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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Es' kov, E.K., 1984:
The maximum cooling temperature of honeybees and its phylogenetic specificity

Duan, W.S.; Wang, W.P.; Qi, F.L.; Hu, Z.L., 1987:
The maximum moisture absorption of some oil crop seeds

Curro, P.; Verani, S., 1987:
The maximum skidding output of the Timberjack 380 skidder

Didukh, Y.P., 1987:
The meadows of the Crimean mountains and the history of their formation

Madsen, S.F., 1985:
The mean tree method for direct computation of stand volume

Groger, B.L., 1987:
The meaning of land in a southern rural community: differences between blacks and whites

Leonard, W.M.I.I.; Schmitt, R.L., 1987:
The meaning of sport to the subject

Schmidt, K., 1985:
The meaning of territorial organization of production in agriculture

Gonzalez, J.A., 1986:
The means of communication and tourism

Mobily, K.E.; Weissinger, E.; Hunnicutt, B.K., 1987:
The means/ends controversy: a framework for understanding the value potential of TR

Hill, J.; Michaelson-Yeates, T.P., 1988:
The measurement and analysis of competitive ability among populations of white clover and perennial ryegrass

Zhu, J.Z., 1987:
The measurement and applications of the developmental zero point and total effective temperature of Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus

Carney, P.G.; Dodd, V.A., 1986:
The measurement and dispersal of agricultural odours

Smit, M.A., 1986:
The measurement and dynamics of soybean seed growth in a controlled environment

Sandford A.P.; Grace J., 1985:
The measurement and interpretation of ultrasound from woody stems

Parkin, C.S.; Merritt, C.R., 1988:
The measurement and prediction of spray drift

Pruden, G.; Powlson, D.S.; Jenkinson, D.S., 1985:
The measurement of 15N in soil and plant material

Martin, J.K.; Kemp, J.R., 1986:
The measurement of C transfers within the rhizosphere of wheat grown in field plots

Premachandra G.S.; Shimada T., 1987:
The measurement of cell membrane stability using polyethylene glycol as a drought tolerance test in wheat

Bille, J.C., 1986:
The measurement of changes in tropical rangeland ecosystems

Castellani, F.; Leotta, R.; Tocchini, M., 1986:
The measurement of egg shell quality by a modified beta -backscatter technique

Schmidt, JM.; Smith, JJB., 1987:
The measurement of exposed host volume by the parasitoid wasp Trichogramma minutum and the effects of wasp size

Anonymous, 1987:
The measurement of farming incomes

Lewis, R.C., 1987:
The measurement of gaps in the quality of hotel services

Palmer J.W., 1987:
The measurement of leaf area in apple trees

Wal, P.G. van der; Nijeboer, H.; Merkus, G.S.M., 1987:
The measurement of light scattering properties at 45 min post mortem for prediction of pork quality

Cheng, K.N.; Ford, G.C.; Halliday, D.; Pacy, P.J., 1987:
The measurement of limb and tissue protein metabolism in man

Ranford, S.L.; Hammersley, M.J.; Acker, V.C., 1987:
The measurement of medullation using near-infrared reflectance analysis

Ferroni, G.D.; Leduc, L.G.; Winterhalder, E.K., 1985:
The measurement of mineralization activity in soils

Keefe P.D.; Draper S.R., 1986:
The measurement of new characters for cultivar identification in wheat using machine vision

Catt, J.W.; Millard, P., 1988:
The measurement of ribulose, 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase concentration in the leaves of potato plants by enzyme linked immunosorbtion assays

Last, A.J.; Parkin, C.S., 1987:
The measurement of spray deposits on natural surfaces by image analysis

Harrison, G.G., 1987:
The measurement of total body electrical conductivity

Caprara, C.; Comelli, C.; Pavanelli, D.; Taglioli, G., 1986:
The measurement of water stress by means of thermal sensing

Giovannini, G.; Giachetti, M.; Lucchesi, S., 1987:
The measurement of zeta potential in concentrated suspensions of clayey soils

Xu, M.C., 1985:
The measurements of developmental zero and total effective temperature for rice leafroller's black eggs (parasitized eggs) and their application

Nobbe, K.; Kunzel, M., 1985:
The meat and livestock plan ensures that the master craftsmen are included in the processing strategy

Ignatenko, A., 1987:
The meat industry needs intensive development

Abramov, N., 1987:
The meat industry of the RSFSR

Sabangan, F.V.; Alipon, M.A.; Floresca, A.R., 1986:
The mechanical and related properties of ilang-ilang (Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook f. & Thoms.) from Makiling, Laguna

Giametta, G., 1986:
The mechanical harvesting of olives

Grochowicz, J.; Nadulski, R., 1985:
The mechanical properties of some leguminous plant seeds

Carpenter, C.H., 1984:
The mechanical pulping of southern pine containing relatively large amounts of spring and juvenile fiber

Towner, G.D., 1987:
The mechanics of cracking of drying clay

Hart, G., 1987:
The mechanisation of Malaysian rice production: will petty producers survive?

Consorti, S.B.; Peruzzi, A., 1988:
The mechanisation of horticultural crops in glasshouses; trials on the mechanical displacement of plant pots

Furu, K.; Kilvik, K.; Gautvik, K.M.; Haug, E., 1987:
The mechanism of dexamethasone uptake into prolactin producing rat pituitary cells (GH3 cells) in culture

Sato, H.; Obinata, M., 1985:
The mechanism of casein gene expression by means of hormones

Farkas, R., 1986:
The mechanism of efficacy of insecticides of greater importance in veterinary medicine. Review article

Weeg Aerssens, E.; Tiedje, J.M.; Averill, B.A., 1987:
The mechanism of microbial denitrification

Kubota, S.; Akao, S., 1987:
The mechanism of organic acid synthesis and its accumulation in citrus fruits

Toyosaki, T.; Yamamoto, A.; Mineshita, T., 1985:
The mechanism of photolysis of riboflavin in milk serum, with particular reference to the role of active oxygen

Ugolini, F.C.; Dahlgren, R., 1987:
The mechanism of podzolization as revealed by soil solution studies

Chalmers, D.J.; Burge, G.; Jerie, P.H.; Mitchell, P.D., 1986:
The mechanism of regulation of 'Bartlett' pear fruit and vegetative growth by irrigation withholding and regulated deficit irrigation

Bian, Y.M., 1986:
The mechanism of resistance and purification efficiency of plants to air pollutants

Pick U.; Weiss M., 1988:
The mechanism of stimulation of photophosphorylation by amines and by nigericin

Dheim, M.A.; Browning, G., 1988:
The mechanism of the effect of (2RS, 3RS)-paclobutrazol on flower initiation of pear cvs Doyenne du Comice and Conference

Adoga G.I., 1987:
The mechanism of the hypolipidemic effect of garlic oil extract in rats fed on high sucrose and alcohol diets

Beglov, B.M.; Borukhov, I.A.; Amineva, R.T., 1986:
The mechanism of the reaction of magnesium hydrogen phosphate with ammonium sulphate

Prasolov, A.I.; Rakova, T.N.; Koval' chuk, L.P.; Burtseva, S.A., 1986:
The mechanism of the stimulatory effect of grizein on the reproductive system of animals

Williams, R.R.; Child, D.V.; Copas, L.; Holgate, M.E., 1987:
The mechanism of yield suppression by a triadimefon fungicide programme on the apple cv. Cox's Orange Pippin

Cheng, Y.S., 1986:
The mechanism, factors, criterion of tractor shimmy

Guttowa, A., 1986:
The mechanisms of the formation of host-parasite systems

Baci, L., 1987:
The mechanization - labour force relationship in the Haut-Cheliff intensification model

Ozcan, M.T.; Zeren, Y., 1987:
The mechanization of lentil harvesting in Turkey

Galigani, P.F., 1987:
The mechanization of sage, lavender, saffron and gentian culture

Giametta, G., 1988:
The mechanization of snap bean harvesting

Guarella, P.; Pellerano, A., 1986:
The mechanization of transplanting in Italy

Kaulitzki, G.; Kutzma, W.; Heiden, K., 1987:
The mechanization plan as a management document at local (Kreis) level

Anonymous, 1986:
The media and cultural forms. Proceedings of the Leisure Studies Association Conference held at Sussex University, July 4-8, 1984. Leisure, politics, planning & people, volume 5

Okoh, N.; Barikor, C., 1986:
The media and opportunities for development education in Nigeria

Clutton, R.E., 1988:
The medical implications of canine obesity and their relevance to anaesthesia

