, E., 1986:
The Kapsiki: a taurine cattle breed of the extreme north of Cameroon. 1. Introduction and body measurements

Parfenov, V.; Bylova, O., 1986:
The Karachaev horse

Krischke, P., 1986:
The Karakul sheep - the multilateral crossing partner all over the world

Krishnarajulu, B., 1986:
The Karnataka peasant movement: it's role in 'identity formation'

Wolfson, M., 1987:
The Katiwala Programme in the Philippines

Wiesner, W.; Hadinoto, H., 1987:
The Katjang goat in East Kalimantan

Kelterborn, E., 1986:
The Kauffmann-White Scheme of 1985

Swanstrom, S., 1986:
The Kemira NPK process

MacDonald, R.D.; Marshall, D.; Barclay, J., 1984:
The Kemptville College downflow stationary fixed film anaerobic digester

Justus, F., 1986:
The Kentucky farm business management program. 1986 annual summary

Currie, K.; Ray, L., 1987:
The Kenya state, agribusiness and the peasantry

Shipton, P., 1987:
The Kenyan land tenure reform: misunderstandings in the public creation of private property

Nag, M., 1988:
The Kerala formula

Gibney, M.J.; Maloney, M.; Shelly, E., 1987:
The Kilkenny Health Project: patterns of food intake in individuals consuming low-, moderate- and high-fat diets

Wit, J.N. de; Klarenbeek, G.; Graaf, C. de, 1986:
The Klaro-Graph: a new instrument for measuring viscosity, density and heat stability of milk and milk concentrates at temperatures up to 140 degrees C

Govett, R.L.; Blatner, K.A.; Kim, W.J., 1987:
The Korean market: opportunities for American hardwood exporters

Cooper, Z.M., 1986:
The Kuruk fishermen of Bastan district, Central India

Chirak, A., 1987:
The Kuznetsk horses

Googins, R.L.; Kramer, R.A., 1984:
The LESA system - an information aid in farmland retention decisions. The LESA system: an analysis. In: Farmland retention in the Southeast. Knoxville, Tennessee, March 22-23, 1984.

Alejziak, W., 1987:
The LZS as an organizer of tourism in the village community

Simm, G.; Neilson, D.R., 1986:
The Langhill dairy cattle breeding project

Norang, O.; Morken, G., 1986:
The Langvin project - use of college farm to teach economics

Grigsby, S.E.; Pagoulatos, E., 1986:
The Latin American debt burden: consequences for international adjustment and agricultural trade

Meninato, R.O., 1988:
The Latin American fertilizer sector

Baltakmens, R.A., 1988:
The Latvian breed of horses

Zacharias, H., 1987:
The Leninist cooperative plan - a guideline for the successful development of our socialist agriculture

Pino Gomez, A.; Viejo Montesinos, J.L., 1987 :
The Lepidoptera Rhopalocera of the municipal district of Madrid (Insecta: Lepidoptera)

Bray, R.A.; Gibson, D.I., 1988:
The Lepocreadiidae (Digenea) of fishes from the north-east Atlantic: review of the genus Paralepidapedon Shimazu & Shimura, 1984, with a description of P.williamsi n.sp

Jobst, D.; Southgate, J., 1987:
The Lim-Elite scheme

Terplan, G.; Jaksch, P., 1985:
The Limulus test: basic principles and more recent results

Pritchard, N.; Linton, R., 1986:
The Logquip Smart Arch for small crawler tractors

Harvey, I.C., 1983:
The Lolium endophyte: return from anonymity

Green, R.H., 1988:
The Lomes in economic context: whither now?

Roca, F.; Lamberti, F.; Agostinelli, A., 1987:
The Longidoridae (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) of the Italian Regions. VI. Liguria

Roca, F.; Lamberti, F.; Agostinelli, A., 1986:
The Longidoridae (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) of the Italian region. IV. Marche

Roca, F.; Lamberti, F.; Agostinelli, A., 1987:
The Longidoridae (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) of the Italian regions .V. Latium

Roca, F.; Lamberti, F.; Agostinelli, A., 1988:
The Longidoridae (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) of the italian regions VII. Piedmont and Aosta Valley

Forrest, E.C., 1987:
The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service: a descriptive history of its origin and development. (volumes I and II)

Lamprey, H.F., 1986:
The MAB IPAL woodland ecology program in northern Kenya

Quinn, B.F.C., 1985:
The MAF National Series forms of phosphate trials

Kornienko, P.P.; Kazakov, V.I.; Nefedov, V.A., 1986:
The MLF-0.8 rotary cultivator for rehabilitating shelterbelts

