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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barratt, D.H.P.; Whitford, P.N.; Cook, S.K.; Butcher, G.; Wang, T.L., 1989:
An analysis of seed development in Pisum sativum. VIII. Does abscisic acid prevent precocious germination and control storage protein synthesis?

Li, J.Y.; Barratt, D.H.P.; Domoney, C.; Hedley, C.L.; Wang, T.L., 1990:
An analysis of seed development in Pisum sativum. X. Expression of storage protein genes in cultured embryos

Pippig, G., 1988:
An analysis of selected seed delivery principles and operating features of the precision seed drill

van Weerd, J.H.; Sukkel, M.; Richter, C.J.J., 1988:
An analysis of sex stimuli enhancing ovarian growth in pubertal African catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Takenaka A., 1988:
An analysis of solar beam penetration through circular gaps in canopies of uniform thickness

Bote, P.P., 1984:
An analysis of some economic factors affecting wood production in giant ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit) tree farms in Lanao Province

Burkot, T.R.; Dye, C.; Graves, P.M., 1989:
An analysis of some factors determining the sporozoite rates, human blood indexes, and biting rates of members of the Anopheles punctulatus complex in Papua New Guinea

Cliffe, D., 1988:
An analysis of some physical and economic performance factors from commercial dairy farms in Ireland, using systems of production based on grassland

Almendros G., 1989:
An analysis of some wheat straw humification factors and their bearing on the response to compost of soil and plant

Hoekman, D.H., 1989:
An analysis of speckle from forest stands with periodic structures

Smith, H.V.; McDiarmid, A.; Smith, A.L.; Hinson, A.R.; Gilmour, R.A., 1989:
An analysis of staining methods for the detection of Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts in water-related samples

Thorpe, J.P., 1987:
An analysis of stand composition in relation to site in an area of spruce-fir-northern hardwoods in Maine

Fisette, P.; Rice, W., 1988:
An analysis of structural finger-joints made from two northeastern species

Anonymous, 1988:
An analysis of structure and management of the Institute of Agricultural Research (IRA) and the Institute of Animal Research (IRZ) of Cameroon

Stier, J.C.; Moyle, D.E.; Bliss, J.C.; Pubanz, D.M., 1988:
An analysis of tax savings under Wisconsin's new Managed Forest Law

Meninato, R., 1989:
An analysis of the 80s; a forecast for the 90s

Franco, J., 1989:
An analysis of the California market for organically grown produce

Sikora, R.A.; Maas, P.W.T., 1986 :
An analysis of the Heterodera trifolii complex and other species in the schachtii group attacking legumes

Waldorph, J.; White, G.B., 1989:
An analysis of the acceptance of IPM techniques in processed sweet corn

Edelman, M.A.; Lasley, P., 1988:
An analysis of the agricultural and trade policy preferences of Iowa farm operators

Malik, W.H., 1988:
An analysis of the agricultural knowledge system in Pakistan

Kreutzer, A.L., 1990:
An analysis of the backgrounds and position responsibilities of general managers of minor league baseball organizations: a basis of curriculum development in sports administration

Lambrecht, K.W., 1987:
An analysis of the competencies of sports and athletic club managers

Pasca, R.; Frappetta, G.; Marsilia, O., 1989:
An analysis of the competitive position of Italian agricultural exports: fruit and horticultural produce

Epperson, J.E.; Lei, L.F., 1988:
An analysis of the competitiveness of vegetable crops versus field crops in the Southeast

Padovan, A.C.; Dry, I.B.; Wiskich, J.T., 1989:
An analysis of the control of phosphorylation-coupled respiration in isolated plant mitochondria

Durand, J.L.; Lemaire, G.; Gosse, G.; Chartier, M., 1989:
An analysis of the conversion of solar energy to dry matter in a lucerne (Medicago sativa) population subjected to water deficit

Kako, T., 1988:
An analysis of the demand for the walking type tractor

Stanek, P., 1989:
An analysis of the development of Czechoslovakian agriculture

Kuroda, T.; Ookawa, T.; Ishihara, K., 1989:
An analysis of the difference in dry matter production between rice cultivars with different plant heights in relation to gas diffusion in stands

