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The effect of growth stage on yield and nutritional quality of Lupinus angustifolius when grazed by lambs

Hill, G.D.; Burtt, E.S.

Proceedings of the Fourth International Lupin Conference: 301


Accession: 001705898

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Spring sown L. angustifolius Uniharvest was grazed by weaner lambs at pre-flowering, flowering, secondary flowering and at the green pod stage. DM on offer rose from 510 g/msuperscript 2 at pre-flowering to 1000 g/msuperscript 2 at the green pod stage. At all stages of plant growth, leaf material was grazed preferentially followed by flowers and pods. Following grazing the lambs left 200-300 g DM/msuperscript 2, the amount increasing as plants matured.

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