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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Murthy T.G.K.; Tiwari S.P.; Reddy P.S., 1988:
A linkage group for genes governing pod characters in peanut

Frankel, W.N.; Stoye, J.P.; Taylor, B.A.; Coffin, J.M., 1990:
A linkage map of endogenous murine leukemia proviruses

Carson S.; W.G.E., 1989:
A linkage map of the mouse immunoglobulin lambda light chain locus

Chao, S.; Sharp, P.J.; Gale, M.D., 1988:
A linkage map of wheat homoeologous group 7 chromosomes using RFLP markers

Azzam, A.M.; Yanagida, J.F.; Linsenmeyer, D., 1987:
A linked econometric model of the livestock-feed sectors in Nebraska and the rest of the United States

Rweyemamu, M.M.; Umehara, O.; Medeiros Neto, R.R.; Schiappacassi, C.A., 1987:
A lipoidal amine synthetic adjuvant: avridine

Itoh, H.; Thien, M.P.; Hatton, T.A.; Wang, D.I., 1990:
A liquid emulsion membrane process for the separation of amino acids

Groda, B., 1990:
A liquid waste spreader

Williams, M. de Courcy, 1989 :
A list of Irish Ephydridae (Diptera) based on the Haliday Collection in the National Museum of Ireland

Pang, X.F., 1988:
A list of Trichogramma from China

Hayashi, M.; Nakamura, S.; Makihara, H.; Saito, A.; Chu, Y.I., 1988:
A list of cerambycid beetles from Taiwan, (1). Subfamilies Disteniinae, Parandrinae, Prioninae, Philinae, Aseminae, Spondylinae & Lepturinae

Quednau, FW.; Shaposhnikov, GC., 1988:
A list of drepanosiphine aphids from the Soviet Far East, with descriptions of new species (Homoptera: Aphidoidea)

Zhang, B.C.; Huang, Y.C., 1990:
A list of important plant diseases in China

Janas, P.S., 1985:
A list of seed in the Canadian Forestry Service Seed Bank

Derzhavets, Y.A.; Ivanov, A.I.; Mironov, V.G.; Mishchenko, O.A.; Prasolov, V.N.; Sinev, S.Y., 1986:
A list of the Lepidoptera (Macrolepidoptera) of the Leningrad region

Jessop J.P., 1989:
A list of the vascular plants of South Australia (Edition III)

Pehap, A.; Sahlen, K., 1985:
A literature review of seed respiration

Brytskov, V.; Zinov' eva, S.; Yurkevich, A.; Smirnova, T.; Khanzhina, N., 1989:
A little-known vitamin - carnitine chloride

Brazner J.C.; Heinis L.J.; Jensen D.A., 1989:
A littoral enclosure for replicated field experiments

Walker, TJ., 1989:
A live trap for monitoring Euphasiopteryx and tests with E. ochracea (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Lobanenkov, V.V.; Klenowa, E.M.; Adler, V.V., 1989:
A liver-specific nuclear protein that binds to the distal promoter element of the rat tyrosine aminotransferase gene

Boor, P.; Straub, R.J.; Holmes, B.J.; Stowell, R., 1988:
A load management study in Wisconsin

Rosales, P.M.; Taba, S., 1988:
A local germplasm bank information management system

Clements S.E.; Leuschner W.A.; Hoganson H.; Wisdom H.W., 1988:
A local roundwood supply and price assessment model

Kim, J.H., 1989:
A local social development programme in the Republic of Korea

Croon, K.A.; Norton, K.R.; Merkle, M.G., 1986:
A logarithimic application study of the interaction between grass and broadleaf herbicides

Kardell, L.; Nilsson, P.O., 1986:
A logging damage study in a Norway spruce stand in Scania, Sweden

Overman A.R.; Martin F.G.; Wilkinson S.R., 1990:
A logistic equation for yield response of forage grass to nitrogen

Govers, G.; Everaert, W.; Poesen, J.; Rauws, G.; Ploey, J. de; Lautridou, J.P., 1990:
A long flume study of the dynamic factors affecting the resistance of a loamy soil to concentrated flow erosion

Kasubuchi, T.; Hasegawa, S., 1990:
A long heat probe method to measure average water content of soils having non-uniform soil water content

Sarkar, A.U., 1989:
A long run economic model of timber production in Bangladesh and strategies for development

Tadmor, A.; Tadmor, R.; Aravot, D., 1988:
A long standing fistula in a dog caused by a foreign body-diagnosis and treatment

Nomura Y.; Kobayashi K.; Tanaka K., 1988:
A long term survey of plasma and tissue ferritin in mice fed on iron deficient diets

Husain, L.; Dutkiewicz, V.A., 1990:
A long-term (1975-1988) study of atmospheric SO42-: regional contributions and concentration trends

Goldson, S.L.; Proffitt, J.R.; Stephen, R.C., 1987:
A long-term effect of sitona weevil damage in Canterbury lucerne

Hudska, G.; Kloutvorova, L., 1987:
A long-term evaluation of the persistence of nutrients in the soil under conditions of storage fertilization

Beer, W.H.; Murray, E.; Oh, S.H.; Pedersen, H.E.; Wolfe, R.R.; Young, V.R., 1989:
A long-term metabolic study to assess the nutritional value of and immunological tolerance to two soy-protein concentrates in adult humans

Horton, T.R.; Blanchard, R.L.; Windham, S.T., 1988:
A long-term study of radon and airborne particulates at phosphogypsum stacks in central Florida

Weinandy, H., 1989:
A long-term study of the epizootiology of coccidian infections in housed calves and young cattle

Rossi, P.; Belli, A.; Mancini, L.; Sabatinelli, G., 1986:
A longitudinal entomological survey of malaria transmission in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Petersen, E.; Hogh, B.; Marbiah, N.T.; Perlmann, H.; Willcox, M.; Dolopaie, E.; Hanson, A.P.; Bjorkman, A.; Perlmann, P., 1990:
A longitudinal study of antibodies to the Plasmodium falciparum antigen Pf155/RESA and immunity to malaria infection in adult Liberians

Heckert, R.A.; Saif, L.J.; Hoblet, K.H.; Agnes, A.G., 1990:
A longitudinal study of bovine coronavirus enteric and respiratory infections in dairy calves in two herds in Ohio

Kagamimori, S.; Fujita, T.; Naruse, Y.; Kurosawa, Y.; Watanabe, M., 1988:
A longitudinal study of serum ferritin concentration during the female adolescent growth spurt

Brabin, B.J.; Brabin, L.R.; Sapau, J.; Alpers, M.P., 1988:
A longitudinal study of splenomegaly in pregnancy in a malaria endemic area in Papua New Guinea

Pham, Q.T.; Mur, J.M.; Teculescu, D.; Chau, N.; Gabiano, M.; Gaertner, M.; Henquel, J.C., 1986:
A longitudinal study of symptoms and respiratory function tests in iron miners

McCourtie, J.; Poxton, I.R.; Brown, R.; Whittaker, C.R.; Spence, J.A.; Aitchison, G.U., 1990:
A longitudinal study of the cultivable subgingival anaerobic bacteria isolated from sheep during the development of broken mouth periodontitis

Rosen, L.; Lien, J.C.; Lu, L.C., 1989:
A longitudinal study of the prevalence of Japanese encephalitis virus in adult and larval Culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes in northern Taiwan

Masek, Z., 1989:
A longstanding problem regarding the determination of solids-not-fat in milk in Yugoslavian dairies

Culkin, D.F., 1989:
A look at Japanese work and leisure

Degni, J., 1986:
A look at arid zone agroforestry today

Burditt, G.M., 1990:
A look at future food labeling

Gonseth, M.O., 1988:
A look behind the tourism facade: some considerations on the development of tourism in the province of Ifugao (Philippines)

Anonymous, 1989:
A look into the future of tourism: less growth; more innovation

Kowlenko, Cg, 1989:
A low abrasion crusher for preparation of air-dried soils for element extraction

Bakker, J.C.; Janse, J., 1988:
A low average temperature gives a greater chance of skin crazing in tomatoes

Erbs, N.S., 1988:
A low cost aid for demonstrating the rolling resistance of rubber tyres

Varghese Thomas, T.; Gopalam, A.; Ramadasan, A., 1989:
A low cost greenhouse

Alahakoon, P.M.K.; Byler, R.K.; Mostaghimi, S.; McClellan, P.W., 1989 :
A low cost hydrologic data logger

Lambert, R.A.; Faulkner, R.D., 1989:
A low cost irrigation package for micro-scale irrigation in Africa

Hussain M.; Hoque M., 1988:
A low cost nuclear technique for the rapid determination of the protein content of rice

Ruan, R.; Brusewitz, G.H., 1989:
A low cost sound pressure grain moisture transducer

Samaraweera, D.S.A.; Ediriweera, D.P., 1988:
A low cost voltage stabilizer for infra-red tea moisture meters used in tea factories

Forristal, D., 1989:
A low ground pressure silage harvesting system for small farms on low trafficability soils

Miller E., 1990:
A low head drip irrigation system for smallholdings

Margot, J.B.; Binkert, C.; Mary, J.L.; Landwehr, J.; Heinrich, G.; Schwander, J., 1989:
A low molecular weight insulin-like growth factor binding protein from rat: cDNA cloning and tissue distribution of its messenger RNA

Overboe, P.D.; Shaffer, R.M.; Stuart, W.B., 1988:
A low-cost program to improve log truck weight control

Gomathinayagam, P.; Natarajan, S.; Subramanian, M.; Nagarajan, M., 1988:
A low-cost rapid screening technique for seminal root elongation

Bernier, H.; Cottinet, M.L., 1989:
A low-cost real-time multitasking computerized controller for farm buildings

Thanvi, K.P.; Pande, P.C., 1989:
A low-cost tilted type solar dryer

Boman, B.J., 1990:
A low-cost water level indicator for shallow water table observation

Sweeney, K.; Cass, M., 1990:
A low-fat spread

Safarov, K.S.; Kasymov, A.K.; Belenitskaya, M.A.; Gizatullina, Z.Z.; Zakharova, T.N.; Ishmukhamedov, R.N.; Konov, V.V.; Gainutdinov, M.K., 1989:
A low-molecular-weight intracellular factor of organic nature from cotton roots and its uncoupling effect in oxidative phosphorylation

Korzh, G.P.; Potunin, A.F.; Shatokhin, M.F.; Priporov, E.V.; Korzh, S.G., 1989:
A low-vacuum milking machine

Bruschi, F.; Solfanelli, S.; Alessandroni, P.; Pozio, E.; Giuntini, C., 1989:
A lung perfusion study in Trichinella spiralis infected monkeys

Phene, C.J.; McCormick, R.L.; Davis, K.R.; Pierro, J.D.; Meek, D.W., 1989:
A lysimeter feedback irrigation controller system for evapotranspiration measurements and real time irrigation scheduling

Tan, S.L.; Ambak, K., 1989:
A lysimeter study on the effect of watertable on cassava grown on peat

Liang, T.; Mehra, S.K.; Khan, M.A., 1989:
A macadamia nut curing system for improving kernel recovery

