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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lancaster, MB.; Timms, B., 1989:
A comparison between formol saline and Mirsky's fluid as fixatives for nematodes

Novello, V.; Boschi, A.; Bo, G., 1988:
A comparison between four forms of training for grapevines (cultivar Cortese) with single and paired plants

Mollenhauer, K.; Rathjen, C.L., 1989:
A comparison between measured and USLE-estimated soil loss on long-term erosion plots near Giessen (FRG)

Dias, A.C.; Negreiros, O.C. de; Veiga, A. de A.; Couto, H.T.Z. do, 1986:
A comparison between methods for phytosociological surveys, in the Sete Barras Nucleus in the Carlos Botelho State Park, Instituto Florestal, Sao Paulo

Carney, P.G.; Dodd, V.A., 1989:
A comparison between predicted and measured values for the dispersion of malodours from slurry

Glerum, C.; Paterson, J.M., 1985:
A comparison between red pine seedlings and transplants five years after outplanting

A.A.tar, A.F.; Martin, M.H.; Nickless, G., 1988:
A comparison between selenium and tellurium uptake and toxicity to Lolium perenne seedlings

Sutcliffe, P.W., 1988:
A comparison between sport in Britain in the 1950s and 1980s

Rae, C.A.; Jacobs, R.M.; Couto, C.G., 1989:
A comparison between the cytological and histological characteristics in thirteen canine and feline thymomas

Elmofty, M.K.; Bedaiwi, E.H., 1987:
A comparison between the effect of a surface tension reductant material and Agrispon on soil bacteria

Purwito, D., 1987:
A comparison between the extent of reforestation and forest fires in North Sumatra

Harral, B.B.; Evans, J.P., 1989:
A comparison between the fatigue lives predicted from original and synthesised rigid tine load histories in stony and stone free soils; preliminary report

Ortigues, I.; Oldham, J.D.; Smith, T.; Courtenay, M.B. de; Siviter, J.W., 1990:
A comparison between ytterbium acetate, ruthenium phenanthroline and indigestible acid detergent fibre in a double-marker system for intestinal flow measurements in steers

Cadelina, R.V., 1988:
A comparison of Batak and Ata subsistence styles in two different social and physical environments

McNaughton, L.; Egan, G.; Caelli, G., 1989:
A comparison of Chinese and Russian ginseng as ergogenic aids to improve various facets of physical fitness

Zytner, R.G.; Biswas, N.; Bewtra, J.K., 1989:
A comparison of DCP-AES and AAS analysis in determining Cu, Cd, C, Pb, Ni and Zn concentrations in municipal wastewater

Bout, J.; Girard, J.P.; Sellier, P.; Runavot, J.P., 1990:
A comparison of Duroc and Large White pigs for compositional traits of backfat and longissimus dorsi muscle

Iannuzzi, L.; D.M.o, GP.; Perucatti, A.; Ferrara, L., 1990:
A comparison of G- and R-banding in cattle and river buffalo prometaphase chromosomes

Januschka, M.M.; Erlandsen, S.L.; Bemrick, W.J.; Schupp, D.G.; Feely, D.E., 1988:
A comparison of Giardia microti and Spironucleus muris cysts in the vole: an immunocytochemical, light, and electron microscopic study

Vovesny, V., 1989:
A comparison of Hisex White and Hisex Brown fowls

Racey, G.D.; Hutchison, R.E.; Glerum, C., 1983:
A comparison of Kraft bags and polybins for overwinter frozen storage of white spruce

Ni, J.S.; Jiang, X.C.; Feng, X.X.; Huang, M.Q., 1988:
A comparison of NO3- uptake and exudation and of nitrate reductase activity in maize cultivars

Crosby, T.F.; Murray, B.F., 1988:
A comparison of PMSG and teaser rams on reproductive performance in ewe lambs

Datsun, K.T., 1987:
A comparison of Red Steppe and black pied cattle, and their crossbreds

Castagna, R.; Marudelli, M., 1989:
A comparison of Rhizobium inoculation treatments of soyabeans

Roux, C.J.G. le; Howe, L.G., 1988:
A comparison of a number of annual cool season legumes under dryland conditions in the Dohne Sourveld

Fujisawa, Y.; Kurinobu, S., 1985:
A comparison of adaptability to a coastal area between wakamatu (P. thunbergiana X P. massoniana) and its parents (P. thunbergiana and P. massoniana)

Pas, H.C. ten; Ploeg, B. van der, 1990:
A comparison of agricultural development in Denmark and the Netherlands

Frank, M.; Beattie, B.; Embleton, M., 1990:
A comparison of alternative crop response models

Goodman, W.R., 1989:
A comparison of alternative measures of risk and applications of risk-programming models for optimal farm planning of burley tobacco farms in Tennessee

Smith, A.C., 1988:
A comparison of an urban and a rural public school adult education program in Vermont

Eyre, MD.; Foster, GN., 1989:
A comparison of aquatic Heteroptera and Coleoptera communities as a basis for environmental and conservation assessments in static water sites

Carter, K.E.; Fitzgerald, P.D., 1987:
A comparison of autumn and spring sown barley on Lismore soils with and without irrigation

Landblom, D.G.; Nelson, J.L.; Johnson, L.; Slanger, W.D., 1988:
A comparison of barley distillers dried grain, sunflower oil meal and soybean oil meal as protein supplements in backgrounding rations

Miller, D.; Sumner, M.; Miller, W., 1989:
A comparison of batch- and flow-generated anion adsorption isotherms

Dufey, P.A., 1989:
A comparison of beef production in Blonde d'Aquitaine and Simmental beef-type crossbreds. 2. Meat quality

Kaufmann, G.; Chavaz, J., 1989:
A comparison of beef production in Blonde d'Aquitaine and beef-type Simmental crossbreds. 1. Fattening performance and carcass yield

Smith W.C.; Moughan P.J.; Pearson G.; Patchell M.R., 1988:
A comparison of bioavailable energy values of ground cereal grains measured with adult cockerels and growing pigs

Durovcik, J., 1988:
A comparison of body composition at 8 and 20 weeks of age of turkeys from different lines. Part 2

Preisinger, R.; Guhe, M.; Kalm, E.; Langbehn, C.; Raue, F., 1989:
A comparison of bull fattening performance

Mir Z., 1988:
A comparison of canola acidulated fatty acids and tallow as supplements to a ground alfalfa diet for sheep

Ferrand, L.A.; Milly, P.C.D.; Pinder, G.F.; Turrin, R.P., 1990:
A comparison of capillary pressure-saturation relations for drainage in two- and three-fluid porous media

Abouheif, M.A.; Alsobayel, A.A.; Basmaeil, S., 1988:
A comparison of carcass chemical composition of Najdi and Naeimi ram lambs slaughtered at 50 kg body weight

Nosal' , V., 1989:
A comparison of carcass quality of Slovakian Pied bulls with that of crossbreds with dairy breeds

Parker, N.; Goodrum, K., 1990:
A comparison of casein, lactalbumin, and soy protein effect on the immune response to a T-dependent antigen

Costantini, E.A.C.; Boschi, V., 1987:
A comparison of cereal-industrial crop systems on the argillic soils of the Paduan plain

Nikulina, G.N.; Koklacheva Koklach, S.R., 1988:
A comparison of changes in respiration rate and degree of root cell damage of pea seedlings under the action of high temperature

Griswold, H.C.; Neal, R.B.; Voth, R.D., 1988:
A comparison of chemical and mechanical site preparation in the southeast

Conover, K.L.; Collins, S.M.; Weingarten, H.P., 1988:
A comparison of cholecystokinin-induced changes in gastric emptying and feeding in rats

Belev, N.; Georgiev, S.; Bogdanov, M.; Venev, S.; Marinov, S.; Petkov, I., 1989:
A comparison of conception rates in different generations of daughters of bulls from the same line

Hill, J.O.; Thacker, S.; Newby, D.; Nickel, M.; Digirolamo, M., 1987:
A comparison of constant feeding with bouts of fasting-refeeding at three levels of nutrition in the rat

Louis S.L.; Sidik A.; Cooper G.E.; Gelaye S., 1988:
A comparison of corn and sweet potato meal in finishing rations for beef steers

Cranfill, B.E.; Rhodes, A.R., 1987:
A comparison of cotton yield response to PPI applications of pendimethalin and trifluralin for weed control

Kamata Y.; Kinsella J.E., 1989:
A comparison of creep phenomena in food protein gels

Ahmad, N.; Kanwar, R.S., 1988:
A comparison of crop stress factors determined under controlled drainage and naturally fluctuating water table conditions

Vita, M. de, 1989:
A comparison of cultivars of Euphorbia fulgens grown for cut flower production

Jain, N.C.; Hirmand, H.; DeVries, S.; Kono, C.S., 1988:
A comparison of cytochemical techniques to demonstrate peroxidase activity in canine leukocytes

O.C.nnell, J.; Giller, P.S.; Meaney, W., 1989:
A comparison of dairy cattle behavioural patterns at pasture and during confinement

Perlack, R.D.; Petrich, C.H.; Schweitzer, S., 1988:
A comparison of decentralized minigrids and dispersed diesels for irrigation pumping in Sahelian Africa

Keller, D.S.; Quinton, M.; Smith, C., 1990:
A comparison of deterministic versus stochastic modelling of closed nucleus breeding schemes for beef cattle

Nelson, R.L.; Tanure, J.C.; Andrianopoulos, G.; Souza, G.; Lands, W.E., 1988:
A comparison of dietary fish oil and corn oil in experimental colorectal carcinogenesis

Gross, R.J., 1989:
A comparison of different appliances for embryo transfer in cattle

Canaway, P.M., 1990:
A comparison of different methods of establishment using seed and sod on the cover and playing quality of turf for football

Jukola Sulonen, E.L.; Salemaa, M., 1985:
A comparison of different sampling methods of quantitative vegetation analysis

Salvador, F.R. de; Monastra, F.; Ondradu, G.; Caboni, E., 1988:
A comparison of different types of polyethylene films for the semi-forcing of peaches

Njoroge, J.M.; Kimemia, J.K., 1990:
A comparison of different weed control methods in Kenya

Pedersen E.J.N.; Witt N.; Moller E., 1989:
A comparison of digestible energy measured by calorimetry and calculated from the chemical composition of the digestible organic matter

Chisholm, R.H.; Bridge, B.J.; Prebble, R.E., 1987:
A comparison of drip infiltrometer, disc rainfall simulator and disc permeameter for sorptivity measurement

Roe, D.A., 1988:
A comparison of drug-nutrient and nutrient-nutrient interactions

Anonymous, 1988:
A comparison of embryo transfer in different countries

Furuta, K., 1989:
A comparison of endemic and epidemic populations of the spruce beetle (Ips typographus japonicus Niijima) in Hokkaido

Prato, T.; Shi, H., 1990:
A comparison of erosion and water pollution control strategies for an agricultural watershed

Horbasz, C.N.; Fox, G.; Brinkman, G.L., 1988:
A comparison of ex post and ex ante measures of producers' surplus in estimating the returns to Canadian federal sheep research

Kalma J.D., 1989:
A comparison of expressions for the aerodynamic resistance to sensible heat transfer

Xu, D.B.; Kubicek, C.P.; Rohr, M., 1989 :
A comparison of factors influencing citric acid production by Aspergillus niger grown in submerged culture and on filter paper

Keller D.S.; Gearheart W.W.; Smith C., 1990:
A comparison of factors reducing selection response in closed nucleus breeding schemes

Krabbenborg, R.M.M.; Dijkhuizen, A.A.; Huirne, R.B.M., 1989:
A comparison of farmers' sow culling decisions and model recommendations

Palenik, S., 1989:
A comparison of fattening performance of entire and partially castrated bulls

Gonzalez Unzaga, V.H., 1988:
A comparison of fertility and mothering ability in sows of different genetic types

Slana, O.; Vyhnalek, J., 1988:
A comparison of fertility and wool production in several genotypes of Merino sheep

Augstburger, F.; Zemp, J.; Heusser, H., 1988:
A comparison of fertility, health and yields of dairy cows in herds under organic or conventional management

Tanner, R.L.; Kelly, T.J.; Dezaro, D.A.; Forrest, J., 1989:
A comparison of filter, denuder, and real-time chemiluminescence techniques for nitric acid determination in ambient air

Abbasov, M.R., 1988:
A comparison of finewooled sheep of different types

Podorov, M., 1989:
A comparison of finishing performance of male Hereford calves and of crossbreds of Herefords with Friesian and Simmental

Osmelak, J.A., 1987:
A comparison of five different traps for monitoring leafhopper activity (Homoptera)

Garcia C.; Toro M.A., 1989:
A comparison of five estimators of the heritability of threshold characters

