Tolerance to soil flooding in clonal rootstocks of various cherry species (Prunus spp.) and interspecific cherry hybrids (Prunus X spp.)

Roth, M.

Bodenvernassungstoleranz von Unterlagenklonen verschiedener Kirscharten Prunus spp und interspezifischer Kirschhybriden Prunus X spp: 183


Accession: 001720051

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In the field at 5 localities, the 161 clones studied, which derived from crosses among 8 Prunus species, divided into those with weak (59%), moderate (29.8%) or strong (11.2%) root development. The 3 clones used as controls showed locality and interclonal differences. In tests of 95 of the clones in containers (2.7 or 10 litre capacity), with flooding for 3-5 weeks in June-July, promisingly tolerant material included clones from P. cerasus X P. fruticosa and P. fruticosa X P. avium, which had only slight leaf damage and good subsequent survival; some other clones had moderate to heavy leaf damage but good subsequent survival.