Paunov, I., 1989:
A machine for cleaning seeds from control nurseries and preliminary strain testing

Kuz' minov, V.G.; Chernyavskii, S.V.; Dynkin, M.B.; Brusilovskii, Y.R., 1988:
A machine for harvesting fodder beet tops

Lines, J.A.; Young, N.A., 1989:
A machine for measuring the suspension characteristics of agricultural tyres

Comenge Ensenat, J.C., 1990:
A machine for precision treatment. Solution of a specific problem for gametocyte application to wheat

Rodriguez, R.; Soto, P.L., 1984:
A machinery combination for the simultaneous seedbed preparation, drilling and fertilizer application of maize

Downing, T.E., 1988:
A macro-organizational analysis of the Mexican coffee industry, 1888-1977

Jakeman, R.J.B.; Cheetham, A.K.; Clayden, N.J.; Dobson, C.M., 1989:
A magic angle spinning NMR study of the phase diagram Ca3-xZnx(PO4)2

Gaudencio, C. de A.; Yorinori, J.T.; Machado, C.C.; Gazziero, D.L.P.; Torres, E.; Lantmann, A.F.; Garcia, A., 1988:
A maize/soyabean rotation succeeded by winter crops, green manure and fallow

Pearson, C.A., 1988:
A major cause of Third World rheumatism largely overlooked - onchocerciasis

Campetella, O.; Martinez, J.; Cazzulo, J.J., 1990:
A major cysteine proteinase is developmentally regulated in Trypanosoma cruzi

Medvedev, N.; Dmitrenko, V.; Filimonov, A., 1989 :
A major factor in raising soil fertility

Priola, S.A.; Gustafson, D.P.; Wagner, E.K.; Stevens, J.G., 1990:
A major portion of the latent pseudorabies virus genome is transcribed in trigeminal ganglia of pigs

Manco, G.; Abrescia, P., 1988:
A major secretory protein from rat seminal vesicle binds ejaculated spermatozoa

Ori, N.; Sessa, G.; Lotan, T.; Himmelhoch, S.; Fluhr, R., 1990:
A major stylar matrix polypeptide (sp41) is a member of the pathogenesis-related proteins superclass

Sap, J.; de Magistris, L.; Stunnenberg, H.; Vennström, B., 1990:
A major thyroid hormone response element in the third intron of the rat growth hormone gene

Olney, G.R.; Kirk, G.J., 1989:
A management model that helps increase profit on Western Australian dairy farms

Schone, D., 1987:
A manganese-induced iron chlorosis in Douglas fir

Betin, S.G., 1988:
A manipulator for milking equipment

Zil' berg, L.P.; Leibenzon, M.G.; Torgovetskii, A.V., 1988:
A manual apparatus for releasing Trichogramma

Anonymous, 1989:
A manual on the economic accounts for agriculture and forestry

Malicki, M.A.; Skierucha, W.M., 1989:
A manually controlled TDR soil moisture meter operating with 300 ps rise-time needle pulse

Benito M.C.; Sanchez M.; Shin J.S.; Blake T., 1988:
A map of barley chromosome 2 using isozymic and morphological markers

Chambers J.C.; Brown R.W., 1988:
A mapping table for obtaining plant population data

King, A.B.S.; Armes, N.J.; Pedgley, D.E., 1990:
A mark-capture study of Helicoverpa armigera dispersal from pigeonpea in southern India

Goater, TM.; Shostak, AW.; Williams, JA.; Esch, GW., 1989:
A mark-recapture study of trematode parasitism in overwintered Helisoma anceps (Pulmonata), with special reference to Halipegus occidualis (Hemiuridae)

Weeden, N.F.; Provvidenti, R., 1988:
A marker locus, AdH-1, for resistance to pea enation mosaic virus in Pisum sativum

O.B.ien, P.; Meyers, W.H.; Morton, A.S., 1990:
A market context for the 1990 Farm Bill debate

Nakamoto, S.; Halloran, J.; Yanagida, J.; Leung, P.S., 1989:
A market example and economic evaluation of information and price uncertainty

Tripp, W.K., 1988:
A market segmentation strategy for cruise package design

Balling, R., 1990:
A marketing plan for a trade marked beef

Goodwin, H.L.J.; Downing, M.; Fuller, S.W., 1989:
A marketing profile of wholesale operations in the Texas green industry: an overview

Pats, P., 1989:
A marking technique for Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera; Pyralidae) by adding dye to the larval diet

Breen P.F., 1990:
A mass balance method for assessing the potential of artificial wetlands for wastewater treatment

Limbach, A., 1986:
A mass occurrence of the cockchafer Melolontha melolontha (Col., Scarabaeidae)

Schmutzenhofer, H., 1983:
A mass outbreak of Zeiraphera rufimitrana in the foothills of the Alps

Noh, E.R.; Lee, S.K.; Koo, Y.B.; Chung, K.H., 1988:
A mass propagation method for aspen (Populus davidiana Dode) using tissue culture and juvenile cutting techniques

Netherlands, Adviesbureau voor Marketing en Public Relations bv, 1989:
A master plan for cultural tourism

Geer, D. van de; Schukken, Y.H.; Grommers, F.J.; Brand, A., 1988:
A matched case-control study of clinical mastitis in Holstein-Friesian dairy cows

Strien, A.J. van; Meelis, E., 1990:
A matched pairs selection method for the analysis of abundance data with many zero values

Bursztein, S.; Saphar, P.; Singer, P.; Elwyn, D.H., 1989:
A mathematical analysis of indirect calorimetry measurements in acutely ill patients

Vanamail, P.; Subramanian, S.; Rajagopalan, P.K., 1990 :
A mathematical analysis of various factors involved in transmission of bancroftian filariasis in Pondicherry

Duncan, FD.; Nel, A.; Batzofin, SH.; Hewitt, PH., 1990:
A mathematical approach to rating food acceptance of the harvester termite, Hodotermes mossambicus (Isoptera: Hodotermitidae) and the evaluation of baits for its control

Dettling, W., 1989:
A mathematical evaluation of the R-factor

Sheng, J.Y.; Gao, Y.L., 1989:
A mathematical model and experimental research on the force exerted on seeds by airflow in the suction holes

Gariepy, Y.; Raghavan, G.S.V., 1989:
A mathematical model for a pressure regulated silicone membrane gas permeator for CA storage

Wan, J.B.; Zhao, X.D.; Ji, C.Q., 1990:
A mathematical model for conventional grain thresher and its application

Buwalda, J.G.; Smith, G.S., 1988:
A mathematical model for predicting annual fertiliser requirements of kiwifruit vines

Zeng, D.C.; Zhu, Y.H.; Zhou, Y.M., 1989:
A mathematical model for sideways overturning performance of tractor and trailer combinations

Navi, S.S.; Srikant Kulkarni; Hegde, R.K.; Hargund, V.B.; Advani, M.R., 1988:
A mathematical model for studying aerobiology of leaf rust of wheat (Triticum aestivum Linn.) caused by Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici Rob. ex Desm

Merin U.; Talpaz H.; Fishman S., 1989:
A mathematical model for the description of chymosin action on casein micelles

Woyke J., 1988:
A mathematical model for the dynamics of spermatozoa entry into the spermathecae of instrumentally inseminated queen honeybees

Smith G., 1990:
A mathematical model for the evolution of anthelmintic resistance in a direct life cycle nematode parasite

Kleyn F.J.; Gous R.M., 1988:
A mathematical model for the formulation of optimal amino acid and energy concentrations in feeds for laying hens

Singh, M.P.; Kumari, M.; Ghosh, S., 1990:
A mathematical model for the recent oleum leakage in Delhi

Chen D X.; Wang T D., 1989:
A mathematical model for the response of primary root elongation to environment

Pettigrew J.E.; Gill M.; France J.; Close W.H., 1989:
A mathematical model of sow energy and protein metabolism

Polyakov, V.Yu, 1988:
A mathematical model of the accuracy of working in panel-sizing machines

Nino de Zepeda, A.; Maino M.M., 1988:
A mathematical model of the dynamics of the cattle subsector

Khyzmiev, I.K., 1988:
A mathematical model of the growth of cucumber seedlings in the greenhouse

Grinchik, N.N.; Klepanda, A.S.; Kuznetsov, A.P., 1988:
A mathematical model of the heat and moisture transfer in soils taking the thermoosmosis condition into account

Kunisch, M.; Richter, O.; Koch, W., 1988:
A mathematical model of the population dynamics of Chenopodium album L

Mack, TP.; Smith, JW.; Reed, RB., 1987:
A mathematical model of the population dynamics of the lesser cornstalk borer, Elasmopalpus lignosellus

Patil, M.K.; Palanichamy, M.S., 1988:
A mathematical model of tractor-occupant system with a new seat suspension for minimization of vibration response

Costantini, A.; Francaviglia, R.; Moretti, R., 1985:
A mathematical model study on the management of forage crop productivity. Note I: Research on maize carried out in 1986. Part I: Climatic surveys

Francaviglia, R.; Tombesi, L.; Moretti, R., 1985:
A mathematical model study on the management of forage crop productivity. Note I: Research on maize carried out in 1986. Part II: Studies on mathematical model testing

Cale, M.T.; Rea, E., 1985:
A mathematical model study on the management of forage crop productivity. Note I: Research on maize carried out in 1986. Part IV: Physiological aspects of production

Black J.M.W.; Baragar F.A.; Chanasyk D.S., 1989:
A mathematical model to estimate aggregate breakdown during soil sieving in a modified rapid rotary sieve

Mannocchi, F.; Mecarelli, P., 1988:
A mathematical model to evaluate irrigated crop yield on a regional scale

Benech Arnold, R.L.; Ghersa, C.M.; Sanchez, R.A.; Insausti, P., 1989:
A mathematical model to predict Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers. seedling emergence in relation to soil temperature

Shoemaker, D.K.; Rutledge, E.M.; House, J.W.; Griffis, C.L.; Mitchell, D.T., 1987:
A mathematical model to predict orifice plugging in a low-pressure distribution system

Suministrado, D.C.; Koike, M.; Konaka, T.; Yuzawa, S.; Kuroishi, I., 1988:
A mathematical model to predict the trajectory of soil motion on a moldboard plow surface

Obtulovic, P.; Sojkova, Z., 1988:
A mathematical/statistical approach to milk production cost analysis for a selected group of collective farms

Gujer, W.; Boller, M., 1990:
A mathemetical model for rotating biological contactors

Wisner, B.; Gilgen, H.; Antille, N.; Sulzer, P.; Steiner, D., 1987:
A matrix-flow approach to rural domestic energy: a Kenyan case study

Vos, P.; van Asseldonk, M.; van Jeveren, F.; Siezen, R.; Simons, G.; de Vos, W.M., 1989:
A maturation protein is essential for production of active forms of Lactococcus lactis SK11 serine proteinase located in or secreted from the cell envelope

Johnstone D.R.; Cooper J.F.; Flower L.S.; Harris E.G.; Smith S.C.; Turner C.R., 1989:
A means of applying mature aerosol drops to insects for screening biocidal activity