Kutzer, E.; Oittner, R.; Leodolter, S.; Brammer, K.W., 1988:
A comparison of fluconazole and ketoconazole in the oral treatment of vaginal candidiasis; report of a double-blind multicentre trial

Martin, M.V., 1989:
A comparison of fluconazole and ketoconazole in the treatment of rat palatal candidosis

Smith, A.L.; Smith, H.V., 1989:
A comparison of fluorescein diacetate and propidium iodide staining and in vitro excystation for determining Giardia intestinalis cyst viability

Rupe, J.C., 1989:
A comparison of foliar fungicides for the control of soybean diseases

Anurag, C.; Geervani, P., 1987:
A comparison of food and nutrient intake of population in dryland areas cultivating and not cultivating groundnuts in Andhra Pradesh

Suitor, C.J.; Gardner, J.; Willett, W.C., 1989:
A comparison of food frequency and diet recall methods in studies of nutrient intake of low-income pregnant women

Zollitsch, W.; Wurzner, H.; Lettner, F., 1989:
A comparison of four broiler hybrids

Piggot G.J., 1989:
A comparison of four methods for estimating herbage yield of temperate dairy pastures

Volkova, E.G., 1988:
A comparison of freezing regimes for cattle embryos

Heath M.C., 1989:
A comparison of fungal growth and plant responses in cowpea and bean cultivars inoculated with urediospores or basidiospores of the cowpea rust fungus

Sparling G.P.; West A.W., 1990:
A comparison of gas chromatography and differential respirometer methods to measure soil respiration and to estimate the soil microbial biomass

Collin, M.R.smuson, A., 1988:
A comparison of gas diffusivity models for unsaturated porous media

Hurrell, G.A.; Bourdot, G.W., 1988:
A comparison of granular herbicides for Chilean needle grass (Stipa Neesiana) control

Westman, C.J.; Starr, M.R.; Laine, J., 1985:
A comparison of gravimetric and volumetric soil properties in peatland and upland sites

Soest, P.J. van, 1988:
A comparison of grazing and browsing ruminants in the use of feed resources

Maage, A.; Sveier, H.; Julshamn, K., 1989:
A comparison of growth rate and trace element accumulation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fry fed four different commercial diets

Nichelmann, M.; Tzschentke, B.; Wuntke, B.; Postel, T., 1989:
A comparison of heat balance in normal and dwarf laying hens

Mayeux H.S.Jr, 1989:
A comparison of herbicide sprays and pellets for control of broadleaf weeds in pastures

Becker, D.J.; Sinclair, J.; Castell, D.O.; Wu, W.C., 1989:
A comparison of high and low fat meals on postprandial esophageal acid exposure

Volesky, J.D., 1987:
A comparison of high-performance short-duration and repeated-seasonal grazing systems

Beretta M.J.G.; Brlansky R.H.; Lee R.F., 1988:
A comparison of histochemical staining reactions of the xylem occlusions in trees affected by citrus blight and declinio

Kramer, V.L.; Garcia, R., 1987:
A comparison of immature mosquito populations, aquatic predators, and the developmental rate of Cx. tarsalis in wild versus white rice fields in the Central Valley

Stakelum G.; Morgan D.; Dillon P., 1988:
A comparison of in vitro procedures for estimating herbage digestibility

Wiener, G.; Woolliams, C.; Slee, J., 1988:
A comparison of inbred and outbred sheep on two planes of nutrition. 4. A note on the effects on some blood constituents before and after exposures to acute cold or heat

Wiener, G.; Woolliams, C.; Slee, J., 1988:
A comparison of inbred and outbred sheep on two planes of nutrition. III. A note on the effects on semen characteristics before and after exposures to acute cold and heat

Lefohn A.S.; Laurence J.A.; Kohut R.J., 1988:
A comparison of indices that describe the relationship between exposure to ozone and reduction in the yield of agricultural crops

Loeppert, R.H.; Geiger, S.C.; Hartwig, R.C.; Morris, D.R., 1988:
A comparison of indigenous soil factors influencing the Fe-deficiency chlorosis of sorghum and soybean in calcareous soils

Mittal, J.P.; Prasad, S., 1989:
A comparison of indigenous with exotic cross-bred cattle in the dry zone of India

Roberts, D., 1990:
A comparison of input-output and social accounting methods for analysis in agricultural economics

Bukowinski, T.; Kucharski, J., 1989:
A comparison of inseminations of cows with semen preserved in straws or in pellets

Taylor, S.M.; Mallon, T.R.; Green, W.P., 1990:
A comparison of interactions between vaccination against Dictyocaulus viviparus and anthelmintic suppression in immunised and unimmunised yearling cattle

Buchowski, M.S.; Sowizral, K.C.; Lengemann, F.W.; Van Campen, D.; Miller, D.D., 1989:
A comparison of intrinsic and extrinsic tracer methods for estimating calcium bioavailability to rats from dairy foods

Bonde, M.; Peterson, G.; Dowler, W., 1988:
A comparison of isozymes of Phakopsora pachyrhizi from the Eastern Hemisphere and the New World

Bermudez, J.J.; Perez, M.; Pampin, M.; Torres, R., 1989:
A comparison of laying hens of some new genotypes

Coyle, C.P.; Kinney, W.B., 1990:
A comparison of leisure and gambling motives of compulsive gamblers

Brown, C.J.; Johnson, Z.B.; Buddenberg, B.J.; Wright, D.W.; Hornsby, J.A.; Brown, A.H.J., 1989:
A comparison of lifetime growth patterns

Bogre, J.; Levay, M.F.; Szabo, J., 1988 :
A comparison of liver quality of young (8- to 9-wk-old) and older (20- to 30-wk-old) geese in summer

Hohmann, C.L.; Luck, R.F.; Oatman, E.R., 1988:
A comparison of longevity and fecundity of adult Trichogramma platneri (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) reared on eggs of the cabbage looper and the Angoumouis grain moth, with and without access to honey

Chen, L.H.; Bateman, W.L., 1988:
A comparison of machinery cost estimation methods

Ikeda, H.; Okitsu, S.; Arai, K., 1986:
A comparison of magnesium deficiency in grafted and non-grafted cucumbers in water culture and soil culture and the effect of increased magnesium application in preventing magnesium deficiency

Bisang, M., 1987:
A comparison of manure spreading mechanisms: tines or augers, vertical or horizontal?

Simeonova, S.; Ivanov, M.; Stoikov, P., 1988:
A comparison of meat production of German Black Pied Dairy cattle and their crossbreds with Simmental and Hereford bulls

Wilson, J.A.; Scott, M.M.; Gray, R.S., 1989:
A comparison of metformin versus guar in combination with sulphonylureas in the treatment of non insulin dependent diabetes

Tottman, D.R.; Sparks, T.H.; Orson, J.H., 1988:
A comparison of methods for assessing the control of Galium aparine (cleavers) in winter wheat

Wallace R.J.; Mckain N., 1990:
A comparison of methods for determining the concentration of extracellular peptides in rumen fluid of sheep

Semaika, M.R.; Shanahan, J.F., 1988:
A comparison of methods for estimating potential crop evapotranspiration in Egypt

Ciardi, C.; Nannipieri, P., 1990:
A comparison of methods for measuring ATP in soil

Roush M.L.; Radosevich S.R.; Wagner R.G.; Maxwell B.D.; Petersen T.D., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring effects of density and proportion in plant competition experiments

Kraske, C.R.; Fernandez, I.J.; Spencer, C.J., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring extractable Ca, Mg, K, Na, Mn, Al, Fe, and P from New England forest soils

Lee L.W.; Reed D.W., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring phytotoxicity from foliar sprays of ammonium nitrate

Davies, K.G.; Whitbread, R., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring the colonisation of a root system by fluorescent pseudomonads

Ford T.S.; Ross M.W.; Orsini P.G., 1989:
A comparison of methods for proximal palmar metacarpal analgesia in horses

White, T.J., 1990:
A comparison of methods for valuing environmental goods

Becker, K.W., 1987:
A comparison of methods of determining NH4+ and NO3- in soil samples - different extraction methods and procedures

Jenner, D.A.; Neylon, K.; Croft, S.; Beilin, L.J.; Vandongen, R., 1989:
A comparison of methods of dietary assessment in Australian children aged 11-12 years

Chang, M.T.; Watters, S.P.; Sayok, A.K., 1989:
A comparison of methods of estimating mean watershed slope

Klatovsky, V.; Urban, F.; Hyanek, J.; Stavinoha, P., 1989:
A comparison of methods of estimating the breeding value of cows

Coelho, M.; Hembry, F.G.; Barton, F.E.; Saxton, A.M., 1988:
A comparison of microbial, enzymatic, chemical and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy methods in forage evaluation

Weber, W., 1989:
A comparison of milking technology

Karathanasis, A.; Wells, K., 1989:
A comparison of mineral weathering trends between two management systems on a catena of loess-derived soils

Ong, S.L.; Adams, B.J., 1989:
A comparison of models for optimizing the expansion of a wastewater treatment facility

Williams A.G.; Streader W.V., 1990:
A comparison of models for predicting slurry production on a pig farm

Taylor A.A.; Down N.F.; Shaw B.G., 1990:
A comparison of modified atmosphere and vacuum skin packing for the storage of red meats

Mayande V.M.; Bansal R.K.; Smith G.D., 1990:
A comparison of moldboard plows for dry season tillage of vertisols

Vachula, M.; Worobec, S.; Andersen, B.R., 1990:
A comparison of monocyte oxidative responses in leprosy patients and healthy subjects as influenced by mycobacterial lipid pretreatment

Haseeb, A.; Pandey, R.; Husain, A., 1988 :
A comparison of nematicides and oilseed cakes for control of Meloidogyne incognita on Ocimum basilicum

Giller, K.E.; Nambiar, P.T.C.; Rao, B.S.; Dart, P.J.; Day, J.M., 1987:
A comparison of nitrogen fixation in genotypes of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) using 15N-isotope dilution

Boyer, J.N.; South, D.B.; Muller, C.A.; Vanderveer, H., 1985:
A comparison of nursery sowers

Roberts, A.M.; Hudson, J.A.; Roberts, G., 1989:
A comparison of nutrient losses following grassland improvement using two different techniques in an upland area of mid-Wales

Phillips, C.J.C.; Schofield, S.A., 1988:
A comparison of oestrus detection by pedometer, milk progesterone content, electrical conductivity of vaginal mucus and milk yield changes

Smith, S.R.; Hadley, P., 1989:
A comparison of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilizers: their nitrate-N and ammonium-N release characteristics and effects on the growth response of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. cv. Fortune)

Sheldrick, R.D.; Newton, J.E.; Lavender, R.H.; Rawlins, F.A.; Martyn, T.M., 1988:
A comparison of output from a permanent sward, and from re-seeds of either diploid or tetraploid perennial ryegrass, under continuous sheep grazing regulated by sward height

Tang, K.; Williams, P.H., 1988:
A comparison of ovary, ovule and embryo culture in producing hybrids from wide crosses among rapid cycling Brassica species and Raphanus

Holm, T.R.; Curtiss, C.D., 1989:
A comparison of oxidation-reduction potentials calculated from the As(V)/As(III) and Fe(III)/Fe(II) couples with measured platinum-electrode potentials in groundwater

Mucke, F.A.; Mote, C.R.; Allison, J.S., 1987:
A comparison of parallel and serial distribution of septic tank effluent

Kolade, B., 1988:
A comparison of pedagogical classroom instructional problems perceived by beginning and experienced Michigan vocational production agriculture teachers

Dyke, T. van; Olsen, M.D., 1989:
A comparison of performance variables of highly profitable mid-priced hotels/motels with marginally profitable or losing operations

Lewis, R.; Love, S.L., 1988:
A comparison of petiole N profiles and N utilization of eight potato cultivars

Adema D.M.M.; Henzen L., 1989:
A comparison of plant toxicities of some industrial chemicals in soil culture and soilless culture

Day, M.J.; Burton, N.F.; Bull, A.T., 1988:
A comparison of plasmid distribution in sediment bacteria isolated from clean and naphthalene polluted sites

Kawchuk, L.M.; Kim, W.K.; Nielsen, J., 1988:
A comparison of polypeptides from the wheat bunt fungi Tilletia laevis, T. tritici and T. controversa

Soos, P.; Szule, Z.; Fuzy, J., 1988:
A comparison of precision sugarbeet drills in Hungary

Lloveras, M.R.; Carden, A.E.; Borras, F.S., 1990:
A comparison of predictors for in vivo prediction of carcass composition in pigs

Gebriel, Z.; Sevenhuysen, G., 1988:
A comparison of pregnancy outcomes among four population groups in Ethiopia