Churchward, H.M., 1986:
The mediterranean southwest

Anonymous, 1987:
The medium-term development of homeplots and auxiliary farms

Benedicto, J.L., 1986:
The medlar: consumer behaviour in Spain

King W.A.; Bezard J.; Bousquet D.; Palmer E.; Betteridge K.J., 1987:
The meiotic stage of preovulatory oocytes in mares

Vanĕcek, J., 1988:
The melatonin receptors in rat ontogenesis

Tomason, R.Yu, 1987:
The melon Samarskaya

Zakharova, T.S., 1987:
The melons of Central Asia

Kuchkarov, S.K., 1985:
The melons of Uzbekistan: varieties, breeding use and seed production

Mirzawan ; Gunawan Sukarso, 1986:
The melting pot technique in the Indonesian sugarcane breeding programme

Dzun, W., 1987:
The members of agricultural production cooperatives

Azcoitia I.; Fernandez B.; Fernandez A., 1987:
The meningeal arrangement of the avian lumbosacral spinal cord

Anonymous, 1988:
The mercury is as high as an elephant's eye

Melick R.A.; Farrugia W.; Heaton C.L.; Quelch K.J.; Scoggins B.A.; Wark J.D., 1988:
The metabolic clearance rate of osteocalcin in sheep

Ott, L.; Young, B.; McClain, C., 1987:
The metabolic response to brain injury

Moldawer, L.L.; Georgieff, M.; Ekman, L.; Wretlind, A., 1987:
The metabolic response to glycerol during parenteral nutrition

Udeaan, AS.; Kalra, RL., 1987:
The metabolism and excretion of 14C-labelled dieldrin in resistant and susceptible Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Michiels, M.; Meuldermans, W.; Heykants, J., 1987:
The metabolism and fate of closantel (Flukiver) in sheep and cattle

Barker, M.A.; Corbin, F.T.; Thompson, L.J., 1985:
The metabolism of 2,4-DB in annual morningglories (Ipomoea spp.)

Peinado J.; Lopez Soriano F.J.; Argiles J.M., 1986:
The metabolism of acetone in the pregnant rat

Adams, D.; Ribbons, D.W., 1988:
The metabolism of aromatic compounds by thermophilic bacilli

Katayama, Y.; Nishikawa, S.; Murayama, A.; Yamasaki, M.; Morohoshi, N.; Haraguchi, T., 1988:
The metabolism of biphenyl structures in lignin by the soil bacterium (Pseudomonas paucimobilis SYK-6)

Larkin, M.J.; Day, M.J., 1986:
The metabolism of carbaryl by three bacterial isolates, Pseudomonas spp. (NCIB 12042 & 12043) and Rhodococcus sp. (NCIB 12038) from garden soil

Rees, T. ap; Jenkin, L.E.T.; Smith, A.M.; Wilson, P.M., 1987:
The metabolism of flood-tolerant plants

Robinson, PD.; Morgan, ED.; Wilson, ID.; Lafont, R., 1987:
The metabolism of ingested and injected ecdysone by final instar larvae of Heliothis armigera

Roy, A.B.; Curtis, C.G.; Powell, G.M., 1987:
The metabolism of oestrone and some other steroids in isolated perfused rat and guinea pig livers

Davies, D.D.; Kenworthy, P.; Mocquot, B.; Roberts, K., 1985:
The metabolism of pea roots under hypoxia

Coleman, G.S., 1986:
The metabolism of rumen ciliate protozoa

Foster, S.J.; Kraus, R.J.; Ganther, H.E., 1986:
The metabolism of selenomethionine, Se-methylselenocysteine, their selenonium derivatives, and trimethylselenonium in the rat

Ennis, M.E.Jr, 1987:
The metabolism of technetium by dairy cows and goats and laying hens

Lindley N.D.; Pedley J.F.; Kay S.P.; Heydeman M.T., 1986:
The metabolism of yeasts and filamentous fungi which degrade hydrocarbon fuels

Pompa G.; Montesissa C.; D.L.uro F.M.; Fadini L., 1986:
The metabolism of zearalenone in subcellular fractions from rabbit and hen hepatocytes and its estrogenic activity in rabbits

Cooley, S.; Livesey, G., 1987:
The metabolizable energy value of PolydextroseReg. in a mixed diet fed to rats

Bright, D.E., 1987:
The metallic wood-boring beetles of Canada and Alaska. Coleoptera: Buprestidae

Kent, R.B., 1985:
The metamorphosis of the New Jersey State airspray program: a 1984 report

Field J.A.; Lettinga G., 1987:
The methanogenic toxicity and anaerobic degradability of a hydrolyzable tannin

Ding, B.Y., 1988:
The method and intensity of intermediate cuttings for a larch plantation

Honcova, J., 1986:
The method and results of research on generations of rural families

Akar, H.J.; Osgood, E.A., 1987:
The method by which larvae of Dasineura balsamicola (Lintner) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) gain access to the interior of galls induced by Paradiplosis tumifex Gagne (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Kalinin, A.V., 1984:
The method of anther culture in potato breeding

Blank, D.W.; Hoeg, J.M.; Kroll, M.H.; Ruddel, M.E., 1986:
The method of determination must be considered in interpreting blood cholesterol levels

Balakhnina, V.P., 1985:
The method of dry fixation of cereal roots

Vlk, J.; Soucek, J.; Ruzickova, M., 1987:
The method of halves in maintenance breeding of broad bean

Yashchuk, N.A., 1987:
The method of production planning and costing using standards is to be improved

Majid, N., 1988:
The method of usury and accumulation in backward agriculture: a methodological discussion of Bhaduri's thesis

Andriichuk, V.G., 1986:
The methodological validity of defining an integrated indicator of production potential

Palladina, M., 1988:
The methodology for calculating the main indicators of collective farm results

Watanabe M.; Yamaguchi H., 1988:
The methods for isolation of cytoplasts in several crop plants

Besri, M., 1984:
The methods of control used against the agents of tomato wilt disease in Morocco

LeVay, C., 1987:
The micro economic theory of agricultural cooperation

Dryden, M.S.; Shanson, D.C., 1988:
The microbial causes of diarrhoea in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

Orefice, L.; Toti, L.; Gizzarelli, S.; Croci, L.; Felip, G. de, 1985:
The microbial content of air in food production and distribution areas as a possible parameter of the sanitary quality

Seiler, D.A.L., 1986:
The microbial content of wheat and flour

Baggi, G., 1987:
The microbial degradation of chloroaromatic compounds

Acea, M.J.; Carballas, T., 1983:
The microbial population of a cattle slurry

Harris, P.J., 1988:
The microbial population of the soil

Magee, R.J.; Kosaric, N., 1987:
The microbial production of 2,3-butanediol

Flannigan, B.; Llewellyn, G.C., 1986:
The microbiology and mycotoxicology of spices: a review

Lacey, J., 1988:
The microbiology of cereal grains from areas of Iran with a high incidence of oesophageal cancer

Onyeneho, S.N.; Partridge, J.A.; Brunner, J.R.; Beneke, E.S., 1988 :
The microbiology of gua-nai

Vanos V.; Hofstaetter S.; Cox L., 1987:
The microbiology of instant tea

Madden, R.H., 1986:
The microbiology of meat and fish packaged for retail sale

Burns, R.G.; Davies, J.A., 1986:
The microbiology of soil structure

Kukachka, F.R., 1987:
The microcomputer: a valuable tool for field soil survey

Wang, Y.B.; Jiang, H.; Liu, J.S., 1987:
The microcomputerised data management system of agrometeorology

MacDonald, J.M., 1988:
The microdynamics of structural change: patterns of merger and diversification activity among food manufacturers

Cardoso de Lima, P.; Eswaran, H., 1987:
The microfabric of soils belonging to the Acri-great groups of Oxisols

Oliveri, S.; Capello, G.; Napolitano, M.G.; Cammarata, E.; Fichera, G., 1983:
The microflora in hospital environments in eastern Sicily

Dilanyan, Z.K.; Sagoyan, A.S.; Vegapetyan, K.V.; Kocharyan, N.A., 1987:
The microflora of Swiss cheese during manufacture and ripening

Flannigan, B., 1987:
The microflora of barley and malt

Penney, R.L.; Folk, G.E.J.; Galask, R.P.; Petzold, C.R., 1986:
The microflora of the alimentary tract of rabbits in relation to pH, diet, and cold

Miedema, R.; Jongmans, A.G.; Brinkman, R., 1987:
The micromorphology of a typical catena from Sierra Leone, West Africa

Huang, J.M.; Ni, Y.Y.; Lin, M.H., 1987:
The micropropagation of Gerbera

Wakuri, H.; Narita, M., 1986:
The microscopic anatomy on the torulus tactilis of the dog

