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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Morrison, I.K.; Hogan, G.D., 1986:
Trace element distribution within the tree phytomass and forest floor of a tolerant hardwood stand, Algoma, Ontario

Berrow, M.L.; Ure, A.M., 1985:
Trace element mapping of Scottish soils

Georgievskii, V.I.; Shevelev, N.S.; Emel' yanov, V.V., 1987:
Trace element metabolism in cows fed on a single briquetted feed

Pimenov, P.K., 1985:
Trace element nutrition of cows in a dairy complex with a factory flow-line system of milk production

Mbofung, C.M.; Atinmo, T., 1987:
Trace element nutriture of Nigerians

Gropper, S.S.; Acosta, P.B.; Clarke-Sheehan, N.; Wenz, E.; Cheng, M.; Koch, R., 1988:
Trace element status of children with PKU and normal children

Gupta, B.N.; Chaudhuri, A.B., 1985:
Trace element status of poll hair of cattle in Darjeeling district of West Bengal

Aggett, P.J., 1988:
Trace element status of the human diet

Zumkley, H.; Vetter, H., 1986:
Trace elements and hypertension

Pailik, I.S., 1987:
Trace elements and maize yield

Sanzo M.R., 1985:
Trace elements and rice crops

Kudryashov, V.S., 1985:
Trace elements and sugarbeet yield

Annerén, G.; Gebre-Medhin, M., 1987:
Trace elements and transport proteins in serum of children with Down syndrome and of healthy siblings living in the same environment

Franchini, A.; Meluzzi, A.; Giordani, G.; Urrai, G.F., 1988:
Trace elements chelated with amino acids in the feeding of laying hens

Berthelot, A.; Luthringer, C.; Exinger, A., 1987:
Trace elements during the development of hypertension in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Loue, A., 1986:
Trace elements in agriculture

Tinker, P.B., 1986:
Trace elements in arable agriculture

Abdel Maguid, S.; Maamoun, M.H.; Abdel Wahab, F.M.; Raafat, S.; Taha, M.A.; Massoud, M.M.; Makarem, S.S.; Baddar, M.R., 1986:
Trace elements in bilharzial hepatic fibrosis and encaphalopathy

Machari, K.R., 1984:
Trace elements in breast milk in endemic fluorosis areas and normal areas

Brendehaug J.; Abrahamsen R.K., 1987:
Trace elements in bulk collected goat milk

Nazarov, S.N.; Pish, M.A.; Islamov, P., 1985:
Trace elements in diets and organs of young bulls fattened intensively

Tanatarov, A.B., 1986:
Trace elements in duck feeding

Herrador, M.A.; Jimenez, A.M.; Asuero, A.G., 1984:
Trace elements in foods. Determination of essential trace elements in milk using atomic absorption spectrophotometry. I. Chemical pretreatment of the sample

Herrador, M.A.; Asuero, A.G., 1986:
Trace elements in foods. II. Determination in milk using polarographic and voltammetric methods

Ruiter, A., 1985:
Trace elements in foodstuffs: possible and desirable methods of analysis

Leoni, S.; Carletti, M.G.; Grudina, R., 1987:
Trace elements in glasshouse tomatoes. The course of uptake in Vemone, Erlidor and Earlypack

Anderson, R.R., 1987:
Trace elements in guinea pig milk during a 20 day lactation

Shrestha K.P.; Oswaldo A., 1987:
Trace elements in hair of epileptic and normal subjects

Nasolodin, V.V., 1987:
Trace elements in human biological substrates

Diplock, A.T., 1987:
Trace elements in human health with special reference to selenium

Howell, R.R.; Palma, P.A.; West, M.S.; Caprioli, R.M.; Seifert, W.E., 1986:
Trace elements in human milk: differences over time and between population groups

Rumball, S.V.; Baker, E.N., 1985:
Trace elements in human milk: structural aspects

Overnes, G., 1987:
Trace elements in livestock nutrition

Kalac, P.; Staskova, I., 1987:
Trace elements in maize and oat silages

Mattos, H.B.; Colozza, M.T., 1986:
Trace elements in pastures

Kurakov, V.I.; Protasova, N.A., 1985:
Trace elements in soil and sugarbeet

Anonymous, 1984:
Trace elements in soils and plants

Peng, L.; Peng, X.L.; Yu, C.Z.; Jie, M.J.; Liu, Y.H., 1982:
Trace elements in soils of the loess area and responses to trace element fertilizers

Anonymous, 1987:
Trace elements in the environment

Foster, N.W.; Nicolson, J.A., 1986:
Trace elements in the hydrologic cycle of a tolerant hardwood forest ecosystem

Villa Elizaga, I.; Frizell, E.; Alzina, V., 1987:
Trace elements in the perinatal medicine of today

Okada, N.; Katayama, Y.; Nobuchi, T.; Ishimaru, Y.; Yamashita, H.; Aoki, A., 1987:
Trace elements in the stems of trees I. Radial distribution in sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don)

Deryabina, T.G., 1987:
Trace elements in the tissues of wild boars

Liu, Z.; Zhu, Q.G.; Tang, L.H., 1986:
Trace elements in tropical and subtropical soils of China

Skvortsov, N.P.; Shabina, I.S., 1986:
Trace elements increase yield

Ostrovskaya, L.K., 1987:
Trace elements: uptake, transport and physiological functions in plants

Irth, H.; Jong, G.J. de; Brinkman, U.A.T.; Frei, R.W., 1987:
Trace enrichment and separation of metal ions as dithiocarbamate complexes by liquid chromatography

Gotz, A.; Heumann, K.G., 1987:
Trace estimation of heavy metals with a compact thermal ionization quadrupole mass spectrometer. 2. Analysis of food samples

Demes, G.; Dimitrieviets, G.; Salamon, S.; Soros, I., 1986:
Trace line machinery system for wheat production

Bano, N.; Naeem, M.; Khan, H.H., 1985:
Trace metal studies in milk, milk-products and eggs

Baes, C.F.I.I.I.; McLaughlin, S.B., 1987:
Trace metal uptake and accumulation in trees as affected by environmental pollution

Falandysz, J., 1986:
Trace metals in cod from the southern Baltic, 1983

Khristoforova, N.K.; Kavun, V.Y., 1987:
Trace metals in common mussels reared in Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan

Patterson, G., 1986:
Trace metals in plantation soils and leaves of eucalypts on the Jos Plateau

Ruppert, H., 1986:
Trace metals in soils of calcareous sandstones (Knollensandstein, Upper Cretaceous)

Ruppert, H., 1986:
Trace metals in soils of the Calcareous Alps in Bavaria

Ruppert, H., 1986:
Trace metals in soils of the Fichtelgebirge

Moyse, D.W.; Fernandez, I.J., 1987:
Trace metals in the forest floor at Saddleback Mountain, Maine in relation to aspect, elevation, and cover type

Faye, B.; Grillet, C.; Tessema, A., 1986:
Trace mineral contents in forages and plasma of domesticated ruminants in Ethiopia

Chase, L.E., 1986:
Trace mineral nutrition of dairy cattle

Shippee, R.L.; Wilson, S.W.; King, N. , 1987:
Trace mineral supplementation of burn patients: a national survey

Cua, F.T.; Hall, G.S., 1987:
Trace-element analysis of human teeth and bone by proton-induced X-ray emission

Koh, T.S.; Judson, G.J., 1986:
Trace-elements in sheep grazing near a lead-zinc smelting complex at Port Pirie, South Australia

Masayna, W.; Kai, H.; Kawaguchi, S., 1984:
Tracer studies of the efficiency of rice straw nitrogen in Thai paddy soils

Cayley G.R.; Griffiths D.C.; Hulme P.J.; Lewthwaite R.J.; Pye B.J., 1987:
Tracer techniques for the comparison of sprayer performance

Neer, T.M.; Zeman, D., 1987:
Tracheal adenocarcinoma in a cat and review of the literature

Hill J.E.; Mahaffey E.A.; Farrell R.L., 1987:
Tracheal carcinoma in a dog

Otis, G.W., 1986:
Tracheal mite project in New York

Lozano, L.G.; Moffett, J.O.; Campos, B.; Wilson, W.T., 1987:
Tracheal mite, Acarapis woodi, infestations in honey bees in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Cal, M.; Mayer, D.F., 1987:
Tracheal mites and Africanized honey bees in Belize

