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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Patten, C., 1989:
'Common future - common challenge: British aid policy and the environment'. Lecture by Mr Christopher Patten MP, Minister for Overseas Development delivered on 28 February 1989 at St John's College, Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Lectures on Environment and Development

Taylor, D.; Pennell, D., 1989:
'Concorde' - a promising pear variety

Alston, F.H.; Stow, J.R.; Browning, G., 1989:
'Concorde', the new Malling pear variety

Boveri, G.; Ghiotti, G.G.; Tribaudino, M., 1988:
'Containers' to dry and to preserve ears of corn. Resistance and strain of the wire net

Werner, D.J.; Ballington, J.R.; Ritchie, D.F., 1989:
'Contender' peach

Tongumpai, P.; Hongsbhanich, N.; Voon, C.H., 1989:
'Cultar' - for flowering regulation of mango in Thailand

Frawley, K.J., 1989:
'Cultural landscapes' and national parks: philosophical and planning issues

Simpson, B.J.; Hipp, B.W.; McWilliams, E.L., 1989:
'Dark Lance' false indigo

Korban, S.S.; Janick, J.; Williams, E.B.; Emerson, F.H., 1988:
'Dayton' apple

Bisgrove, R.J., 1988:
'Design by management' or 'management by design'. In: Management matters in 1988

Phillion, B.J.; Libby, M., 1984:
'Double cropping' greenhouses for production of grafted stock

Scorza, R.; Fogle, H.W.; Gilreath, L.E., 1988:
'Earliscarlet' nectarine

Sexton, L., 1988:
'Eating' money in highland Papua New Guinea

Libicki, B., 1988:
'Ecological aspects of economy' and 'economical aspects of ecology' in the light of social aspects of environmental preservation

Schweizer, H. et al., 1990:
'Ecology and animal welfare in extension work'. 1990 IALB conference in Lucerne

Nakasu, B.H.; Raseira, M. do C.B.; Vendruscolo, J.L.S., 1989:
'Eldorado', a dual purpose peach

Ryugo, K., 1989:
'Elliot' pear

Morelock, T.E.; Bowers, J.L.; Davis, D.R.; Sistrunk, W.A.; Motes, D., 1989:
'Encore' southernpea

Gadbin, D., 1990:
'Europe of villages': ambitions and limits of a Community policy for the development of rural areas

Breman, J., 1990:
'Even dogs are better off': the ongoing battle between capital and labour in the cane-fields of Gujarat

Jones, A.; Dukes, P.D.; Schalk, J.M.; Hamilton, M.G., 1989:
'Excel' sweet potato

Grimstad, A.K., 1988:
'Explosion' for biological control in Rogaland

Dixey, R., 1988:
'Eyes down': a study of bingo

Kalsy, H.S.; Garg, H.R.; Vithal, B.M.; Gill, J.S., 1988:
'F-505' a high-yield potential American cotton variety for Punjab farmers

Goode, M.J.; Morelock, T.E.; Bowers, J.L., 1988:
'Fall Green' spinach

South, D.B.; Kelley, W.D.; Chapman, W., 1989:
'Fall mosaic' of loblolly pine in a forest tree nursery

Noon, R.A.; Gibbard, M.; Northwood, P.J.; Heaney, S.P., 1988:
'Ferrax' seed treatment - disease control and growth benefits

Sherman, W.B.; Lyrene, P.M., 1989:
'Flordacrest' peach

Andersen, P.C.; Sherman, W.B., 1990:
'Flordadawn' peach

Sherman, W.B.; Lyrene, P.M., 1989:
'Flordaglo' peach

Sherman, W.B.; Lyrene, P.M., 1989:
'Flordastar' peach

Benson, D.M.; Fantz, P.R.; Skroch, W.A., 1990:
'Fred Cochran' Carla azalea

Walsh, C.S.; Volz, R., 1990:
'Gala', and the red 'Gala' sports: a preliminary comparison of fruit maturity

Anonymous, 1989:
'Gescon': technical and economic management programme for rabbit producing units

Peterson, R.M.; Waples, J.R., 1988:
'Gourmet' pear

Beal, J.R., 1988:
'Grade buster', a veterinary approach to SCC and SPC grades

Ingram, D.L.; Ramcharan, C., 1988:
'Grande Naine' banana and Dracaena marginata 'Tricolor' root cell membrane heat tolerance

Stevens, D.R.; Turner, J.D.; Barker, D.J.; Moloney, S., 1989:
'Grasslands Maru' phalaris: productive and persistent in hill country

Rumball, W.; Claydon, R.B.; Forde, M.B., 1990:
'Grasslands Muster' pasture browntop (Agrostis capillaris L. syn. A. tenuis Sibth.)

Donnelly, J.R.; Robards, G.E.; Christian, K.R.; Freer, M.; McKinney, G.T., 1987:
'Grazplan' - an integrated package for the management of meat, milk, wool and crop production systems

Bilderback, T.E.; Cagle, D.J.; Fantz, P.R., 1990:
'Greenthumb Peppermint' azalea

Kochumadhavan, M.; Tomar, S.M.S.; Nambisan, P.N.N., 1988:
'HW-741' - a rust-resistant wheat variety for southern hills

Johnson, C.E.; Young, W.A.; Boudreaux, J.E.; Bourgeois, W.J.; Peterson, F.J.; Wilson, P.W., 1990:
'Hawthorne' peach

Stevenson, K., 1990:
'Heiva': continuity and change of a Tahitian celebration

Singh, T.P.; Jha, P.B.; Akhter, S.A., 1988:
'Hemant' a high-yielding composite maize for rabi cultivation

Lijnse, P.L.; Kloeze, J.W. te, 1987:
'Housemen' and leisure: a study of the experience and concept of leisure among men who stay home to run the house

Field, L.W., 1988:
'I am content with my art': two groups of artisans in revolutionary Nicaragua

Gaisinovich, A.E.; Rossiyanov, K.O., 1989:
'I am firmly convinced that I am right ' N. K. Kol'tsov and Lysenkoism

Teas, J., 1988:
'I'm studying monkeys: what do you do?' - Youth and travelers in Nepal

Herrmann, V.; Uttitz, P., 1990:
'If only I didn't enjoy being a farmer!' Attitudes and opinions of monoactive and pluriactive farmers

Thompson, G.F., 1989:
'If you can't stand the heat, get off the beach': the United Kingdom holiday business

Rizvi, S.M., 1989:
'In the name of God'. Fertilizers in Pakistan

Shrivastava, A.; Vyas, K.M., 1983:
'In vitro' efficacy of tetracyclines against betelvine Phytophthora

Kolehmainen Aitken, R.L.; Shipp, P., 1990:
'Indicators of staffing need': assessing health staffing and equity in Papua New Guinea

Dukes, P.D.; Jones, A.; Schalk, J.M., 1990:
'Inducer', a tree morning glory rootstock cultivar for use in breeding sweetpotatoes

Mansfeld, Y., 1989:
'Industrial landscape' - from an obstacle to a potential for revitalising a declining city through tourism development

Bringer, J.P., 1989:
'Interpreting our heritage' (1st part)

Mays, D.A.; Bengtson, G.W., 1985:
'Interstate' sericea lespedeza: a long-term nitrogen source for loblolly pine growing on coal mine spoil

