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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Witten, A. J.; King, W. C., 1990: Acoustic imaging of subsurface features

Yano, H.; Mukudai, J., 1989: Acoustic properties in the radial direction of Sitka spruce used for piano soundboards

Misra, M. K.; Koerner, B.; Pate, A.; Burger, C. P., 1990: Acoustic properties of soya beans

Krasnoff, SB.; Yager, DD., 1988: Acoustic response to a pheromonal cue in the arctiid moth Pyrrharctia isabella

Ahrens, F., 1989: Acoustic sensors for controlling mobile machinery and implements

Palestrini, C.; Piazza, R.; Zunino, M., 1987: Acoustic signals in three species of Geotrupini (Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae)

Sivinski, J.; Webb, J. C., 1989: Acoustic signals produced during courtship in Diachasmimorpha (=Biosteres) longicaudata (Hyemnoptera: Braconidae) and other Braconidae

Burk, T., 1988: Acoustic signals, arms races and the costs of honest signalling

Otazo A.; Coro F.; Portilla N., 1989: Acoustic stimuli evoke spikes from the last abdominal ganglion in an arctiid moth

Ryker, L. C., 1988: Acoustic studies of Dendroctonus bark beetles

Kanmiya, K., 1988: Acoustic studies on the mechanism of sound production in the mating songs of the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillet (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Walker, T. J., 1988: Acoustic traps for agriculturally important insects

Gumusuyu, I., 1989: Acoustical communication in insects

Hagstrum, D. W.; Webb, J. C.; Vick, K. W., 1988: Acoustical detection and estimation of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) larval populations in stored wheat

Hansen, J. D.; Webb, J. C.; Armstrong, J. W.; Brown, S. A., 1988: Acoustical detection of oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) larvae in papaya

Hagstrum, D. W.; Vick, K. W.; Webb, J. C., 1990: Acoustical monitoring of Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) populations in stored wheat

Webb, J. C.; Slaughter, D. C.; Litzkow, C. A., 1988: Acoustical system to detect larvae in infested commodities

Bower, S. M.; Evelyn, T. P. T., 1988: Acquired and innate resistance to the haemoflagellate Cryptobia salmositica in sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Cheplick, G. P.; Clay, K., 1988: Acquired chemical defences in grasses: the role of fungal endophytes

Bowers, M. D.; Larin, Z., 1989: Acquired chemical defense in the lycaenid butterfly, Eumaeus atala

White, S. D.; Thalhammer, J. G.; Pavletic, M.; Williams, R.; Kerr, D.; Garlick, D., 1988: Acquired cutaneous lymphangiectasis in a dog

Wu J.; Tang Z Y.; Wu Y X.; Li W R., 1989: Acquired cytomegalovirus infection of breast milk in infancy

Tamke, P. G.; Peterson, M. G.; Dietze, A. E.; DeLahunta, A., 1988: Acquired hydrocephalus and hydromelia in a cat with feline infectious peritonitis: a case report and brief review

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Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746024

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746025

Cuddon P.A., 1989: Acquired immune mediated myasthenia gravis in a cat

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746029

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746030

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746031

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746032

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746033

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746034

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746036

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746037

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746038

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746039

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746040

Nichols V.N.; Fraley J.K.; Evans K.D.; Nichols B.L.Jr, 1989: Acquired monosaccharide intolerance in infants

Krotje L.J.; Fix A.S.; Potthoff A.D., 1990: Acquired myasthenia gravis and cholangiocellular carcinoma in a dog

Scott Moncrieff J.C.; Cook J.R.Jr; Lantz G.C., 1990: Acquired myasthenia gravis in a cat with thymoma

Lefebvre, H., 1990: Acquired myasthenia gravis in cats and dogs

Shelton, G. D., 1990: Acquired myasthenia gravis in the dog and cat

Wieringa Brants, D. H., 1988: Acquired resistance in hypersensitive tobacco against tobacco mosaic virus induced by salicylic acid