Coombs, S.L.; Webbon, P.M., 1986:
Tracheal mucus transport in the horse following equine influenza vaccination

Shah, A.K.; Ingle, M.V., 1985:
Tracheal rhinosporidiosis (a case report)

Kellagher, R.E.B.; White, R.A.S., 1987:
Tracheal rupture in a dog

Gill, L.S.; Onuja, J.E., 1984:
Tracheary elements of some Nigerian woods (Meliaceae)

B.K.D., 1986:
Trachelium caeruleum

Reimherr, P.; Hanke, H., 1987:
Trachelium caeruleum as a pot plant in summer

Evensen, K.B.; Beattie, D.J., 1987:
Trachelium caeruleum: the umbrella flower

Urosevic, B., 1983:
Tracheomycotic diseases in oak

Dollin, A.; Dollin, L., 1986:
Tracing Aboriginal apiculture of Australian native bees in the far north-west

Barnes, C.J.; Allison, G.B., 1988:
Tracing of water movement in the unsaturated zone using stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen

Duval, T.A.; Phillips, F.M.; Mattick, J.L., 1985:
Tracing soil-water movement with bomb chlorine-36 and tritium in an arid zone - progress report

Anonymous, 1986:
Tracing the marketing allure of calcium fortification

Robinson, D.; Gaskin, J., 1987:
Tracking for skidder extraction - on flat country

Reddy, S.E.; Majmudar, A., 1985:
Tracking phosphorus patterns in mango (Mangifera indica L.) and possible relations to floral induction

Rolland-Cachera, M.F.; Deheeger, M.; Guilloud-Bataille, M.; Avons, P.; Patois, E.; Sempé, M., 1987:
Tracking the development of adiposity from one month of age to adulthood

Cubbage, F.W.; Harris, T.G.J., 1986:
Tract size and forest-management practices: issues, literature, and implications

Brixius, W.W., 1987:
Traction prediction equations for bias ply tires

Upadhyaya, S.K.; Wulfsohn, D.; Jubbal, G., 1987:
Traction prediction equations for radial ply tires

Wulfsohn, D.; Upadhyaya, S.K., 1988:
Traction tire tests

Wulfsohn, D.; Upadhyaya, S.K.; Chancellor, W.J., 1988:
Tractive characteristics of radial ply and bias ply tyres in a California soil

Culshaw, D., 1987:
Tractive performance of a small rubber tracked vehicle

Esch, J.H.; Bashford, L.L.; Bargen, K. von, 1986:
Tractive performance of rubber belt track and four wheel drive agricultural tractors

Soltynski, A., 1986:
Tractive properties of soil measurements and evaluation based on the drawbarpull characteristics of model rigid track

Schmidt, M.; Drexl, H.J., 1986:
Tractor clutches - design and testing of clutch disc linings

Schittler, M., 1988:
Tractor diesel engines: requirements and future development

Anonymous, 1987:
Tractor economy project: conducting 13 field days for farmers

Sims, R.E.H.; Young, R.W.J.; Martin, G.A., 1988:
Tractor efficiency and fuel conservation - a New Zealand approach to farm advisory work

Skrobacki, A., 1987:
Tractor efficiency under operating conditions. Part I. Efficiency of the tractor's drive system

Skrobacki, A., 1987:
Tractor efficiency under operating conditions. Part II. Total efficiency of a tractor

Chancellor, W.J.; Smith, N.E., 1987:
Tractor engine torque transducer using governor setting and RPM

Chancellor, W.J.; Smith, N.E., 1985:
Tractor engine torque transducer using throttle position and r.p.m

Hoenderken, J.A., 1988:
Tractor guide '88

Hoenderken, J.A., 1987:
Tractor guide 87

Graham, W.D.; Gaultney, L.D.; Cullum, R.F., 1987:
Tractor instrumentation for tillage research in remote areas

Anonymous, 1987:
Tractor manufacturers offer an array of training facilities and programs

A.D.en, H.; Stuhrmann, H., 1988:
Tractor mechanisms and systems

Quick, G.R.; Parkhill, G.; Sanders, K., 1987:
Tractor operating and performance simulator

Quick, G.R.; Sanders, K., 1986:
Tractor operating performance simulator

Meiring, P.; Rennie, A.G.; Hansen, A.C.; Lyne, P.W.L., 1987:
Tractor performance improvements via power demand mapping

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Tractor performance simulation model using bond graphs

Culshaw, D., 1988:
Tractor performance testing on axle dynamometers: choice of torque settings and interpretation of results

Morris, J., 1988:
Tractor repair costs

Bertram, H., 1986:
Tractor survey II

Morgan, D., 1987:
Tractor trends aid Africa

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Tractor types - 14 features of over 140 types

Kising, A.; Gohlich, H., 1988:
Tractor tyre dynamics - Part 2: Dynamic spring rate and damping values

Kising, A.; Gohlich, H., 1988:
Tractor tyre dynamics. Part 1. Results of track and rig tests

Kramer, E., 1988:
Tractor tyres - 14 features of over 140 types

Lindberg, K., 1988:
Tractor tyres for grasslands

Anonymous, 1986:
Tractor users' evaluations and requests

Musick, J.T.; Pringle, F.B., 1986:
Tractor wheel compaction of wide-spaced irrigated furrows for reducing water application

Alcock, R., 1986:
Tractor-implement systems

Schueller, J.K.; Wall, T.M.P., 1986:
Tractorisation and the tractor industry in India

Anonymous, 1987:
Tractors '87. Models on the UK market

Anonymous, 1988:
Tractors 88. Prices and data for 664 tractor types

Pawlak, J.; Wojcicki, Z., 1986:
Tractors in Polish agriculture: the present situation and future needs

Bonny, S.; Dauce, P.; Blois, C., 1988:
Tractors on French farms

Stadler, E.; Schiess, I., 1988:
Tractors tested

Moore, M., 1987:
Trade Show

Cashdan, E., 1987:
Trade and its origins on the Botletli river, Botswana

Goreham, G.A.; Leistritz, F.L.; Rathge, R.W., 1986:
Trade and marketing patterns of North Dakota farm and ranch operators

Pinniger, S., 1987:
Trade and pricing issues of international grain marketing

Hayes, D.; Schmitz, A., 1987:
Trade and welfare effects of agricultural policies in the European Community

Dimow, A., 1987:
Trade between member countries of the CMEA in products of the agroindustrial sector

Zeeuw, A. de; Kleckner, D.R.; Harper, C.M., 1988:
Trade challenges: the international view; Trade challenges: U.S. farmers' perspective; Trade challenges: agribusiness perspective

Drews, M., 1988:
Trade classes, quality marks and trade marks: are they all needed?

Zellner, J.A., 1988:
Trade effects of US commodity programs

Tauberger, A.; Dieterici, R., 1987:
Trade fairs and exhibitions as marketing instruments; Trade fairs and exhibitions in Berlin

Green, R.; Viau, C., 1984:
Trade in agri-foodstuffs: the importance of the EC and USA

Koester, U., 1987:
Trade in agricultural products among African countries

Igue, J.O., 1987:
Trade in agricultural products on the peripheries of African countries: a methodological approach

Buttoud, G.; Hamadou, M., 1986:
Trade in forest products among developing countries

Conable, D.B., 1984:
Trade in primary agricultural commodities

Coster, R.; Keeren, A.; Maene, L.M., 1987:
Trade in sulphur containing fertilizers in Asia and the Pacific region

McCalla, A.F., 1986:
Trade issues

Ballenger, N.; Dunmore, J.; Lederer, T.H., 1987:
Trade liberalization in world farm markets

Brown, C., 1987:
Trade negotiations and international agriculture

Boonstra, E.R., 1987:
Trade of sulphur into the region

Anonymous, 1987:
Trade options for the EC Common Agricultural Policy

Foders, F., 1987:
Trade policy and the integration of developing countries in the world economy. The example of Argentina, Brazil and Jamaica

Oliveira, J. do C., 1986:
Trade policy, market distortions, and agriculture in the process of economic development: Brazil, 1950-1974

Blasco Vizcaino, C.; Gonzalez Fajardo, F., 1987:
Trade position of Andalusian food products in the Community market

