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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1726

Chapter 1726 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bleau G., 1987: Uptake of an oviductal antigen by the hamster zona pellucida

Geary, TG.; Divo, AA.; Jensen, JB., 1988: Uptake of antibiotics by Plasmodium falciparum in culture

Redgrave, T. G.; Maranhao, R. C.; Tercyak, A. M.; Lincoln, E. C.; Brunengraber, H., 1988: Uptake of artificial model remnant lipoprotein emulsions by the perfused rat liver

Slone, J. H., 1986: Uptake of auxins into membrane vesicles isolated from pea stems: an in vitro auxin transport system

Brain J.D., 1987: Uptake of bloodborne bacteria by pulmonary intravascular macrophages and consequent inflammatory responses in sheep

Abel, T.; Barlocher, F., 1988: Uptake of cadmium by Gammarus fossarum (Amphipoda) from food and water

Bahadir, M.; Pfister, G., 1987: Uptake of carbofuran 14C by rice plants after root zone application as a controlled release formulation

McDonald, A. J. S.; Lohammar, T.; Ericsson, A., 1986: Uptake of carbon and nitrogen at decreased nutrient availability in small birch (Betula pendula Roth.) plants

Grizzle J.M., 1987: Uptake of channel catfish virus from water by channel catfish and bluegills

Jasiewicz, C., 1984: Uptake of copper by maize under different conditions of nitrogen nutrition

Benes, J.; Mastalka, A., 1987: Uptake of elements by plants from soils enriched with power station ash

Dawson, K. P.; Ryden, J. C., 1985: Uptake of fertilizer and soil nitrogen by ryegrass swards during spring and mid-season

Parr M.B., 1986: Uptake of immunoglobulins and other proteins from serum into epithelial cells of the mouse uterus and oviduct

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725019

Rao, P. N.; Singh, S.; Singh, B.; Sreemannarayana, B., 1987: Uptake of iron as affected by phosphorus and manganese application to a wheat-mung-rice sequence

Shinmoto, H.; Sato, M.; Tanimoto, M.; Dosako, S., 1988: Uptake of lactoferrin by B cells

Baluch, Z. A. M.; Colakoglu, H., 1986: Uptake of macronutrients and their distribution in different plant parts of cotton in relation to nitrogen fertilizer levels and plant spacings

Vatsala T.M., 1987: Uptake of metal ions by phototrophic bacterium

Wild, A.; Jones, L. H. P.; Macduff, J. H., 1987: Uptake of mineral nutrients and crop growth: the use of flowing nutrient solutions

Berbeciowa C., 1986: Uptake of more important mineral components by common field weeds on loess soils

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725030

Eleizalde, B.; Hernando, V., 1987: Uptake of phosphorus by ryegrass and available phosphorus in alluvial and autochthonous soils of the Ebro Valley

Mengeling W.L., 1988: Uptake of porcine parvovirus into host and nonhost cells suggests host specificity is determined by intracellular factors

Guimaraes, R. C.; Gutteridge, W. E., 1986: Uptake of purine bases by Trypanosoma cruzi culture epimastigotes

Shane, B. S.; Littman, C. B.; Essick, L. A.; Gutenmann, W. H.; Doss, G. J.; Lisk, D. J., 1988: Uptake of selenium and mutagens by vegetables grown in fly ash containing greenhouse media

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725038

Kralova, M.; Drazdak, K., 1988: Uptake of soil nitrates by Dactylis glomerata L. seedlings

Hodgkinson, J. L.; Bulke, D.; Austin, B., 1987: Uptake of the fish pathogen, Aeromonas salmonicida, by rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri L.)

Heilmann, P.; Muller, G., 1987: Uptake of tracheally administered ink particles by bronchus-associated lymphatic tissue in the calf and the piglet

Casterline, J. L.; Ku, Y.; Barnett, N. M., 1985: Uptake of tri-p-cresyl phosphate in soybean plants

Scheinpflug H., 1988: Uptake of triadimenol through wheat caryopsis after application by seed treatment

Venkateswarlu K.S., 1988: Uptake of uranium by vegetables and rice

Ishchenko, G. S.; Butnik, A. S.; Afanas' eva, T. F.; Rastopchina, V. A.; Ovchinnikova, Z. G., 1987: Uptake of uranium-238 and thorium-232 in wheat plants from soils of central Asia

Oliveira, P. L.; Gondim, K. C.; Guedes, D. M.; Masuda, H., 1986: Uptake of yolk proteins in Rhodnius prolixus

Diamond J., 1986: Uptake pathways for amino acids in mouse intestine

Willigen, P. de; Noordwijk, M. van, 1987: Uptake potential of non-regularly distributed roots

Nambiar, E. K. S.; Bowen, G. D., 1986: Uptake, distribution and retranslocation of nitrogen by Pinus radiata from 15N-labelled fertilizer applied to podzolized sandy soil

Adler, A. J.; Etzion, Z.; Berlyne, G. M., 1986: Uptake, distribution, and excretion of 31silicon in normal rats

Lal, S.; Saxena, D. M.; Lal, R., 1987: Uptake, metabolism and the effects of DDT, fenitrothion and chlorpyrifos on Tetrahymena pyriformis

Edwards, N. T., 1986: Uptake, translocation and metabolism of anthracene in bush bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Schweingel, M.; Neumann, S.; Jacob, F., 1987: Uptake, translocation and metabolism of itaconic acid and its monomethyl- and dimethylester

Dadwal, V. S.; Jamaluddin ; Soni, K. K., 1986: Uptake, translocation and persistance of benlate and bavistin in Pinus caribaea seedlings

Vavrina, C. S.; Phatak, S. C.; Smith, A. E., 1988: Uptake, translocation, and metabolite partitioning of 14C-labeled metribuzin in plant growth-regulated soybean (Glycine max)

Singh, U. S., 1987: Uptake, translocation, distribution and persistence of 14C-metalaxyl in maize (Zea mays)

Singh, U. S.; Tripathi, R. K.; Kumar, J.; Dwivedi, T. S., 1986: Uptake, translocation, distribution and persistence of 14C-metalaxyl in pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke)

Fok, Y. S.; Chiang, S. H., 1987: Upward infiltration equations in power-law form

Smith, M. A.; Bell, R. M., 1985: Upward movement of metals into soil covering metalliferous waste

Kato, T.; Yamagata, M.; Tsukuhara, S., 1985: Upward translocation of 14C-amino compounds in xylem and phloem of citrus trees (Citrus unshiu Marc.)

Byers, JA., 1988: Upwind flight orientation to pheromone in western pine beetle tested with rotating windvane traps

Tlig, S.; Sassi, A.; Belayouni, H.; Michel, D., 1987: Uranium, thorium, zirconium, hafnium and rare-earth element (REE) distributions in size fractions of sedimentary phosphates

Deelstra, T., 1987: Urban agriculture and the metabolism of cities

Gutman, P., 1987: Urban agriculture: the potential and limitations of an urban self-reliance strategy

Thaman, R. R., 1987: Urban agroforestry: the Pacific Islands and beyond

Anonymous, 1987: Urban and regional parks for recreational use in the city of Bogota

Anonymous, 1988: Urban and regional recreation parks in the city of Medellin

Qian, Y. Y., 1988: Urban and rural household savings in China

Le Bras, M.; Soubiran, G.; Baraze, A.; Meslet, B.; Combe, A.; Giap, G.; Fabre, A., 1986: Urban and rural malaria in Niger. The department of Maradi

Molnar, J. J.; Duffy, P. A., 1987: Urban and suburban residents' perceptions of farmers and agriculture

Petrovic, M., 1987: Urban and sylvatic rabies in Yugoslavia

Brown, C. K., 1986: Urban bias and rural development in Ghana

Braverman, A., 1987: Urban bias and the political economy of agricultural reform

Lockeretz, W., 1986: Urban consumers' attitudes towards locally grown produce

Bonfante Garrido, R.; Barroeta, S.; Mejia de Alejos, M. A. et al., 1987: Urban cutaneous leishmaniasis in Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Hall, P., 1987: Urban development and the future of tourism

Sit, V. F. S., 1987: Urban fairs in China

Haque, F., 1987: Urban forestry: 13 city profiles

Moll, G.; Gangloff, D., 1987: Urban forestry: in the United States

Olembo, R. J.; Rham, P. de, 1987: Urban forestry: in two different worlds

Fuchs, R. J., 1987: Urban functions in rural development: ideology and planning in the USSR

Palm, R.; Bucht, E. et al, 1987: Urban green space. Research and development programme

Atash, F., 1987: Urban growth and farmland preservation: an assessment of alternative programs

Jessen, M. R., 1987: Urban land use capability survey handbook

Robert, V.; Gazin, P.; Ouedraogo, V.; Carnevale, P., 1986: Urban malaria in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso). 1. Entomological study of transmission

Cooper, S. H., 1988: Urban nuisances: their effects on farming in two urbanizing Colorado counties

Wilkinson, P. F., 1988: Urban open space planning in Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Gold, S. M., 1985: Urban open space preservation: the American experience

Godbey, G., 1986: Urban open space: North American perspectives

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725096

Sainsbury, T., 1987: Urban outdoor activities. A new tradition in the use of open space

Jouhy, E., 1986: Urban rationality and rural belief

Flores Dumont, L., 1987: Urban space versus free time

Reynnells, M. L. R., 1987: Urban sprawl as it affects the southern California poultry industry

Jones, B. G., 1986: Urban support for rural development in Kenya

Sunder, S. S., 1986: Urban tree planting - foresters' efforts in Bangalore

Jim, C. Y., 1987: Urban trees in Hong Kong - benefits and constraints

Urwick, J., 1984: Urban versus territorial bias in the provision of education: the quality of provision in an African school network

Dickson, K. B., 1984: Urban-rural contrast in Ghana: its implications for development

Nakatsuka, H.; Kasahara, M.; Watanabe, T.; Hisamichi, S.; Shimizu, H.; Fujisaku, S.; Ichinowatari, Y.; Ida, Y.; Suda, M.; Kato, K.; Ikeda, M., 1988: Urban-rural differences in food habits in north-eastern Japan

Kim, I. I., 1986: Urban-rural differentials in fertility behaviour in Korea: preliminary analysis for multilevel approach

Gubhaju, B. B., 1987: Urban-rural differentials in infant and child morality in Nepal

Banister, J., 1986: Urban-rural population projections for China

McNulty, M. L., 1987: Urban/urban relations and rural regional development

Dasgupta, B., 1987: Urbanisation and rural change in West Bengal

Johnston, D., 1986: Urbanisation and total catchment management

Asare, B. D., 1987: Urbanization and agricultural development: the cocoa economy in Ghana

Gosal, G. S., 1987: Urbanization and migration in Punjab: a study of recent trends

Buchta, S., 1988: Urbanization of rural settlements and requirements for the development of primary agricultural production

Srivastava, G. C., 1986: Urbanization, capital formation and labour productivity in agriculture - a case study of Ranchi

Das, M. K.; Haldar, D. P., 1987: Urceolariid ciliates of the genus Tripartiella invading gills of freshwater cultured carp in India

Gurdip Singh; Sashi Kapoor; Verma, M. M., 1987: Urdbean lines resistant to yellow mosaic virus

Kirchgessner, M.; Kreuzer, M., 1985: Urea and allantoin in milk of cows during and after provision of too much or too little protein. 5. Effect of an incorrect protein supply for lactating cows and its consequences

Anonymous, 1986: Urea and ammonium nitrate: relative merits as sources of nitrogen

Pierzynowski G., 1987: Urea and glucose formation in ovine liver after ammonia and lactate loading in vivo

Mackenzie A.F., 1986: Urea and manure effects on soil nitrogen and corn dry matter yields

Tabansi P., 1985: Urea as a partial replacer for groundnut meal in the diet of sheep

Al Shalchi, F., 1988: Urea bag loading performance improvements at Ruwais Fertilizer Industries

Elahi M., 1986: Urea content of milk and milk products

Kirchgessner, M.; Roth Maier, D. A.; Rohrmoser, G., 1985: Urea contents in milk of cows with energy or protein deficiency and subsequent refeeding

Mcqueen R.E., 1987: Urea for the preservation of moist hay in big round bales

Lloyd, A., 1985: Urea for topdressing winter cereals: an interim report

Mergl, M.; Klimesova, R., 1987: Urea in cow milk

Coalter, L., 1986: Urea liquefaction: is it profitable?