Howard, D.R.; Gitelson, R., 1989:
An analysis of the differences between state welcome center users and nonusers: a profile of Oregon vacationers

Naylor R.E.L., 1989:
An analysis of the differences in germination of seed lots of perennial ryegrass in response to artificial ageing

Brennan, J.P., 1989:
An analysis of the economic potential of some innovations in a wheat breeding programme

Lindsey, P.J., 1988:
An analysis of the effects of exchange rates and trade barriers on the United States wine trade

Johnson, D.; Milligan, R., 1988:
An analysis of the effects of field operations management on productivity and profitability of New York dairy farms

Davidson, I.A.; Robson, M.J., 1988:
An analysis of the effects of nitrogen fertilizer on the growth of white clover and ryegrass in mixtures

Basuki, R.S.; Majawisastra, R., 1988:
An analysis of the efficiency level of input application on red pepper growing in Brebes

Kastelovic, E.; Sloboda, A.; Veselovska, E., 1989:
An analysis of the failure rate of transmission gearing in the Zetor UR II tractors of Innovation Series A

Herbert, U., 1989:
An analysis of the farming system in the Tarime highlands, Tanzania. Implications for research and development

Behr, C.M.; Bredenkamp, G.J., 1988:
An analysis of the flowering plants and ferns of the Witwatersrand National Botanic Garden

Macha, J.; Schroffel, J.; Dvorak, J.; Glasnak, V., 1988:
An analysis of the genetic structure of bull populations for six polymorphic systems (Tf, Am, Cp, CA, Hb, FV)

Chang, J.S.; Chen, L.C.; Jen, I.A., 1987:
An analysis of the growth and yield of plantations in Taiwan

Charles Edwards D.A.; Tow P.; Evans T.R., 1987:
An analysis of the growth rates of pasture and animal production

Hojny, J.; Bobak, P.; Hradecky, J.; Stratil, A., 1988:
An analysis of the halothane susceptibility genotypes of pigs from a pedigree Landrace herd

Elahi, K.Q., 1988:
An analysis of the impact of changes in the external value of the Canadian dollar on the Canadian wheat economy

Majumdar, D., 1989:
An analysis of the impacts of household size and composition on food expenditure in Haiti

LaDue, E.L.; Kwiatkowski, J.H., 1989:
An analysis of the investment related characteristics of New York farmers

Noskova, T., 1990:
An analysis of the levelling out of living conditions in town and country

Zvalinskii, V.I.; Litvin, F.F., 1989:
An analysis of the light dependence of photosynthesis in its interactions with photorespiration and other processes

Nijhout, HF.; Wray, GA.; Gilbert, LE., 1990:
An analysis of the phenotypic effects of certain colour pattern genes in Heliconius (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

Ashley, G.A.; Epperson, J.E., 1987:
An analysis of the potential for exporting vegetables grown in the United States: a United States exporter's perspective

Psychas, P.; Malaska, P., 1989:
An analysis of the problematique of African famine

Bridge, N.J.; Gold, D., 1989:
An analysis of the relationship between leisure and economics

Zulauf, C.; King, K., 1987:
An analysis of the relationship between the selling of seed by farmers and seed price discount

Procter, R.J., 1989:
An analysis of the relative economics of selected crop systems accounting for interdependent cash flows arising from differential intertemporal soil productivity

Lynch D.R.; Kozub G.C., 1988:
An analysis of the response of nine potato genotypes to five prairie environments

Neeteson J.J.; Zwetsloot H.J.C., 1989:
An analysis of the response of sugar beet and potatoes to fertilizer nitrogen and soil mineral nitrogen

Ball, K.; Dewbre, J., 1989:
An analysis of the return to generic advertising of beef, lamb and pork

Balwinder, S., 1989:
An analysis of the role of focal points on marketing of farmer's produce in the Punjab state