Cerqueira, M. dos M.L., 1986:
Trade union movement of rural workers in Pernambuco

Pittner, K., 1987:
Trade union recreation in Czechoslovakia

Garnotel, J.; Moniot, C., 1987:
Trade unionism and book-keeping. The case of the Marne department

Alexander, J., 1987:
Trade, traders and trading in rural Java

Kroes, E.; Sheldon, R., 1987:
Trade-off analysis. Planning aid for product development in travel and tourism

Newman, M.D.; Ndoye, O.; Sow, P.A., 1988:
Tradeoffs between domestic and imported cereals in Senegal: a marketing systems perspective

Perdue, R.R., 1986:
Traders and nontraders in recreational destination choice

Ishihara, H., 1988:
Traders in periodic markets

Jonge, H. de, 1987:
Traders, entrepreneurs and economic change on the island of Madura

Dryanovska, O.A., 1987:
Tradescantia paludosa as a plant test system for mutagenicity of lead ions

Moriarty, E.J., 1988:
Trading activity and extent of commercial use of options and futures today

Abbott, P.C.; Paarlberg, P.L.; Sharples, J.A., 1986:
Trading agricultural export subsidies and social welfare

Baker, D.; Tibone, C., 1988:
Trading establishments in the Central Agricultural Region: finding on agricultural inputs and commodities trade

Perlov, D.C., 1987:
Trading for influence: the rapid social and cultural economics of livestock marketing among the highland Samburu of northern Kenya

Schrader, H., 1987:
Trading networks in the Nepal Himalayas: the case of Walongchung Gola

Dimov, A., 1987:
Trading of the COMECON countries in commodities produced by the agroindustrial complexes of each nation

Anonymous, 1987:
Trading places: the restructuring of the West European nitrogen fertilizer industry

Faulhaber Barbosa, P., 1986:
Tradition and change in the Middle Solimoes. Social structure and territorial claims

Sams, B.F., 1987:
Tradition and modernity in a Lao Song village of Central Thailand

G.Konu, E.Y., 1983:
Tradition and modernity: modernization of agriculture up against rural change in black Africa. The example of Togo. (3 volumes)

Assier Andrieu, L., 1987:
Tradition and transition: the law and its practice in rural Europe

Anonymous, 1986:
Tradition, break, modernity in the livestock farming systems in France

Rahman, M., 1986:
Tradition, development, and the individual: a study of conflicts and supports to family planning in rural Bangladesh

Heaven, M., 1986:
Traditional Aboriginal language program

Hinzen, H., 1987:
Traditional African pedagogy and adult education: a puzzle from Sierra Leone

Larsson, A., 1985:
Traditional Tswawa housing

Lebigre, J.M., 1987:
Traditional activities in a tropical coastal area: the Tsiribihina Delta, Madagascar

Nindi, B.C., 1986:
Traditional agricultural extension system in Tanzania: a critical analysis

Padoch, C.; Jong, W. de, 1987:
Traditional agroforestry practices of native and ribereno farmers in the lowland Peruvian Amazon

Whistler, W.A., 1985:
Traditional and herbal medicine in the Cook Islands

Yoshioka, C., 1986:
Traditional and non-traditional family social groups and determinants of recreational behaviour

Edirisinghe, J.S., 1987:
Traditional anti-malarials - Sri Lankan experience

Xiao, P.G.; Fu, S.L., 1986:
Traditional antiparasitic drugs in China

Garcia, L.E.; Gasma, M.G.H., 1986:
Traditional beekeeping in Kubbum, Sudan

Edouard, L.; Foo Gregory, C.L.H., 1985:
Traditional birth practices: an annotated bibliography

Laborie, G., 1987:
Traditional bread-making, industrial quality

Mathur, B.; Hashizume, K.; Musumi, S.; Nakazawa, Y.; Watanabe, T., 1986:
Traditional cheese 'paneer' in India and soyabean food 'tofu' in Japan

Hvitfeldt, C., 1986:
Traditional culture, perceptual style and learning: the classroom behaviour of Hmong adults

Kambe, M., 1986:
Traditional cultured milks of the world

Brennan, B., 1987:
Traditional education a Pacific view

Bangura, M.S., 1987:
Traditional education among the Limba

Msimuko, A.K., 1987:
Traditional education in pre-colonial Zambia

Rwezaura, B.A., 1985:
Traditional family law and change in Tanzania. A study of the Kuria social system

A.M.shhadi, A.S.; Saadi, S.R.; Ismail, A.; Salji, J.P., 1987:
Traditional fermented dairy products in Saudi Arabia

Hoff, W.; Shapiro, G., 1986:
Traditional healers in Swaziland

Sivini, G., 1984:
Traditional livestock breeding and development projects in Africa: pastoral strategies and the failure of the Masai Project

Mohapatra, P., 1986:
Traditional marine fishing crafts and gear of Orissa

Hamburger, M.O.; Cordell, G.A.; Tantivatana, P.; Ruangrungsi, N., 1987:
Traditional medicinal plants of Thailand, VIII. Isoflavonoids of Dalbergia candenatensis

Holdsworth, D., 1987:
Traditional medicinal plants of the Central Province of Papua New Guinea. Part III

Manandhar, N.P., 1987:
Traditional medicinal plants used by tribals of Lamjung district, Nepal

Fassin, D.; Fassin, E., 1988:
Traditional medicine and the stakes of legitimation in Senegal

Pataki-Schweizer, K.J., 1985:
Traditional medicine: institutional perceptions and cultural realities

Aggor, R.A.; Akwayena, C., 1987:
Traditional methods of educating the chief in a Ghanaian community

Anonymous, 1987:
Traditional methods versus the silo in the storage of grain

Fordeyn, D.K.M.; Chaiwut, R.; Tips, W.E.J., 1987:
Traditional preserved foods in Thailand and their significance for nutrition intervention: a preliminary assessment

Cohen, R., 1986:
Traditional social formations

Skowronek, A., 1983:
Traditional soil classification systems and problems of correlation

Brasher, K., 1986:
Traditional versus commercial values in sport: the case of tennis

Kandarakis, J.G., 1986:
Traditional whey cheeses

Hein, W.R.; Shelton, J.N.; Simpson-Morgan, M.W.; Morris, B., 1988:
Traffic and proliferative responses of recirculating lymphocytes in fetal calves

Kayambo, B.; Lal, R.; Mrema, G.C., 1986:
Traffic-induced compaction in maize, cowpea and soya bean production on a tropical Alfisol after ploughing and no-tillage: Crop growth

Anonymous, 1987:
Traffic: 900 million. World air travel and an analysis and comparison of each airline's results

Muller, L.; Tille, P., 1986:
Trafficability of alluvial clay soils as dependent on water regime and substrate conditions

Quinquarlet, J.M., 1987:
Tragus racemosus. A new intruder in the Cotes du Rhone

Anonymous, 1984:
Trail bicycling: an activity profile

Owen, G.M., 1987:
Trailed equipment stability on slopes: problems and solutions

Worrall, J.L., 1987:
Trailer mounted sprayer for use on forested slopes

Wagtendonk, J.W. van; Coho, P.R., 1986:
Trailhead quotas. Rationing use to keep wilderness wild

Mason, S.R., 1986:
Training Hmong women: for marginal work or entry into the mainstream

Ende, B. van den; Jerie, P.H.; Chalmers, D.J., 1986:
Training Sultana vines on the Tatura trellis for early and high production

Soghairoun, A.Z., 1986:
Training adult education in Arab countries

Fordham, P., 1988:
Training adult educators from Africa: a report from the UK

Dunne, P.; Sanders, M.R., 1986:
Training adults with intellectual disabilities to use leisure activities in an institutional setting

Olugbemi, L.B., 1986:
Training agricultural engineers and technicians in Nigeria

Nygaard, D.F. et al., 1985:
Training agricultural scientists for Southern Africa: Southern African Development Coordination Conference; submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Harare, Zimbabwe

Anonymous, 1987:
Training and manpower resources development. Report from a seminar held in Blantyre, Malawi, October 5-11, 1986

Bellini, E., 1987:
Training and pruning systems for pear trees

Gramlich, K., 1988:
Training and research in food technology at the Technical University of Kothen

Aldunate, A. et al., 1986:
Training and self diagnosis: the experience of a health group in a settlement of scabies-infected families