Anonymous, 1988: Urea markets rebound

Damaschin, M.; Negulescu, P. G.; Timen, S.; Constantinescu, E., 1985: Urea nitrogen in the saliva as a source of nitrogen for ruminants

Anonymous, 1987: Urea production/forming technology

Savant, N. K.; James, A. F., 1985: Urea release from Osmocote fertilizers in water and simulated wetland rice soil

Holba, T.; Ryan, J., 1986: Urea super granules by high temperature pan granulation

Holba, T.; Ryan, J., 1986: Urea supergranules by high temperature pan granulation process

Mahapatra, P. K.; Maity, K.; Lenka, D., 1986: Urea timing and application method in direct-seeded lowland rice

Anonymous, 1987: Urea trade - the inexorable rise of the Eastern Bloc

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Abou Ashour, A. M.; Ahmed, B. M., 1986: Urea utilization by growing rabbits

Okeke, G. C., 1983: Urea utilization by growing rabbits

Sitorus, S. S.; Eys, J. E. van; Pongsapan, P.; Tangendjaja, B., 1986: Urea, soysauce waste and cassava leaf as supplements for cattle given rice straw

Sartoretto, P., 1986: Urea-acetaldehyde and urea-acetaldehyde-propionaldehyde solutions

Tazawa, S.; Kurihara, K.; Kawagoe, Y.; Ando, S.; Kon, K., 1986: Urea-formaldehyde condensate-based slow release nitrogen fertilizer and process for producing same

Blouin, G. M.; Harrison, C. P.; Elrod, J. L., 1985: Urea-nitric phosphates: bench-scale production and evaluation

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Graham C.E., 1987: Ureaplasmas and mycoplasmas in chimpanzees of various breeding capacities

Vetanovetz, R. P.; Peterson, J. C., 1987: Urease activity and pH changes in a peat moss-based potting medium as influenced by lime source and lime rate following the addition of urea

Soares, M. G. C. B.; Pessoa, W. S.; Lima, H. M. R., 1987: Urease activity in seeds of Cajanus indicus Spreng

Kmet V., 1987: Urease activity of adherent bacteria and rumen fluid bacteria

O'connor M J., 1987: Urease inhibition by decomposition products of phenylphosphorodiamidate

Hiratsuka, N.; Hiratsuka, T.; Hiratsuka, K., 1986: Uredinales of Hokkaido

Jalinder, G.; Srikant Kulkarni; Hegde, R. K.; Chattannavar, S. N., 1987: Uredospore germination of Puccinia graminis tritici in different media

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725173

Montgomery, R. D.; Hankes, G. H., 1987: Ureterocolonic anastomosis in a dog with transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Stone, Ea; Walter, Mc; Goldschmidt, Mh; Biery, Dn; Bovee, Kc, 1988: Ureterocolonic anastomosis in clinically normal dogs

Seim H.B.IIi, 1988: Ureterocolonic anastomosis in ten dogs with transitional cell carcinoma

Waldron, D. R.; Hedlund, C. S.; Pechman, R. D.; Turk, J.; Cox, H., 1987: Ureteroneocystostomy: a comparison of the submucosal tunnel and transverse pull through techniques

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Garrett, P. D., 1987: Urethral recess in male goats, sheep, cattle, and swine

Sasidharan, K.; Subramonian, P.; Moni, V. N.; Aravindan, K. P.; Chally, R., 1987: Urethral rhinosporidiosis

Whitney, W. O.; Schrader, L. A., 1988: Urethrorectal fistulectomy in a dog, using a perineal approach

Wise, Rp; Fliss, Ae; Pring, Dr; Gengenbach, Bg, 1987: Urf13-T of T cytoplasm maize mitochondria encodes a 13 kD polypeptide

Eijk, D. van der; Daamen, M. C. M.; Sonnemans, J., 1985: Urgency estimation for investigation and sanitation of contaminated soils

Semenov, V. N., 1987: Urgent problems of economic accountability and self financing in the agroindustrial sector

Lembke, HF.; Cochran, DG., 1988: Uric acid in the Malpighian tubules of some blattellid cockroaches

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725187

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725188

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725189

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725190

Antoniewicz, A., 1985: Urinary allantoin excretion and rumen microbial protein synthesis in sheep in relation to protein and energy intake

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Veterans Adm Coop Stud Group Antihypertens Agents (Usa), 1987: Urinary and serum electrolytes in untreated black and white hypertensives

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725197

Haycock G.B., 1988: Urinary creatinine excretion in the newborn

Pronicka, E.; Wieczorek, E.; Klimaszewski, J.; Bogoniowska, Z., 1985: Urinary cyclic adenosinemonophosphate (cAMP) in children with familial hypophosphataemic rickets treated with vitamin D3 and phosphate given orally and by nocturnal intragastric infusions

Martinelli M., 1987: Urinary electrolytes in young borderline hypertensives with high or low magnesium blood level

Ngaha E.O., 1987: Urinary enzyme changes in tannic acid related renal damage in the rat

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725206

Funabiki, R.; Koike, G.; Kaneko, K.; Onishi, T., 1987: Urinary excretion of N tau -methylhistidine in young women given meat-free diets

Nizami, F.; Nizami, H. M.; Ahmad, M., 1986: Urinary excretion of aflatoxin and liver cancer in Karachi

Salvioli, G.; Lugli, R.; Pradelli, J. M.; Frignani, A.; Boccalletti, V., 1988: Urinary excretion of bile acids during acute administration in man

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725210

Erbersdobler, H. F.; Purwing, U.; Bossen, M.; Trautwein, E., 1986: Urinary excretion of fructoselysine in human volunteers and diabetic patients

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725214

Krawiec, D. R., 1988: Urinary incontinence in dogs and cats

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725217

Lappin, M. R.; Barsanti, J. A., 1987: Urinary incontinence secondary to idiopathic detrusor instability: cystometrographic diagnosis and pharmacologic management in two dogs and a cat

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725222

Nguyen, N. U.; Dumoulin, G.; Wolf, J. P.; Bourderont, D.; Berthelay, S., 1986: Urinary oxalate and calcium excretion in response to oral glucose load in man

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725224

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725225

Weber, M. H., 1988: Urinary protein analysis

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Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725250

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725251

Eulenberger, K.; Berger, G., 1987: Ursonarkon-sedative and short-term anaesthetic in equine practice

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Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725259

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Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725278

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Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725287

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Roth Maier, D. A.; Kirchgessner, M., 1987: Use of CCM (corn-cob-mix) with different crude fibre contents for laying hens

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Nizza, A.; Ferrara, B.; Piccolo, V.; Lella, T. di, 1985: Use of Campanian Barbary X Apulian Merino males in lamb production

Fateh Karan; Qureshi, F. M., 1988: Use of Cassia auriculata for reclamation of sodic soils in Rajasthan

Li, E.; Becker, A.; Stanley, S. L.; Jr., 1988: Use of Chinese hamster ovary cells with altered glycosylation patterns to define the carbohydrate specificity of Entamoeba histolytica adhesion

Sordi, R. A.; Tokeshi, H., 1987: Use of Cuba sweetcorn as indicator plant for sugarcane leaf scald caused by Xanthomonas albilineans

Oliberius, J.; Veverka, K.; Novy, J., 1987: Use of DAM 390 as a carrier for aerial application of fungicides and insecticides

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Haber, S.; Polston, J. E.; Bird, J., 1987: Use of DNA to diagnose plant diseases caused by single-strand DNA plant viruses

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Balun, J.; Sevcik, A., 1988: Use of Domosedan (detomidin) for sedation and analgesia of horses

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Reddy, S. N.; Ikramullah, M.; Ramaiah, N. V.; Ramkrishna, C. S., 1987: Use of Eichhornia crassipes and Ipomoea reptans weeds as green manure for rice

Singh, R. S., 1985: Use of Epicoccum purpurascens as an antagonist against Macrophomina phaseolina and Colletotrichum capsici

Herrendorfer, G.; Nurnberg, G., 1986: Use of Falconer's model for evaluating animal-environment interactions in uniparous animals

Kovalev, A. V.; Karymshakov, A. K.; Isaev, R.; Mamytov, T.; Duishembiev, E., 1987: Use of Ferroglyukin-75 in sheep husbandry

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725345

Sugiyarta, E., 1986: Use of Fisher's test for varietal yield stability parameters. A proposed method

Gravino, A. E.; D' Ambrosio, G.; Giglio, M.; Capraris, D. de; Tiscione, R., 1987: Use of Fungassay in the diagnosis of cutaneous mycoses in dogs

Ohki, S. T.; Inouye, T., 1987: Use of Gelrite as a gelling agent in immunodiffusion tests for identification of plant virus antigens

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725349

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725350

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725351

Gazdag Torma, M.; Mandoki, A., 1986: Use of Goal 2 E in onions

Matienko, A. F., 1984: Use of Helianthus petiolaris cytoplasm in the breeding and seed production of sunflower hybrids

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Scipioni, R.; Formigoni, A.; Nocetti, M., 1988: Use of Lactobacillus acidophilus in diets for piglets

Camara Rosado, A., 1983: Use of Landsat data in forest monitoring

Iwamoto, H., 1985: Use of Lane-Eynon's sugar table for titration with a small amount of Fehling solution

Packard, V. S., 1987: Use of Lotus 1-2-3 in evaluation of various aspects of infra-red analysis of milk components

Abdellaoui, A.; Becker, F.; Olory Hechinger, E., 1986: Use of Meteosat for mapping thermal inertia and evapotranspiration over a limited region of Mali

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Brydl, E.; Harsanyi, I.; Harshegyi, J.; Csanadi, L.; Dezso, I.; Mihaly, J., 1987: Use of Ovurelin inj. for treatment of reproductive failure of ovarian origin in cattle

Kostov, L., 1986: Use of PMSG antiserum for the induction of superovulation of donors

