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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Huntjens, J.L.M.; Potter, H. de; Barendrecht, J., 1985:
The degradation of oil in soil

Kravtsov, S.Yu, 1985:
The degree of cross pollination in swede rape and turnip rape

Pogosyan, K.S.; Zokhrabyan, N.R., 1986:
The degree of differentiation and fruiting ability of buds in grape varieties and hybrids of diverse origin

Pershin, A.F., 1986:
The degree of epistasis

Muradov, B.K., 1985:
The degree of humidity of ultimate wilting of certain fodder crops grown on sands

Val' dman, E.K.; Fedotovskii, A.N.; Pavel, Y.G.; Meel, A.Y.; Pavel, E.A., 1984:
The degree of natural resistance and viability of Kurtna-type fowls

uczak, E., 1984:
The degree of preparation at school and results in higher education

Tsisel' skii, V.A., 1987:
The degree of soil salinity and germination of lucerne seeds

Matorin, D.N.; Venediktov, P.S.; Rubin, A.B., 1985:
The delayed fluorescence and its use for estimation of the state of plant organelle

Iqbal, F., 1986:
The demand and supply funds among agricultural households in India

Lingard, J.; Dawson, P.J., 1987:
The demand for agricultural inputs

Jumah, A., 1986:
The demand for cocoa in EC countries - forecasts and policy implications

Nieuwoudt, W.L.; Bullock, J.B., 1986:
The demand for crop insurance

Hojjati, B., 1987:
The demand for crop insurance in the United States

Heien, D.M.; Roheim Wessells, C., 1988:
The demand for dairy products: structure, prediction, and decomposition

Frank, O., 1987:
The demand for fertility control in sub-Saharan Africa

Szukalski, H.; Sikora, H.; Szukalska Goab, W., 1987:
The demand for macro-and microelements by winter rape

Sheldon, P.J.; Mak, J., 1987:
The demand for package tours: a mode choice model

Farah, G.T., 1986:
The demand for recreation in Kuwait: an expenditure approach

Batterham, R.L.; Majid, A.A., 1987 :
The demand for seasonal rural credit under conditions of risk: a case study in Bangladesh

Lee, J.Y., 1987:
The demand for varied diet with econometric models for count data

Riebe, K., 1987:
The demands made on data processing training by a comprehensive advisory system

Turani, J., 1988:
The demographic, social and economic situation of settlements with rapidly diminishing populations

Burns, B.R.; Ogden, J., 1985:
The demography of the temperate mangrove (Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh.) at its southern limit in New Zealand

Dunwiddie, P.W.; Edwards, M.E., 1984:
The dendrochronological potential of Populus balsamifera in northern Alaska

Skvortsov, A.K.; Kharitonov, S.F., 1986:
The dendrological garden at Pereslavl'-Zalesskii

Beloborodov, V.M., 1987:
The density and distribution of pine in seed orchards

Fidanza, F., 1987:
The density of fat-free body mass during pregnany

Henttonen H., 1984:
The dependence of annual ring indices on some climatic factors

Bocharov, I.V.; Pankov, V.B., 1986:
The dependence of current diameter increment on crown length

Paul, W.; Werner, D., 1986:
The dependence of gas diffusion on soil structure

Hanak, A.; Rudolfova, S.; Grna, I., 1988:
The dependence of natural and economic parameters of dairy farming on milk performance

Hudler, P.; Burian, K., 1986:
The dependence of stomatal aperture on daylength in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Thimann, K.V.; Tan, Z.Y., 1988:
The dependence of stomatal closure on protein synthesis

Buys, A.J.; Ranwell, J.F., 1986:
The dependence of the South African fertilizer industry on imported strategic raw materials

Li, G.S., 1986:
The dependence of the remote sensing information on the content of the chlorophyll of the conifer and its application

Herring, R.J., 1987:
The dependent welfare state: nutrition, entitlements, and exchange in Sri Lanka

Tsoumis, G., 1988:
The depletion of forests in the Mediterranean region: a historical review from ancient times to the present

Nyangababo, J.T.; Hamya, J.W., 1987:
The deposition of lead, cadmium, zinc and copper from motor traffic on Brachiaria Enimi and soil along a major Bombo road in Kampala City

Schuiling, G.A.; Moes, H.; Koiter, T.R., 1985:
The depressing (negative) effect of oestradiol benzoate on the in vitro secretion of LH and FSH by the pituitary gland of the LRH-pretreated long-term ovariectomized rat changes into the augmentative (positive) effect after discontinuation of the LRH-pretreatment

Althouse, G.C.; Auer, J.A., 1987:
The description of a treadmill and its uses in clinical equine research

Chandra, H., 1985:
The desert gerbil, Meriones hurrianae (Rodential: Muridae) a potential predator of arid-zone grasshoppers

Neale, M.A.; Nation, H.J., 1987:
The design and commissioning of a laboratory rotary wafering press

Tillett, N.D., 1987:
The design and construction of a gantry mounted experimental conveyor for cauliflower harvesting

Tillett, N.C.; Holt, J.B.; Chestney, A.A.W.; Reed, J.N., 1986:
The design and construction of an experimental field gantry for leaf vegetable production

Bullen, J.C.; Straeten, E. van der, 1986:
The design and construction of glued joints

Cotterill, R.W., 1988:
The design and impact of strategic management information systems

Buvinic, M., 1985:
The design and implementation of development projects: accounting for women

Pollock, J.G.; Bosua, H., 1986:
The design and operation of 560 hectares of drip irrigation at Simunye Sugar Estate (Swaziland)

Gemmell, J.S.; Herbert, J.C., 1985 :
The design and operation of an extended-aeration plant in Western Canada

Sharshunov, V.A.; Mirenkov, A.A.; Lokh, S.V., 1986:
The design and parameters of a combing device for harvesting pulses

Petty, S.J., 1987:
The design and use of a nestbox for tawny owls Strix aluco in upland forests

Sevart, J.B., 1987:
The design engineer and the dependency hypothesis

Bruin, J.J.; Harkema, F.T.; Nijssen, J.P.J., 1985:
The design of a disposal site for fly ash

Gullo, C., 1987:
The design of a rotary pump of novel concept

Cermak, J., 1987:
The design of cubicles for British Friesian dairy cows with reference to body weight and dimensions, spatial behaviour and upper leg lameness

Bates, D.W.; Anderson, J.F., 1986:
The design of natural ventilation systems to provide optimal epidemiological conditions for the bovine

Tovazhnyanskii, L.L.; Chus, M.S.; Derevyanchenko, I.B.; Kapustenko, P.A.; Yasnogorodskaya, T.V., 1986:
The design of plate heat exchange equipment for ammonia synthesis plants

Gavrilov, I.P., 1986:
The dessert grape cultivar Dekabr'skii

Jain, T.C., 1984:
The detailed morphological and anatomical study of the digestive system of Sarcophaga albiceps (Meigen) (Diptera; Sarcophagidae)

