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The reactions of Oxycarenus gossypinus Distant (Heteroptera, Lygaeidae) to temperature and relative humidity

Ewete, FK.; Osisanya, EO.

Insect Science and its Application 91: 31-35


DOI: 10.1017/s174275840000998x
Accession: 001714596

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The distribution of the cotton pest Oxycarenus gossipinus in artificial temperature (16.5-40.5 degrees C) and relative humidity gradients (20-95% RH) was studied in an experimental chamber in the laboratory. Fifth-instar nymphs and adult females showed unimodal distribution to the hot end of the chamber to a temperature range of 29.0-34.0 degrees C and 31.5-37.0 degrees C, respectively. The adult males showed bimodal distribution, one to the cool end (19.0-24.0 degrees C), and the other to the hot end (31.5-37.0 degrees C).

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