Punnapayak, H.; Emert, G. H., 1986: Use of Pachysolen tannophilus in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) of lignocellulosics

Czajka, J.; Sudnik, M.; Zalewski, S., 1985: Use of Polish sodium caseinate as meat replacer in delicatessen

Kharitonova, E. N.; Oleinikova, O. Ya, 1984: Use of Prunus fruticosa and P. avium in cherry breeding

Rangaswamy, M.; Natarajamoorthy, K.; Rangasamy, S. R., 1988: Use of Purple Puttu rice variety as a pollen barrier in CMS line seed production

Sedivy, J., 1987: Use of Reglone in undergrowth of lucerne for seed

Sudo, E., 1985: Use of Repentol 6 in forests of the Bieszczady Mts. as illustrated by Lesko forest district

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Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725379

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Statescu, C.; Martin, V.; Crivineanu, M.; Martin, V.; Paraschivescu, M., 1985: Use of Symphytum officinale as a feed for poultry, as a palatability factor and as a colouring agent of egg yolk of laying hens

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Babele, G. S.; Kandya, A. K., 1986: Use of TTC for rapid testing of the viability of Lagerstroemia parviflora (Roxb.) seeds

Zimmerman, RH.; Garris, GI., 1987: Use of Taylor's power law in examining the spatial distribution of free-living Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) larvae in pastures in Puerto Rico

Dubos, B. , 1986: Use of Trichoderma in the biological control of two aerial parasites: Chondrostereum purpureum (Pers. ex Fr.) Pouzar (silver leaf disease of fruit trees) and Botrytis cinerea Pers. (grey mould of grapevine)

Lokvancic, H.; Filipovic Panincic, M.; Dzuvic, A.; Milcic, D.; Klancevic, J., 1983: Use of Urovet for treatment of clinical mastitis

Reimann, J.; Bellan, A., 1986: Use of V beta .8 genes in splenic Lyt-2+ cytotoxic lymphocyte precursors reactive to bm1 or bm14 alloantigen in individual C57BL/6 mice

Krikun, J.; Haas, J. H.; Bar Yosef, B., 1987: Use of VA mycorrhizal-fungus inoculum in soils in arid and semi-arid climates: a field study with bell pepper and transplants

Dehne, H. W., 1987: Use of VA mycorrhizas as an antistress factor

Cardona, L. F.; Ocampo, J. A., 1985: Use of VA mycorrhizas as biological fertilizers in two soils

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Stojanovic, N.; Maric, Z.; Micic, R., 1987: Use of Vetramycin in treating bovine mastitis

Brown, G. E.; Schubert, T. S., 1987: Use of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria to evaluate surface disinfectants for canker quarantine treatment of citrus fruit

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Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725397

Coles, C., 1986: Use of a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program in farm management extension

Stefler, J.; Wolf, G., 1986: Use of a Rumensin bolus in fattening of bulls

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Huang, H. B., 1987: Use of a biotin-avidin-ELISA for detecting brucellosis antibodies in sheep

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Dilov, P.; Zhekov, R.; Chaleva, E.; Panchev, I.; Chak' ' rov, R.; Iotsev, M.; Dzhutov, A.; Stoyanov, P., 1987: Use of a broth prepared from the subepidermal layer of pig skin as a feed

Koller, K. J.; Brownstein, M. J., 1987: Use of a cDNA clone to identify a supposed precursor protein containing valosin

Qui, X. C.; Zhu, Y. Q.; Yan, J. P., 1988: Use of a cadmium-new cadion-emulsifier OP complex for the spectrophotometric determination of available cadmium in acidic soils

Walthall P.M., 1988: Use of a chemical equilibrium model to understand soil chemical processes that influence soil solution and surface water alkalinity

Ahrens, W. H., 1985: Use of a chlorophyll fluorometer for monitoring the kinetics of inhibition by photosystem II inhibitor herbicides

Rud' , V. D., 1984: Use of a coefficient of transgression in identifying polyploid forms

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725410

Bilic, N.; Sieber, R., 1988: Use of a column for the extraction, drying and purification of retinol and alpha -tocopherol for estimation in milk and dairy products with high-performance liquid chromatography

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725412

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Hudler G.W., 1987: Use of a computer simulation model to evaluate a plant disease biocontrol agent

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Gutsche, H. J., 1986: Use of a computerised procedure in the evaluation of breeding value of German Mutton Merino sheep

Clinch, R.; Worsfold, P. J.; Casey, H.; Smith, S. M., 1988: Use of a continuous spectrophotometric monitor for nitrate based fertilisers in hydroponic cultivation

Powell, S. D.; McLendon, B. D.; Nelson, S. O.; Allison, J. M., 1987: Use of a density-independent function and microwave measurement system for grain moisture measurements

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725419

Macvean D.W., 1988: Use of a disease reporting system in a large beef feedlot

Yoshikawa, N.; Poolpol, P.; Inouye, T., 1986: Use of a dot immunobinding assay for rapid detection of strawberry pseudo mild yellow edge virus

Bellah J.R., 1987: Use of a double hook plate for treatment of a distal radial fracture in a dog

Lewis, D. D.; Bellah, J. R., 1987: Use of a double-hook plate to repair a subtrochanteric femoral fracture in an immature dog

Washburn, K. W.; Stewart, P. A., 1988: Use of a fat probe to assess variation in abdominal fat in broilers

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725425

Diaz, C., 1987: Use of a feed additive for veal calves

Komov, O. A., 1986: Use of a feed mixture containing hide wastes in feeding of young mink

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725428

Juricova, Z.; Pesko, J.; Prikazsky, Z., 1986: Use of a fixation device and haematocrit capillaries for blood sampling wild birds for virological and serological investigations

Viell, B.; Vestweber, K. H.; Troidl, H., 1985: Use of a formula diet containing fibre after surgery? A preliminary prospective randomized study

Shpeizer, E. E.; Mel' nik, A. P.; Gavrilenko, I. B.; Ershov, V. A.; Ossovskaya, N. S., 1987: Use of a fuel based on Kansko-Achinsk coals in the agglomeration of phosphorites

Jaehn, A.; Cataneo, A., 1986: Use of a fumigant nematicide to clean coffee tree holes at different depths with or without plastic covers in areas of Meloidogyne incognita infestation

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725434

McLemore, B. F.; Yeiser, J. L., 1987: Use of a hatchet and squirt bottle for killing unwanted hardwoods

Hooren, D. L. van; Columbus, M. J., 1986: Use of a heat exchanger on a bulk tobacco kiln - a two year study

Gioco, M.; Finassi, A.; Gasparetto, E., 1986: Use of a heat pump in paddy drying

Boyd, J. S.; Omran, S. N.; Ayliffe, T. R., 1988: Use of a high frequency transducer with real time B-mode ultrasound scanning to identify early pregnancy in cows

Sharma, A.; Haq, A.; Ahmad, S., 1986: Use of a high molecular weight Entamoeba histolytica antigen fraction in ELISA and TIA tests

Meier, B.; Sticher, O., 1986: Use of a high-speed spectrophotometric detector (diode-array) in the HPLC analysis of medicinal plants

Jong, E. de; Berg, G. van den, 1986: Use of a homogenizer (Mikrofix) in repackaging of butter

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725442

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725443

Clarke, P. J.; Ball, M. J.; Hands, L. J.; Dennison, A. R.; Tunbridge, A.; White, K.; Kettlewell, M. G. W., 1987: Use of a lipid containing medium chain triglycerides in patients receiving TPN: a randomized prospective trial

Bengough, A. G.; Mullins, C. E., 1988: Use of a low-friction penetrometer to estimate soil resistance to root growth

Turanyi, J.; Perenyi, J., 1986: Use of a mastitis detector to combat mastitis in Hungary

Yeager, T. H.; Ingram, D. L., 1987: Use of a microcomputer to compare container fertilization costs

Parsons, A. J.; Johnson, I. R.; Harvey, A., 1988: Use of a model to optimize the interaction between frequency and severity of intermittent defoliation and to provide a fundamental comparison of the continuous and intermittent defoliation of grass

Kolovrat, O., 1988: Use of a modified palladium test in winter swede rape breeding

Haberkorn, A., 1986: Use of a mouse coccidiosis model for determining anticoccidial efficacy in poultry

Rahbe, Y.; Brochon, MJ.; Nardon, P., 1986: Use of a new gel in a conditioned artificial diet for rearing of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Martiniello, P.; Delogu, G., 1986: Use of a personal computer in managing breeding programmes

Richardson E.A., 1987: Use of a phenological model to time acceleration of pollinizer bloom

Plumb, JA.; Maestrone, G.; Quinlan, E., 1987: Use of a potentiated sulfonamide to control Edwardsiella ictaluri infection in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Dolgov, V. S., 1986: Use of a preparation of magnesium perchlorate for rearing rabbits

Bu' Lock, J. D.; Wright, C. E.; Mooney, J. E., 1986: Use of a protoplast fusion test to establish the status of mycotoxin genes in an edible Fusarium

Lavallee, C.; Johnson, E. A.; Campanella, O.; Normand, M., 1987: Use of a real-time data acquisition system with mechanical testers

Ghosh, S.; Gepstein, S.; Heikkila, J. J.; Dumbroff, E. B., 1988: Use of a scanning densitometer or an ELISA plate reader for measurement of nanogram amounts of protein in crude extracts from biological tissues

Bossi, M. G.; Neviani, E.; Bettoni, L.; Cagnoletta, S. Della, 1986: Use of a selected whey starter for making Casera cheese

Conti, S.; Toni, B., 1987: Use of a selection index in the preliminary evaluation of genotypes of tomato for processing

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725464

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725465

Reis, N. V. B.; Guedes, A. C., 1984: Use of a shear press to determine physiological maturity in 6 pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars

Travis K.Z., 1987: Use of a simple model to study factors affecting the size distribution of tubers in potato crops

Rosenberger J.L., 1987: Use of a standard forage to reduce effects of animal variation on estimates of mean voluntary intake

Austin, R. K.; Phillips, D. J., 1985: Use of a standard-addition bromide-selective electrode technique to determine bromide and trace its migration in peaches

Summathy, S. P.; Gnanamanickam, S. S., 1985: Use of a starch agar as selective isolation medium for seed-borne strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae

Citino, S. B., 1988: Use of a subunit feline leukemia virus vaccine in exotic cats

Derron, J. O.; Goy, G., 1987: Use of a suction trap for forecasting virus epidemics

Vukovic, D.; Jovanovic, Z.; Markovic, B.; Sesum, S.; Perkovic, S.; Novakovic, R., 1987: Use of a synthetic Gn-RH analogue (Lutal) after parturition in cows

Fleurat Lessard, F., 1986: Use of a synthetic attractant for monitoring and trapping of phycitine pyralids in premises used for the storage and processing of foodstuffs of vegetable origin

Novazzi, F., 1986: Use of a synthetic prostaglandin for treatment of placental retention in cattle

Herrmann, G.; Dexheimer, J., 1985: Use of a thermostatically controlled appliance to improve conception rates for inseminated cows

Fieni, F.; Tainturier, D.; Denissel, E.; Klethi, H., 1986: Use of a tiletamine-zolazepam combination for intravenous anaesthesia of dogs