Nilsson, LA.; Rabakonandrianina, E.; Pettersson, B.; Ranaivo, J., 1990:
'Ixoroid' secondary pollen presentation and pollination by small moths in the Malagasy treelet Ixora platythyrsa (Rubiaceae)

Scott, S.J.; McFerran, J.; Goode, M.J., 1990:
'Jade' okra

Mishra, D.K., 1988:
'Jawahar Kodo-41' a new variety for inter and mixed cropping

Mishra, D.K.; Verma, S.N.P., 1989:
'Jawahar Kutki-8' a new variety of minor millet

Brown, A.R.Jr, 1988:
'Jersey Fresh': a fresh idea in farm products marketing

Ellison, J.H.; Kinelski, J.J.; Garrison, S.A., 1989:
'Jersey Queen', a cloned cultivar of asparagus

Schechter, I.; Proctor, J.T.A., 1989:
'Jonagold': an apple for the 21st century

Goell, A.; Safran, H.; Erner, Y., 1988:
'Juice spot' - a rind disorder in 'Star Ruby' red grapefruit in Israel

Barletta, M., 1988:
'Jupiter' - a prize-winning British apple variety

Bhati, D.S.; Mathur, J.R.; Sharma, R.C., 1987:
'Jwala', a virus-resistant mothbean

Rao, S.S.; Tiwari, R.D.; Verma, S.S., 1989:
'Kalinga III', a promising rice cultivar for upland slopy soils of Bastar

Dhawan, S.C., 1988:
'Katyil', a resistant wheat cultivar, susceptible to Indian population of cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera avenae

Fery, R.L.; Dukes, P.D., 1988:
'Kiawah' southernpea

Johnson, C.E.; Young, W.A., 1988:
'LaJewel' peach

Meotto, F., 1987:
'Laccaria laccata' (Scop. ex Fr.) Berk. & Br. and 'Acacia dealbata' Link ectomycorrhizae

Saxena, S.K., 1988:
'Lasu' an exclusive top feed for camels during drought

Williams, D.; Pohl, A., 1987:
'Let them eat houses!' The implications of urban expansion onto good farmland

Eisner, T.; Eisner, M., 1989:
'Live' action scanning electron microscopy

Lane, R.P.; Owen, M.A., 1989:
'Loomis' muscadine grape

Balasundaram, M., 1984:
'Loranthus' - a menace to trees

Flores, R.R., 1989:
'Los Pastores': performance, poetics, and politics in folk drama

Dandler, J., 1988:
'Low classness' or wavering populism? A peasant movement in Bolivia 1952-3

Kirwan, A.P., 1990:
'Magic mushroom' poisoning in a dog

Smedt, J.P. de, 1989:
'Major' resorts: the amalgamation syndrome

Lewis, M.W., 1988:
'Mansida' in Buguias: economic, ecological and ideological transformations in the Philippine Cordillera

Baggett, J.R.; Kean, D., 1988:
'Marbles' and 'Riot' dwarf ornamental peppers

Tipton, J.L., 1988:
'Marfa Lace' desert willow. Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet

Collicutt, L.M., 1989:
'Marshalls Delight' Monarda

Ng, T.J., 1988:
'MaryGold' muskmelon

Mehlenbacher, S.A.; Thompson, M.M.; Janick, J.; Williams, E.B.; Emerson, F.H.; Korban, S.S.; Dayton, D.F.; Hough, L.F., 1988:
'McShay' apple

Kahn, M., 1988:
'Men and taro' (they cannot be rice): political aspects of food choices in Wamira, Papua New Guinea

Mertens, Y., 1989:
'Mild' tourism

Borgstrom, U., 1989:
'Milk Energy' - a winning campaign

Sekioka, T.T.; Takeda, K.; Tanaka, J.S.; Gilbert, J.C., 1988:
'Milo' cucumber

Morel, F., 1989:
'Modernization success' for Miko at the Longjumeau factory

Allavena, A.; Fadda, A.; Soressi, G.P., 1989:
'Montecarlo' and 'Monterosa', 'Borlotto'-type dry beans

Waterman, D., 1989:
'Narrowcasting' on cable television: a programme choice model

Bryan, D., 1990:
'Natural' and 'improved' land in Marx's theory of rent

Moore, J.N.; Clark, J.R., 1989:
'Navaho' erect thornless blackberry

Schmitt, G., 1990:
'Net farm income': an appropriate measure of the efficiency of factor use? The problem of optimal farm size

Mehrkens, L., 1989:
'New' developments in the law on compensation in animal epidemics

Huttl, R.F., 1987:
'New' forest dieback, nutritional disturbances and fertilizer treatment

Huettl, R.F., 1988 :
'New-type' forest declines and restabilization/revitalization strategies. A programmatic focus

Monu, E.D., 1988:
'Not relief but release': IIRR's orientation to rural reconstruction

Woodward, D.W.; Green, E., 1988:
'Not tonight dear!' The social control of women's leisure

Gerrish, G., 1989:
'Ohi'a dieback and forest life cycles

Berry, S.Z.; Gould, W.A., 1988:
'Ohio 8243' processing tomato

Norton, R.A.; King, J.; Moulton, G.A., 1988:
'Orcas' pear

Rodriguez A.J.; Sherman, W.B., 1990:
'Oro A' peach germplasm

McFerran, J.; Goode, M.J.; Scott, S.J.; Montgomery, F.W., 1989:
'Ozark Pink' VF tomato

Simpson, D.; Blanke, M., 1989:
'Pandora' - the new strawberry cultivar from East Malling

Guebourg, J.L., 1989:
'Petite Ile', an agricultural district of the island of Reunion in the process of transformation

Anonymous, 1990:
'Picking' with fibre optics

Fischer, C.; Patzold, G., 1988:
'Pikant' - an autumn apple variety suitable for consumption until Christmas

Fischer, C.; Patzold, G., 1988:
'Pilot' - a variety for prolonged storage suitable for machine harvesting

Wright, N.A., 1987:
'Potentials and limitations of agricultural price policies for SADCC food security' by L.B. Fletcher: a review

Lindgren, D.T., 1990:
'Prairie Snow' penstemon

Denardi, F.; Hough, L.F.; Camilo, A.P., 1988:
'Primicia' apple

Denardi, F.; Hough, L.F.; Camilo, A.P., 1988:
'Princesa' apple

Caffarelli, E.; Salerno, R., 1988:
'Progetto Uomo' to reconvert drug crops and attitudes

Lamster, E., 1988:
'Provarzeas Nacional' - an approach to increasing agricultural production in Brazil

Pardi, L., 1987:
'Pseudocopulation' of females of Otiorrhynchus pupillatus cyclophtalmus (Sol.) (Col. Curculion.)

