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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Janal, R.; Hevr, M., 1989: A diagnostic system for evaluating milk and cows

Lonc, W., 1988: A diallel analysis of useful traits of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgare) hybrids

Raitviir, A.; Kull' , K., 1988: A dialogue key for fungal identification with a personal computer

Rockey, SJ.; Miller, BB.; Denlinger, DL., 1989: A diapause maternal effect in the flesh fly, Sarcophaga bullata: transfer of information from mother to progeny

Parish, R. L.; Chaney, P. P.; Meadows, W. A.; Fuller, D. L., 1988: A dibble fertilizer applicator for containers in nursery beds

Bruckert, S., 1987: A dichotomus key classification of agricultural soils of Franche-Comte situated in a mid-continental temperate climate

Holliday, P., 1989: A dictionary of plant pathology

Marriott, F. H. C., 1990: A dictionary of statistical terms

Anonymous, 1984: A dictionary of the common forest and farm plants of Nepal. Nepali local names and their botanical equivalents

Corni, A.; Strehler, A., 1986: A diesel tractor fuelled with wooden residues: report of a FIAT research

Ellis, J. R.; McDonald, R. B.; Stern, J. S., 1990: A diet high in fat stimulates adipocyte proliferation in older (22 month) rats

Greene, E., 1989: A diet-induced development polymorphism in a caterpillar

Smucker R.; Block G.; Coyle L.; Harvin A.; Kessler L., 1989: A dietary and risk factor questionnaire and analysis system for personal computers

Borgstrom, U., 1990: A different dairy. Toni Molkerei Zurich visited

Tuynte, J. G. M. ten, 1988: A different look at museums: a view of museums in Nijmegen, their economic effect in the area including local expenditure

Haber, W., 1989: A different rural environment as an aim

Soares, F. B., 1989: A differential approach to modelling the agricultural sector

Bartenfelder D.C.; Karathanasis A.D., 1989: A differential scanning calorimetry evaluation of quartz status in geogenic and pedogenic environments

Schultze Werninghaus, G., 1989: A difficult case

Morgan, N.; Bolton, N., 1990: A digest of governing bodies of sport in Wales 1990

Peet F.G.; Panesar T.S.; Sahota T.S.; Sutherland J.R., 1990: A digital image analysis system for comparing groups of small nematodes

Lemmich, E.; Gylle, L., 1988: A dihydrofuranocoumarin from Peucedanum oreoselinum

Levin, K.; Babenko, G.; Pozdnyakov, A.; Polishchuk, N.; Zadiraeva, A., 1988: A diluent for boar semen

El Gaafary M.N., 1990: A diluent for freezing of ram semen

Donaldson J.M.; Henderson G.S., 1989: A dilute medium to determine population size of ammonium oxidizers in forest soils

King, J. M.; Turner, M. T. F., 1989: A dimefuron/benazolin mixture for broad-leaved weed control in winter oilseed rape

Lazaro, A.; Sanchez Monge, R.; Salcedo, G.; Paz Ares, J.; Carbonero, P.; Garcia Olmedo, F., 1988: A dimeric inhibitor of insect alpha -amylase from barley. Cloning of the cDNA and identification of the protein

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737040

Garcia Sanchez, F.; Cruces Blanco, C., 1989: A direct spectrofluorimetric determination of the herbicide flurecol in cultivated soils

Richardson R.K., 1988: A direct spectrophotometric determination of nitrate in liquid and powdered milk and whey

Kaine Jones, G., 1988: A disaggregated model of the Australian sheep industry

Hassler, Cc; Disney, Rl; Sinclair, Sa, 1988: A discrete state, continuous parameter Markov process approach to timber harvesting systems analysis

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737047

Leyshon, D. W.; Schnider, R. T., 1987: A discussion of materials of construction for phosphoric acid and fertilizer plants

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737049

He, X. Y.; He, B. Q., 1989: A discussion of the maintenance and improvement of good flavour in edible fungi

Jayas, D. S.; Cenkowski, S.; Muir, W. E., 1988: A discussion of the thin-layer drying equation

Maznichenko, E., 1989: A discussion on a breed name

Li, S. K., 1989: A discussion on drought in arid regions

Shen, Y. C.; Liu, L. H., 1989: A discussion on the evaluation and the pattern of land resources in the Three North's Shelter-Forest Region in China

Zhang, G., 1989: A disease and pest resistant line of rice, Jia 23-2

Sharma, N., 1990: A disease complex of soybean involving nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, and the soil-inhabiting fungi, Fusarium sp. and Pythium sp

