Trifluralin and metabolites: effects on substrate mineralization in soil

Boyette, K.D.; Moorman, T.B.; Koskinen, W.C.

Proceedings, Southern Weed Science Society, 38th annual meeting: 420


Accession: 001722931

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In a Dundee silt loam given 0.5-100 mg trifluralin/kg soil, 12 major soil metabolites at 0.5 mg/kg soil and 3 microbial inhibitors, the mineralization of glucose and protein by indigenous soil microorganisms was examined. During the 1st 5 days of incubation, there was no significant inhibition of glucose mineralization at any trifluralin rate or with any metabolites. Mineralization rates were significantly slower during the 1st 5 days after treatment with the fungicide ethylene bis-dithiocarbamate applied at 100 mg/kg soil.