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Yield of corn for grain and silage under intensive cultivation. 1. Yield and yield components as influenced by trickle irrigation frequency, high nitrogen fertilizer, and population density

Bar Tsur, A.; Saadi, H.; Nahman, N.; Kafkafi, U.; Bar Yosef, B.

Hassadeh 68(4): 645-646


ISSN/ISBN: 0017-8314
Accession: 001733275

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In maize grain and silage trials at Newe Ya'ar Experiment Station in 1984-85 max. grain yields were > 15 t/ha. N application of > 275 kg/ha did not increase grain yields. Irrigation frequency (1-6 days) did not alter yield of P3323, but decreased yield of hybrid JX180. Significant regression coeff. were found between both whole plant or ear N accumulation and total DM in ears or the whole plant. Max. grain and total DM yield were achieved at 74 000-78 000 plants/ha.

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