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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Novello, V.; Boschi, A.; Bo, G., 1988:
A comparison between four forms of training for grapevines (cultivar Cortese) with single and paired plants

Mollenhauer, K.; Rathjen, C.L., 1989:
A comparison between measured and USLE-estimated soil loss on long-term erosion plots near Giessen (FRG)

Dias, A.C.; Negreiros, O.C. de; Veiga, A. de A.; Couto, H.T.Z. do, 1986:
A comparison between methods for phytosociological surveys, in the Sete Barras Nucleus in the Carlos Botelho State Park, Instituto Florestal, Sao Paulo

Glerum, C.; Paterson, J.M., 1985:
A comparison between red pine seedlings and transplants five years after outplanting

Sutcliffe, P.W., 1988:
A comparison between sport in Britain in the 1950s and 1980s

Rae, C.A.; Jacobs, R.M.; Couto, C.G., 1989:
A comparison between the cytological and histological characteristics in thirteen canine and feline thymomas

Elmofty, M.K.; Bedaiwi, E.H., 1987:
A comparison between the effect of a surface tension reductant material and Agrispon on soil bacteria

Purwito, D., 1987:
A comparison between the extent of reforestation and forest fires in North Sumatra

Ortigues, I.; Oldham, J.D.; Smith, T.; Courtenay, M.B. de; Siviter, J.W., 1990:
A comparison between ytterbium acetate, ruthenium phenanthroline and indigestible acid detergent fibre in a double-marker system for intestinal flow measurements in steers

Cadelina, R.V., 1988:
A comparison of Batak and Ata subsistence styles in two different social and physical environments

McNaughton, L.; Egan, G.; Caelli, G., 1989:
A comparison of Chinese and Russian ginseng as ergogenic aids to improve various facets of physical fitness

Zytner, R.G.; Biswas, N.; Bewtra, J.K., 1989:
A comparison of DCP-AES and AAS analysis in determining Cu, Cd, C, Pb, Ni and Zn concentrations in municipal wastewater

Bout, J.; Girard, J.P.; Sellier, P.; Runavot, J.P., 1990:
A comparison of Duroc and Large White pigs for compositional traits of backfat and longissimus dorsi muscle

Januschka, M.M.; Erlandsen, S.L.; Bemrick, W.J.; Schupp, D.G.; Feely, D.E., 1988:
A comparison of Giardia microti and Spironucleus muris cysts in the vole: an immunocytochemical, light, and electron microscopic study

Vovesny, V., 1989:
A comparison of Hisex White and Hisex Brown fowls

Racey, G.D.; Hutchison, R.E.; Glerum, C., 1983:
A comparison of Kraft bags and polybins for overwinter frozen storage of white spruce

Ni, J.S.; Jiang, X.C.; Feng, X.X.; Huang, M.Q., 1988:
A comparison of NO3- uptake and exudation and of nitrate reductase activity in maize cultivars

Crosby, T.F.; Murray, B.F., 1988:
A comparison of PMSG and teaser rams on reproductive performance in ewe lambs

Datsun, K.T., 1987:
A comparison of Red Steppe and black pied cattle, and their crossbreds

Castagna, R.; Marudelli, M., 1989:
A comparison of Rhizobium inoculation treatments of soyabeans

Roux, C.J.G. le; Howe, L.G., 1988:
A comparison of a number of annual cool season legumes under dryland conditions in the Dohne Sourveld

Fujisawa, Y.; Kurinobu, S., 1985:
A comparison of adaptability to a coastal area between wakamatu (P. thunbergiana X P. massoniana) and its parents (P. thunbergiana and P. massoniana)

Pas, H.C. ten; Ploeg, B. van der, 1990:
A comparison of agricultural development in Denmark and the Netherlands

Frank, M.; Beattie, B.; Embleton, M., 1990:
A comparison of alternative crop response models

Goodman, W.R., 1989:
A comparison of alternative measures of risk and applications of risk-programming models for optimal farm planning of burley tobacco farms in Tennessee

Smith, A.C., 1988:
A comparison of an urban and a rural public school adult education program in Vermont

Carter, K.E.; Fitzgerald, P.D., 1987:
A comparison of autumn and spring sown barley on Lismore soils with and without irrigation

Landblom, D.G.; Nelson, J.L.; Johnson, L.; Slanger, W.D., 1988:
A comparison of barley distillers dried grain, sunflower oil meal and soybean oil meal as protein supplements in backgrounding rations

Dufey, P.A., 1989:
A comparison of beef production in Blonde d'Aquitaine and Simmental beef-type crossbreds. 2. Meat quality

Kaufmann, G.; Chavaz, J., 1989:
A comparison of beef production in Blonde d'Aquitaine and beef-type Simmental crossbreds. 1. Fattening performance and carcass yield

Durovcik, J., 1988:
A comparison of body composition at 8 and 20 weeks of age of turkeys from different lines. Part 2

Preisinger, R.; Guhe, M.; Kalm, E.; Langbehn, C.; Raue, F., 1989:
A comparison of bull fattening performance

Mir Z., 1988:
A comparison of canola acidulated fatty acids and tallow as supplements to a ground alfalfa diet for sheep

Abouheif, M.A.; Alsobayel, A.A.; Basmaeil, S., 1988:
A comparison of carcass chemical composition of Najdi and Naeimi ram lambs slaughtered at 50 kg body weight

Nosal' , V., 1989:
A comparison of carcass quality of Slovakian Pied bulls with that of crossbreds with dairy breeds

Costantini, E.A.C.; Boschi, V., 1987:
A comparison of cereal-industrial crop systems on the argillic soils of the Paduan plain

Nikulina, G.N.; Koklacheva Koklach, S.R., 1988:
A comparison of changes in respiration rate and degree of root cell damage of pea seedlings under the action of high temperature

Griswold, H.C.; Neal, R.B.; Voth, R.D., 1988:
A comparison of chemical and mechanical site preparation in the southeast

Conover, K.L.; Collins, S.M.; Weingarten, H.P., 1988:
A comparison of cholecystokinin-induced changes in gastric emptying and feeding in rats

Belev, N.; Georgiev, S.; Bogdanov, M.; Venev, S.; Marinov, S.; Petkov, I., 1989:
A comparison of conception rates in different generations of daughters of bulls from the same line

Hill, J.O.; Thacker, S.; Newby, D.; Nickel, M.; Digirolamo, M., 1987:
A comparison of constant feeding with bouts of fasting-refeeding at three levels of nutrition in the rat

Louis S.L.; Sidik A.; Cooper G.E.; Gelaye S., 1988:
A comparison of corn and sweet potato meal in finishing rations for beef steers

Cranfill, B.E.; Rhodes, A.R., 1987:
A comparison of cotton yield response to PPI applications of pendimethalin and trifluralin for weed control

Ahmad, N.; Kanwar, R.S., 1988:
A comparison of crop stress factors determined under controlled drainage and naturally fluctuating water table conditions

Vita, M. de, 1989:
A comparison of cultivars of Euphorbia fulgens grown for cut flower production

Keller, D.S.; Quinton, M.; Smith, C., 1990:
A comparison of deterministic versus stochastic modelling of closed nucleus breeding schemes for beef cattle

Nelson, R.L.; Tanure, J.C.; Andrianopoulos, G.; Souza, G.; Lands, W.E., 1988:
A comparison of dietary fish oil and corn oil in experimental colorectal carcinogenesis

Gross, R.J., 1989:
A comparison of different appliances for embryo transfer in cattle

Canaway, P.M., 1990:
A comparison of different methods of establishment using seed and sod on the cover and playing quality of turf for football

Jukola Sulonen, E.L.; Salemaa, M., 1985:
A comparison of different sampling methods of quantitative vegetation analysis