Caboche M., 1987: Use of a transient expression assay for the optimization of direct gene transfer into tobacco mesophyll protoplasts by electroporation

Scalarone, G. M., 1987: Use of a urease-antibody conjugate in an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of blastomycosis

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725481

Zanche, C. de; Friso, D., 1987: Use of a vibrating subsoiler for two-level soil cultivation

Diebolt, K. S.; Mudge, K. W., 1988: Use of a video-imaging system for estimating leaf surface area of Pinus sylvestris sedlings

Zed, P. G., 1987: Use of acacias in Fiji

Reis, N. V. B.; Reifschneider, F. J. B., 1984: Use of accumulated thermal units (degree/days) in determining sowing dates for 3 sweetcorn cultivars

Lavkulich L.M., 1987: Use of acetic acid in soxhlet weathering procedures

Hendrickson, Oq, 1988: Use of acetylene reduction for estimating nitrogen fixation in woody debris

Warren, G. P., 1988: Use of acetylene to improve the reliability of the assessment of soil nitrogen mineralized on aerobic incubation

Evans J.L., 1987: Use of acid and base titrations to evaluate the buffering capacity of ruminant feedstuffs in vitro

Niemz, P.; Hansel, A., 1987: Use of acoustic emission analysis in wood-based materials research - a literature review

Ona, E.; Beltestad, A. K., 1986: Use of acoustics in studies of fish reaction to imposed stimuli

Jongah, L. K., 1987: Use of acquired literacy skills: the relevance of income generating projects as a reinforcement of acquired literacy skills

Kaldor C.J., 1987: Use of activated carbon to protect tomato against metribuzin

Beskaravaeva, E. M.; Rubinchik, G. F.; Tadzhiev, A. T.; Beglov, B. M., 1987: Use of activated sulfonated coal dust for mobilization of phosphorus

Abramovich, R.; Forti, M.; Hausner, S., 1985: Use of additives in rooting of jojoba cuttings

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725498

Lopez Hernandez, D.; Coronel, I.; Alvarez, L., 1981: Use of adsorption isotherms to evaluate phosphorus requirements. I. Soil adsorption isotherms

Miller T.B.Jr, 1987: Use of adult rat cardiomyocytes to study cardiac glycogen metabolism

Anderson, G.; Molnar, S. A.; Gross, E., 1987: Use of affinity chromatography to purify plastocyanin and cytochrome f

Gunn, S. P.; Wilson, W. W., 1986: Use of agricultural options among North Dakota country elevators (December 1985)

Reis, N. V. B.; Guedes, A. C.; Giordano, L. B., 1984: Use of agroclimatograms in the choice of new areas for sowing peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Shesteperov, A. A., 1986: Use of air photography as one of the methods for detecting foci of Globodera infection on potatoes

Bardan, J., 1985: Use of aircraft for suppression of forest fires

Shchetinskii, E. A., 1987: Use of aircraft in forestry in member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Aid

Echegoyen, F. B.; Cordoba, L. T., 1987: Use of algae as a non-conventional source of protein

Cherkezov, N.; Dardzhonov, T., 1987: Use of algal biomass in diets for calves during the milk period

Papp, K.; Pais, I., 1987: Use of alginite and perlite on sandy soil with maize and peas

Dura, M.; Tilton, J. E.; Ziecik, A.; Weigl, R. M.; Williams, G. L., 1987: Use of altrenogest alone or in combination with PMSG to control the preovulatory LH surge in gilts

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725514

Konyukhov, V. N.; Zhemchuzhnikov, V. I., 1986: Use of amide concentrate supplement for balancing protein content of diets given to young bulls fattened on beet pulp

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725517

Montlaur, P.; Diaz, C.; Thiriet, G.; Turpin, M., 1986: Use of aminosides to treat respiratory infections of young cattle: a trial of aminosidine

Visinescu, N.; Damian, C.; Carabulea, I.; Dascalciuc, S.; Danacu, I., 1983: Use of ammonia water with residues from agricultural and processing industries

Soltanpour, P. N., 1985: Use of ammonium bicarbonate DTPA soil test to evaluate elemental availability and toxicity

Deaton J.W., 1986: Use of ammonium chloride and sodium bicarbonate in acute heat exposure of broilers

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725522

Leforban, Y.; Have, P.; Jestin, A.; Vannier, P., 1987: Use of an ELISA test for the demonstration of classical swine fever antibodies in pigs

Johnson, K. A.; Roe, S. C., 1988: Use of an aiming device for application of a type-II (bilateral) external fixator to a fractured tibia of a dog

Kenney R.M., 1988: Use of an androgenized mare as an aid in detection of estrus in mares

Vankan, D. M.; Atwell, R. B.; Blake, A. S.; Bundesen, P. G.; Rylatt, D. B.; Watson, A. R., 1987: Use of an antigen detection assay to determine mortality of Dirofilaria immitis after thiacetarsamide therapy

Marsh, P. B.; Simpson, M. E., 1986: Use of an aqueous-extract pH procedure to detect microbial groth in raw cotton fibers

Sichkar' , V. I., 1987: Use of an artificial climate in soyabean breeding

Erck, H. B.; Rose, E., 1987: Use of an energy-saving lighting programme during the rearing of young hens and its effect on laying performance

Libeau, G.; Calvez, D., 1988: Use of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with a purified virus for the detection of bovine antibodies to rinderpest: advantage of a cell line derived antigen

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725533

Opio Odongo, J. M. A., 1987: Use of an experimental smallholding in extension education: the case of Makerere University

Sigafoos R.D., 1987: Use of an external skeletal fixation device and bone graft for arthrodesis of the metacarpophalangeal joint in horses

Smith, J. L.; Paul, E. A., 1988: Use of an in situ labeling technique for the determination of seasonal 14C distribution in ponderosa pine

Maheswaran, G.; Perryman, T.; Williams, E. G., 1986: Use of an interspecific hybrid in identifying a new allele specificity generated at the self-incompatibility locus after inbreeding in Lycopersicon peruvianum

Poulton, A. L.; Brown, D. C.; Thomas, E. M.; Kelly, M. I.; Symons, A. M.; Arendt, J., 1988: Use of an intraruminal soluble glass bolus containing melatonin for early lamb production

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725542

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725543

Salomoni, E.; Borba, E. R., 1986: Use of anabolic implants for culled cows

Castejon, M.; Tagliaferro, M.; Cedeno, G., 1987: Use of anabolics in the finishing of cattle

Shallard, K., 1985: Use of androstenedione to increase the lamb drop

Closet, M., 1986: Use of anhydrous butterfat in confectionery manufacture

Lilburn, M. S., 1987: Use of animal fat in growing turkey diets reviewed

Barge, M. T.; Masoero, G., 1986: Use of animal or vegetable fats in diets for female rabbits of different breeds and their effect on reproduction

Gordon Lennox, G.; Walther, D.; Gindrat, D., 1987: Use of antagonists for seed dressing: effectiveness and mode of action against pathogens of damping-off

Elem, B.; Patel, J. B.; Kaunda, N., 1984: Use of antegrade pyelography in the investigation of obstructive uropathy: experience in Zambia

Tritschler, J. P.; Giordano, D. J.; Coles, G. C., 1986: Use of anthelmintics by New England sheep producers

Brenner, U.; Muller, J. M.; Walter, M.; Keller, H. W.; Holzmuller, W., 1985: Use of anthropometric indices to identify high-risk patients before surgery

Kharlamova, N. V., 1987: Use of antibiotics in the control of damping off on Scots pine seedlings

Snacken, F.; Verhoyen, M., 1986: Use of antibodies isolated from egg yolks to detect potato virus X by multilayer ELISA

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725557

Barakanov, B. D., 1987: Use of artificial mutagenesis in breeding sainfoin

Bartels, U., 1985: Use of ascorbic acid and thioglycolic acid for the elimination of interferences caused by trivalent iron in the photometric determination of aluminium with aluminon in plants

Pham, M. H.; Masson, C., 1985: Use of associative conditioning to study the mechanism by which honeybees recognize food sources

Nigon, V. M.; Samarut, J.; Verdier, G.; Flamant, F.; Benchaibi, M.; Poncet, D.; Savatier, P.; Chambonnet, F.; Thoraval, P.; Faure, C.; Langlois, P., 1986: Use of avian erythroblastosis virus to produce vectors for gene transfer in poultry

Ostalski, R., 1986: Use of bark waste from forest landings and sawmills in forestry and horticulture

Tortuero, F.; Rodriguez, M. L.; Rioperez, J.; Caballero, R., 1987: Use of beans (Vicia faba L., minor) in diets for laying hens

Klaasen, H.; Schonhammer, A.; Menck, B. H., 1988: Use of bentazone and combinations in peas, faba beans, soyabeans and flax

Guyot, P.; Bey, J.; Lartaud, G., 1986: Use of bentazone for weed control in rice

Mueller Warrant, G. W., 1987: Use of between-row (directed) herbicide bands for weed control during establishment of grasses grown for seed

Rao, A. V.; Venkateswarlu, B., 1987: Use of biofertilisers in the desert ecosystem

Carballo Caabeiro, J., 1986: Use of biological filters for the treatment of effluent from buttermaking factories

Smidt, D., 1988: Use of biotechnology in animal production

Torme, A. E., 1988: Use of biotechnology in mining and metallurgy

Fox, M. T.; Pitt, S. R.; Gerrelli, D.; Jacobs, D. E.; Adhikari, D. R.; Goddard, P. J., 1988: Use of blood gastrin assay in the diagnosis of ovine haemonchiasis

Valenta, M.; Hojny, J.; Hradecky, J.; Karczub, T.; Schleger, W.; Mayrhofer, G.; Stur, I., 1986: Use of blood group and protein system polymorphism for the improvement of fertility in pigs

Hayatsu, H.; Hayatsu, T.; Wataya, Y., 1986: Use of blue cotton for detection of mutagenicity in human feces excreted after ingestion of cooked meat

Balatova Tulackova, E., 1987: Use of botanical records for determining drainage requirements of grasslands

Ramet, J. P., 1987: Use of bovine calf rennet to coagulate raw camel milk

Dastane, N. G., 1987: Use of brackish waters in horticulture

Rossi Fanelli, F.; Cangiano, C.; Capocaccia, L.; Cascino, A.; Ceci, F.; Muscaritoli, M.; Giunchi, G., 1986: Use of branched chain amino acids for treating hepatic encephalopathy: clinical experiences

Low, A. J., 1986: Use of broadleaved species in upland forests. Selection and establishment for environmental improvement

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725579

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725580

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725581

Castella Bertran, E.; Milan Milan, J. L.; Rio Lozano, V. del; Quilez Vinaja, J., 1987: Use of byproducts in animal feeding. Treatments for improvement. Economic factors of use

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725583

Young D.A., 1987: Use of canonical discriminant analysis in assessing the merit of crosses in terms of breeding goals

Hatfield, Jl; Quisenberry, Je; Dilbeck, Re, 1987: Use of canopy temperatures to identify water conservation in cotton germplasm

Severin, V. P., 1986: Use of carbadox, instead of antibiotics, in feed mixtures for weanling pigs