Macha, J.; Dvorak, J., 1986:
An analysis of the selection of bulls for artificial insemination using aspects of the biochemical genotype (6 polymorphic systems)

Dlokhi, R.R., 1988:
An analysis of the state of maintenance and operation of channels in drainage systems

Oja, V.M.; Rasulov, B.H.; Laisk, A.H., 1988:
An analysis of the temperature dependence of photosynthesis considering the kinetics of RuP2 carboxylase and the pool of RuP2 in intact leaves

Kedem, B.; Chiu, L.S.; Karni, Z., 1990:
An analysis of the threshold method for measuring area-average rainfall

Chang, J.S.; Jen, I.A., 1986:
An analysis of the timber supply and demand situation in Taiwan

Rybar, R., 1989:
An analysis of the vibratory lifters of sugarbeet harvesters

Lynch, D.R.; Tai, G.C.C., 1988:
An analysis of the yield responses of eight potato genotypes to water stress

Thakur, J.; Singh, D.K.; Roy, M., 1989:
An analysis of trends, growth and technological development of oilseeds in Bihar

Avon, L.; Bedehoeft, J.D., 1989:
An analysis of trichloroethylene movement in groundwater at Castle Air Force Base, California

Kul' chitskii, R.I., 1989:
An analysis of use of row crop tractors in cotton growing

Tarrant, J.R., 1989:
An analysis of variability in Soviet grain production

Gorenstein, S.; Peri, G., 1988:
An analysis of wheat as the economic basis of a region

Smocek, J.; Martinek, P., 1989:
An analysis of winter wheat varieties grown in Czechoslovakia with respect to production prices

Krizek, J.; Jakubec, V.; Holanova, P.; Bastl, M.; Pindak, A., 1989:
An analysis of wool production in the various combinations of sheep obtained in the course of the formation of a synthetic population based on the Tsigai breed

Shao, B.F.; Ge, M.Z.; Weng, C.H., 1988:
An analysis on the accumulated ratio of growth and development in Corchorus capsularis and Hibiscus cannabinus

Isibasi, K., 1988:
An analysis on the consumption of marine products by pattern of household

Wen, H.N., 1988:
An analysis on the relatively high straw ratio in first crop rice and its causes

Hendrix, A.T.M., 1989:
An analysis system to establish the degree of incapacity

Holmes, M.D.; Zysow, B.; Delbanco, T.L., 1989:
An analytic review of current therapies for obesity

Deswal, D.P.; Lather, B.P.S.; Punia, R.C., 1989:
An analytical appraisal of pearlmillet seed production in India

Wendling J.; Hileman F.; Orth R.; Umbreit T.; Hesse E.; Gallo M., 1989:
An analytical assessment of the bioavailability of dioxin contaminated soils to animals

Hart, R.D., 1987:
An analytical framework for the design and evaluation of crop and livestock technology

Gupta, P.D.; Gupta, C.P.; Pandey, K.P., 1989:
An analytical model for predicting draft forces on convex-type wide cutting blades

Dentine, M.R.; Cowan, C.M., 1990:
An analytical model for the estimation of chromosome substitution effects in the offspring of individuals heterozygous at a segregating marker locus

Brennan, J.P., 1989:
An analytical model of a wheat breeding program

Dillon, P.J., 1989:
An analytical model of contaminant transport from diffuse sources in saturated porous media

Angelakis A.N.; Kadir T.N.; Rolston D.E.; Brooks P.D., 1989:
An analytical solution for diffusion of soil gas produced from a moving solute

Warrick, A.W.; Lomen, D.O.; Islas, A., 1990:
An analytical solution to Richard's equation for a draining soil profile

An, J.M.; Lee, K.N., 1988:
An analytical study on stem growth of Chamaecyparis obtusa

Whittington R.J.; Marshall D.J., 1990:
An anamnestic serological test for ovine footrot

Feng, H., 1988:
An anatomic approach to the relationship between roots of common monocotyledons and eco-environment