Salvador, F.R. de; Monastra, F.; Ondradu, G.; Caboni, E., 1988:
A comparison of different types of polyethylene films for the semi-forcing of peaches

Njoroge, J.M.; Kimemia, J.K., 1990:
A comparison of different weed control methods in Kenya

Pedersen E.J.N.; Witt N.; Moller E., 1989:
A comparison of digestible energy measured by calorimetry and calculated from the chemical composition of the digestible organic matter

Chisholm, R.H.; Bridge, B.J.; Prebble, R.E., 1987:
A comparison of drip infiltrometer, disc rainfall simulator and disc permeameter for sorptivity measurement

Roe, D.A., 1988:
A comparison of drug-nutrient and nutrient-nutrient interactions

Anonymous, 1988:
A comparison of embryo transfer in different countries

Kalma J.D., 1989:
A comparison of expressions for the aerodynamic resistance to sensible heat transfer

Keller D.S.; Gearheart W.W.; Smith C., 1990:
A comparison of factors reducing selection response in closed nucleus breeding schemes

Krabbenborg, R.M.M.; Dijkhuizen, A.A.; Huirne, R.B.M., 1989:
A comparison of farmers' sow culling decisions and model recommendations

Palenik, S., 1989:
A comparison of fattening performance of entire and partially castrated bulls

Gonzalez Unzaga, V.H., 1988:
A comparison of fertility and mothering ability in sows of different genetic types

Slana, O.; Vyhnalek, J., 1988:
A comparison of fertility and wool production in several genotypes of Merino sheep

Augstburger, F.; Zemp, J.; Heusser, H., 1988:
A comparison of fertility, health and yields of dairy cows in herds under organic or conventional management

Tanner, R.L.; Kelly, T.J.; Dezaro, D.A.; Forrest, J., 1989:
A comparison of filter, denuder, and real-time chemiluminescence techniques for nitric acid determination in ambient air

Abbasov, M.R., 1988:
A comparison of finewooled sheep of different types

Podorov, M., 1989:
A comparison of finishing performance of male Hereford calves and of crossbreds of Herefords with Friesian and Simmental

Osmelak, J.A., 1987:
A comparison of five different traps for monitoring leafhopper activity (Homoptera)

Martin, M.V., 1989:
A comparison of fluconazole and ketoconazole in the treatment of rat palatal candidosis

Smith, A.L.; Smith, H.V., 1989:
A comparison of fluorescein diacetate and propidium iodide staining and in vitro excystation for determining Giardia intestinalis cyst viability

Anurag, C.; Geervani, P., 1987:
A comparison of food and nutrient intake of population in dryland areas cultivating and not cultivating groundnuts in Andhra Pradesh

Suitor, C.J.; Gardner, J.; Willett, W.C., 1989:
A comparison of food frequency and diet recall methods in studies of nutrient intake of low-income pregnant women

Zollitsch, W.; Wurzner, H.; Lettner, F., 1989:
A comparison of four broiler hybrids

Volkova, E.G., 1988:
A comparison of freezing regimes for cattle embryos

Sparling G.P.; West A.W., 1990:
A comparison of gas chromatography and differential respirometer methods to measure soil respiration and to estimate the soil microbial biomass

Hurrell, G.A.; Bourdot, G.W., 1988:
A comparison of granular herbicides for Chilean needle grass (Stipa Neesiana) control

Westman, C.J.; Starr, M.R.; Laine, J., 1985:
A comparison of gravimetric and volumetric soil properties in peatland and upland sites

Soest, P.J. van, 1988:
A comparison of grazing and browsing ruminants in the use of feed resources

Maage, A.; Sveier, H.; Julshamn, K., 1989:
A comparison of growth rate and trace element accumulation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fry fed four different commercial diets

Nichelmann, M.; Tzschentke, B.; Wuntke, B.; Postel, T., 1989:
A comparison of heat balance in normal and dwarf laying hens

Mayeux H.S.Jr, 1989:
A comparison of herbicide sprays and pellets for control of broadleaf weeds in pastures

Becker, D.J.; Sinclair, J.; Castell, D.O.; Wu, W.C., 1989:
A comparison of high and low fat meals on postprandial esophageal acid exposure

Volesky, J.D., 1987:
A comparison of high-performance short-duration and repeated-seasonal grazing systems

Beretta M.J.G.; Brlansky R.H.; Lee R.F., 1988:
A comparison of histochemical staining reactions of the xylem occlusions in trees affected by citrus blight and declinio

Kramer, V.L.; Garcia, R., 1987:
A comparison of immature mosquito populations, aquatic predators, and the developmental rate of Cx. tarsalis in wild versus white rice fields in the Central Valley

Stakelum G.; Morgan D.; Dillon P., 1988:
A comparison of in vitro procedures for estimating herbage digestibility

Wiener, G.; Woolliams, C.; Slee, J., 1988:
A comparison of inbred and outbred sheep on two planes of nutrition. 4. A note on the effects on some blood constituents before and after exposures to acute cold or heat

Wiener, G.; Woolliams, C.; Slee, J., 1988:
A comparison of inbred and outbred sheep on two planes of nutrition. III. A note on the effects on semen characteristics before and after exposures to acute cold and heat

Lefohn A.S.; Laurence J.A.; Kohut R.J., 1988:
A comparison of indices that describe the relationship between exposure to ozone and reduction in the yield of agricultural crops

Loeppert, R.H.; Geiger, S.C.; Hartwig, R.C.; Morris, D.R., 1988:
A comparison of indigenous soil factors influencing the Fe-deficiency chlorosis of sorghum and soybean in calcareous soils

Mittal, J.P.; Prasad, S., 1989:
A comparison of indigenous with exotic cross-bred cattle in the dry zone of India

Roberts, D., 1990:
A comparison of input-output and social accounting methods for analysis in agricultural economics

Bukowinski, T.; Kucharski, J., 1989:
A comparison of inseminations of cows with semen preserved in straws or in pellets

Taylor, S.M.; Mallon, T.R.; Green, W.P., 1990:
A comparison of interactions between vaccination against Dictyocaulus viviparus and anthelmintic suppression in immunised and unimmunised yearling cattle

Buchowski, M.S.; Sowizral, K.C.; Lengemann, F.W.; Van Campen, D.; Miller, D.D., 1989:
A comparison of intrinsic and extrinsic tracer methods for estimating calcium bioavailability to rats from dairy foods

Bonde, M.; Peterson, G.; Dowler, W., 1988:
A comparison of isozymes of Phakopsora pachyrhizi from the Eastern Hemisphere and the New World

Bermudez, J.J.; Perez, M.; Pampin, M.; Torres, R., 1989:
A comparison of laying hens of some new genotypes

Coyle, C.P.; Kinney, W.B., 1990:
A comparison of leisure and gambling motives of compulsive gamblers

Brown, C.J.; Johnson, Z.B.; Buddenberg, B.J.; Wright, D.W.; Hornsby, J.A.; Brown, A.H.J., 1989:
A comparison of lifetime growth patterns

Bogre, J.; Levay, M.F.; Szabo, J., 1988:
A comparison of liver quality of young (8- to 9-wk-old) and older (20- to 30-wk-old) geese in summer

Hohmann, C.L.; Luck, R.F.; Oatman, E.R., 1988:
A comparison of longevity and fecundity of adult Trichogramma platneri (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) reared on eggs of the cabbage looper and the Angoumouis grain moth, with and without access to honey

Chen, L.H.; Bateman, W.L., 1988:
A comparison of machinery cost estimation methods

Ikeda, H.; Okitsu, S.; Arai, K., 1986:
A comparison of magnesium deficiency in grafted and non-grafted cucumbers in water culture and soil culture and the effect of increased magnesium application in preventing magnesium deficiency

Bisang, M., 1987:
A comparison of manure spreading mechanisms: tines or augers, vertical or horizontal?