Njau, B. C.; Nyindo, M.; Mutani, A., 1988: Acquired resistance in rabbits to immature stages of Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi

Robertson, L.; Plummer, J. M.; Watson, P. F., 1989: Acquired resistance to cold shock in ram spermatozoa revealed by microscopy and a calcium radioassay

Shapiro S.Z.; Voigt W.P.; Ellis J.A., 1989: Acquired resistance to ixodid ticks induced by tick cement antigen

Leshem B.; Gilboa N.; Izhar S.; Frankel R., 1990: Acquired tolerance to exogenous cytokinin during the maturation of tomato embryos

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746054

Nelson, J. C.; Kauffmann, D. J. H.; Ciavarella, D.; Senisi, W. J., 1989: Acquired toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis after platelet transfusions

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746056

Sahni A.; Thapa B.R.; Prasad S.; Mehta S., 1989: Acquired zinc deficiency in an infant resembling acrodermatitis enteropathica

Grieves, J., 1989: Acquiring a leisure identity: juvenile jazz bands and the moral universe of healthy leisure time

Bolter, R. S. J., 1989: Acquiring managerial qualities

Schleien, S. J.; Cameron, J.; Rynders, J. E.; Slick, C., 1988: Acquisition and generalization of leisure skills from school to the home and community by learners with severe multi-handicaps

Thon B., 1987: Acquisition and retention of habituation as a function of intertrial interval duration during training in the blowfly

Benincasa, F.; Fasano, G.; Materassi, A., 1988: Acquisition and transmission of agrometeorological data

Bryceson, K. P.; Cannon, R., 1990: Acquisition and use of low-cost meteorological satellite data in the Australian plague locust commission

Flores, E. R., 1990: Acquisition of foraging skills by lambs eating grass or shrub

Cot, M.; Boussinesq, M.; Gazin, P.; Baudon, D.; Carnevale, P., 1988: Acquisition of immunity in a zone of endemic malaria (the Sudano-sahelian savanna)

Conner, GW.; Saul, G. B.; II., 1986: Acquisition of incompatibility by inbred wild-type stocks of Mormoniella

Zhang J.; Bose H.R.Jr, 1989: Acquisition of new proviral copies in avian lymphoid cells transformed by reticuloendotheliosis virus

Woods, S. A.; Elkinton, J. S.; Podgwaite, J. D., 1989: Acquisition of nuclear polyhedrosis virus from tree stems by newly emerged gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) larvae

Rozin, P., 1990: Acquisition of stable food preferences

Chaniotis, B. N.; Johnson, C. M.; Christensen, H. A.; Vasquez, A. M. de, 1988: Acquisition, development, and treatment of Panamanian cutaneous leishmaniasis: a case history

Chavas, J. P.; Holt, M. T., 1990: Acreage decisions under risk: the case of corn and soybeans

Guenthner, J. F., 1988: Acreage response: an econometric analysis of the United States potato industry

Sharma, S. K.; Agarwal, D. K., 1988: Acremonium salmoneum Games & Lodha - a new hyperparasitism on Puccinia arachidis Speg

Kamlesh Mathur; Shekhawat, K. S.; Siradhana, B. S., 1987: Acremonium wilt of pea - a new record

Mishchenko, L. L., 1989: Acridids of the genus Mizonocara Uv. (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

Boucher, C. A.; Barberis, P. A.; Arlat, M., 1988: Acridine orange selects for deletion of hrp genes in all races of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746082

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746084

Walling, A.; Householder, M.; Walling, A., 1989: Acrodermatitis enteropathica

Ghisolfi, J., 1987: Acrodermatitis enteropathica and zinc metabolism

Michaelsson, G., 1990: Acrodermatitis enteropathica: zinc in epidermis in relation to changes in dosage of zinc

Peterson, M. E.; Taylor, R. S.; Greco, D. S.; Nelson, R. W.; Randolph, J. F.; Foodman, M. S.; Moroff, S. D.; Morrison, S. A.; Lothrop, C. D., 1990: Acromegaly in 14 cats