Peeler, J.T.; Messer, J.W.; Sanders, R.L.; Bachelor, H.K., 1989:
A comparison of preliminary incubation counts and standard plate counts of grade A farm bulk tank milk from eleven states

Farina, E.; Cervelli, C.; Paterniani, T., 1988:
A comparison of preservatives for improving the pigmentation of cut flowers of lisianthus

Neuenschwander, M., 1989:
A comparison of production costs between Swiss and German farms

Stalb, H., 1989:
A comparison of production costs of cash crops between farms in Schleswig-Holstein, Eastern England and the Paris basin

Grave, J.; Portugal, V., 1988:
A comparison of production traits in purebred and crossbred Alentejo bulls

Dowd, PF.; Sparks, TC., 1988:
A comparison of properties of trans-permethrin hydrolase and leucine aminopeptidase from the midgut of Pseudoplusia includens (Walker)

Ellis, A.E.; Masson, N.; Munro, A.L.S., 1990:
A comparison of proteases extracted from Caligus elongatus (Nordmann, 1832) and Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kroyer, 1838)

Rosen, A.; Murkofsky, C.; Steckler, N.; Skolnick, N., 1989:
A comparison of psychological and depressive symptoms among restricting anorexic, bulimic anorexic, and normal-weight bulimic patients

Koblik, P.D.; Hornof, W.; Harnagel, S.H.; Fisher, P.E., 1989:
A comparison of pulmonary angiography, digital subtraction angiography, and 99mTc-DTPA/MAA ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy for detection of experimental pulmonary emboli in the dog

Sevryuk, F.K., 1988:
A comparison of purebred and crossbred Yaroslavl heifers

Kondo, K.; Fujishima, M.; Na, H.; Xia, L.F.; Gu, Z.J., 1989:
A comparison of quantitative characters of leaf and flower in Camellia japonica, C. pitardii, C. reticulata and C. saluenensis

Thrall, D.E.; Robertson, I.D.; McLeod, D.A.; Heider, G.L.; Hoopes, P.J.; Page, R.L., 1989:
A comparison of radiographic and computed tomographic findings in 31 dogs with malignant nasal cavity tumors

England, G.C.; Allen, W.E.; Porter, D.J., 1989:
A comparison of radioimmunoassay with quantitative and qualitative enzyme-linked immunoassay for plasma progestogen detection in bitches

Evans, E.J.; Bilsborrow, P.; Grant, A.; Kwiatkowska, C.A.; Spinks, E.A.; Heaney, R.K.; Fenwick, G.R., 1989:
A comparison of rapid- (X-ray fluorescence, near-infrared reflectance) and glucose-release methods for the determination of the glucosinolate content of oilseed rape (Brassica oleracea)

Wilson, J.B.; Hubbard, J.C.E.; Rapson, G.L., 1988:
A comparison of realised niche relations of species in New Zealand and Britain

McClure, J.P.; Anderson, J.; Schreuder, H.T., 1987:
A comparison of regional and site specific volume estimation equations

Davis, B.; Moore, M., 1988:
A comparison of regular tillage and wind strips using weeping lovegrass on dryland cotton in west Texas - some preliminary results

Skikui, P., 1986:
A comparison of replacement strategies in continuous forest inventory

Ge, Y.F., 1989:
A comparison of responses to temperature and photoperiod in early-maturing wheat cultivars

Johnson, I.T.; Gee, J.M.; Brown, J.C., 1989:
A comparison of rice bran, wheat bran and cellulose as sources of dietary fibre in the rat

Bailey, E.; Boisvert, R.N., 1989:
A comparison of risk efficiency criteria in evaluating groundnut performance in drought prone areas

Kessler, J., 1987:
A comparison of roof garden systems

Wise, J.O., 1988:
A comparison of rural real estate values and related factors in Georgia, the South, and the United States

Congalton, R.G., 1988:
A comparison of sampling schemes used in generating error matrices for assessing the accuracy of maps generated from remotely sensed data

Omeke, B.C., 1989:
A comparison of seasonal effects on fertility of Landrace and Large White sows in a subhumid tropical environment

Bailey, R.A.; Bechet, G.R., 1989:
A comparison of seedcane derived from tissue culture with conventional seedcane

Franz, W.; Schremmer, H.; Engert, K.; Wegner, G., 1989:
A comparison of selected biological and management interactions on pig litter performance

Montaldo Valdenegro, H.H., 1989:
A comparison of selection alternatives available for the improvement of production potential in dairy cows in Mexico

Sumpf, D.; Fiedler, H.; Herrendorfer, G.; Domrose, H., 1990:
A comparison of selection indices for quadratic functions of genetic merit

Mathur, A.K.; Srivastava, R.S.; Kalra, D.B., 1989:
A comparison of semen quality attributes in exotic rams during summer and autumn in semi-arid tract of Rajasthan

Ponnighaus, J.M.; Fine, P.E., 1989:
A comparison of sensory loss tests and histopathology in the diagnosis of leprosy

Lukaszewski, A.J., 1988:
A comparison of several approaches in the development of disomic alien addition lines of wheat

Vaccari D.A.; Christodoulatos C., 1989:
A comparison of several control algorithms for activated sludge waste rate

Walker, N., 1990:
A comparison of single- and multi-space feeders for growing pigs fed non-pelleted diets ad libitum

Brammer, K.W., 1989:
A comparison of single-dose oral fluconazole with 3-day intravaginal clotrimazole in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis. Report of an international multicentre trial

White, D.; Matos, J.; Harmon, R.; Langlois, B., 1988:
A comparison of six selective media for the enumeration and isolation of staphylococci

Baraldi, G.; Pezzi, F., 1989:
A comparison of slat and diamond-shaped mouldboard ploughs

Francis G.S.; Cameron K.C.; Kemp R.A., 1988:
A comparison of soil porosity and solute leaching after six years of direct drilling or conventional cultivation

Vazquez del Mercado Franco, J.; Martinez Gamba, R.; Chorne Urruchua, R., 1988:
A comparison of some carcass characters in crossbred pigs

Soli, N.E.; Framstad, T.; Skjerve, E.; Sohlberg, S.; Odegaard, S.A., 1990:
A comparison of some of the pharmacokinetic parameters of three commercial sulphadiazine/trimethoprim combined preparations given orally to pigs

Racey, G.D.; Hutchison, R.E., 1983:
A comparison of some spring holding options for red pine

Celorie J.A.; Woods S.L.; Vinson T.S.; Istok J.D., 1989:
A comparison of sorption equilibrium distribution coefficients using batch and centrifugation methods

Steen, R.W.J., 1989:
A comparison of soya-bean, sunflower and fish meals as protein supplements for yearling cattle offered grass silage-based diets

Sheehan, W.; Hanrahan, J.P., 1989:
A comparison of soyabean meal and fish meal as protein supplements for the lactating ewe

Rennie, B.D.; Thorpe, M.L.; Beversdorf, W.D., 1986:
A comparison of soybean PAGE and starch gel electrophoretic patterns

Parr E.L.; Parr M.B.; Thapar M., 1988:
A comparison of specific antibody responses in mouse vaginal fluid after immunization by several routes

Sturny, W.G., 1989:
A comparison of spiked rotary cultivators

Miller P.C.H.; Walklate P.J.; Mawer C.J., 1989:
A comparison of spray drift collection techniques

Montgomery, G.W.; Davis, G.H., 1987:
A comparison of spring and autumn calving for beef cattle production

Mariani, G.; Belocchi, A.; Piacentini, A., 1990:
A comparison of spring and summer sowing in grain sorghum

Pyles, D.A.; Kocher, E.; Tilley, D.S., 1990:
A comparison of statistical tests distinguishing error dynamics and systematic dynamics in distributed lag models

Rousseau, A.; Albright, L.D., 1988:
A comparison of steady-state and transient analyses of the thermal behavior of agricultural buildings

Dwyer, W.O.; Huffman, M.G.; Jarratt, L.H., 1989:
A comparison of strategies for gaining compliance with campground regulations

Riley, S.A.; Gupta, I.; Mani, V., 1989:
A comparison of sucralfate and prednisolone enemas in the treatment of active distal ulcerative colitis

Berbel, J., 1990:
A comparison of target MOTAD efficient sets and the choice of target

Ball D.A.; Miller S.D., 1989:
A comparison of techniques for estimation of arable soil seedbanks and their relationship to weed flora

Ulluwishewa, R., 1989:
A comparison of tethering and free grazing buffalo management systems in Sri Lanka

Barker, M.E.; McKenna, P.G.; Reid, N.G.; Strain, J.J.; Thompson, K.A.; Williamson, A.P.; Wright, M.E., 1988:
A comparison of the Petra food recording system with the conventional weighed inventory technique

Asumadu, K.; Weil, R.R., 1988:
A comparison of the USDA Soil Taxonomy and the Zimbabwe soil classification system with reference to some red soils of Zimbabwe

Majewski, M.S.; Glotfelty, D.E.; Seiber, J.N., 1989:
A comparison of the aerodynamic and the theoretical-profile-shape methods for measuring pesticide evapotranspiration from soil

Tanaka, M.; Ohmae, H.; Utsunomiya, H.; Nara, T.; Irie, Y.; Yasuraoka, K., 1989:
A comparison of the antischistosomal effect of levo- and dextro-praziquantel on Schistosoma japonicum and S. mansoni in mice

Ricard, F.H.; Petitjean, M.J., 1989:
A comparison of the carcass composition of game-type pheasants and fowls of similar body weight

Pearce E.I.F., 1989:
A comparison of the cariogenicity of two infant snack foods

Turnock, WJ.; Reader, PM.; Bracken, GK., 1990:
A comparison of the cold hardiness of populations of Delia radicum (L.) (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) from southern England and the Canadian Prairies

Monk, KA., 1987:
A comparison of the diets of some rainforest grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Malaysia

Chen, I.S.; Subramaniam, S.; Vahouny, G.V.; Cassidy, M.M.; Ikeda, I.; Kritchevsky, D., 1989:
A comparison of the digestion and absorption of cocoa butter and palm kernel oil and their effects on cholesterol absorption in rats

Grenet, E., 1989:
A comparison of the digestion and reduction in particle size of lucerne hay (Medicago sativa) and Italian ryegrass hay (Lolium italicum) in the ovine digestive tract, S.H.; Evans, D.A., 1989:
A comparison of the direct agglutination test and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in the sero-diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the Sudan

Roux, C.J.G. le; Howe, L.G., 1988:
A comparison of the dry matter yields of perennial legumes in the Dohne Sourveld

Kerr, S.G.C.; Wood Gush, D.G.M., 1987:
A comparison of the early behaviour of intensively and extensively reared calves

Tsvetanov, V., 1988:
A comparison of the effect of crossbreeding in the formation of dairy sheep. 2. Lactation milk yield

McAllister, J.F.; Krabill, L.F.; Lauderdale, J.W., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of daily or alternate day intramuscular injection of recombinantly-derived bovine somatotropin (rbSt) on milk yield of lactating dairy cows in a commercial dairy during 120 days

Tashiro T.; Wardlaw I.F., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of high temperature on grain development in wheat and rice

Hurkman, W.J.; Fornari, C.S.; Tanaka, C.K., 1989:
A Comparison of the Effect of Salt on Polypeptides and Translatable mRNAs in Roots of a Salt-Tolerant and a Salt-Sensitive Cultivar of Barley

Wnuk, A.; Wiech, K.; Ciez, W., 1988:
A comparison of the effectiveness of Thiodan and Zolone in controlling the white clover seed weevil - Apion flavipes (Payk.) (Col., Curculionidae)

Barham, W.T.; Schoonbee, H.J., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of alternating current electronarcosis, rectified current electronarcosis and chemical anaesthesia on the blood physiology of the Freshwater Bream Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters). I. The effect on blood pH, pO2, pCO2, glucose, lactate, LDH and HBDH

Soler, C.; Blázquez, C.; Pertusa, J.; Núñez, M.; Núñez, J.; Núñez, A., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of bilateral efferent duct ligation and of partial epididymectomy on the testes of rats

Smith, J.C.; Miller, I.J.; Krimm, R.F.; Nejad, M.S.; Beidler, L.M., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of bilateral sections of the chorda tympani nerve and extirpation of the submaxillary and sublingual salivary glands on the eating and drinking patterns of the rat

Peeler, T.C., 1987:
A comparison of the effects of chilling temperatures on photosynthesis in Pisum sativum L. and Cucumis sativus L

Jaffe, W.F., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of computer assisted instruction with printed instruction on student learning in a hospitality management course

Alila, H.W.; Corradino, R.A.; Hansel, W., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of cyclooxygenase prostanoids on progesterone production by small and large bovine luteal cells