Suitz, T.; Kurosu, T.; Umehara, T., 1988:
A measurement of microwave backscattering coefficients of rice plants

Eidesmo T.; Johnsson A., 1988:
A measurement system to detect small plant movements

Pfutzenreuter, H.; Suchy, B., 1990 :
A measuring device to determine the vegetation index of cereal plots

Fukunari A.; Sasabe M.; Maeda T.; Terada T.; Tsutsumi Y., 1989:
A mechanical and enzymatic approach to recovery of ovarian follicular oocytes in rabbits

Minkov, D.; Stoyanov, S., 1989:
A mechanical and mathematical model for studying the dynamics of sowing units for random effects

Shroyer, D.A., 1989:
A mechanical aspirator for safe transfer of arbovirus-infected mosquitoes within containment chambers

Sreenarayanan, V.V.; Visvanathan, R.; Swaminathan, K.R., 1989:
A mechanical cassava chipper

Heiland, W.K.; Kozempel, M., 1988:
A mechanical destoner for small processing plants

Porteus, S.C.; Parish, R.L.; Wright, M.E., 1988:
A mechanical transplanter for coastal marsh stabilization

Holt, J.B., 1989:
A mechanism for elevating selectively mechanically cut cauliflowers

Mason, J.; Copeland, J., 1989:
A mechanism for the creation of conjoined twinning in Lehmannia valentiana present in the primary oocyte (Gastropoda, Pulmonata)

Dziuba, J.; Bochenek, A., 1989:
A mechanism of proteolysis catalysed by pepsin and 'Fromase' in milk fortified with alcohol-precipitated whey proteins

Zhang, D.; Carpenter, C.E.; Mahoney, A.W., 1990 :
A mechanistic hypothesis for meat enhancement of nonheme iron absorption: stimulation of gastric secretions and iron chelation

Shishkin, E.A., 1988:
A mechanized log heating basin of the pass-through type

Magdalina, G.I., 1986:
A mechanized system for washing driers

Marchant, J.A., 1990:
A mechatronic approach to produce grading

Adams M.R.; Bryan J.J.; Thurston P.J., 1989:
A medium designed for monitoring pitching yeast contamination in beer using a conductimetric technique

Sundaresan, N.; Prasad, M.N.; Raveendran, T.S.; Suresh, S.; Nagarajan, C.N., 1988:
A medium duration high yielding ragi strain Co12 (Eleusine coracana Gartn.) for Tamil Nadu

Gus' kov, A.M.; Nauk, V.A.; Bukarchuk, M.G.; Kazakova, Y.M.; Tikan, I.V.; Koval' chuk, L.P.; Burtseva, S.A.; Bogulslavskii, V.M., 1989:
A medium for cryopreservation of ram semen: A. S. 1498489 SSSR, MKI4 A 61 D 7/02

Dillon, V.M.; Board, R.G., 1989:
A medium for detecting sulphite-binding yeasts in meat products

Klotz, L.V.; Nelson, P.E.; Toussoun, T.A., 1988:
A medium for enhancement of chlamydospore formation in Fusarium species

Correa, O.S.; Gonzalez, F.C., 1989:
A medium for enumeration of flavour-producing bacteria in starters

Kundu B.S.; Bala I.; Singh K.; Tauro P., 1987:
A medium for the study of diazotrophs associated with plant roots

Sharma, J.P.; Mani, S.C., 1989:
A medium-duration, high-yielding scented hybrid rice

Tatchell, G.M.; Riley, A.M., 1989:
A melanic aberration of Pieris rapae (L.), the small white butterfly (Lep.: Pieridae)

Feigl, G.; Gram, M.; Pongs, O., 1989:
A member of the steroid hormone receptor gene family is expressed in the 20-OH-ecdysone inducible puff 75B in Drosophila melanogaster

Herbig, S.M.; Smith, K.L., 1988:
A membrane-based cattle insecticide eartag

Dakshayani, K.; Bentur, JS.; Kalode, MB., 1988:
A meridic diet for rice leaf folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenee)

Petersen, O., 1988:
A method and an apparatus for heating liquid samples, and a container for use in the apparatus

Citri, N., 1988:
A method and kit for testing for the presence of catalase in milk

Mikhov, M.; V"lchev, S.; Dzhoneva, A., 1989:
A method and mechanism for sowing vegetable crops and simultaneously covering the rows with strips of polyethylene film

Marutani, T.; Aragami, K.; Yuruki, T., 1987:
A method for analysis of annual rings influenced by environment (II)

Christensen N.B.; Sisson J.B.; Barnes P.L., 1989 :
A method for analyzing penetration resistance data

Boersma, H.Y.; Kimenai, M.P.; Kollmann, C.J.; Ijkema, S.; Spoelstra, T., 1990:
A method for applying a binding around cheeses, as well as so obtained cheeses

Gimblett, R.; Smith, L.; Ferguson, D.; Kelley, B., 1987:
A method for assessing and revitalizing non-productive or underutilized agricultural land for alternative rural development: a case study

Foulley J.L.; Gianola D.; San Cristobal M.; I.S., 1990:
A method for assessing extent and sources of heterogeneity of residual variances in mixed linear models

Oshima, M.; Yoshida, T.; Koyama, K.; Moriyama, T., 1990:
A method for assessing loss in milk yield due to subclinical mastitis

Lin C.S.; Binns M.R., 1988:
A method for assessing regional trial data when the test cultivars are unbalanced with respect to locations

Kesteren, A.R. van, 1986:
A method for assessing the environmental sensitivity of land to forest harvesting in central and western Newfoundland

Leclercq Perlat M N.; Lalande M.; Tissier J.P., 1990:
A method for assessment of the cleanability of equipment in the food processing industry

van Leengoed, L.A.; Kamp, E.M., 1989:
A method for bronchoalveolar lavage in live pigs

Varvarov, V.V.; Polyanskii, K.K., 1985:
A method for calculating the efficiency of cleaning of exhaust air in drying of milk products

Hakansson I., 1990:
A method for characterizing the state of compactness of the plough layer

Wilson, P.H., 1986:
A method for chemical control of Leucaena leucocephala

Cochrane, S.M.; Parent, J.M.; Allen, D.G.; Black, W.D.; Valliant, A.E.; Lumsden, J.H., 1989:
A method for chronic intravenous catheterization in the cat

Ramachandran, R.; Khan, Z.R., 1990:
A method for collecting leaffolder (LF) eggs on nonplant substrates

Meyer, U., 1988:
A method for comparing ordinal assessment scales

Rutkowska, L., 1987:
A method for comparison of forest communities

Strojek R.M.; Reed M.A.; Hoover J.L.; Wagner T.E., 1990:
A method for cultivating morphologically undifferentiated embryonic stem cells from porcine blastocysts

Prokic, D., 1987:
A method for density measurement of milk using a pycnometer

Christensen T.H.; Lun X.Z., 1989:
A method for determination of cadmium species in solid waste leachates

Petkov G.; Nenchev P., 1988:
A method for determination of gas exchange and heat production in bees

Miszczak, M., 1989 :
A method for determination of theoretical characteristics of centrifugal pumps for field sprayers

Ogawa T.; Fujii R.; Tanaka K.; Morita I.; Mori E.; Harada T.; Sakaguchi H., 1988:
A method for determination of triacetin in foods by gas chromatography

Krivileva, N.I.; Kakhana, B.M., 1988:
A method for determining beta -fructofuranosidase activity in apple fruits

Huang K., 1988:
A method for determining dispersion coefficient of unsaturated soil under field conditions

Mathes, D.T.; Liyanage, L.V.K.; Randeni, G., 1989:
A method for determining leaf area of one, two and three year old coconut seedlings (Var. CRIC 60)

Kaselowsky J.; Bhadoria P.B.S.; Claassen N.; Jungk A., 1990:
A method for determining phosphate diffusion coefficients by bulk diffusion in soil

Sekita N., 1989:
A method for determining the intrinsic rate of natural increase

Zhang, X.X., 1989:
A method for determining the longitudinal and lateral dispersion parameters of field soils under saturated conditions

Hosseini J.; Elin R.J., 1988:
A method for determining the magnesium concentration of mononuclear blood cells

German, S.M.; Beer, S.A.; Straan, N.M., 1987:
A method for determining the viability of Dicrocoelium ova (miracidia)

Burley C.C.; Vigg S., 1989 :
A method for direct measurement of the maximum volume of fish stomachs or digestive tracts

Darby, W.M.; Boobar, L.R.; Sardelis, M.R., 1988:
A method for dispensing planaria (Dugesia dorotocephala) for mosquito control

Eichenberger, J.K.; Parker, G.R.; Beers, T.W., 1982:
A method for ecological forest sampling

Magnusson T., 1989:
A method for equilibration chamber sampling and gas chromatographic analysis of the soil atmosphere

Cabanettes, A., 1989:
A method for estimating above-ground woody biomass in young coppice stands

Rondeux, J.; Laurent, C.; Toussaint, A., 1987:
A method for estimating branch and crown volume in beech and oak stands

Harms R.H.; Rossi A.F.; Sloan D.R.; Miles R.D.; Christmas R.B., 1990:
A method for estimating shell weight and correcting specific gravity for egg weight in eggshell quality studies

Kempinas, W.G.; Lamano-Carvalho, T.L., 1988:
A method for estimating the concentration of spermatozoa in the rat cauda epididymidis

Spangenberg, G., 1988:
A method for estimating the hydrological capacity of sites

Minore, D., 1986:
A method for estimating the preharvest potential for seedling height growth on cutover forest land in southwestern Oregon

Wei, X.Z., 1988 :
A method for estimation of vertical distribution of leaf area index in wheat canopy

Smith K.L.; Hogan J.S., 1989:
A method for evaluating confidence in the microbiological diagnosis of intramammary infection

Fraser, R.W., 1988:
A method for evaluating supply response to price underwriting

Sisterson, D.L., 1989:
A method for evaluation of acidic sulfate and nitrate in precipitation

Ernst, E., 1989:
A method for evaluation of epididymal sperm count and motility in the rat

Minayilo, V.A., 1988:
A method for fastening delta traps

Parillon, C.; Valverde, V.; Delgado, H., 1988:
A method for identifying and quantifying poor and malnourished family groups in the Republic of Panama

Rakoczy Trojanowska, M.; Malepszy, S., 1989:
A method for increased plant regeneration from immature F1 and BC1 embryos of Cucurbita maxima Duch. X C. pepo L. hybrids

Lozano R.; Rejon C.R.; Rejon M.R., 1988:
A method for increasing the number of mitoses available for cytogenetic analysis in rainbow trout

Lien, S.; Rogne, S.; Brovold, M.J.; Alestrom, P., 1990:
A method for isolation of DNA from frozen (AI) bull semen

Cushion, M.T.; Blase, M.A.; Walzer, P.D., 1989:
A method for isolation of RNA from Pneumocystis carinii

Ravi, V.; Chowdhury, S.R., 1989:
A method for leaf area determination in Dioscorea

Ham, P.J.; Fleming, S.D., 1988:
A method for long-term storage of living blackflies at 4 degrees C