Ryu, H.Y.; Soh, W.Y., 1988:
An anatomical comparison of the secondary xylem in the branch, stem and root of Salix glandulosa and Quercus variabilis

Lung, M.A.; Wang, J.C., 1989:
An anatomical investigation of the nasal venous vascular bed in the dog

Balog Nyakas, A., 1988:
An anatomical study of the ear leaves of maize (Zea mays L.) at different rates of NPK application

Cleary, D.M., 1989:
An anatomy of a gold rush: Garimpagem in the Brazilian Amazon

Stevenhagen, J.B.; Robins, D.M., 1990:
An ancient provirus has imposed androgen regulation on the adjacent mouse sex-limited protein gene

Olofson, H., 1980:
An ancient social forestry

Wang, S.; Tsuchiya, T., 1988:
An aneuploid plant for telocentric chromosome 6S in barley

Jennings D.M.; Ford Lloyd B.V.; Butler G.M., 1989:
An aniline blue squash technique for observation of urediniospore germ pores

Sorensen, D.A., 1990:
An animal model for selection for litter size in the Danish pig breeding program

Ormond, T.; Ryan, M.P.; Pratt, I.S., 1987:
An animal model of cisplatin-induced magnesium deficiency

Guimaraes Sobrinho, J.B.; Finch, E.O.; Patto Ramalho, M.A., 1986:
An animal-drawn cultivator modified to apply nitrogen fertilizers and to sow beans within maize crops

Nagy, J.G.; Ohm, H.W.; Ames, L.L.; Schaber, L.D., 1988:
An animal-drawn mechanical ridge tier for the cereal farming systems of Burkina Faso

Inoue, S., 1989:
An anisotropic consolidation equation on the embankment material considering visco-elastic behavior

Nayak, M.L.; Bhale, M.S., 1987:
An annotated bibliography of betelvine (Piper betle L.) diseases

Seyedbagheri, K.A.; McHenry, M.L.; Platts, W.S., 1987:
An annotated bibliography of the hydrology and fishery studies of the South Fork Salmon River

Foale, M.A., 1987:
An annotated bibliography on coconut research relevant to the Pacific Islands

Nordstrom, L.O.; Newman, R.F.; Wikeem, B.M., 1985:
An annotated bibliography on forest-range ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest

Selander, RB., 1988:
An annotated catalog and summary of bionomics of blister beetles of the genus Cylindrothorax (Coleoptera, Meloidae)

Dippenaar Schoeman, A.S., 1989:
An annotated check list of crab spiders (Araneae: Thomisidae) of Saudi Arabia

Mound, L.A.; Houston, K.J., 1987:
An annotated check-list of Thysanoptera from Australia

Segedin, B.P., 1987:
An annotated checklist of agarics and boleti recorded from New Zealand

Rambajan, I., 1987:
An annotated checklist of the Anopheles of Guyana, South America

Gelbrecht, J.; Muller, B., 1987:
An annotated checklist of the geometrids of the GDR as at 1986 (Lep., Geometridae)

Lavigne, R.J.; Littlefield, J.L., 1989:
An annotated list of insects associated with Astragalus species

Marotta, S., 1986:
An annotated list of the Italian mealybugs

Gregorio, R. de, 1989:
An annotated list of the papers on morphology, biology, ethology, alimentation and seasonal polymorphism of the variegated grasshopper, Zonocerus variegatus. II. Alimentation and seasonal polymorphism (Orth. Pyrgomorphidae)

Barnard, S.M., 1987:
An annotated outline of commonly occurring reptilian parasites

Kyle, R., 1990:
An antelope for all seasonings

Mehta, S., 1988:
An anthropological appraisal of tribal education policies operational in contemporary India

Beck, L.R., 1989:
An anti-inflammatory factor from milk

Jogia M.K.; Sinclair A.R.E.; Andersen R.J., 1989:
An antifeedant in balsam poplar inhibits browsing by snowshoe hares

Nantulya V.M., 1989:
An antigen detection enzyme immunoassay for the diagnosis of rhodesiense sleeping sickness