Radcliffe J.D., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of dietary casein and cottonseed isolate on serum and hepatic lipids in the rat

Afyon, A., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of different methods of compost sterilization on the production and earliness of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex Fr.) Kummer

Singh, H.J.; Garland, H.O., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of oral and intravenous glucose administration on renal calcium excretion in the rat

Smith, S.R.; Hadley, P., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilizers on the growth response of summer cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata cv. Hispi F1)

Costigan, P.A., 1987:
A comparison of the effects of residual and freshly applied fertilizer on the growth and yield of dwarf french beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Ellis, SA.; Clements, RO.; Bale, JS., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of sward improvement on invertebrates, sward establishment and herbage yield

Watanabe S.; Dawes C., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of tasting and chewing foods on the flow rate of whole saliva in man

Borkowski, J., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of the growth retardants DMMC and chlormequat on the growth, flowering and fruiting of greenhouse tomatoes

Hemsworth, P.H.; Winfield, C.G.; Barnett, J.L.; Schirmer, B.; Hanse, C., 1986:
A comparison of the effects of two oestrus detection procedures and two housing systems on the oestrus detection rate of female pigs

Scott, M.G.; Hutchinson, T.C.; Feth, M.J., 1989:
A comparison of the effects on Canadian boreal forest lichens of nitric and sulphuric acids as sources of rain acidity

E.M.sry, N.A.; Bassily, S.; Farid, Z., 1988:
A comparison of the efficacy and side effects of various regimens of praziquantel for the treatment of schistosomiasis

Parajuli, B.; Goddard, P.J., 1989:
A comparison of the efficacy of footbaths containing formalin or zinc sulphate in treating ovine foot-rot under field conditions

Forcada Miranda, F.; Sierra Alfranca, I.; Callen Mora, A., 1989:
A comparison of the efficiency of different methods of the induction and synchronization of oestrus in dairy goats in spring

Georgoudis, A.; Hatziminaoglou, J.; Zervas, N., 1989:
A comparison of the estimation of variance components with MIVQUE, ML and REML using an animal repeatability model

Clements, KD.; Bellwood, DR., 1988:
A comparison of the feeding mechanisms of two herbivorous labroid fishes, the temperate Odax pullus and the tropical Scarus rubroviolaceus

Gutierrez, T.P.; Vallejo, O.E.; Trejo, G.A., 1990:
A comparison of the fertility of frozen semen from different rams

Olaechea, FV.; Christensen, NO.; Henriksen, SA., 1990:
A comparison of the filtration, concentration, and thick smear techniques in the diagnosis of Schistosoma bovis infection in cattle and goats

Mckay H.M.; Malcolm D.C., 1988:
A comparison of the fine root component of a pure and a mixed coniferous stand

Tomova, I.; Stoikov, P., 1989:
A comparison of the finishing performance of Bulgarian Simmental calves on an open feedlot and in a feedlot with a shelter

Ellis, M.; Nelson, R.; Simonds, C., 1988:
A comparison of the fluvalinate and ether roll methods of sampling for Varroa mites in honey bee colonies

Alvarez, R.H.; Nibart, M.; Thibier, M., 1988:
A comparison of the freezing of Bos taurus and Mus musculus embryos, using the two-stage method

Gershon, P.D.; Ansell, D.M.; Black, D.N., 1989:
A comparison of the genome organization of capripoxvirus with that of the orthopoxviruses

Morris, A.R., 1985:
A comparison of the growth of Pinus patula and Pinus elliottii in the Usutu Forest

Hopkins, A.; Murray, P.J.; Patefield, W.M., 1989:
A comparison of the herbage productivity of Bromus wildenowii cv. Grasslands Matua with four cultivars of Lolium perenne when grown in association with Trifolium repens

Duquet, B.; Bruckert, S., 1987:
A comparison of the humification of 15N- labelled barley straw in a calcic sol brun and is a sol brun lessive

George, S.A.; Elliott, R.; Batterham, E.S., 1988:
A comparison of the ileal digestibility of nitrogen in sugar-based diets for growing pigs determined by slaughter or cannulation techniques

Childs, G.E.; Boudreau, E.F.; Milhous, W.K.; Wimonwattratee, T.; Pooyindee, N.; Pang, L.; Davidson, D.E., 1989:
A comparison of the in vitro activities of amodiaquine and desethylamodiaquine against isolates of Plasmodium falciparum

Robinson R.L.; Turner G.F.; Grimm A.S.; Pitcher T.J., 1990:
A comparison of the ingestion rates of three tilapia species fed on a small planktonic alga

Gonlong, D.E.; Graham, D.Y., 1988:
A comparison of the known life histories of the bethylids Parasierola sp. and Goniozus natalensis Gordh collected from Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Uganda and southern Africa respectively

Rossell, R.J.; Stevens, A.F.; Miles, M.A.; Allen, A.K., 1990:
A comparison of the lectin-binding properties of glycoconjugates from a range of Leishmania species

Pecsenye, K., 1989:
A comparison of the level of enzyme polymorphism in cosmopolitan Drosophila species between populations collected in distilleries and their surroundings in Hungary

Persson, P., 1989:
A comparison of the living conditions of farmers and other socioeconomic groups

Wheeler, J.A.; Dwyer, M.J., 1989:
A comparison of the manoeuvrability of an experimental farm transport vehicle and conventional tractors and trailers

Battey, J.F.; Ohlrogge, J.B., 1989:
A comparison of the metabolic fate of Fatty acids of different chain lengths in developing oilseeds

Lucevich, L.M., 1987:
A comparison of the muscling of Hereford crossbreds of different generations

Antony, P.G.J., 1988:
A comparison of the nature and function of summer recreation provision in the USA and Northern Ireland

Kettlewell P.S.; Sylvester Bradley R., 1987:
A comparison of the number of ears produced by varieties of winter wheat

Sinek, F., 1989:
A comparison of the pattern of vacuum in milking machines with synchronous and asynchronous pulsation

Pampin, M.; Godinez, O.; Balbin, A., 1988:
A comparison of the performance of White Plymouth Rock dwarf and normal fowls during the growing period

Lopez, A.; Antomarchi, N., 1988:
A comparison of the performance of different strains of broilers hatched between January and September

Popescu Miclosanu, E.; Balasescu, M.; Ionita, E., 1988:
A comparison of the performance of mallard hybrids of different maternal origin

Costa, P.M.A.; Carmo, M.B. do; Silveira, J.M.; Lana, E.A.T., 1988:
A comparison of the performance of pigs confined indoors or in outdoor pens. 1. The growing and finishing periods

Trilk, J.; Michulitz, H.; Wedeleit, B., 1988:
A comparison of the performance of three black pied breeds of cattle

Gerini, O.; Soldatini, G.F., 1988:
A comparison of the photosynthesis of a yellow-green mutant and its wild type durum wheat. I. Quantum yield of CO2 uptake under drought and different light growth conditions

Soldatini, G.F.; Gerini, O., 1988:
A comparison of the photosynthesis of a yellow-green mutant and its wild type durum wheat. II. Stomatal and non-stomatal contributions to the decline in net CO2 uptake

Thompson J.K.; Collins M.A., 1989:
A comparison of the plasmid profiles of strains of lactic streptococci isolated from a commercial mixed strain starter culture with those from fermented milk

Edwards, D.D.; Dimock, R.V.J., 1988:
A comparison of the population dynamics of Unionicola formosa from two anodontine bivalves in a North Carolina farm pond

Lengwinat, T.; Blottner, S.; Wersuhn, A.; Pitra, C., 1990:
A comparison of the pregnancy rate, using fresh or frozen bull semen, after in vitro maturation and fertilization of non-ovulated cattle oocytes

Voigtlander, G.; Bauer, J.; Madel, F., 1989:
A comparison of the production of intensive set-stocked pasture and rotation pasture using fattening heifers on permanent grassland low in ryegrass in eight trial years

Barrell, G.V.; Holt, D.; MacKean, J.M., 1988:
A comparison of the reasons for marathon participation of British and Australian non-elite runners

Small J.C.; Gordon F.J., 1990:
A comparison of the responses by lactating cows given grass silage to changes in the degradability or quantity of protein offered in the supplement

Belfrage, J.B.; Salman, M.D.; Lum, C.W.S., 1990:
A comparison of the retention of plastic bangle tags and flat metal ear tags in cattle

Maboshe, M.N.; Wurapa, F.K., 1988:
A comparison of the sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum malaria to chloroquine in two areas of Isoka District, Zambia

Kanbe, M.; Inami, S.; Fukaya, K.; Kato, M., 1986:
A comparison of the suitability of lucerne and some perennial grasses for haymaking

Davies, R.J., 1987:
A comparison of the survival and growth of transplants, whips and standards, with and without chemical weed control

Ivanov, Z.S.; Konstantinov, K.V., 1989:
A comparison of the use of different mixed linear models in the evaluation of breeding value of dairy bulls

Burrows G.E.; Griffin D.D.; Pippin A.; Harris K., 1989:
A comparison of the various routes of administration of erythromycin in cattle

Pearson, R.A., 1990:
A comparison of the work performance of Jersey crossbred and local oxen in the Koshi hills of east Nepal

Odlum, K.D.; Colombo, S.J., 1984:
A comparison of three antitranspirants for reducing water loss in black spruce container seedlings

Adene D.F.; Durojaiye O.A.; Ogunji F.A., 1989:
A comparison of three different regimens of infectious bursal disease vaccination in chickens

Fuchs, A.D., 1988:
A comparison of three different trunk injection systems for use with plant growth regulators

Slatkin M.; Barton N.H., 1989:
A comparison of three indirect methods for estimating average levels of gene flow

Omed H.M.; Axford R.F.E.; Chamberlain A.G.; Givens D.I., 1989:
A comparison of three laboratory techniques for the estimation of the digestibility of feedstuffs for ruminants

Menec, M. le; Launay, M., 1988:
A comparison of three lighting methods in the production of broiler fowls

Baxter-Jones, C.; Grant, M.; Jones, R.C.; Wilding, G.P., 1989:
A comparison of three methods for detecting antibodies to turkey rhinotracheitis virus

Hill, J.P.; Dickmann, D.I., 1988:
A comparison of three methods for naturally reproducing oak in southern Michigan

Moura, V.P.G.; Barnes, R.D.; Birks, J.S., 1987:
A comparison of three methods of assessing wood density in provenances of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. and other Eucalyptus species in Brazil

Duff, S.R.; Furgala, B., 1990:
A comparison of three non-migratory systems for managing honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Minnesota. Part I: management and productivity

Duff, S.R.; Furgala, B., 1990:
A comparison of three non-migratory systems for managing honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Minnesota. Part II: economic analysis

Iman N.Y.; Johnson C.L.; Townsend R.S.; Russell W.C., 1989:
A comparison of three rapid methods of estimating wool fiber diameter

O.C.nnell, J.; Giller, P.; Meaney, W.J.; O.C.llaghan, E., 1986:
A comparison of three types of cubicle design for dairy cows

Fish, N.; Jones, M.G.K., 1988:
A comparison of tissue culture response between related tetraploid and dihaploid S. tuberosum genotypes

Schleiff U., 1987:
A comparison of transpiration rates of young rape plants grown on salinized soils of different texture

Guzman, V.L.; Sanchez, C.A.; Nagata, R.T., 1989:
A comparison of transplanted and direct-seeded lettuce at various levels of soil fertility

Fraunholz, J.; Kahn, W.; Leidl, W., 1989:
A comparison of transrectal or transcutaneous ultrasonics for pregnancy diagnosis in pigs

Dagan G.; Nguyen V., 1989:
A comparison of travel time and concentration approaches to modeling transport by groundwater

Kelly, J.F.; Beltz, R.C., 1987:
A comparison of tree volume estimation models for forest inventory

Schrock, J.R.; Munsee, J.R., 1985:
A comparison of trees and tree growth on unreclaimed 1949 Indiana coal spoil banks in 1964 and 1981

Martin, R.J.; Felton, W.L.; Somervaille, A.J., 1989:
A comparison of tri-allate formulations for control of wild oats in wheat in northern New South Wales

Molofsky, J.; Hall, C.A.S.; Myers, N., 1986:
A comparison of tropical forest surveys

Holmberg, M.; Vaidya, A.B.; Shenton, F.C. et al., 1990:
A comparison of two DNA probes, one specific for Plasmodium falciparum and one with wider reactivity, in the diagnosis of malaria

Lawrence, T.; Dyck, F.B., 1989:
A comparison of two furrow opener-depth control assemblies for seeding forage crops

Lawrence, T.; Dyck, F.B., 1990:
A comparison of two furrow opener-depth control assemblies for seeding forage grasses