Thind, T.S.; Munshi, G.D.; Sokhi, S.S., 1988:
A method for maintenance of Plasmopara viticola and laboratory evaluation of fungicides

Alekseev, A.N.; Chunikhin, S.P., 1987:
A method for manufacturing glass microneedles for injecting ticks and other small arthropods

Castrignano A.M.; Colucci R., 1988:
A method for measuring hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils

Yang, S.L., 1987:
A method for measuring the structural strength and stability of plastic film greenhouses

Bhatia, S.S.; Hakim, S.Y., 1987:
A method for measuring the tracheal volume of insects

Pakhomov, V.A.; Kartashov, L.P.; Averkiev, A.A.; Bystrov, A.I., 1988:
A method for milking newly calved cows in the calving unit of the farm

Buchanan P.; Savigny K.W.; D.V.ies J., 1990:
A method for modeling water tables at debris avalanche headscarps

Pimpl, F., 1987:
A method for photographing genitalia preparations of Lepidoptera with the aid of an enlarging apparatus

Thomas, D.D., 1989:
A method for preparing Achlya cysts with high zoosporogenic potential

Skovhauge, E.; Jorgensen, E.B.; Nielsen, P.G.; Sorensen, C.B., 1988:
A method for preparing prepressed cheese curd blocks and an assembly for carrying out said method

Hasenkampf, C.A., 1989:
A method for producing synaptonemal complex complements in lily and mouse

Kik, R., 1990:
A method for reallotment research in land development projects in the Netherlands

Moreno, J.; Falco, J.V.; Jimenez, R., 1989:
A method for rearing Prays citri Mill in laboratory

Catindig, J.L.A.; Barrion, A.T.; Litsinger, J.A., 1989:
A method for rearing armyworm Spodoptera mauritia acronyctoides Guenee Lepidoptera: Noctuidae on graminaceous hosts

Mahendra, R.; Bhattarai, 1989:
A method for recognizing seed growers and improving quality standards through incentives in seed production schemes of developing countries

Dover, J.W., 1989:
A method for recording and transcribing observations of butterfly behaviour

Hinz, B., 1989:
A method for recording pea aphids in field crops

Galgani, F.; Bocquene, G., 1989:
A method for routine detection of organophosphates and carbamates in sea water

Lysyk, T.J.; Sanders, C.J., 1987:
A method for sampling endemic populations of the spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) based on proportion of empty sample units

Hasanuddin, A.; Daquioag, R.D.; Hibino, H., 1988:
A method for scoring resistance to tungro RTV

Santrucek, J.; Slavik, B., 1990:
A method for separating cuticular and stomatal components of gas exchange by amphistomatous leaves. I. Model solution

Santrucek, J.; Slavik, B., 1990:
A method for separating cuticular and stomatal components of gas exchange by amphistomatous leaves. II. Experimental solution

Hardie, J.; Tatchell, G.M., 1989:
A method for separating summer and autumn migrants of host-alternating aphids

Blandford, D.; Gorter, H. de; Gardner, B.; Harvey, D., 1990:
A method for sustaining yields which produces only minimum changes in the market

Freilich J.E., 1989:
A method for tagging individual benthic macroinvertebrates

Maddison, WP., 1990:
A method for testing the correlated evolution of two binary characters: are gains or losses concentrated on certain branches of a phylogenetic tree?

Vercesi, A., 1988:
A method for the aerial application of fertilizers in viticulture

Muguerza, D.; Bouille, D., 1990:
A method for the appraisal of alternative electricity supply options applied to the rural areas of Misiones Province, Argentina

Bohne, K., 1987:
A method for the calculation of the vertical non-steady state water flow in the aeration zone of the soil

Heikkila, H.; Kurula, V., 1988:
A method for the crystallization of fructose

Moran C.J.; Mcbratney A.B.; Ringrose Voase A.J.; Chartres C.J., 1989:
A method for the dehydration and impregnation of clay soil

Trueby P.; Aldinger E., 1989:
A method for the determination of exchangeable cations in forest soils

Piwowarski, A., 1989:
A method for the economic analysis of the efficiency of production

Bemiss, J.A.; Logan, M.M.; Sample, J.D.; Richards, G.P., 1989:
A method for the enumeration of poliovirus in selected molluscan shellfish

Ingrao, G.; Breuer, F.; Santaroni, G.P., 1990:
A method for the evaluation of the Cs-137 ingestion following the Chernobyl accident

Hamamoto, M.; Shimoda, K.; Matsuura, N.; Matsuura, H., 1988:
A method for the fractionation and determination of carnitines in milk and milk products

Zheng O.; Jiang W.; Q.X.L., 1989:
A method for the indirect determination of trace bound selenomethionine in plants and some biological materials

Buffoni F.; Cambi S., 1990:
A method for the isolation and identification of pyridoxal phosphate in proteins

Palmer, S.E.; Ulrich, V., 1988:
A method for the isolation of maize seedling nuclei suitable for chromatin analysis

Boominathan, K.; Mahadevan, A., 1988:
A method for the isolation of megaplasmid from Pseudomonas solanacearum

Enisz, J., 1988:
A method for the measurement in vivo of the sensitivity to SBI fungicides of Venturia inaequalis

Ramsay B.J.R.; D.T.emblay M.; Chavarie C., 1989:
A method for the quantification of bacterial protein in the presence of jarosite

Williams, P.D.; Wilkinson, A.K.; Lewis, J.A.; Black, G.M.; Mavituna, F., 1988:
A method for the rapid production of fine plant cell suspension cultures

Chiancone, E., 1988:
A method for the selective deproteinization of whey

Singh, B.S., 1989:
A method for the study of fungistatic effects of microbial volatile inhibitors in relation to culture growth

Maurin G.; Lavanceau P.; Fougeroux A., 1989:
A method for the study of molluscicides

Skatulla, U., 1989:
A method for the successful control of the lesser spruce sawfly, Pristiphora abietina (Christ.) (Hym., Tenthredinidae)

Sears, J.; Cooke, S.W.; Cooke, Z.R.; Heron, T.J., 1989:
A method for the treatment of lead poisoning in the mute swan (Cygnus olor) and its long-term success

Dobrzanski, B.; Felczynski, K., 1988:
A method for tomato seed rubbing and physical characteristics evaluation

Hazeleger W.; Van Der Meulen J.; Van Der Lende T., 1989:
A method for transcervical embryo collection in the pig

Mccarthy B.C., 1988:
A method of access into the crowns of subcanopy and canopy trees

Zhelev N., 1988:
A method of applying maleic hydrazide in the control of tobacco broomrape

Magyar, S.J.; Biediger, T.; Hodges, C.; Kraemer, D.C.; Seager, S.W., 1989:
A method of artificial insemination in captive White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus )

Austin, A.J.S.; Sethumadhavan, V.; Natarajan, N., 1990:
A method of assessment of frozen chicken spermatozoa using acridine orange as fluorophore

Hassan, S.T.S.; Ibrahim, R.C., 1987:
A method of calculating the action threshold value for insect pests damaging rice

Sutjahjo, B.A., 1982:
A method of calculating the cost price of timber

Kuchin, A.V.; Vorontsov, Y.F., 1988:
A method of calculating the size of batches of dimension-stock lumber

Dickson, L.R.; Dopfmer, I.; Dalefield, R.R.; Graydon, R.J.; Jolly, R.D., 1989:
A method of cerebro-cortical biopsy in lambs

Brassat, H.; Wohlleben, W., 1988:
A method of computer-assisted information retrieval for work studies in land improvement operations

Nienartowicz A., 1988:
A method of describing the development and state of a plant community

Dayong Z., 1989:
A method of detecting departure from randomness in plant communities

Koto, M.; Miwa, M.; Togashi, M.; Tsuji, K.; Okamoto, M.; Adachi, J., 1987:
A method of detecting the optimum day for mating during the 4- day oestrous cycle in the rat. Measuring the electrical impedance value in the vagina

Kublin, E.; Kredler, C.; Arbesmeier, H., 1988:
A method of determining climatic factors relevant for increment

Walczyk, M.; Walczyk, J., 1990:
A method of determining the distribution of tracks of wheels of agricultural aggregates on a field surface and the calculation of cumulated consumption of energy for a given technology of cultivation

Gadzhiev, G.K.; Reshetin, O.L., 1987:
A method of determining the dynamic profile of soil moisture on the basis of remote aerial measurements

Sarkisov, R.N.; Mkrtchyan, L.P.; Zakharyan, V.A., 1988:
A method of determining the optimum times for collecting encysted larvae of the Ararat cochineal

Luboya, K.; Berthert, P.; Clobert, J.; Vera, H., 1988:
A method of estimating and analysing moulting frequencies and survival rates in reared arthropods

Dusek, J., 1988 :
A method of estimating the breeding value of stallions from the performance of their progeny

Meuser, H.; Wessolek, G.; Renger, M., 1987:
A method of estimating the root length of cereals per unit volume of soil

Patil, S.J.; Reddy, P.P.; Kenchanagoudar, P.V.; Patil, S.A., 1989:
A method of estimation of leaf area in castor (Ricinus communis L.)

Surjeet Singh; Srivastava, M.P., 1987:
A method of grading for resistance to Myrothecium leaf spot of mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilzeck) and screening for resistance

Chernova, N.A.; Ershova, Z.G., 1988:
A method of identifying races of Pyricularia oryzae Cav. on a genetic basis

Artmann, R., 1989:
A method of individual or group specific allotment of feeding places in loose housing

Nonaka, K.; Takahashi, K., 1988:
A method of measuring available silicates in paddy soils

Huang, D.H.; Chen, Z.Z., 1988:
A method of measuring litter decomposition using an infrared CO2 analyser

Valancogne, C.; Nasr, Z., 1989:
A method of measuring the natural sap flow in small trees using heat balance

Grimm, H.; Rabold, K., 1989:
A method of milking an animal

Golightly, W., 1986:
A method of operating heat exchangers

Tavernier, L., 1988:
A method of practical nutrition of horses

Hiwatashi, M., 1986:
A method of predicting merchantable volume based on taper curve equations

Johnson, C.E.; Burt, E.C., 1990:
A method of predicting soil stress state under tires

Sergeeva, E.G.; Savina, N.A.; Shevchenko, S.F.; Freze, V.I.; Dalin, M.V., 1987:
A method of preparing Diphyllobothrium surface antigens

Vorob' eva, Y.V.; Gridnev, V.V., 1989:
A method of producing interspecies hybrid oospores of Phytophthora on tomato leaves

Ybema, J.; Schutte, G., 1989:
A method of promoting the health and the growth of piglets

Escobar, A.; Noa, M.; Mella, C.; Acosta, A.; Aguilera, J.M., 1986:
A method of purifying aflatoxins by adsorption in silica gel

Sadikova, G.I., 1986:
A method of quantitative estimation of the activity of juvenile hormone in the organism of insects

Khokhrin, S.; Mukhamed, K.D., 1989:
A method of restricted feeding of young hens

Sassa, T., 1987:
A method of root growth study on seedlings. Some results using topsoil and subsoil (Research note)