Lehman, P. S., 1989: A disease of begonia caused by a foliar nematode, Aphelenchoides fragariae

Tello, J.; Lacasa, A., 1988: A disease of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) caused by various Phytophthora species

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737059

Ciccarone, C.; Mazzucchi, U., 1988: A disease of turf grass caused by a myxomycete

Bhan U.; Ahuja S.C., 1990: A disease rating scale for screening rice genotypes for resistance to sheath blotch

Dunstan, R. W.; Sills, R. C.; Wilkinson, J. E.; Paller, A. S.; Hashimoto, K. H., 1988: A disease resembling junctional epidermolysis bullosa in a toy poodle

Roy, J. R., 1990: A dispersed equilibrium commodity trade model

Little, I. P., 1989: A dispersibility index for soils and its dependence on other soil properties tested with a group of soils from the Lockyer Valley uplands, Qld, and the lower Namoi Valley, N.S.W

Phillips, J. C., 1988: A distinct race of chickpea wilt in California

Cromer, W. A.; Thomas, D. L.; Smith, M. C., 1989: A distributed control and monitoring system for a subsurface irrigation and drainage research site

Tang, S. Q.; Delwiche, M. J.; Thompson, J. F., 1989: A distributed multiprocessor imaging system for prune defect sorting

Liberatori, J.; Tambone, C.; Finzi, A. V., 1989: A distribution map of milk. Seasonal variations of protein composition and clotting aptitude of Friesian and Piedmontese cow milk

Ferrandino, F. J., 1989: A distribution-free method for estimating the effect of aggregated plant damage on crop yield

Lowell, K. E., 1987: A distributional taper-based volume system for fertilised and unfertilised radiata pine plantations in Pigeon Valley, New Zealand

Moore, K., 1990: A divergence of interests: Canada's role in the politics and sport of the British empire during the 1920s

Lionnet, M. J., 1988: A documentation network for the French foresters

Zeller, R. A.; Jurkovac, T., 1989: A dome stadium: does it help the home team in the national football league?

Talbot, D.; Collis, P.; Antoniou, M.; Vidal, M.; Grosveld, F.; Greaves, D. R., 1989: A dominant control region from the human beta -globin locus conferring integration-site independent gene expression

Gaggioli D., 1988: A dominant gene for thornlessness obtained from the chimeral thornless loganberry

Norden, A. J.; Knauft, D. A.; Gorbet, D. W., 1988: A dominant gene for white seed coat in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737086

Dale, R., 1988: A donor perspective on the Hambantota District Integrated Rural Development Project (HIRDEP) - with emphasis on the promotion of institutional capacity

Ohba, H., 1989: A double petal form of Rubus palmatus Thunb. var. coptophyllus (A. Gray) O. Kuntze

Molina, M. del C.; Naranjo, C. A.; Poggio, L., 1988: A double spindle in the genus Zea

Nazerian, K.; Lee, L. F.; Payne, W. S., 1990: A double-antibody enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of turkey hemorrhagic enteritis virus antibody and antigen

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737095

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737096

Nelson, H. S.; Skufca, R., 1990: A double-blind study of suppression of indoor mold and bacteria by the Puridyne biogenic air purifier (BAP)

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737100

Staeheli, P.; Yu, Y. X.; Grob, R.; Haller, O., 1989: A double-stranded RNA-inducible fish gene homologous to the murine influenza virus resistance gene Mx

Tripathi, A. K.; Tiwari, P. N., 1989: A double-tier computer control system for ammonia manufacture

Hatchett, S. A.; Quinn, N. W. T.; Horner, G. L.; Howitt, R. E., 1989: A drainage economics model to evaluate policy options for managing selenium contaminated drainage

Gnatyshin, Ya M.; Stashkiv, M. G.; Iosenko, V. P., 1988: A drier for small fractions of wood

Anonymous, 1990: A drill bit for auger drilling

Bowers, G. R, Jr; Nelson, L. R.; Finch, G. A, II I., 1989: A drought-avoiding soybean production system for northeast Texas

Makarenko, G. N., 1988: A dry nutrient medium for the common lacewing

Liu, Q.; Chou, N. S.; Yan, Q. L., 1989: A drying model of thin-layer of red pepper

Lass, D. A.; Weaver, R. D., 1988: A dual approach to the measurement of total factor productivity growth in the Corn Belt region

Murakami, S.; Okazaki, Y.; Kazama, T.; Suzuki, T.; Iwabuchi, I.; Kirioka, K., 1989: A dual infection of Clostridium perfringens and Escherichia coli in broiler chicks