Norton, R.A.; King, J.; Moulton, G.A., 1988:
'Puget Gold' apricot

Siddiq, E.A.; Singh, V.P.; Zaman, F.U.; Sadananda, A.R.; Puri, R.P., 1989:
'Pusa-169' an ideal rice variety for wheat-rice rotation

Singh, S.P.; Jain, H.K.; Ramanujam, S.; Hayat Ram; Pahuja, A.N.; Govil, P.N., 1988:
'Pusa-74' a high-yielding arhar variety

Toth, B., 1983:
'Puszta' (Turkestan) elm: a new multipurpose variety

Styles, E.D., 1988:

Choudhary, D.K.; Kaul, B.L., 1988:
'RRL-85-1'- a new celery variety

Frantz, P.R.; Benson, D.M.; Skroch, W.A., 1989:
'Rachel' and 'Jan Cochran' Carla azaleas

Cox, G., 1988:
'Reading' nature: reflections on ideological persistence and the politics of the countryside

Hibberd, A.M.; Gillespie, D.; Nahrung, G.C.; Persley, D.M., 1988:
'Redlands Sweet Sue' pepper

Norton, R.A.; King, J.; Moulton, G.A., 1989:
'Rescue' pear

Hultsman, W.Z.; Hultsman, J.T.; Black, D.R., 1989:
'Response peaks' as a component of measurement error: assessment implications for self-reported data in leisure research

Coudere, H.; Marijsse, S., 1988:
'Rich' and 'poor' in Mutoko communal area

Reynolds, A.G., 1989:
'Riesling' grapes respond to cluster thinning and shoot density manipulation

Voth, D.E.; McCormick, L.G.; Blair, J.S., 1989:
'Right to Farm' legislation in Arkansas: its objectives and its applicability

Anonymous, 1987:
'Rio Doce', a new variety of coloured bean for Espirito Santo

Villalon, B.; Dainello, F.D.; Bender, D., 1988:
'Rio Grande Gold' yellow wax sweet pepper

Durner, E.F.; Rooney, F.X., 1988:
'Rio Oso Gem' and 'Loring' peach flower bud and wood hardiness as affected by different rootstocks

Dixit, R.K.; Srivastava, A.N., 1988:
'Rohini' a new variety of Indian mustard for Uttar Pradesh

Lancaster, D.M.; Miller, A.C.; Johnson, C.E.; Young, W.A., 1988:
'Royal Blackeye' southern pea

Krammer, J., 1989:
'Rural life' as an ideology. The development and function of the peasantry ideology

Herbon, D., 1988:
'Rural-poor' cooperatives in Bangladesh. An empirical analysis of performances and potential

Bischoff, E., 1988:
'Sanitation' using mite control and cleaning in houses infested with house dust mites

Moore, J.N.; Clark, J.R.; Morris, J.R., 1989:
'Saturn' seedless grape

Ewida, E.H.; E.N.hry, F.I., 1988:
'Saudina' protein food mixtures for feeding infants and young children in Saudi Arabia

Singh, D.P., 1989:
'Savitri' a new high-yielding jute variety

Sonoda, S., 1990:
'Second work' and a new concept of leisure. Exodus from the labour-leisure dualism

Koller, O.L., 1988:
'Siciliano' lemon (Citrus limon Burm.f.) budding height

Eude, J.C., 1990:
'Silence, its flowing'

Reynolds, A.G.; Denby, L.G.; Bouthillier, M.J., 1989:
'Simone' grape

Raupach, M.R.; Finnigan, J.J., 1988:
'Single-layer models of evaporation from plant canopies are incorrect but useful, whereas multilayer models are correct but useless': discuss

Kritskaya, V.V.; Lobovikov, T.S., 1987:
'Small' sawmills in forest enterprises: the main economic problems

Honer, C., 1988:
'Smart pump' avoids product damage

Middleton, S.G.; Jackson, J.E., 1989 :
'Solid model' estimation of light interception by apple orchard systems

Sinha, R.P.; Choudhary, S.K.; Jha, P.P., 1988:
'Sona' - a new variety of summer moong

Henny, R.J.; Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1988:
'Southern Blush' Anthurium

Reynolds, A.G.; Denby, L.G.; Strachan, G.E.; Bouthillier, M., 1988:
'Sovereign Opal' grape

Reynolds, A.G.; Denby, L.G.; Bouthillier, M.; Strachan, G.E., 1989:
'Sovereign Tiara' grape

Anonymous, 1989:
'Sport for All' in villages. A self-help guide for villages to develop sports opportunities

Henny, R.J.; Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1989:
'Starry Nights' Dieffenbachia

Golueke, C.G.; Diaz, L.F., 1989:
'Starters'-inoculums and enzymes

Byers, R.E.; Carbaugh, D.H.; Presley, C.N., 1990:
'Stayman' fruit cracking as affected by surfactants, plant growth regulators, and other chemicals

Henny, R.J.; Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1988:
'Stripes' Aglaonema

Mbilinyi, M., 1990:
'Structural adjustment', agribusiness and rural women in Tanzania

Baggett, J.R.; Kean, D., 1990:
'Sugar Loaf' and 'Honey Boat' winter squashes

Andersen, P.C.; Sherman, W.B.; Sharpe, R.H., 1990:
'Sundollar' nectarine

Perelman, B.; Meroz, M.; Samberg, Y., 1988:
'Swollen head syndrome' in broiler breeders in Israel

Sardana, S.; Sasikumar, B.; Ghosh, A.K.; Laskar, S., 1989:
'TRC 246-C10', a new boro rice variety for Tripura

Tipton, J.L., 1988:
'Tejas' desert willow. Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet

Anonymous, 1986:
'Tell me of a place where you can mine money from the ground': women, money and development

Brasse, D., 1989:
'Testing beneficials' - new regulations not without problems

Miller, J.C.J.; Barineau, S.M.; Smallwood, D.G.; Scheuring, D.C.; Fernandez, G.C.J.; Park, H.G.; Ahn, C.S.; Tashanz, A.T.; Shanmugasundaram, S., 1989:
'TexSprout' mungbean

Pike, L.M.; Horn, R.S.; Andersen, C.R.; Leeper, P.W.; Miller, M.E., 1988:
'Texas Grano 1015Y': a mild pungency, sweet, shortday onion

Pike, L.M.; Horn, R.S.; Andersen, C.R.; Leeper, P.W.; Miller, M.E., 1988:
'Texas Grano 1025Y': a medium length storage shortday onion

Pike, L.M.; Horn, R.S.; Andersen, C.R.; Leeper, P.W.; Miller, M.E., 1988:
'Texas Grano 1030Y': a late maturing, mild pungency shortday onion

Pike, L.M.; Horn, R.S.; Andersen, C.R.; Leeper, P.W.; Miller, M.E., 1988:
'Texas Grano 1105Y': a late maturing, medium length storage shortday onion

Thompson, S.M., 1990:
'Thank the ladies for the plates': the incorporation of women into sport

Espey, J., 1989:
'The big four': an examination of the international drinks industry

Mosha, A.S., 1988:
'The research process' in agricultural research organizations under Tanzania environment

Barraclough, S.L.; Scott, M.F., 1988:
'The rich have already eaten': roots of catastrophe in Central America

Moore, K., 1989:
'The warmth of comradeship': the first British Empire Games and imperial solidarity

Talbot, M., 1988:
'Their own worst enemy?' Women and leisure provision

Simpson, B.J.; Hipp, B.W.; McWilliams, E.L., 1989:
'Thunder Cloud' cenizo

Campbell, C.W.; Malo, S.E.; Popenoe, J., 1987:
'Tikal', an early-maturing sapodilla cultivar

Deem, R., 1988:
'Together we stand, divided we fall'; social criticism and the sociology of sport and leisure

Suss, L., 1988:
'Traditional' adversites of crops. Animal pest: insects

Rota, P., 1988:
'Traditional' adversities of crops. Animal pests: Acari

Henny, R.J.; Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1988:
'Tropic Star' Dieffenbachia