Simeonova, S.; Ivanov, M.; Stoikov, P., 1988 :
A comparison of meat production of German Black Pied Dairy cattle and their crossbreds with Simmental and Hereford bulls

Wilson, J.A.; Scott, M.M.; Gray, R.S., 1989:
A comparison of metformin versus guar in combination with sulphonylureas in the treatment of non insulin dependent diabetes

Tottman, D.R.; Sparks, T.H.; Orson, J.H., 1988:
A comparison of methods for assessing the control of Galium aparine (cleavers) in winter wheat

Wallace R.J.; Mckain N., 1990:
A comparison of methods for determining the concentration of extracellular peptides in rumen fluid of sheep

Semaika, M.R.; Shanahan, J.F., 1988:
A comparison of methods for estimating potential crop evapotranspiration in Egypt

Roush M.L.; Radosevich S.R.; Wagner R.G.; Maxwell B.D.; Petersen T.D., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring effects of density and proportion in plant competition experiments

Kraske, C.R.; Fernandez, I.J.; Spencer, C.J., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring extractable Ca, Mg, K, Na, Mn, Al, Fe, and P from New England forest soils

Lee L.W.; Reed D.W., 1989:
A comparison of methods for measuring phytotoxicity from foliar sprays of ammonium nitrate

White, T.J., 1990:
A comparison of methods for valuing environmental goods

Becker, K.W., 1987:
A comparison of methods of determining NH4+ and NO3- in soil samples - different extraction methods and procedures

Jenner, D.A.; Neylon, K.; Croft, S.; Beilin, L.J.; Vandongen, R., 1989:
A comparison of methods of dietary assessment in Australian children aged 11-12 years

Klatovsky, V.; Urban, F.; Hyanek, J.; Stavinoha, P., 1989:
A comparison of methods of estimating the breeding value of cows

Weber, W., 1989:
A comparison of milking technology

Ong, S.L.; Adams, B.J., 1989:
A comparison of models for optimizing the expansion of a wastewater treatment facility

Vachula, M.; Worobec, S.; Andersen, B.R., 1990:
A comparison of monocyte oxidative responses in leprosy patients and healthy subjects as influenced by mycobacterial lipid pretreatment

Haseeb, A.; Pandey, R.; Husain, A., 1988:
A comparison of nematicides and oilseed cakes for control of Meloidogyne incognita on Ocimum basilicum

Boyer, J.N.; South, D.B.; Muller, C.A.; Vanderveer, H., 1985:
A comparison of nursery sowers

Phillips, C.J.C.; Schofield, S.A., 1988:
A comparison of oestrus detection by pedometer, milk progesterone content, electrical conductivity of vaginal mucus and milk yield changes

Sheldrick, R.D.; Newton, J.E.; Lavender, R.H.; Rawlins, F.A.; Martyn, T.M., 1988:
A comparison of output from a permanent sward, and from re-seeds of either diploid or tetraploid perennial ryegrass, under continuous sheep grazing regulated by sward height

Tang, K.; Williams, P.H., 1988 :
A comparison of ovary, ovule and embryo culture in producing hybrids from wide crosses among rapid cycling Brassica species and Raphanus

Mucke, F.A.; Mote, C.R.; Allison, J.S., 1987:
A comparison of parallel and serial distribution of septic tank effluent

Kolade, B., 1988:
A comparison of pedagogical classroom instructional problems perceived by beginning and experienced Michigan vocational production agriculture teachers

Dyke, T. van; Olsen, M.D., 1989:
A comparison of performance variables of highly profitable mid-priced hotels/motels with marginally profitable or losing operations

Lewis, R.; Love, S.L., 1988:
A comparison of petiole N profiles and N utilization of eight potato cultivars

Kawchuk, L.M.; Kim, W.K.; Nielsen, J., 1988:
A comparison of polypeptides from the wheat bunt fungi Tilletia laevis, T. tritici and T. controversa

Soos, P.; Szule, Z.; Fuzy, J., 1988:
A comparison of precision sugarbeet drills in Hungary

Lloveras, M.R.; Carden, A.E.; Borras, F.S., 1990:
A comparison of predictors for in vivo prediction of carcass composition in pigs

Gebriel, Z.; Sevenhuysen, G., 1988:
A comparison of pregnancy outcomes among four population groups in Ethiopia

Peeler, J.T.; Messer, J.W.; Sanders, R.L.; Bachelor, H.K., 1989:
A comparison of preliminary incubation counts and standard plate counts of grade A farm bulk tank milk from eleven states

Farina, E.; Cervelli, C.; Paterniani, T., 1988:
A comparison of preservatives for improving the pigmentation of cut flowers of lisianthus

Neuenschwander, M., 1989:
A comparison of production costs between Swiss and German farms

Stalb, H., 1989:
A comparison of production costs of cash crops between farms in Schleswig-Holstein, Eastern England and the Paris basin

Grave, J.; Portugal, V., 1988:
A comparison of production traits in purebred and crossbred Alentejo bulls

Sevryuk, F.K., 1988:
A comparison of purebred and crossbred Yaroslavl heifers

Kondo, K.; Fujishima, M.; Na, H.; Xia, L.F.; Gu, Z.J., 1989:
A comparison of quantitative characters of leaf and flower in Camellia japonica, C. pitardii, C. reticulata and C. saluenensis

England, G.C.; Allen, W.E.; Porter, D.J., 1989:
A comparison of radioimmunoassay with quantitative and qualitative enzyme-linked immunoassay for plasma progestogen detection in bitches

McClure, J.P.; Anderson, J.; Schreuder, H.T., 1987:
A comparison of regional and site specific volume estimation equations

Davis, B.; Moore, M., 1988:
A comparison of regular tillage and wind strips using weeping lovegrass on dryland cotton in west Texas - some preliminary results

Skikui, P., 1986:
A comparison of replacement strategies in continuous forest inventory

Ge, Y.F., 1989:
A comparison of responses to temperature and photoperiod in early-maturing wheat cultivars

Johnson, I.T.; Gee, J.M.; Brown, J.C., 1989:
A comparison of rice bran, wheat bran and cellulose as sources of dietary fibre in the rat

Bailey, E.; Boisvert, R.N., 1989:
A comparison of risk efficiency criteria in evaluating groundnut performance in drought prone areas

Kessler, J., 1987:
A comparison of roof garden systems

Wise, J.O., 1988:
A comparison of rural real estate values and related factors in Georgia, the South, and the United States

Congalton, R.G., 1988:
A comparison of sampling schemes used in generating error matrices for assessing the accuracy of maps generated from remotely sensed data

Bailey, R.A.; Bechet, G.R., 1989:
A comparison of seedcane derived from tissue culture with conventional seedcane

Franz, W.; Schremmer, H.; Engert, K.; Wegner, G., 1989:
A comparison of selected biological and management interactions on pig litter performance

Montaldo Valdenegro, H.H., 1989:
A comparison of selection alternatives available for the improvement of production potential in dairy cows in Mexico

Sumpf, D.; Fiedler, H.; Herrendorfer, G.; Domrose, H., 1990:
A comparison of selection indices for quadratic functions of genetic merit

Mathur, A.K.; Srivastava, R.S.; Kalra, D.B., 1989:
A comparison of semen quality attributes in exotic rams during summer and autumn in semi-arid tract of Rajasthan

Ponnighaus, J.M.; Fine, P.E., 1989:
A comparison of sensory loss tests and histopathology in the diagnosis of leprosy

Lukaszewski, A.J., 1988:
A comparison of several approaches in the development of disomic alien addition lines of wheat

Vaccari D.A.; Christodoulatos C., 1989:
A comparison of several control algorithms for activated sludge waste rate