Herczig, B., 1985:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Tata and its surroundings

Bouzidi, M. et al., 1988:
The Maghreb

Richard, W.E.; Davidson, T.L., 1985:
The Maine growth model: promoting Maine tourism

Kiew, BH.; Davison, GWH.; Kiew, R., 1987:
The Malaysian Heritage and Scientific Expedition: Endau-Rompin 1985-1986

Cockerell, N., 1987:
The Maldives. National report no. 134

Prost, A.; Roy, R., 1983:
The Mantodea of Burkina Faso (formerly the Republic of Upper Volta)

Deveze, J.C., 1987 :
The Marabadiassa market gardening project (Ivory Coast): the limits of voluntary land development policy

Peters, R.R.; Cassel, E.K.; Eickelberger, R.C.; Majeskie, J.L.; Manspeaker, J.E.; Marshall, J.T.; Stewart, L.E.; Varner, M.A.; Vough, L.R.; Wysong, J.W., 1987:
The Maryland dairy herd demonstration project: I; II; III; IV

Bernabei, G.; Gellini, R.; Gius, G.; Grossoni, P.; Rinallo, C.; Tocci, A., 1980:
The Masso del Diavole arboretum at Vallombrosa

Richter, O.; Deneke, J., 1987:
The Mastitis Control Service - an important factor in a series of measures to improve milk quality

Guedon, G., 1987:
The Mediterranean pine vole: a formidable enemy

Jacquet, F., 1986:
The Mediterranean: a favoured market for US wheat

Dou, Z.H.; Xu, X.F.; Ma, D.X., 1988:
The Mei duck - A tamed wild species

Fougeroux, A., 1987:
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The Mudki study, India: A regional soil salinity model

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The Mursi and national park development in the Lower Omo Valley

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The Murzelen cheese factory as an example of heat requirements of an Emmental factory

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The NOD mouse as a model of type I diabetes

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The Namdal Dairy

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The Namdal Dairy at Kolvereid, its new layout has met the expectations

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The Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization (NRIAM) - China

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The Nantucket pine tip moth

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The National Arboretum introduces 'Apache', 'Chippewa' and 'Huron'

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The National Children and Youth Fitness Study II

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The National Dairy Office and technical aid to farms in 1986

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The National Food Grain Authority of Indonesia (BULOG)

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The National Land Fund, 1946-80; the failure of a policy initiative

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The National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau

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The National Park Service and higher education: the origin and development of the Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site

Anonymous, 1988:
The National Seed Company

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The National Tripartite Stabilization Program for red meats: cattle models

Tan, M.H., 1988:
The National Tripartite Stabilization Program for red meats: hog model

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The Navy puts fun back into fitness

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The Neotropical acridids. I. Proctoalbinae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) of the Amazon

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The Neotropical telenomine genus Phanuropsis Girault (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)

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The Netherlands

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The Netherlands and the French Antilles

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The Netherlands nitrogen fertilizer industry and its role in world markets

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The Neuroptera of agricultural crops: notes on chrysopids in some fields in the Forli district

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The New Zealand Sheep and Beef Farm Survey 1985-86. Production and financial analysis from a sample of sheep and beef farms for the season July 1st to June 30th

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The New Zealand dairy herd: genetic progress and future expectations

Anonymous, 1986:
The New Zealand domestic travel study 1983-85 has 24 separate reports

Anonymous, 1987:
The New Zealand domestic travel study 1985-1986. Demographic report

Anonymous, 1988:
The New Zealand domestic travel study 1986-1987. Canterbury regional report

Anonymous, 1987:
The New Zealand domestic travel study 1986-1987. General report

Anonymous, 1988:
The New Zealand domestic travel study 1986-1987. Wellington regional report

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The New Zealand fauna of the thrips-hunting solitary wasp genus Spilomena Shuckard (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

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The New Zealand scheme to accredit goat flocks free from caprine arthritis-encephalitis

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The New Zealand sheepmeat industry and the role of the NZ Meat Producers' Board

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The New Zealand starter system

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The New Zealand travel market: qualitative research

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The Nguni - fact or fiction

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The Nicaraguan food and agricultural sector

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The Nigerian timber fungi

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The Nigerian wheat trap

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The Nivala cheese factory in Finland is cleaning cheese moulds with ultrasonics