Annis, P. C.; Graver, J. van S., 1985: Use of carbon dioxide and sealed storage to control insects in bagged grain and similar commodities

Pastrana Pastrana, R. B.; Dominguez Fernandez de Tejerina, J. C.; Anel Rodriguez, L., 1988: Use of carbon fibre implants for the surgical treatment of experimental tenectomies in the rat: morphological/functional evaluation

Rice R.P.Jr, 1988: Use of carob as a potting medium component

Fabbri, R.; Casa, G. D.; Rosi, M. A.; Bergonzini, E., 1985: Use of cassava for fattening heavy pigs

El Dash, A. A., 1987: Use of cassava in human nutrition and in other industrial products

Jaehn, A.; Lambert, N. S., 1984: Use of castor bean cake as nematicide in coffee nurseries

Ross, S. M.; Smith, R. E., 1987: Use of catechol solutions as extractants for mobilisable iron in forest soils

White, D. W. R., 1988: Use of cell and molecular genetic manipulation to improve pasture plants

Fecioru, R. G.; Florescu, N.; Colceriu, C.; Radulescu, L.; Georgescu, G.; Romanciuc, M.; Serban, D.; Godja, G.; Milea, I., 1986: Use of celloforage in feeding cattle

Witkowski, J. F.; Barber, D. T.; Currier, D. R., 1987: Use of center-pivot irrigation systems in controlling European corn borer

Muir, L. A., 1988: Use of certain compounds in livestock food as growth promotants for better feed utilization and improved carcass composition

Schoonhoven A.V., 1986: Use of chemical and microbial insecticides against pests of common beans

Morozova, T. V., 1985: Use of chemical mutagens in breeding sour cherry

Bulatov, A. P.; Elfimova, M. N., 1986: Use of chemical preservatives during the ensiling of early rape

Lesi, C.; Billi, G. C.; Zoni, L.; Malaguti, P., 1986: Use of chemically defined diets in the dietary reeducation of patients with resection of the small intestine or total colectomy for different diseases

Jolankai, M., 1988: Use of chemically different plant growth regulators in winter wheat trials

Jacobson, E. R., 1988: Use of chemotherapeutics in reptile medicine

Madron, E. de; Helfand, S. C.; Stebbins, K. E., 1987: Use of chemotherapy for treatment of cardiac hemangiosarcoma in a dog

Carter, J. O., 1986: Use of chenopod species for mine revegetation at Saraji mine in central Queensland

Sotelo, A.; Arenas, M. L.; Hernandez, M., 1987: Use of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in non-milk formulas. 1. Chemical composition and nutritive quality of chickpea and comparison with commercial infant formulas

Sotelo, A.; Hernandez, M.; Larracilla, J.; Arenas, M. L.; Palapa, E., 1987: Use of chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) in non-dairy formulas. 2. Nitrogen balance in children with lactose intolerance given a formula based on chickpeas and a commercial soyabean product

Anderson, G. B., 1987: Use of chimaeras to study development

Spruzh, Ya Ya, 1986: Use of chlorella to optimize the diets for sows

Andrade, N. J. de, 1988: Use of chlorine compounds in the dairy industry

Kokles, R.; Brockmann U., 1987: Use of chlorine gas for experimental disinfection of Aujeszky virus in abattoir effluent

Bene, G. del; Rumine, P., 1985: Use of chromotropic traps for the monitoring of Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Diptera Agromyzidae) and its biological behaviour in cold greenhouses

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725617

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725618

Velloso, L., 1985: Use of citrus pulp in animal feeding

Neild, R. E., 1987: Use of climatic data to identify potential sites in the United States for growing Papaver bracteatum as a pharmaceutical crop

Jaehn, A.; Rebel, E. K., 1984: Use of coffee husk, leguminosae and nematicides on coffee seedlings planted in an area infested with Meloidogyne incognita

Fridgen, J. D., 1987: Use of cognitive maps to determine perceived tourism regions

Bentancor, L. D.; Vaghi, C.; Carloni, G. H., 1988: Use of combined bacterin and toxoid for vaccination against Clostridium haemolyticum

Fukal, L., 1988: Use of commercial RIA kit for detecting aflatoxin M1 contamination of milk

Mathot, P., 1987: Use of composts in the control of Rhizoctonia sp

Hopkins, B. A.; Whitlow, L. W.; Rakes, A. H., 1988: Use of computer controlled grain feeders in North Carolina DHIA herds. II. Two years postinstallation

Johnson, S. B., 1986: Use of computer models to predict and evaluate strategies for on-farm plant disease management

Kocourek, F., 1987: Use of computer techniques in phytopathology from the viewpoint of resistance breeding

Geier, K., 1986: Use of computer technology in timber construction in East Germany - situation and prospects

Paragon, B. M.; Grandjean, D., 1986: Use of computers in feeding of dairy cows

Brown, R. J.; Ernstrom, C. A., 1984: Use of computers in the cheese industry: modelling of milk coagulation

Kelkar, S. D.; Soman, R. S., 1986: Use of concanavalin A treated PS cell cultures for the detection and assay of Japanese encephalitis virus from mosquitoes

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725634

Ogden I.D., 1986: Use of conductance methods to predict bacterial counts in fish

Boxtel, A. J. B. van; Vries, J. de, 1985: Use of conductivity measurements for separating successive flows of product and water and of water and detergent

Sroller, J.; Pulkrabek, J.; Behal, J., 1986: Use of conductometric testing in sugarbeet seed production

Khan, A. U.; Diestro, M.; Bautista, R.; Calilung, E.; Vasallo, A., 1988: Use of conical rotors for multi-purpose wetland farming machines

Dice, P. F.; Cooley, P. L., 1988: Use of contact lenses to treat corneal diseases in small animals

Flurkey W.H., 1986: Use of contact prints for recording polyphenoloxidase isoenzymes separated by electrophoresis

Cavalli, R., 1987: Use of conventional systems for harvesting wilted forage on slopes

Gadzhiev, Y. G.; Garaev, V. K., 1987: Use of copper as a means of pathogenetic therapy during fascioliasis in sheep

Khitrynau, G. M.; Sirotkina, L. K., 1987: Use of copper colaminate to stimulate growth in pigs

Barath, C., 1988: Use of correspondence analysis in the study of factors influencing the oil content of sunflowers

Widden, P.; Howson, G.; French, D. D., 1986: Use of cotton strips to relate fungal community structure to cellulose decomposition rates in the field

Sarma, D. K.; Sharma, S. N., 1987: Use of counterimmunoelectrophoresis for detection of fowl-pox virus antibodies

Reddy, P. K.; Babu, Y. H., 1987: Use of counterimmunoelectrophoresis technique in diagnosis of amphistomiasis

Kemppainen, E., 1987: Use of cow slurry in establishing grass swards

Batawy, M. A. El; Ibrahim, S. A.; Hetnawy, Sh A., 1987: Use of cows' butter milk in making a yoghurt life fermented milk product

Nelidov, S. N.; Vasil' eva, L. V.; Mishustin, E. N., 1986: Use of crop residues to increase productivity of rice on ameliorated alkaline soils

Valenti, M. A.; Cao, Q. V., 1986: Use of crown ratio to improve loblolly pine taper equations

Goryachko, N. T.; Gushcha, T. E.; Vydritskaya, I. V.; Potapovich, L. S., 1985: Use of crystalline amino acids in feeding laying hens

Kelm, W.; Koll, F., 1987: Use of crystalline and liquid sugar for flavoured milk products and fruit juices

Lavrentiev, N. I.; Romanova, L. Ya, 1987: Use of cultures of Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae in the study of pleuropneumonia in piglets

Skadow, K.; Zimmermann, H., 1987: Use of current international knowledge for development of a flexible strategy of cultivar mixtures against powdery mildew of spring barley in the GDR

Kapinos, V. A.; Konovalov, S. N., 1986: Use of curves representing basic soil hydrophysical characteristics for monitoring agrophysical status of topsoil horizons

Skolnik, J., 1986: Use of cutting tools of polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride for machining of wood-based materials

Dovzhenko, L. I.; Melkonova, E. F.; Kuz' mina, A. V., 1986: Use of cytogenetic analysis of plants in breeding tetraploid buckwheat

Gauchene, O. Yu, 1986: Use of cytoplasmic male sterility and the production of heterotic carrot hybrids in the Lithuanian SSR

Rey, X., 1987: Use of cytoplasmic male sterility in tobacco cultivation

Lembke, W. D.; Skaggs, R. W., 1986: Use of daily rainfall for modeling drainage systems

Shilovskaya, T. E., 1986: Use of dairy byproducts as feed supplements for farm animals

Miller, G. Y.; Eastridge, M. L.; Hueston, W. D.; Hoblet, K. H., 1988: Use of dairy herd improvement somatic cell information by Ohio dairy producers and their perceptions of mastitis

Smith T.R., 1986: Use of dairy herd improvement testing programs by dairy farmers

Piedrahita, R. H.; Ebeling, J. M.; Losordo, T. M., 1986: Use of data acquisition systems in aquaculture

Rathjen, G.; Schulte Coerne, H., 1987: Use of database systems in data processing for experimental herds

Lalande, M.; Tissier, J. P.; Cerf, O.; Renard, L.; Moreau, M., 1986: Use of decominol as a new sterilizing agent in the UHT processing of milk

Laszlo, K.; Barnabas, B., 1983: Use of deep-frozen sweet pepper pollen in breeding

Mitchell, G. B. B.; Webster, K. A.; Wright, C. L., 1986: Use of deltamethrin 'pour on' for control of the sheep tick Ixodes ricinus

Moore S.T., 1986: Use of demand feeders on large steelhead rearing ponds

Mcallister A., 1986: Use of denatured dried skimmed milk in diets for young pigs

Baur, A.; Kalk, W. D.; Busch, K.; Feige, K. D., 1986: Use of design systematics in the design of driven furrow presses - search for variants, evaluation and selection

Rufty, R. C.; Wernsman, E. A.; Gooding, G. V, Jr, 1987: Use of detached leaves to evaluate tobacco haploids and doubled haploids for resistance to tobacco mosiac virus, Meloidogyne incognita, and Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci

Broquedis, M., 1987: Use of dialysis and ultra-rapid chromatography for determination of abscisic acid: application to grapevine

Destain, J. P.; Raimond, Y.; Huge, P.; Darcheville, M.; Riga, A., 1986: Use of dicyandiamide as a nitrification inhibitor to improve slurry nitrogen efficiency

Chiba, L. I.; Peo, E. R, Jr; Lewis, A. J., 1987: Use of dietary fat to reduce dust, aerial ammonia and bacterial colony forming particle concentrations in swine confinement buildings

Ibragimov, M. A.; Toporova, L. V., 1985: Use of diets devoid of animal feeds in commercial feeding of laying hens

Xiccato, G.; Cinetto, M., 1986: Use of diets with different amounts of energy in the feeding of young Italian Brown bulls

Labudova, O. A.; Lichvar, I., 1986: Use of different forms of lysine in feeding pigs

Labudova, O. A.; Likhvar, I., 1986: Use of different forms of lysine in feeding young pigs