Khan A.Q.; Ormsbee L.E., 1989:
A comparison of two hydrologic models for steeply sloping forested watersheds

Aleksieva, V.; Nenkov, M., 1988:
A comparison of two media for quantitatively determining moulds and yeasts in milk products

Steffan, P.; Henriksen, S.A.; Nansen, P., 1989:
A comparison of two methods and two additives for faecal cultivation of bovine trichostrongyle larvae

Mullins G.L.; Edwards J.H., 1989:
A comparison of two methods for measuring potassium influx kinetics by intact corn seedlings

Burton G.W., 1989:
A comparison of two methods of establishing bahiagrass test plots

Allen S.W.; Cornelius L.M.; Mahaffey E.A., 1989:
A comparison of two methods of partial pancreatectomy in the dog

Dupe, R.J.; Goddard, M.E.; Bywater, R.J., 1989:
A comparison of two oral rehydration solutions in experimental models of dehydration and diarrhoea in calves

Grosz, G.D.; Elliot, R.L.; Young, J.H., 1988:
A comparison of two peanut growth models for Oklahoma

Afedia, SO.; Ogunrinade, AF., 1988:
A comparison of two proteolytic techniques for hatching Hymenolepis diminuta eggs

Lawatsch, De, 1990:
A comparison of two teaching strategies on nutrition knowledge, attitudes and food behavior of preschool children

Richmond, JA.; Bacheler, JE., 1989:
A comparison of two temperature-dependent development models for immature stages of the Nantucket pine tip moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Doube, BM.; Giller, PS., 1990:
A comparison of two types of trap for sampling dung beetle populations (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Meuret, M.; Giger-Reverdin, S., 1990:
A comparison of two ways of expressing the voluntary intake of oak foliage-based diets by goats raised on rangelands

Shapiro, A.M.; Cvetkovic, V.D., 1990:
A comparison of two- and three-dimensional stochastic models of regional solute movement

Guda, C. dalla; Scordo, E.; Rebecchi, F., 1988 :
A comparison of types of containers used in the preparation of tubers of Grazia ranunculus hybrids

Nicol, A.M.; Jay, N.P.; Beatson, P.R., 1988:
A comparison of ultrasound backfat measurements on sheep

Hammitt, W.E.; Knauf, L.R.; Noe, F.P., 1989:
A comparison of user vs. researcher determined level of past experience on recreation preference

Patterson D.C., 1989:
A comparison of various feeding systems for finishing pigs

Shaio, M.F.; Chen, J.G.; Chang, F.Y., 1987:
A comparison of various methods for the determination of viability of parasitic flagellates

Kendall D.A.; Chinn N.E., 1990:
A comparison of vector population indices for forecasting barley yellow dwarf virus in autumn sown cereal crops

Dubey, A.K.; Poonam Singh; Goyal, R.D.; Katiyar, R.P., 1989:
A comparison of vigour between large and small seeds in mustard

Candler, R.; Zech, W.; Alt, H.G., 1989:
A comparison of water soluble organic substances in acid soils under beech and spruce in NE-Bavaria

Santoro, G.; Conte, L., 1989:
A comparison of wheeled and tracklaying tractors

Seppanen, V., 1988:
A comparison of wood chip production systems

Raichev, S.; Tsenkova, I., 1988:
A comparison of wool production of crossbred sheep in Southern Bulgaria

Nimeeva, L.I., 1988:
A comparison of wool strength

O'neill D.H.; Kemp D.C., 1989:
A comparison of work outputs of draught oxen

East, I.J.; Bourne, A.S., 1988:
A comparison of worm burden and faecal egg count for measuring the efficacy of vaccination against Oesophagostomum radiatum

Yang, S.Q.; Chen, G.Y., 1988:
A comparison on the growth and development of old and new Upland cotton varieties

Nemchenko, O., 1987:
A compartmental model of metabolite utilization for plant growth

Erteld, W., 1986:
A compendium of Scots pine management

Tarjan, AC.; B.K.uong, N., 1988:
A compendium of the family Axonolaimidae, (Nematoda)

Islam M.R.; Mayo G.M.E., 1990:
A compendium on host genes in flax conferring resistance to flax rust

MacMillan, A.P.; Greiser-Wilke, I.; Moennig, V.; Mathias, L.A., 1990:
A competition enzyme immunoassay for brucellosis diagnosis

Bremermann, H.J.; Thieme, H.R., 1989:
A competitive exclusion principle for pathogen virulence

Pal, M.; Onda, C.; Hasegawa, A., 1990:
A compilation of mycotic agents encountered in unusual clinical disorders of man and animals

Ruhl, G.E.; Pecknold, P.C.; Scott, D.H.; Latin, R.X., 1986:
A compilation of plant diseases and disorders in Indiana - 1985

Granger R.J., 1989:
A complementary relationship approach for evaporation from nonsaturated surfaces

Blaber, M.; Isackson, P.J.; Bradshaw, R.A., 1987:
A complete cDNA sequence for the major epidermal growth factor binding protein in the male mouse submandibular gland

Sunil Seth; Jain, D.K.; Kairon, M.S., 1988:
A complete fertility-restorer line in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Barun, K. de; Brownlee, G.G.; Kendal, A.P.; Shaw, M.W., 1988:
A complete sequence of a DNA clone of the hemagglutinin gene of influenza A/chicken/Scotland/59 (H5N1) virus: comparison with contemporary North American and European strains

Samovol, A.P.; Andryuschchenko, V.K.; Zatuliveter, V.I., 1987:
A complex evaluation of gene banks of pepper (wild, semicultured and cultured) and their use for breeding purposes

Kusiak, J.; Mrhalkova, I.; Nosek, V., 1989:
A complex evaluation of the nutritional value of food consumed

Blaskovicova, M.; Keckemetyova, L., 1988:
A complex mechanization brigade for the production of potatoes

Izhevskii, S.S.; Zisknid, L.A.; Rybak, V.L., 1988:
A complex of measures against the Colorado beetle

Neykov, S. (Neikov, S), 1988:
A complex study on cucumber cultivars of different geographical origin

Klatik, J., 1987:
A complex system for maintenance of the milking process

Lafrance, P.; Banton, O.; Campbell, P.G.C.; Villeneuve, J.P., 1990:
A complexation-adsorption model describing the influence of dissolved organic matter on the mobility of hydrophobic compounds in groundwater

Yamaoka, I.; Kawamura, Y.; Murakami, R., 1988:
A complicated symbiosis in the lower termite, Reticulitermes speratus (Kolbe)

Robertson, S.A.; Fowler, D., 1988:
A complication of cardiac catheterization in the dog

Saxena, H.K., 1988:
A component analysis and marginal value productitity of Gangatiri cow: a study in east U.P

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A composite L-band HH radar backscattering model for coniferous forest stands

Hsuen Chun Y., 1988:
A composite method for estimating annual actual evapotranspiration

Takenawa, S.; Takeda, H.; Horikoshi, M., 1989:
A composition for eliminating disagreeable odor from soya milk and a process for preparation of soya milk with an improved flavor

Coggins, C.W.J.; Henning, G.L., 1988:
A comprehensive California field study of the influence of preharvest applications of gibberellic acid on the rind quality of Valencia oranges

Mary, B.; Recous, S.; Machet, J.M., 1988:
A comprehensive approach to the fertilizer part of plant nitrogen uptake

Gerber, K.; Smart, G.C.J.; Esser, R.P., 1987:
A comprehensive catalogue of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with aquatic and wetland plants

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A comprehensive diagnosis of the farm: a methodological proposal

Buchberg, A.M.; Brownell, E.; Nagata, S.; Jenkins, N.A.; Copeland, N.G., 1989:
A comprehensive genetic map of murine chromosome 11 reveals extensive linkage conservation between mouse and human

Anonymous, 1988:
A comprehensive listing of all current recovered sulphur and sulphuric acid projects

Buckmaster, D.R.; Rotz, C.A.; Muck, R.E., 1988:
A comprehensive model of forage changes in the silo

Gurzo, I., 1988:
A comprehensive study of the domestic sugar, vegetable, oil and tobacco industries

Yao, N.Y.N., 1986:
A comprehensive tree improvement plan for Taiwan

Marra, M.C.; Gould, T.D.; Porter, G.A., 1989:
A computable economic threshold model for weeds in field crops with multiple pests, quality effects and an uncertain spraying period length

White, G.D.; Potts, M.J.; Hunt, G.L.T., 1988:
A computer aid to potato seed production, storage and distribution in developing countries

Hargrove, W.W.; O.H.p, J.R.J., 1988:
A computer algorithm to estimate leaf area removal (LAR) by insects

Rohricht, C.; Schmori, G.; Forster, F., 1988:
A computer based model for the nitrogen fertilization of potatoes

Tonder, G.J. van, 1989:
A computer code for the calculation of the relative transmissivity distribution in an aquifer for steady state ground-water levels

Yan, J.C.; Zhu, S.J.; Zheng, X.J., 1989:
A computer control system for the process of fermentation

Allison, J.M., 1990:
A computer control to conventional backup failsafe interface

Glennie Holmes M.; Moon R.L.; Cornish P.B., 1990:
A computer controlled micromalter for assessment of the malting potential of barley crossbreds

Pitts, D.J.; Ferguson, J.A.; Tacker, P.L., 1987:
A computer model for evaluation of trickle irrigation subunit design

Bennett, G.L.; Leymaster, K.A., 1989:
A computer model of ovulation rate, uterine capacity, potential viability, and litter size

Finlayson, D.M., 1990:
A computer model to predict the static stability of an articulated steer vehicle having a rigid body

Bottoms, D.J.; Miller, K.J., 1990:
A computer on the farm - friend or foe?

Sor, F., 1988:
A computer program allows the separation of a wide range of chromosome sizes by pulsed field gel electrophoresis

Bem, C.; Spiridon, G.; Alexandru, G., 1988:
A computer program for analysing laboratory results

Watanabe A.; Okita M.; Tsuji T.; Suda T.; Okazaki M.; Nakao S., 1988:
A computer program for calculating dietary amino acid contents in the nutritional management of liver cirrhosis

Svoboda, I.F., 1989:
A computer program for farm waste management

Kettlewell, P.J.; Moran, P., 1989:
A computer program for modelling heat stress in crated broiler chickens

Adamek, R., 1989:
A computer program for optimizing the operation of farm machinery with electric drives

Bassi, D.; Muzzi, E.; Negri, P.; Selli, R., 1990:
A computer program for record-keeping and seedling evaluation in fruit trees

Kretzschmar, R.; Huwe, B.; Ploeg, R.R. van der, 1989:
A computer program for the calculation of hydraulic conductivity by the auger hole method

Dartois A.M.; Ducamp S.; Decau F.; Broyer M., 1989:
A computer program for the dietary management of children with kidney disease

Kasai, N.; Kasai, S.; Tsushima, Y., 1989:
A computer program that draws pedigree charts for inbred strains of animals

Holck, A.R.; Meek, C.L., 1989:
A computer program to calculate pesticide concentrations for mosquito larval susceptibility tests

Pankhurst, R., 1989:
A computer program with colour graphics to identify orchids

Huang, W.H.; Wan, Z.H., 1988:
A computer programme for automatic recognition of schistosome eggs

Streibig, J.C.; Andreasen, C.; Fredshavn, J., 1990:
A computer programme for economic thresholds

Ohta, K.; Imai, T.; Shimada, K.; Chiba, J., 1988:
A computer simulation model for rice sheath blight disease I. Synthesis of disease model

Hansen, G.D., 1984:
A computer simulation model of uneven-aged northern hardwood stands maintained under the selection system

Zeng, D.; Lian, G., 1989:
A computer simulation of water-heat-salt movement in frozen soils

Goodger, W.J.; Fetrow, J.; Ferguson, G.M.; Troutt, H.F.; McCabe, R., 1989:
A computer spreadsheet program to estimate the cost of raising dairy replacements

Hwang, J.L.; Cheng, Y.S.; Tai, C., 1987:
A computer system for chicken breeding management

Silva Gutierrez M., 1988:
A computer system for daily management of the season. Second part

Tercafs, R., 1986:
A computer system to assist optimalization of land management

Yu, X.T.; Lin, S.Z., 1986:
A computer-aided design of forest culture

Duffy, K.M.; Fromm, B.A.; Sorensen, D.A., 1989:
A computer-assisted management information system for nutrition services

Fu, B.J.; Davidson, D.A.; Jones, G.E., 1990:
A computer-based land resource information system - a land evaluation case study in the Yan'an District, the Northern Shaanxi Province

Lesslie, R.G.; Mackey, B.G.; Preece, K.M., 1988:
A computer-based method of wilderness evaluation

