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The influence of level of weight and backfat change during lactation on the subsequent reproductive performance of sows

Kirkwood, R.N.; Baidoo, S.K.; Aherne, F.X.; Sather, A.P.

Agriculture and Forestry Bulletin, University of Alberta (Special issue): 119-120


Accession: 001710772

A total of 34 second-parity Lacombe sows were allocated at parturition to be fed either 6 (H) or 3 kg (L) daily of a diet having 16% crude protein and 25 MJ digestible energy/kg for the duration of a 35-day lactation. All sows received 2.2 kg daily of the same diet between weaning and 25 days after insemination. Sow liveweight and backfat depth were estimated at parturition and weaning. Oestrus detection involved boar contact at 6-h intervals from 48 h after weaning.

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