Monta, L. dalla; Pavan, F.; Duso, C., 1986: Use of different formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. in the control of vine moths

Arns, M. J.; Webb, G. W.; Kreider, J. L.; Potter, G. D.; Evans, J. W., 1987: Use of different nonglycolysable sugars to maintain stallion sperm viability when frozen or stored at 37 degrees C and 5 degrees C in a bovine serum albumin medium

Salinas B, M.; Berger S, H.; Tapia F, M. L., 1987: Use of different packs and of post-harvest propionic acid treatment in asparagus

Mcgilliard A.D., 1986: Use of different precursors for lipogenesis in ruminant mammary tissue

Lamprecht I., 1986: Use of differential scanning calorimetry for structural analysis of fungally degraded wood

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725687

Wolter, R.; D' Alfort, E. N. V., 1988: Use of digestion activators

Subova, D., 1987: Use of dihaploids in potato breeding

Cruz, R.; Godinho, P. H.; Gimeniz, S. R.; Barnabe, J. C., 1987: Use of dimethylaminobenzaldehyde in the estimation of tryptophan in plasma. An adaptation of the method of Spies and Chambers

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725691

Concilio, L., 1986: Use of diploid gametes in potato breeding

Zajac, J.; Zuffa, T.; Sediva, L', 1988: Use of direct immunofluorescence to demonstrate canine parvovirus in tissue culture

Zhukov, O. S., 1987: Use of distant hybridization and mutagenesis in accelerating the breeding of stone fruits for resistance to diseases

Cavani, C.; Manfredini, M.; Zarri, M. C., 1988: Use of distillery effluent in animal feeding: use of cane molasses concentrate in the feeding of rabbits

Sina, P.; Breschi, R.; Cavani, C.; Manfredini, M., 1986: Use of distillery effluents as animal feed: condensed beet molasses stillage in the feeding of light pigs

Arkhipov, I. A., 1986: Use of dogs infected with Dirofilaria immitis (Leidy, 1856) as a model for screening filaricides

Buyser, J. de; Henry, Y., 1986: Use of doubled haploids in selection

Grattan, S. R.; Shennan, C.; May, D. M.; Mitchell, J. P.; Burau, R. G., 1987: Use of drainage water for irrigation of melons and tomatoes

Orda, J.; Ziokowski, T.; Pres, J.; Bury, B., 1986: Use of dried blood-whey clot (Livex) in fattening pigs

Parova, J.; Par, O., 1987: Use of dried broiler droppings in the feed of carp during the rearing period

Taufik, S. A.; Khamadi, S. M., 1986: Use of dried whey in feeding broiler chickens

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725705

Meske, C., 1986: Use of dry feedstuffs in aquaria

Kelley L.M., 1986: Use of dyes and proteins as indicators of virus adsorption to soils

Evteev, A. S., 1985: Use of early rape in feeding of cows

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725710

Torii R., 1986: Use of echography in rabbits for pregnancy diagnosis

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725712

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725713

Perrin, J.; Coupet, H.; Lacaze, S.; Venuto, J. M., 1988: Use of echotomography to evaluate follicular stimulation in embryo transfer

Makhambera, T. P. E.; Ayoade, J. A.; Mchiela, A. F., 1985: Use of egg length, maximum width and the product of length and width to predict egg weight in Black Australorps, Hyline and Shavers

Marinov, B.; Surdzhiiska, S.; Tomova, D., 1986: Use of egg shells as a mineral supplement in mixed feeds for laying hens

Schmidt, U., 1987: Use of electric light traps to control insects in a piggery

Romejko, R., 1986: Use of electroosmosis for dewatering cattle excrements. Part 1

Cheliak, W. M.; Yeh, F. C. H.; Pitel, J. A., 1987: Use of electrophoresis in tree improvement programs

Makarenko, K. V., 1984: Use of electrophoretic gliadin patterns for evaluating mutant forms of winter wheat for winter hardiness

Bravi, R., 1986: Use of electrophoretic techniques for identification and varietal purity

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725722

Chiari, C. de A.; Lima, J. D.; Antunes, C. M. de F., 1987: Use of eluate from blood dried on filter paper for the serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in goats

Rodriguez Aguilar, M. del C. M., 1986: Use of embryo transfer and AI for the induction of twin pregnancies in zebu cows

Kramer, G.; Kanitz, W., 1986: Use of embryo transfer at the Kollitz State Animal Breeding Establishment

Brem, G.; Krausslich, H., 1986: Use of embryo transfer in animal breeding

Baumung, A., 1986: Use of embryo transfer to improve reproductive potential and increased selection intensity

Theau Clement, M.; Bolet, G., 1987: Use of endoscopy to measure ovulation in the rabbit

Pres, J.; Szulc, T.; Dobicki, A., 1987: Use of ensiled poultry litter for fattening cattle

Trigui, N.; Sandmeier, M.; Salanoubat, M.; Pernes, J., 1986: Use of enzymatic and morphological data for the study of populations and the domestication of plants: 1. Separation and genetic identification of isozymes of pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides Bur. Stapf & Hubb.)

Starick, E.; Wittmann, W.; Burow, G.; Peters, D.; Winkler, P.; Horlbeck, F.; Dietz, W., 1987: Use of enzyme immunoassay in a bovine leukosis control programme

Crowther, J. R., 1986: Use of enzyme immunoassays in disease diagnosis, with particular reference to rinderpest

Moschke, M.; Kluge, S.; Hirte, W. F.; Schulz, G., 1987: Use of enzyme preparations from Penicillium-species for the isolation of mesophyll protoplasts from Solanum tuberosum L

Ramirez, G.; Pradilla, G., 1987: Use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in the diagnosis of cysticercosis

Loeffler, D. A.; Norcross, N. L., 1987: Use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to measure bovine milk and serum antibodies to alpha toxin, beta toxin, and capsular antigens of Staphylococcus aureus

Have, P., 1987: Use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays in diagnosis of viral diseases in domestic livestock

Karunskii, A. I., 1987: Use of enzymes for the treatment of grape residues

Vodickova, M.; Husek, V., 1987: Use of enzymically hydrolysed lactose in the production of ice cream

Dorn, C. R.; Miller, G. Y., 1987: Use of epidemiological and toxicological observations in domestic and wild animal populations for evaluating human health risks

Murphy, B. D.; Hunter, D. B.; Onderka, D. K.; Hazelwood, J., 1987: Use of equine chorionic gonadotrophin in female mink

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725746

Harding, M. V.; Betts, C. D.; Juncker, A. W., 1988: Use of erosion control blankets on harsh sites

Somers, C. J.; McGloughin, P.; Tarrant, P. V., 1988: Use of erythrocyte fragility and plasma CPK activity for the prediction of pork quality

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725749

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725751

Yu, W. J., 1987: Use of esterase isoenzymes to identify Chinese varieties

Sabeva Z., 1986: Use of esterase isozymes as chromosome markers in the study of tetraploid triticale forms

Gaska, Jm; Oplinger, Es, 1988: Use of ethephon as a plant growth regulator in corn production

Riedel, R. M.; Shambaugh, T. S.; Hassell, R. L., 1987: Use of ethoprop on direct seeded head and leaf lettuce as a control for root knot nematode, 1986

Wang, C. Y., 1987: Use of ethylene biosynthesis inhibitors in horticulture

Greenwood N.G., 1987: Use of ev loci as a measure of inbreeding in domestic fowls

De Jager J.M., 1987: Use of evaporimeters for estimating maximum total evaporation

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725760

Bharodiya, P. S.; Shah, R. M., 1986: Use of exotic germplasm for improving yield of Indian durum wheat

Kaan, F.; Derieux, M., 1986: Use of exotic maize material and building up of broadly based populations for European breeders

Stuber, C. W., 1986: Use of exotic sources of germplasm for maize improvement

Litvinova, M. K.; Frolova, N. F.; Bityutskaya, V. V., 1986: Use of experimental mutagenesis in breeding beetroot

Goranova, K.; Aleksieva, A. (Alexieva, A), 1986: Use of experimental mutagenesis in soyabean

Opio Odongo, J. M. A., 1986: Use of experimental smallholding in extension education: the case of Makerere University

Ul' yanko, S. A., 1987: Use of extruded peas and lucerne meal for rearing replacement gilts

Davies, B. E.; Wixson, B. G., 1987: Use of factor analysis to differentiate pollutants from other trace metals in surface soils of the mineralizied area of Madison County, Missouri, U.S.A

Moreno, J.; Estan, M. T.; Martinez Lopez, V.; Bolarin, M. C., 1986: Use of factor analysis to evaluate soil fertility

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725770

Ilian, M. A.; Razzaque, M. A.; Al Awadi, A.; Salman, A. J., 1988: Use of fat in diets of sheep in hot environments. 1. Effects on performance, carcass characteristics and lipid composition of plasma

Ilian, M. A.; Razzaque, M. A.; Salman, A. J., 1988: Use of fat in diets of sheep in hot environments. 2. Effect on rumen metabolism

Drochner, W.; Markus, W., 1987: Use of fat-enriched diets for sows during late pregnancy and lactation

Roy, M. A., 1988: Use of fatty acids for the identification of phytopathogenic bacteria

Timoshina, L. A.; Mel' nikova, A. G.; Mikhailova, E. N.; Tolmachev, B. A.; Bocharnikov, I. G., 1987: Use of feed 5 rf for rearing two-year-old trout

Stefanik, M. B.; Gnativ, V. I.; Skorokhod, V. I., 1985: Use of feed fats and synthetic fatty acids for fattening pigs

Petukhova, E. A.; Ryazanov, G. P.; Eremko, N. I., 1985: Use of feed mixtures with Meprin during rearing of chickens

Alekseev, N. D.; Andreev, N. P., 1986: Use of feed yeasts in diets for herds of horses

Boland, M. P.; MacDonnell, H. F.; Ahmed, T. S.; Reid, J. F. S., 1986: Use of fenprostalene in superovulated beef heifers

Rao, M. V., 1985: Use of fertilizers

Rashid, M.; Bhatti, H. M., 1985: Use of fertilizers in saline/sodic soils

Voevodin, V. M., 1986: Use of fibreboards for exterior wall cladding

Borisova, L. A.; Asafov, V. A.; Grinberg, V. Ya; Chimirov, Yu I.; Bikbov, T. M.; Tolstoguzov, V. B.; Muschiolik, G.; Schmandke, G., 1985: Use of fibrous casein-based textured preparations in meat products

Gajtkowski, A., 1985: Use of field sprayers. Part I. Construction and operation

Gajtkowski, A., 1985: Use of field sprayers. Part II. Preparing the sprayer for operation

Baldwin, J. G.; Powers, T. O., 1987: Use of fine structure and nucleic acid analysis in systematics

Andrew M.H., 1986: Use of fire for spelling monsoon tallgrass pasture grazed by cattle

Delphin, J. E., 1988: Use of first-order kinetics describing the mineralization in some cultivated soils

Kay, M. G., 1988: Use of flap gates for water level control

Leotta, R.; Gatta, D.; Tocchini, M., 1985: Use of flavophospholipol in diets with different amounts of protein in the production of male broiler chickens slaughtered at seven or nine weeks old