McCrea, A.F.; Gilkes, R.J., 1987:
The microstructure of lateritic pallid zone

Zhu, C.; Ge, V.; Zhang, J.Z., 1986:
The microtubule cycle in root tip cells of Allium fistulosum L

Meller, J.L.; Wolf, S.A.; Ferguson, M.K.; Replogle, R.L.; Shermeta, D.W., 1986:
The microvascular response of the neonatal mesentery to hypertonic feedings

Levitt, A., 1988:
The microwave revolution

Takacs, J., 1988:
The mid-year analysis of the financial situation of cooperative farms

Xu, D.Q.; Li, D.Y.; Shen, Y.G., 1987:
The midday depression of photosynthesis of wheat leaf under field conditions. II. The effects of spraying with water on the photosynthetic rate and grain yield of wheat

V"lchev, P. (Vulchev, P); Kalinov, I., 1986:
The midearly potato Struma

Anonymous, 1987:
The midibus in public transport

Osgood, N., 1987:
The midlife leisure renaissance: a developmental perspective

Bowe, J., 1988:
The midsummer nightmare

Taylor, J., 1985:
The migration element in the 1981 Botswana census

Riley, JR.; Reynolds, DR.; Farrow, RA., 1987:
The migration of Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Delphacidae) and other Hemiptera associated with rice during the dry season in the Philippines: a study using radar, visual observations, aerial netting and ground trapping

Chu, Y.I., 1986:
The migration of diamondback moth

Weidner, H., 1986:
The migration routes of the European locust, Locusta migratoria migratoria Linnaeus, 1758 in Europe in the year 1693 (Saltatoria, Acridiidae, Oedipodinae)

Anonymous, 1987:
The milk and dairy products market

Salamon, P., 1987:
The milk and fat markets

Hairy, D.; Perraud, D., 1988:
The milk crisis and quotas: dairy policy development in France and the EC

Peace, B., 1987:
The milk industry - a farmer's view

Bory, M.; Nemeth, Z., 1987:
The milk industry of cooperative farms and the incentives for producers

Orr, J., 1987:
The milk market file - attitudes and awareness

Orr, J., 1987:
The milk market file - how often and when?

Orr, J., 1987:
The milk market file - how often, what with and how much?

Sauerland, I., 1986:
The milk market from the point of view of the consumer

Dwork, D., 1987:
The milk option. An aspect of the history of the infant welfare movement in England 1898-1908

Bornemann, P., 1987:
The milk price: what the farmer wants is not always achievable in practice

Booth, J.M., 1988:
The milk progesterone test as an aid to the diagnosis of cystic ovaries in dairy cows

Derison, J., 1985:
The milk quota system

Anonymous, 1987 :
The milk recording societies

Zygoyiannis, D., 1986:
The milk yield and milk composition of the Greek indigenous goat (Capra prisca) as influenced by the duration of the suckling period

Wang, D.K.; Wang, Z.L.; Liu, G.Q.; Liu, K.Z.; Xie, J.W.; Tang, M.H.; Wang, T.G.; Li, R.J., 1986:
The mineral and vitamin contents of human milk

Nicholas, WL.; Goodchild, DJ.; Stewart, A., 1987:
The mineral composition of intracellular inclusions in nematodes from thiobiotic mangrove mud-flats

Hurgoiu, V.; Caseanu, E., 1986:
The mineral composition of milk of mothers of premature infants during early lactation

Stefanovits, P.; Dombovari, L., 1986:
The mineral composition of soils showing the major characteristics of their formation and dynamics

Little, D.A., 1986:
The mineral content of ruminant feeds and the potential for mineral supplementation in South-East Asia with particular reference to Indonesia

Massiot, P.; Graet, Y. le; Brule, G., 1985:
The mineral fraction of milk: its technological and nutritional importance and technological methods for modifying its composition

Isaac, S.P.; Canaway, P.M., 1987:
The mineral nutrition of Festuca-Agrostis golf greens: a review

Robson, A.D., 1986:
The mineral nutrition of lupins

Buhmann, C.; Villiers, J.M. de; Fey, M.V., 1988:
The mineralogy of four heaving clays

Giavini E.; Broccia M.L.; Prati M.; Roversi G.D.; Vismara C., 1988:
The minimum content of magnesium in the diet for a normal pregnancy in the rat

Netzer, C., 1988:
The minimum limit - what sense does it have in the context of the Milk Guarantee Regulation? Simplifying administration, leasehold protection or lessor profit?

Stevens, T., 1988:
The ministry of welcome: tourism & religious sites

Cabrera, R.I., 1984:
The mite Vasates destructor, a new host of the fungus Hirsutella thompsonii

Olvera Fonseca, S., 1986:
The mite causing coconut rust in Veracruz, Mexico (Acarina: Eriophydae)

Bonen, L., 1987:
The mitochondrial S13 ribosomal protein gene is silent in wheat embryos and seedlings

Robinson, P.H.; Kennelly, J.J.; Deacon, M.; Boer, G. de, 1987:
The mobile nylon bag as a rapid reliable indicator of heat damage in dehydrated alfalfa

Lange, C.F.M. de; Sauer, W.C.; Hartog, L.A. den; Huisman, J., 1986:
The mobile nylon bag technique for estimation of the digestible energy content of cereal grains in swine

Brooks, D., 1988:
The mobile tarehouse: first full trials season

Khan S.; Khan, N.N., 1986 :
The mobility of some organophosphorus pesticides in soils as affected by some soil parameters

Cozzarelli, J.M.; Herman, J.S.; Parnell, R.A.J., 1987:
The mobilization of aluminum in a natural soil system: effects of hydrologic pathways

Buttery, P.J.; Dawson, J.M., 1987:
The mode of action of beta-agonists as manipulators of carcass composition

Britton, G.; Barry, P.; Young, A.J., 1987:
The mode of action of diflufenican: its evaluation by HPLC

Cavelier, A., 1987:
The mode of action of non-fumigant nematicides

Nakakita, H., 1987:
The mode of action of phosphine

Berghaus, R.; Wurzer, B., 1987:
The mode of action of the herbicidal quinolinecarboxylic acid, quinmerac (BAS 518 H)

Kerr, M.W.; Whitaker, D.P., 1987:
The mode of action of the herbicide WL110547

Sitepu, D.; Purakusumah, H., 1985:
The mode of dissemination of pathogens in smallholding crops in Indonesia

Kambegow, B.D.; Lukasch, N.S.; Karassowa, I.W.; Essawkina, W.J., 1987:
The mode of inheritance of erythrocyte catalase in leptosomic and eurysomic horses

Agatsuma, T.; Habe, S., 1986:
The mode of inheritance of the isoenzymes of three enzymes (GOT, LGG and PGM) in Paragonimus ohirai

Annan Prah, A.; Janc, M., 1988:
The mode of spread of Campylobacter jejuni/coli to broiler flocks

Boyle, W.P., 1987:
The model farm and project design: refocusing integrated rural development in central Tunisia

Ziajka, H.; Nowak, H., 1984:
The model farm in the advisory work of communal teachers of rural home economics

Chen, G.P.; Yu, D.M.; Liu, Z.W.; Zhao, S.X.; Yang, H.Y., 1986:
The model of development and control technique for a high yielding summer maize

Young, P.; Behzadi, M.A.; Chotai, A.; Davis, P., 1987:
The modelling and control of nutrient film systems

Hadfield, D.J., 1987:
The modelling of charged spray deposition on artificial targets

Moughan P.J.; Verstegen M.W.A., 1988:
The modelling of growth in the pig

Vokes, R.W.A., 1982:
The modernisation of rice processing in Asia: a critical examination of recent experience

Behm, C.A.; Bryant, C., 1985:
The modes of action of some modern anthelmintics

Braun, V.; Schams, D.; Leidl, W., 1986:
The modification of LH and FSH secretion from bovine anterior pituitary cell cultures by progesterone

Szabo, T.I., 1986:
The modified Alberta nucleus hive

Mahdy, E.E.; Bakheit, B.R., 1988:
The modified mass selection in a composite variety of maize (Zea mays L.)