Rouse, R.E.; Sherman, W.B., 1989:
'TropicBeauty': a low-chilling peach for subtropical climates

Rouse, R.E.; Sherman, W.B., 1989:
'TropicSnow': a freestone, white-flesh peach for subtropical climates

Heath Pagliuso, S.; Pullman, J.; Rappaport, L., 1989:
'UC-T3 Somaclone': celery germplasm resistant to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. apii, race 2

Brand, A.J.; Bridgen, M.P., 1989:
'UConn White': a white-flowered Torenia fournieri

Stayner, R.; Reeve, I., 1990:
'Uncoupling': relationships between agriculture and the local economies of rural areas in New South Wales

Raffi, L., 1990:
'Underdeveloping' agriculture

Mani, V.P.; Hoshi, H.C.; Koranne, K.D., 1989:
'VL Makka 41' - a new extra-early maize composite for Uttar Pradesh hills

Leeper, P.W.; Scully, B., 1990:
'Val-Tex 39' and 'Val-Tex 40': autumn lettuce cultivars for southern Texas

Leeper, P.W.; Scully, B., 1990:
'Val-Tex 41': a winter lettuce cultivar for southern Texas

Leeper, P.W.; Scully, B., 1990:
'Val-Tex 54' and 'Val-Tex 55': spring lettuce cultivars for southern Texas

Anonymous, 1989:
'Valorga' a revolution in treatment of household and industrial wastes

Raseira, M. do C.B.; Nakasu, B.H.; Vendruscolo, J.L.S., 1989:
'Vanguarda', a peach cultivar as early as 'Precocinho'

Tovar, T., 1985:
'Velasquismo' and popular movement: another prohibited story

Ferrari, V.; Acciarri, N.; Porcelli, S., 1989:
'Velox' cauliflower: a new selection of the ecotype 'Verde di Macerata'

Fuglie, K., 1989:
'Vent-for-surplus' as a source of agricultural growth in northeast Thailand, 1950-86

Wheeler, A G.; Jr., 1988:
'Violent deaths' of soldier beetles (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) revisited: new records of the fungal pathogen Eryniopsis lampyridarum (Zygomycetes: Entomophthoraceae)

Monaghan, J.D., 1988:
'We are people who eat tortillas': household and community in Mixteca

Peper, F., 1990:
'We do not want to hand over the market to the Argentinians'. The Lower Saxony Producer Group for Quality Meat wants to improve the marketing of meat from the nurse cow system

Anonymous, 1990:
'What about the girls?'

Simpson, B.J.; Hipp, B.W.; McWilliams, E.L., 1989:
'White Storm' and 'Dark Storm' desert willow

Axelsson, M.; Hemlin, C., 1989:
'Who is in charge of my cooperative?' Studies of peasant cooperatives in region VI of Nicaragua

Platt, G., 1990:
'Whole lotta shakin' going on '

Daubeny, H.A.; Lawrence, F.J.; McGregor, G.R., 1989:
'Willamette' red raspberry

Janick, J.; Emerson, F.H.; Pecknold, P.C.; Crosby, J.A.; Korban, S.S.; Dayton, D.F., 1988:
'Williams' Pride' apple

Eggenberger, W.; Ganz, M., 1989:
'Winzerwy' - 20 years of work for the quality of East Swiss wine; 20 years of the Winzerwy cooperative

Everaerts, C.; Bonnard, O.; Pasteels, J.M.; Roisin, Y.; Konig, W.A., 1990:
(+)- alpha -Pinene in the defensive secretion of Nasutitermes princeps (Isoptera, Termitidae)

Sekine, T.; Arita, J.; Saito, K.; Ikegami, F.; Okonogi, S.; Murakoshi, I., 1989:
(+)-Acacialactam, a new seven-membered lactam from the seeds of Acacia concinna

Colegate, S.M.; Dorling, P.R.; Huxtable, C.R.; Shaw, T.J.; Skelton, B.W.; Vogel, P.; White, A.H., 1989:
(+)-Iforrestine: a novel heterocyclic nephrotoxin from Isotropis forrestii

Atta ur Rahman ; Muzaffar Alam; Choudhary, M.I., 1988:
(+)-N-Acetyl-N-demethylcyclomicrobuxeine - isolation, structure and conformational studies

Shah, G.N.; Zaman, A.; Khan, M.A.; Gray, A.I.; Provan, G.J.; Waterman, P.G.; Sadler, I.H., 1989:
(+or-)-Severzinine from Corydalis flabellata: interpretation of NMR spectra

Sassa, T.; Igarashi, M.; Nukina, M., 1989:
(-)-Mycousunine and (+)-isomycousunine, new phytotoxic usunic acid derivatives from the phytopathogenic fungus, Mycosphaerella nawae

Talapatra, S.K.; Bimala Karmacharya; Shambhu, C. de; Bani Talapatra, 1988:
(-)-Regiolone, an alpha -tetralone from Juglans regia: structure, stereochemistry and conformation

Wolf, A. de, 1988:
(Non-)participation in outdoor recreation: a literature study

Wahl, R.; Oliver, J.D.; Hauck, P.R.; Roig, J., 1989:
(Radio) rocket immunoelectrophoresis a useful screening method for house dust extracts

Harmsen, J.; Hulshof, G., 1989:
(Re)creational use of rubbish dumps

Cordonnier, J.M., 1989:
(Research note) New technologies and agricultural development

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Two steps back? New agricultural policies in rural China and the woman question

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00-rape intoxication in roe deer

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1% permethrin cream rinse vs 1% lindane shampoo in treating pediculosis capitis

Anonymous, 1987:

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1,25(OH)2-vitamin D3 receptors: gene regulation and genetic circuitry

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1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 and the skin: a unique application for the treatment of psoriasis

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1,3-Diacetyl-11,19-deoxa-11-oxo-meliacarpin, a possible precursor of azadirachtin, from Azadirachta indica A. Jus (Meliaceae)

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1. AIDS, aprons, and elbow grease: preventing the nosocomial spread of human immunodeficiency virus and associated organisms

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1. An examination of the effect of seed cultivated variety on allelopathy bioassays

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1. Impact of feed in livestock production

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1.5 ha of bio-dynamically grown orchards at the Clostermann operation, Wesel-Bislich, Lower Rhein (1)

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10 percent off the top for composting

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10 years of beef cattle breeding at Ferdinandshof State Farm

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10 years of the Belgian food and drinks industry: uniformity in diversification

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100 licensed performance-tested bulls from Brandhof

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100 year old dairy makes the best cheese in Denmark

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100 years of climate risk assessment on the High Plains: which farm paradigm does irrigation serve

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100 years of discoveries in biological N2 fixation

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100 years of potato wart disease - its distribution and current importance

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100 years of the Tersk stud

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100 years of the Wadenswil Federal Research Station. Research position, tasks today and in the future

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10th Plan and 'coastal tourist attractions'. Adapt or disappear!

