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The work of the scientific and technical progress (WTF) division aims to achieve highest yields in all fields; The Leipzig Scientific and Technical Centre (WTZ) cooperates on a contract basis; WTF will be implemented in a compulsary and economically efficient way; The comprehensive and appropriate dissemination of information on scientific and technical progress (4 papers)

Wellkirsch, H.D.; Fahr, J.; Salk, H. et al.; Skroch, W. et al.

Kooperation 21(3): 97-99; 100-101; 102-104; p.111


Accession: 001718501

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The four papers deal with the organization to accelerate the adoption of scientific and technical research results in GDR farms at the levels of the special committees of the local cooperative councils, specialist divisions within the coooperative (LPG) farms, and by contract agreements between the research centres (WTZ) and the farms and cooperative councils.

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