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The Norfolk Agricultural Station - past and future

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The Norsk Hydro nitrophosphate process

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The North American drought

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The North American travel market

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The North Hills Fire-Erosion Event

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The North Western Province Area Development Project, Zambia

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The Norwegian Xyelidae and Pamphiliidae (Hymenoptera)

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The Norwegian aquaculture industry

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The Norwegian dairy industry - past and future

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The Norwegian ice cream market

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The Norwegian milk quota system: a general report

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The Norwegian nutritional policy and dairy products' position

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The Numeracy Project of Papua New Guinea

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The Nutrition Chemistry Feed Evaluation Unit - a resource for industry, advisers and research

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The Nyasaland post-war development plan: a historical examination of African education development strategies up to 1961 with particular reference to the primary and secondary sectors

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The Oklahoma farm financial situation, 1987: preliminary survey results

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The Olands cheese factory now operates at maximum capacity

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The Ontario wetland evaluation system: replicability and bird habitat selection

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The Oppdal trials

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The Oxylog oxygen consumption meter: a portable device for measurement of energy expenditure

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The P and Zn content of sewage-sludge and sludge-treated soil

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The PAG (Government Action Programme) and Brazilian agriculture

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The PARC process for ammonia production in small and medium-size plants

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The PDR of Yemen: the struggle continues for the total eradication of illiteracy

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The PR-T tubular pre-cooler

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The Padua, an ancient and mysterious breed

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The Papua New Guinea coffee rehabilitation program

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The Partridge. Pesticides, predation and conservation

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The Pasilac order in the USA is in the billion class

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The Pays du Buech have no shortage of fresh air

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The Peacock goat in the spectrum of Swiss goat breeds

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The Penrith Lakes Scheme

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The Penzyme test - a rapid enzymic method for detecting beta -lactam antibiotics in raw milk

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The People's Republic of China: education during the World Recession: the paradox of expansion

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The Pertersen-Fattinger sulphuric acid process, a modern solution to the problem of metallurgical off gases

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The Peruvian Educational Reform of 1972 and its implementation in Ayacucho

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The Peruvian agrarian reform: dissent from below

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The Philippine experience in farming systems research and development

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The Philippine farming systems research and development program

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The Philippines: 'Sarilakas' means strength. How authentic people's organisations have emerged in Philippine rural communities - and proved their resilience

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The Philippines: measuring draught animal power of carabaos crossed with exotic buffoloes

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The Phlebotominae of Greece. 2nd part

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The Pilodyn in provenance research

Anonymous, 1987:
The Pitesti-Maracineni Institute for Fruit Tree Research and Production recommends a new apple variety, Romus 2

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The Plant Breeding Innovation Fund and developments in the genetic manipulation of plants

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The Pleurotetum cornucopiae, a fungus association on dead stems of elms as a consequence of Dutch elm disease

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The Plitvice peat bog and properties of the peat

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The Poa glauca/nemoralis complex in Iceland and its response to the environment

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The Point. Cinema and entertainment trends

Anonymous, 1986:
The Polenghi Lombardo Dairy

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The Polerp spiked chain harrow and moss remover

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The Polesian horse

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The Polish Lupinus collection

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The Polish Pastel fox - a brown silver fox mutation

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The Polish species of the genus Nanoptilium (Coleoptera, Ptiliidae)

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The Polish village is becoming depopulated

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The Pompidou Centre and its public: the limits of a utopian site

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The Potamogeton genus in the Ukrainian flora

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The Potter Farmland Plan

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The Problem of Striga Lour. (Scrophulariaceae) in Ethopia

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The Pruhonice collections of ornamental bulbs - Muscari, Allium, Iridodictyum and other genera

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The Puerto Rico Tick Eradication Program

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The Purdue Stepped Approach Model: application to leisure counseling service delivery

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The Pyongyang conference. Primary health care in action

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The Queensland priority country area program

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The Question and Answer Service in Africa: objectives, creation and administration

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The R blood group system in Caucasian sheep

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The R.A. Fisher-Sewall Wright controversy

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The RT1 haplotype of the NIG III/Hok strain of rats

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The Radnor/Eden project; Discussion

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The Ragdoll-feline fact and fallacy

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The Ralli Evaporator Cleaning System (RECS)

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The Rastafari: millennial cultists or unregenerate peasants?