White, D.; Matos, J.; Harmon, R.; Langlois, B., 1988:
A comparison of six selective media for the enumeration and isolation of staphylococci

Baraldi, G.; Pezzi, F., 1989:
A comparison of slat and diamond-shaped mouldboard ploughs

Francis G.S.; Cameron K.C.; Kemp R.A., 1988:
A comparison of soil porosity and solute leaching after six years of direct drilling or conventional cultivation

Vazquez del Mercado Franco, J.; Martinez Gamba, R.; Chorne Urruchua, R., 1988:
A comparison of some carcass characters in crossbred pigs

Racey, G.D.; Hutchison, R.E., 1983:
A comparison of some spring holding options for red pine

Celorie J.A.; Woods S.L.; Vinson T.S.; Istok J.D., 1989:
A comparison of sorption equilibrium distribution coefficients using batch and centrifugation methods

Rennie, B.D.; Thorpe, M.L.; Beversdorf, W.D., 1986:
A comparison of soybean PAGE and starch gel electrophoretic patterns

Miller P.C.H.; Walklate P.J.; Mawer C.J., 1989:
A comparison of spray drift collection techniques

Montgomery, G.W.; Davis, G.H., 1987:
A comparison of spring and autumn calving for beef cattle production

Mariani, G.; Belocchi, A.; Piacentini, A., 1990:
A comparison of spring and summer sowing in grain sorghum

Pyles, D.A.; Kocher, E.; Tilley, D.S., 1990:
A comparison of statistical tests distinguishing error dynamics and systematic dynamics in distributed lag models

Rousseau, A.; Albright, L.D., 1988:
A comparison of steady-state and transient analyses of the thermal behavior of agricultural buildings

Dwyer, W.O.; Huffman, M.G.; Jarratt, L.H., 1989:
A comparison of strategies for gaining compliance with campground regulations

Riley, S.A.; Gupta, I.; Mani, V., 1989:
A comparison of sucralfate and prednisolone enemas in the treatment of active distal ulcerative colitis

Ulluwishewa, R., 1989:
A comparison of tethering and free grazing buffalo management systems in Sri Lanka

Asumadu, K.; Weil, R.R., 1988:
A comparison of the USDA Soil Taxonomy and the Zimbabwe soil classification system with reference to some red soils of Zimbabwe

Majewski, M.S.; Glotfelty, D.E.; Seiber, J.N., 1989:
A comparison of the aerodynamic and the theoretical-profile-shape methods for measuring pesticide evapotranspiration from soil

Tanaka, M.; Ohmae, H.; Utsunomiya, H.; Nara, T.; Irie, Y.; Yasuraoka, K., 1989:
A comparison of the antischistosomal effect of levo- and dextro-praziquantel on Schistosoma japonicum and S. mansoni in mice

Ricard, F.H.; Petitjean, M.J., 1989:
A comparison of the carcass composition of game-type pheasants and fowls of similar body weight

Monk, KA., 1987:
A comparison of the diets of some rainforest grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Malaysia

Chen, I.S.; Subramaniam, S.; Vahouny, G.V.; Cassidy, M.M.; Ikeda, I.; Kritchevsky, D., 1989:
A comparison of the digestion and absorption of cocoa butter and palm kernel oil and their effects on cholesterol absorption in rats

Grenet, E., 1989:
A comparison of the digestion and reduction in particle size of lucerne hay (Medicago sativa) and Italian ryegrass hay (Lolium italicum) in the ovine digestive tract

Roux, C.J.G. le; Howe, L.G., 1988:
A comparison of the dry matter yields of perennial legumes in the Dohne Sourveld

Kerr, S.G.C.; Wood Gush, D.G.M., 1987:
A comparison of the early behaviour of intensively and extensively reared calves

Tsvetanov, V., 1988:
A comparison of the effect of crossbreeding in the formation of dairy sheep. 2. Lactation milk yield

McAllister, J.F.; Krabill, L.F.; Lauderdale, J.W., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of daily or alternate day intramuscular injection of recombinantly-derived bovine somatotropin (rbSt) on milk yield of lactating dairy cows in a commercial dairy during 120 days

Tashiro T.; Wardlaw I.F., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of high temperature on grain development in wheat and rice

Hurkman, W.J.; Fornari, C.S.; Tanaka, C.K., 1989:
A Comparison of the Effect of Salt on Polypeptides and Translatable mRNAs in Roots of a Salt-Tolerant and a Salt-Sensitive Cultivar of Barley

Wnuk, A.; Wiech, K.; Ciez, W., 1988:
A comparison of the effectiveness of Thiodan and Zolone in controlling the white clover seed weevil - Apion flavipes (Payk.) (Col., Curculionidae)

Soler, C.; Blázquez, C.; Pertusa, J.; Núñez, M.; Núñez, J.; Núñez, A., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of bilateral efferent duct ligation and of partial epididymectomy on the testes of rats

Peeler, T.C., 1987:
A comparison of the effects of chilling temperatures on photosynthesis in Pisum sativum L. and Cucumis sativus L

Jaffe, W.F., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of computer assisted instruction with printed instruction on student learning in a hospitality management course

Alila, H.W.; Corradino, R.A.; Hansel, W., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of cyclooxygenase prostanoids on progesterone production by small and large bovine luteal cells

Radcliffe J.D., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of dietary casein and cottonseed isolate on serum and hepatic lipids in the rat

Afyon, A., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of different methods of compost sterilization on the production and earliness of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex Fr.) Kummer

Singh, H.J.; Garland, H.O., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of oral and intravenous glucose administration on renal calcium excretion in the rat

Smith, S.R.; Hadley, P., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilizers on the growth response of summer cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata cv. Hispi F1)

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A comparison of the effects of residual and freshly applied fertilizer on the growth and yield of dwarf french beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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A comparison of the effects of the growth retardants DMMC and chlormequat on the growth, flowering and fruiting of greenhouse tomatoes

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A comparison of the efficiency of different methods of the induction and synchronization of oestrus in dairy goats in spring

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A comparison of the estimation of variance components with MIVQUE, ML and REML using an animal repeatability model

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A comparison of the feeding mechanisms of two herbivorous labroid fishes, the temperate Odax pullus and the tropical Scarus rubroviolaceus

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A comparison of the fertility of frozen semen from different rams

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A comparison of the fine root component of a pure and a mixed coniferous stand

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A comparison of the finishing performance of Bulgarian Simmental calves on an open feedlot and in a feedlot with a shelter

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A comparison of the fluvalinate and ether roll methods of sampling for Varroa mites in honey bee colonies

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A comparison of the freezing of Bos taurus and Mus musculus embryos, using the two-stage method

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A comparison of the genome organization of capripoxvirus with that of the orthopoxviruses

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A comparison of the growth of Pinus patula and Pinus elliottii in the Usutu Forest

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A comparison of the humification of 15N- labelled barley straw in a calcic sol brun and is a sol brun lessive

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A comparison of the ileal digestibility of nitrogen in sugar-based diets for growing pigs determined by slaughter or cannulation techniques

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A comparison of the in vitro activities of amodiaquine and desethylamodiaquine against isolates of Plasmodium falciparum

Gonlong, D.E.; Graham, D.Y., 1988 :
A comparison of the known life histories of the bethylids Parasierola sp. and Goniozus natalensis Gordh collected from Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Uganda and southern Africa respectively

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A comparison of the lectin-binding properties of glycoconjugates from a range of Leishmania species

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A comparison of the level of enzyme polymorphism in cosmopolitan Drosophila species between populations collected in distilleries and their surroundings in Hungary

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A comparison of the living conditions of farmers and other socioeconomic groups

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A comparison of the metabolic fate of Fatty acids of different chain lengths in developing oilseeds