Hutchins, D. R.; McClintock, S. A.; Brownlow, M. A., 1987: Use of flotation tanks for the treatment of seven cases of skeletal injury in horses

Copper, N. A.; Cobb, R. M., 1987: Use of flumethrin for the control of Dermanyssus gallinae in a broiler breeder flock

Hall M.J.R., 1988: Use of fluorescent pigments for the automatic marking of tsetse flies in traps

Samigullina, N. S., 1986: Use of foreign pollen in pollinating tomato

Walterne Illes, V., 1985: Use of forest byproducts for feeding of game

Walter Illes, V., 1983: Use of forest byproducts for game feeding

Cappa, V.; Calamari, L.; Piccioli Cappelli, F., 1985: Use of forest undergrowth in the feeding of beef cows: chemical and nutritional characteristics of root suckers and their productivity

Pawlicki, J., 1985: Use of formaldehyde to improve the properties of fibreboards

Odilov, S. Kh; Bessonova, E. I., 1987: Use of forms from the Vavilov Institue of Plant Industry (VIR) collection in producing material for breeding wheat for heat resistance

Parker, B. D., 1987: Use of freight rate futures to hedge against freight rate increases in the dry-bulk freight market

Fougner, J. A.; Forsberg, M., 1986: Use of fresh diluted fox semen and results of field trials with semen diluted at different rates

Aparicio, F.; Jodral, A.; Vera, A.; Pena, F.; Domenech, V.; Tovar, J., 1987: Use of fresh lucerne in feed of primiparous sows during gestation: effect of energy level

Molenat, M.; Boulard, J.; Henaff, G. le, 1986: Use of frozen semen for estimating genetic gains in pig production traits

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725807

Horsky, V., 1987: Use of fungicides in the production of rooted hop cuttings

Smykov, A. V.; Orekhova, V. P., 1987: Use of gamma radiation in breeding peach

Ignatov, G.; Tunkara, A.; Ignatova, M., 1987: Use of gamma-globulin from peritoneal fluid of cats with feline infectious peritonitis for immunofluorescent demonstration of TGE coronavirus antigen

Hammer, R. E.; Brinster, R. L.; Palmiter, R. D., 1985: Use of gene transfer to increase animal growth

Russell, J. B.; Wilson, D. B., unda: Use of genetic engineering to enhance ruminal cellulose digestion at low pH

Cowley, J. A.; Gorman, B. M., 1986: Use of genetic reassortants to determine the genes encoding various biological properties of bluetongue viruses

Davidson, J. I. Jr; Blankenship, P. D.; Sanders, T. H.; Cole, R. J.; Henning, R. J., 1987: Use of geocarposphere temperature as a tool in managing peanut production

Johnson, K., 1985: Use of geochemical modeling in the interpretation of water quality and overburden chemical analysis

Maurya, A. N.; Muthoo, A. K.; Kumar, A., 1985: Use of gibberellic acid (GA3) and urea sprays in increasing yield of bhindi (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) Moench

Greany, P. D.; McDonald, R. E.; Shaw, P. E.; Schroeder, W. J.; Howard, D. F.; Hatton, T. T.; Davis, P. L.; Rasmussen, G. K., 1987: Use of gibberellic acid to reduce grapefruit susceptibility to attack by the Caribbean fruit fly Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725819

Jensen, L. A.; Riesterer, B. A.; Olson, N. F., 1987: Use of glucono- delta -lactone (GDL) as an acidulant for low moisture part-skim Mozzarella cheese produced from ultrafiltered milk

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725821

Fierro, L. C.; Gomez, F.; Gonzalez, M. H.; Chavez, A., 1986: Use of goats to increase forage and animal production in brush infested rangelands of northern Mexico

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725823

Guglya, V. G., 1987: Use of grain haylage for feeding heifers

Bergonzini, E.; Fabbri, R.; Rosi, M. A.; Casa, G. Della, 1985: Use of grape juice concentrate as feed for fattening heavy pigs

Pelosi, A.; Dell' Aquila, S.; Taibi, L.; Verna, M., 1986: Use of grape juice concentrate for feeding lambs

Wojno, T., 1987: Use of greaves for feeding of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Rich.)

Auramenka, P. S.; Loban, A. A.; Maenau, U. V., 1987: Use of green mass of different plants in the preparation of protein concentrate

Tyler, Jm; Webster, Ja; Merkle, Og, 1987: Use of greenbug biotype mixtures in evaluating wheat seedlings for resistance

Waldman S.E., 1988: Use of growing degree days to project sample dates for cereal crops

Reshef A., 1985: Use of growth charts as a simple epidemiological monitoring system of nutritional status of children

Balabushka, V. K., 1986: Use of growth regulators in the vegetative propagation of woody plants

Kretchman D.W., 1987: Use of growth retardants to improve ripening uniformity and yield of processing tomatoes

Pratt, R. M.; Putman, R. J.; Ekins, J. R.; Edwards, P. J., 1986: Use of habitat by free-ranging cattle and ponies in the New Forest, southern England

Bacso, J.; Uzonyi, I.; Katz, S. A., 1987: Use of hair as a biopsy tissue for calcium

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725836

Hu, H., 1985: Use of haploids for crop improvement in China

Bojas, Z., 1988: Use of herbicides for the establishment of clover stands

Perez M, J. L., 1986: Use of herbicides in Rioja vineyards

Mattis, G. Ya; Malanina, Z. I., 1986: Use of herbicides in afforestation in the steppes

Salter, B. R.; Darke, R. F., 1988: Use of herbicides in the establishment of amenity plantings in Milton Keynes

Torstennsson, L.; Lindholm, O., 1988: Use of herbicides on the Swedish State Railways

Moomaw, R. S.; Martin, A. R., 1985: Use of herbicides to establish alfalfa underseeded in oats

Fundora Mayor, Z.; Perez Talavera, S.; Auchet Jenckens, F.; Moya, C., 1986: Use of heritability coefficients to detect radioinduced variability in plant height in tomato

Skiebe, K.; Kampe, F., 1988: Use of hermaphrodites for hybrid breeding of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Kirschenmann, B., 1987: Use of hermetic bactofuges for improving milk quality

Tikhonovich, I. A.; Dubovskaya, A. G.; Sosnikhina, S. P., 1987: Use of heterochromatic chromosome markers in cytogenetic studies of rye (Secale cereale L.). I. Behaviour of chromosomes 1(7R) and 5(4R) at meiosis

Tikhonovich, I. A.; Fedotova, Yu S.; Sosnikhina, S. P., 1987: Use of heterochromatic markers of chromosomes in cytogenetic studies of rye (Secale cereale L.). II. Behaviour of a satellite chromosome (1R) at meiosis

Hansen, H., 1986: Use of high CO2 concentrations in the transport and storage of soft fruit

Martin, MF.; Rochat, H.; Marchot, P.; Bougis, PE., 1987: Use of high performance liquid chromatography to demonstrate quantitative variation in components of venom from the scorpion Androctonus australis hector

Roberts, J. K. M., 1985: Use of high resolution 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study metabolism in living plant tissues

Eller, K. I.; Rybakova, N. V.; Tutel' yan, V. A., 1987: Use of high-performance liquid chromatography in the determination of aflatoxins of the B, G, and M groups and their metabolites

Wall, D. J.; Kibler, D. F.; Hastings, M. E., 1987: Use of historic flood information in estimating flood peaks on ungaged watersheds

Mazur, M., 1987: Use of hoeing with various herbicide treatments in grain maize stands

Bikienga, I. M., 1985: Use of home-produced rock phosphate in the agriculture of Burkina Faso

Kulish, O. N.; Okhotskii, S. M., 1988: Use of homogeneous purification of industrial emissions from nitrogen oxides

Menten, J. O. M., 1987: Use of horizontal resistance in breeding bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725861

Dibbits, H. J., 1986: Use of human and animal power on small farms in Africa

Janecek, J., 1987: Use of hybrid embryo culture in the distant hybridization of Lolium sp. X Festuca sp

Danforth, H. D., 1986: Use of hybridoma antibodies combined with genetic engineering in the study of protozoan parasites: a review

Scott, J. W.; Volin, R. B.; Bryan, H. H.; Olson, S. M., 1986: Use of hybrids to develop heat tolerant tomato cultivars

Parker, W. B., 1988: Use of hydric soils to assist in worldwide wetland inventories

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725868

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725869

Kojima, T.; Soma, T.; Oguri, N., 1987: Use of ice induction with silver iodide for the cryopreservation of bovine embryos

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725871

Sidenko, V. P.; Mordvinova, D. I.; Yarotskaya, N. E.; Melyukh, N. F.; Klyushnikova, T. M.; Smirnova, G. F., 1986: Use of immobilized cultures of degrading microbes for tertiary treatment of oil-bearing waters

Ploaie, P. G., 1984: Use of immune electron microscopy to detect viruses in plants regenerated from meristem tip cultures

Dunbar B.S., 1987: Use of immunoaffinity purified antibodies to zona pellucida to compare alloimmunization of male and female rabbits

Navratil, M., 1987: Use of immunochemical methods in diagnosis and vegetable breeding

Abalakin, V. A., 1987: Use of immunological absorption in heterogeneous immuno-enzyme analysis for detecting antibodies to the protective determinant of Bacillus anthracis

Seidel K.E., 1988: Use of immunoresponsiveness to demonstrate that the dietary requirement for copper in young rats is greater with dietary fructose than dietary starch

Brodenfeldt, R.; Mohr, H., 1986: Use of immunotitration to demonstrate phytochrome-mediated synthesis de novo of chalcone synthase and phenylalanine ammonia lyase in mustard seedling cotyledons

Gibson, A. M., 1988: Use of impedance measurements to estimate numbers of antibiotic resistant Salmonella strains

Mengak, K. K., 1986: Use of importance-performance analysis to evaluate a visitor center

Davis, G. H., 1985: Use of imported genetic material to increase prolificacy in sheep

Dekeyser, A.; Dabin, P.; Bouharmont, J., 1986: Use of in vitro culture for inducing variation in rice and fuchsia

Maisonneuve, B., 1987: Use of in vitro culture of immature embryos for interspecific crosses between Lactuca sativa L. and L. saligna L. or L. virosa L.; study of the hybrids obtained

Young, Jw; Veenhuizen, Jj; Russell, Rw, 1987: Use of in vivo kinetic techniques to evaluate metabolism of nutrients

Safonov, G. A.; Kalinina, T. A., 1987: Use of inactivated vaccines against Newcastle disease

Pavlov, M., 1987: Use of inbred lines and sib crosses in producing hybrid grain of maize

Biswas, B. C.; Maheshwari, S.; Yadav, D. S., 1986: Use of indigenous sources of sulphur in Indian agriculture

Denyer, M. S.; Crowther, J. R. , 1986: Use of indirect and competitive ELISAs to compare isolates of equine influenza A virus

Sabirovic, M.; Bajrovic, T.; Bajalo, N.; Sola, J., 1987: Use of indirect immunofluorescence in adenovirus diagnosis

Ricci, N.; Manuppella, A.; Pisano, A., 1988: Use of indirect immunofluorescence in screening human Brucella infection