Gilbert, J., 1984:
The detection and analysis of Fusarium mycotoxins

Wilkin, D.R.; Cowe, I.A.; Thind, B.B.; McNicol, J.W.; Cuthbertson, D.C., 1986:
The detection and measurement of mite infestation in animal feed using near infra-red reflectance

Allen, MF.; Ball, BV.; White, RF.; Antoniw, JF., 1986:
The detection of acute paralysis virus in Varroa jacobsoni by the use of a simple indirect ELISA

Vedder, K.W.; Rossmoore, H.W., 1986:
The detection of airborne sulfate-reducing bacteria from metalworking fluids

Golding, G.B., 1987:
The detection of deleterious selection using ancestors inferred from a phylogenetic history

Ebinuma, H.; Kobayashi, M.; Kobayashi, J.; Shimada, T.; Yoshitake, N., 1988:
The detection of mosaics and polyploids in a hereditary mosaic strain of the silk moth, Bombyx mori, using egg colour mutants

Robertson, I.D.; Blackmore, D.K., 1987:
The detection of pigs carrying Streptococcus suis type 2

Huang, S.Z.; Fu, J.R., 1987:
The deterioration and physiological and biochemical changes in hybrid rice seed

Arnon, I., 1987:
The deterioration of natural resources

Wright, I.C., 1986:
The deterioration of paint films by algae and lichens

Endt, D.W. von; Jessup, W.C., 1986:
The deterioration of protein materials in museums

Donadio, N.; Blandford, D.; White, G.B., 1987:
The determinants of Italian wine imports in the United States wine market

Honma, M.; Hayami, Y., 1986:
The determinants of agricultural protection levels: an econometric analysis

Thapa, Y.B.; Kaul, J.L., 1986:
The determinants of farm family income in Nepal - a case study of Rupendehi district

Pimm, S.L.; Kitching, R.L., 1987:
The determinants of food chain lengths

Luppold, W.G.; Jacobsen, J.M., 1985:
The determinants of hardwood lumber price

Katranidis, S.; Bosche, B., 1988:
The determinants of regional income disparities in Greece

Tassie, K.J.; Morris, H.A.; Fraser, V.; Horowitz, M.; Nordin, B.E.C., 1986:
The determinants of serum 1,25(OH)2D levels in osteoporotic women

Kifle, H., 1987:
The determinants of the economic policies of states in the Third World: the agrarian policies of the Ethiopian state, 1941-1974

Papanagiotou, E., 1987:
The determinants of the supply of goat products

Egmond, H.P. van; Leussink, A.B.; Paulsch, W.E., 1986:
The determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk powder. A comparison of four methods of analysis

Cherdkiatgumchai, P.; Grant, D.R., 1987:
The determination of ascorbic acid in wheat flour suspension by differential pulse polarography

Wagtendonk, J.W. van, 1986:
The determination of carrying capacities for the Yosemite Wilderness

Poole S., 1988:
The determination of extractable plant available selenium from soils by electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy

Mach, K.; Trojan, V., 1985:
The determination of general and specific combining ability for meat production in rabbits

Kooistra, M.J., 1981:
The determination of iron, manganese, sulphur and phosphorus in thin sections of recent marine intertidal sediments in the south-west of the Netherlands by SEM-EDXRA

Liu, S.X.; Liu, G.S.; Wu, B.G., 1988:
The determination of lignin content in Korean pine with IR-spectrophotometry

Maksimkina, L.M.; Gus' kova, V.P.; Ostroumova, T.A., 1987:
The determination of microelements in milk

Efstathiou, J.D., 1982:
The determination of milk serum solids-not-fat in fortified milk using the cryoscope

Kazacos M.; Mok V., 1986:
The determination of nitroxynil in milk by gas chromatography

Mallett, J.B.; Clemence, B.S.C.; Farina, M.P.W.; Beghin, S.M., 1985:
The determination of optimum depth of lime incorporation in soils with subsoil aluminium toxicity problems

Searle, P.L., 1988:
The determination of phosphate-extractable sulphate in soil with an anion-exchange membrane

Dawidowski, J.B.; Worona, M.; Hencel, A., 1988:
The determination of plow draught from soil penetration resistance

Uziak, J., 1987:
The determination of speed fluctuation coefficient of baler

Okan, F.; Ogun, S., 1986:
The determination of the biological value of the soybean meal and the investigation on the possibility of using it instead of the fish meal for broiler starter feed mixture

Atroshchenko, V.I.; Kutovoi, V.V.; Kutsak, V.S.; Saleeva, A.D.; Pugach, P.P., 1985:
The determination of the composition of vapor and liquid phases of the HNO3-H2O system at low acid concentrations

Ma, T.X.; Zhong, B.Y., 1987:
The determination of the cutting angle of the rotary tiller blade and its computer graphic analysis

Cessna, A.J., 1988:
The determination of the herbicide linuron in Saskatoon berries using HPLC column switching

Lazar, V.; Jerabek, S.; Stavkova, J.; Machal, L.; Schutzova, I.; Divecky, V., 1987:
The determination of the optimum number of eggs to record and the time of egg weight recording in performance testing of fowls

Safro, M.; Andreeva, N.; Zdanov, A., 1985 :
The determination of the three-dimensional structure of chymosin

Adensam, L.; Lebedova, M.; Turek, B., 1987:
The determination of very low aflatoxin concentrations. II. Presence of aflatoxins in milk for infant feeding

Morgenthal, J.C.; Niekerk, C.H. van, 1988:
The detrimental effect of the suckling foal on the maintenance of pregnancy in the Thoroughbred mare

Parker, L.W.; Whitford, W.G., 1985:
The detrital food web and surface mine reclamation

Wu, C.K.H., 1987:
The development and achievements of agricultural technical and vocational education in the Republic of China

Srinivasan, K.; Veeresh, G.K., 1986:
The development and comparison of visual damage thresholds for the chemical control of Plutella xylostella and Crocidolomia binotalis on cabbage in India

Jenkins, N.R., 1987:
The development and conservation of agricultural wetlands

Koga, Y., 1987:
The development and cultivation of hybrid rice

Kotulics, T., 1988:
The development and current situation of fixed assets in the food industry

Chang, S.F., 1986:
The development and design of small rice combines

Rosner, L.S., 1987:
The development and evaluation of a program to train agricultural cooperative management trainers in Uganda: a descriptive case study

Yugai, A., 1987:
The development and improvement of labour remuneration in agriculture

DeGroot, R., 1987:
The development and introduction of 'suSCon' controlled release pesticides into Australian agriculture

McGregor, I.A., 1986:
The development and maintenance of immunity to malaria in highly endemic areas

Manning, J.C.; Staden, J. van, 1987:
The development and mobilisation of seed reserves in some African orchids

Fabry, A.; Filipek, I., 1987:
The development and modelling of cultivation methods for winter rape

Tu, Y.Q., 1986:
The development and new trends in the pesticide application technology in China

Iken, J.E.; Odulaja, A., 1987:
The development and performance of composite varieties of maize in Nigeria (Zea mays L.)

