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Abundance and distribution of immature Culex tarsalis and Anopheles freeborni in rice fields of the Sutter-Yuba M.A.D.: I. Initial sampling to detect major mosquito producing rice fields, augmented by adult light trapping

Lemenager, D.C.; Bauer, S.D.; Kauffman, E.E.

Proceedings and Papers of the Annual Conference of the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association 53: 101-104


Accession: 001745309

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Preliminary results are given for surveys of the number of larvae of C. tarsalis and A. freeborni found in rice fields in Yuba and Sutter Counties, California, in 1984. Larvae of C. tarsalis were more abundant at the beginning of the season, whereas those of A. freeborni became more abundant in mid-August. A minority of the rice fields sampled had larvae of either species occurring in numbers <more or =>0.08/dip.

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