Chossat, J.C., 1989:
A method of simulating available days

Raichev, T.; Filcheva, E., 1989:
A method of simultaneous determination of the carbon content and degree of oxidation of organic matter in the soil

Raffan, P.J., 1990:
A method of surgical correction of glaucoma in a dog

Rehbock, F.; Rommel, P.; Ebersbach, T., 1990:
A method of transcervical collection of embryos in cattle

Legominov, A.I.; Shimanskii, M.G.; Misyura, V.I., 1989:
A method of working out agricultural management systems for the non-black-soil region of the RSFSR

Geers, R., 1988:
A method of, and apparatus for, slicing cheese, as well as slices obtained by using this method

Partington J.D., 1989:
A method to allow the production of phylogenetic trees from morphometric data

Vermeulen, P.C.M., 1989:
A method to calculate the economic possibilities of heat storage and CO2 distribution in glasshouses

Nardi, M.; Baltadori, A.; Pandolfi, A.M., 1987:
A method to calculate water-deficit probabilities

Gartner, W.C.; Hunt, J.D., 1988:
A method to collect detailed tourist flow information

Kuhl, W.E., 1989:
A method to detect forest decline in Germany - results of a colour-infra-red aerophotointerpretation

Tine, G., 1987:
A method to detect internal deformations of soil. Part I: Theoretical basis

Tine, G., 1987:
A method to detect internal deformations of soil. Part II: Experimental check

Appiah, S.K., 1977:
A method to determine oversize allowance for sawn timber: a case study using radiata pine

Zausig, J.; Hell, U.; Horn, R., 1990:
A method to determine oxygen partial pressure and oxygen diffusion in individual aggregates as a function of soil moisture tension

Katyal, J.; Holt, L.; Gadalla, A., 1989:
A method to determine soil-entrapped denitrification products in submerged soils

MacDonald, K.B.; Russell, L.R., 1989:
A method to determine the computer system requirements for a large-scale geographic information system (GIS)

Harada, M.; Suguri, S., 1989:
A method to determine the number and arrangement of flame cells in cercariae

Rambow, J.; Lennartz, B.; Widmoser, P., 1989:
A method to determine transport processes in the unsaturated zone-first results

Hindel, R.; Fleige, H., 1989:
A method to distinguish between lithogenic and anthropogenic causes for heavy metal accumulation in soils

Thurmond, M.C., 1990:
A method to estimate the somatic cell count of milk from a mastitic quarter using composite somatic cell count

Tan, J., 1987:
A method to evaluate productivity of logging machines: an application to a PIKA 35 processor

Walder M.; Myrback K E.; Nilsson B., 1989:
A method to evaluate the cleaning and disinfectant action of surface disinfectants

D.Vries A.G., 1989:
A method to incorporate competitive position in the breeding goal

Ernsting, G., 1988:
A method to manipulate population densities of arthropods in woodland litter layers

Ordas, A.; Ron, A.M. de, 1988:
A method to measure conicalness in maize

Thurmond, M.C., 1986:
A method to measure herd udder health by combining individual cow somatic cell counts

Shiokura T., 1989:
A method to measure radial increment in tropical trees

Rao, N.V.; Reddy, A.S.; Rao, K.T., 1989:
A method to monitor whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

H.G.C.; Suzuki H., 1988:
A method to remove the outer layer of rice endosperm without damaging starch granules

Myers, R.; Swallow, C.; Kissel, D., 1989:
A method to secure, leach, and incubate undisturbed soil cores

Kalistru, V., 1990:
A method to treat gynecological diseases in cows

Stoeva, A.; Bashev, H., 1987:
A methodical approach to the determination of the most effective investment decisions in agriculture

Dagg, M.; Eyzaguirre, P.B., 1989:
A methodological framework for ISNAR reviews of national agricultural research systems (NARS)

Anonymous, 1989:
A methodology for analysing employment in the tourist industry for the attention of local authorities

Chin, D.A.; A.H.ti, B., 1986:
A methodology for assessing the impact of a phosphogypsum roadway on local groundwater quality

Kal' avsky, M., 1988:
A methodology for determining the means of rewarding work on collective farms

Lorimer C.G.; Frelich L.E., 1989:
A methodology for estimating canopy disturbance frequency and intensity in dense temperate forests

Steenkamp, J.B.E.M.; Trijp, H.C.M. van, 1989:
A methodology for estimating the maximum price consumers are willing to pay in relation to perceived quality and consumer characteristics

Cuevas Perez F.; Amezquita M.C.; Rosero M.J., 1989:
A methodology for evaluating a location as a selection site for an international plant breeding program

Stonehouse, D.P.; Johnston Drury, D.L.; Kay, B.D.; Vyn, T.J., 1987:
A methodology for evaluating the relative economic and erosion control merits of tillage and crop sequence combinations on Ontario cash-cropping farms

Pierce L.L.; Congalton R.G., 1988:
A methodology for mapping forest latent heat flux densities using remote sensing

Awadhwal, N.K.; Singh, C.P., 1989:
A methodology for performance evaluation of puddling implements

Castagnoli, M.; Liguori, M.; Nannelli, R., 1989:
A methodology for rearing Euroglyphus (E.) maynei (Coor.) (Acarina: Pyroglyphidae) in laboratory

Anonymous, 1984:
A methodology for silvicultural investigation of fuelwood species

Gierman, D.M.; McLelan, M.G., 1987:
A methodology for targetting rural municipalities in the three prairie provinces for implementation of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan

Sapienza, C.; Tran, T.H.; Paquette, J.; McGowan, R.; Peterson, A., 1989:
A methylation mosaic model for mammalian genome imprinting

Verma, R.D., 1990:
A micro complement fixation test for identification of Pseudomonas mallei

Desai, G.R.; Reddy, M.R., 1988:
A micro systems model for agricultural extension project management

Levinsohn, A.; Langford, G.; Rayner, M.; Rintoul, J.; Eccles, R., 1987:
A micro-computer based GIS for assessing recreation suitability

Roberts, J., 1989:
A micro-economic analysis of tea production using a separable restricted profit function

Ludwig, I.; Ludwig, E.; Pingel, B., 1989:
A micro-method for the determination of protein fat binding capacity

Brady M.S.; Katz S.E., 1989:
A microbial assay system for the confirmation of results of receptor assays for antibiotic residues in milk

Tawfek, N.; El-Saved, A.A.; Sharaf, O.; Badawey, A., 1989:
A microbiological assay for sterigmatocystin, T-2 toxin and zearalenone

Holton, J.; Ridgway, G.L.; Reynoldson, A.J., 1990:
A microbiologist's view of commissioning operating theatres

Satpute, P.P.; Taley, Y.M.; Nimbalkar, S.A., 1987:
A microcage designed to study the biology of aleyrodids on citrus

Buck, N.L.; Woodworth, G.D.; Goering, C.E., 1989:
A microcomputer controlled automated engine dynamometer

Gill K.; Mundl W.; Cabilio S.; Amit Z., 1989:
A microcomputer controlled data acquisition system for research on feeding and drinking behavior in rats

Stone, K.C.; Campbell, K.L.; Baldwin, L.B., 1989:
A microcomputer model for design of agricultural stormwater management systems in Florida's flatwoods

Amijima, S.; Fujii, T., 1987:
A microcomputer program for stress analysis of adhesive-bonded joints

McCaskey, M.J., 1988:
A microcomputer simulation strategy in teaching vocational agriculture

Chang, W.; Jones, L.R.; Merrill, W.G., 1990:
A microcomputer system for time and motion studies of milking parlor performance

Cahoon, J.; Ferguson, J.; Edwards, D.; Tacker, P.L., 1990:
A microcomputer-based irrigation scheduler for the humid mid-south region

Maki, R.A.; Leonard, J.J., 1989:
A microcontroller board for agricultural applications

Marsh, K.B.; Peterson, L.A.; McCown, B.H., 1989:
A microculture method for assessing nutrient uptake. II. The effect of temperature on manganese uptake and toxicity in potato shoots

Sanni, M.O., 1987:
A microculture slide for the study of sexual reproduction in heterothallic fungi

Vereshchagina, A.B., 1986:
A micromethod for determination of the summary proteolytic activity in the digestive organs of insects

Liu S Q.; Das B.; Srivastava S.K., 1989:
A micromethod for the determination of fructose in human erythrocytes and plasma

Polyakov, A.N., 1989:
A micromorphological study of calcite in Chernozems of the European USSR

Onisk D.V.; Srikumaran S.; Kelling C.L., 1989:
A microplate immunofluorescence assay for the detection of monoclonal antibodies against viral antigens in cell culture

Stevens, R.J.; Laughlin, R.J., 1989:
A microplot study of the fate of 15N-labelled ammonium nitrate and urea applied at two rates to ryegrass in spring

Wills, B.M.D.; McCarthy, T.T., 1989:
A microprocessor based cattle weighing system

Darre, M.J.; Slomovich, J., 1988:
A microprocessor based computerized ventilation control system for poultry houses

Grenishen, N.T.; Oleinik, P.V., 1988:
A microprocessor system for controlling fodder mills

Zoerb, G.C.; Wang, G., 1989:
A microprocessor-based tractor performance monitor

Kane, M.E.; Sheehan, T.J.; Philman, N.L., 1987:
A micropropagation protocol using Fraser photinia for mutation induction and new cultivar selection

Hung Y C.; Mcwatters K.H.; Chinnan M.S., 1988:
A microscopic method to quantify whippability

Dudley, M.E., 1989:
A microscopic study of alfalfa nodule initiation

Pillai, A.G.R.; Awadhiya, R.P.; Vegad, J.L., 1988:
A microscopic study of increased vascular permeability and leucocyte emigration in passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in the chicken

Poinar, G.O.Jr, 1988:
A microsporidian parasite of Neoaplectana glaseri (Steinernematidae: Rhabditida)

Moores, GD.; Devonshire, AL.; Denholm, I., 1988:
A microtitre plate assay for characterizing insensitive acetylcholinesterase genotypes of insecticide-resistant insects

Huang J.; Goltz D.; Smith F., 1988:
A microwave dissolution technique for the determination of arsenic in soils

Sharma N.; Hanna M.A., 1989:
A microwave oven procedure for soybean moisture content determination

Hurd, LE.; Eisenberg, RM., 1989:
A mid-summer comparison of sizes and growth rates among nymphs of three sympatric mantids (Mantodea: Mantidae) in two old-field habitats

Gepts, P., 1988:
A middle American and an Andean common bean gene pool

Trowers, E.A.; Reddix, M.C.; Martinez, R.E., 1989:
A military dependent with a hepatic mass

Richter, D.; Wilck, B., 1990:
A milking car for improving milking in the stable

Andrianov, A.M., 1989:
A milking device

Pettersson, T.; Ornerfors, B., 1989:
A milking machine and a method of milking by means of the same

Lely, E. van der; Berg, K. van den; Fransen, R., 1990:
A milking plant

Vasil' ev, K.; Mirzaliev, Yu, 1989:
A mineral supplement (in the diet for hens)

Sitnitskii, P.A.; Gulyaev, B.I., 1988:
A mini growth chamber for investigating the effect of higher CO2 concentrations on photosynthesis, growth and yield of plants

