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A simplified analysis of soil water flow to a mole drain

Scotter, D.R.; Heng, L.K.; Horne, D.J.; White, R.E.

Journal of Soil Science 41(2): 189-198


DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2389.1990.tb00056.x
Accession: 001742496

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An analysis is described which allows transient mole-drain flow, surface runoff and water table depth to be computed, given measured or assumed values for rainfall, evaporation, deep percolation, mole-drain spacing and depth, surface detention, the drainage coefficient, and the saturated hydrulic conductivity, total porosity and macroporosity of the topsoil and subsoil. Dupuit-Forchheimer flow below the water table and vertical hydraulic potential equilibrium above the water table are assumed. The analysis was successfully tested by simulating the hydrographs from a mole-pipe drained silt loam, and comparing the results with the measured hydrographs for three contrasting rainfall events.

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