Brum Bousquet, M.; Mitaku, S.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Tillequin, F.; Koch, M., 1988: Acronycine epoxide: a new acridone alkaloid from several Sarcomelicope species

Veselsky, L.; Cechova, D.; Jonakova, V., 1989: Acrosin inhibitor in extract of the zonae pellucidae of porcine oocytes

Andersson, M.; Vierula, M.; Alanko, M., 1988: Acrosomal morphology and fertility in AI bulls

Andonov, M.; Chaldakov, G. N., 1989: Acrosome formation: a possible role of cAMP and Ca2+

Koyanagi, F.; Masuda, S.; Nishiyama, H., 1988: Acrosome reaction of cock spermatozoa incubated with the perivitelline layer of the hen's ovum

Mohan G., 1988: Acrosome separation from buffalo spermatozoa by chemical dissection

Riley, R.; Tsuchiya, T., 1988: Acrotrisomic analysis of five genes for chromosome 7 in barley

Anonymous, 1984: Acta Facultatis Forestalis

Starostin, S. P.; Smirnova, G. V.; Kalabina, K. A., 1988: Actellic against the sunn pest

Thiriet, B., 1989: ActilightReg., a low calorie sweetener

Ma, Yz; Yen, Lf, 1989: Actin and myosin in pea tendrils

Flores V., 1988: Actin filaments are associated with the septate junctions of invertebrates

Lorenzi G.; Perbal G., 1990: Actin filaments responsible for the location of the nucleus in the lentil statocyte are sensitive to gravity

White R.G.; Sack F.D., 1990: Actin microfilaments in presumptive statocytes of root caps and coleoptiles

Mangia F., 1988: Actin synthesis is not regulated by granulosa cells in mouse growing and preovulatory oocytes

Piazza, M. G.; Intoppa, F., 1988: Actinidia deliciosa: pollinating activity of honeybees and artificial anemophilous pollination

Goliadze, Sh K., 1989: Actinidia in Anaseuli

Kutubidze, V. V.; Sardzhveladze, G. P., 1988: Actinidia, a promising crop for the Soviet subtropics

Beskow, P.; Soderlind, O.; Thafvelin, B., 1989: Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae infections in swine: serological investigations and vaccination trials in combination with environmental improvements

Mittal, K. R.; Higgins, R.; Lariviere, S., 1989: Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae serotype-8 isolates and their antigenic relationships with other A. pleuropneumoniae serotypes

Molenda, J., 1988: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae a causative agent of pleuropneumonia in pigs

Macinnes, Ji; Kim, Je; Lian, Cj; Soltes, Ga, 1990: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae hlyX gene homology with the fnr gene of Escherichia coli

Sanford, S. E.; Josephson, G. K. A.; Rehmtulla, A. J.; Tilker, A. M. E., 1990: Actinobacillus suis infection in pigs in southwestern Ontario

Sanford, S. E.; Miniats, O. P., 1988: Actinobacillus suis septicaemia mimicking erysipelas in sows

Miniats O.P.; Spinato M.T.; Sanford S.E., 1989: Actinobacillus suis septicemia in mature swine two outbreaks resembling erysipelas

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746123

Kutin E., 1987: Actinomyces invasion of placenta as a possible cause of preterm delivery

Allen, J. N., 1987: Actinomyces meyeri breast abscess

Barnham, M., 1988: Actinomyces pyogenes bacteraemia in a patient with carcinoma of the colon

Okewole, P. A.; Odeyemi, P. S.; Ocholi, R. A.; Irokanulo, E. A.; Haruna, E. S.; Oyetunde, I. L., 1989: Actinomyces viscosus isolated from a case of abortion in a Friesian heifer

Peczynska Czoch, W.; Mordarski, M., 1988: Actinomycete enzymes

Blackall, L. L.; Harbers, A. E.; Greenfield, P. F.; Hayward, A. C., 1988: Actinomycete scum problems in Australian activated sludge plants