Zhang, X.M., 1987:
The development and present situation of agricultural drying equipment

Ishibashi, H., 1981:
The development and problems in the anti-erosion plantations in Japan

Pedosfsky, J.F.; Douglas, M.H., 1987:
The development and production of Tara Hills high country research station

Blattina, J., 1986:
The development and production of foods for children within a framework of international cooperation

Salghetti, A., 1985:
The development and prospects for sheep breeding in Italy

Petr, J.; Hradecka, D.; Hodan, V.; Bubnova, J., 1985:
The development and structure of assimilating area in winter rye

Sack, F.D., 1987:
The development and structure of stomata

Gajendra Singh, 1985:
The development and testing of a manual soybean seeder

Rack, M., 1986:
The development and utilization of social labour resources in GDR and Polish agriculture

Singels, A., 1985:
The development and verification of the phenological sub-model of a wheat growth model

Merlo, C., 1986:
The development during the day of microclimatic parameters and the evaporation from an evaporimeter (RISLAB 1984)

Hagelschuer, P.; Hildebrandt, H., 1988:
The development in the level of efficiency of utilization of basic capital in GDR livestock production in the period 1983-86

Kirkland, P.D.; Barry, R.D.; Harper, P.A.; Zelski, R.Z., 1988:
The development of Akabane virus-induced congenital abnormalities in cattle

Carrera, P.; Sommaragua, A.; Vailiti, G., 1987:
The development of Ascosphaera apis within larvae of Apis mellifera ligustica

Eastwood, D.A.; Pollard, H.J., 1987:
The development of Bolivia's Rurrenabaque Land Colonisation Scheme: the colonist's perspective

Petkow, A., 1987:
The development of Bulgarian/Soviet cooperation in the agroindustrial sphere

Franssen, J.M.; Snaar Jagalska, B.E.; Hulst, C.T.C. van der, 1986:
The development of ELISA to determine abscisic acid and indole-3-acetic acid in bulbous crops

Fadeeva, T.S.; Shnaider, T.M., 1986:
The development of N. I. Vavilov's ideas in contemporary studies of plant genetics

Saksa, T., 1986:
The development of Scots pine plantations on prepared reforestation areas in northern Karelia in Finland

Anonymous, 1986:
The development of Syria's economy, 1970-84

Higuchi, S., 1986:
The development of Theileria sergenti in the salivary glands of the tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis

Vashchukov, L.I., 1986:
The development of USSR agriculture

Xi, X.Y., 1987:
The development of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.) embryo and endosperm

Spasskii, A.A., 1985:
The development of a closed uterus in helminths as a result of aromorphosis

Madsen, H.B.; Hasholt, B.; Platou, S.W., 1986:
The development of a computerized erodibility map covering Denmark

Laurent, C., 1986:
The development of a flour used in weaning foods

Green, M.K.; Hardy, P.J., 1985:
The development of a high-rate nitrification fluidized-bed process

Gushiken, T.T.; Treftz, J.L.; Porter, G.H.; Snowberg, R.L., 1986:
The development of a leisure education program for cardiac patients

Sarig, Y.; Malkin, O.; Grosz, F.; Rasis, A.; Beres, H.; Tomashof, R., 1985:
The development of a mechanical jojoba harvester

Saunders, M.S., 1988:
The development of a new suture material

Kanbe, M., 1986:
The development of a parenteral feed using yoghurt

Gulyas, L.; Kalmar, I., 1986:
The development of a plot thresher

White, G.; Williams, W.R.; Gates, P.J., 1987:
The development of a regression equation to predict seed yield of Vicia faba var. minor using parameters recorded in the field

Sinthavalai, S.; Earle, M.D., 1985:
The development of a snack-food product for Thai schoolchildren

Muckenhausen, E., 1987:
The development of a soil classification for the German Federal Republic

Chartres, C.J.; Walker, P.H., 1987:
The development of a soil with textural contrast on granite in southeastern Australia

Landers, A., 1988:
The development of a spray application demonstration unit

Rigby, I.; Bastiman, B.; Perks, D.A., 1988:
The development of a suckler beef system for arable farms with limited areas of permanent grassland

Holm, A.M.; Burnside, D.G.; Mitchell, A.A., 1987:
The development of a system for monitoring trend in range condition in the arid shrublands of Western Australia

Johnson, I.M.; Metianu, A.A.; Sewell, A.J., 1987:
The development of a wholecrop harvester

Akerblad, L., 1986:
The development of activities to secure natural amenities in Sweden 1909-1985

Yli Kojola, H., 1985:
The development of age-class composition

Kjaerby, F., 1986:
The development of agricultural mechanization in Tanzania

Anonymous, 1987:
The development of agricultural science in China

Jenicek, V., 1986:
The development of agriculture in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s

Fesl, J., 1986:
The development of agriculture in mountain areas in the USSR

Rodriguez, M., 1987:
The development of agriculture in the Republic of Cuba

Koleosho, O.A., 1986:
The development of agro-based industries in Nigeria

Vos, J. de, 1988:
The development of agroindustry

Ross, G.S.; Elder, P.A.; McWha, J.A.; Pearce, D.; Pharis, R.P., 1987:
The development of an indirect enzyme linked immunoassay for abscisic Acid

Jenicek, V.; Volosin, J., 1988:
The development of an international division of labour in the agroindustrial complexes of CMEA member countries

Groves, M.A.; Hedges, P.D., 1987:
The development of an inventory model for monitoring forest damage based on the German experience

Goodman, J.; Letcher, J.S., 1988:
The development of anaerobic digestion as a cost-effective management and pollution control system for high strength organic wastes

Hale, J.R.Jr, 1987:
The development of analytical methods for the determination of the pesticide fenvalerate and the herbicide diquat and the oxidative decomposition of EDTA

Weber, O., 1986:
The development of and future trends in broiler production in the German Democratic Republic

Sevcik, B.; Danek, J.; Kinska, H.; Kinkorova, J.; Strosova, Z., 1987:
The development of anthelmintics for game animals

Bondarenko, Y.V., 1987:
The development of autosexing in poultry

Vale, G.A., 1987:
The development of baits to survey and control tsetse flies in Zimbabwe

Minkow, T.; Kujumdshiew, K., 1987:
The development of biotechnology for food production

Okwakol, M.J.N.; Tukahirwa, E.M., 1987:
The development of books and other resource materials for training tropical entomologists