Itoh M.; Sato S., 1988:
An antigenic component for the serodiagnosis of paragonimiasis miyazakii

Langenhoven, J.H.; Breytenbach, J.C.; Gerritsma-Van der Vijver, L.M.; Fourie, T.G., 1988:
An antihypertensive chromone from Ptaeroxylon obliquum

Wadhwa, R.; Kaur, M.; Sharma, SP., 1988:
An antioxidant induced alterations in peroxidase activity in ageing Zaprionus paravittiger (Diptera)

George C.; Steinberg H., 1989:
An aortic body carcinoma with multifocal thoracic metastases in a cat

Severnyi, A.E.; Puchin, E.A.; Mel' nikov, A.A.; Voitov, V.I., 1989:
An apparatus for application of coatings for corrosion protection

Hagihara, A.; Hozumi, K.; Handa, S., 1987:
An apparatus for determining the CO2 gas-exchange of a forest tree in the field

Hudman, J.F.; Costa, N.D.; Robinson, W.F., 1988:
An apparent phosphate selenium interaction in weaner sheep

Buracco, P.; Gallo, M.G., 1988:
An apparently primary Cryptococcus neoformans infection of the bone in a dog

Paulin, R., 1989:
An apple production system for Western Australia

Sawamura, K.; Yamashita, K.; Arai, M., 1988:
An apple stem grooving virus strain isolated from European pear (Pyrus communis)

Bobbe, T.J., 1987:
An application of a geographic information system to the timber sale planning process on the Tongass National Forest - Ketchikan Area

Khatri Chhetri, J.B., 1989:
An application of a spatial price equilibrium model for an efficient allocation of South Carolina water resources

Ingold, T., 1989:
An application of biotechnical engineering: a civil engineering input

Nuppenau, E.A., 1990:
An application of control theory to seasonal food security

Lerdon F.J., 1989:
An application of expert systems to the financial diagnosis of dairy farms

Durisova, L.; Lajdova, O.; Starinsky, J., 1987:
An application of factor analysis to determine the factors affecting management capacity

Macmillan, D.C.; Fairweather, S.E., 1988:
An application of linear programming for short-term harvest scheduling

Rahmani, M.; Taylor, T.G.; Mulkey, D., 1990:
An application of market window analysis: the case of vegetables grown on reclaimed phosphatic clay in Florida

Galligan, D.T.; Ramberg, C.R.; Chalupa, W.; Johnstone, C.; Smith, G., 1988:
An application of multi-objective linear programming for achievement of breeding goals in herd health programs

Funaba M.; Yano H.; Kawashima R., 1990:
An application of rapid determination method of urinary net acid concentration to sheep urine

Thunnissen, H.A.M.; Nieuwenhuis, G.J.A., 1988:
An application of remote sensing and soil water balance simulation models to determine the effect of groundwater extraction on crop evapotranspiration

Hatch, U.A.wood, J.S.gar, J., 1989:
An application of safety-first probability limits in a discrete stochastic farm management programming model

Ujiie, S.; Yamaki, K.; Yamagishi, T.; Mizuma, Y., 1989:
An application of sire evaluation via BLUP methods of body measurement for Japanese Black heifers

Chungian, J.; Feng, Y., 1989:
An application of solid state cameras to testing the uniformity of seed feeding

Choi, H.L.; Albright, L.D.; Timmons, M.B., 1990 :
An application of the K- epsilon turbulence model to predict how a rectangular obstacle in a slot-ventilated enclosure affects air flow

Choi, H.L.; Albright, L.D.; Timmons, M.B.; Warhaft, Z., 1988:
An application of the K-epsilon turbulence model to predict air distribution in a slot-ventilated enclosure

Matis, J.H.; Birkett, T.; Boudreaux, D., 1989:
An application of the Markov chain approach to forecasting cotton yields from surveys

Hayashi, M.; Nakayama, M.; Kozai, T., 1988:
An application of the acclimatization unit for growth of carnation explants, and for rooting and acclimatization of the plantlets

