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The control of broad leaved weeds and annual meadow grass in winter cereals using a mixture of cyanazine and isoxaben

McKay, W.A.

Proceedings, Crop Protection in Northern Britain 1987, Dundee University, 15-17 March 1987: 19-24


Accession: 001703666

In 1985-86 a series of trials were conducted in Scotland and N. England to determine the optimum rates of mixtures of isoxaben and cyanazine for weed control in winter cereals. Autumn application of 0.075 kg isoxaben + 0.75 kg cyanazine gave season-long control of Poa annua, Stellaria media, Viola arvensis, Matricaria spp. and Veronica spp. and of spring germinating Galeopsis tetrahit and Polygonum aviculare.

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