Jaramillo Panesso, R., 1988:
Training and tourism in the year 2000

Gopaldas, T.; Patel, J.; Nanavathy, K.; Patel, U.; Kantak, S.; Mehta, P.; Trivedi, N., 1986:
Training and trainer in relevant and specific nutrition-health education: development of a low-cost and effective communication model

Ahmedullah, M., 1987:
Training and trellising grapes for production in Washington

Benor, D., 1987:
Training and visit extension: back to basics

Desai, G.R.; Reddy, M.R., 1987:
Training efficiency index: an evaluation methodology for training

Hjelm, L.; Gustafsson, O.; Ockerman, T., 1988:
Training for agricultural development

Malamah Thomas, D.H., 1988:
Training for development through theatre - the Sierra Leone experience

Joshi, N.C.; Ingle, N.S., 1986:
Training for effective communication on IPM technology

Fiah, S., 1987:
Training for rural development: the Gambia experience

Turrell, R.P.J., 1987:
Training for small-scale and rural water supply projects: an overview

Anonymous, 1987:
Training for tourism

Hill, S.B.; MacRae, R., 1988:
Training in ecological agriculture: a new course at Macdonald

Anonymous, 1987:
Training in information systems for local and regional planning

Anonymous, 1988:
Training in parasitology in Europe

Yohalem, D., 1984:
Training in rainwater catchment for SANRU-86 village health workers and Peace Corps volunteers

Dam, C.J.H.M. van, 1986:
Training in the management of development organizations and their activities in Africa. A preliminary directory on training and upgrading facilities in the management of development organizations and their programmes and projects in Africa

Ferre, G.; Blanc, R.; Villeneuve, F., 1987:
Training in the orchard

Feist, I., 1987:
Training in well construction

Anonymous, 1982:
Training manual on food irradiation technology and techniques

Rhodes, F., 1986:
Training methods and materials for refugee settlement officers

Sheldon, P.J.; Gee, C.Y., 1987:
Training needs assessment in the travel industry

Lenahan, J.K., 1985:
Training needs in an East Coast Fever immunization programme

Huddleston, B., 1986:
Training needs of mid-level food policy managers in sub-Saharan Africa

Akinpelu, J.A., 1986:
Training of adult educators in Africa

Ellis, P., 1986:
Training of adult educators in the Caribbean

Ebert, A.; Raasch, Z.S., 1988:
Training of apple trees under low and high density

Martin, A.G.; Blessing, M.A.; Jordan, T.N., 1985:
Training of commercial pesticide applicators for certification in Indiana

Titus, A.A., 1987:
Training of community operators in operations and maintenance for rural potable water systems in Bolivia

Puhan, Z., 1986:
Training of dairy technologists in Switzerland

Specht, H.; Steinbach, K.; Kunis, J., 1988:
Training of engineers for the food industry at the Technical University of Kothen

Atchoarena, D.; Maynie, P.L., 1987:
Training of entrepreneurs and promoting small-scale economic activities on small islands: the case of St. Lucia

Szende, P., 1987:
Training of hotel staff in Switzerland

Anonymous, 1984:
Training of middle-level supervisors in IRD in Thailand: training report

Anonymous, 1983:
Training of middle-level supervisors on IRD in Bangladesh: training report

Pick, L.H.; Yu, E., 1986:
Training of trainers in Southeast Asia

Edwards, D.B., 1987:
Training of trainers in operations and maintenance for rural potable water systems in Bolivia

Jennings, H.L.; Hanson, W.R., 1986:
Training of trainers workshop II and training materials development for the water and sanitation component of SANRU II

Jennings, H.L.; Prins, A., 1987:
Training of trainers workshop III and training materials development for the water and sanitation component of Sanru II

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Training the trainers: effective instruction in crop protection

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Training tomorrow's hotel managers in China

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Training weed scientists for extension

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Training weed scientists for industry

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Training weed scientists for research

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Training weed scientists for teaching

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Training, further education and certification of wood preservation technical specialists

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Training: a constant responsibility

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Tramping as an alternative form of international tourism of young Poles

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Trangie Fleece Measurement Service - a major contributor to objective measurement in the NSW Merino industry

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trans-acting regulation of bovine leukemia virus mRNA processing

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Trans-Atlantic air travel

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Transcription and splicing

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Transcription factors as oncogenes

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Transcription study of the genes encoded in the region of the junction between the large single copy and the inverted repeat A of spinach chloroplast DNA

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Transcripts of Tla genes

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Transepithelial transport of glutathione in vascularly perfused small intestine of rat

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Transesterified curcas oil as a farm diesel engine fuel

Ishii, Y.; Takeuchi, R., 1987:
Transesterified curcas oil blends for farm diesel engines

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Transfer and expression of agriculturally useful genes in plants: status and prospects

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Transfer and occurrence of large mercury resistance plasmids in river epilithon

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Transfer from long to short days reduces the frequency of pulsatile luteinizing hormone release in intact but not in castrated male golden hamsters

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Transfer from soil to plants of 106Ru as nitrosyl and as chloride

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Transfer in vitro of Hly, Ent and K88 (F4) markers between E. coli strains isolated from pigs

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Transfer of 131I and 95mTc from pasture to goat milk

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Transfer of Micropolyspora rectivirgula (Krassilnikov and Agre 1964) Lechevalier, Lechevalier and Becker 1966 to Faenia gen. nov

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Transfer of T-cell receptor genes into cloned T cells and fertilized mouse eggs

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Transfer of cholesterol and its metabolites between adult male and female worms of Schistosoma mansoni

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Transfer of a ten-member genomic library to plants using Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Transfer of a variant allele (Adh-A1b) of alcohol dehydrogenase isozyme gene from durum to aestivum wheat

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Transfer of acid tropical soil management technology

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Transfer of aged Pu to cattle grazing on a contaminated environment

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Transfer of agrotechnology at farm level by increasing fertilizer use and agricultural production

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Transfer of amphotericin B from gel state vesicles to mycoplasma cells: biphasic action on potassium transport and permeability

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Transfer of antibiotics from treated to untreated mammary quarters during the first week of the dry period

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Transfer of antibiotics into maternal milk

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Transfer of beta -carotene into colostrum in the cow

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Transfer of cattle embryos

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Transfer of chemicals from soil solution to surface runoff: a diffusion-based soil model

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Transfer of cinnabar moth, Tyria jacobaeae, in eastern Canada for control of tansy ragwort, Senecio jacobaea

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Transfer of common blight (Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli) resistance from Phaseolus coccineus Lam. to P. vulgaris L. through interspecific hybridization

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Transfer of degradative capabilities. Bacillus megaterium to Bacillus subtilis by plasmid transfer techniques

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Transfer of embryos in the German Democratic Republic

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Transfer of environmental radioactive contaminants (125I, 134Cs, 58Co, 54Mn, 59Fe) from the soil to the forage and the milk

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Transfer of foreign genes into alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cells by microinjection

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Transfer of frozen bovine embryos: comparison of three methods of eliminating the cryoprotector

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Transfer of functional immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody into the gastrointestinal tract accounts for IgG clearance in calves

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Transfer of genes for resistance to beet cyst nematode from wild species of section Patellares (genus Beta) to cultivated beet

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Transfer of genetic information for nitrogen fixation from E. coli to soil bacteria

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Transfer of genetic material to cultivated barley from alien species through callus culture (preliminary results)

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Transfer of genome D from bread wheat to durum wheat

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Transfer of granulomatous inflammation with nonviable preparations of schistosome granulomas in naive mice

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Transfer of horse embryos in Costa Rica

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Transfer of immunity to the premature infant via mother's milk

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Transfer of isoproturon resistance from Triticum monococcum to T. durum

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Transfer of levonorgestrel (LNG) administered through different drug delivery systems from the maternal circulation into the newborn infant's circulation via breast milk

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Transfer of maternal food proteins in milk

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Transfer of mineral nitrogen in cold soils: in situ assay using isotopic tracers

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Transfer of molecules from ejaculate to females in Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila pseudoobscura

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Transfer of organochlorine residues from blubber through the circulatory system to milk in the lactating grey seal Halichoerus grypus

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Transfer of Plasmids between Bacillus subtilis and Streptococcus lactis