Giacobini, C.; Cicco, M. A. de; Tiglie, I.; Accardo, G., 1988: Actinomycetes and biodeterioration in the field of fine art

Lacey, J., 1988: Actinomycetes as biodeteriogens and pollutants of the environment

Lechevalier, M. P., 1988: Actinomycetes in agriculture and forestry

Logan M.N.; Stanley P.J.; Exley A.; Gagg C.; Farrell I.D., 1989: Actinomycetes in pyogenic liver abscess

Carlisle, J. T.; Greer, D. L.; Hyslop, N. E., 1988: Actinomycetoma of the hand caused by Nocardia asteroides

George W.L., 1989: Actinomycosis

Gerencser, M. A., 1988: Actinomycosis

Muller Holzner, E.; Gschwendtner, A.; Abfalter, E.; Solder, E.; Schrocksnadel, H., 1990: Actinomycosis and long-term use of intrauterine devices

Muller, P. G., 1989: Actinomycosis as a cause of spinal cord compression: a case report and review

Bornstein, J.; Montgomery, L.; Kaufman, R. H., 1987: Actinomycosis documented by cervicovaginal smear and endometrial biopsy: implications for patient management

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746141

Waaddegaard, P.; Dziegiel, M., 1988: Actinomycosis mimicking abdominal neoplasm

Snowman B.A.; Malviya V.K.; Brown W.; Malone J.M.Jr; Deppe G., 1989: Actinomycosis mimicking pelvic malignancy

Timmermans, L.; Dewulf, E., 1989: Actinomycosis of the abdominal wall. Report of a case

Mickley V.; Reismann B.; Rahlf G., 1989: Actinomycosis of the bladder

Lester F.T.; Juhasz E., 1990: Actinomycosis of the ear

Steensel, C. J. van; Kwan, T. S., 1988: Actinomycosis of the gallbladder

Wan Y.L.; Ng S.H.; Lee T.Yu; Tsai C.C., 1989: Actinomycosis of the greater omentum

Kainz, J.; Friedrich, G., 1988: Actinomycosis of the head and neck

Opitz, T.; Steidle, B.; Vollmer, H., 1988: Actinomycosis of the lung as a rare cause of an intrapulmonary focus

Milojkovic, M.; Matic, S.; Jokovic, B.; Jankovic, D.; Vacic, M., 1987: Actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region

Olson T.S.; Seid A.B.; Pransky S.M., 1989: Actinomycosis of the middle ear

Osborne, J. E.; Blair, R. L.; Christmas, H. E.; McKenzie, H., 1988: Actinomycosis of the nasopharynx: a complication of nasal surgery

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746154

Gotoh, S.; Kura, N.; Nagahama, K.; Higashi, Y.; Fukui, I.; Takagi, K.; Terada, T.; Kao, T.; Kamiyama, R.; Oshima, H., 1988: Actinomycosis of urachal remnants

Richards, R. J.; Grayer, D., 1989: Actinomycosis: a rare cause of vesicocolic fistula

Castillenti, T. A.; Conklin, C. R., 1990: Actinomycosis: an unusual complication following appendicitis

Severo L.C.; Kaemmerer A.; Camargo J.J.; Porto N.S., 1989: Actinomycotic intracavitary lung colonization

Roberts, I. F.; Karim, Q. N.; Rosin, R. D., 1989: Actinomycotic mycetoma of the thigh

Nakamura, T.; Mukai, C.; Tomita, K.; Murayama, T., 1987: Action and occurrence of auxin in Neurospora crassa 74 A

Freier, B.; Hommel, B.; Pallutt, W., 1988: Action and possibilities for use of preparations of Bacillus thuringiensis

Visser, S., 1990: Action and specificity of proteolytic enzymes in relation to cheese ripening and flavour

Guglielmone, A. (Coordinator), 1987: Action and toxicity of drugs used against Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina

Durning, A. B., 1989: Action at the grassroots: fighting poverty and environmental decline