Vilenskii, E.R., 1984:
The modifying effect of phytohormones following the irradiation of growing plants

Carr, R., 1987:
The modular teacher training programme, Ghana

Godfrey, D.G.; Stimson, W.H.; Watson, J.; Belch, J.J.F.; Sturrock, R.D., 1986:
The modulation of autoimmunity in the MRL-mp-lpr/lpr mouse by dietary fatty acid supplementation

Antony, P.C.; Koshy, M.M., 1985:
The moisture retention characteristics and hydraulic conductivity of alluvial (Entisol) and brown hydromorphic (Alfisol) soils of Kerala

Antony, P.C.; Koshy, M.M., 1985:
The moisture retention characteristics and hydraulic conductivity of the forest loam (Mollisol and Alfisol) soils of Kerala

Antony, P.C., 1986:
The moisture retention characteristics of red and laterite soils in a humid tropical region of Kerala

Zhang, J.L.; Miao, F.S., 1985:
The moisture retention characteristics of soils with different textures in the floodplain of the Huanghe River

Fromm, H.; Edelman, M.; Aviv, D.; Galun, E., 1987:
The molecular basis for rRNA-dependent spectinomycin resistance in Nicotiana chloroplasts

Terachi, T.; Tsunewaki, K., 1986:
The molecular basis of genetic diversity among cytoplasms of Triticum and Aegilops : 5. Mitochondrial genome diversity among Aegilops species having identical chloroplast genomes

Terachi, T.; Ogihara, Y.; Tsunewaki, K., 1987:
The molecular basis of genetic diversity among cytoplasms of Triticum and Aegilops. VI. Complete nucleotide sequences of the rbcL genes encoding the H- and L-type Rubisco large subunits in common wheat and Ae. crassa 4x

Thein, S.L.; Hesketh, C.; Wallace, R.B.; Weatherall, D.J., 1988:
The molecular basis of thalassaemia major and thalassaemia intermedia in Asian Indians: application to prenatal diagnosis

Bernstein, H.; Hopf, F.A.; Michod, R.E., 1987:
The molecular basis of the evolution of sex

Cullimore, J.V.; Bennett, M.J., 1988:
The molecular biology and biochemistry of plant glutamine synthetase from root nodules of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and other legumes

Barry, J.D., 1986:
The molecular biology of African trypanosomes

Schafer, E.; Apel, K.; Batschauer, A.; Mosinger, E., 1986:
The molecular biology of action

Hirth, L., 1986:
The molecular biology of caulimoviruses

Whiteley, H.R.; Schnepf, H.E., 1986:
The molecular biology of parasporal crystal body formation in Bacillus thuringiensis

Anderson, J.M., 1988:
The molecular characterization of mutations induced in Mutator lines at the bronze 1 and shrunken loci in maize

Kurtz, M.B.; Kirsch, D.R.; Kelly, R., 1988:
The molecular genetics of Candida albicans

Wray, J.L., 1986:
The molecular genetics of higher plant nitrate assimilation

May, C.E.; Appels, R., 1987:
The molecular genetics of wheat: toward an understanding of 16 billion base pairs of DNA

Critchley, C., 1988:
The molecular mechanism of photoinhibition - facts and fiction

Padgett, R.W.; Loeb, D.D.; Snyder, L.R.; Edgell, M.H.; Hutchison, C.A., 1987:
The molecular organization of the beta-globin complex of the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus

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The molecular species of diacylglycerol precursors used in monogalactosyldiacylglycerol biosynthesis in the leaves of a number of higher plant species

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The molecules that will be talked about in 1988

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The monitor lizard (Varanus sp.) as a predator of rats in oil palm estates

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The monitoring and evaluation of non-material objectives of extension

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The monogenetic kinetoplastid protozoan, Crithidia fasciculata, contains a transcriptionally active, multicopy mini-exon sequence

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The monogenic inheritance of the trait 'purple coloration of the tubular florets' in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

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The more effective stabilization and expansion of yields and their full utilization

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The more rarely described deep mycoses

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The more we are together

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The morphogenesis of skeletal muscles in Orenburg goats

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The morphological characteristics of Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze grown in Turkey and the effect of different growing conditions on these characteristics

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The morphological comparison of cork spot and bitter pit of apple fruit

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The morphological nature of the lodicule in the floret of grasses

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The morphological structure of flowers of wild Old World diploid cotton species

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The morphology and life-cycle of Wardium fusa (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae)

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The morphology and systematic status of Philometra ovata (Zeder, 1803) (Nematoda: Philometridae)

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The morphology of Origanum vulgare L. in natural habitats and when grown in the Moscow region

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The morphology of female reproductive tracts in pig X wild boar crossbreds

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The morphology of germinal discs and a possibility of parthenogenesis in infertile eggs of small meat-type ducks

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The morphology of some monogeneans parasitic on Amur fish

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The morphology of the egg of the bird-parasite Protocalliphora azurea (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

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The morphology of the endemic species, Acolpenteron nephriticum Gvozdev, 1945 (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae)

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The morphology of the ovine placenta in pregnancy toxaemia

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The morphology, development and evolution of tapeworm larvae

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The morphometric analysis of hybrids between geographically isolated housefly populations

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The mosquito fauna of Conjola State Forest on the south coast of New South Wales. Part 1. Species composition and monthly prevalence

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The mosquitoes of Sardinia: species records 35 years after the malaria eradication campaign

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The most common infectious diseases of cattle and swine and conclusions for immunoprophylaxis

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The most common processing faults in butter production and remedies

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The most disadvantaged groups in rural areas - perspectives from seven country studies

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The most effective stimuli for increasing the quality and effectiveness of the work of executives

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The most favourable variant can now be found more quickly

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The most frequent parasitic disorders of ornamental fish

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The most important aspects of structural changes in the Egyptian village

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The most important diseases of pickling cucumbers

Bedlan, G., 1987:
The most important diseases of radishes

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The most important fungal diseases of cucumber

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The most important phytosanitary problems found in chrysanthemums grown in pots for All Saints' Day

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The most important trends in durum wheat breeding

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The moths of Borneo. Part 14. Family Noctuidae: subfamilies Euteliinae, Stictopterinae, Plusiinae, Pantheinae

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The moths of Borneo. Part 4. Family Notodontidae

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The moths of Borneo. Part I. Key to families; Families Cossidae, Metarbelidae, Ratardidae, Dudgeoneidae, Epipyropidae and Limacodidae

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The motile spermatozoa of wels (Silurus glanis L.) and tench (Tinca tinca L.) after sperm collection without water activation

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The motion law of seeds on the gravity separator platform

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The mountain grassland category and its ecological succession of the Greater Xing'an Mountains

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The mouse immune interferon receptor gene is located on chromosome 10

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The mouse model of schistosome immunity

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The mouse surfeit locus contains a very tight cluster of four housekeeping genes that is conserved through evolution

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The move to marketing: land between the lakes

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The movement into soil of P from superphosphate grains and its availability to plants

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The movement of ammonium nitrate into unsaturated soil during unsteady absorption

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The movement of fluids and substances in the testis

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The movement of granular mixtures over the surface of a vibrating centrifugal sieve

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The movement of isotopes of water during evaporation from a bare soil surface

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The movement of labour, and social/economic problems in regulating it (as exemplified by plywood enterprises)

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The movement of soil water and the seep flow in a forested slope

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The movement of threshed material in the intermediate zone of two-drum threshing mechanisms

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The movement of water and oil in a waste disposal site in Hamburg: a case study

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The mucolytic effect of Sputolosin in horses with respiratory disease

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The mucosal immune response of swine and its relationship to infection with an enteric coronavirus

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The multi-cultural context: challenging the dominant culture

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The multi-objective programming model for the development agriculture and animal husbandry in prefectures in Xinjiang

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The multiactivity of farm families

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The multiple cropping systems of the southern subtropical zone of China and their recent developments

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The multipurpose trailer LTPA - a necessity in every forest district

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The multivariate evolution and taxonomic analysis of leafhopper biotypes and species complexes: use of character correlations and quantitative genetics methods

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The muscles controlling courtship stridulation in the cockroach, Nauphoeta cinerea

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The museum time-machine. Putting cultures on display

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The myc oncogene in avian and mammalian carcinogenesis

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The myc oncogene: its role in transformation and differentiation

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The mycoflora of cotton root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)

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The mycoflora of groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) destined for human consumption

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The mycoflora of the rhizosphere of variously treated lettuce

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The mycorrhizal relationship of multinucleate rhizoctonias from non-orchids with Microtis (Orchidaceae)

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The myeloneuropathies of Jamaica: an unfolding story

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The myrtle

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The myth and reality of the farm finance crisis

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The myth of the fine line

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The myth of the healthy tribal

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The national Merino reference flock

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The national application of EC policies: British choices

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The national forest cover monitoring using satellite imagery

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The national incidence of the European Community budget

Anonymous, 1987:
The national park authority

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The national survey of outdoor recreation in Zimbabwe

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The native pastures of the Itajai Valley and the north coast of Santa Catarina