Fedorov, N.A., 1986:
The development of breeding with Romanov sheep

Menyhart, A., 1986:
The development of camping facilities

Pare, L., 1987:
The development of capitalism in Mexican agriculture and the proletarianisation of the peasantry

Guignand, A., 1986:
The development of catering in family tourism

Ritkis, Z.A.; Protasov, B.I., 1986:
The development of cattle embryos produced by in vitro fertilization

Luck, H., 1985:
The development of cheese flavour

Kundler, P., 1986:
The development of computer supported land management

Nikonov, A., 1988:
The development of cooperation and the solution of the food problem

Sato, M., 1988:
The development of cooperatives in post-independence Zimbabwe: with additional reference to the experience in Swaziland and Mozambique

Chandra, S., 1985:
The development of desert locust outbreak in the Indo-Pakistan Region during 1983 - a case study

Walworth, J.L., 1985:
The development of diagnostic soil and foliar norms for alfalfa

Tyrakowski, K., 1986:
The development of domestic tourism in Mexico: the example of Tlaxcala State

Csontos, K., 1987:
The development of drainage in Hungary

Wesseling, J., 1987:
The development of drainage in humid temperate regions

Tsygankov, I.G.; Isabaev, S.Y.; Dzhubatyrova, S.S., 1986:
The development of durum wheat breeding in western Kazakhstan

Green, A.G., 1986:
The development of edible-oil flax - a potential new polyunsaturated oilseed crop

Ajjawi, M., 1986:
The development of education in the United Arab Emirates: 1905-1971

Awata, T.; Muramatsu, S., 1987:
The development of eight-cell stage and chimeric mouse embryos cultured in vitro in an atmosphere of air

Winter, M., 1986:
The development of family farming in West Devon in the nineteenth century

Ilbery, B.W., 1987:
The development of farm diversification in the UK: evidence from Birmingham's urban fringe

Ikonen, J., 1988:
The development of farm income 1985-87

Ala Mantila, O., 1988:
The development of farm income in milk production in 1982-86: a farm model study

Ewert, H.G., 1988:
The development of fodder supplies through domestic crop production in the GDR in the 1970s and 1980s

Matsumoto, S.; Obara, T., 1986:
The development of food industries in Japan

Zatek, W., 1986:
The development of forms of tourist recreation, as conditioned by the natural environment in national parks, taking the voivodship of Pia as an example

Nanayakkara, V.R., 1983:
The development of fuelwood resources as a source of domestic energy in Sri Lanka

Brem, G., 1988:
The development of gene transfer in farm animals

Mashkin, S.I., 1985:
The development of genetics at Voronezh University (1933-1983)

Vernerova, E.; Burda, Z., 1984:
The development of genitalia in ducks

Goudswaard, A., 1986:
The development of green pepper cultivation: economic and marketing aspects

Elliott, D.; Gilkeson, L.A.; Gillespie, D., 1987:
The development of greenhouse biological control in western Canadian vegetable greenhouses and plantscapes

Papay, M., 1987:
The development of gross and market agricultural production in Czechoslovakia, 1970-85

Anonymous, 1986:
The development of higher education in Cameroon

Slee, R.W., 1988:
The development of higher level courses in rural resource management

Elliot, K.M., 1987:
The development of improved farm equipment for the small-scale farming sector

Schmidt, K.; Lindenau, H., 1986 :
The development of integrated information systems for all levels of management

Schulz, W., 1986:
The development of interlocking relations between agriculture and other sectors of the economy

Zhukov, O.S., 1985:
The development of investigations into mutagenesis at the I. V. Michurin Central Genetics Laboratory

Zhang, Z.Z.; Deng, S.S., 1987:
The development of irrigation in China

Garba, S.A.; Terry, R.J.; Adegboye, D.S., 1987:
The development of killed adjuvanted vaccines against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia: preparation and toxicity and potency tests in mice

Joyner, L.P., 1986:
The development of knowledge on the speciation of coccidia

Mbakwe, R.C., 1987:
The development of land ownership in Nigeria with special reference to forest ownership

Macharia, D., 1986:
The development of learning strategies for post-literacy and continuing education in Kenya in the perspective of lifelong education

Suntornpithug, N., 1986:
The development of learning strategies for post-literacy and continuing education of neo-literates in the perspective of lifelong education in Thailand

Iskandar, A.; Sihombing, U.; Sudrajat, P.; Santosa, A.; Triyadi, A.; Djabar, A.; Suyono, 1986:
The development of learning strategies for post-literacy and continuing education of the neo-literates in the perspective of lifelong education in Indonesia

Heather, D.J., 1988:
The development of legislation affecting the production, distribution, storage and use of fertilisers-the UK experience

Simon, G., 1986:
The development of livestock farming on cooperative farms in the period between two cooperative congresses

Rempel, E., 1987:
The development of living and working conditions of workers with the comprehensive intensification of horticulture

Delane, R., 1987:
The development of lupins as a realistic complement to wheat

Poltarsky, J.; Bulla, J., 1987:
The development of malignant hyperthermia syndrome and its relationship with the performance of sows

Manfredi, E., 1985:
The development of mechanization in tropical countries

Menzi, H.; Gantner, U., 1987:
The development of milk production from basic forage in the mountain and valley areas of Switzerland between 1966 and 1985

Jarrige, R., 1987:
The development of milk production from cows and of milk characteristics in temperate countries

Yuruki, T.; Aragami, K., 1987:
The development of momi and tsuga forests on the basis of diameter growth

Sung, Y.Y.; Huang, T.M.; Lee, T.Y., 1986:
The development of native small ear pigs as laboratory animals. The physiological values test

Abe, I.; Okuno, T.; Shimaji, I.; Takeda, A.; Horibe, K.; Shimizu, Y.; Yoshimura, M.; Kitani, O.; Ezaki, H.; Kimura, K., 1987:
The development of natural resources and energy in a forest district

Obaton, M.; Kimou, A., 1987:
The development of nitrate reductase and nitrogenase activity during the growth cycle of soyabeans

Misi, S., 1988:
The development of non-agricultural earnings on large Hungarian farms

Kartamyshev, V.G., 1985:
The development of oil crop breeding on the Don

Burgess, R., 1987:
The development of our pasture plant resources: then and now

Stolc, L.; Fantova, M.; Masek, K.; Vachatova, H.; Hnyk, M., 1985:
The development of performance traits in Improved Valachian sheep

Chen, A.P., 1988:
The development of physical education information collecting in China

Nolck, H.J., 1987:
The development of pig fattening in Schleswig-Holstein

Chu, Y.I.; Yeh, W.I.; Lu, C.Y., 1985:
The development of poisoned dispenser for the control of the oriental fruit fly (Dacus dorsalis Hendel)

Robert, P.C.; Blaisinger, P.; Stengel, M., 1986:
The development of populations of the cockchafer Melolontha melolontha L. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in France, until 1985