Anonymous, 1989: Action for the future: priorities for the environment

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746172

Hsu, F. H.; Chiu, C. Y.; Chou, C. H., 1989: Action model of allelopathic compounds on seed germination

Bernal, R. de; Almansa, J. de; Leyva, A.; Fajardo C, G., 1986: Action of Clostridium perfringens type A toxins on the electrocardiograms of rabbits

Orlikowski, L. B.; Wojdya, A., 1988: Action of Sandofan M toward Phytophthora cryptogea

Sparchez, C.; Bercea, V.; Soran, V., 1988: Action of Triflurom 24 EC on stomatal distribution in maize seedlings

Mueller, Jg; Chapman, Pj; Pritchard, Ph, 1989: Action of a fluoranthene-utilizing bacterial community on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon components of creosote

Castro, P. R. C.; Ismael, J. J.; Costa, J. D.; Vello, N. A., 1987: Action of a plant stimulant in coffee (Coffea arabica cv. Mundo Novo) and soyabeans (Glycine max cv. Biloxi)

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746183

Lee, K.; Berenbaum, MR., 1989: Action of antioxidant enzymes and cytochrome P-450 monooxygenases in the cabbage looper in response to plant phototoxins

Caner, J.; Fazio, G. de; Alexandre, M. A. V.; Kudamatsu, M.; Vicente, M., 1985: Action of antiviral chemicals in the control of bean golden mosaic virus on Phaseolus lunatus L

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746187

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746188

Comby, F.; Jambut Absil, A. C.; Thomes, J. C.; Lagorce, J. F.; Claude, J.; Buxeraud, J.; Raby, C., 1989: Action of certain anti-infective and antiparasitic agents used as growth promoters on thyroid function, and their influence on weight gain in treated animals

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746191

Osa, J. M.; Benezet, A.; Botas, M.; Olmo, N.; Florez, F. P., 1990: Action of commercial lysozyme (chlorhydrate) on certain bacterial species

Toda, S.; Ohnishi, M.; Kimura, M.; Nakashima, K., 1988: Action of curcuminoids on the hemolysis and lipid peroxidation of mouse erythrocytes induced by hydrogen peroxide

Chappell, J. H.; Wastling, J. M.; Hurd, H., 1989: Action of cyclosporin A on the tapeworms Hymenolepis microstoma, H. diminuta and Mesocestoides corti in vivo

Gascon Munoz, C.; Arino Moneva, A.; Perez Arquillue, C., 1988: Action of different culinary treatments on the qualitative detection of preservatives in edible crustaceans

Ozino, O. I.; Zeppa, G., 1989: Action of different isolates of Verticillium lecanii (Zimm.) Viegas on Zyginidia pullula Boh., pest of maize

Machado, S. R.; Corso, C. M.; Gregorio, E. A., 1988: Action of dinitroaniline herbicides on the intrastructure of radicles of beggars lice (Desmodium canum (Gmel) Shinz et Thell - Leguminosae)

Bouteille, B.; Darde, M. L.; Pestre Alexandre, M., 1988: Action of drugs tested in an acellular medium and in Swiss mice infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746200

Goff, H. D.; Jordan, W. K., 1989: Action of emulsifers in promoting fat destabilization during the manufacture of ice cream

Thakar, N. A.; Patel, C. C., 1986: Action of few systemic nematicides on egg hatching of reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis Linford and Oliveira, 1940

Barros, B. C.; Mariotto, P. R., 1986: Action of fungicides on the development of Helminthosporium sativum Pamm., King & Bakke in vitro

Castro, P. R. C.; Henrique, A. A.; Fumis, T. F.; Babboni Junior, A. C.; Minarelli, A. M.; Stasi, L. C. di; Rodrigues, S. D., 1987: Action of growth regulators and plant stimulants on germination in maize and tomatoes

Khryanin, V. N.; Chailakhyan, M. Kh, 1988: Action of growth regulators on hemp germ development in in vitro culture

Castro, P. R. C.; Evangelista, E. S.; Melotto, E.; Rodrigues, E., 1989: Action of growth regulators on rape (Brassica napus L.)