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The native woody flora of the Ukrainian Carpathians: analysis and possible utilization in landscaping

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The natural Valeriano-Filipenduletum meadows in upper and middle Belgium

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The natural and agrotechnical conditions determining incidence and injouriousness of Heterodera spp. on cereals

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The natural and anthropogenic acidification of peatlands

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The natural and physical potential of the Bukk mountains for tourism development

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The natural benzoic acid content of processed cheese

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The natural environment and its influence on recreational needs

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The natural environmental conditions for developing recreational activities in an urbanized, lowland area, taking as an example the voivodship of Kalisz

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The natural forest vegetation in the Stara Planina mountains near Kremikovtsa

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The natural grasslands of dry Eastern Africa. The Republic of Djibouti

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The natural history of Japanese encephalitis virus

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The natural history of Petrobia (Tetranychina) harti (Ewing) and Petrobia (Mesotetranychus) tunisiae Manson (Acari: Tetranychidae) in the laboratory

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The natural history of sensitivity to jack jumper ants (Hymenoptera formicidae Myrmecia pilosula) in Tasmania

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The natural history of the degradation of wood

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The natural occurrence of Fusarium mycotoxins

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The natural occurrence of white clover mosaic virus in sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) in south-east England

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The natural regions of Indiana

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The natural resources program of the United Nations University: three case studies of an integrated approach in China

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The natural sheep farm of Europe. A strategy for the UK sheep industry

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The natural toxicants of common foods for animals and man

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The natural values of the Balaton recreational region

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The naturalisation of plants in urban Auckland, New Zealand. 1. The introduction and spread of alien plants

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The naturalisation of plants in urban Auckland, New Zealand. 2. Records of introduction and naturalisation

Esler, A.E., 1987:
The naturalisation of plants in urban Auckland, New Zealand. 3. Catalogue of naturalised species

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The nature and biological significance of linear potato spindle tuber viroid molecules

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The nature and effectiveness of training for decentralized administrative systems in Africa

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The nature and impact of fire on the ecology of semi-arid rangelands in western Sudan

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The nature and radiographic patterns of periosteal response in the bovine

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The nature and restoration of denuded areas in Iceland

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The nature and role of competition in perennial fodder plants

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The nature and role of disturbances in calcium metabolism in genetic hypertension

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The nature and structure of the regional agroindustrial sector

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The nature of a trait

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The nature of andic and vitric materials

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The nature of driving forces for passive water transport through arthropod cuticle

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The nature of eurytopy in polyploid earthworm species in relation to their use in biological soil amelioration

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The nature of human brucellosis in Kuwait: study of 379 cases

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The nature of infrastructure for rural development

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The nature of inheritance of quantitative characteristics in winter wheat hybrids under irrigation

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The nature of inheritance of quantitative traits in diallel hybrids of winter bread wheat

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The nature of regrowth in winter wheat varieties following the effects of different intensities of temperature stress

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The nature of resistance to Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White, 1919) Chitwood, 1949

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The nature of scientific thinking among illiterate adults in Nigeria

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The nature of soil kaolinites of southern India

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The nature of somatocrinin, or GRF, the hypothalamic factor controlling growth hormone secretion

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The nature of squalene epoxidase inhibition by thiocarbamate derivative, naphthiomate T

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The nature of swelling in soils

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The nature of systemic invasion of stem and leaves of sunflowers by Plasmopara helianthi Novot. var. helianthi Novot. with mechanism of sporulation and zoospore release

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The nature of the development of quantitative traits in spring barley hybrids (M1) under the influence of laser irradiation

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The nature of the immunodominant epitope of the circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium knowlesi

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The nature of the inheritance of black scurf resistance in interspecific potato hybrids

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The nature of the inheritance of frost resistance in subsequent generations of interspecific grape hybrids

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The nature of the inheritance of resistance to brown rust in second generation hybrids of winter wheat

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The nature of the mutagenic action of sodium azide on different barley genotypes

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The nature of the relationship of electronic capacitance meter readings to pastures on offer in short swards

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The nature of threats to the forests of the Karkonosze national park

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The nature of tiller and stolon development of Digitaria macroblephara

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The nature of variation and correlative relationships in the quantitative traits of barley

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The nature of variation in low-frequency electrical resistance in apple in experimental studies of frost resistance in the transitional period from growth to overwintering

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The nature of weathered biotite in sand-sized fractions of Gray Luvisols (Boralfs) in Saskatchewan, Canada

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The nature reserve in Gosslunda

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The nature, properties and distribution of amorphous ferri-aluminosilicates in two pedons from Darjeeling Himalayan region, West Bengal

Davies, F.S., 1986:
The navel orange

Rajaud, B., 1987:
The necessary intervention of services in the agricultural land sector

Rosenthal, Dh, 1987:
The necessity for substitute prices in recreation demand analyses

Szijjarto, A., 1987:
The necessity of communication

Kuznyak, B., 1987:
The necessity of further specialization in collective farms

Arnon, I., 1987:
The necessity to transform traditional agriculture

Progunkov, V.V., 1985:
The nectar productivity of the coniferous forests of the southern maritime region

Tullini, A., 1986:
The nectarine Armking in an unheated greenhouse and trained on the spindle spur system

Oppen, M. von, 1987:
The need and potential for increasing food production in the semi-arid tropics

Epstein, T.S., 1987:
The need for 'holistic' planning, the socio-economic implications of canal irrigation schemes

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The need for a closer integration between agricultural producer and agro-industries in Tanzania

Lopes, A.S.; Smyth, T.J.; Curi, N., 1987:
The need for a soil fertility reference base and nutrient dynamics studies

Seidman, A., 1986:
The need for an appropriate industrial strategy to support peasant agriculture

Akuoko Frimpong, H., 1986:
The need for an effective decentralized framework to promote development from below

Bouis, H.E., 1988:
The need for and possible uses of food aid in the Philippines

Meyer, G.R., 1987:
The need for continuing education in food and agriculture

Rollmann, C., 1987:
The need for correction in the contributions system for agricultural accident insurance

Biscoe, J., 1986:
The need for extension on food security: economic dimensions

Whittemore, C.T., 1986:
The need for future research and research priorities in applied nutrition

Kourtz, P., 1987:
The need for improved forest fire detection

Enders, C., 1986:
The need for incentives. In: Planning and operating rural centres in developing countries. Lilongwe Workshop 1986

Kenaga, E.E., 1985:
The need for interpretation of test results for evaluating the hazards of mosquito control chemicals

Vernerova, E.; Firmanova, V., 1985:
The need for managemental measures taking into account the two stages of development of sexual organs in female turkeys

Shaw, D.P., 1988:
The need for more overt integrated rural planning: the case of Malawi

Cocks, P.S., 1988 :
The need for seed production of pasture and forage species

Meher Homji, V.M., 1985:
The need of a mangrove-park in Bombay

Jarvenpaa, M.; Mattila, P.; Laurola, H.; Mattila, T.; Antio, J.; Suontausta, J.; Laitinen, A., 1987:
The need to develop combine harvesting in Finland

Prevosto, M., 1980:
The need to put a brake on the wood deficit in Italy

Kersting, E., 1987:
The needs of application research in different countries

Geisler, G.G.; Keller, B.B.; Chuzu, P.M., 1985:
The needs of rural women in Northern Province. Analysis and recommendations

Jolly, C.M.; Diop, O., 1987:
The negative effects of inappropriate price stimulation; the case of Senegal: rice price increases to encourage production may harm families of non-responsive subsistence farmers

Margulies, J., 1987:
The negotiated order approach to regional development

Jenser, G., 1985:
The nematode Xiphinema vuittenezi in some orchards of Hungary

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The nematode fauna in the bays of Lake Issyk-Kul' and in the estuaries of tributary rivers

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The nematode's cuticle - its surface and the epidermis: function, homology, analogy - a current consensus

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The nematode-capturing deuteromycete Dactylella gephyropaga Drechsler (1937) isolated from soil of a Juniperus forest in the Asir Mountains, Saudi Arabia

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The nematodes Geocenamus patternus n.sp. and Pathotylenchus nurserus n.g., n.sp. from the rhizosphere of conifers in the Far East

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The nematodes and banana borer weevil in the CEPGL countries (Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire)

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The nematodes associated with grapes

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The nematodes of cowpeas and their importance

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The nematodes of the Netherlands

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The neonatal piglet as a model for human neonatal carnitine metabolism

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The nerve arrangement in Isoparorchis hypselobagri Billet, 1898

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The nerve growth factor: thirty-five years later

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The nervous system of Diplostomum pseudospathaceum Niewiadomska, 1984 (Trematoda, Diplostomatidae). Structure of the nervous system in the adult stage