Liederwald, K., 1988:
A computer-equipped measuring vehicle for mechanization research

Armstrong, D.A.; Goodall, E.A., 1990:
A computerised beef recording and information retrieval system for efficient herd management

Edward Jones G.; Mumford J.D.; Norton G.A.; Turner R.; Proctor G.H.; May M.J., 1989:
A computerised decision support system for sugar beet herbicide selection

Arullani, A.; Cappello, G., 1989:
A computerised program for TPN

Mcilroy S.G.; Goodall E.A.; Stewart D.A.; Taylor S.M.; Mccracken R.M., 1990:
A computerised system for the accurate forecasting of the annual prevalence of fasciolosis

Mackie D.A.; Hagborg D.W.; Beckett D.C.; Emmons D.B., 1990:
A computerized curd firmness meter

Planeta, A.; Peri, G., 1988:
A computerized mathematical model of a mouldboard plough surface

Nieuwenhuis, M.A.; Corcoran, T.J., 1989:
A computerized optimal forest road network location procedure

Breimer, T.; Sonneveld, C.; Spaans, L., 1988:
A computerized programme for fertigation of glasshouse crops

Kattan, M.W.; Siebenmorgen, T.J.; Davis, D.R.; McGlynn, W.G., 1989:
A computerized system for evaluating the effectiveness of a thermal canning process

Chemsak, J.A.; Linsley, E.G.; Hovore, F., 1988:
A concentration site for Cerambycidae in Jalisco, Mexico (Coleoptera)

Weiser, G., 1988:
A concept for the integrated development of rural areas

Becker, K.W.; Drechsler, H.; Eulenstein, F.; Meyer, B., 1989:
A concept for the rehabilitation of drinking water catchments with high loads of nitrates - example and applications to waterworks on the river Rhine

Awadhwal N.K., 1989:
A concept of time-density reducibility for soil

Kitahara, R.; Tsutsumi, J., 1987:
A concept on stress-strain behaviour of wood effect of compressive stress parallel to the grain

Liu, X., 1988:
A conception of Langshan mountain scenery programme

Kurowska, Z.; Nilsson, B., 1990:
A conception rate of 64% for inseminated ewes

Hodge, K.P., 1988:
A conceptual analysis of character development in sport

Krone, C.; Tabacchi, M.H.; Farber, B., 1989:
A conceptual and empirical investigation of workplace burnout in foodservice management

Evans, N.J.; Ilbery, B.W., 1989:
A conceptual framework for investigating farm-based accommodation and tourism in Britain

Kaimowitz, D.; Snyder, M.; Engel, P.G.H., 1989:
A conceptual framework for studying the links between agricultural research and technology transfer in developing countries

Malaska, P., 1989:
A conceptual framework for the self-reliant transformation of Africa

White, T.L., 1987:
A conceptual framework for tree improvement programs

Wilkes, P.; Bren, L.J.; MacMillan, R.H.; McMahon, T.A., 1987:
A conceptual machine design for mechanical pruning of plantation pines

Gibbs, R.J.; Reid, J.B., 1988:
A conceptual model of changes in soil structure under different cropping systems

Ahn, S.W.; Koch, M.F., 1988:
A conceptual model of disease resistance in rice pathosystems, and its implications for evaluating resistance

Yamamoto K.R., 1989:
A conceptual view of transcriptional regulation

Bray, R.S.; Krotoski, W.A.; Jiang, J.B., 1987:
A concise history of the discovery of the life-cycle of the malaria parasite

Karasszon, D., 1988:
A concise history of veterinary medicine

Haseltine, J.; Visnick, M.; Smith, A.B.I.I., 1988:
A concise route to the penitrem series of tremorgenic mycotoxins: preparation of an oxocane-fused indole

Gill, G.B.; Pattenden, G.; Stapleton, A., 1988:
A concise synthesis of patulin from arabinose

Wilson, C.W.; Stevenson, D.K.; Arvin, A.M., 1989:
A concurrent epidemic of respiratory syncytial virus and echovirus 7 infections in an intensive care nursery

Michel, C.; Gonzalez, R.; Bonjour, E.; Avrameas, S., 1990:
A concurrent increasing of natural antibodies and enhancement of resistance to furunculosis in rainbow trout

Roa, G.; Correa, A.; Oliveros, C.E., 1988:
A concurrent, intermittent parchment coffee drier

Tollner, E.W.; Simonton, W., 1989:
A cone penetrometer system for measuring cone index and stress relaxation

Calcagno, F.; Cassaniti, S.; Monti, M.; Palumbo, M., 1989:
A confirmation of barley as an alternative to durum wheat in Sicily

Chalmers, G.A.; Rockenbach, L.; Marshall, S., 1990:
A congenital defect resembling Hereford syndrome I in Alberta

Gineo, W.M., 1990:
A conjoint/logit analysis of nursery stock purchases

Toth, G.; Nowinszky, L., 1988:
A connection between the illumination of environment, the twilight polarization phenomena and the catches of turnip moth (Scotia segetum Schiff.) by light-trap

Harvey, R.G.; Brown, P.J.; Young, R.D.; Whitbread, T.J., 1990:
A connective tissue defect in two rabbits similar to the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Vodkin, M.H.; Vodkin, L.O., 1989:
A conserved zinc finger domain in higher plants

Signorello, G., 1988:
A consideration of the parameters of the demand function in the Travel Cost method

Igwilo, C.; Pilpel, N., 1988:
A consideration of the range and strength of interparticle forces in coated lactose powder

Tainton, N.M., 1988:
A consideration of veld condition assessment techniques for commercial livestock production in South Africa

Mishiro, A., 1988:
A consideration on the measuring method of swelling stress of wood

Luckner, L.; Van Genuchten, M.T.; Nielsen, D.R., 1989:
A consistent set of parametric models for the two-phase flow of immiscible fluids in the subsurface

Bavister, B.D., 1989:
A consistently successful procedure for in vitro fertilization of golden hamster eggs

Nearing, M.A.; West, L.T.; Brown, L.C., 1988:
A consolidation model for estimating changes in rill erodibility

Khare, M.N.; Bhale, M.S.; Nayak, M.L., 1989:
A conspectus of betelvine (Piper betle L.) diseases incited by Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola

Anderson, D.L., 1990:
A consultancy on beekeeping in the Sultanate of Oman

Finney, C.E., 1990:
A consultant's criteria for the economic ranking of public sector projects

Jakobs, O.; Moller, R.; Sauer, R.; Kaufhold, J., 1988:
A consultation farm for the application of microcomputers in livestock farming in the (Potsdam) region

Gluckman, R.L., 1990:
A consumer approach to branded wines

Clarke R.J.; Stevens S., 1989:
A consumer evaluation of new melon types

Heijenga, B., 1989:
A container for a small quantity of milk, cream or the like

Chalkov, A.A.; Bondarenko, N.V., 1987:
A container for rearing Phytoseiulus

Amartey, S.; Leak, D.J.; Hartley, B.S., 1987:
A continuous ethanol fermentation at 70 degrees C from straw hydrolysate

Loehnertz, Sp, 1988:
A continuous press dryer for veneer

Kompier, R.; Tramper, J.; Vlak, J.M., 1988:
A continuous process for the production of baculovirus using insect-cell cultures

Miller, D.; Miller, W.; Sumner, M., 1989:
A continuous-flow stirred reaction cell for studying adsorption in suspensions

Ginn, T.R.; Cushman, J.H.; Houck, M.H., 1990:
A continuous-time inverse operator for groundwater and contaminant transport modeling: deterministic case

Langewald, J., 1989:
A contribution on habitat selection in the variegated ant-beetle, Thanasimus formicarius L. (Col., Cleridae)

Swiatkowska, E.; Wozniewicz, B.; Socha, J.; Kluge, P.; Zawidzka Rejman, E.; Bernatowska, E.; Oralewska, B., 1988:
A contribution on the specific defense mechanisms of the small intestine mucosa in Giardia intestinalis infections in children

Hicke, K., 1988:
A contribution on the winter hardiness of evergreen, large flowered rhododendrons

Scholl, F., 1989:
A contribution to a better understanding of the macrozoobenthos of flowing water in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Todorovic, N.; Stanojevic, S.; Jankovic, V., 1988:
A contribution to a study on the value of the bioclimatic index in the agro-ecological conditions of Serbia

Gonzalez Romano, M.L.; Candau, P., 1989:
A contribution to palynological studies in the Rosaceae

Colin, J.P., 1987:
A contribution to the analysis of village pineapple production in lower Ivory Coast

Sobhian, R.; Pittara, I.S., 1988:
A contribution to the biology, phenology and host specificity of Chaetorellia hexachaeta Loew (Dipt., Tephritidae), a possible candidate for the biological control of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis L.)

Bohuslavek, Z., 1987:
A contribution to the design of programmes controlling the operation of a grain silo

Sinzot, A.; Bollinne, A.; Laurant, A.; Erpicum, M.; Pissart, A., 1989:
A contribution to the development of an erosivity index adapted to the prediction of erosion in Belgium

Janssen Muller, C., 1988:
A contribution to the diagnostics and therapy of dermatomycoses in various small animals (dog, cat, chinchilla)

Zareba, R., 1985:
A contribution to the discussion on the purpose of establishment, legal status and present management of landscape parks and national parks

Vranceanu, A.V.; Iuoras, M.; Stoenescu, F.M., 1986 :
A contribution to the diversification of cytoplasmic male sterility sources in sunflower

Haack I., 1986:
A contribution to the ecology of the cucumber mosaic virus

Nemec, J., 1989:
A contribution to the economics of soil erosion control

Lachberg, S.; Thompson, R.C.; Lymbery, A.J., 1990:
A contribution to the etiology of racemose cysticercosis

Frydrych, J.; Lattova, J.; Albrecht, P., 1987:
A contribution to the evaluation of frost resistance in Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. sabauda L.)

Pajaron Sotomayor, S., 1989:
A contribution to the floristic catalogue of the Natural Park of the mountains of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaen)

Dubova, J., 1985:
A contribution to the histological and histochemical study of the development of seeds after in vitro pollination

Bodi, I., 1988:
A contribution to the improvement of the pear cultivar range for the forest steppe region of Moldavia

Blazina, I., 1988:
A contribution to the introduction of the wine cultivar Pinot Noir (Vitis vinifera L.) in the Vipava vine growing region

Lastuvka, Z.; Lastuvka, A., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of clearwing moths (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) in Hungary

Dudich, A., 1987 :
A contribution to the knowledge of fleas (Insecta, Siphonaptera) on small mammals in the Tribec Mountains

Chevassut, G.; Abdelkrim, H.; Kiared, G., 1988:
A contribution to the knowledge of groupings of weeds in the region of El-Harrach

Bertrand, M.; Ineich, I., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of the South Pacific Pterygosomatidae

Elter, O.; Palestrini, C.; Simonis, A.; Zunino, M., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of the coprophagous Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea) of the Ligurian Alps

Morovic, M., 1984:
A contribution to the knowledge of the culicid (Diptera) fauna of Banat, Vojvodina, Yugoslavia

Blanca, G.; Morales, C., 1989:
A contribution to the knowledge of the flora of Granada (Spain): the Sierra de Baza

Perez Inigo, C., 1986:
A contribution to the knowledge of the oribatids (Acari, Oribatei) of La Gomera (Canary Islands)

Titovsek, J., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of the weevil (Rhynchaenini) inhabiting Slovenia

Novotna, L., 1986:
A contribution to the occurrence of Culicoides manchuriensis Tokunaga 1941 in Czechoslovakia

Sinn G.; Wessolly L., 1989:
A contribution to the proper assessment of the strength and stability of trees

Javurek, J., 1990 :
A contribution to the qualification of objective and subjective aspects of organization

Abaul, J.; Philogene, E.; Bourgeois, P.; Ahond, A.; Poupat, C.; Potier, P., 1989:
A contribution to the study of American members of the Tabernaemontanae, VI. Alkaloids from the leaves of Tabernaemontana citrifolia

Wischral, A., 1987:
A contribution to the study of embryo transfer in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Dwivedi, B.K., 1988:
A contribution to the study of taxa differentiation in taxonomy of plant-nematode parasite system

Stejskal, V., 1988:
A contribution to the study of the relationship between temperature and fungal infection in the bean aphid

Farzanpay, R.; Vachon, M., 1988:
A contribution to the study of the secondary sexual characters of buthid scorpions

Mesplier Pinet, J., 1988:
A contribution to the study of tourism impact indicators

Horak, O.; Zvacek, L., 1990:
A contribution to the subject of micro nutrient deficiency

Koba, H., 1988:
A contribution to the taxonomy of Poa nipponica and related species (Poaceae)