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Transfer of plasmids pBC 16 and pC 194 into Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

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Transfer of radioactive contamination from milk to commercial dairy products

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Transfer of radioactivity from feeds to the meat of slaughter animals. 1. Transfer factor model

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Transfer of radionuclides from forage plants into milk

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Transfer of radionuclides in cereals

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Transfer of radionuclides to the milk of cows reared in different environmental conditions

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Transfer of regeneration capacity from Lycopersicon peruvianum to L. esculentum by protoplast fusion

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Transfer of resistance to beet cyst nematode to swede rape via interspecific crosses with related species

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Transfer of resistance to potato virus Y from Nicotiana benavidesii Goodspeed to N. tabacum L

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Transfer of soyabean leghaemoglobins to other leguminous plants

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Transfer of systems analysis and simulation in agriculture to developing countries

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Transfer of technology for increasing yields of rainfed rice in Eastern India

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Transfer of the metallothionein-human growth hormone fusion gene into channel catfish

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Transfer of tuberculin immunity from mother to infant

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Transfer processes in plant canopies in relation to stomatal characteristics

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Transfer rates of U.S. rural land

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Transfer results with cattle embryos in Nuckel/Bremerhaven in 1983/84

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Transferability of lysimeter results to actual field situations

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Transferability of lysogeny in group N streptococci, and comparison of lysogenic and alysogenic strain variants from a dairy viewpoint

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Transferable embryo recovery rates following different insemination schedules in superovulated beef cattle

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Transference of Booroola embryos into Coopworth ewes

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Transferrin types and their relationship with milk production in camels

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Transferrin types in Shkodra sheep

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Transferring a model of higher technical education from Quebec to Senegal: the case of the ecole Polytechnique de Thies

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Transferring alien genes to wheat

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Transferring small-farm equipment technology between nations: RNAM's experiences

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Transferring soil conservation technology to farmers

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Transferrins and defence against infection

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Transfixing corneal allografts in dogs and cats

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Transformation and availability of zinc in alkali soils

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Transformation and distribution of nitrogen forms under waterlogging in some soils from Iraq

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Transformation and movement of zinc in an alkali soil and their influence on the yield and uptake of zinc by rice and wheat crops

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Transformation and translocation of 2,4-D in the tissues of Tartary buckwheat

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Transformation and utilization of 15N-nitrogen by winter wheat depending on application dates

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Transformation as a possible reason for the transfer of heritable information by regular apomicts of Fragaria following their pollination with pollen irradiated with heavy radiation doses

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Transformation flows of plant material in livestock production

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Transformation in agriculture and rural development

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Transformation in the forage legumes

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Transformation of 15N-labelled urea in rice-wheat cropping system

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Transformation of Lactobacillus casei by electroporation

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Transformation of N, P and organic matter during paddy straw decomposition with and without rock phosphate

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Transformation of Punjab agriculture

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Transformation of Trypanosoma cruzi trypomastigote bloodstream forms by immune IgM and its Fab micro fragment into activators of the alternative complement pathway

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Transformation of a natural focus of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis under the influence of agricultural development of virgin lands in the Golodnaya Steppe

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Transformation of ammonium radicals from liquid ammonia in soils

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Transformation of applied potassium in relation to its availability in calcareous soil

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Transformation of avian lymphoid cells by reticuloendotheliosis virus

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Transformation of cabbage by a binary vector in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Transformation of calcium cyanamide and its inhibitory effect on urea nitrification in some tropical soils

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Transformation of calcium sulfate to the dihydrate

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Transformation of cellulose in liquid cultures by microorganisms isolated from three Spanish soils

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Transformation of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and regeneration of transgenic plants

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Transformation of cowpea Vigna unguiculata with a full-length DNA copy of cowpea mosaic virus M-RNA

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Transformation of cultivated alfalfa using disarmed Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Transformation of cultivated tomato by a binary vector in Agrobacterium rhizogenes: transgenic plants with normal phenotypes harbor binary vector T-DNA, but no Ri-plasmid T-DNA

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Transformation of different nitrogenous fertilisers in predominantly sodic soil and their efficacy in wetland rice culture

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Transformation of essential oils and monoterpenes of conifers by larvae of the Siberian silk moth Dendrolimus superans sibiricus Tschtvrk. (Lasiocampidae, Lepidoptera)

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Transformation of human colostrum lymphocytes with Epstein-Barr virus and the production of IgA in culture

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Transformation of isoprenoids by orchids in tissue culture

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Transformation of leaf blades of cotton (Gossypium arboreum) by means of a binary vector system

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Transformation of minerals in soil-forming rocks of Geyser Valley

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Transformation of peripheral lymphocytes in calves immunized and infected with Chlamydia

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Transformation of phenoxyacetic acid and chlortoluron in wheat, barren brome, cleavers and speedwell. Effects of an inactivator of monooxygenases

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Transformation of poorly-crystalline oxides during boiling with NaOH to concentrate iron oxides from soils

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Transformation of purine nucleotides in soils

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Transformation of raw plant material by anaerobic microorganisms

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Transformation of rural poor through Lab to Land Programme - a factual appraisal

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Transformation of soybean protoplasts from permanent suspension cultures by cocultivation with cells of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Transformation of sugarcane protoplasts by direct uptake of a selectable chimaeric gene

Foresta, R.A., 1987:
Transformation of the Appalachian Trail

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Transformation of the Fusarium mycotoxin zearalenone in maize cell suspension cultures

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Transformation of the agrarian structure in Ecuador with specific reference to the Province of Chimborazo

Anonymous, 1984:
Transformation of the agricultural landscape in Indonesia. Interim reports of the project Transformation of the agricultural landscape in tropical archipelagos

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Transformation of the biocoenose of a drainage lake under the effect of treated wastewaters of a pig farm

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Transformation of the forage legume Trifolium repens L. using binary Agrobacterium vectors

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Transformation of the mineral mass in a sandy podzol profile

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Transformation of the monocot Dioscorea opposita using Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Transformation of toluene and benzene by mixed methanogenic cultures

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Transformation of zinc fractions in rice soils

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Transformation of zinc in soils under submerged condition and its relation with zinc nutrition of rice

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Transformation systems in a ferrallitic mantle in French Guiana. Structural analysis and representation

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Transformation systems in pedology

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Transformations and fate of sheep urine-N applied to an upland U.K. pasture at different times during the growing season

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Transformations and movement of P in the rhizosphere

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Transformations brought about by industry in the peasant way of life. In: People's participation in development in Black Africa

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Transformations of lactose of industrial interest

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Transformations of nitrogen fertilizers in soil

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Transformations of nitrogen in a Pinus radiata forest soil flood irrigated with treated domestic effluent

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Transformations of organic and inorganic sulfur: importance to sulfate flux in an Adirondack forest soil

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Transformations of organic matter solubilized by anhydrous ammonia

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Transformations of phosphorus during incubation of Galacian soils

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Transformations of rainfall by plant canopy

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Transformations of sites and soils on an agricultural experimental area

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Transformations of some nitrogen compounds in argiudol soils under maize cultivation

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Transformations of the acylglycerols in comb construction by honeybees

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Transformations of the organisation of schists in Galicia, Spain, during weathering and pedogenesis

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Transformed callus does not necessarily regenerate transformed shoots

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Transformed phenotype and in vitro flower neoformation in tobacco hairy root regenerants

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Transforming China's collective health care system: a village study

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Transforming China's economy in the eighties. Volume I: the rural sector, welfare and employment

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Transforming education: the Zimbabwean experience

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Transforming genes of canine adenovirus type 2

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Transforming growth factor beta and follicle-stimulating hormone promote rat granulosa cell proliferation

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Transforming rural livelihoods. A search for Asian alternatives

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Transfusion tissue in gymnosperm leaves

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Transfusion-associated HIV infection: epidemiology, prevention and public policy

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Transgenes as molecular probes for genomic imprinting

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Transgenic animals

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Transgenic animals

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Transgenic animals secreting desired proteins into milk

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Transgenic livestock

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Transgenic mammals: a study of the phenotypic effects of the human growth hormone gene when introduced into animals

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Transgenic mice in immunological research

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Transgenic mice with immunoglobulin genes

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Transgenic mice with increased Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase activity: animal model of dosage effects in Down syndrome

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Transgenic mice: gene transfer into the germ line

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Transgenic plants

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Transgenic plants of Brassica napus L

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Transgenic poultry: theory and practice

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Transgenic rabbits with a gene for antisense RNA for the E1A region of adenovirus Adh5

Gannon, F., 1986:

Keparutis, A.; Keparutiene, L., 1985:
Transgression in strawberry (Fragaria X ananassa) hybrids

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Transgression in turnip rape (Brassica campestris L.)