Vigner, J., 1987:
The development of profitability in farm animal nutrition, and plant nutrition and protection

Franke, P., 1987:
The development of public building legislation for rural areas in the period 1982-85

Anonymous, 1988:
The development of pumps for fertilizer acid manufacture

Wolf, D.E.; Scott, B.K.; Millette, C.F., 1986:
The development of regionalized lipid diffusibility in the germ cell plasma membrane during spermatogenesis in the mouse

Csuka, J.; Ledec, M.; Stenova, M., 1986:
The development of reproductive parameters in three-year-old ganders, and the relationships among these parameters

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The development of salt-tolerant tomatoes: breeding strategies

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The development of sex pheromone trapping of Heliothis armigera at ICRISAT, India

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The development of sex pheromone traps for the citrus mealybug, Planococcus citri (Risso)

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The development of sexual activity and semen production in ram lambs of the Hu breed of sheep

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The development of sexual behaviour in Caucasian rams of different ages

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The development of sheep embryos when two are transferred into only one uterine horn or into each uterine horn

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The development of small-scale enterprises: a study of the agriculture-related engineering industry in Pakistan Punjab

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The development of species of micromycetes on polymer materials

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The development of spraying sledges and their effectiveness in pest control

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The development of stain in wounded Sitka spruce stems

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The development of streamline bog islands in the continental interior of North America

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The development of structure in whipped cream

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The development of support industry in the 7th Five-Year-Plan

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The development of sustainable tourism supply and demand

Muckadell, M.S. de, 1983:
The development of systematic mixtures in Bjergsted Forest

Yao, B.Y., 1986:
The development of systems to give three rice crops per year

Harrell, J.B. (Principal Investigator), 1987:
The development of techniques for the use of trees in the reclamation of phosphate lands

Wos, A., 1988:
The development of the 'Igloopol' agroindustrial combinat

Murgas, J., 1986:
The development of the Agricultural Enterprise School at the Agricultural University of Nitra, 1974-84

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The development of the GDR agriculture and food industry

Lanny, T.R., 1985:
The development of the Jojoba Association in Australia

Johnson, I.M.; Metianu, A.A., 1985:
The development of the NIAE whole crop harvester

Anonymous, 1987:
The development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector

Warboys, I.B., 1988:
The development of the Wye double digger

Gimbert, B.J., 1987:
The development of the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) in Norfolk

Songaila, R., 1987:
The development of the agroindustrial sector of the Lithuanian SSR

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The development of the body mass index in young adults. 1. Age-reference curves based on a four-year mixed-longitudinal study

Rookus, M.A.; Burema, J.; Hof, M.A. van ' t; Deurenberg, P.; Hautvast, J.G.A.J., 1987:
The development of the body mass index in young adults. 2. Interrelationships of level, change and fluctuation, a four-year longitudinal study

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The development of the fodder economy

Mestres, R., 1987:
The development of the geographic distribution of the maize pyralid

Waschtschukow, L.; Pusakow, W., 1986:
The development of the land improvement system in the USSR

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The development of the new soyabean variety Kaohsiung Selection 10

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The development of the oat cyst nematode in resistant and susceptible varieties of barley

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The development of the photosynthetic apparatus during bud burst and leaf opening in two subspecies of Betula pubescens Ehrh

Kovalev, A.E., 1986:
The development of the production resources sub-sector of the agroindustrial sector in the Kazakh SSR

Moskvin, S.V., 1988 :
The development of the technical potential of the agroindustrial sector

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The development of tourism in Turkey

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The development of tourism in the Swiss Alps: economic, social and environmental effects. Experience and recommendations from the Swiss MAB programme

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The development of tourism products

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The development of tourism programs at Nankai and Western Michigan universities: a comparison

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The development of tourism research and teaching over recent years

Szwichtenberg, A., 1986:
The development of tourist forms of recreation, as conditioned by nature, in the coastal zone of the voivodship of Koszalin

Eve, M., 1987:
The development of travel related insurance protection and its role in the growth of the travel market

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The development of tristyly in Pontederia cordata (Pontederiaceae)

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The development of trophic relations in larvae of the Schizophora (Diptera, Brachycera, Cyclorrhapha, Schizophora)

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The development of university agricultural education in Poland

Nikiforov, L.V., 1987:
The development of urban rural relations

Polonyi, P., 1987:
The development of villages in the People's Republic of China.

Katona, I.; Kampos, J., 1987:
The development of viticulture and wine production on state farms

Luonsi, A.; Junna, J.; Nevalainen, I., 1988:
The development of waste water treatment in the Finnish pulp and paper industry

Fesl, J., 1987:
The development of world agricultural markets

Tabakov, D., 1986:
The development of young silver fir/Norway spruce stands in the Western Rhodope Mountains

Sencek, M., 1986:
The development plans and agriculture: an historical view of agricultural development

Nyerges, A.E., 1987:
The development potential of the Guinea savanna: social and ecological constraints in the West African Middle Belt

Kulik, G., 1987:
The development programme for the agroindustrial sector in the Far East economic region

Messner, B., 1987:
The development-inhibitory effectiveness of the herbicide amitrole (3-amino-1,2,4-triazole) against larvae of Protophormia terraenovae R.-D. (Diptera, Calliphoridae) and Galleria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) and its increase by synergists

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The developmental anatomy of velamen and exodermis in aerial roots of Epidendrum ibaguense

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The developmental basis of quantitative genetic variation revealed by the maize mutant, polymitotic

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The developmental durations of larval instars of Aedes albopictus

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The developmental effects of inverting queen cells

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The developmental role of education in Kuwait

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The developmental synchrony between Spodoptera littoralis (Boids.) and its parasitoid Microplitis rufiventris (Kok)

Goebertus, T.M., 1988:
The developments in thermal screens

Bro F., 1988:
The diagnosis and treatment of patients with vaginal discharge in general practice

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The diagnosis of bovine cysticercosis at slaughterhouses. II. Examination of the diaphragm

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The diagnosis of cattle infected with Onchocerca armillata by indirect immunoperoxidase test and by precipitation test performed in or around the filariae in pathological tissues

Lossick, J.G., 1988:
The diagnosis of vaginal trichomoniasis

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The diagnostic properties of laboratory tests for rabies

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The diagnostic value of lipids and apolipoproteins in the characterization of risk for atherosclerosis

Bodé, S.; Gudmand-Høyer, E., 1987:
The diagnostic value of the D-xylose absorption test in adult coeliac disease

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The diameter/height relationship of beech plants in plantations at different initial density

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The diapause of the maize borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hbn.) (Lep., Pyralidae): review and new data

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The diet - heart disease controversy: new research looks promising for the dairy industry

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The diet of a group of teenagers studied longitudinally. 2. A healthy teenager in spite of snacks?