Aradhyula, S.V.; Eswaramoorthy, K.; Frohberg, K., 1988:
An application of the computable general equilibrium model to analyze US agriculture

Yoshihara, T.; Kaneko, M.; Oikawa, M.; Wada, R.; Tomioka, Y., 1989:
An application of the image analyzer to the soft radiogram of the third metacarpus in horses

Zaghloul, R.; E.A.bady, W.H.; Ghoma, N.S., 1987:
An application of the monostandard epithermal neutron activation technique for the analysis of domestic phosphate ores

Gleiter H.M.; Ohad N.; Hirschberg J.; Fromme R.; Renger G.; Koike H.; Inoue Y., 1990:
An application of thermoluminescence to herbicide studies

Brezhnev, A.I.; Kleizit, V.V., 1987:
An applied dynamic model of moisture cycling in soil under irrigation

Plasse, D.; Linares, T.; Hoogesteijn, R.; Fossi, H., 1989:
An applied technology programme for the improvement of the production of beef cattle

Golokin, S.L.; Cassels, P.K., 1989:
An appraisal of Sabah Softwoods Sdn. Bhd. 12 years after establishment

Semuguruka, G.H., 1988:
An appraisal of agricultural research in Tanzania

Pyatt, F.B.; Lacy, D., 1988:
An appraisal of atmospheric pollution by aluminium fumes emanating from smelter works in western Norway

Park, D.W.; Tomek, W.G., 1988:
An appraisal of composite forecasting methods

Poel, H.P. van der; Schinkel, R.F., 1985:
An appraisal of farming systems in 6 villages on Lombok and Sumbawa

Singh, B.P.; Madhumita Das; Singh, B.N.; Prasad, R.N., 1988:
An appraisal of fertility status and water quality of Khasi Hills Meghalayan valley lands under varying altitudes

Manoharan, V.; Sivasubramanian, V., 1988:
An appraisal of genetic diversity in proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.)

Abd, M.; Soliman, I., 1983:
An appraisal of livestock policies in Egypt with special reference to credit and import policies

Samiayyan, K.; Janarathanan, R., 1988:
An appraisal of potash fertilization in controlling the incidence of leaf and plant hoppers in some rice varieties

Jafri, S.M.H.; Pandit, S.N., 1986:
An appraisal of potassium contribution from exchangeable and non-exchangeable sources to sugarcane with cowpea as intercrop

Lakshminarayana, S.M.; Adinarayana, S., 1990:
An appraisal of repayment capacity and overdues of crop loans in cooperatives and commercial bank in Kasimkota Panchayat Samiti of Visakahapatnam District

Lane, R.A., 1988:
An appraisal of sod suppression techniques on clover establishment and grass recovery

Edwards, J.R.; Piggott, C.; Cope, R., 1989:
An appraisal of the ecological impact of 'gill' scrambling in the English Lake District

Malik, U.A., 1989:
An appraisal of water use policy in the agricultural sector of Malaysia

Wagoire Wamala, W., 1987:
An appraisal of weed control methods in wheat in Uganda

Cornelisse, P.A.; Naqvi, S.N.H., 1989:
An appraisal of wheat market policy in Pakistan

Garnham, P.C.; Nelson, G.S.; McMahon, J.P., 1988:
An appreciation of James Patrick McMahon, O.B.E

Niemann, P., 1988:
An approach for evaluating the importance of arable weed species

Rijal, K., 1987:
An approach for evaluation of bio-gas programme development in Nepal

Scott, P.; Pearce, E.; Natovitz, P.; Sher, A., 1988:
An approach for identifying protective leishmanial antigens by T-cell cloning and immunoblotting

Sudhindra, C.; Moza, K.K., 1988:
An approach for lateral pressure assessment in expansive soils

Alves Filho, O., 1988:
An approach in coffee spouted bed drying design

Junge W.; Krieter J., 1989:
An approach of ranking cows according to energy partitioning

Ezekiel, H., 1988:
An approach to a food aid strategy

Lönnerdal, B.; Glazier, C., 1989:
An approach to assessing trace element bioavailability from milk in vitro. Extrinsic labeling and proteolytic degradation