Nitsmane, A. K.; Blitte, K. A., 1988: Action of helium-neon laser OKG-12-1 on cultures of Salmonella typhimurium

Bynum, E. D, Jr; Archer, T. L.; Plapp, F. W, Jr, 1990: Action of insecticides to spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) on corn in the Texas high plains: toxicity, resistance, and synergistic combinations

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746210

Mcintosh M.J.; Meredith P.A.; Moore M.R.; Goldberg A., 1989: Action of lead on neurotransmission in rats

Quinlan, G. J.; Halliwell, B.; Moorhouse, C. P.; Gutteridge, J. M. C., 1988: Action of lead(II) and aluminium(III) ions on iron-stimulated lipid peroxidation in liposomes, erythrocytes and rat liver microsomal fractions

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746214

Mbenza, M.; Aloni, K.; Lubuimi, M. L., 1987: Action of mole-rats on the formation of some residual pavements in humid tropical regions with contrasted seasons

Roeder A., 1988: Action of niacin in feed rations on some criteria of metabolism and general performance of cows in early lactation

Bossi, M. G.; Giraffa, G.; Carminati, D.; Neviani, E., 1988: Action of nisin on lactic acid bacteria: conductance measurements

Taylor, G. E, Jr; Ross Todd, B. M.; Gunderson, C. A., 1988: Action of ozone on foliar gas exchange in Glycine max L. Merr: a potential role for endogenous stress ethylene

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746221

Szogyi M.; Cserhati T.; Szigeti Z., 1989: Action of paraquat and diquat on proteins and phospholipids

Leitao, J.; Bailly, J. R.; Saint Blanquat, G. de, 1990: Action of phosphine (PH3) on production of sterigmatocystin by various fungal strains isolated from foodstuffs

Leitao, J.; Bailly, J. R., 1989: Action of phosphine on the development of toxinogenic fungi isolated from food products

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746225

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746226

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746228

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746229

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746231

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746233

Hassan, H. N.; El Deeb, S. A.; Mashaly, R. I., 1988: Action of rennet and rennet substitutes on casein fractions in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Sabirov, K. A.; Demkina, N. V.; Igamnazarov, R. P.; Yuldashev, B. T.; Sultanov, K.; Rakhimov, M. M., 1989: Action of rice bran phytase on hydrolysis of phytin

Maggioni, A.; Varanini, Z.; Nardi, S.; Pinton, R., 1987: Action of soil humic matter on plant roots: stimulation of ion uptake and effects on (Mg2+ +K+) ATPase activity

Tudose, I. G.; Zanoaga, C. V.; Halmagyi, A.; Cristea, C., 1989: Action of some derivatives of phenoxyacetic acid on mitotic division of the chromosomes and plant growth in barley Hordeum vulgare L. (2n = 14)

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746238

Garcia Mari, F.; Roca, D.; Fonbuena, P.; Ferragut, F.; Costa Comelles, J., 1988: Action of the acaricides tetradifon and dicofol on eggs and adults of Panonychus citri (McGregor) and Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae), in citrus

Coussement, W.; Maes, L.; Vanparijs, O.; Marsboom, R., 1988: Action of the anticoccidial clazuril on the endogenous stages of Eimeria labbeana and E. columbarum in experimentally infected pigeons

Schulte, W.; Scholze, H., 1989: Action of the major protease from Entamoeba histolytica on proteins of the extracellular matrix

Schmahl, G.; Mehlhorn, H., 1989: Action of toltrazuril on aquarium fish

Grueiro, E.; Barrera, I.; Chavez, H.; Grueiro, V.; Valdivieso, A., 1988: Action of vincubina (tetramethylpiperidone) as a growth stimulant in laboratory animals