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The diet of adult perch, Perca fluviatilis L., in the Vistula Dam Reservoir in Wocawek

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The dietary assessment of individuals; methods, accuracy, new techniques and recommendations

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The dietary effects of gellan gum in humans

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The dietary habits of Danes in 1985. 1. Main results

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The dietitian as a member of the dental health care team

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The difference among heifers subjected to behavioural tests during growth

Wang, H.C.; Li, J.S., 1987:
The difference in freezing tolerance between protoplast and vacuole of wheat leaves

Ye, Z.B., 1987:
The difference of foliar enzyme activities among various varieties (species) of sugarcane

Dorgai, L., 1986:
The differences between cooperatives in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen county

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The differences in metabolism between zebu X Russian Brown hybrid heifers

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The different degradation rates of deficient amino acids in chicks fed a histidine- or methionine plus cystine-free diet

Yonetani, T., 1988:
The different effects on cut shoot transpiration of black and white cheesecloth used to protect tea bushes from winter desiccation

Kononov, V.D., 1987:
The different financial and economic conditions of collective farms

Regalla, J., 1985:
The different forms of porcine colibacillosis in Portugal

Stel' makh, A.F.; Kucherov, V.A., 1984:
The different genetic nature of photoneutrality in several winter wheats

Axinn, G.H., 1987:
The different systems of agricultural extension education with special reference to Asia and Africa

Munthe, T., 1985:
The differential response of some small grain varieties to some isolates of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV)

Reiter, I.; Mareis, A., 1986:
The differentiation of Sarcocystis muris- and S. dispersa-infections in the murine intermediate host by means of isoelectric focusing and immunoassays

Tobler, H., 1986:
The differentiation of germ and somatic cell lines in nematodes

Coulibaly, S., 1983:
The difficult but necessary integration of zebu rearing in rural Senoufo

Berntsen, G., 1987:
The difficult road towards harmonizing technical regulations in Europe

Pinet, J.J., 1986:
The difficult years for the agricultural machinery industry

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The difficulties of estimating enzyme activity in foods using alpha -amylase as an example

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The difficulties of glucosinolate production during winter rape seed ripening

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The difficulties of renewing predominantly olive growing farms and the crisis facing the olive oil sector of mountain agriculture

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The diffusion and toxicity of the fumigant chloropicrin injected in sugar maple and white birch trees

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The diffusivity of rice

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The digenetic trematode Collyriclum faba (Bremser in Schmalz, 1831) in migrant and local birds from Panama

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The digestibility of grass silage and its effect on milk production

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The digestibility, intake and rumen fermentation by sheep of some tropical grasses in Japan

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The digestible and metabolizable energy of two fat blends for growing pigs as influenced by level of inclusion

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The digestion by cattle of grass silages made with the application of formic acid or formic acid and formaldehyde

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The digestion by cattle of silage and barley diets containing increasing quantities of fishmeal

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The digestion of grass and alfalfa silages in the forestomachs and intestines of sheep

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The digestive postdiaphragmatic organs of the nutria (Myocastor coypus)

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The digestive tube and enteric valve armature of termite species of the genera Speculitermes and Indotermes (Isoptera: Termitidae)

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The dilemma of the EC dairy policy

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The dilemmas of developing farmers' circles

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The dimensional relations in never dried cotton fibres

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The dimensions of quality in food product development

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The dimensions of rural extension

Anonymous, 1986:
The dinner market is changing

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The diploid component of the specific complex Dactylis glomerata L. (Gramineae): organisation on the basis of its phenolic metabolism

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The direct and indirect effects of commodity price support programs on California agriculture

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The direct effect of growth-promoting substances on synthetic metabolism in the liver

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The direct effects of air pollution on plants

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The direction and level of agricultural production and migration in selected communes of the Gdansk and Olsztyn provinces

Zioek, A., 1988:
The direction of change on peasant farms

Jarosz, K., 1988:
The direction of developments in the food industries to the year 2010

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The direction of structural change in Danish agricultural production

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The disaccharide effect of sucrose feeding on excretion of intravenously injected [1,2-3H]aldosterone and conjugated glucuronic acid in normotensive rats

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The disappearance from the circulation of chylomicrons obtained from control and diabetic rats

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The disappearing chinampas of Xochimilco

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The disappearing plant communities of the Bromion erecti Koch 1926 in the central lowlands of the river Elbe

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The discipline of agricultural law: definition and development

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The discovery of a dominant male-sterile gene in millet (Setaria italica)

Anonymous, 1986:
The discovery of a new species of Nosema from Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee)

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The discussion of EC policy for the fats market; the incidence of the fats levy

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The disease course of cyclic Trypanosoma congolense infection in susceptible and resistant dogs

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The disintegration and reconstruction of the rural science and technology system: evaluation and implication

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The dispersal of automotive lead from metropolitan Adelaide into adjacent rural areas

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The disposal of leather tannery wastes by land treatment - a review

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The disposal of pulp and paper mill effluents by spray irrigation onto farmland

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The dissemination of Salmonella typhimurium DT 204c infection by the sale of calves from an infected dairy herd

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The distribution and damage caused by blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Freising area of Upper Bavaria

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The distribution and ecology of Culex tarsalis in the prairie biome

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The distribution and frequency of man/fly contact in the forest areas of the Ivory Coast. 2. The human factor and trypanosomiasis transmission

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The distribution and larval habitat characteristics of Iranian Culicinae

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The distribution and use of forage legumes in Australia

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The distribution and use of forage legumes in New Zealand

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The distribution and use of forage legumes in the United States

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The distribution and way of life of the acorn moth (Laspeyresia splendana Hbn.; Lep., Tortricidae) in Hungary. 1. Distribution, damage and swarming

Gal, T.; Burges, G., 1987:
The distribution and way of life of the acorn moth (Laspeyresia splendana Hbn.; Lep., Tortricidae) in Hungary. 2. Bionomics and natural enemies

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The distribution area of nematodes from the genus Protostrongylus Kamensky, 1905

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The distribution characteristics of mountainous thermal resources and the upper limits of rice growing in Yunnan, China

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The distribution of Amaranthus spp. in the southern and central upper Rhine plain and some neighbouring districts. A description of the naturalized species and an attempt to explain their distribution

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The distribution of Aspergillus flavus in Thailand soils - an examination in rainy season (August-September, 1985)

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The distribution of Campylobacter jejuni and other enteropathogenic bacilli among poultry

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The distribution of Collembola on a coal shale heap

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The distribution of Digitaria ciliaris (Retz.) Koeler and D. sanguinalis (L.) Scop. in New South Wales, Australia

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The distribution of Glossina austeni on Zanzibar

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The distribution of Italian ticks (Acari, Ixodidae)

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The distribution of Rift Valley fever virus in the mosquito Culex pipiens as revealed by viral titration of dissected organs and tissues

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The distribution of Si, Al, and Fe compounds in two Mollisols differing in landscape position