Young, I.M.; Wilson, G.; Wallace, J.; Mullins, C.E., 1990:
A mini-corer for relative soil strength studies

Nikoloff, A.S.; Falloon, P.G., 1988:
A minimum plot size for asparagus clonal trials

Weingand, K.W.; Hartke, G.T.; Noordsy, T.W.; Ledeboer, D.A., 1989:
A minipig model of body adipose tissue distribution

Millner, P.D., 1988:
A minireview of biotechnology as applied to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae

Outlaw, W.H.Jr, 1987:
A minireview: comparative biochemistry of photosynthesis in palisade cells, spongy cells, and guard cells of C3 leaves

Park, C.B.; Han, J.Q., 1990:
A minority group and China's one-child policy: the case of the Koreans

Tino, M. de, 1990:
A mis-diagnosed Amanita phalloides intoxication, successfully treated after five days of hospitalization

Adaskaveg J.E.; Shaw D.A.; Ogawa J.M., 1990:
A mist generator and environmental monitoring system for field studies on shothole disease of almond

Prasad, V., 1988:
A mite (Acari: Raphignathidae) in the urine of a patient

Strong, D.R., 1988:
A mite, Ogmotarsonemus erepsis (Tarsonemidae), in oviposition incisions of the planthopper Prokelisia marginata (Homoptera, Delphacidae) on the saltmarsh cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora

Schuurkamp, G.J.; Spicer, P.E.; Kereu, R.K.; Bulungol, P.K., 1989:
A mixed infection of vivax and falciparum malaria apparently resistant to 4-aminoquinoline: a case report

Alaouze, C.M.; Fitzpatrick, C.R., 1989:
A mixed integer linear programming evaluation of salinity and waterlogging control options in the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia

Kozuch, O.; Lysy, J.; Gurycova, D.; Labuda, M.; Vyrostekova, V., 1987:
A mixed natural focus of arboviruses and tularaemia in southern Slovakia

Hegedus, I.; Toth, L., 1988:
A mixture of a propellant medium and additive(s); whipping cream

Weiss, O.E., 1986:
A mobile forest-farmer school for the private forest owner

Muller, H.; Zschieschang, B., 1989:
A mobile metering and conveying unit for carrying light material into storage

Smirnova, M.F.; Stepanov, V.V.; Bogdanov, V.N., 1987:
A mobile unit for producing fodder additives from logging waste

Li, G.D., 1987:
A mobility model for a frame-bunk rubber-tyred skidder

Ohe, Y., 1990:
A model analysis of onion supply and acreage response - an application of the composite expectation model

Black, N.L., 1990:
A model and methodology to assess changes to heritage buildings

Campbell, C.; Desjardins, E., 1989:
A model and research approach for studying the management of limited food resources by low income families

Ekwue E.I.; Ohu J.O., 1990:
A model equation to describe soil detachment by rainfall

Herrington, D.A.; Clyde, D.F.; Murphy, J.R.; Baqar, S.; Levine, M.M.; do Rosario, V.; Hollingdale, M.R., 1988:
A model for Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite challenge and very early therapy of parasitaemia for efficacy studies of sporozoite vaccines

Berlin, K.; Forsell, A., 1990:
A model for a camel's milk dairy plant in Somalia

Donovan, P.A.; Nieuwoudt, W.L., 1988:
A model for agricultural commodity R & D

Lisa, L., 1990:
A model for analysis of working time, fuel consumption and costs of mechanization processes D.M.; Dodge L.J.; Hand V.C., 1990:
A model for anionic surfactant sorption

Kozak, J.; Zasmetova Svobodova, S.; Babicka, L., 1988:
A model for atrazine transport in soil columns under laboratory conditions

Gooijer, C.D. de; Lier, F.L.J. van; End, E.J. van den; Vlak, J.M.; Tramper, J., 1989:
A model for baculovirus production with continuous cell cultures

Pan, J.A.; Chen, Y.S.; Gao, L.G., 1989:
A model for bio-thermorheological fatigue bruise of strawberry and determination of its parameters

Blazejczyk, K., 1987:
A model for bioclimatic evaluation and typology of health resorts and recreation areas. Concept of a method

Smith, R.J., 1988:
A model for calculating the uniformity of applications from lateral move irrigation

Emanuelsson, U., 1988:
A model for describing the development of the cultural landscape

Arvidson Y.; Tannock A.; Senthilselvan A.; Zerbes M., 1990:
A model for determining immunogenic relationships between avian infectious bronchitis viruses

DeGregorio Vincent B.; Ahmadi G., 1990:
A model for dilatation, densification, and static liquefaction of loose sands

Martin, R.J.; Pannell, D.J., 1990:
A model for estimating the optimal economic rate of tralkoxydim for control of wild oats (Avena spp.) in wheat

Josepovits G., 1989:
A model for evaluating factors affecting the development of insensitivity to fungicides

Gregory, R.; Niemi, E.; Mendelsohn, R., 1989:
A model for evaluating the impacts of forest management regulations

Murdoch A.J.; Roberts E.H.; Goedert C.O., 1989:
A model for germination responses to alternating temperatures

Robertson, D.S., 1989:
A model for heterosis

Chalepakis, G.; Postma, J.P.; Beato, M., 1988:
A model for hormone receptor binding to the mouse mammary tumour virus regulatory element based on hydroxyl radical footprinting

Lenhard, R.J.; Parker, J.C.; Kaluarachchi, J.J., 1989:
A model for hysteretic constitutive relations governing multiphase flow 3. Refinements and numerical simulations

Bodgevich, I.M., 1988:
A model for increasing productivity in dernopodzolic soils

Vaccari D.A.; Kaouris M., 1988:
A model for irreversible adsorption hysteresis

Lieth, J.; Pasian, C., 1990:
A model for net photosynthesis of rose leaves as a function of photosynthetically active radiation, leaf temperature, and leaf age

Sabbagh, E.; Sinai, G., 1988:
A model for optimal real-time computer control of pumping stations in irrigation systems

Virgilio, S.J., 1990:
A model for parental involvement in physical education

A.K.afaf, S.;, M.C.H.; Adnan, A., 1988:
A model for predicting crop yield from threshold limits of available soil water

Huber L., 1988:
A model for predicting leaf wetness duration in a homogeneous plant canopy after rainfall

Bambawale, O.M., 1988:
A model for predicting severity on early blight of potato in the Punjab

Omran, T., 1986:
A model for predicting the effect of ecological factors on transpiration - model description and application on forest trees

Sorensen J.T.; Foldager J., 1988:
A model for prediction of daily gain in dual purpose heifers from daily energy intake and live weight

Brassett P.R.; Gilligan C.A., 1988:
A model for primary and secondary infection in botanical epidemics

E.D.n, M.M.N.; Wafaai, A.M., 1988:
A model for salinity management in irrigated soils

Bal, S.S.; Rajbhandary, K.L., 1987:
A model for seed production in remote areas of Nepal

Mehla R.K.; Patel R.K.; Tripathi V.N., 1987:
A model for sericulture and milk production

Chen, X.M.; Chen, D.D.; Yuan, D., 1989:
A model for simulating application pattern of the sprinkler on sloping land, T.; Renaud, F.; Gabrion, C., 1990:
A model for studying isolation mechanisms in parasite populations: the genus Lepeophtheirus (Copepoda, Caligidae)

Voican V.; Voican A.V.; Alexe G., 1989:
A model for testing the suitability of tomato hybrids for cultivation in deficient natural light

Ono, T.; Obata, T., 1989:
A model for the assembly of bovine casein micelles from F2 and F3 subunits

Stenseth N.C., 1989:
A model for the conquest of a tree by bark beetles

Tokutomi, A.; Nakasako, M.; Sakai, J.; Kataoka, M.; Yamamoto, K.T.; Wada, M.; Tokunaga, F.; Furuya, M., 1989:
A model for the dimeric molecular structure of phytochrome based on small-angle X-ray scattering

Sievanen R.; Hari P.; Orava P.J.; Pelkonen P., 1988:
A model for the effect of photosynthate allocation and soil nitrogen on plant growth

Milgroom M.G.; Fry W.E., 1988:
A model for the effects of metalaxyl on potato late blight epidemics

Anonymous, 1990:
A model for the efficient use of new information within physiology, nutrition and breeding of dairy cows

Smith E.A.; Duncan E.J.; Mcgechan M.B.; Haughey D.P., 1988:
A model for the field drying of grass in windrows

Davey K.R., 1990:
A model for the hot water decontamination of sides of beef in a novel cabinet based on laboratory data

Modabber, F., 1987:
A model for the mechanism of sensitivity of BALB/c mice to L. major and premunition in leishmaniases

Robelin, J., 1990:
A model for the prediction of daily lipid and protein deposition in cattle

Nyborg, M.R., 1989:
A model for the relationship between the hydraulic conductivity and primary sedimentary structures of till

McCaskill, M.R.; Blair, G.J., 1989:
A model for the release of sulfur from elemental S and superphosphate

Saarenmaa, H., 1989:
A model for the timing of swarming of Tomicus piniperda (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Levallois, R.; Pellerin, D., 1988:
A model for the use of expert systems in dairy farm management

Item H., 1981:
A model for the water regime of forest and grassland

Glasbey, C.A.; Harral, B.B., 1990:
A model for variations in load on a simple soil-working implement

Foster, C.L.; Green, M.L., 1990:
A model heat exchange apparatus for the investigation of fouling of stainless steel surfaces by milk. II. Deposition of fouling material at 140 degrees C, its adhesion and depth profiling

Foster, C.L.; Britten, M.; Green, M.L., 1989:
A model heat-exchange apparatus for the investigation of fouling of stainless steel surfaces by milk. I. Deposit formation at 100 degrees C

Nazer, J.M.A., 1987:
A model integrated analytical system for the characterization and differentiation of edible oils

Hipkiss, J.B.; Branford White, C.J.; Peters, T.J., 1987:
A model linking Ca2+ inhibition of alkaline phosphate and pH regulation in Hymenolepis diminuta

Adams, D.; Haynes, R., 1989:
A model of National Forest timber supply and stumpage markets in the western United States

McCaskill, M.R.; Blair, G.J., 1990:
A model of S, P and N uptake by a perennial pasture. 1. Model construction

McCaskill, M.R.; Blair, G.J., 1990:
A model of S, P and N uptake by a perennial pasture. 2. Calibration and predictions

Lyne, M.C.; Cartwright, P.R.; Ortmann, G.F., 1989:
A model of a rural household in KwaZulu

Buckmaster, D.R.; Rotz, C.A.; Mertens, D.R., 1989:
A model of alfalfa hay storage

Cilliers, B., 1989:
A model of balanced polymorphism in a host-parasite relationship

Pitt R.E., 1990:
A model of cellulase and amylase additives in silage

Paul, S., 1989:
A model of constructing the poverty line

Gao, Q.; Jin, G.H., 1987:
A model of diagnosis by observation of leaves in the development process of cotton

Burgett, DM.; Rossignol, PA.; Kitprasert, C., 1990:
A model of dispersion and regulation of brood mite (Tropilaelaps clareae) parasitism on the giant honeybee (Apis dorsata)