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Transgressive segregation in a three-way cross F2 in forage sorghum

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Transgressive selection for fibre length

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Transgressive variation following interspecific hybridization

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Transgressive variation in intermutant hybrids of wheat

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Transgressive variation in some quantitative characters in tobacco following backcrosses

Anonymous, 1987:
Transhipment in Western Europe

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Transient abrogation of immunosuppression in a patient with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis following vaccination with Candida albicans

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Transient and stable expression of the firefly luciferase gene in plant cells and transgenic plants

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Transient appearance of lectin receptors on homologous and heterologous strains of Rhizobium capable of nodulating pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Transient development and function of rabbit corpora lutea after hypophysectomy

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Transient development planning: the Bandama Valley Authority in Central Ivory Coast (1969-80)

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Transient dielectric properties of wheat associated with nonequilibrium kernel moisture conditions

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Transient expression of chimaeric genes in dividing and non-dividing cereal protoplasts after PEG-induced DNA uptake

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Transient expression of foreign genes in rice, wheat and soybean cells following particle bombardment

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Transient facilitation and inhibition of sexual reflexes in female hamsters

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Transient increase in prolactin secretion following hypothalamo-pituitary disconnection in ewes during anoestrus and the breeding season

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Transient juvenile hypoglycaemia in a Yorkshire terrier and in a Chihuahua

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Transient legitimacy: village administration in the Minahasa

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Transient removal of dopamine potentiates the stimulation of prolactin release by TRH but not VIP: stimulation via Ca2+/protein kinase C pathway

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Transient response of forests to CO2-induced climate change: simulation modeling experiments in eastern North America

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Transient shortening of estrous cycles in aging C57BL/6J mice: effects of spontaneous pseudopregnancy, progesterone, L-dihydroxyphenylalanine, and hydergine

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Transient soil erosion and evaporation palliative composition and method

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Transit losses and quality of tomatoes in long-distance transport

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Transition from heathland to grassland initiated by the heather beetle

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Transition in agriculture: a strategic assessment of agriculture and banking

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Transition into the breeding season: clues to the mechanisms of seasonality

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Transition matrix models of succession in a stand of mixed broadleaved-Pinus koraiensis forest in Changbaishan, Kirin province, north-east China

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Transition to freehold in the South African reserves

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Transitional changes in arachidonic acid metabolism by bovine embryos at different developmental stages

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Transitional measures and political support for food price policy reform

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Transitional vermiculite-smectite phases in Aqualfs of southwestern Ohio

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Transitions in health status: implications for dietary recommendations

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Transitory changes of hormones in the plasma of parturient pony mares

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Transjugular liver biopsy in the dog

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Transkei: structural problems of an agrarian country on the periphery of South Africa

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Transketolase abnormality in cultured fibroblasts from familial chronic alcoholic men and their male offspring

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Translation arrest of potato virus X RNA in Krebs-2 cell-free system: RNase H cleavage promoted by complementary oligodeoxynucleotides

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Translation of dietary recommendations into food selection: a dietitian's viewpoint

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Translation products of mRNA from infective larvae of Trichinella spiralis include an antigenic polypeptide

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Translational diffusion coefficient of tobacco mosaic virus particles

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Translocation 1-29 in cattle: its distribution, effects and eradication

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Translocation 1/29 in a Maremma bull

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Translocation and breakdown of 14C-labeled paclobutrazol in 'Nemaguard' peach seedlings

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Translocation and distribution of 15N-urea applied to spur leaves of apple trees in late autumn

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Translocation and distribution of 32P, 35S and 14C-glucose in hybrid rices and their parents

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Translocation and distribution of photosynthates in tomato plants

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Translocation and function of zinc in roots

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Translocation of 14C assimilates from the flag leaf of various wheat species

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Translocation of 14C-L-proline to stems and roots in citrus trees (Citrus unshiu Marc.) in late fall

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Translocation of 14C-assimilates from leaves of strawberry plants in vegetative stage as affected by leaf age and leaf position

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Translocation of 14C-urea in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Translocation of 32P absorbed by the roots of sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) to the bud

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Translocation of N'Dama cattle from Gambia to Nigeria: the lessons of a case study

Anonymous, 1986:
Translocation of assimilates in plants and features of sugar accumulation

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Translocation of assimilates within and between potato stems

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Translocation of auxins as affected by acifluorfen

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Translocation of benomyl in the pineapple inflorescence

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Translocation of foliar-applied urea 15N to reproductive and vegetative sinks of avocado and its effect on initial fruit set

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Translocation of glyphosate in strawberry stolons

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Translocation of labelled compounds from leaves into shoots and fruits and their conversion in peach trees

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Translocation of labelled nitrogen in oilseed rape

Akama, A., 1986:
Translocation of nitrogen absorbed by Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) seedlings during the growing season

Chisnell, J.R.; Bandurski, R.S.; Bandurski, R.S., 1988:
Translocation of radiolabeled indole-3-acetic acid and indole-3-acetyl-myo-inositol from kernel to shoot of Zea mays L

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Translocation of solutes in fungi

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Translocation pattern of assimilates in Indian mustard

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Translocation to the ovule and female sterility in peach

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Translocations of the A-B type and their use in locating genes in maize

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Translucency - some causative factors

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Transmissible antibiotic resistance in strains of Escherichia coli isolated from the ovine rumen

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Transmissible gastroenteritis

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Transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) in Switzerland: antibody persistence after infection and seroepidemiological studies on the importance of the TGE virus as cause of diarrhoea

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Transmissible gastroenteritis in endemically infected breeding herds of pigs in East Anglia, 1981-85

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Transmissible gastroenteritis virus: genome and messenger RNA sequence

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Transmission and control of leptospiral infection in a beef cattle herd in southern alberta

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Transmission and in vitro excretion of bluetongue virus serotype 1 by inoculated Culicoides brevitarsis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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Transmission and some properties of rice gall dwarf virus

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Transmission and vectors

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Transmission characteristics of the beet leafhopper transmitted virescence agent

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Transmission electron microscopic evidence of the wood degrading activity of actinomycete-like organisms

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Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in mycology and its use in the cytochemical localization of fungal polyscaccharides

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Transmission experiments of strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRV) by Xiphinema diversicaudatum (Micoletzky)

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Transmission of Babesia ovis by Rhipicephalus turanicus and Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum

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Transmission of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner et Buhrer) Nickle (Nematoda, Aphelenchoididae) by Monochamus saltuarius (Gebler) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

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Transmission of Fusarium graminearum from seed to stems of winter wheat

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Transmission of HIV by blood from seronegative donors

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Transmission of HIV in Belle Glade, Florida: lessons for other communities in the United States

Kiszewski, A.E.; Cupp, E.W., 1986:
Transmission of Leucocytozoon smithi (Sporozoa: Leucocytozoidae) by black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in New York, USA

Magomedov, O.A., 1986:
Transmission of Nematodirus infection to lambs in experimental conditions

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Transmission of Plasmodium simium to Aotus nancymai, A. vociferans, A. azarae boliviensis, and Saimiri sciureus boliviensis monkeys

Tripathy, S.B.; Das, P.K., 1987:
Transmission of Stephanofilaria assamensis Pande, 1936 in cattle

Yvore, P.; Esnault, A., 1986:
Transmission of Strongyloides papillosus to kids through the milk of their dams

Bose, R., 1986:
Transmission of Trypanosoma (Megatrypanum) parasites by Tabanidae

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Transmission of Vibrio cholerae. Potential role of the dromedary

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Transmission of deoxynivalenol to eggs following oral administration to laying hens

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Transmission of a citrus-infecting strain of Spiroplasma citri to horseradish

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Transmission of adult T-cell leukemia retrovirus (HTLV-I) from mother to child: comparison of bottle- with breast-fed babies

Bellardi, M.G.; Tacconi, R., 1987:
Transmission of arabis mosaic virus (AMV) to Gladiolus by Xiphinema diversicaudatum

Martin, W.R.; Jr.; Sterling, WL.; Kenerley, CM.; Morgan, PW., 1988:
Transmission of bacterial blight of cotton, Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum, by feeding of the cotton fleahopper: implications for stress ethylene-induced square loss in cotton

Tsiantos, J., 1987:
Transmission of bacterium Corynebacterium michiganense pv. michiganense by seeds

Jess, S.; Mowat, DJ., 1986:
Transmission of barley yellow dwarf virus by larvae of frit fly, Oscinella frit (L.), and the effects of sward-killing herbicides on transmission

Fraser, H.; McConnell, I.; Wells, G.A.; Dawson, M., 1988:
Transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy to mice

Meyling, A.; Jensen, A.M., 1988:
Transmission of bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV) by artificial insemination (AI) with semen from a persistently-infected bull

Mateva, V.; Arnaudov, C.; Milanov, M.; Angelow, A., 1987:
Transmission of enzootic bovine leukosis in cows and their descendents by semen during artificial insemination

Deinhardt, F., 1986:
Transmission of hepatitis or LAV/HTLV III viruses by mosquitoes?