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The nervous system of Discocotyle sagittata and Axine belones (Monogenea, Mazocraeidea)

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The nest of Pheidole oxyops as a pitfall-trap (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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The nesting biology of the sweat bee Halictus farinosus in California, with notes on H. ligatus (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

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The nesting cycle of the hornet Vespa crabro L. (Hym., Vespidae)

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The nettle in Nepal. A cottage industry

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The nettle race of Heterodera humuli Filipjev, 1934

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The neurohormones

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The neuromyodysplasia syndrome (NMD-syndrome) in calves

Anonymous, 1987:
The new ASTA cheesemaking tank is simple and efficient

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The new Dutch kidney test for drug residues. III. Field evaluation

Ries, A.; Colson, F.; Simonnet, R.; Defraigne, P.R. et al., 1985 :
The new EC. The Community outlook: the common policies and sectoral policies

Kostamo, J., 1988:
The new Forest Improvement Act is reduced to practice in Finland

Szalay, F., 1986:
The new Hungarian onion variety Makoi CR

Anonymous, 1987:
The new Jonkoping dairy in Sweden

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The new Netherlands kidney test for drug residues. I. Description of the method

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The new Plant Protection Act in the German Federal Republic and its effects

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The new Somna Dairy

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The new Sudan grass variety Voronezhskaya 9

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The new automatic cold storage with computer-controlled order make-up at Royal AMC at Uithorn, Holland

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The new bee-pollinated heterotic cucumber hybrid TSKhA2693

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The new box cheese storage system at Gerkesklooster

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The new butter ordinance and its implications for technology

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The new central robotized warehouse at Vitry-sur-Seine

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The new chimeras

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The new early Sudan grass variety Kinel'skaya 100

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The new education in Nicaragua

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The new examination system for milk in Czechoslovakia

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The new farmers' movement in Maharashtra

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The new fertilizer legislation in the Netherlands

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The new flexible Casomatic

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The new forest regime in Quebec

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The new geocodes of Romania with an example using the geographical distribution of Heptatoma pellucens F. (Diptera, Tabanidae)

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The new helots. Migrants in the international division of labour

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The new industrial agriculture: the regional integration of speciality crop production

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The new linseed variety Karabalykskii 7 and its agronomy

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The new location of ITG Ouest - a clearly defined research role

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The new low-noise separator

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The new market milk dairy in Malmoe

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The new marketing challenge: baby boomers

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The new mass occurrence of bovine cysticercosis and its economic losses

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The new milk market regulation system in Austria

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The new neighbourhood park: exposing art to the great outdoors

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The new neoclassical theory of type of land ownership

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The new orientation in soil conservation procedures in Haiti and its consequences on the training of technicians

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The new pastoralism: poverty and dependency in Northern Kenya

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The new pea varieties

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The new peasant economy in China

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The new pesticides legislation - a consultant's view

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The new released winter wheat variety Deda

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The new rice technology in West Bengal

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The new rice variety Kaohsiung 142

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The new rice variety Sal'skii

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The new solution against soil pests and early season pests with furathiocarb treatment

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The new subspecies of Streptomyces griseoflavus - Streptomyces griseoflavus subsp. suzhouensis n. subsp. digesting cellulose for producing single cell proteins

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The new taxonomic classification of the soils of Puerto Rico

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The new technology and reform: a synthesis

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The new timothy variety Yunona

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The new tomato variety Viltis

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The new triploid mulberry variety AzNIISh9

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The new wheat cultivar Nishikaze

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The new winter barley Kazbek 1

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The newer synthesis? Some conceptual problems in evolutionary biology

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The newspaper: a versatile tool for teaching and conscientisation

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The next stage in rural development: direct attack on dependency

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The next twenty five years

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The nitrate content of lettuce in nutrient solution. 2. Nitrogen level and ammonium:nitrate ratio; replacement before harvest by a solution with a higher proportion of ammonium

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The nitrogen cycle in pastures

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The nitrogen test farms in 1986/87

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The noise levels of the working environment of main forest products industries in Taiwan

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The nominal group technique - applications in tourism research

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The nominal group technique, its potential for tourism research

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The non-agricultural village

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The non-governmental organizations active participants in development cooperation

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The notion of an autonomous African peasantry

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The nucleic acid content of embryos as a genotypic indicator of the growth vigour of rice grains

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The nucleotide sequence of a 3.2 kb segment of mitochondrial maxicircle DNA from Crithidia fasciculata containing the gene for cytochrome oxidase subunit III, the N-terminal part of the apocytochrome b gene and a possible frameshift gene; further evidence for the use of unusual initiator triplets in trypanosome mitochondria

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The number of antral follicles in the ovaries of sheep of different breeds

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The number of species of rodent coccidia and of other protozoa

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The number of spermatozoa required by naturally mated ewes and the ability of rams to meet these requirements

Anonymous, 1986:
The number of transhumant sheep flocks has decreased

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The number of white blood cells and the blood picture in healthy cats and experimentally infected with feline panleukopenia virus

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The numbers and types of muscle fibres in large and small breeds of pigs

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The numbers of workers overseen by foremen in arable farming and stock-raising units in the state farms of the voivodship of Szczecin

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The numerical classification of soils: a case study using data from West Sussex, England

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The numerical relationship between crown roots and stems/hill in rice

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The nun moth (Lymantria monacha L.) in North-western Germany in 1977-1980

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The nutrient status of Starking Delicious apples grown in the Marmara region

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The nutrition of Australian aborigines

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The nutrition of Biomphalaria pfeifferi in east Zaire

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The nutrition of aphids, and especially Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris), in relation to their host-plants

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The nutrition of goats

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The nutrition of pouch-young marsupials

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The nutritional impact of agricultural projects

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The nutritional impact of food aid: criteria for the selection of cost-effective foods

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The nutritional impact of rural modernization: strategies for smallholder survival in Mexico

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The nutritional quality of wheat grain protein in feeding trials, as affected by genotype, maturity stage and protein content

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The nutritional state and nutrition

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The nutritional status and prevalence of diseases relevant to obesity in the Belgrade population

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The nutritional status of Iban preschool children, Sarawak

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The nutritional status of soils in the coffee producing areas of Ethiopia

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The nutritional status of subjects with anorexia nervosa

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The nutritional value of fermented dairy products

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The nutritional value of four tropical forage legumes

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The nutritional value of poultry by-product meal

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The nutritive properties and dental decay potential of snack foods

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The nutritive value of the upper and the lower fractions of Rogol and Pelita variety rice straws

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The nutritive value of triticale grains

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The nutritive value of untreated cereal straws in the UK: a short review

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The nutritive value of uthi leaves (Odina wodeir) as green fodder for goats

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The oak processionary caterpillar (Thaumetopoea processionea L.) an urticating caterpillar related to the pine processionary caterpillar (Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff.) (Lepidoptera, Thaumetopoeidae)

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The oaks of Texas

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The obtainment of anti Echinococcus granulosus reference sera by means of affinity chromatography

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The occurrence and diet of fishes in a tidal inlet to a saltmarsh in southern Moreton Bay, Queensland

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The occurrence and injury of the Oriental fruit fly in the southern Taiwan

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The occurrence and properties of alkaline invertase in mature roots of sugar beets

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The occurrence of Caloptilia sp. and its control

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The occurrence of Carabidae in open-air nurseries and polyhouses

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The occurrence of Cryptosporidium oocysts in Ghanaian patients with diarrhoea

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The occurrence of Cylindrocarpon species in Finland

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The occurrence of Enterobacteriaciae in milk and milk products, with particular reference to coliforms and 'faecal coliforms'

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The occurrence of Fusarium fungi in Finland

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The occurrence of Metcalfa pruinosa (Say) in Italy

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The occurrence of Rhabditis (Rhabditella) axei in the faeces of a chicken in Egypt

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The occurrence of S deficiency and the sulfur supply/demand relationship in Asian agriculture

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The occurrence of a resting stage in the erythrocytic cycle of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro

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The occurrence of a rickettsial disease in British woodlice (Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea) populations

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The occurrence of adventitious and preventitious buds within the bark of some temperate and tropical trees

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The occurrence of allantoin in edible yams (Dioscorea species)

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The occurrence of an additional instar in the development of Chorthippus brunneus (Orthoptera: Gomphocerinae)

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The occurrence of an experimentally produced 'multi-level' onion as a result of interspecific hybridization

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The occurrence of an inversion in beef cattle

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The occurrence of aphid vectors of potato viruses in relation to some climatic factors in the Olsztyn Lakeland