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10th account of the world viticulture and wine situation. The 1988/89 season - June 1989

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10th meeting of the specialist group on diseases of horses of the German Veterinary Medical Association, Wiesbaden, 25-26 March 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
11th Argentine meeting on weeds and their control

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11th Congress of the Sao Paulo Group of Plant Pathologists. Abstracts of papers. Symposia

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11th workshop on labour and labour management, Wageningen, Netherlands, May 2-6, 1988

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12-13,Epoxytrichothecenes and zearalenone production by Fusarium isolated from Sicilian cereals

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12th Congress of the Sao Paulo Group of Plant Pathologists. Abstracts of papers

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131I and 137Cs in the environment following the Chernobyl reactor accident

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137Caesium in northern Swedish moose: the first year after the Chernobyl accident

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137Cs-contents of the textural fractions of two contaminated soils

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13C and 31P NMR analysis of the cultured posterior silk gland of the silkworm, Bombyx mori: silk fibroin production and the effect of sorbitol-6-phospate

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13C nuclear magnetic resonance study of suberized potato cell wall

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13C specific labeling of lignin in intact plants

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13C-NMR correlation of stereochemistry in lanostanoid triterpenes

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13C-NMR investigation of the insertion of bee venom melittin into lecithin vesicles

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13C-nmr spectral assignment and evaluation of the cytotoxic potential of rotenone

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13C-NMR spectroscopic investigations on forest humus forms

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13C-NMR spectroscopy and chemical analysis of the carrageenans of four red algae (Gigartinales)

Anonymous, 1989:
13th Conference of the O.I.E. Regional Commission for Europe. Embryo transfer, African swine fever, enzootic bovine leukosis, Madrid, 27-30 September 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
145th annual meeting of the Swiss Forestry Society, 15-17 September 1988 in Saignelegier

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14C distribution in the main photosynthetic products in bearing coffee plants in relation to different rates of nitrogen. Nitrogenous compounds and carbohydrates

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14C-sucrose and 14C-malonate precursor feeding studies on lipid biosynthesis in peanut plant

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14CO2 fixation and assimilate transformation in barley leaves

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14CVirginiamycin residues in eggs.

Anonymous, 1988:
14th Annual Meeting on Basic Research in Chagas' Disease

Anonymous, 1988:
14th Congress of the Society for Epidemiology

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15 Proposals for the recovery of the forestry sector

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15 years of studies on the somatic hybridization of plants in the USSR

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150 years ago: the first forest inventory in the southern part of the Oberlausitz. A contribution to the history of forest management in Saxony

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15N tracer studies on N supply from different N fertilizer forms and on localization and losses of fertilizer N - pot experiment in loess Chernozem

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15N2 fixation by bacteria associated with maize roots at a low partial O2 pressure

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15th Argentinian Animal Production Conference, Huerta Grande, Cordoba, 6-8 June 1990

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15th Supplement to the list of Central European beetles

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175 years of forestry teaching and research at Tharandt

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17th Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Anatomists, Regensburg, 28 August-1 September 1988. Abstracts of papers

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180th Meeting of the Society for Endocrinology, 15-17 November 1989

Abstracts., 1990:
181st meeting of the Society for Endocrinology, 14-16 November 1990, Institute of Education, London WC1

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1890 institutions in a changing socioeconomic environment: implications for human resource development; Discussion

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18th Congress of the German Veterinary Medical Society, held at Bad Neuheim on 5th-8th April 1989

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1947-1987: forty years of the Skopje Agricultural Faculty

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1984, the year of the recession in Spain

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1985: fats and oils in Spain. A growing industry

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1986 Survey of perennial weeds in Wisconsin

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1987 - a year with large business changes for Nordmore and Romsdal dairy company

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1987 - activities of the Rogaland dairy company

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1987 New Zealand Plant Variety Rights Act

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1987 activities of the Ostfold dairy company

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1987 and its place in the evolution of agriculture. Milk, beef: linking sectors

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1987 custom rates for farm operations in New York State

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1987 field crops performance tests: soybeans, peanuts, cotton, tobacco, sorghum, summer annual forages, and sunflowers

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1987 yellow fever epidemics in Oyo State, Nigeria: a survey for yellow fever virus haemagglutination inhibiting antibody in residents of two communities before and after the epidemics

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1987-88 report of the Federal Institute for Research in Cattle Production

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1987-88. Small grains performance tests

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1988 A.S.P.E.N. research workshop: the role of lipids in nutrition and disease

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1988 Herman award lecture. Effect of ketoanalogues in chronic renal failure and other disorders

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1988 NCR-138 (Alfalfa Diseases) Report

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1988 Quality assessment of sterile boll weevils

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1988 TRFK released clones

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1988 Tanzania wheat disease survey

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1988 corn performance tests

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1988 educators' forum

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1988 report of the Federal Institute for Research in Dairying

Anonymous, 1989:
1988 report of the Federal Institute for Research in Farm Economics and Agricultural Engineering

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1988 review of animal rabies in California

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1988 rice performance trials

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1988 survey of phosphate fertilizers and phosphoric acid for fertilizer use

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1988 update on the use of a ground-based X-band radar to study the flight of honey-bee drones

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1988-89 economic analysis

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1988. The year book of endocrinology

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1989 - disappointing year for Italian agriculture

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1989 - the year of the yellow peril?

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1989 Buyers Guide

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1989 Educators' forum

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1989 Herman Award lecture. Folate absorption: clinical questions and metabolic answers

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1989 Landscape bedding plant evaluations

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1989 TRFK released clones

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1989 annual congress, Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association: Veterinary medicine during the period up to 1992 and after

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1989 applicators buyers' directory

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1989 broiler markets review: broiler returns demonstrate market for chicken products larger than thought

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1989 budget guide. Estimated prices for crop operating inputs and capital investment items

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1989 cattle markets review: events snuff out early expectations of easy, grand year for cattle producers

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1989 cost of producing Walla Walla sweet onions in the Walla Walla Valley

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1989 crop enterprise budgets for Walla Walla County, Washington

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1989 egg markets review: controlled flock, demand, products increase value of eggs for producers

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1989 estimated costs of establishing a peach orchard in the Yakima Valley, Washington

Hinman, H.R.; Peterson, B.; Williams, K., 1989:
1989 estimated costs of producing peaches in the Yakima Valley, Washington

Hinman, H.R.; Peterson, B.; Williams, K., 1989:
1989 estimated costs of producing pears in the Yakima Valley, Washington

Hinman, H.R.; Peterson, B.; Williams, K., 1989:
1989 estimated costs of reestablishing a pear orchard in the Yakima Valley, Washington

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1989 hog markets review: storage delays, then strangles hog seasonal price movements

Anonymous, 1988:
1989 market directory

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1989 outlook for international travel

Anonymous, 1988:
1989 outlook for travel and tourism. Proceedings of the fourteenth annual travel outlook forum, October 4, 1988, Denver, Colorado

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1989 turkey markets review: competition, high prices cancel early basis for hope for 'best year ever'

Anonymous, 1989:
1989-90 Buyers guide for the pig industry in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Africa

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1990 Alabama performance comparison of small grain varieties for forage

Anonymous, 1990:
1990 Buyers Guide

Anonymous, 1989:
1990 Market Directory

Anonymous, 1990:
1990 applicators buyers' directory

Snyder, D.P., 1990:
1990 budget guide. Estimated prices for crop operating inputs and capital investment items

Anonymous, 1990:
1990 should be a good year for dairy farmers

Anonymous, 1989:
1992 - towards sustainable European agriculture?