Park, C.L.; Streicher, H.; Rothberg, R., 1987:
Transmission of human immunodeficiency virus from parents to only one dizygotic twin

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Transmission of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus from carrier striped bass to brook trout

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Transmission of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus in striped bass, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum)

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Transmission of isolates of tomato aspermy virus and cucumber mosaic virus by aphid species

Marwitz, R.; Kuhbandner, B.; Petzold, H., 1987:
Transmission of mycoplasma-like organisms (MLO) from witches' broom diseased bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) to Catharanthus roseus with the aid of Cuscuta

Ludington, D.C.; Pellerin, R.A.; Aneshansley, D.J.; Gorewit, R.C., 1987:
Transmission of neutral/earth current in dairy barns

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Transmission of parasites by haematophagous vectors: a wealth of adaptative phenomena

Rychtarik, J., 1986:
Transmission of qualitative characters of the winter wheat cultivar Kosutka to the progeny

Allen, W.R.; Ebsary, B.A., 1988:
Transmission of raspberry ringspot, tomato black ring, and peach rosette mosaic viruses by an Ontario population of Longidorus elongatus

Hirao, J.; Oya, S.; Inoue, H., 1987:
Transmission of rice grassy stunt virus (RGSV) by the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens Stal (Hemiptera: Delphacidae)

Peters, F.; Neukirch, M., 1986:
Transmission of some fish pathogenic viruses by the heron, Ardea cinerea

Pair, J.C.; Crowe, F.J.; Willis, W.G., 1986:
Transmission of spring dead spot disease of bermudagrass by turf/soil cores

Petrov, D.F.; Belousova, N.I.; Fokina, E.S., 1985:
Transmission of the capacity for regular apomictic reproduction from Tripsacum to maize

Davydenko, O.G., 1985:
Transmission of the male sterility character to Saratov-bred wheat varieties

E.N.gar, S.; Tawfik, M.F.S.; Rahman, T.A.del, 1982:
Transmission of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) disease of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) via egg and pupal exposure to the virus

Kryczynski S.; Paduch Cichal E.; Skrzeczkowski L.J., 1988:
Transmission of three viroids through seed and pollen of tomato plants

Sdoodee, R.; Teakle, D.S., 1987:
Transmission of tobacco streak virus by Thrips tabaci: a new method of plant virus transmission

Georgi, L.L., 1988:
Transmission of Tomato Ringspot Virus by Xiphinema americanum and X. rivesi from New York Apple Orchards

Liu, B.H.; Yang, L., 1987:
Transmission of univalent 4D and 4E

Nath, P.S.; Khan, M.A.; Chowdhury, A.K., 1986:
Transmission of urd bean (Vigna mungo (L) Hepper) leaf crinkle virus by Lipaphis erysime and Hysteroneura setariae

Wilkins, H.A.; Blumenthal, U.J.; Hagan, P.; Hodgson, J.; Menon, A., 1986:
Transmission of urinary schistosomiasis in manmade habitats in The Gambia

Pelsmaeker, M. de; Coomans, A., 1986:
Transmission of viruses by nematodes

Pass, R.F., 1986:
Transmission of viruses through human milk

Eden Green, S.J.; Balfas, R.; Jamalius, 1987:
Transmission of xylem-limited bacteria causing Sumatra disease of cloves in Indonesia by tube-building cercopids, Hindola spp. (Homoptera: Machaerotidae)

Massad, E., 1987:
Transmission rates and the evolution of pathogenicity

Mutugi, J.J., 1987:
Transmission studies of a pathogenic strain of Theileria mutans

Malathi, V.G.; Nair, N.G.; Bala Nambisan, 1986:
Transmission, identification and serodiagnosis of cassava mosaic disease in India

Manohar, M., 1987:
Transmural coronary vasodilator reserve and flow distribution during maximal exercise in normal and splenectomized ponies

Espiritu, C., 1986:
Transnational agribusiness and plantation agriculture: the Philippine experience

Espiritu, C., 1986:
Transnational agribusiness in the Third World

Kowalewski, D., 1987:
Transnational corporations and Asian aquaculturalists

Norman P.Girvan, 1987:
Transnational corporations and non-fuel primary commodities in developing countries

Contreras, A., 1987:
Transnational corporations in the forest-based sector of developing countries

Vergopoulos, K., 1984:
Transnational food policy

Khaire, V.M.; Ajri, D.S., 1986:
Transovarial and transoval transmission of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Heliothis armigera (Hub.)

Soman, R.S.; Mourya, D.T.; Mishra, A.C., 1986:
Transovarial transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus in Culex vishnui mosquitoes

Press M.C.; Graves J.D.; Stewart G.R., 1988:
Transpiration and carbon acquisition in root hemiparasitic angiosperms

Alvino, A.; Leone, A.; Zerbi, G., 1986:
Transpiration and photosynthetic capacity of leaf pea mutants under water stress conditions

Lenz, F.; Huch, B., 1986:
Transpiration and stomatal resistance of kohlrabi leaves depending on leaf age and CO2 concentration

Xu, L.R.; Lin, B.H.; Wang, J.G., 1985:
Transpiration intensity of alfalfa and its effect in yield

Morikawa, Y.; Hattori, S.; Kiyono, Y., 1986:
Transpiration of a 31-year-old Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl. stand before and after thinning

Stanghellini, C., 1987:
Transpiration of greenhouse crops: an aid to climate management

Bityukov, N.A.; Stasyuk, L.K., 1986:
Transpiration of the herbaceous layer on felled areas in beech forests

Dubravec, K.; Dubravec, I., 1987:
Transpiration of the leaves in some peach varieties

Eguchi, H.; Kitano, M., 1986:
Transpiration responding to light conditions in controlled environments - effect of infrared radiation

Ries, W.R., 1985:
Transpiration, CO2 gas exchange and dry matter production in different grape varieties with a high water supply

Leng, J.J.; Mbanzulu, P.N.; Akbaraly, J.P.; Albin, H.; Guibert, S.; Gravier, J., 1987:
Transplacental pharmacokinetics of chloroquine sulphate

Esernio Jenssen, D.; Scimeca, P.G.; Benach, J.L.; Tenenbaum, M.J., 1987:
Transplacental/perinatal babesiosis

Daminov, B., 1987:
Transplantation of cultured embryos in sheep

Pandey, R.M.; Rajeevan, M.S., 1987:
Transplantation of papaya (Carica papaya L.) plants produced through tissue culture

John, M.V.; Nadakal, A.M., 1987:
Transplantation of the nymphs of Kiricephalus pattoni (Stephens, 1908) Sambon, 1922 into challenging habitat

Khondaker, N.A.; Ullah, M.M., 1987:
Transplanted aman-potato-maize cropping pattern in Bangladesh

Brunschon Hellmich, E., 1987:
Transplanted infection with Toxocara canis Werner 1782 (Anisakidae) in adult dogs (Beagles)

Yonts, C.D.; Smith, J.A.; Wilson, R.G.; Kerr, E.D.; Robb, J.G., 1986:
Transplanted sugarbeet response to irrigation at transplanting