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The Red Dane in the laboratory

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The Regina exhibition

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The Relevant Education for Agriculture and Production (REAP) nine-year evaluation: implications for development education

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The Renard-Gillard cheese factory uses individual containers for manufacturing Brie de Meaux cheese

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The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

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The Reunies dairy at Geneva

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The Rheda-Wiedenbruck garden show 1988 - a contribution to nature conservation and development of a water meadow

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The Rhinophoridae or woodlouse-flies (Diptera) of Norway

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The Rhizobium-legume symbiosis: preparation of isolated cells for in vitro study

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The Rhone-Poulenc phosphoric acid process and the environment

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The Rhytismataceae of the Indian subcontinent

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The Riceland Mosquito Management Program (RMMP) - 5 years of progress and product

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The Risonpalm Nucleus Estate of Nigeria: an agricultural plantation and its effect on the surrounding area

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The Rothamsted Insect Survey '12-metre' suction trap

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The Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia, confirmed as vector of brome mosaic virus in North America

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The SLP-400 N car trailer for transportation of honeybee colonies

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The SOEC's action in Mali

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The SPE wild mouse strain has a single Ig V lambda gene related to V lambda 1and V lambda 2of BALB/c

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The Sackett Super-Flo process

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The Saharawi refugees: lessons and prospects. Paper submitted to the Conference on Western Sahara: war and refugees, Oxford, United Kingdom, 21-22 March 1986

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The Sahel: 15 years since the beginning of the drought; murder of people; murder of civilizations

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The Sahelian economy in search of a new status

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The Saint-Mamet factory. The tool of industrial restructuring of the Central Milk Cooperative

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The Salmonella, 1-2 TestReg.: an ergonomic system with results in 32 hours

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The Samoyed

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The Santal of Puniyasan: a study of techno-economic adaptation to hill-forest environment

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The Scarabaeidae of tropical islands

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The Schneiter cheese factory

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The Scientific Proceedings of Leishmaniasis: the first centenary 1885-1985

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The Sciomyzidae of Turkey (Diptera: Sciomyzidae)

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The Scorpion: a forestry tractor for harvesting biomass

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The Scots Dumpie

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The Sebright bantam chicken and the genetic control of extraglandular aromatase

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The Selective method - a new chemical method of treating deciduous trees in forestry

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The Sepsidae of the Netherlands, 1856-1984 (Diptera). 3. Catalogue of the Dutch Sepsidae

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The Sheep Creek Resource Conservation Area project

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The Shirdley Hill Sand of south west Lancashire

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The Shul'gan Tash reserve for breeding Central Russian honeybees

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The Silang Damayan Consumers' Association: a case study

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The Silsoe Structures Building - its design, instrumentation and research facilities

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The Silwood International Project on the biological control of weeds

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The Simmental Fleckvieh in Southern Africa

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The Simuliidae (Diptera, Nematocera) of Tunisia. II. Keys for the identification of known species

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The Singida Project: new hope for a poor region

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The Single European Act and its importance for the food industry

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The Sleeping Child Burn - 21 years of postfire change

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The Small Farmers Development Programme and the most disadvantaged groups in Nepal

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The Socialist response to the French agricultural crisis

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The Society for the Development and Exploitation of lands in the Senegal Delta and the Senegal and Faleme river basins. Planning and agrarian policy

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The Society of Forestry in Finland - 75 years

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The Sod genes of maize

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The Soil Protection Plan in the Federal Republic of Germany

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The Soil Survey of England and Wales

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The Soller train 1912-87. A train for tourists

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The Soro-Soro Development Cooperative, Incorporation: a case study on social development

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The South American poultry industry

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The South East Antolia Project

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The South Korean Green Revolution: induced or directed innovation?

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The South Pacific telecommunications development programme

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The South West: a delicately balanced dairy industry

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The South-Eastern Anatolia Project and the land that forestry has not abandoned

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The Southern African Customs Union, cereal price policy in South Africa, and food security in Botswana

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The Southern Thailand Experimental Project

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The Spanish agricultural sector in its first year in Europe

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The Sri Lanka land information system

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The Stamicarbon strip venturi scrubber: a new concept of dust and fume extraction

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The State Teaching and Research Establishment for Milk and Dairy Industry, Kempten (Allgau)

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The State, agroindustries and the peasantry in Cameroon

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The Sudanese peasantry and the problems which hinder its transformation

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The Supplementary Minimum Price Scheme: a retrospective analysis

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The Suunto PM-5/1520 P dendrometer and variations

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The Swedish Dairies' Association Cheese Research Centre at Falkenberg