Feidt, C. et al., 1989:
1992 Winter Olympic Games in Albertville. The implications for man and the Church

Fisher, R., 1988:
1992 and all that! Community culture and culture in the community

Sadini, V., 1989:
1992 and milk product quality

Anonymous, 1989:
1992 raises big questions for agriculture

Anonymous, 1989:
1992, The Single European Market: an opportunity for tourism

Anonymous, 1989:
1992: agricultural production and the food sector

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1992: prospects for marginal rural areas. Paper presented at the TEAGASC-AFDA Conference, The challenge of 1992 for the rural economy, held on September 28, 1988, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Irish Republic

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1;16 tandem translocation with trisomy 16 in a Brown Swiss bull

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1H and 13C NMR analysis of some trichothecenes

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1H and 23Na NMR relaxation studies of the NaCl/ beta -lactoglobulin system equilibrated at various water activities

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1H-MRI and in vivo 31P-MRS study of diseased state of smoky-brown cockroach infected with cockroach densovirus

Codner, E.C., 1988:
1 Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying and diagnosing cases of canine pyoderma. Classifying

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2'-5' oligo-A-synthetase activity in bovine peripheral blood leukocytes and alveolar macrophages exposed to recombinant interferons and tumor necrosis factor-alpha

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2(3)-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole inhibits oxidative metabolism of aflatoxin B1 in isolated rat hepatocytes

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2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin: aspects of its important properties and its potential biodegradation in soils

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2,3-Dimercaptopropane-1-sodium sulfonate for reducing retention of ingested 203Hg in suckling rats

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2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid inhibition of water uptake in intact wheat plant: reversible or irreversible?

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2,5-Diaryloxazols and coumarins from roots of Amyris brenesii

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2-( alpha -Pyridyl) thioquinaldinamide: a spectrofluorimetric reagent in inorganic trace analysis. Part III Determination of manganese in industrial and environmental samples

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2-Phenyl-lH-imidazo (4,5-b)phenazines with anthelmintic effects

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2- benzeneacetic acids affecting root gravitropism

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2-thiobarbituric acid values and contents of alpha -tocopherol and bile pigments in the liver and muscle of jaundiced yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata)

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2. Feedstuffs. 1. Introduction

Lee, J., 1988:
2. Feedstuffs. 2. Forages

Todorov, N.A., 1988:
2. Feedstuffs. 3. Cereals, pulses and oilseeds

Boucque, C.V.; Fiems, L.O., 1988:
2. Feedstuffs. 4. Vegetable by-products of agro-industrial origin

Sundstol, F., 1988:
2. Feedstuffs. 5. Straw and other fibrous by-products

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2. Feedstuffs. 6. By-products of animal origin

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2. Feedstuffs. 7. Compound animal feed and feed additives

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20 Years testing plant protection equipment in Bavaria

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20 years of German Black Pied Dairy cattle breeding. The performance potential of German Black Pied Dairy progeny

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20 years of UHT sterilization and aseptic packaging in Yugoslavia (1966-1986). I. Equipment and manufacture

Vujicic, I.F.; Vulic, M., 1987:
20 years of UHT sterilization and aseptic packaging in Yugoslavia. II. Problems of development and research

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20 years of cinema in Iran (1969-89)

Pisecky, J., 1990:
20 years of instant whole milk powder

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20-Hydroxyecdysone suppresses yolk production in the Indianmeal moth

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20-OH-ecdysone regulates 60 C beta tubulin gene expression in Kc cells and during Drosophila development

Anonymous, 1989:
200 years of veterinary medicine in Berlin

Anonymous, 1987:
20th Ornamental Horticulture Meeting

Ronk, R.J., 1989:
21 CFR Part 168: Lactose; standard of identity

Anonymous, 1988:
21st Cheesemakers' Conference, 10 and 11 May 1988, in Wiesing

Anonymous, 1989:
21st Nordic Entomology Meeting held in Trondheim, Norway 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
21st Ornamental Horticulture Meeting

Jolin, L., 1989:
21st anniversary of the OFQJ: Franco-Quebec cooperation

Anonymous, 1990:
22nd International conference on agricultural mechanization, Zaragoza, Spain, 27-30 March, 1990

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23rd report of the Swiss Society for Pig Fattening and Carcass Performance Tests, 1989

Hamlin, R.L.; Stalnaker, P.S., 1989:
25 versus 50 mm/sec paper speed for canine electrocardiology

Anonymous, 1984:
25 years of Parassitologia: general indexes and contents of volumes I-XXV (1959-1983)

Or, U., 1988:
25 years of commercial drip methods in Israel

Anonymous, 1989:
25 years of development of Italian agricultural structures

Zocca, A., 1989:
25 years of experimentation on genetically monogerm seed

Brindley, B.; Ingram, J.; Mathsson, P.; Khan, I.U.; Kouniali, S.; Ahmed, A.S.S.; Dixon, D.; Singer, H.W., 1988 :
25 years of food aid for development and emergencies; The future of food aid; Transport service delivers the goods; Better life for the Bedouin; A story of resettlement in the Sudan; WFP journal celebrates 25 years of existence; Food aid: from surplus disposal to development tool

Mani, R., 1990:
25 years of pig AI. 3. A look abroad

Summermatter, P.; Schawalder, F.J., 1990:
25 years of pig AI. 4. Development of techniques

Reuse, J., 1990:
25 years of pig AI. 5. Effects of stage of oestrus and time of insemination on results

Mani, R., 1990:
25 years of pig AI. 6. Supply of boars and boar testing programme

Kupferschmied, H.U.; Luginbuhl, J., 1990:
25 years of pig AI. Introduction into Switzerland and subsequent development

Prien, S., 1985:
25 years of the Agrarian Scientific Society of the German Democratic Republic

Frohlich, H.J. et al., 1987:
25 years of the West German Federal Centre for Forest Operations and Techniques (KWF): overview and conclusions

Kim, S.K.; Yokota, T.; Takahashi, N., 1987:
25-Methyldolichosterone, a new brassinosteroid with a tertiary butyl group from immature seed of Phaseolus vulgaris

Denisova, A., 1989:
276 eggs (per year) from hens during combined type of feeding

Anonymous, 1989 :
27th Annual Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 16-18 Jan. 1989

Anonymous, 1989:
27th Meeting of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science

Anonymous, 1988:
2nd European colloquy on the future of the countryside. The rural challenge. Lisbon, 11-12 June 1987, Hotel Ritz, Jardim de Inverno. Proceedings of the colloquy

Murph, F.A. (Organizer), 1989:
2nd Forum in Virology. Vaccinia-vectored vaccines - risks and benefits

Anonymous, 1988:
2nd Symposium on Cattle, Goat and Sheep Breeding, Thessaloniki, 11-12 February 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
2nd supplement to the register of plant protectives 1987/88. Situation on 15th September 1988

Honer, C., 1989:
3 choices in cottage cheesemaking

Cutler, H.G.; Arrendale, R.F.; Cole, P.D.; Davis, E.E.; Cox, R.H., 1989:
3,7-Dimethyl-8-hydroxy-6-methoxyisochroman from Penicillium corylophilum: plant growth regulatory activity

Garcia, J.; Mpondo Mpondo, E.; Chulia, A.J.; Mariotte, A.M., 1989:
3-(3-Hydroxypropyl)-phthalide from Gentiana pedicellata