Viitasaari, M.; Midtgaard, F., 1989:
A contribution to the taxonomy of horntails with notes on the genus Sirex Linnaeus (Hymenoptera, Siricidae)

Butlir, P., 1988 :
A contribution to the typology of miscellaneous greenery

Christoffersen, J.; Christoffersen, M.R.; Kibalczyc, W.; Andersen, A., 1989:
A contribution to the understanding of the formation of calcium phosphates

Sojkova, Z., 1988:
A contribution to the use of discriminant analysis in the classification of farms according to their energy requirements

Trigo, M., 1989:
A contribution towards the palynological study of the ornamental flora of the city of Malaga: gymnosperms

Harazono, Y.; Kamiya, J.; Yabuki, K., 1988:
A control method based on an artificial intelligence technique and its application for controlling plant environment

Torrance A.D.; Harrison C., 1988:
A controlled study of the performance of five enteral feeding pumps

Ottesen, E.A.; Vijayasekaran, V.; Kumaraswami, V.; Perumal Pillai, S.V.; Sadanandam, A.; Frederick, S.; Prabhakar, R.; Tripathy, S.P., 1990:
A controlled trial of ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine in lymphatic filariasis

Williams, C.M.; Driver, L.T.; Older, J.; Dickerson, J.W., 1989:
A controlled trial of sip-feed supplements in elderly orthopaedic patients

Sachdev, H.P.; Mittal, N.K.; Mittal, S.K.; Yadav, H.S., 1988:
A controlled trial on utility of oral zinc supplementation in acute dehydrating diarrhea in infants

Sharma I.J.; Agarwal S.P.; Dwaraknath P.K.; Parekh H.K.B., 1989:
A convenient and reliable procedure for determination of body weight of male buffaloes

Casey, G.P.; Xiao, W.; Rank, G.H., 1988:
A convenient dominant selection marker for gene transfer in industrial strains of Saccharomyces yeast: SMRI encoded resistance to the herbicide sulfometuron methyl

Mitsunaga, T.; Ando, H., 1990:
A convenient method for rapid determination of proteins in rice and rice products

D.K.ning A.J.; Mol T., 1989:
A convenient method for the accurate determination of phosphorus in fish oils

Odinokov, V.N.; Ishmuratov, G.Y.; Kharisov, R.Y.; Tolstikov, G.A., 1988:
A convenient method of synthesizing trans,trans-8,10-dodecadien-1-ol, sex pheromone of Laspeyresia pomonella

Heard, G.M.; Fleet, G.H., 1990:
A convenient microtitre tray procedure for yeast identification

Robert, P.C.; Anderson, J.L., 1987:
A convenient soil survey information system (SSIS)

Harstela, P.; Maukonen, A., 1983:
A conventional and grapple loader processor in second and third thinnings. A simulator experiment

Chen, B.C.; Zhao, Y.F., 1986:
A convertible half-walking wheel and discussion on the application of passive soil pressure

Hedlund, H., 1988:
A cooperative revisited

Lehmann, H.J.; Knauer, N., 1990:
A coordination service for a nature friendly agriculture; Nature and environment conservation demand much, too much?

Reynders, M., 1984:
A coppice with standards system adapted to Eucalyptus plantations for rural communities

Babur, C.; Kabasolak, B.; Seckin, M., 1987:
A copro-parasitological investigation in a health college

Tallowin J.R.B.; Tcacenco F.; Patefield M.; Brookman S.K.E., 1989:
A correction for the influence of changes in lamina weight per unit length in grasses on measurements of the weight of lamina removed by grazing

Grinenko, L.A., 1987:
A correction to the dates of top dressing winter wheat with nitrogen in spring in relation to weather conditions

Collotta, T.; Cantoni, R.; Pavesi, U.; Ruberl, E.; Moretti, P.C., 1989:
A correlation between residual friction angle, gradation and the index properties of cohesive soils

Urberg, M.; Rajdev, K., 1989:
A correlation between serum cholesterol and glycosylated hemoglobin in nondiabetic humans

Saito G.Y.; Chang Y.C.; Walling L.L.; Thomson W.W., 1989:
A correlation in plastid development and cytoplasmic ultrastructure with nuclear gene expression during seed ripening in soybean

Baishya, G.; Bhattacharya, M.; Ray, T.C., 1987:
A correlative note on testis of local kids of Assam

Neururer, H.; Hain, E., 1987:
A corrosion test to determine the susceptibility of young sugarbeet plants to post-emergence herbicides

Konno, A., 1989:
A cost analysis of transfer of information about vegetable and fruit marketing

Critten, D.L.; Bailey, B.J., 1989:
A cost benefit comparison of vertical south roof and conventional greenhouses in the UK

McGechan, M.B., 1989:
A cost benefit study of alternative policies in making grass silage for milk production

Lorenz, R.J., 1988:
A cost effectiveness study on the vaccination aganst foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the Federal Republic of Germany

Andreasson, I.M., 1989:
A cost efficient reduction in the load of nitrogen to the Laholm Bay

McGechan, M.B., 1990:
A cost-benefit study of alternative policies in making grass silage

Anonymous, 1989:
A cost-effective non-polluting new hydrocarbon reforming process

Reves, R.R.; Johnson, P.C.; Ericsson, C.D.; DuPont, H.L., 1988:
A cost-effectiveness comparison of the use of antimicrobial agents for treatment or prophylaxis of travelers' diarrhea

Laughlin, D.H., 1988:
A cotton bale records program for microcomputers

Yaacob, K.; Hassan, I.A.; Ling, S.I.; Lee, C.C.; Ariffin, S., 1988:
A counter current oil-vapour vacuum distillation method for the extraction of volatile flavour constituents of fats and oils

Forero, L.; Rittenhouse, L.R.; Mitchell, J.E., 1989:
A cow-calf vs yearling substitution ratio for shortgrass steppe

Adeyeye O.A.; Blum M.S., 1988:
A cowpea artificial diet for noctuid larvae

Ponz F.; Russell M.L.; Rowhani A.; Bruening G., 1988:
A cowpea line has distinct genes for resistance to tobacco ringspot virus and cowpea mosaic virus

Warren, K., 1989:
A crab apple system

Hay, J., 1990:
A crab louse infestation of the eyelid

Talsma, S.; DeVisser, P.; Dekker, E.; Ransibrahmanakul, V.; Sistler, F.E., 1989:
A crack detector for milled rice

Crescimanno, G.; Giordano, G., 1989:
A criterion for evaluating quality of irrigation water

Garenne, M.; Maire, B.; Fontaine, O.; Dieng, K.; Briend, A., 1989:
A criterion of the prevalence of malnutrition: survival of the infant

Beer, J.; Heuveldop, J., 1987:
A critical analysis of an agroforestry project in Acosta and Puriscal, Costa Rica

Backstrom, L., 1989:
A critical analysis of swine medicine in American veterinary schools

Ranasinghe, P.C.H., 1988:
A critical analysis of the structure and process of rural marketing in Sri Lanka with special reference to the marketing of vegetables

Perez Parajon J.; Blanco Gonzalez E.; Cannata J.B.; Sanz Medel A., 1989:
A critical appraisal of the speciation of aluminum in serum by ultrafiltration

DeCoursey, D.G., 1988:
A critical assessment of hydrologic modeling

Jones, R., 1987:
A critical assessment of innovations in crop storage and consideration of their suitability for introduction into SADCC countries (policy, technical and economic considerations)

Doorn, J.W.M. van, 1989:
A critical assessment of socio-cultural impact studies of tourism in the Third World

Debreczeni, B., 1990:
A critical but reasonable look at fertilization

Harper S.H.T., 1989:
A critical comparison of methods to monitor the decay rate of straw in field soils

Famoriyo, O.A.; Imoudu, P.B., 1988:
A critical evaluation of agricultural credit financing in Nigeria

Thiruvenkatachari, K., 1988:
A critical evaluation of dairy loans under IRDP

Howard, P.J.A., 1988:
A critical evaluation of the cotton strip assay

Bownes, M.; Shirras, A.D.; Saunders, R.D.C., 1987:
A critical evaluation of the factors essential for correct expression of the genes coding for Drosophila yolk proteins

Tashiro, J.; Morohashi, T.; Mizukoshi, S., 1990:
A critical examination of present day play

Warren, L.L., 1989:
A critical examination of published sport motivation research: 1975-1986

Baath E., 1988:
A critical examination of the soil washing technique with special reference to the effect of the size of the soil particles

Rich P.R., 1988:
A critical examination of the supposed variable proton stoichiometry of the chloroplast cytochrome bf complex

Zaloum R., 1989:
A critical look into the deviation of full scale performance from design expectations

Doulman, D.J., 1989:
A critical review of some aspects of fisheries joint ventures

Sharma, G.K., 1987:
A critical review of the impact of insecticidal spray under NMEP on malaria situation in India

Rahman, A.; Mahmud, S.; Haque, T., 1988:
A critical review of the poverty situation in Bangladesh in the eighties (2 volumes)

Franzinelli, A.; Fattorini, A.; Maiorano, M.; Cardelli, D., 1987:
A critical study of the assessment of noise levels produced by agricultural machinery and on the measurement of noise levels for workers

Morgan, R.P.C., 1988:
A critique of methods for measuring soil erosion in the field

Riley, J.H.; Going, S.B.; Lohman, T.G., 1990:
A critique of skinfold tests from the public school level; The skinfold test - a response

Olson, R.E., 1989:
A critique of the report of the National Institutes of Health Expert Panel on detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood cholesterol

Clevenger, T., 1989:
A critique of the rapid market assessment of new products: a comment

Hildreth, R.J., 1989:
A critique of the world agricultural economics research establishment

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A critique on overstory/understory comparisons based on transition probability analysis of an old growth spruce-fir stand in the Appalachians

Plessis, S.F. du, 1989:
A crop factor for irrigation scheduling with citrus

Leutscher, K.J.; Vogelezang, J.V.M., 1990:
A crop growth simulation model for operational management support in pot plant production

Ohlson, L.O.; Bjurö, T.; Larsson, B.; Eriksson, H.; Svärdsudd, K.; Welin, L.; Wilhelmsen, L., 1989:
A cross-sectional analysis of glucose tolerance and cardiovascular disease in 67-year-old men

Yu, S., 1989:
A cultivar with resistance to soyabean cyst nematode, Kenmo 1

Habegger, R.; Kohl, M.; Fritz, D., 1989:
A cultivation method for Nasturtium officinale (watercress) grown in greenhouse

Pellerano, A., 1988:
A cultivator for tillage of forest topsoil

Law, B.A., 1989:
A cultural revolution for cheese

Sheila, V.K.; Nene, Y.L., 1987:
A culture medium for spore production by Botrytis cinerea isolated from chickpea

Durkin, M.M.; Bartlett, M.S.; Queener, S.F.; Shaw, M.M.; Smith, J.W., 1989:
A culture method allowing production of relatively pure Pneumocystis carinii trophozoites

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A culture technique for Hydrotaea irritans

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A cultured milk product

Cossar, J.H.; Reid, D.; Fallon, R.J. et al., 1990:
A cumulative review of studies on travellers, their experience of illness and the implications of these findings

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A cutaneous horn in a cat

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A cutter-conveyor mechanism for maize harvesters

D.E.rico, F.P.; Ambrogioni, L.; Palmisano, A.M., 1987:
A cyst nematode damaging to carnations in Camparnia

Tanabe, K.; Sato, A., 1990:
A cyst-specific component of Pneumocystis carinii

Phillips H.A.; Wallace W., 1989:
A cysteine endopeptidase from barley malt which degrades hordein

Mottram, J.C.; North, M.J.; Barry, J.D.; Coombs, G.H., 1989:
A cysteine proteinase cDNA from Trypanosoma brucei predicts an enzyme with an unusual C-terminal extension

Enomoto, S.; Maeda, E., 1989:
A cyto-histological study on shoot differentiation and mesophyll morphology of excised lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). cotyledons as affected by light conditions during seedling growth

Maule, A.G.; Halton, D.W.; Johnston, C.F.; Shaw, C.; Fairweather, I., 1990:
A cytochemical study of the serotoninergic, cholinergic and peptidergic components of the reproductive system in the monogenean parasite, Diclidophora merlangi

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A cytogenetic description of a new species of the Anopheles culicifacies complex

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A cytogenetic study of Creole cattle bred in Guadeloupe

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A cytological study of Camellia reticulata and its closely related species in Yunnan, China

Gao, X.Z.; Chen, Y.T.; Tan, J.; Xie, H., 1988:
A cytological study of albuminous cells in secondary phloem of Pinus bungeana

Conn, J., 1988:
A cytological study of the Simulium metallicum complex (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Central and South America