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The occurrence of available phosphorus in acid and limed soil fertilized with various phosphorus compounds

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The occurrence of brown wheat mite on wheat in an arid area and methods of control

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The occurrence of bud necrosis on fodder cowpea

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The occurrence of cardiac lipidosis and necrotic lesions in the hearts of rats following long-term feeding of different lipid supplemented diets

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The occurrence of cellulases in the earthworm Eisenia foetida

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The occurrence of creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense) and silky bent grass (Apera spica-venti) as influenced by the use of herbicides and agrotechnical measures

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The occurrence of debt on state farms

Matsumoto S.; Furuya T.; Matsunaga R., 1986:
The occurrence of delayed stem maturation in early soybean varieties and a method for visual distinction

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The occurrence of deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin, DON) in feed samples of Austrian livestock with suspected mycotoxicosis during 1979-1985

Herman, M.; Suskevic, M., 1984:
The occurrence of dicotyledonous weeds in relation to long-term soil cultivation differing in intensiveness

Beloborodova, S.N.; Belousova, N.I.; Fokina, E.S., 1984:
The occurrence of doubled chromosome numbers in intergeneric hybrids of maize and Tripsacum

Uchida, M.; Yoshinaga, K.; Kawase, K., 1984:
The occurrence of dry juice sacs after freezing of citrus fruit of different cultivars

Gagliardi, M.; Corti, G.; Gagliardi, C.; Moggi, C.; Baronti, L.; Giannanti, A.; Sonnessa, E.; Ulivelli, A., 1985:
The occurrence of giardiasis in the pupils of nursery and primary schools at San Miniato, Pisa

Valiev, R.R.; Fadeeva, T.S., 1985:
The occurrence of heterosis for yield components among spring barley hybrids

Wit, P.J.G.M. de; Buurlage, M.B.; Hammond, K.E., 1986:
The occurrence of host-, pathogen- and interaction-specific proteins in the apoplast of Cladosporium fulvum (syn. Fulvia fulva) infected tomato leaves

Lubnin, A.N.; Lubnina, A.V., 1985:
The occurrence of hybrid dwarfness in F2 and F3 hybrid crosses involving the spring bread wheat variety Saratovskaya 29

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The occurrence of hydrogen peroxide in edible oils; chemical and microbiological consequences

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The occurrence of interlayer clay-organic complexes in two New Zealand soils

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The occurrence of kaempferol-4-'-O- beta -D-glucopyranoside in Filipendula ulmaria and Allium cepa

Chen, D.H.; Fang, T.Z.; Yang, X.S.; Cai, G.Y.; Li, M.S., 1986:
The occurrence of mermithid nematode Romanomermis jingdeensis in pupae and adults of Anopheles sinensis

Spelling, SM.; Young, JO., 1986:
The occurrence of metacercariae of the trematode, Cyathocotyle opaca (Wisniewski), in three species of lake-dwelling leeches

Narayanan, K., 1985:
The occurrence of mixed infection of viruses in Spodoptera litura F

Elixmann, J.H.; Jorde, W.; Linskens, H.F., 1986:
The occurrence of moulds in air conditioning installations before and after commencement of operation

Smirnoff N.; Todd P.; Stewart G.R., 1984:
The occurrence of nitrate reduction in the leaves of woody plants

Giessl, H.; Kirchhoff, J.; Hurle, K., 1986:
The occurrence of pesticides in groundwater with particular regard to the Swabian alps

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The occurrence of phytoferritin and its relationship to effectiveness of soybean nodules

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The occurrence of polyploidization in interspecific hybridization of sour cherry and sweet cherry

Zemanek, J.; Mikulka, J., 1985:
The occurrence of populations of pigweeds (Amaranthus spp.) resistant to atrazine in Czechoslovakia

Imoto, M.; Iwaki, M.; Tochihara, H.; Nakamura, K.; Hanada, K., 1986:
The occurrence of potato mop top virus in Japan and its some properties

Ohenoja, E.; Jokiranta, J.; Makinen, T.; Kaikkonen, A.; Airaksinen, M.M., 1987:
The occurrence of psilocybin and psilocin in Finnish fungi

Edlinger, E., 1986:
The occurrence of rickettsial diseases

Kedzia, B., 1987:
The occurrence of saprophytic microorganisms in plant preparations

Alves, S.B.; Botelho, P.S.M.; Macedo, N.; Riscado, G.M., 1985:
The occurrence of some pathogens on sugar cane borer Diatraea saccharalis in field and laboratory conditions

Praagh, J.P. van; Maul, V.; Tiesler, F.K., 1987:
The occurrence of sterile drones on Langeoog in 1986

Fesenko, N.N., 1986:
The occurrence of subgene G in buckwheat outside the heterostyly locus

Newberry, K.; Jansen, E.J.; Thibaud, G.R., 1987:
The occurrence of the bedbugs Cimex hemipterus and Cimex lectularius in northern Natal and KwaZulu, South Africa

Cornett, J.W., 1988:
The occurrence of the desert fan palm, Washingtonia filifera, in southern Nevada

Vrablic, J.; Catar, G.; Stanik R. et al., 1987:
The occurrence of the oral flagellate Trichomonas tenax in children with chronic tonsillitis

Rosen, S.; Hadani, A.; Lavi, A.G.; Berman, E.; Bendheim, U.; Hisham, A.Y., 1987:
The occurrence of the tropical bedbug (Cimex hemipterus, Fabricius) in poultry barns in Israel

Yu, J.; Liu, Y., 1987:
The occurrence of three viruses in hop (Humulus lupulus) in China

Lavoipierre, M.M.J.; Graham, T.W.; Walters, L.L.; Howarth, J.A., 1986:
The occurrence of two nematodes, Spirocerca lupi and Dirofilaria immitis, in wild canids of the Lake Berryessa Area, northern California

Arnold, DC.; Ahring, RM., 1987:
The occurrence of wheat stem maggot, Meromyza americana Fitch (Diptera: Chloropidae), in bermudagrass seed fields in Oklahoma

Crute, I.R.; Norwood, J.M.; Gordon, P.L., 1987:
The occurrence, characteristics and distribution in the United Kingdom of resistance to phenylamide fungicides in Bremia lactucae (lettuce downy mildew)

Crute, I.R., 1987:
The occurrence, characteristics, distribution, genetics, and control of a metalaxyl-resistant pathotype of Bremia lactucae in the United Kingdom

Yasmeen Akhtar; Ghaffar, A., 1986:
The ocurrence and distribution of fungi in a waste stabilization pond system

Francke, W.; Pan, M-L.; Bartels, J.; Konig, WA.; Vite, JP.; Krawielitzki, S.; Kohnle, U., 1986:
The odour bouquet of three pine engraver beetles (Ips spp.)

Torok, S.; Muller, R., 1985:
The oenological importance of qualitative heterogeneity in the grape crop

Alves Torres, C.L., 1987 :
The oestrous cycle, oestrus and time of mating in cattle

Chadha, G.K., 1986:
The off-farm economic structure of agriculturally growing regions: a study of Indian Punjab

Bugener, B., 1987:
The off-farm employment of farmers' wives as a new form of part time farming. A decision with opportunities and problems

Peng, T.K.; Chen, M.Y., 1986:
The off-farm labor supply of farmers in Taiwan

Anonymous, 1986:
The off-site costs of soil erosion

Winiger, F.A., 1986:
The official Swiss variety list for potato cultivation in 1987

Ebert, H.D., 1986:
The official approval of growth regulators in cereals in the GDR as a precondition to their use

Vedeneev, G.I.; Erokhin, G.A.; Zhuzhukin, V.I.; Orlova, L.A., 1985:
The oil and crude protein content of the grain of inbred maize lines and their F1 hybrids

Anonymous, 1986:
The oil palm pre-nursery. 2. Cultural techniques

Anonymous, 1986:
The oil palm pre-nursery. From setting-up to pricking out of germinated seeds

Wolf, J.; Lehmann, G., 1987:
The old cow first brings the cash

Tuyl, J.M. van; Kwakkenbos, A.A.M., 1987:
The old range is capable of improvement. IVT releases hyacinth breeding material

Bouzouane, R.; Audemard, H.; Aubert, S., 1987:
The olfactory response of newly hatched larvae of oriental fruit moth Cydia molesta to peach twig and fruit odour

Lapatas, P., 1988:
The olive oil economy and its future in the European Economic Community

Girt, J., 1986:
The on-farm economics of sustainability and public intervention

Weir, F.J., 1987:
The one-dimensional quasi-linear intercept on cumulative infiltration graphs