Anonymous, 1988:
3-A Sanitary Standards for fittings used on milk and milk products equipment and used on sanitary lines conducting milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1988:
3-A Sanitary Standards for flow meters for milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1989:
3-A accepted practices for permanently installed product and solution pipelines and cleaning systems used in milk and milk product processing plants. No. 605-03

Anonymous, 1989:
3-A sanitary standards for fittings used on milk and milk products equipment and milk products. No. 08-17H

Anonymous, 1989:
3-A sanitary standards for formers, fillers and sealers of single service containers for milk and fluid milk products. No. 17-07

Anonymous, 1989:
3-A sanitary standards for liquid pressure and level sensing devices. No. 37-01

Anonymous, 1989:
3-A sanitary standards for stainless steel automotive milk and milk products transportation tanks for bulk delivery and/or farm pick-up service. No. 05-14

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3-A sanitary standards: their value to the equipment manufacturer

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3-Transhexadecanoic acid content and LHCII organization during chloroplast biogenesis at low temperature

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3-benzyloxycarboxymethyl-2-benzothiazolinone - new potential plant growth regulator

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 1. Introduction

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 2. Ruminants

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 3. Non-ruminant herbivores; horses and rabbits. 1. Horses

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 3. Non-ruminant herbivores; horses and rabbits. 2. Rabbits

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 4. Pigs and poultry

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 5. Fur-bearing animals

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3. Feed evaluation and nutritional requirements. 6. Farmed Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout

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30 years ago - village reconstruction in Spielberg

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30 years of agricultural legislation

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30 years of artificial insemination of sheep - a contribution to the intensification of sheep breeding in the Dresden region

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30 years of research on the biotechnology of reproduction at Schonow

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31P NMR measurements of the cytoplasmic and vacuolar Pi content of mature maize roots: relationships with phosphorus status and phosphate fluxes

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31P NMR studies on the effect of phosphite on Phytophthora palmivora

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31P nuclear magnetic resonance study of the effect of azide on xylose fermentation by Candida tropicalis

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31P-nuclear magnetic resonance determination of phosphate compartmentation in leaves of reproductive soybeans (Glycine max L.) as affected by phosphate nutrition

Anonymous, 1990:
33rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Medical Mycology

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33rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology in Helsinki

Anonymous, 1988:
33rd scientific meeting, Padua, 5-7 October 1987

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340 abstracts on farmer participatory research

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38th AIEST Congress, August 28-September 3, 1988, Breda, Netherlands Theme: daytrips and and their impact

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3S linkage data: Cg

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3S linkage data: E8

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3S linkage data: ys3 and ra2

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3rd Annual Report- National Research Centre On Equines

Anonymous, 1988:
3rd Annual and 1st International Conference of the Brazilian Association for Embryo Transfer

Anonymous, 1985:
3rd National Phytopathological Conference. Summaries of invited and research papers. Volos, Greece, 16-18 Oct. 1985

Anonymous, 1989:
3rd National conference on goat breeding

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4 December 1988

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4 x 4: the fatal skid

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4% fat-corrected milk - is this a meaningful criterion for the comparison of milk production on an iso-energetic basis?

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4. A methodology to complete a national feed utilisation matrix using European data

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4. Contribution to the knowledge of the Scydmaenidae (Coleoptera) from Thailand (The scydmaenids collected by D. H. Burckhardt and I. Lobl)

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40 Years of phytopathology and plant protection as a component of the higher agricultural education system at the Wilhelm Pieck University Rostock

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40 Years' crop protection in the German Democratic Republic

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40 years of Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift: history and prospects

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40 years of socialist agriculture in Czechoslovakia

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40 years of successful development of cattle breeding in the German Democratic Republic

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40 years of successful development of poultry breeding and production

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40 years of the GDR - four decades of the agricultural policy of the Socialist Unity Party

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40 years of the German Democratic Republic - 40 years of successful development of animal breeding

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40 years of the legal regulation of socialist agricultural cooperatives

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4000 years' forest development in pre-Christian times near a mountain lake in the Alps

Anonymous, 1988:
40th Annual scientific meeting of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Osaka, 3-5 April 1988

Anonymous, 1989:
40th annual meeting of the European Association for Animal Production. August 1989, Dublin, Ireland. Summaries. Volume I. Study commissions: genetics, nutrition, management

Anonymous, 1989:
40th annual meeting of the European Association for Animal Production. August 1989, Dublin, Ireland. Summaries. Volume II. Study commissions on cattle, sheep and goats, pigs and horses

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40th general assembly of the CEA, 19-23 September 1988 in Graz (Austria). Discussion and resolutions

Anonymous, 1989:
41 General assembly of the CEA, 2-6 October 1989, Cardiff (United Kingdom) Discussion and resolutions

Anonymous, 1986:
41st annual statistics for rice. Season 1984-85

Anonymous, 1989:
41st general assembly of the CEA, Cardiff (UK), 2-6 October 1989. Reports of the plenary session and the commissions

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42 cultivars of miniature cyclamen tried out

Anonymous, 1989:
42nd National Meeting, Mantova (Italy), September 29-October 1, 1988, Abstracts

Anonymous, 1987:
42nd annual statistics for rice. 1985/86 season

Anonymous, 1988:
43rd annual statistics for rice. 1986/87 season

Anonymous, 1989:
45th ATAC congress: Conclusions and recommendations of the round table on sugars of different quality

Anonymous, 1989:
46th annual report of the Steering Committee of the Swiss Association for Mountain Areas (SAB), covering the period 1 July 1988 to 30 June 1989

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4L mapping and Mo17

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4th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology

World Rabbit Science Association, 1989:
4th Congress of the World Rabbit Science Association, Budapest, Hungary, 10-14 Oct. 1988

Anonymous, 1987:
4th Congress of the World Rabbit Science Association, Hungary-Budapest, from 10 to 14 October, 1988. Summing up of communications

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4th National Phytopathological Conference. Summaries of invited and research papers. Athens, Greece, 13-15 Oct. 1987

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5' flanking sequence of the soybean leghemoglobin lbc3 gene

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5' end mapping of radish 18S ribosomal RNA and of its precursors within the rDNA repeat unit

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5' upstream sequences from the wun1 gene are responsible for gene activation by wounding in transgenic plants

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5'-flanking sequence of mouse glutathione S-transferase Ya gene

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5'-flanking sequence of a glutamine synthetase gene specifying the beta subunit of the cytosolic enzyme from Phaseolus vulgaris L

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5-Aminosalicylic acid and its metabolite in breast milk during lactation

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5-Fluorocytosine - a neglected systemic antimycotic agent

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5-Fluorocytosine conversion to 5-fluorouracil in humans: correlation with gut flora status

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5-Fluorocytosine sensitivity of yeasts isolated in hospital surroundings

Anonymous, 1988:
5. Forests and rangelands; 18. Forests and rangelands

Boer, F. de; Bickel, H., 1988:
5. General summary

Anonymous, 1983:
50 years forestry and silvicultural research in the IJsselmeer

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50 years of poplar growing in the forest estate of the Arenberg-Nordkirchen company - an economic and ecological stocktaking

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50 years of standardized mycological testing of wood preservatives at Eberswalde

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50 years of the Munchehof forest work school

Anonymous, 1988:
50 years of the Uelzen forest cooperative association

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50 years of the hormonal theory of plant development

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50 years of wood preservation research in the German Association for Wood Research