Palmqvist, B., 1988:
The Swedish Dairies' Cheese Research Centre

Sundgren, P.E., 1986:
The Swedish Kennel Club eradication programme for genetically conditioned defects and disorders in dogs

Andersson, H., 1988:
The Swedish bot and warble flies

Ljungberg, O.; Wichardt, U.P., 1987:
The Swedish fish health control program

Gertsson, C.A., 1987:
The Swedish whitefly fauna

Anonymous, 1986:
The Swiss Pig Breed Association is founded

Rieder, P.; Egger, U., 1987:
The Swiss agricultural market

Piot, J.C., 1986:
The Swiss agricultural policy: measures for the orientation of production and agricultural structures

Anonymous, 1986:
The Swiss and their tourism

Anonymous, 1987:
The Swiss dairy industry

Klimscha, V., 1985:
The Swiss dairy industry in 1984

Stevenson, G.G., 1985:
The Swiss grazing commons: a case study in common property resource economics

Wyler, H., 1987:
The Swiss wine market

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The T cell phenotypes in the lesions of patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis

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The T cell receptor family is growing

Good, M.F.; Berzofsky, J.A.; Miller, L.H., 1988:
The T cell response to the malaria circumsporozoite protein: an immunological approach to vaccine development

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The T.G.B. Osborn vegetation reserve at Koonamore: long-term observations of changes in arid vegetation

Lehtomaki, M., 1988:
The TAMAN process: experiences of full-scale operation at Anjala paper mill

Boonman, A., 1986:
The TROP (Dutch tourism and recreation development plans) measuring device: a TROP evaluation

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The Tana River poplar in Kenya

Thiele, G., 1986:
The Tanzanian villagisation programme: its impact on household production in Dodoma

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The Tatura trellis - a high intensity apricot orchard for early and high production

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The Tenebrionidae of the Po River Basin (Coleoptera Heteromera)

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The Tenebrioninae of the Spanish fauna (Col. Tenebrionidae)

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The Terminalia borer in Costa Rica

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The Tertiary sediments and weathering loams in the Seedorf kaolin loam pit

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The Tesco healthy eating programme. In: Food policy and issues and the food industries.

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The Texaco Coal Gasification process for syngas and fuel gas generation

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The Texas Tech wind erosion equation

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The Thai potash deposit in perspective

Anonymous, 1987:
The Thames Path: proposed long distance route from the Thames Barrier to the source, Kemble. Consultation report

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The Thornthwaite water budget as the basis of a Fasciola forecasting system for Louisiana

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The Thyrididae of the Republic of Ivory Coast (Lepidoptera, Thyridoidea)

Asztalos, Z., 1986:
The Tihany Club

Roy, S., 1987:
The Tilonia model. A successful Indian grass root rural development strategy

Anonymous, 1987:
The Timber Utilisation and Marketing Act, 1987 - sale and use of lyctid susceptible timber

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The Tom and Stephanie Show. Growth and development of the cotton plant (where the money is)

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The Total Quality Control concept

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The Tour du Valat voluntary nature reserve

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The Treasury and the agricultural sector in the Second Spanish Republic

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The Trouessartia (Analgoidea, Trouessartiidae), parasites of Old World swallows. I. The appendiculata group

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The Trypanotolerance Network: 1. Objectives, organisation and current activities

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The Tsaiya duck (Anas platyrhynchos) breed in Taiwan: its origin, and meat and egg production

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The Turkish agricultural sector model: a positive quadratic programming approach to calibration and validation

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The Typha community: a positive influence on mine drainage and mine restoration

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The U.K. ruminant industry - U.K. grassland

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The U.S. farm crisis: program responses and alternatives to them - the case of Michigan

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The U.S. rice marketing loan: transitional program or permanent feature

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The UCD processing tomato breeding program

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The UK agricultural input industries: estimating the effects of EC accession

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The UK and Third World tourism. A report for the Third World Tourism European Ecumenical Network

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The UK fertilizer industry: situation and outlook

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The US fertilizer industry: demand trends and market structure

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The US-Mexico border, a natural limit to Africanized bees?