Roloff, G.; Larson, G. A.; Larson, W. E.; Voss, R. P.; Becken, P. W., 1988: A dual targeting criterion for soil conservation programs in Minnesota

Harper, Ws; Baker, De; Mccormick, Lh, 1988: A dual-buffer titration method for lime requirement of acid minesoils

Lemay, O.; Venne, B., 1989: A dual-energy (electricity and LPG) heating system for broiler operations - progress report

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737119

Khan, A. U., 1990: A dual-mode all-crop thresher

Franzen, L., 1989: A dustfall episode on the Swedish west coast, October 1987

Feldmann, Ka; Marks, Md; Christianson, Ml; Quatrano, Rs, 1989: A dwarf mutant of Arabidopsis generated by T-DNA insertion mutagenesis

Vasavada, U.; Ball, V. E., 1988: A dynamic adjustment model for US agriculture: 1948-79

Huang, W. T., 1989: A dynamic analysis and control of supply management via imposing a potential marketing order under rational expectations. The case of the fresh tomatoes in the southeastern US

Alexander, V. J., 1989: A dynamic analysis of U.S. agricultural production

Bedingar, T.; Bobst, B. W., 1988: A dynamic analysis of demand and supply relationships for the U.S. beef cattle industry and their policy implications

Elminiawry, A. M., 1988: A dynamic autoregressive econometric model of the Egyptian rice market

Lea, J. D., 1989: A dynamic econometric model of the US shrimp market

Thijssen, G., 1989: A dynamic empirical micro-economic model of farm households

Feinerman, E.; Siegel, P. B., 1988: A dynamic farm-level planning model for beef feedlot production and marketing

Lim, J. T.; Wilkerson, G. G.; Raper, C. D, Jr; Gold, H. J., 1990: A dynamic growth model of vegetative soya bean plants: model structure and behaviour under varying root temperature and nitrogen concentration

Focks, DA.; McLaughlin, RE.; Smith, BM., 1988: A dynamic life table model of Psorophora columbiae in the southern Louisiana rice agroecosystem with supporting hydrologic submodel. Part 1. Analysis of literature and model development

Focks, DA.; McLaughlin, RE.; Smith, BM., 1988: A dynamic life table model of Psorophora columbiae in the southern Louisiana rice agroecosystem with supporting hydrologic submodel. Part 2. Model validation and population dynamics

Paula Junior, G. G. de; Rezende, J. L. P. de; Couto, L., 1987: A dynamic location analysis of charcoal producing units

Bernardo S., 1988: A dynamic model for estimating water evaporation from homogeneous bare soil

Dimitrov D.S., 1986: A dynamic model of nitrate movement in the soil profile

Danfaer, A., 1990: A dynamic model of nutrient digestion and metabolism in lactating dairy cows

Karp, L. S.; Perloff, J. M., 1990: A dynamic model of oligopoly in the coffee export market

Sidle, R. C., 1987: A dynamic model of slope stability in zero-order basins

Georgiev, N., 1988: A dynamic model of the productive-destructive processes in the Chrysopogon gryllus association in the region of the western Upper-Thracian plain

Neeteson, J. J.; Greenwood, D. J.; Draycott, A., 1988: A dynamic model to predict the optimum nitrogen fertiliser application rate for potato

Roy, B. L.; Jones, P., 1988: A dynamic multi-tasking environmental control system for plant growth chambers

Nederhoff, E. M.; Gijzen, H.; Vegter, J., 1989: A dynamic simulation model for greenhouse cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.): validation of the submodel for crop photosynthesis

Knapp, K.; Konyar, K., 1990: A dynamic spatial equilibrium model of the California alfalfa market

Costanza, R.; Sklar, F. H.; White, M. L.; Day, J. W, Jr, 1988: A dynamic spatial simulation model of land loss and marsh succession in coastal Louisiana

Hakeem, S. A., 1988: A dynamic supply model of the United States broiler industry

Sethi, A. S.; Aggarwal, G. C., 1989: A dynamic wheat emergence model: estimation of critical soil moisture contents

Stone, N. D.; Toman, T. W., 1989: A dynamically linked expert-database system for decision support in Texas cotton production

Abe, Y.; Shima, Y.; Nagao, Y.; Misono, T., 1988: A facile one-pot synthesis of arylthiocarbamates

Besada, A.; Gawagious, Y. A.; Tadros, N. B.; Ibrahim, L. F., 1987: A facile spectrophotometric method for the determination of antimony III antibilharzial compounds based on the formation of Molybdenum Blue