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54Mn absorption and excretion in rats fed soy protein and casein diets

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54Mn kinetics in goats fed at two dietary Zn levels

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6. The aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera and Coleoptera of Point Clear Island, Hancock County, Mississippi

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60 years of agricultural production economics in the USA

Kun, K., 1988:
60 years of development of the Spa Hajduszoboszlo

Devisme, J., 1990:
6000 visitors to the Isle farm

Anonymous, 1989:
62nd annual report

Anonymous, 1987:
64th annual meeting, Society of Commercial Seed Technologists. 77th annual meeting, Association of Official Seed Analysts

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65Copper absorption by women fed intrinsically and extrinsically labeled goose meat, goose liver, peanut butter and sunflower butter

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68 year old man with a catarrhal state and condensation in the superior right lobe on x-ray

Anonymous, 1987:
6th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, World's Poultry Science Association, 11-15 October 1987, Konigslutter

Anonymous, 1988:
6th meeting of the specialist group on poultry diseases of the German Veterinary Medical Association on diseases of birds (particularly pigeons and waterfowl) held at Munich on 3-4 March 1988

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7 beta -Hydroxyhyoscyamine from Duboisia myoporoides - D. leichhardtii hybrid and Hyoscyamus albus

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70 years of development of Czechoslovakian agriculture

Fritzsche, J., 1988:
70 years of pig breeding research in Ruhlsdorf with practitioners for practitioners

Rossier, R., 1990:
700 farm women are asked about their life and work

Alfnes, T., 1987:
7000 sales consultants for Norwegian dairy products?

Mielke, H., 1987:
7th All-Union Symposium on Physiology and Biochemistry of Lactation, Alma-Ata, USSR, November 1986

Anonymous, 1986:
7th All-Union Symposium on Physiology and Biochemistry of Lactation. Alma-Ata, 12-14 November 1986. Texts of papers. Parts I & II

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7th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, World's Poultry Science Association, June 19-21 1989, Lloret de Mar, Girona (Spain)

Anonymous, 1990:
7th Leipzig Animal Breeding Symposium, Karl Marx University, 12 and 13 December 1989. Principles of population genetics and their application in practical animal breeding

Noack, E., 1987:
7th Neubrandenburg meat production day - cooperation from primary production to marketing

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8-Chloro-cAMP inhibits transforming growth factor alpha transformation of mammary epithelial cells by restoration of the normal mRNA patterns for cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory subunit isoforms which show disruption upon transformation

Duijf, M.J.M., 1989:
80 suckling piglets in one large group

Vokral, V., 1988:
85 years of industrial fertilizer production in Lovosice

Neuffer, M.G., 1989:
8L linkage data: Bif1, Sdw1

Anonymous, 1989:
8th International Meeting on Laboratory Animals and Experimental Medicine, Riga, 28-30 September 1987

Anonymous, 1989:
8th International Symposium on Current Problems of Avian Genetics. Smolenice, April 3-6 1989, Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1989:
8th Joint meeting of British Endocrinological Societies, 10-13 April 1989, Manchester

Anonymous, 1989:
9000 t/d extraction tower at Elsdorf

Paunescu, N.; Margineanu, R.; Iorgulescu, A., 1988:
90Sr and 137Cs in fallout from Chernobyl in the Bucharest-Magurele area during 1986-1987

Bannikova, V.P.; Khvedinich, O.O., 1988:
90th anniversary of the discovery of double fertilization

Deutsch, T.A.; Junge, S.A., 1989:
9960 Cotton picker

Anonymous, 1989:
9th World Congress on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins. 31 July-5 August 1988, Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S.A

Anonymous, 1990:
9th joint meeting of British Endocrine Societies, 19-22 March, 1990, Glasgow, UK

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A beta -D-xylosidase from the thermophile Caldocellum saccharolyticum expressed in Escherichia coli

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A lambda gt11 cDNA recombinant that encodes Dirofilaria immitis paramyosin

Fawcett, R.G.; Richards, A.R.; Pederson, R.N., 1987:
A family of curves filter paper method for estimating moisture release curves for individual samples of soil

Peate, N., 1988:
A fog propagation system used at Plant Growers Australia

Anonymous, 1990:
A mechanical bee

Grahn, P., 1986:
A 'green' philosophy of leisure - a planning philosophy. Thoughts springing from Agnes Heller's philosophy

Fearne, A.P., 1989:
A 'satisficing' model of CAP decision making

Kostka, M.S., 1985:
A 'systems' assessment of forest land in Poland

Ekanem, E.E., 1988:
A 10-year review of morbidity from childhood preventable diseases in Nigeria: how successful is the Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI)?

Poulsen, K.; Danneskiold Samsoe, P., 1989:
A 100-kcal meal supplement consisting of yoghurt and dietary fibre as an aid to weight loss

Spiecker, H., 1986:
A 100-year-old oak stand from a 5x2 m plant spacing

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A 12-year-old boy with a long travel history and a hepatic mass

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A 140 000-year continental climate reconstruction from two European pollen records

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A 14N and 15N nuclear magnetic resonance study of nitrogen metabolism in shoot-forming cultures of white spruce (Picea glauca) buds

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A 16-year-old boy with a lesion of the left frontal lobe

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A 17-year case history of research and implementation of water recycling on container nursery stock

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A 17-year old primary reproductive of Mastotermes darwiniensis (Isoptera)

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A 1H-NMR study of bovine casein micelles; influence of pH, temperature and calcium ions on micellar structure

Mullison, W.R., 1988:
A 2,4-D toxicological update

Little, W.; Treacher, R.J.; Reid, I.M., 1987:
A 2-year comparison of the production, health and fertility of dairy cows given concentrates either twice daily in the parlour or through out-of-parlour dispensers

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A 20-kilodalton protein is required for efficient production of the Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis 27-kilodalton crystal protein in Escherichia coli

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A 2nd generation static model for predicting greenhouse energy inputs, as an aid for production planning

Jolliet, O.; Gay, J.B.; Munday, G.L., 1989:
A 2nd generation static model of greenhouse energy requirements (HORTICERN) : a comparison with dynamic models

Tisseur, M.; Fougeroux, A., 1990:
A 2nd insecticide on cereals in spring?

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A 3'-coterminal nested set of independently transcribed mRNAs is generated during Berne virus replication

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A 3-D light diffusion model for biological materials

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A 32-year-old man of Cambodian origin with a hepatic mass

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A 34-year-old Jamaican man with fever, hepatic failure, diarrhea, and a progressive gait disorder

Schuchardt, F.; Zadrazil, F., 1988:
A 352 L fermenter for solid state fermentation of straw by white-rot fungi

Garg, L.C.; Dixit, A.; Jacob, S.T., 1989:
A 37-base pair element in the far upstream spacer region can enhance transcription of rat rDNA in vitro and can bind to the core promoter-binding factor(s)

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A 42-year-old man with fever, skin rash, diarrhea and bloody stools

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A 426-year floating tree-ring chronology from Phyllocladus trichomanoides buried by the Taupo eruption at Pureora, central North Island, New Zealand

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A 43-year-old woman with left-buttock pain and a presacral mass

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A 43Ca and 31P NMR study of the calcium and phosphate equilibria in heated milk solutions

Moran, N.A., 1989:
A 48-million-year-old aphid--host plant association and complex life cycle: biogeographic evidence