Janovy J.Jr; Ferdig M.T.; Mcdowell M.A., 1990:
A model of dynamic behavior of a parasite species assemblage

Pashinskii, V.A., 1989:
A model of electrohydrothermal treatment of grain forage

Deneubourg, J.L.; Aron, S.; Pasteels, J.M., 1988:
A model of exploration in Iridomyrmex humilis

Bagi, F.; Bagi, S., 1989:
A model of farm-level demand for extension information

Bermudez, F.F.; Valdes, C., 1988:
A model of food intake for lactating ewes

Bhol, K.C.; Mukherjee, R.M.; Mehra, S.; Maitra, T.K.; Jalan, K.N., 1989:
A model of hepatic amoebiasis in random bred mice

Mace, R., 1988:
A model of herd composition that maximises household viability and its potential application in the support of pastoralists under stress

Saithanoo S.; Goddard M.E., 1988:
A model of individual variation in the food conversion efficiency and other growth parameters of grazing beef cattle in the tropics

Palovsy, R.; Hak, R., 1988:
A model of light-dark transition of CO2 exchange in the leaf (post-illumination burst of CO2). Theoretical approach

Crane C.F.; Sleper D.A., 1989 :
A model of meiotic chromosome association in tetraploids

Crane C.F.; Sleper D.A., 1989:
A model of meiotic chromosome association in triploids

Thornley J.H.M.; Verberne E.L.J., 1989:
A model of nitrogen flows in grassland

Goss S.; Deneubourg J.L.; Pasteels J.M.; Josens G., 1989:
A model of noncooperative foraging in social insects

Gawn, G.; Rausser, G.C.; Zilberman, D., 1989:
A model of nutrient demand and the allocation of time

Gibson, J.P.; Kennedy, B.W.; Schaeffer, L.R.; Southwood, O., 1988:
A model of parental imprinting of gene expression in progeny

Rodriguez, DJ., 1989:
A model of population dynamics for the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster with density dependence in more than one life stage and delayed density effects

Vechet L.; Kocourek F., 1988:
A model of powdery mildew control in spring barley

O'Neil, RJ., 1988:
A model of predation by Podisus maculiventris (Say) on Mexican bean beetle, Epilachna varivestis Mulsant, in soybeans

Cohen, E.E., 1989:
A model of radio listener choice

Budriuniene, D., 1988:
A model of rational non-ligneous forest resource consumption in intensive forestry in Lithuanian SSR

Lensink, R., 1989:
A model of rural-urban conflict in developing countries

Ffolliott, P.F.; Guertin, D.P.; Rasmussen, W.O., 1988:
A model of snowpack dynamics in forest openings

Boorsma, A., 1989:
A model of supply and price determination for industrial potatoes

Tipping, E., 1990:
A model of surface water acidification in Cumbria and its uses in long-term research

Smekalov, P.; Zhukov, L.; Vasil' ev, A.; Sivtsov, V., 1990:
A model of the agricultural economist

Higgins K.P.; Dodd V.A., 1989:
A model of the bioclimatic value of shelter to beef cattle

Brain, P.; Glen, DM., 1989:
A model of the effect of codling moth granulosis virus on Cydia pomonella

Cousens R.; Moss S.R., 1990:
A model of the effects of cultivation on the vertical distribution of weed seeds within the soil

Shaw M.W., 1989:
A model of the evolution of polygenically controlled fungicide resistance

Ginsberg, H.S., 1988:
A model of the spread of Lyme disease in natural populations

Pech R.P.; Mcilroy J.C., 1990:
A model of the velocity of advance of foot and mouth disease in feral pigs

Cumby, T.R.; Slater, N.K.H., 1990:
A model of the vertical distribution of solids during slurry mixing

Haider, W.; Ewing, G.O., 1990:
A model of tourist choices of hypothetical Caribbean destinations

Keown, C.F., 1989:
A model of tourists' propensity to buy: the case of Japanese visitors to Hawaii

Jones, A.; Choularton, T.W., 1988:
A model of wet deposition to complex terrain

Greene D.F.; Johnson E.A., 1989:
A model of wind dispersal of winged or plumed seeds

Dickler, E., 1986:
A model project for the comparison of operations in integrated plant protection in apple orchards

Sorensen, J.T., 1989:
A model simulating the production of dual purpose replacement heifers

Petrac, M.; Maticic, B., 1988:
A model study of the efficiency of drainage permeable backfill

Van Duijn, B.; Ypey, D.L.; de Goede, J.; Verveen, A.A.; Hekkens, W., 1989:
A model study of the regulation of gastric acid secretion

Karnosky, D.F.; Diner, A.M.; Barnes, W.M., 1988:
A model system for gene transfer in conifers: European larch and Agrobacterium

Vilsmeier K.; Rank M.; Amberger A., 1989:
A model system for the determination of ammonia losses from organic and mineral fertilizers under controlled conditions

Zhu, Y.H.; Hou, J.X.; Zhou, Y.M., 1986:
A model test method of dynamic performance in tractor overturning: the development of a remote-controlled scale model tractor

Hearne, J.W.; Buchan, A.J.C., 1990:
A model to analyse the influence of resource management policies on the economic returns from a traditional African pastoral system

Casper D.P.; Schingoethe D.J., 1989:
A model to describe and alleviate milk protein depression in early lactation dairy cows fed a high fat diet

Haffar, I.; Ee, G.R. van, 1990:
A model to describe terminal velocities of graded cucumbers

Aikeng, L., 1988:
A model to design micro-irrigation systems

Schmidt, A., 1989:
A model to determine service intervals for machinery component maintenance

Sternberg, L. da S.L.O.R., 1989:
A model to estimate carbon dioxide recycling in forests using 13C/12C ratios and concentrations of ambient carbon dioxide

D.Vries A.G., 1989:
A model to estimate economic values of traits in pig breeding

Kirkby, M.J., 1989:
A model to estimate the impact of climatic change on hillslope and regolith form

Misener, G.C.; McLeod, C.D., 1987:
A model to facilitate farm machinery use and cost data collection

Kim, C.H.; MacKenzie, D.R.; Rush, M.C., 1987:
A model to forecast rice blast disease based on weather indexing

Crolla, D.A.; E.R.zaz, A.S.A.; Alstead, C.J.; Hockley, C., 1987:
A model to predict the combined lateral and longitudinal forces on an off-road tyre

Findlater P.A.; Carter D.J.; Scott W.D., 1990:
A model to predict the effects of prostrate ground cover on wind erosion

Rafla, M.; Ibrahim, A.S.; Sherif, M.; Valleron, A.J., 1987:
A model to predict the outcome of the bilharzial bladder cancer patient after radical cystectomy

Pal A.R.; Motiramani D.P.; Rathore G.S.; Bansal K.N.; Gupta S.B., 1989:
A model to predict the zinc status of soils for maize

Stringel, G.; Uauy, R., 1988:
A model to study the direct effect of diet on early intestinal growth and maturation using Thiry-Vella loops

Sonne, B., 1989:
A model used to study exercise responses in the rat. With special reference to the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism

Jardins, R. des, 1989:
A model-based approach to the use of climatic data for assessing probabilities of rainday and dryday sequences

Adelman, I.; Berck, P., 1989:
A modern view of Joseph's policy: food stocks as financial assets

Praveen Kumar; Aggarwal, R.K., 1989:
A modification of Douglas and Bremner method for colorimetric estimation of urea

Gettman, A.D.; Hall, D.W., 1989:
A modification of scrap automobile tires for field studies on artificial container-breeding mosquitoes

Elliott, C.L.; Snyder, G.H.; Cisar, J.L., 1989:
A modified Autoanalyzer II method for the determination of NO3-N in water using a hollow-Cd reduction coil

Milner, A.R.; Mack, W.N.; Coates, K.J., 1989:
A modified ELISA for the detection of goats infected with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis

Zuritz, C.A.; Sastry, S.K.; McCoy, S.C.; Murakami, E.G.; Blaisdell, J.L., 1989:
A modified Fitch device for measuring the thermal conductivity of small food particles

C.Strugnell, 1989:
A modified Soxhlet procedure to determine fat in matured cheese

Landers, B.R.; Devitt, P.G.; Jamieson, G.G., 1989:
A modified Thomas cannula for duodenal cannulation in pigs

Cheng, S.S.; Lay, J.J.; Wei, Y.T.; Wu, M.H.; Roam, G.D.; Chang, T.C., 1990:
A modified UASB process treating winery wastewater

Ezeike, G.O.I., 1989:
A modified adiabatic bomb calorimeter for specific heat capacity measurements

Birgegard, L.E., 1988:
A modified approach to multi-sectoral area development

Hassall, M.; Dangerfield, J.M.; Manning, T.P.; Robinson, F.G., 1988:
A modified high-gradient extractor for multiple samples of soil macro-arthropods

Sharma, S.N.; Aranthanarayana, A.K.; Kumar, P.; Chandrasekhar, T.; Bashkar, R.P., 1987:
A modified kiln drying schedule for 35 mm Vateria indica planks

Tadesse K., 1989:
A modified lactose tolerance test for determining the degree of lactose malabsorption in an individual

Tiraboschi, D.B.; Lopez Camelo L.G.; Sese, Z.M.; Mizuno, I., 1988:
A modified method for determination of available molybdenum by anion exchange resins

Chmielnicki, J.W., 1987:
A modified method for determination of permeability of soil aggregates

Shchapov, N.S.; Kreimer, V.K., 1988:
A modified method for leaf epidermal cell prints and its use to identify autotetraploids in sea buckthorn

Dzika, E., 1987:
A modified method for the collection of small Monogenea from gills of fish

Smith, H.V.; Parker, J.F.W.; Girdwood, R.W.A. et al., 1989:
A modified method for the detection of Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts in water-related samples

Gilmour, R.A.; Smith, H.V.; Smith, P.G.; Morris, G.P.; Girdwood, R.W.A., 1989:
A modified method for the detection of Giardia spp. cysts in water-related samples

Horvat M.; Byrne A.R.; May K., 1990:
A modified method for the determination of methylmercury by gas chromatography

Chiang, C.Y.; Wheeler, M.F.; Bedient, P.B., 1989:
A modified method of characteristics technique and mixed finite elements method for simulation of groundwater solute transport

Kayange, C.W., 1988:
A modified method of chipbudding tea (Camellia sinensis)

Bhale, M.S.; Nayak, M.L.; Bhale, U.; Mishra, R.P., 1988:
A modified method of dry-green preservation of betelvine (Piper betle L.) leaves with spots incited by Phytophthora parasitica and Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola

Sahni, K.L.; Mohan, G., 1988:
A modified method of processing bovine semen for freezing under tropical conditions

Kulshrestha, V.P., 1989:
A modified pedigree method of selection

Koske, R.E.; Gemma, J.N., 1989:
A modified procedure for staining roots to detect VA mycorrhizas

Abd Elgawad, M.M.; Anter, E.A., 1989:
A modified rating for screening plant genotypes against root-knot and reniform nematodes