Misonne, J.F.; Himme, M. van; Belien, J.M.; Salembier, J.F., 1986:
Transplanted sugarbeet: weed control and possible chemical control methods against weed beet

Hayslip, N.E.; Comer, S.P., 1985:
Transplanting a 50 foot live oak

Hansen, H., 1986:
Transplanting cauliflower and iceberg lettuce with and without watering the planting hole

McCaffery, M.W.; Keyes, K.A.; Honma, S., 1986:
Transplanting matured Chinese cabbage plants for seed production

Kromer, K.H.; Struzina, A., 1986:
Transplanting systems

Shumar, M.L.; Anderson, J.E., 1987:
Transplanting wildings in small revegetation projects

Crane, F.L.; Barr, R.; Craig, T.A.; Morre, D.J., 1988:
Transplasma membrane electron transport in relation to cell growth and iron uptake

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Transplasmalemma redox reactions and ion transport in photosynthetic and heterotrophic plant cells

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Transponder feeding for sows - state of the art

Anonymous, 1987:

Anonymous, 1986:
Transport - precondition for economc and social development

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Transport and distribution of calcium salt in the tofu manufacturing process: conductometric measurement of calcium salt in tofu and drained solution

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Transport and distribution of calcium salts in the tofu manufacturing process: conductometric mass balances of calcium salts during tofu manufacture

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Transport and economic development: a general view

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Transport and handling of Australia's meat and livestock, options, limitations and prospects

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Transport and hindlimb exchange of peptide and serum protein amino acids in calves fed soy- or urea-based purified diets

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Transport and hindlimb exchange of plasma and blood-cell amino acids in calves fed soy- or urea-based purified diets

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Transport and ion exchange of calcium and magnesium in an aggregated soil

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Transport and lifting installations in the wood industry

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Transport and metabolism of extracellular free fatty acids in adipose tissue of fed and fasted mice

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Transport and metabolism of pyridoxine and pyridoxal in mice

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Transport and other modes of movement of hormones (mainly auxins)

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Transport and oxidation of SO2 in a stagnant foggy valley

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Transport and persistence of phytotoxicity of herbicides in organic soils

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Transport and redistribution of Chernobyl fallout radionuclides by fluvial processes: Some preliminary evidence

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Transport and redistribution of tritium-containing water between apoplast and symplast under conditions of different water supply to maize tissues

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Transport and the spread of crop pests in tropical Polynesia

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Transport and tourism in the year 2000

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Transport cost minimization for Nepal's subsidized foodgrain program: a proposed model

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Transport intensity of supply and sales in the sawmilling industry

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Transport intensity of supply and sales in the wood-based panel industry

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Transport kinetics of 11C-labelled photosynthesis products in soybeans. II. Influence of salt stress

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Transport kinetics of 11C-labelled products of soyabean photosynthesis. I. Influence of time of day and physiological age

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Transport media for Tritrichomonas foetus

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Transport modelling of biological tracers from septic systems

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Transport of Eimeria necatrix sporozoites in the chicken: effects of irritants injected intraperitoneally

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Transport of a conservative tracer in the field under continuous flood irrigation

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Transport of a degradable substance and its metabolites under drip irrigation

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Transport of acidic amino acids by human jejunal brush-border membrane vesicles

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Transport of anion towards root as influenced by soil compaction

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Transport of ascorbic acid and other water-soluble vitamins

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Transport of cadmium and other metals in the blood of the bivalve mollusc Mercenaria mercenaria

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Transport of calcium across cuticles isolated from apple fruit

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Transport of calves. II. Influence on the occurrence of diarrhoea

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Transport of cationic solutes in sorbing porous media

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Transport of chemicals in runoff from partial land-area applications

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Transport of cortisol in mung bean seedlings

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Transport of fluoride, bromide, and chloride in soil columns and in a soil profile

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Transport of free fatty acids in the plasma of laying hens

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Transport of full trees over public roads in eastern Canada - a state of the art report

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Transport of methionine hydroxy analog across the brush border membrane of rat jejunum

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Transport of nitrate and calcium into legume root nodules

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Transport of peroxidase through the midgut epithelium of Glossina m. morsitans (Diptera, Glossinidae)

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Transport of phytohormones over short distances

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Transport of plant hormones and the stem apical dominance in pea seedlings (Pisum sativum L.)

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Transport of reactive solute in spatially variable soil systems

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Transport of rock fragments by rill flow - a field study

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Transport of solutes in soils and aquifers

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Transport of some amino acids and glucose in isolated intestinal enterocytes in male and female Leghorn chicks selected for normal and low body weight

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Transport of sugars across the plasma membrane of beetroot protoplasts

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Transport of the radioisotopes 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs from milk into cheese and other milk products

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Transport of virus infection and plant resistance to viruses (a review)

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Transport of water in frozen soil VI. Effects of temperature

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Transport properties of bean vesicles in the presence of fungal components

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Transport properties of locust ileum in vitro: effects of cyclic AMP

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Transport Properties of the Tomato Fruit Tonoplast : I. Identification and Characterization of an Anion-Sensitive H-ATPase

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Transport services as an aid to insect dispersal in the South Pacific

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Transport stress in horses

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Transport stress in partridges

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Transport studies: what role in a tourism course? A seminar held on 18 October 1986 at College Hall, University of London, organized by the Association of Teachers of Tourism in conjunction with the Organization of Teachers of Transport Studies

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Transport, handling and storage of agricultural commodities. Proceedings of a conference held in Sydney in May, 1986

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Transport, receipt and propagation of in vitro potato plantlets

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Transport, sequestration and activation of spermatozoa in relation to the time of ovulation in farm animals

Anonymous, 1987:

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Transportability of plum fruits

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Transportation and assembly costs for paddy and rice in Malaysia

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Transportation and competitiveness of US agricultural products in world markets: proceedings of a research symposium, October 1986

Anonymous, 1986:
Transportation and competitiveness of US agricultural products in world markets: summary of a research symposium, October 1986

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Transportation and disabled citizens: policies on eligibility and reciprocity

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Transportation and queueing costs of grain handling facilities in Tanjung Karang Selangor, Malaysia

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Transportation and the experience of travel

Kwakye, E.A., 1986:
Transportation as a factor in rural development in Ghana

Anonymous, 1988:
Transporting ammonia

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Transporting capacity of overland flow on plane and on irregular beds

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Transporting your horse or pony

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Transposable elements in genetic selection

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Transposition of genes in bacterial and plant cells

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Transposition. Forty-third Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology, held at the University of Warwick, UK, April 1988

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Transposon Tn 5 mutagenesis of Rhizobium fredii

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Transposon Tn4431 mutagenesis of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris: characterization of a nonpathogenic mutant and cloning of a locus for pathogenicity

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Transposon Tn5-Generated Bradyrhizobium japonicum Mutants Unable To Grow Chemoautotrophically with H(2)

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Transposon-mediated mutagenesis of baculoviruses: transposon shuttling and implications for speciation

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Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy in the clinically normal dog

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Transtonoplast electrochemical potentials and accumulation of solutes in vacuoles

Komarov, S.A., 1988:
Transversally striated fibrils in cells of 10-day old embryos of the silkworm

Wall, T.M.P.; Schueller, J.K., 1986:
Transverse impact of fruit on beams to determine fruit characteristics

Vogt, WG., 1988:
Trap catches of Musca vetustissima Walker (Diptera: Muscidae) and other arthropods associated with cattle dung in relation to height above ground level

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Trap crop for green leafhopper GLH and tungro RTV management

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Trap crops as a cultural measure in Striga control in Africa

Hokkanen, H.; Granlund, H.; Husberg, G.B.; Markkula, M., 1986:
Trap crops used successfully to control Meligethes aeneus (Col., Nitidulidae), the rape blossom beetle

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Trap plants in the control of wood boring beetles in citrus

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Trap presences of Retinia metallica and seasonal flight behavior of Retinia spp., Rhyacionia spp. (Tortricidae), and Chionodes spp. (Gelechiidae) in the Dakotas

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Trapping and information in fruit fly management

Laveissiere, C., 1987:
Trapping committed to rural communities for the control of sleeping sickness

Dhandapani, N., 1985:
Trapping of Spodoptera litura (Fb) moths using sex pheromone

Cook, V.A., 1985:
Trapping pollen from the bee

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