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A comparison of the muscling of Hereford crossbreds of different generations

Antony, P.G.J., 1988:
A comparison of the nature and function of summer recreation provision in the USA and Northern Ireland

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A comparison of the number of ears produced by varieties of winter wheat

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A comparison of the pattern of vacuum in milking machines with synchronous and asynchronous pulsation

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A comparison of the performance of White Plymouth Rock dwarf and normal fowls during the growing period

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A comparison of the performance of different strains of broilers hatched between January and September

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A comparison of the performance of mallard hybrids of different maternal origin

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A comparison of the performance of pigs confined indoors or in outdoor pens. 1. The growing and finishing periods

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A comparison of the performance of three black pied breeds of cattle

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A comparison of the photosynthesis of a yellow-green mutant and its wild type durum wheat. I. Quantum yield of CO2 uptake under drought and different light growth conditions

Soldatini, G.F.; Gerini, O., 1988:
A comparison of the photosynthesis of a yellow-green mutant and its wild type durum wheat. II. Stomatal and non-stomatal contributions to the decline in net CO2 uptake

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A comparison of the plasmid profiles of strains of lactic streptococci isolated from a commercial mixed strain starter culture with those from fermented milk

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A comparison of the population dynamics of Unionicola formosa from two anodontine bivalves in a North Carolina farm pond

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A comparison of the pregnancy rate, using fresh or frozen bull semen, after in vitro maturation and fertilization of non-ovulated cattle oocytes

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A comparison of the production of intensive set-stocked pasture and rotation pasture using fattening heifers on permanent grassland low in ryegrass in eight trial years

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A comparison of the reasons for marathon participation of British and Australian non-elite runners

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A comparison of the responses by lactating cows given grass silage to changes in the degradability or quantity of protein offered in the supplement

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A comparison of the sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum malaria to chloroquine in two areas of Isoka District, Zambia

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A comparison of the suitability of lucerne and some perennial grasses for haymaking

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A comparison of the survival and growth of transplants, whips and standards, with and without chemical weed control

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A comparison of the use of different mixed linear models in the evaluation of breeding value of dairy bulls

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A comparison of the work performance of Jersey crossbred and local oxen in the Koshi hills of east Nepal

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A comparison of three antitranspirants for reducing water loss in black spruce container seedlings

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A comparison of three different trunk injection systems for use with plant growth regulators

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A comparison of three laboratory techniques for the estimation of the digestibility of feedstuffs for ruminants

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A comparison of three lighting methods in the production of broiler fowls

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A comparison of three methods for naturally reproducing oak in southern Michigan

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A comparison of three methods of assessing wood density in provenances of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. and other Eucalyptus species in Brazil

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A comparison of three non-migratory systems for managing honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Minnesota. Part I: management and productivity

Duff, S.R.; Furgala, B., 1990:
A comparison of three non-migratory systems for managing honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Minnesota. Part II: economic analysis

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A comparison of three rapid methods of estimating wool fiber diameter

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A comparison of three types of cubicle design for dairy cows

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A comparison of transpiration rates of young rape plants grown on salinized soils of different texture

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A comparison of transplanted and direct-seeded lettuce at various levels of soil fertility

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A comparison of transrectal or transcutaneous ultrasonics for pregnancy diagnosis in pigs

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A comparison of tree volume estimation models for forest inventory

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A comparison of trees and tree growth on unreclaimed 1949 Indiana coal spoil banks in 1964 and 1981

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A comparison of tri-allate formulations for control of wild oats in wheat in northern New South Wales

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A comparison of two furrow opener-depth control assemblies for seeding forage crops

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A comparison of two media for quantitatively determining moulds and yeasts in milk products

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A comparison of two methods for measuring potassium influx kinetics by intact corn seedlings

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A comparison of two methods of establishing bahiagrass test plots

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A comparison of two oral rehydration solutions in experimental models of dehydration and diarrhoea in calves

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A comparison of two temperature-dependent development models for immature stages of the Nantucket pine tip moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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A comparison of two types of trap for sampling dung beetle populations (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

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A comparison of two ways of expressing the voluntary intake of oak foliage-based diets by goats raised on rangelands

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A comparison of types of containers used in the preparation of tubers of Grazia ranunculus hybrids

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A comparison of ultrasound backfat measurements on sheep

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A comparison of user vs. researcher determined level of past experience on recreation preference

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A comparison of various methods for the determination of viability of parasitic flagellates

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A comparison of vigour between large and small seeds in mustard

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A comparison of wheeled and tracklaying tractors

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A comparison of wood chip production systems

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A comparison of wool production of crossbred sheep in Southern Bulgaria

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A comparison of wool strength

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A comparison on the growth and development of old and new Upland cotton varieties

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A compendium of Scots pine management

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A compendium of the family Axonolaimidae, (Nematoda)

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A compilation of mycotic agents encountered in unusual clinical disorders of man and animals

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A complete fertility-restorer line in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

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A complete sequence of a DNA clone of the hemagglutinin gene of influenza A/chicken/Scotland/59 (H5N1) virus: comparison with contemporary North American and European strains

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A complex evaluation of gene banks of pepper (wild, semicultured and cultured) and their use for breeding purposes

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A complex evaluation of the nutritional value of food consumed

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A complex mechanization brigade for the production of potatoes

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A complex of measures against the Colorado beetle

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A complex study on cucumber cultivars of different geographical origin

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A complex system for maintenance of the milking process

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A complexation-adsorption model describing the influence of dissolved organic matter on the mobility of hydrophobic compounds in groundwater

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A complicated symbiosis in the lower termite, Reticulitermes speratus (Kolbe)

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A complication of cardiac catheterization in the dog

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A component analysis and marginal value productitity of Gangatiri cow: a study in east U.P

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A composite L-band HH radar backscattering model for coniferous forest stands

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A composition for eliminating disagreeable odor from soya milk and a process for preparation of soya milk with an improved flavor

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A comprehensive California field study of the influence of preharvest applications of gibberellic acid on the rind quality of Valencia oranges

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A comprehensive approach to the fertilizer part of plant nitrogen uptake

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A comprehensive catalogue of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with aquatic and wetland plants

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A comprehensive diagnosis of the farm: a methodological proposal

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A comprehensive genetic map of murine chromosome 11 reveals extensive linkage conservation between mouse and human

Anonymous, 1988:
A comprehensive listing of all current recovered sulphur and sulphuric acid projects

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A comprehensive model of forage changes in the silo

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A comprehensive study of the domestic sugar, vegetable, oil and tobacco industries

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A computable economic threshold model for weeds in field crops with multiple pests, quality effects and an uncertain spraying period length

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A computer algorithm to estimate leaf area removal (LAR) by insects

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A computer based model for the nitrogen fertilization of potatoes

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A computer code for the calculation of the relative transmissivity distribution in an aquifer for steady state ground-water levels

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A computer control system for the process of fermentation

Allison, J.M., 1990:
A computer control to conventional backup failsafe interface

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A computer controlled micromalter for assessment of the malting potential of barley crossbreds

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A computer model for evaluation of trickle irrigation subunit design

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A computer model of ovulation rate, uterine capacity, potential viability, and litter size

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A computer on the farm - friend or foe?

