The effect of water on the biopotential difference of grains of heterotic and non-heterotic maize hybrids, initial inbred lines and mutants with the opaque-2 gene

Rubtsova, M.S.

Fiziol, elektrofiziol i biokhimiya s kh rast: 57-68


Accession: 001707214

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There was a change, in the direction of positive values, in the potential difference (PD) between the poles of the grain (embryo-endosperm) and the embryo (radicle-plumule) in the presence of water. After drying, PD was less positive or even negatively orientated. Embryo PD in non-heterotic hybrids Ky13 X Ky13A and Ky102A X Ky102B and their closely related parents was the same or, in the hybrids, close to that of one of the parents. Changes in the electrical polarity (EP) upon imbibition in these hybrids were similar to those in one of the parents or else intermediate between the 2 parents. The EP of imbibing grains and embryos of heterotic T22 X A90 was similar to that of the maternal line, but after drying was similar to one or other parental line, depending on the duration of imbibition. Differences were noted between opaque and flint grains in the changes in EP that were produced by the presence of water.