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The distribution of a systemic acaricide in the body of the honeybee

Eyrich, U., 1986:
The distribution of a systemically acting acaricide, thiazoline, for control of varroa disease in honeybee colonies

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The distribution of ages at first calving

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The distribution of airborne Aspergillus flavus isolates in maize fields and natural drying places in Thailand - a preliminary examination in rainy season (September, 1985)

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The distribution of carnitine and acetylcarnitine in the epididymis and epididymal spermatozoa of the boar

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The distribution of correlations of milk yield recorded for different lengths of lactation

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The distribution of elements in rat spermatozoa

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The distribution of evolutionarily stable strategies

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The distribution of female mosquitoes about a flight barrier

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The distribution of financial results between farmers during a period of agricultural setbacks: grain farmers in the Western Transvaal, 1981/82

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The distribution of gains from technological advance when input quality varies

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The distribution of grape phylloxera, Daktulosphaira vitifolii (Fitch), in central and north-eastern Victoria

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The distribution of halomorphic soils in Voivodina

Truby, P., 1987:
The distribution of heavy metals in forest trees

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The distribution of horse-flies in subtropical regions of Turkmenistan

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The distribution of income on Irish farms

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The distribution of lead in milk and the fate of milk lead in the gastrointestinal tract of suckling rats

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The distribution of lignin in white birch wood as determined by bromination with TEM-EDXA

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The distribution of matagouri (Discaria toumatou) in New Zealand

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The distribution of nitrogen in plant organs after infection of wheat with Septoria nodorum

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The distribution of people and crops across the land of Connecticut

Stipic, N., 1986:
The distribution of phenotypic correlations of milk yield in different lactations

Brabant, P., 1987:
The distribution of podzols in Kalimantan (Borneo)

Weidemann, H.L., 1987:
The distribution of potato spindle tuber viroid in potato plants and tubers

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The distribution of radioactivity of labelled IAA in tulip as related to shoot growth

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The distribution of rat testibumin in the male reproductive tract

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The distribution of returns in Sydney wool futures

Vlasov, V.I., 1986:
The distribution of selection traits in livestock

Luczak, J., 1986:
The distribution of spiders and the structure of their communities under the pressure of agriculture and industry

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The distribution of spontaneous annual medics in Algeria in relation to environmental factors

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The distribution of stomata and photosynthetic pathway in leaves

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The distribution of tax relief under farm circuit-breakers: some empirical evidence

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The distribution of termites in Shaanxi Province and the description of a new species

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The distribution of the alleles of the Ti and Sp1 loci among Chinese soyabean cultivars established by seed protein electrophoresis

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The distribution of the neotropical mealybug Pseudococcus elisae Borchsenius in the Pacific region and Southern Asia (Hem.-Hom., Pseudococcidae)

Lokkers, C., 1986:
The distribution of the weaver ant, Oecophylla smaragdina (Fabricius) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in northern Australia

Welsch, R.L., 1985:
The distribution of therapeutic knowledge in Ningerum: implications for primary health care and the use of aid posts

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The distribution of traumatic resin canals and their formation, resulting from artificial injury, in the inner bark of sugi

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The distribution of tree ferns along an altitudinal gradient in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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The distribution of ureides in plant parts and the ureidelytic activity in leaves of Vicia faba L

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The distribution of various life forms in the ground flora under different canopies of Panchamahals forests; Gujarat-India

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The distribution of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) and grasses within six sown hill swards

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The distribution, cellular structure, and metabolism of adipose tissue in the fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus

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The distribution, characteristics, and some management aspects of acid soils in Kenya

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The distribution, host range and seasonal abundance of the Arabian goat and sheep tick, Boophilus kohlsi (Acari: Ixodidae) in Saudi Arabia

Grigorov, G.R., 1986:
The distribution, numbers and utilization of the stone marten (Martes foina), the pine marten (Martes martes) and the badger (Meles meles) in Bulgaria

Cochrane, T.T., 1986:
The distribution, properties and management of acid mineral soils in tropical South America

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The diterpenoid alkaloids of Aconitum nagarum var. lasiandrum W.T. Wang and their chemotaxonomic significance

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The diurnal activity of Culicoides kingi in northern Sudan

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The diurnal ethology of the southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula (L.), in cowpeas

Flament, D., 1986:
The diversity of French agriculture

Doolette, J., 1986:
The diversity of technology needs in rainfed agriculture. The case of North Africa

Schoenenbroicher, K., 1988:
The division of payments of old age benefits under para. 29 of Section 4 of the Farmers' Old Age Benefits Act (GAL)

Xu, X.Z.; Lu, S.X.; Zhao, R.T., 1984:
The division of regions for the introduction of southern type poplars

Engels, J.M.M., 1986:
The documentation at the Plant Genetic Resources Centre/Ethiopia

Cornish, K.C.; Hagemoser, W.A., 1987:
The domestic ferret: a guide for the veterinary practitioner

Pingel, H., 1986:
The domestic goat

Baldwin, P., 1985:
The domestic resource cost of rice production in West Malaysia

Anonymous, 1986:
The domestic system of payment for Kenya coffee and delay in the payment of growers

Dattee, Y., 1986:
The domestication of vegetatively propagated species

Xie, S.C., 1987:
The dominant species of the dwarfing mossy forest on the summit of Mt. Ailao in Jingdong, Yunnan - Lithocarpus pachyphylloides

Alam, J., 1987:
The draft power shortage in Bangladesh

Williams, G.; Browne, D., 1987:
The drainage of Northern Ireland

Maresca, S., 1986:
The drama of the profession

Morrish, D.E.; Sandwell, I., 1986:
The drenching of module raised brassicas for the control of cabbage root fly (Delia radicum) using an overhead gantry and spray race

Arnold, A.C., 1987:
The dropsize of the spray from agricultural fan spray atomisers as determined by a Malvern and the Particle Measuring System (PMS) instrument

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The drowning of a culture

Bengtsson, K.; Prentice, H.C.; Rosen, E.; Moberg, R.; Sjogren, E., 1988:
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The dynamics of tree populations in tropical forest

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The economic advantage of artificial wind-breaks in plum cultivation on Tatura trellis system in a windy environment

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The economic advantage of drainage

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The economic analysis of different mechanisation steps from harvesting to storage of crops and crop by-products

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The economic and labour situation of cattle farms in Inner Mongolia

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The economic determinants of tourist arrivals in New Zealand and Australia

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The economic effect of green manuring vineyards

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The economic effects of food sanctions

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The economic effects of tourism as a means of political discussion - calculation methods and results using Lucerne as an example

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The economic efficiency of forest taxes

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The economic efficiency of herbicides

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The economic efficiency of the viticultural and fruit enterprises of the Ciurea Agroindustrial Council, Iasi

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The economic evaluation of resource potential in agriculture