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The United Kingdom a market under pressure

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The United States - recent developments in agricultural policy and the effect on the beef industry

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The University of the Rural Family

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The Uq content of several breeding populations

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The VIR collection - a basis for the development of vegetable crop breeding in the USSR

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The Varroa research programme in the Honeybee Laboratory of the University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto

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The Vertisols network: objectives and plans

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The Vertisols of Chile

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The Vertisols of Hawaii

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The Vertisols of Thailand

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The Vicia faba chloroplast genome

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The Vignotte cheese factory

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The Vyatka horse

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The WHO Code and its effect on breast-feeding promotion in hospitals

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The Wahlund effect with overlapping generations

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The Wallaby Creek fog drip study

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The West German Federal Forest Inventory: a political necessity

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The Western European market for milk products containing fruit

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The Wheeler pentaprism

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The Whispermist ULV sprayer and the Smalley 808 excavator - two new tools for mosquito control

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The White House - the physical connection

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The White Suffolk prime lamb sire breed. Release to industry through Prime Lamb Genetics Ltd

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The Wilhelm-Stepp Prize 1983: Lysinoalanine - analysis, formation and occurrence in foods containing milk protein

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The Wisconsin Conservation Corps: return of a good idea

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The World Bank and rural development

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The World Bank can be thankful to its critics

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The World Tropical Forestry Action Plan: can it save the tropical forests?

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The Wright-Fisher model with varying selection

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The Wyandotte, a breed of considerable interest to breeders

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The XIIIth Farmers' Congress

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The XIIIth conference on Plant Protection within the context of research and production, in the domain of field crops (Marculesti, 28-31 May 1985)

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The XIVth conference of Plant Protection within the context of research and production, in the domain of field crops (Podu-Iloaiei, 3-5 June, 1986)

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The XV Olympic Winter Games: Calgary

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The YWCA. Values commodified

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The Yale non-toxic method of eradicating book-eating insects by deep-freezing

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The Zambian agricultural research system - issues and problems

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The Zambian food and agricultural sector

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The Zapotec way of development confronted by the modernizing Mexican State

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The Zegveld regional research centre

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The Zermatt Breithorn

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The Zoogonidae (Digenea) of fishes from the north-east Atlantic

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The agricultural economy in 1987

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The abandonment of studies in vocational training in forestry

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The abdominal threadworm of the horse, Setaria equina

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The ability of plants to take up atmospheric NO2 as estimated by the 15N dilution method

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The ability of sexually maturing egg-laying pullets to self-select nutrient requirements from diets containing different protein and energy levels

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The absolute configuration of cucurcumalactone

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The absolute configuration of regelidine, a novel 6-nicotinoyl dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpene alkaloid from Tripterygium regelii

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The absorption of water and some electrolytes in the intestinal loops of neonatal calves

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The abundance and daily visitation patterns of bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) on oilseed sunflower, Helianthus annuus L., in southeastern Arkansas

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The abundance and harmfulness of the apple-blossom weevil in orchards of the Lithuanian SSR in 1967-1983

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The abundance dynamics of the saddle gall midge, Haplodiplosis marginata (von Roser) (Dipt., Cecidomyiidae), in wheat grown for one year, two successive years or continuously

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The academic preparation and achievement of black and white collegiate athletes

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The accelerated development of rationalization measures in the food industry

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The accelerated implementation of scientific and technical progress, a decisive factor in the development of fruit and vegetable production

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The accelerating growth of coca and colonisation in Bolivia

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The acceleration of scientific and technical progress in the agriculture of CMEA member countries

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The acceptance of blickwechsel-films (opinion changing films) by their target audience

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The acceptance of innovation in rural households

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The accessibility challenge to parks

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The accessibility of rural areas as a factor influencing the transport equilibrium

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The accretion and distribution of carcass tissues in steers during growth between 9 and 15 months of age

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The accumulation of mono- and sesquiterpenes in plant cell cultures

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The accumulation of plant-produced antimicrobial compounds in response to ectomycorrhizal fungi: a review

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The accuracy of crayon method for pregnancy diagnosis in ewes

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The accuracy of field textures in a humid tropical environment

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The accuracy of some mathematical models for the approximation of growth curves

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The accursed problem: communists and peasants

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The achievement of stabilization and expansion requires the acceleration of scientific and technical progress (WTF); The application of science and technology - a many sided comprehensive process; Cooperative farmers and workers become initiators of WTF; Young cooperative farmers master WTF in livestock production; What management measures could be better used to control WTF?; Creativity and WTF - main sources of increased productivity.