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A computer program allows the separation of a wide range of chromosome sizes by pulsed field gel electrophoresis

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A computer program for analysing laboratory results

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A computer program for calculating dietary amino acid contents in the nutritional management of liver cirrhosis

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A computer program for farm waste management

Adamek, R., 1989:
A computer program for optimizing the operation of farm machinery with electric drives

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A computer program for record-keeping and seedling evaluation in fruit trees

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A computer program for the calculation of hydraulic conductivity by the auger hole method

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A computer program for the dietary management of children with kidney disease

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A computer program that draws pedigree charts for inbred strains of animals

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A computer program to calculate pesticide concentrations for mosquito larval susceptibility tests

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A computer program with colour graphics to identify orchids

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A computer programme for automatic recognition of schistosome eggs

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A computer programme for economic thresholds

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A computer simulation model for rice sheath blight disease I. Synthesis of disease model

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A computer simulation of water-heat-salt movement in frozen soils

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A computer system for chicken breeding management

Silva Gutierrez M., 1988:
A computer system for daily management of the season. Second part

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A computer-aided design of forest culture

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A computer-assisted management information system for nutrition services

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A computer-based land resource information system - a land evaluation case study in the Yan'an District, the Northern Shaanxi Province

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A computer-based method of wilderness evaluation

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A computer-equipped measuring vehicle for mechanization research

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A computerised decision support system for sugar beet herbicide selection

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A computerized mathematical model of a mouldboard plough surface

Nieuwenhuis, M.A.; Corcoran, T.J., 1989:
A computerized optimal forest road network location procedure

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A computerized programme for fertigation of glasshouse crops

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A computerized system for evaluating the effectiveness of a thermal canning process

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A concentration site for Cerambycidae in Jalisco, Mexico (Coleoptera)

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A concept for the integrated development of rural areas

Becker, K.W.; Drechsler, H.; Eulenstein, F.; Meyer, B., 1989:
A concept for the rehabilitation of drinking water catchments with high loads of nitrates - example and applications to waterworks on the river Rhine

Kitahara, R.; Tsutsumi, J., 1987:
A concept on stress-strain behaviour of wood effect of compressive stress parallel to the grain

Liu, X., 1988:
A conception of Langshan mountain scenery programme

Kurowska, Z.; Nilsson, B., 1990:
A conception rate of 64% for inseminated ewes

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A conceptual analysis of character development in sport

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A conceptual and empirical investigation of workplace burnout in foodservice management

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A conceptual framework for the self-reliant transformation of Africa

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A conceptual machine design for mechanical pruning of plantation pines

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A conceptual model of changes in soil structure under different cropping systems

Yamamoto K.R., 1989:
A conceptual view of transcriptional regulation

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A concise history of the discovery of the life-cycle of the malaria parasite

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A concurrent epidemic of respiratory syncytial virus and echovirus 7 infections in an intensive care nursery

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A concurrent increasing of natural antibodies and enhancement of resistance to furunculosis in rainbow trout

Roa, G.; Correa, A.; Oliveros, C.E., 1988:
A concurrent, intermittent parchment coffee drier

Tollner, E.W.; Simonton, W., 1989:
A cone penetrometer system for measuring cone index and stress relaxation

Calcagno, F.; Cassaniti, S.; Monti, M.; Palumbo, M., 1989:
A confirmation of barley as an alternative to durum wheat in Sicily

Chalmers, G.A.; Rockenbach, L.; Marshall, S., 1990:
A congenital defect resembling Hereford syndrome I in Alberta

Gineo, W.M., 1990:
A conjoint/logit analysis of nursery stock purchases

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A connection between the illumination of environment, the twilight polarization phenomena and the catches of turnip moth (Scotia segetum Schiff.) by light-trap

Harvey, R.G.; Brown, P.J.; Young, R.D.; Whitbread, T.J., 1990:
A connective tissue defect in two rabbits similar to the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Signorello, G., 1988:
A consideration of the parameters of the demand function in the Travel Cost method

Igwilo, C.; Pilpel, N., 1988:
A consideration of the range and strength of interparticle forces in coated lactose powder

Tainton, N.M., 1988:
A consideration of veld condition assessment techniques for commercial livestock production in South Africa

Mishiro, A., 1988:
A consideration on the measuring method of swelling stress of wood

Nearing, M.A.; West, L.T.; Brown, L.C., 1988:
A consolidation model for estimating changes in rill erodibility

Khare, M.N.; Bhale, M.S.; Nayak, M.L., 1989:
A conspectus of betelvine (Piper betle L.) diseases incited by Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola

Finney, C.E., 1990:
A consultant's criteria for the economic ranking of public sector projects

Jakobs, O.; Moller, R.; Sauer, R.; Kaufhold, J., 1988:
A consultation farm for the application of microcomputers in livestock farming in the (Potsdam) region

Gluckman, R.L., 1990:
A consumer approach to branded wines

Clarke R.J.; Stevens S., 1989:
A consumer evaluation of new melon types

Heijenga, B., 1989:
A container for a small quantity of milk, cream or the like

Chalkov, A.A.; Bondarenko, N.V., 1987:
A container for rearing Phytoseiulus

Amartey, S.; Leak, D.J.; Hartley, B.S., 1987:
A continuous ethanol fermentation at 70 degrees C from straw hydrolysate

Loehnertz, Sp, 1988:
A continuous press dryer for veneer

Langewald, J., 1989:
A contribution on habitat selection in the variegated ant-beetle, Thanasimus formicarius L. (Col., Cleridae)

Swiatkowska, E.; Wozniewicz, B.; Socha, J.; Kluge, P.; Zawidzka Rejman, E.; Bernatowska, E.; Oralewska, B., 1988:
A contribution on the specific defense mechanisms of the small intestine mucosa in Giardia intestinalis infections in children

Hicke, K., 1988:
A contribution on the winter hardiness of evergreen, large flowered rhododendrons

Scholl, F., 1989:
A contribution to a better understanding of the macrozoobenthos of flowing water in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Todorovic, N.; Stanojevic, S.; Jankovic, V., 1988:
A contribution to a study on the value of the bioclimatic index in the agro-ecological conditions of Serbia

Gonzalez Romano, M.L.; Candau, P., 1989:
A contribution to palynological studies in the Rosaceae

Colin, J.P., 1987:
A contribution to the analysis of village pineapple production in lower Ivory Coast

Sobhian, R.; Pittara, I.S., 1988:
A contribution to the biology, phenology and host specificity of Chaetorellia hexachaeta Loew (Dipt., Tephritidae), a possible candidate for the biological control of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis L.)

Bohuslavek, Z., 1987:
A contribution to the design of programmes controlling the operation of a grain silo

Janssen Muller, C., 1988:
A contribution to the diagnostics and therapy of dermatomycoses in various small animals (dog, cat, chinchilla)

Zareba, R., 1985:
A contribution to the discussion on the purpose of establishment, legal status and present management of landscape parks and national parks

Vranceanu, A.V.; Iuoras, M.; Stoenescu, F.M., 1986:
A contribution to the diversification of cytoplasmic male sterility sources in sunflower

Haack I., 1986:
A contribution to the ecology of the cucumber mosaic virus

Nemec, J., 1989:
A contribution to the economics of soil erosion control

Lachberg, S.; Thompson, R.C.; Lymbery, A.J., 1990:
A contribution to the etiology of racemose cysticercosis

Frydrych, J.; Lattova, J.; Albrecht, P., 1987:
A contribution to the evaluation of frost resistance in Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. sabauda L.)