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The economic evaluation of selection measures in cattle breeding using multiple regression analysis

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The economic feasibility study

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The economic impact and importance of sport in the United Kingdom. A study prepared for the Sports Council

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The economic impact of Akabane virus and the cost effectiveness of vaccination in New South Wales

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The economic impact of irrigation in West Sumatra, Indonesia

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The economic impact of saline water on agriculture in the Gallego Region

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The economic impact of touism on the Mutitjulu community, Uluru (Ayers Rock-Mount Olga) national park

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The economic impact of tourism on developing countries - winners and losers

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The economic impact of winter visitors on sunbelt cities: revenues and costs of municipal governments

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The economic impacts of the XV Olympic Winter Games

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The economic implications of organic farming

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The economic mechanism and the quality of farm produce

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The economic mechanism for managing the cooperatives

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The economic mechanism for the agroindustrial sector is to be directed towards intensive development

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The economic mechanism for the development and improvement of inter-branch relations

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The economic mechanism for the intensive development of the agroindustrial sector

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The economic mechanism in the USSR agroindustrial sector

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The economic mechanism in the agroindustry of CMEA countries

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The economic mechanism of a forest complex

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The economic mechanism of the agroindustrial sector and the efficiency of production in CMEA member countries

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The economic or the ecological way? Basic alternatives for the EC's agricultural policy

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The economic outlook for New Zealand's tourism markets, 1988 to 1992

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The economic relations between industry and agriculture in fertilizer production and supply

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The economic relationships involved in sucession of generations in agriculture

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The economic role of beer in rural Zambia

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The economic significance of parasitic gasteroenteritis in grazing beef cattle and the possibilities of prevention

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The economic significance of the American recreation and tourism complex

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The economic significance of water recreation and angling in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1988:
The economic significance of water sports and recreational fishing in the Netherlands

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The economic situation of Austrian agriculture and forestry 1985

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The economic situation of small farms in Poland and the possibilities for using their production resources

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The economic sphere of possibilities for and the adaptability of cooperative farms

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The economic state of agriculture 1980-86

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The economic system of the agroindustrial sector

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The economic theory of tourism

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The economic transformation of EC countries and the role played by agribusiness

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The economic utilization of farm byproducts

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The economic value of changing pasture characteristics in western Victoria - a simulation study

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The economic value of wetlands systems

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The economically depressed regions and their possible development in Szabolcs-Szatmar

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The economics and ecology of nature conservation

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The economics and sociology of rural communities: East-West perspectives

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The economics of Australian agriculture

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The economics of IPM in processing tomatoes

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The economics of a complex ecological model of farmland

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The economics of adverse groundwater conditions in Haryana State

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The economics of agricultural biotechnology (3 papers)

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The economics of aids and subsidies to agriculture. 1. General discussion

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The economics of aids and subsidies to agriculture. 2. Estimation, 1965-85

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The economics of arts sponsorship in the United Kingdom

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The economics of banana production in Cyprus

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The economics of boll weevil eradication for South Carolina cotton producers

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The economics of change in rural Wales

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The economics of collecting and processing whole-tree chips and logging residues for energy

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The economics of commercial maize seed production in developing countries

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The economics of conservation tillage

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The economics of ethanol production and its impact on the Minnesota farm economy

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The economics of extension

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The economics of famine: an overview of recent research

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The economics of farming in mountain and hilly regions

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The economics of fodder crop production on Sumava state farm

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The economics of forest management for multiple uses: the theory and applications

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The economics of fruit production in Nitra District

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The economics of fuelwood substitutes. An assessment of the impact on domestic fuelwood demand of replacing fuelwood with conventional fuels

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The economics of grain drying in the humid tropics

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The economics of groundnut production in Cyprus

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The economics of growing sugar beet in the eastern counties

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The economics of growing winged bean on manioc used as a natural support under the production conditions of south Vietnam

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The economics of inequality in education

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The economics of information and its relevance for rural development planning

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The economics of insect control on wheat, corn, and canola in Canada, 1980-1985

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The economics of integrated mite management in almonds

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The economics of integrated plant protection in intensive grain production

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The economics of investment in rural development: private and social accounting experiences from Latin America

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The economics of irrigation scheduling for the Kemubu Agricultural Development Project in Malaysia

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The economics of lamb fattening

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The economics of lucerne production

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The economics of managing farm woodland for game

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The economics of mastitis control

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The economics of mastitis control

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The economics of organic farming

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The economics of phosphate use: incorporating residual effects

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The economics of poinsettia and winter-flowering begonia cultivation - average results

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The economics of potato production

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The economics of prescribed burning for shrub control in the semi-arid woodlands of north-west New South Wales

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The economics of production of hydromelioration equipment

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The economics of retaining beef heifers for expansion of cow-calf herds in Arkansas

Anonymous, 1987:
The economics of services

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The economics of sheep farming and beef cattle production - checking up on accounts

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The economics of smolt production

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The economics of soil conservation on large farms in the hill country

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The economics of the olive tree in southern Italy

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The economics of the use of covercrops in weed control in young pine (Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis Barr and Golf) plantations

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The economics of tillage - the scope for savings

Anonymous, 1988:
The economics of tourism

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The economics of town-versus-country problems

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The economics of using PMS

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The economics of using wooden and plastic storage boxes

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The economics of waste treatment in the dairy industry

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The economics of watershed management. Paper presented at the seminar on water resources and water quality management held in Amman, Jordan, May 28-June 2, 1988

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The economics of weed control

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The economist's approach to nutritional problems

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The economy and economic morality of the Indians of the Paraguayan Chaco

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The economy of a Green Revolution in the southern highlands of Tanzania

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The economy of forestry: any change?

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The ecophysiology of mangroves

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The ecosystem facing economic development: conflict between agriculture and other uses

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The edge-gluing strengh of wood for furniture stock

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The education and professional preparation of private farmers, their social activity and standard of management

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The educational expectations of individual farmers

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The educational experiences of Caribbean women

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The educational participation of Egyptian children

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The educational system and the rural environment: vocational training

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The educational value of a wildlife and landscape management plan

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The effect - interest on both sides

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The effect and after effect of high temperature on oxygen absorption by leaves

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The effect in Toyama, Japan, of the Chernobyl reactor accident

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The effect of Cytozyme Crop+ on the vegetative growth of cocoa seedlings

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The effect of Eskalin virginiamycin on egg quality

Fawthrop, G.; Read, M.P., .:
The effect of Eskalin virginiamycin on the pigmentation of brown eggs

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The effect of 'lead feeding' on the milk production and condition of cows

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The effect of 1984 floods on indebtedness and land transaction in rural Bangladesh: a case study in four districts

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The effect of 2,4-D and/or ferrous sulphate on the growth of kenaf

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The effect of 48 h starvation on the cardiovascular and thermogenic responses to infused adrenaline in non-obese women

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