Ivanov, M. V., 1984: Use of indirect methods of evaluating winter hardiness in winter rye

Novozamsky, I.; Eck, R. van; Houba, V. J. G.; Lee, J. J. van der, 1986: Use of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry for determination of iron, aluminium and phosphorus in Tamm's soil extracts

Kanyo, L.; Szabo, P.; Herold, I., 1985: Use of industrial sunflower lecithin for supplementation of sow feed and pig starter feed

Bories, C.; Loiseau, P.; Legrand, T.; Gayral, P., 1987: Use of infective Nippostrongylus brasiliensis larvae in an axenic medium for studying nematicidal substances

Konevets, V. I.; Roganova, Z. A.; Smolyanskii, A. L., 1987: Use of infrared spectroscopy for analysing fats of different origin

Mehnert, E., 1987: Use of infrared spectroscopy for determining the lipid content in liver biopsy samples from cattle

Sikkema, P. H.; Dekker, J., 1987: Use of infrared thermometry in determining stress periods induced by quackgrass (Agropyron repens) in soybeans (Glycine max)

Almeida, J. A. P.; Slack, D. C., 1986: Use of infrared thermometry to measure canopy-air temperature difference at partial cover

Veen, H., 1987: Use of inhibitors of ethylene action

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725905

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725906

Yokomi, R. K.; Garnsey, S. M.; Lee, R. F.; Cohen, M., 1987: Use of insect vectors to screen for protecting effects of mild citrus tristeza virus isolates in Florida

Pan, C. L.; Ledford, R. A.; Dunny, G. M., 1987: Use of insertional mutagenesis with the conjugative transposon Tn925 to analyze plasmid-encoded phage resistance in lactic streptococci

Mcleod D.A., 1987: Use of insulation to reduce extremity temperature nonuniformity during whole body hyperthermia in dogs

Dinar, A., 1987: Use of interdisciplinary models in extension: a case study of Rehovot region, Israel

Kazas, A. N., 1987: Use of interspecific hybrids of different ploidy in breeding fig

Lebedev, N. I., 1986: Use of iodine, zinc, cobalt and vitamin A in feeding cows

Belyaeva, G. N.; Ryazantseva, T. P.; Malysh, L. K., 1987: Use of ionizing radiation in breeding soyabean in the Amur area

Vodyanitskiy, Yu N., 1986: Use of iron compounds for soil aggregation

Palti, H.; Adler, B.; Hurvitz, J.; Tamir, D.; Freier, S., 1987: Use of iron supplements in infancy: a field trial

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725917

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725918

Morgan, P. B.; Smittle, B. J.; Patterson, R. S., 1986: Use of irradiated pupae to mass culture the microhymenopterous pupal parasitoid Spalangia endius Walker (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). I. Musca domestica L. (Diptera: Muscidae)

Stampar, F., 1987: Use of isoenzyme analyses in horticulture

Ratterman, D. M.; Balke, N. E., 1985: Use of isolated membrane vesicles to assess herbicide action on plant membranes

Sousa, A. C. S.; Marin Neto, J. A.; Maciel, B. C.; Gallo, L, Jr; Barreto Martins, L. E.; Amorium, D. S., 1987: Use of isometric exercise to demonstrate cardiac parasympathetic impairment in the digestive form of Chagas' disease

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725923

Malychenko, V. V.; Grushin, A. A.; Ivakin, A. P., 1986: Use of isoperoxidase banding patterns for the identification of forms of the apple variety Yandykovskoe

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725925

Poppi, D. P., 1986: Use of isotopic methods in nutrition x parasite interactions

Polyakov, V. A.; Pyatnitskii, N. V.; Seletskii, Yu B.; Tkachenko, A. E., 1985: Use of isotopic methods in studying the reclamation conditions of the Asht irrigated tract (Tadzhik SSR)

Weinbaum, S. A.; Klein, I.; Broadbent, F. E.; Micke, W. C.; Muraoka, T. T., 1984: Use of isotopic nitrogen to demonstrate dependence of mature almond trees on annual uptake of soil nitrogen

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725931

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725932

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725933

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725934

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725935

Udayasurian K., 1986: Use of kapok as a poultry feed

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725937

Willis, M. J.; Trollope, W. S. W., 1987: Use of key grass species for assessing veld condition in the Eastern Cape

Ferencak W.J.IIi, 1987: Use of killer fungi and antifungal chemicals in characterization of yeast species and biotypes

Sharma, S. C.; Randhawa, P. S.; Thind, B. S.; Khehra, A. S., 1982: Use of klorocin for the control of bacterial stalk rot and its absorption, translocation and persistence in maize tissue

Baidybekov, M. U., 1988: Use of koumiss in the diet of nephrolithiasis patients

Hafner F., 1987: Use of lab batch reactors to model biokinetics

Schuphan, I.; Scharer, E.; Heise, M.; Ebing, W., 1987: Use of laboratory model ecosystems to evaluate quantitatively the behaviour of chemicals

Boethling, S., 1986: Use of laboratory studies to predict environmental biotransformation rates of xenobiotic chemicals

Pant, M.; Nabarro, D., 1984: Use of labour, agricultural inputs and services by households in the Kosi Hill Area (2039-2040)

Sajko, W.; Kisza, J.; Przybyowski, P., 1985: Use of lactate dehydrogenase from ox hearts for determining pyruvate in milk

DeWitt, T. C.; Cheney, T. M., 1986: Use of lactofen when applied preemergence to dry edible beans

Yeargan M.R., 1987: Use of lambda gt11 and monoclonal antibodies to map the genes for the six major glycoproteins of equine herpesvirus 1

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725949

Sugianto, S., 1988: Use of lamtoro gung (Leucaena leucocephala) as fuelwood for the smokehouse in the manufacture of rubber sheet

Della Casa, G.; Bergonzini, E.; Rosi, M. A.; Fabbri, R., 1985: Use of large amounts of triticale in feeds for fattening heavy pigs

Rowe, J. B., 1988: Use of lasalocid in diets fed during simulated assembly and export of live sheep

Jahn, B. C.; Bode, L. E., 1988: Use of laser imaging system for agricultural spray analysis

Garner, J., 1985: Use of laser in land forming

Danilau, A. S. (Danilov, A. S); Khakhlou, L. U. (Khokhlov, L. V); Gryb, S. I. (Grib, S. I); Mastounikau, V. A. (Mostovnikov, V. A); Papavitskaya, V. N. (Popovitskaya, V. N), 1985: Use of laser irradiation in barley breeding

Verbueken, A. H.; Vyver, F. L. van de; Visser, W. J.; Roels, F.; Grieken, R. E. van; Broe, M. E. de, 1987: Use of laser microprobe mass analysis (LAMMA) for localizing multiple elements in soft and hard tissues

Miegeville, M.; Robert, R.; Bouillard, C.; Avranche, P., 1987: Use of latex beads coated with lectins in the demonstration of Salmonella-Schistosoma mansoni binding sites

Hemken R.W., 1988: Use of latex teat dip with germicide during the prepartum period

Crowe, T. G.; Walden, D. B., 1987: Use of leaf discs to monitor protein synthesis under field conditions

Hatfield J.D., 1987: Use of leaf temperature to measure the effect of brown stem rot and soil moisture stress and its relation to yields of soybeans

McGrady, J. J., 1985: Use of leaf-bud cuttings to study maturity and senescence in potatoes

Maxwell, B. P.; Wilson, M. V.; Radosevich, S. R., 1987: Use of leafy spurge population simulation model to identify hypotheses and develop control strategies

Lettner, F., 1987: Use of legume seeds and rapeseed cake in animal feeding

Mobli, M.; Danesh, D.; Sepahi, A., 1987: Use of light in seed potato storage

Duffy G.G., 1988: Use of light scattering techniques to study the kinetics of precipitation of mineral acid casein from skim milk

Morze, Z.; Pecina, H.; Synowiec, J., 1986: Use of lignins from chemical utilization of wood for fibreboard manufacture

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725968

Colloff M.J., 1986: Use of liquid nitrogen in the control of house dust mite populations

Hilge, V., 1986: Use of live and dry feed for catfish fry

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725972

Ruesch P., 1988: Use of low dose prostaglandin for the treatment of canine pyometra

Naik, G. R., 1988: Use of low grade iron pyrite as an amendment for calcareous alkaline soil to improve sugarcane productivity in India

Sardina, M. G.; Boiardi, J. L.; Ertola, R. J., 1987: Use of low grade mineral waste as phosphorus fertilizer

Ohme, J., 1986: Use of low rates of Roundup to assist weed control in cultivated cereal stubble

Schrottmaier, J.; Nadlinger, M., 1988: Use of low temperature heat in horticulture

Reece, F. N.; Lott, B. D.; Bates, B. J., 1987: Use of low-cost microcomputers for control of environment in poultry houses

Drbal, J.; Nedbalkova, B.; Konecna, D., 1987: Use of lucerne callus cultures in studying Corynebacterium michiganense pv. insidiosum (McCulloch) Dye & Kemp

Section 2, Chapter 1726, Accession 001725982

Mayr, W., 1988: Use of lysozyme and nitrate in the manufacture of Edam cheese

Goudedranche, H.; Ducruet, P.; Vachot, J. C.; Pannetier, R.; Maubois, J. L., 1986: Use of lysozyme for ripening of cheese made by the MMV process

Anonymous, 1986: Use of lysozyme for the prevention of late blowing of cheese

Simarev, Yu A., 1986: Use of machines and equipment for husbandry of cows in summer pasture camps

Marquez Delgado, L., 1986: Use of machines in conservation tillage systems

Fecenko, J.; Kiss, G., 1988: Use of magnesium in plant nutrition

Faritov, T. A.; Yusupov, F. R.; Gumerov, A. F.; Giniyatullin, Sh Sh, 1985: Use of magnesium perchlorate (MP-300) for intensive fattening of young cattle

Denic, M.; Ratkovic, S.; Dumanovic, J.; Misevic, D., 1986: Use of maize mutants in breeding for improvement of protein quality

Shamma, M.; Athari, A., 1987: Use of maize silage supplemented with poultry litter in feeding sheep

Mori, B.; Chiarcossi, M.; Bagliacca, M.; Gelli, P.; Biagi, G., 1985: Use of malt in diets for weaned piglets

Parmar, S. S.; Sharma, R. S., 1986: Use of mango seed kernels in enhancing the oxidative stability of ghee

Robinson C.W., 1986: Use of manure liquor as nutrient source for ethanol fermentation

Gomez Ibarlucea Sempere, C., 1981: Use of manures in the establishment of pastures on scrubland

Bren, L. J.; O' Neill, I. C.; Gibbs, N. L., 1988: Use of map analysis to elucidate flooding in an Australian riparian river red gum forest

Sar, M.; Coskun, B.; Bolat, D., 1983: Use of marble dust as a buffer in concentrate-rich rations of fattening lambs

Papadopoulos, I.; Stylianou, Y.; Krentos, V. D., 1987: Use of marginal waters for crop production in Cyprus

Miranda, L. N. de, 1985: Use of marine lime to correct soil acidity

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