Pajaron Sotomayor, S., 1989:
A contribution to the floristic catalogue of the Natural Park of the mountains of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaen)

Dubova, J., 1985:
A contribution to the histological and histochemical study of the development of seeds after in vitro pollination

Bodi, I., 1988:
A contribution to the improvement of the pear cultivar range for the forest steppe region of Moldavia

Blazina, I., 1988:
A contribution to the introduction of the wine cultivar Pinot Noir (Vitis vinifera L.) in the Vipava vine growing region

Lastuvka, Z.; Lastuvka, A., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of clearwing moths (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) in Hungary

Dudich, A., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of fleas (Insecta, Siphonaptera) on small mammals in the Tribec Mountains

Chevassut, G.; Abdelkrim, H.; Kiared, G., 1988:
A contribution to the knowledge of groupings of weeds in the region of El-Harrach

Bertrand, M.; Ineich, I., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of the South Pacific Pterygosomatidae

Elter, O.; Palestrini, C.; Simonis, A.; Zunino, M., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of the coprophagous Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea) of the Ligurian Alps

Morovic, M., 1984:
A contribution to the knowledge of the culicid (Diptera) fauna of Banat, Vojvodina, Yugoslavia

Blanca, G.; Morales, C., 1989:
A contribution to the knowledge of the flora of Granada (Spain): the Sierra de Baza

Perez Inigo, C., 1986:
A contribution to the knowledge of the oribatids (Acari, Oribatei) of La Gomera (Canary Islands)

Titovsek, J., 1987:
A contribution to the knowledge of the weevil (Rhynchaenini) inhabiting Slovenia

Novotna, L., 1986:
A contribution to the occurrence of Culicoides manchuriensis Tokunaga 1941 in Czechoslovakia

Sinn G.; Wessolly L., 1989:
A contribution to the proper assessment of the strength and stability of trees

Javurek, J., 1990:
A contribution to the qualification of objective and subjective aspects of organization

Abaul, J.; Philogene, E.; Bourgeois, P.; Ahond, A.; Poupat, C.; Potier, P., 1989:
A contribution to the study of American members of the Tabernaemontanae, VI. Alkaloids from the leaves of Tabernaemontana citrifolia

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A contribution to the study of embryo transfer in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

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A contribution to the study of taxa differentiation in taxonomy of plant-nematode parasite system

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A contribution to the study of the relationship between temperature and fungal infection in the bean aphid

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A contribution to the study of the secondary sexual characters of buthid scorpions

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A contribution to the study of tourism impact indicators

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A contribution to the subject of micro nutrient deficiency

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A contribution to the taxonomy of Poa nipponica and related species (Poaceae)

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A contribution to the taxonomy of horntails with notes on the genus Sirex Linnaeus (Hymenoptera, Siricidae)

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A contribution to the typology of miscellaneous greenery

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A contribution to the use of discriminant analysis in the classification of farms according to their energy requirements

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A contribution towards the palynological study of the ornamental flora of the city of Malaga: gymnosperms

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A control method based on an artificial intelligence technique and its application for controlling plant environment

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A convenient and reliable procedure for determination of body weight of male buffaloes

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A convenient dominant selection marker for gene transfer in industrial strains of Saccharomyces yeast: SMRI encoded resistance to the herbicide sulfometuron methyl

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A convenient method for rapid determination of proteins in rice and rice products

D.K.ning A.J.; Mol T., 1989:
A convenient method for the accurate determination of phosphorus in fish oils

Odinokov, V.N.; Ishmuratov, G.Y.; Kharisov, R.Y.; Tolstikov, G.A., 1988:
A convenient method of synthesizing trans,trans-8,10-dodecadien-1-ol, sex pheromone of Laspeyresia pomonella

Robert, P.C.; Anderson, J.L., 1987:
A convenient soil survey information system (SSIS)

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A conventional and grapple loader processor in second and third thinnings. A simulator experiment

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A convertible half-walking wheel and discussion on the application of passive soil pressure

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A cooperative revisited

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A coordination service for a nature friendly agriculture; Nature and environment conservation demand much, too much?

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A coppice with standards system adapted to Eucalyptus plantations for rural communities

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A copro-parasitological investigation in a health college

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A correction to the dates of top dressing winter wheat with nitrogen in spring in relation to weather conditions

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A correlation between residual friction angle, gradation and the index properties of cohesive soils

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A correlation between serum cholesterol and glycosylated hemoglobin in nondiabetic humans

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A correlative note on testis of local kids of Assam

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A corrosion test to determine the susceptibility of young sugarbeet plants to post-emergence herbicides

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A cost analysis of transfer of information about vegetable and fruit marketing

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A cost benefit comparison of vertical south roof and conventional greenhouses in the UK

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A cost benefit study of alternative policies in making grass silage for milk production

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A cost effectiveness study on the vaccination aganst foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the Federal Republic of Germany

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A cost efficient reduction in the load of nitrogen to the Laholm Bay

Anonymous, 1989:
A cost-effective non-polluting new hydrocarbon reforming process

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A cost-effectiveness comparison of the use of antimicrobial agents for treatment or prophylaxis of travelers' diarrhea

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A cotton bale records program for microcomputers

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A counter current oil-vapour vacuum distillation method for the extraction of volatile flavour constituents of fats and oils

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A cowpea artificial diet for noctuid larvae

Ponz F.; Russell M.L.; Rowhani A.; Bruening G., 1988:
A cowpea line has distinct genes for resistance to tobacco ringspot virus and cowpea mosaic virus

Warren, K., 1989:
A crab apple system

Hay, J., 1990:
A crab louse infestation of the eyelid

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A crack detector for milled rice

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A criterion for evaluating quality of irrigation water

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A criterion of the prevalence of malnutrition: survival of the infant

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A critical analysis of an agroforestry project in Acosta and Puriscal, Costa Rica

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A critical analysis of swine medicine in American veterinary schools

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A critical analysis of the structure and process of rural marketing in Sri Lanka with special reference to the marketing of vegetables

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A critical appraisal of the speciation of aluminum in serum by ultrafiltration

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A critical assessment of hydrologic modeling

Jones, R., 1987:
A critical assessment of innovations in crop storage and consideration of their suitability for introduction into SADCC countries (policy, technical and economic considerations)

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A critical assessment of socio-cultural impact studies of tourism in the Third World

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A critical but reasonable look at fertilization

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A critical evaluation of agricultural credit financing in Nigeria

Thiruvenkatachari, K., 1988:
A critical evaluation of dairy loans under IRDP

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A critical evaluation of the cotton strip assay

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A critical evaluation of the factors essential for correct expression of the genes coding for Drosophila yolk proteins

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A critical examination of present day play

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A critical examination of published sport motivation research: 1975-1986

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A critical examination of the soil washing technique with special reference to the effect of the size of the soil particles

Zaloum R., 1989:
A critical look into the deviation of full scale performance from design expectations

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A critical review of some aspects of fisheries joint ventures

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A critical review of the impact of insecticidal spray under NMEP on malaria situation in India

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A critical review of the poverty situation in Bangladesh in the eighties (2 volumes)

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A critical study of the assessment of noise levels produced by agricultural machinery and on the measurement of noise levels for workers

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A critique of methods for measuring soil erosion in the field

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A critique of skinfold tests from the public school level; The skinfold test - a response

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A critique of the report of the National Institutes of Health Expert Panel on detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood cholesterol

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A critique of the world agricultural economics research establishment

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A crop factor for irrigation scheduling with citrus

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A cross-sectional analysis of glucose tolerance and cardiovascular disease in 67-year-old men

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A cultivar with resistance to soyabean cyst nematode, Kenmo 1

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A cultivation method for Nasturtium officinale (watercress) grown in greenhouse

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A cultivator for tillage of forest topsoil

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A cultural revolution for cheese

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A culture medium for spore production by Botrytis cinerea isolated from chickpea

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A culture technique for Hydrotaea irritans

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A cultured milk product

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A cutaneous horn in a cat

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A cutter-conveyor mechanism for maize harvesters

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A cyst nematode damaging to carnations in Camparnia

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A cyst-specific component of Pneumocystis carinii

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A cyto-histological study on shoot differentiation and mesophyll morphology of excised lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). cotyledons as affected by light conditions during seedling growth

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A cytochemical study of the serotoninergic, cholinergic and peptidergic components of the reproductive system in the monogenean parasite, Diclidophora merlangi

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A cytogenetic study of Creole cattle bred in Guadeloupe

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A cytological study of Camellia reticulata and its closely related species in Yunnan, China