Berger, R., 1989: Action plan for deviant results

Anonymous, 1990: Action plan for restructuring, reprogramming and rehabilitating the Institute of Animal Research (IRZ). Submitted to the Mission for Rehabilitation of Enterprises in the Public and Parastatal Sector of the Government of Cameroon

Mbiele, A. L., 1989: Action programme for Striga control in Africa

Stuart, J. S., 1988: Action research and reflection-in-action: a case study of teachers' research into development studies teaching in Lesotho

Baazov, D. I.; Sanadze, G. A., 1987: Action spectrum and enhancement effect of isoprene production in poplar leaves

Benet, J. J., 1988: Action taken against bovine tuberculosis in France in 1987

Gaillot, B., 1988: Action taken against enzootic bovine leukosis in France in 1987. Prospects for 1988

Luchetti, F., 1990: Action taken by the International Olive Oil Council to promote the production, quality and consumption of olive oil

Toda, S.; Ohnishi, M.; Kimura, M., 1989: Actions of Chinese herbal medicines Keishibukuryo-gan and Tougakujyouki-to on the hemolysis and lipid peroxidation of mouse erythrocytes induced by hydrogen peroxide

Ozoe, Y.; Fukuda, K.; Mochida, K.; Nakamura, T., 1989: Actions of benzodiazepines on the housefly. 3. In vitro binding of Ro5-4864 responding to GABA receptor ligands

Jenkinson, D. M.; Menzies, J. D.; Pow, I. A.; Inglis, L.; Lloyd, D. H.; Mackie, A., 1989: Actions of bovine skin washings and sera on the motile zoospores of Dermatophilus congolensis

Wu, C-F.; Tsai, M-C.; Chen, M-L.; Zhong, Y.; Singh, S.; Lee, CY., 1989: Actions of dendrotoxin on K+ channels and neuromuscular transmission in Drosophila melanogaster, and its effects in synergy with K+ channel-specific drugs and mutations

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746266

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746267

Mylecharane, E. J.; Spence, I.; Sheumack, D. D.; Claassens, R.; Howden, M. E. H., 1989: Actions of robustoxin, a neurotoxic polypeptide from the venom of the male funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus), in anaesthetized monkeys

Hansen P.J., 1988: Actions of steroids and prostaglandins secreted by the placenta and uterus of the cow and ewe on lymphocyte proliferation in vitro

Section 2, Chapter 1747, Accession 001746271

Chateauneuf, R.; Espinosa, F.; Cordero, P.; Barrientos, A., 1988: Actions to overcome rural poverty in Latin America

Meshnick S.R.; Tsang T.W.; Lin F.B.; Pan H.Z.; Chang C.N.; Kuypers F.; Chiu D.; Lubin B., 1989: Activated oxygen mediates the antimalarial activity of qinghaosu

D' Antonio, G.; Carbone, P., 1987: Activated sludge process control by behaviour of secondary settling tanks

Arbuckle, W. B.; Kennedy, M. S., 1989: Activated sludge response to a parachlorophenol transient

Morris, J. W.; Adams, L. A. B.; Tozer, H. G., 1989: Activated sludge secondary solids flux variability

Kasan, H. C.; Baecker, A. A. W., 1989: Activated sludge treatment of coal-gasification effluent in a petrochemical plant - II. Metal accumulation by heterotrophic bacteria

Salanitro, J. P.; Langston, G. C.; Dorn, P. B.; Kravetz, L., 1988: Activated sludge treatment of ethoxylate surfactants at high industrial use concentrations

Kageyama, M.; Tomita, K., 1988: Activated sludge treatment of wastewater from a nylon 6 manufacturing plant

Vriens, L.; Nihoul, R.; Verachtert, H., 1989: Activated sludges as animal feed: a review

Lesslhumer, M., 1990: Activating people

Szabo, S. A., 1986: Activation analysis in food chemistry

Rakovic, M.; Pilecka, N., 1988: Activation analysis in vitro for bone mineral studies

Hedwig, B., 1988: Activation and modulation of auditory receptors in Locusta migratoria by respiratory movements

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