Jenkins, B.M., 1989:
A modified swath harvesting technique for rice: Part I. Influence on moisture, quality, and harvester performance

Jenkins, B.M., 1989:
A modified swath harvesting technique for rice: Part II. Preliminary economic analysis

Zhu, Y.X.; Wang, M.Z.; Du, J.W., 1987:
A modified synthesis of the sex pheromone of Asian corn borer Ostrinia furnacalis Guenee

Tangner, C.H., 1989:
A modified technique for closed trephine bone biopsy

Sharma, A.K.; Pandey, B.K.; Singh, U.S., 1988:
A modified technique for differential staining of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus and root tissues

Hammouda A.M., 1986:
A modified technique for inoculation in leaf stripe of barley

Vandenberg, A.; Slinkard, A.E., 1986:
A modified technique for raising lentil seedlings

Martin, RR.; Beveridge, I.; Pullman, AL.; Brown, TH., 1990:
A modified technique for the estimation of the number of infective nematode larvae present on pasture, and its application in the field under South Australian conditions

Grace, JK., 1989:
A modified trap technique for monitoring Reticulitermes subterranean termite populations (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

LeBlanc, M.M.; Hurtgen, J.P.; Lyle, S., 1990:
A modified zinc sulfate tubidity test for the detection of immune status in newlyborn foals

Reynolds, J.F.; Acock, B.; Dougherty, R.L.; Tenhunen, J.D., 1989:
A modular structure for plant growth simulation models

Kuzembaeva, N.A.; Tikhaya, N.I.; Zagoskina, N.V.; Sarsenbaev, B.A. , 1989:
A modulator of Ca-ATPase activity in barley roots and its release under osmotic shock

Egorov, B.V.; Chaika, I.K.; Kuznetsov, M.V.; Nikolaev, V.N.; Chernous, L.I., 1990:
A module-based compact plant for combined fodder

Bell, E., 1987:
A molecular analysis of ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit transit peptide function

Bishop, C.E.; Roberts, C.; Michot, J.L.; Nagamine, C.M.; Winking, H.; Guenet, J.L.; Weith, A., 1989:
A molecular analysis of the mouse Y chromosome

Mock, B.; Potter, M., 1988:
A molecular characterization of BALB/c congenic C.D2-Idh-1b,Lshr,Rep-1b,Pep-3b mice

Seldin, M.F.; Morse, H.C.I.I.I.; Steinberg, A.D., 1988:
A molecular genetic approach to gld autoimmune disease

Kingsley, D.M.; Jenkins, N.A.; Copeland, N.G., 1989:
A molecular genetic linkage map of mouse chromosome 9 with regional localizations for Gsta, T3g, Ets-1 and Ldlr loci

Fraser, A.F., 1989:
A monitored study of major physical activities in the perinatal calf

Lee H.K.; Lee Y.D.; Shin Y.H., 1988:
A monitoring survey on pesticide residues in apples and citrus fruits

Okamoto, T.; Kitani, O.; Jang, I., 1989:
A monitoring system for tractor operations with digital radio communication

Perata P.; Vernieri P.; Armellini D.; Bugnoli M.; Presentini R.; Picciarelli P.; Alpi A.; Tognoni F., 1990:
A monoclonal antibody for the detection of conjugated forms of abscisic acid in plant tissues

Crump, A.L.; Davis, W.; Antczak, D.F., 1988:
A monoclonal antibody identifying a T-cell marker in the horse

Bishop, A.; Burr, T.; Mittak, V.; Katz, B., 1989:
A monoclonal antibody specific to Agrobacterium tumefaciens biovar 3 and its utilization for indexing grapevine propagation material

Permar T.A.; Garnsey S.M.; Gumpf D.J.; Lee R.F., 1990:
A monoclonal antibody that discriminates strains of citrus tristeza virus

Emtner, M.; Brandt, J.; Johansson, U.; Jouper, B.; Fryklund, L.; Roos, P., 1989:
A monoclonal antibody to lactogenic receptors from female rat liver

Hack R.; Klaffer U.; Terplan G., 1989:
A monoclonal antibody to the trichothecene mycotoxin diacetoxyscirpenol

Hack, R.; Martlbauer, E.; Terplan, G., 1989:
A monoclonal antibody-based enzyme immunoassay for the detection of T-2 toxin at picogram levels

Kawamura, O.; Nagayama, S.; Sato, S.; Ohtani, K.; Ueno, I.; Ueno, Y., 1988:
A monoclonal antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of aflatoxin B1 in peanut products

Winger, C.M.; Canning, E.U.; Culverhouse, J.D., 1989:
A monoclonal antibody-derived antigen of Babesia divergens: characterization and investigation of its ability to protect gerbils against virulent homologous challenge

Temiralieva, G.A.; Arakelyan, I.S.; Lukhnova, L.Y.; Apsatarova, R.A., 1988:
A monoclonal enzyme immunoassay test for detecting Yersinia pestis

Scaramella, D., 1988:
A monographical study of the Ixodidae and Argasidae of Somalia

Osterhaus A., 1989:
A morbillivirus causing mass mortality in seals

Deyrup, M.; Eisner, T., 1987:
A mordellid-meloid mimicry

Stabbetorp, O.E., 1989:
A morphological analysis of soft rush (Juncus effusus) and compact rush (J. conglomeratus) with the help of numerical methods

Bruneau, P.; Gascuel Odoux, C., 1990:
A morphological assessment of soil microtopography using a digital elevation model on one square metre plots

Rinderer, TE.; Koeniger, N.; Tingek, S.; Mardan, M.; Koeniger, G., 1989:
A morphological comparison of the cavity dwelling honeybees of Borneo Apis koschevnikovi (Buttel-Reepen, 1906) and Apis cerana (Fabricius, 1793)

Haulik T.K.; Holtzhausen L.C., 1988:
A morphological study of pecan pollen

Moon, IH.; Baek, KM.; Noh, YT., 1988:
A morphological study on granulocytes in the nymph of American cockroach, Periplaneta americana (L.), in relation to temperature conditions

Ebisemiju, F.S., 1989:
A morphometric approach to gully analysis

Steven, W.M.; Bulloch, B.; Seelig, L.L., 1989:
A morphometric study of the effects of ethanol consumption on lactating mammary glands of rats

Mahdi, A.H.; McLelland, J., 1989:
A morphometric study of the rectocoprodeal sphincter in the domestic duck

Singh, A.; Singh, R.; Shaigan, S., 1989:
A mosaic disease of sissoo (Dalbergia sissoo) - a new record

Lapshin, V.A.; Rakin, Y.N.; Syurvasev, N.V., 1989:
A mounted implement for cleaning up felled areas

Taylor B.A.; Rowe L., 1989:
A mouse linkage testing stock possessing multiple copies of the endogenous ecotropic murine leukemia virus genome

Cunliffe, V.; Koopman, P.; McLaren, A.; Trowsdale, J., 1990:
A mouse zinc finger gene which is transiently expressed during spermatogenesis

Alcobia, J.J.F., 1987:
A movable horizontal hive in Mozambique

Matushek, K.J.; Bjorling, D.E., 1988:
A mucosal flap technique for correction of laryngeal webbing. Results in four dogs

Csuhai, S., 1988:
A multi-factor study of complex land improvement

Daniel, E.L., 1989:
A multi-intervention weight management program for low-income rural women

Ortner, K.M., 1989:
A multi-market model for policy impact assessment

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A multi-product multi-input cost function analysis of Northern Ireland agriculture, 1955-85

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A multi-purpose controller for agri-industrial robots

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A multi-sample capability computerized systems approach to seed quality analysis

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A multi-sectoral analysis of feed grain exports in the Cornbelt economy

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A multicompartment model of vitamin B6 metabolism

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A multicomponent transport and reaction model for describing transport in soils. I. Processes, mathematical models, numerics, parameter sensitivities

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A multidisciplinary study of stigma in relation to Hansen's Disease among the Tausug in the Philippines

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A multiple source of innovation model of agricultural research and technology promotion

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A multipurpose land information system for rural resource planning

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A multipurpose vector for the study of transcriptional control

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A multisectoral, general equilibrium analysis of agricultural and development issues in Bangladesh

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A multivariate model for assessing eating patterns and their relationship to cardiovascular risk factors: the Bogalusa Heart Study

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A multivariate statistical analysis of sediment yield and prediction in Romania

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A museum reborn: the Abbey Museum in Australia

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A mutant of Arabidopsis deficient in desaturation of palmitic Acid in leaf lipids

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A native nitrogen-fixer

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A natural hybrid in Disperis

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A natural-language interface for use in dairy-herd management

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A naturally occurring epizootic of simian agent 8 in the baboon

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A near infra-red moisture meter suitable for use on a forage harvester

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A necrotizing meningoencephalitis of pug dogs

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A neighbour model applied to the statistical analysis of Swedish variety trials

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A nematode parasite Trichostrongylus deflexus n. sp. from several South African antelope species

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A nested demand shares model of artificial marine habitat choice by sport anglers

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A nesting site of the Cape bee in the West Coast Renosterveld

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A neutral seed-gum from Crotalaria verrucosa

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A new tar spot disease on Aporusa lindleyana (Wight) Baill. from Idukki, Kerala, India

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A new - presumably hybrid - Veronica

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A new Capillaria species (Nematoda, Capillariinae), a parasite of bats in Gabon

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A new Culicoides of the stigmalis group (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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A new Cummingsia (Mallophaga: Trimenoponidae) from a Peruvian mouse-opossum (Marsupialia)

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A new Curculio L. from the Berici Mountains (Vicenza) (Coleoptera Curculionidae)

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A new Diplodia shoot withering of tea in Guangdong, China

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A new Hemicycliophora species from coastal sand dunes in the western Cape (Hemicycliophoridae: Nemata)

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A new Irano-Turkmenian species of Bregmatothrips Hood, 1912 (Thysanoptera)

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A new Janus (Hymenoptera: Cephidae) from Quercus, and key to North American species

Richardson, JPM.; Adamson, ML., 1988:
A new Kathlaniidae (Cosmocercoidea; Nematoda), Megalobatrachonema (Chabaudgolvania) moraveci sp. n. from the intestine of the rough-skinned newt, Taricha granulosa

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A new Mu-induced suppressible mutation

Shinonaga, S., 1989:
A new Muscina species from Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea (Diptera, Muscidae)

Conder, A.J., 1988:
A new National Waterways Museum at Gloucester

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A new Neotropical Culicoides from Minas Gerais (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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A new Neotropical biting midge of the Culicoides debilipalpis group (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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A new Nodulosphaeria contrasted with N. olivacea and Leptosphaeria erigerontis

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A new North American species in the Simulium vernum group (Diptera: Simuliidae) and analysis of its polytene chromosomes

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A new Papulaspora species from the infected eye of a horse: Papulaspora equi sp. nov

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A new Phytophthora disease of the aerial parts of Eucalyptus species

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A new Prodoxus from Yucca baccata: first report of a leaf-mining prodoxine (Lepidoptera: Prodoxidae)

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A new Russian preparation - prostaglandin FLPG - in embryo transfer

Kang, M.S., 1989:
A new SAS program for calculating stability-variance parameters

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