Chou, S. S. P.; Lee, W. H., 1990: A facile synthesis of homofarnesene components of fire-ant trail pheromone

Khan, M. M. T.; Halligudi, S. B.; Abdi, S. H. R.; Shukla, S., 1988: A facile synthesis of urea by the carbonylation of NH3

Mottram, T. T., 1990: A facility for research into sheep milking

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737162

Gomes, H. A.; Xavier, F. M.; Bartz, H. R.; Pignataro, I. C. B., 1988: A factorial NPK experiment with irrigated rice

Nieto, M. B.; Toledo, R. T., 1989: A factorial approach to modeling aw of a multicomponent food in the high moisture range (aw 0.90-1.00)

Semenova, A. V.; Saakov, V. S., 1989: A factorial experiment method for interpreting derivative spectra in studies of native protein structures

McGregor, K. C.; Bengtson, R. L.; Mutchler, C. K., 1988: A factorial study of the effects of surface and incorporated straw on interrill soil erosion

Wikerhauser, T.; Brglez, J.; Stulhofer, M.; Ivanisevic, B. , 1987: A failure to infect dogs with Echinococcus granulosus protoscoleces of human origin

Gardiner, C., 1988: A fair share of the cake? The employment of women in the English theatre

Schmitt, G., 1989: A false theory of agriculture and its fatal consequences

Coward, P. S., 1989: A familial alopecia

Salcedo G., 1988: A family of endosperm globulins encoded by genes located in group 1 chromosomes of wheat and related species

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Searle, S.; Campos, A.J.R.; Coulson, R.M.R.; Spithill, T. W.; Smith, D. F., 1989: A family of heat shock protein 70-related genes are expressed in the promastigotes of Leishmania major

Anonymous, 1989: A family-owned company with the size of a big group

Castro, P. de, 1989: A farm balance sheet using simulation modelling

Helms, G. L.; Richardson, J. W.; Cochran, M. J.; Rister, M. E., 1990: A farm level expert simulation system to aid farmers in selecting among crop insurance strategies

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Chandenier, J.; Tondriaux, A.; Merioua, M.; Galy, C., 1989: A fatal case of pernicious malaria

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737208

Palmore W.P., 1990: A fatal response to xylazine and ketamine in a group of rabbits

Zhang, J.; Wang, J. L.; Cong, B.; Yang, C. C., 1990: A faunal study of Trichogramma (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae) species on Ostrinia furnacalis (Lep.: Pyralidae) in China

Ali A. D.; Hartin, J. S., 1988: A faunal survey of spiders associated with Pinus radiata in a southern Californian farm

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Sivaprakasam, P., 1990: A feasibility study on the opening of a branch of the consumer's cooperative wholesale store

Brytskov, V.; Andriichuk, P., 1988: A feed form of niacin

Yartsev, V., 1989: A feed from the by-products of Pantokrine manufacture

Krokhina, V.; Yakhin, A., 1989: A feed mixture containing rapeseed oilmeal for fattening pigs

Galkin, V. S., 1987: A feed mixture for feeding reindeer stags with velvet antlers

Andrle, A.; Volf, M., 1989: A feed preparation unit for cattle

Maas, C; Schaal, S; Werr, W., 1990: A feedback control element near the transcription start site of the maize Shrunken gene determines promoter activity

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Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737236

Anonymous, 1990: A few statistics on agriculture in the Auvergne

Birch A.N.E., 1989: A field cage method for assessing resistance to turnip root fly in brassicas

Majewski M.S.; Glotfelty D.E.; Kyaw Tha Paw U.; Seiber J.N., 1990: A field comparison of several methods for measuring pesticide evaporation rates from soil

Seregeg, I. G.; Suzuki, T., 1988: A field control trial of Culex quinquefasciatus larvae by polymer formulations of OMS-786 and OMS-971 in Jakarta

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737243

Brempong Yeboah, C. Y.; Okoampah, N. D., 1989: A field experiment on the effects of some insecticides on the pests of garden egg (Solanum integrifolium) at Legon

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737247

Standish, J. T.; Haeussler, S.; Kokoshke, A.; Pojar, J.; Holmes, D.; Geisler, B. M.; Yole, D., 1987: A field guide for identification and interpretation of the coastal western hemlock zone, northern drier maritime subzone (CWHf), in the Prince Rupert Forest Region

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Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737272

Section 2, Chapter 1738, Accession 001737273

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