Rao P.N.; Nirmala A.; Ranganadham P., 1988:
A cytological study of triploidy in pearl millet

Bidau, CJ.; Confalonieri, VA., 1988:
A cytophotometric study of micro- and macrospermatids in three species of grasshopper (Acrididae)

Kim, DH.; Lee, JW.; Park, WH., 1987:
A cytotaxonomic study of six species of the Korean Orthoptera

Peterson, G.A.; Carroll, N.J.; Bickert, W.G.; Kightlinger, D.R., 1988:
A dairy barn design application

Anonymous, 1989:
A dance for all people

Vlasova, V.A.; Petropavlovskaya, T.P., 1986:
A dangerous pest

Zheng, D., 1989:
A data acquisition and real time processing system for field use - microprocessor based dynamic strain indicator

Muller, G., 1989:
A data bank model for a specific objective, the example of the socio-economic panel

Calvo, A.; Treppo, S. del, 1987:
A data bank structure and utilization for a rational choice and use of agricultural machinery in Piedmont

Lippert, K.D., 1989:
A data processing program to support microbiological quality assurance

Byrne, J.C.; Stage, A.R., 1988:
A data structure for describing sampling designs to aid in compilation of stand attributes

Oltenacu, P.A.; Gerguson, J.D.; Lednor, A.J., 1990:
A data-driven expert system to evaluate management, environmental and cow factors influencing reproductive efficiency in dairy herds

Feng, W.; Wang, T.; Wang, D.; Lu, J.; Zhou, Y.; Lu, Z., 1988:
A database for Chinese animal breed resources

Sullivan, J.; Wainio, J.; Roningen, V.O., 1989:
A database for trade liberalization studies

Filer, D.L., 1988:
A database for tree improvement and seed bank management: SISTEM

Bjarnason, S., 1989:
A database management system for soil data and fertilizer planning

Ravichandran, R.; Dury, S., 1990:
A database system for monitoring the effects of fast-growing trees on the site in Karnataka, India

Ahmad, N.; Ahmad, S., 1990:
A day in the life of Masi Jheelo

Niv, A., 1989:
A day trip to the Israeli kibbutz, a new segment of tourism in Israel

Carme, B.; Botaka, E.; Lehenaff, Y.M., 1988:
A dead Loa loa localized in the sub-conjunctiva. A case report

Thapa, S., 1989:
A decade of Nepal's family planning program: achievements and prospects

Anonymous, 1988:
A decade of breeding research on steroid-bearing Solanum species

Anonymous, 1988:
A decade of women's movement in India

Hood I.A.; Sandberg C.J.; Kimberley M.O., 1989:
A decay study of windthrown indigenous trees

Kabitzsch, K.; Brauner, A.; Weimann, G., 1989:
A decentralized microcomputer system for automation of the milking process in dairy installations

Russo J.M.; Evensen K.B.; Braun H.L., 1988:
A decision making scheme for potato quality

Gerowitt, B., 1990:
A decision model for weed control with economic thresholds in winter cereals

Gillard, P.; Monypenny, R., 1990:
A decision support model to evaluate the effects of drought and stocking rate on beef cattle properties in Northern Australia

Saedt, A.P.H.; Annevelink, E., 1988:
A decision support system based upon a transition model for production planning in potplant nurseries

Strzepek, K.M.; Garcia, L.A.; Christopher, J.N., 1987:
A decision support system for tile drainage design

Mol, R.M. de, 1989:
A decision support system to optimize the application and processing of manure

Crosby, P.B.; Barrett, J.P., 1988:
A decision-making case study for community forest management

Schwart, R.B.Jr, 1989:
A decisive, intriguing year - the situation and outlook for 1989

Chinappen, M.; Jokhun, P.; Lamberti, F., 1988:
A decline of thyme associated with Rotylenchulus parvus in Mauritius

Kühn, E.R.; Huybrechts, L.M.; Vanderpooten, A.; Berghman, L., 1989:
A decreased capacity of hepatic growth hormone (GH) receptors and failure of thyrotrophin-releasing hormone to stimulate the peripheral conversion of thyroxine into triiodothyronine in sex-linked dwarf broiler hens

Jenson, H.B., 1989:
A dedicated database program for cataloging recombinant clones and other laboratory products of molecular biology technology

Stachak, S.; Swityk, M., 1987:
A deductive investigation of managerial characteristics

Gan, G.; Woods, J.L., 1989:
A deep bed simulation of vegetable cooling

Robbins, T.; Carpenter, R.; Coen, E., 1987:
A defective transposition event in Antirrhinum majus - implications for the normal transposition process

Ahmad, I.M.; Waldbauer, G.P.; Friedman, S., 1989:
A defined artificial diet for the larvae of Manduca sexta

Edberg, S.C.; Edberg, M.M., 1988:
A defined substrate technology for the enumeration of microbial indicators of environmental pollution

James, S.L.; Pearce, E.J.; Lanar, D.; Sher, A., 1987:
A defined vaccine against schistosomiasis based on cell-mediated immunity

Goldthorpe, C.C., 1987:
A definition and typology of plantation agriculture

Goldthorpe, C.C., 1989:
A definition and typology of plantation agriculture. Part 2

Duran Vila N.; Roistacher C.N.; Rivera Bustamante R.; Semancik J.S., 1988:
A definition of citrus viroid groups and their relationship to the exocortis disease

Norris, K.H.; Hruschka, W.R.; Bean, M.M.; Slaughter, D.C., 1989:
A definition of wheat hardness using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Dybczynski R.; Wasek M.; Maleszewska H., 1989:
A definitive method for the determination of small amounts of copper in biological materials by neutron activation analysis

Phantumvanit, P.; Songpaisan, Y.; Möller, I.J., 1988:
A defluoridator for individual households

Siuda, K., 1986:
A deformity in a nymph of Ixodes ricinus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Acari: Ixodida: Ixodidae) collected in nature

Bewick, T.; Binning, L.; Yandell, B., 1988:
A degree day model for predicting the emergence of swamp dodder in cranberry

Lakin, KR.; Morse, JG., 1989:
A degree-day model for Fuller's rose beetle, Pantomorus cervinus (Boheman) (Col., Curculionidae) egg hatch

Dyer, J., 2007:
A delicate balancing act

Anonymous, 1988:
A delicate balancing act for the Indian government

Berthold, R., 1988:
A delicious way to increase sales: honey & fruit

Mudbhary, P.K., 1989:
A demand system analysis of food consumption in Nepal

Arens, T.L., 1984:
A demonstration approach in agro-forestry at Bahunipati: a case-study

Chang, W.F., 1988:
A demonstration project: roller compacted concrete utilizing phosphogypsum

Norell R.J.; Cole J.W.; Bramwell K.A.; Sharp D.W., 1989:
A demonstration trial evaluating milk progesterone testing on seven commercial dairy farms

Bridge, M.C.; Bhreartuin, C.N., 1988:
A dendrochronological investigation of Fagus sylvatica L. in Co. Wicklow

Parsapajouh, D.; Braker, O.U.; Habibi, H.; Schar, E., 1986:
A dendroclimatic study of the wood of Taxus baccata from northern Iran

Luf, W.; Brandl, E., 1989:
A derivative spectoscopic method as a means of distinguishing traditionally produced fresh cheese from fresh cheese made by modern processes

Valdes, J.; Diaz-Granados,, R., 1990:
A derived PDF for the initial soil moisture in a catchment

Regak, M.; Abrukova, V.V.; Manucharov, A.S., 1989:
A description of Chernozem of the Trnava Plain of Czechoslovakia

Ke, X.L. et al., 1987:
A description of Feminapocula numenius gen. et sp. nov. (Trematoda: Microphallidae)

Tuzel, Y.; Boztok, K., 1987:
A description of Morchella species

Chico, M.D.; Alenda, R.; Alonso, A.; Jurado, J.J., 1990:
A description of Thoroughbred horses in Spain on the basis of racing results in 1980-87

Brien, F.D.; Ponzoni, R.W., 1990:
A description of WOOLPLAN

Ranalli, P.; Burchi, G., 1988:
A description of new cultivars of processing peas bred in Italy

Sakla, A.A.; Monib, M.E.M.; Mandour, A.M., 1988:
A description of new species Patagifer plegadisi (Echinostomatidae: Trematoda) from naturally infected glossy ibis, Plegadis f. falcinellus in upper Egypt

Baker, GL.; Poinar, G O.; Jr., 1988:
A description of the male and redescription of female Mermis athysanota Steiner, 1921 (Nematoda: Mermithidae)

Richison, S.H., 1989 :
A descriptive analysis of convention and visitor bureaus in North Carolina and surrounding states

Schneider, R.R.; Hunter, D.B.; Waltner-Toews, D.; Barker, I.K., 1988:
A descriptive study of mortality at the Kortright Waterfowl Park: 1982-1986

Hillel, D.; Baker, R.S., 1988:
A descriptive theory of fingering during infiltration into layered soils

Bond, K.G.M.; Blackith, R.E., 1987:
A desert locust of the solitary phase in Ireland

Lavigne, R.L., 1990:
A design model for the treatment of landfill leachate with a microbially-enriched soil and reed canarygrass

Chen, B.Y.; Dong, N.N.; Xu, S.L., 1987:
A design of the mechanical Phyllostachys pubescens boring mechanism

Osei, W., 1988:
A detailed investigation into sources of woodfuel consumption variation in Ghana

Smutkupt, S.; Wongpiyasatid, A.; Lamseejan, S., 1988:
A development of soybean variety resistance to rust

Gariépy, J.L.; Hood, K.E.; Cairns, R.B., 1988:
A developmental-genetic analysis of aggressive behavior in mice (Mus musculus): III. Behavioral mediation by heightened reactivity or immobility?

Carlow, C.K.S.; Perrone, J.; Spielman, A.; Philipp, M., 1987:
A developmentally regulated surface epitope expressed by the infective larva of Brugia malayi which is rapidly lost after infection

Ehrlich, J.; Heinrichs, A.J., 1989:
A deviation chart for evaluating heifer growth

Potapovskii, I.B.; Gorokhovskii, A.K.; Shabalina, N.R., 1987:
A device for automatic measurement of the thickness of lumber

Savinskii, S.V., 1988:
A device for automatic photorecording of growth of coleoptile segments

Zoon F.C.; Hage F.J.; A., 1990:
A device for automatic soil moisture control and registration of water use in pot experiments

Parfenov, O.M., 1987:
A device for cleaning fruits of Calligonum

Torgovetskii, A.V.; Grinberg, S.M.; Chernyshev, V.B., 1988:
A device for determining the quality of Trichogramma

Efimchenko, V.I.; Naumenko, I.L., 1990:
A device for drying maize

Lely, A. van der; Lely, C. van der; Born, C.J.G.; Berg, K. van den, 1990:
A device for feeding dairy animals

Nadirov, R.A., 1989:
A device for linking to a microcomputer for measuring and controlling the parameters of the grain drying process in shaft driers

Berg, K. van den, 1989:
A device for milking an animal

Keiding J.; Rosenkilde I., 1990:
A device for preventing houseflies from copulating

Konyukhov, S.V.; Kozlov, A.N., 1989:
A device for removing the teat-cup from the teat

Goncharov, A.N., 1988:
A device for separating garlic bulbs

Kalenich, F.S.; Neskorozhenii, B.F., 1988:
A device for short-term forecasting of plant diseases

Wahid, P.A.; Kamalam, N.V.; Sankar, S.J., 1988:
A device for soil-injection of 32P solution in root activity studies of tree crops

Ivashkin, V.I.; Lapshin, L.V.; Boyar, V.P.; Kushkhov, K.M., 1989:
A device for the application of herbicides with 'Fregat' machines

Menzel, W., 1988:
A device for the manufacture of ice cream, milk shakes or frozen sweets from a liquid preparation

Vizbulis, Y.Ya, 1988:
A device to increase the rough-terrain performance of wheeled machines

Khalilian, A.; Worrell, M.A.; Cross, D.L., 1988:
A device to inject propionic acid into baled forage

Khalilian, A.; Worrell, M.A.; Cross, D.L., 1990:
A device to inject propionic acid into baled forages

Razza, A. de; Mangelli, C., 1990:
A device to prevent overturning of tractors

Guillermo Couto, C., 1990:
A diagnostic approach to splenomegaly in cats and dogs

Kassirer, J.P.; Kopelman, R.I., 1989:
A diagnostic fluke

Zhang, Y.Q.; Wen, Y.; Gui, S.H., 1989:
A diagnostic kit for rapid microenzyme linked immunosorbent assay of paragonimiasis

Reynolds, N., 1988:
A diagnostic study of poverty, economic security, resource management, financial flows and development administration in Chikore: a ward in Natural Region IV, Manicaland

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