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The achievements and prospects of scientific research into soyabean in the Far East

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The achievements of demonstration farms seen as a result of the work of advisory services

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The acid test

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The acidity of eroded forest soils under some coniferous and broadleaved plantations

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The acquired immune deficiency syndrome--1985

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The acquisition and utilization of spatial information in urban park settings

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The actin genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

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The action of divalent zinc, cadmium, mercury, copper and lead on the trans-root potential and H+ efflux of excised roots

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The action of inhibitors of chitin synthesis in controlling sap beetles (Carpophilus sp.) on date palms

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The action of ionizing radiation on insects

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The action of methyl methanesulfonate on triticale hexaploid

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The action of neighbouring plants on populations of entomophagous insects in late cabbage crops

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The action of oxytocin and Oestrophan on fertility of sows

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The action of selected pesticides on soil nitrogen and cereal yields

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The action of some herbicides in seed production stands of grasses

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The action of the herbicide napropamide on the structure, cell cycle, metabolism and polyamine levels in roots

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The action of the species-specific antibody against aflatoxin B1 on the distribution of superscript 3H aflatoxin B2 in pregnant rabbits

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The action of toluene on the location of urease activity in soil particle size fractions

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The activation of red blood cell transketolase in groups of patients especially at risk from thiamin deficiency

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The active principle of alismatis rhizoma which inhibits contractile responses in aorta

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The active space to sex pheromone and recaptured velocity of male Spodoptera litura (F.)

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The activities of Mg2+-ATPase and Ca2+-ATPase in various organelles of sugarcane leaves

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The activities of the Economic Commision for Europe in the field of agriculture

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The activity and post-emergence selectivity of some recently developed herbicides: SMY 1500, PPG 884, PPG 1259, and DPX-M 6316

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The activity and pre-emergence selectivity of some recently developed herbicides: metazachlor, butamifos, MT-124, tridiphane, MK 616 and prodiamine

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The activity and stability of Ni/SiO2 catalysts in water and methane

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The activity and stability of blocks of ammonia synthesis catalyst

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The activity of Dursban LO, Dursban 30 SEC, and Dursban ME against carpet beetles

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The activity of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Denis et Schiffermuller) in the organic matter cycle of an Austrian pine wood (Pinus nigra Arnold)

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The activity of drug combinations against established infections of rodent malaria

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The activity of free and bound gibberellins during grain formation in spring barley (Hordeum sativum L.)

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The activity of iron-cobalt catalysts in the ammonia-synthesis reaction

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The activity of new herbicides on bracken and grass species

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The activity of some enzymes in bull semen after deep freezing and incubation at 39 degrees C

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The activity of some nitrogen cycle enzymes at the time of seed germination in NaCl media

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The activity of some serum enzymes in experimental bovine schistosomiasis

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The activity of succinate dehydrogenase during freezing and thawing of bull and boar semen

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The activity spectrum of fluvalinate in Europe

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The activity, pre- and post-emergence selectivity of diflufenican

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The activity, pre-emergence selectivity and persistence of some recently developed herbicides: DOWCO 453, quizalofop-ethyl, BAS 517 OOH, cinmethylin, AC 263,499 and RST 20024 H

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The actual number of spermatozoa in insemination doses in relation to semen concentration in bulls

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The acute effect of fat on insulin secretion

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The adaptability of a rural water supply to extreme rainfall anomalies in central Sudan

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The adaptability of crossbred dairy cattle to environmental conditions in Pakistan

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The adaptable caterpillar

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The adaptation of agricultural production to the international division of labour: a comment

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The adaptation to forced culture of some cultivars of Lilium longiflorum, L. speciosum and Mid-Century

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The adaptive changes of nitrogen metabolism in winter wheat plants in relation to nutrition levels

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The adaptive reaction of various tomato varieties to different light conditions

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The adaptive significance of different types of postembryonic development in the gamasids (Acari: Anactinotricha)

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The adding effect of surface active agent to the synthetic adhesive binders on the manufacture of particleboard

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The addition of carrageenan and milk components to pasteurized and UHT unhomogenized creams with differing milk fat composition

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The addition of whole sunflower seeds and sodium bicarbonate to fat depressing diets for lactating cows

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The adenosine triphosphate-bioluminescence method for quantification of microbial activity in feeds

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The adenosine triphosphate-dependent calcium pump in rat small intestine: effects of vitamin D deficiency and cell isolation methods

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The adequacy of genetic model based on components of mean when some generation variances are zero

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The adequacy of world soil resources

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The adjustment capacity of Hungarian agriculture

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The administration and management of agriculture in France

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The adoption of agricultural conservation technologies: economic and diffusion explanations

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The adoption of integrated pest management by Indiana farmers