Warncke, K., 1983:
The only Allodape species in the west Palearctic, a representative of an otherwise purely tropical bee genus

Gonzalez C.B.; Charreau E.H.; Aragones A.; Lantos C.P.; Follett B.K., 1987:
The ontogenesis of reproductive hormones in the female embryo of the domestic fowl

Pryszcz, W., 1985:
The ontogenic changes of frequency of individuals with supernumerary ribs in chickens

Kuliszewski, M.; Rupert, J.; Gold, R., 1988:
The ontogeny of gamma -crystallin mRNAs in CatFraser

Epstein, A.A., 1986:
The ontogeny of ingestive behaviors: control of milk intake by suckling rats and the emergence of feeding and drinking at weaning

Cleghorn, G.; Durie, P.; Benjamin, L.; Dati, F., 1988:
The ontogeny of serum immunoreactive pancreatic lipase and cationic trypsinogen in the premature human infant G.; Perfumi M.; Epstein A.N., 1987:
The ontogeny of the antidipsogenic effect of eledoisin and physalaemin in the rat

Campan, R.; Beugnon, G., 1986:
The ontogeny of the visual orientation in crickets - a self-organisation process

Rankin, M.A.; McAnelly, M.L.; Bodenhamer, J.E., 1986:
The oogenesis-flight syndrome revisited

Coil, WH., 1987:
The oogenotop of Amphilina bipunctata (Cestodaria)

Young, C., 1983:
The open-rooted nursery and establishment system for pines

Kormshchikov, A.D., 1987:
The operating regime of driven toothed discs on soils liable to erosion

Grangere, M., 1987:
The operation of a selection scheme: insemination practices

Halasz, P.; Szijjarto, A., 1988:
The opinions of farm managers on the situation and development of homeplot farming

Phillips, W.E.; Armstrong, G.W.; Beck, J.A.J.; Banskota, K., 1988:
The opportunity cost of forest land losses to agricultural uses: an Alberta case study

Mermier, M.; Baille, A., 1988:
The optical properties of plastics materials for greenhouses and screens

Cooker, M.G.R.T. de; Meesen, J.; Sipkema, R., 1987:
The optimal choice for a urea plant

Litwin, U., 1987:
The optimal input of information in farm planning - case studies of the use of computer supported aids to decision making in the feeding of dairy cows and fattening of pigs

Krivokhatskii, V.A., 1987:
The optimum density ratio of predators and their prey in arthropod communities in burrows of the greater gerbil

Isachenko, V.V., 1986:
The optimum dose of spermatozoa for superovulated cows

Jiang, G.Z., 1987:
The optimum fruiting pattern for high yield and high quality cotton and the conditioning technique

Westwood, S., 1987:
The optimum growing period in the nursery for six important tree species in lowland Nepal

Razhamuradov, Z.T.; Kendzhaev, T.K., 1984:
The optimum kidding season under the conditions of northern Tadzhikistan

Audsley, E., 1988:
The optimum level of nitrogen application on arable crops and the effect of nitrogen quotas

Koltunov, N.A., 1985:
The optimum rates of solution

Mannapperuma, J.D.; Jenkins, B.M., 1987:
The optimum size of a greenhouse coupled cogeneration system under regulatory constraint

Horne, P.L.M. van; Sturkenboom, H.J.C.M., 1986:
The optimum slaughter weight of veal calves. The influence of the price of newly born calves, feedstuffs, veal, feed conversion and housing system on labour income and slaughter weight

Shkolina, G.; Pokhodnya, G.; Serdyuk, S.; Nikonova, V., 1986:
The optimum time for artificial insemination

Lieberman, L.L., 1988:
The optimum time for neutering surgery of dogs and cats

Khanzada, A.G.; Naqvi, K.M., 1984:
The optimum time for the control of mango hopper Idioscopus spp. (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)

Studenik, B.; Polcicova, I., 1987:
The optimum time of use of a machine

Gibson, J.P., 1987:
The options and prospects for genetically altering milk composition in dairy cattle

Versfeld, D.B.; Bosch, J.M., 1983:
The options for catchments - how to make the right decisions: another view

Zanker, JM., 1985:
The optomotor system on the ground: on the absence of visual control of speed in walking ladybirds

Hara, A.H.; Mau, R.F.L., 1986:
The orchid weevil, Orchidophilus aterrimus (Waterhouse): insecticidal control and effect on Vanda orchid production

Cauwet Marc, A.M.; Balayer, M., 1986:
The orchids of the Mediterranean basin. A contribution to the caryological study of species of the eastern Pyrenees (France) and surrounding area. II. The tribe Ophrydae Lindl. p. p

Anonymous, 1986:
The ordinances for rural local bodies: with up-to-date amendments

You M.; W.Z., 1985:
The ordination of insect communities in paddy fields

Macchi, E., 1986:
The organic Rankine cycle: a new engine for electricity generation in agriculture

Hamm, U., 1987:
The organic farming system, an interesting field for agricultural economists and politicians

Carballas, T.; Carballas, M.; Gil Sotres, F.; Leiros, M.C.; Cabaneiro, A.; Diaz Fierros, F.; Villar, M.C., 1984:
The organic fraction of cattle slurry. I. Distribution of carbon

Klages, F.W., 1983:
The organic ion complex in water analysis and with the transport of soil-derived materials over the land

Cheng, R.B., 1984:
The organic matter and influential factors of Zhujiang River delta soil

Muzaale, P.J., 1988:
The organisation and delivery of social services to rural areas

Farrington, J.; Howell, J., 1987:
The organisation and management of agricultural research: current research issues

Kapusta, F.; Kubacki, M., 1986:
The organisation, purchase and storage costs of cereals, as exemplified by the PZZ provincial grain and milling enterprise in Wrocaw

Gaber, S.D., 1988:
The organization and role of the seed industry in Egypt

Bielig, H.J.; Bohnstedt, 1987:
The organization and technology of fruit and vegetable processing firms; Food processing in developing countries - priority of GTZ

Saul, M., 1987:
The organization of a West African grain market

Schmidt, O.; Stopporka, P., 1986:
The organization of agrochemical work and how it is fitted into the crop production process

Bournoville, R.; Delaude, A., 1986:
The organization of control of the lucerne gall flower midge (Contarinia medicaginis Kieff.): contribution of work carried out in agricultural conditions

Bolin, I., 1987:
The organization of irrigation in the Vilcanota Valley of Peru: local autonomy, development and corporate group dynamics

Fratkin, E.M., 1988:
The organization of labor and production among the Ariaal Rendille, nomadic pastoralists of northern Kenya

Repka, I.; Kovac, M., 1987:
The organization of livestock production

Kazakova, G.P.; Kunina, N.I.; Barmotina, T.V., 1984:
The organization of mating in polecats

Gonzalo Abascal, C.; Gaudioso Lacasa, V.R.; Sotillo Ramos, J.L., 1985:
The organization of milking on commercial farms with dairy ewes

Bassi, R.; Simpson, D., 1987:
The organization of photosystem II chlorophyll-proteins

Pospelowa, G.; Schinke, E., 1988:
The organization of plant breeding and seed production in the USSR

Soumaila, A., 1985:
The organization of producers in the development of hydroagricultural projects. The Namari-Goungou (Niger) example

Liese, B., 1986:
The organization of schistosomiasis control programmes

Krampitz, M.; Menzel, P., 1987:
The organization of software development and the training of the user

Bolz, H., 1985:
The organization of state forest districts in Rhineland-Palatinate with special reference to dynamic aspects

Moller, B.L.; Halkier, B.A.; Hoj, P.B., 1987:
The organization of the Fe-S acceptors of photosystem I

Tandon, R., 1988:
The organization of tribals (KGS) in India

Jeanne, RL., 1986:
The organization of work in Polybia occidentalis: costs and benefits of specialization in a social wasp

Kuvatov, A.R., 1986:
The organizational and economic relationships within a regional agroindustrial sector

Hrmo, V., 1987:
The organizational and economic structure of farms

Kleandrov, M.I., 1987:
The organizational and legal machinery for settling commercial disputes within a raion agroindustrial association

Anonymous, 1987:
The organizational and production structures of collective and state farms

Sipos, A.; Halmai, P., 1987:
The organizational structure of agriculture in the economic reform process

Ievlev, A.; Ushachev, I.; Budylkin, G., 1986:
The organizational structure of management of the agroindustrial sector

Lees, AD.; Hardie, J., 1988:
The organs of adhesion in the aphid Megoura viciae

John, B., 1987:
The orientation behaviour of multiple chromosome configurations in acridid grasshoppers

Lindauer, M., 1987:
The orientation of honeybees - answered and unanswered questions

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