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A cytological study of albuminous cells in secondary phloem of Pinus bungeana

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A cytological study of the Simulium metallicum complex (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Central and South America

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A cytological study of triploidy in pearl millet

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A cytophotometric study of micro- and macrospermatids in three species of grasshopper (Acrididae)

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A cytotaxonomic study of six species of the Korean Orthoptera

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A dairy barn design application

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A dangerous pest

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A data acquisition and real time processing system for field use - microprocessor based dynamic strain indicator

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A data bank model for a specific objective, the example of the socio-economic panel

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A data bank structure and utilization for a rational choice and use of agricultural machinery in Piedmont

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A data processing program to support microbiological quality assurance

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A data structure for describing sampling designs to aid in compilation of stand attributes

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A data-driven expert system to evaluate management, environmental and cow factors influencing reproductive efficiency in dairy herds

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A database for Chinese animal breed resources

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A database for trade liberalization studies

Filer, D.L., 1988:
A database for tree improvement and seed bank management: SISTEM

Bjarnason, S., 1989:
A database management system for soil data and fertilizer planning

Ravichandran, R.; Dury, S., 1990:
A database system for monitoring the effects of fast-growing trees on the site in Karnataka, India

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A day in the life of Masi Jheelo

Niv, A., 1989:
A day trip to the Israeli kibbutz, a new segment of tourism in Israel

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A dead Loa loa localized in the sub-conjunctiva. A case report

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A decade of Nepal's family planning program: achievements and prospects

Anonymous, 1988:
A decade of breeding research on steroid-bearing Solanum species

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A decay study of windthrown indigenous trees

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A decentralized microcomputer system for automation of the milking process in dairy installations

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A decision model for weed control with economic thresholds in winter cereals

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A decision support system based upon a transition model for production planning in potplant nurseries

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A decision support system for tile drainage design

Mol, R.M. de, 1989:
A decision support system to optimize the application and processing of manure

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A decision-making case study for community forest management

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A decisive, intriguing year - the situation and outlook for 1989

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A decline of thyme associated with Rotylenchulus parvus in Mauritius

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A decreased capacity of hepatic growth hormone (GH) receptors and failure of thyrotrophin-releasing hormone to stimulate the peripheral conversion of thyroxine into triiodothyronine in sex-linked dwarf broiler hens

Jenson, H.B., 1989:
A dedicated database program for cataloging recombinant clones and other laboratory products of molecular biology technology

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A deductive investigation of managerial characteristics

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A deep bed simulation of vegetable cooling

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A defective transposition event in Antirrhinum majus - implications for the normal transposition process

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A defined substrate technology for the enumeration of microbial indicators of environmental pollution

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A defined vaccine against schistosomiasis based on cell-mediated immunity

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A definition and typology of plantation agriculture

Goldthorpe, C.C., 1989:
A definition and typology of plantation agriculture. Part 2

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A definition of citrus viroid groups and their relationship to the exocortis disease

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A definition of wheat hardness using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Phantumvanit, P.; Songpaisan, Y.; Möller, I.J., 1988:
A defluoridator for individual households

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A deformity in a nymph of Ixodes ricinus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Acari: Ixodida: Ixodidae) collected in nature

Bewick, T.; Binning, L.; Yandell, B., 1988:
A degree day model for predicting the emergence of swamp dodder in cranberry

Dyer, J., 2007:
A delicate balancing act

Anonymous, 1988:
A delicate balancing act for the Indian government

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A delicious way to increase sales: honey & fruit

Mudbhary, P.K., 1989:
A demand system analysis of food consumption in Nepal

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A demonstration approach in agro-forestry at Bahunipati: a case-study

Chang, W.F., 1988:
A demonstration project: roller compacted concrete utilizing phosphogypsum

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A demonstration trial evaluating milk progesterone testing on seven commercial dairy farms

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A dendroclimatic study of the wood of Taxus baccata from northern Iran

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A derivative spectoscopic method as a means of distinguishing traditionally produced fresh cheese from fresh cheese made by modern processes

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A description of Chernozem of the Trnava Plain of Czechoslovakia

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A description of Feminapocula numenius gen. et sp. nov. (Trematoda: Microphallidae)

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A description of Morchella species

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A description of Thoroughbred horses in Spain on the basis of racing results in 1980-87

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A description of WOOLPLAN

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A description of new cultivars of processing peas bred in Italy

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A description of new species Patagifer plegadisi (Echinostomatidae: Trematoda) from naturally infected glossy ibis, Plegadis f. falcinellus in upper Egypt

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A description of the male and redescription of female Mermis athysanota Steiner, 1921 (Nematoda: Mermithidae)

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A descriptive analysis of convention and visitor bureaus in North Carolina and surrounding states

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A descriptive study of mortality at the Kortright Waterfowl Park: 1982-1986

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A descriptive theory of fingering during infiltration into layered soils

Lavigne, R.L., 1990:
A design model for the treatment of landfill leachate with a microbially-enriched soil and reed canarygrass

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A design of the mechanical Phyllostachys pubescens boring mechanism

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A detailed investigation into sources of woodfuel consumption variation in Ghana

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A development of soybean variety resistance to rust

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A developmental-genetic analysis of aggressive behavior in mice (Mus musculus): III. Behavioral mediation by heightened reactivity or immobility?

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A developmentally regulated surface epitope expressed by the infective larva of Brugia malayi which is rapidly lost after infection

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A deviation chart for evaluating heifer growth

Potapovskii, I.B.; Gorokhovskii, A.K.; Shabalina, N.R., 1987:
A device for automatic measurement of the thickness of lumber

Savinskii, S.V., 1988:
A device for automatic photorecording of growth of coleoptile segments

Parfenov, O.M., 1987:
A device for cleaning fruits of Calligonum

Torgovetskii, A.V.; Grinberg, S.M.; Chernyshev, V.B., 1988:
A device for determining the quality of Trichogramma

Efimchenko, V.I.; Naumenko, I.L., 1990:
A device for drying maize

Nadirov, R.A., 1989:
A device for linking to a microcomputer for measuring and controlling the parameters of the grain drying process in shaft driers

Berg, K. van den, 1989:
A device for milking an animal

Goncharov, A.N., 1988:
A device for separating garlic bulbs

Kalenich, F.S.; Neskorozhenii, B.F., 1988:
A device for short-term forecasting of plant diseases

Wahid, P.A.; Kamalam, N.V.; Sankar, S.J., 1988:
A device for soil-injection of 32P solution in root activity studies of tree crops

Ivashkin, V.I.; Lapshin, L.V.; Boyar, V.P.; Kushkhov, K.M., 1989 :
A device for the application of herbicides with 'Fregat' machines

Menzel, W., 1988:
A device for the manufacture of ice cream, milk shakes or frozen sweets from a liquid preparation

Vizbulis, Y.Ya, 1988:
A device to increase the rough-terrain performance of wheeled machines

Khalilian, A.; Worrell, M.A.; Cross, D.L., 1988:
A device to inject propionic acid into baled forage

Khalilian, A.; Worrell, M.A.; Cross, D.L., 1990:
A device to inject propionic acid into baled forages

Razza, A. de; Mangelli, C., 1990:
A device to prevent overturning of tractors

Guillermo Couto, C., 1990:
A diagnostic approach to splenomegaly in cats and dogs

Kassirer, J.P.; Kopelman, R.I., 1989:
A diagnostic fluke

Zhang, Y.Q.; Wen, Y.; Gui, S.H., 1989:
A diagnostic kit for rapid microenzyme linked immunosorbent assay of paragonimiasis

Reynolds, N., 1988:
A diagnostic study of poverty, economic security, resource management, financial flows and development administration in Chikore: a ward in Natural Region IV, Manicaland