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The adoption of new technologies in Sao Paulo agriculture

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The adrenal contribution to the neuroendocrine responses to splanchnic nerve stimulation in conscious calves

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The adrenergic innervation of arteries and veins in rats with DOCA-NaCl hypertension: the role of sodium and chloride overload

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The adult T-cell receptor delta -chain is diverse and distinct from that of fetal thymocytes

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The adult schistosome: structure and reproductive biology

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The advance mechanism of longitudinal dunes

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The advance of brassinosteroid researches in Japan

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The advanced potato harvester

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The advantage of direct relations between agriculture and processing

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The advantage of using carbon dioxide-baited Malaise traps to study crepuscular horseflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) in French Guiana

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The advantages and disadvantages of marketing tourism services

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The advantages and future of turkey meat compared with other types of meat

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The advantages and risks of ox-ploughing and monoculture in the central and southern savanna regions of Mali

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The advantages of cover net for peach orchards

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The adventure of alpine skiing

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The adventure of alpine skiing. Tourism and sport

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The aeolian wind tunnel - saltation similitude

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The aeration of grains and the measurement of grain temperature in storage bins (silo-thermometry)

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The aerial application of Scourge: a report of the N.J. State Airspray Program

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The aetiology and prevention of interdigital necrobacillosis (foot abscess) in cattle

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The affected-pedigree-member method of linkage analysis

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The afferent innervation of the face of sheep and goats

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The afferent projection of mesothoracic bristle hairs in the cricket, Acheta domesticus

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The affinity of Japanese red and black pines with other pine species

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The aflatoxin-in-maize problem: the historical perspective

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The age of British chalk grassland

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The age of introduced pastures: its effect on primary production

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The age of podzols

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The age of the Granit oak

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The age structure of farm owners in EC countries

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The age structure of farm workers and its relevance to structural developments in the farming regions of the German Federal Republic

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The age structure of farmers and milk production in the GFR. Results of a projection to the year 2000

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The age structure of spruce forests in the Far North

Anonymous, 1987:
The age structure of the farm workforce in industrialized society - regional differences in Western Europe

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The agent of human diphyllobothriasis - Diphyllobothium klebanovskii n.sp

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The aggregaive stability and structural-mechanical properties of aqueous silica dispersions in the presence of water-soluble phosphates

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The aggregation of goat's casein. II. Effect of heat treatments

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The aggregation pheromones in the control of Scolytidae - some ecological implications

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The aggregation response of human body louse (Pediculus humanus) (Insecta: Anoplura) to its excretory products

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The aggressive behavior of Macrocheles muscaedomesticae and its influence on housefly

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The aggressiveness of 2 strains of Pycnoporus sanguineus (L. ex Fr.) Murr. towards Mexican tropical timbers

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The agrarian land question in the Republic of South Africa

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The agrarian question in Quebec

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The agrarian question. Volume 1; Volume 2

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The agrarian relations of socialism

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The agrarian situation of Szabolcs-Szatmar county in the mid-1980s

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The agrarian system and energy analysis: a case study of the island of Ometepe (Nicaragua)

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The agreement on agriculture of 16 December 1986

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The agri-foodstuffs industry in Latin America

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The agricultural and food sector in Africa

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The agricultural climate of Greece

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The agricultural conditions in socialism

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The agricultural credit guarantee scheme

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The agricultural development projects (ADP) in Nigeria

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The agricultural economic policy of the new government

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The agricultural economy at a dead end?

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The agricultural economy in 1986 and outlook for 1987

Anonymous, 1985:
The agricultural economy of overseas departments and territories

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The agricultural enterprise

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The agricultural labour force in the CMEA countries

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The agricultural land layout map - an effective instrument for the management of land and resources

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The agricultural land market: An econometric analysis of recent price trends in the states of the German Federal Republic

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The agricultural landscape

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The agricultural law and the evolution of an industrial society: the experience of North America

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The agricultural policy of Mikhail Gorbachev

Anonymous, 1986:
The agricultural policy of the Communist Party and the improvement of social development in the countryside

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The agricultural policy of the EC - from the point of view of the USA

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The agricultural potential of intertropical bottomland regions: a case study of wheat grown out of season in Madagascar

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The agricultural potential: its calculation and utilization

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The agricultural price system and budget in the 6th 5 Year Plan period

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The agricultural processing industry and its influence on the organizational structure of state farms

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The agricultural production and agrarian policy of socialist countries and the world food problem

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