Lewandowski, G.A.; Baltzis, B.C.; Kung, C.M.; Frank, M.E., 1989:
An approach to biocatalyst modelling of mixed populations using pure culture kinetic data

Yatagai, M.; Hayashi, Y.; Tanaka, J.; Oda, K.; Ohara, S.; Takahashi, T.; Miyazaki, M., 1985:
An approach to biomass utilization IV. Utilization of coniferous leaves

Ishihara, M., 1986:
An approach to biomass utilization V. Screening of cellulolytic Trichoderma and Hypocrea species

Li, G.D.; Sessins, J., 1987:
An approach to calculating optimal road and landing spacing with micro-computers

Aggarwal, V.D., 1989:
An approach to cowpea Striga control through plant breeding

Susmel, P.; Cuzzit, R., 1988:
An approach to defining the energy requirements of dairy sheep

Ali, I., 1990:
An approach to estimating the poverty alleviation impact of an agricultural project

Gephart, L.; Moses, S., 1989:
An approach to evaluate the acute impacts from simulated accidental releases of chlorine and ammonia

Garcia Fernandez, S.; Barraco Serra, M.; Adria Casas, M.A.; Lopez Bes, J.M.; Giner Boya, P.; Piulaches, M.; Raventos Santamaria, M., 1986:
An approach to heather honey viscosity

Chen, S.T.; Wong, J.Y., 1988:
An approach to improving the prediction of pneumatic tire performance over unprepared terrain

Karp J.E.; Burch P.A.; Merz W.G., 1988:
An approach to intensive antileukemia therapy in patients with previous invasive aspergillosis

Theocharopoulos, S.P.; Karagianni Christou, M.; Gatzogianni, P.; Papadopoulos, P.; Pashalides, C.; Dionisopoulou, P.; Antonakopoulos, G., 1989:
An approach to measure the nitrate leaching in Kopais area in Greece: preliminary results

Fonteno W.C., 1989:
An approach to modeling air and water status of horticultural substrates

Verlodt, H.; Mougou, A., 1990:
An approach to passive solar heating of greenhouses

Courtin, P.J.; Klinka, K.; Feller, M.C.; Demaerschalk, J.P., 1988:
An approach to quantitative classification of nutrient regimes of forest soils

Wu, D.B.; Lian, Y.Q.; Gao, Z.Q., 1987:
An approach to salinization and desalinization of the coastal salt-affected soils in Fujian Province

Peacock, J.M.; Azam Ali, S.N.; Matthews, R.B., 1988:
An approach to screening for resistance to water and heat stress in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

Wharton, B.A., 1989:
An approach to setting maxima in infant formulas

Zhou, W.Q., 1988:
An approach to the characteristics of natural restoration of forests in the Great Xingan Mountains and methods of cutting and culturing

Fryer, J.G.; Karlberg, J.; Hayes, M., 1989:
An approach to the estimation of growth standards: the univariate case

Blatner, Ka, 1989:
An approach to the estimation of import price elasticities by supplier

Sarabia Alzaga, J.M.; Sarabia Alegria, J.M.; Lopez Fernandez, C., 1990:
An approach to the explanatory factors of tourism: the case of Cantabria

Wan, P.S., 1989:
An approach to the fluidic device for crop protection machinery

Hu, S.X.; Xu, Q.H.; Zhang, W.X.; Wu, W.Y., 1988:
An approach to the formation and age of the mountain chestnut soil in the northeastern marginal region of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Gou, X.H., 1989:
An approach to the integrated utilization of paddy fields from the viewpoint of ecological niche

Jakovljevski, A., 1989:
An approach to the optimal investment policy in agriculture

Wharton, DA.; Webb, G., 1989:
An approach to the teaching of host/parasite population modelling

Lin, H., 1988:
An approach to the updating of a data base for a geographic information system: land use and land cover data

Tendulkar, S.D., 1989:
An approach towards integrating large- and small-scale surveys

Kreutz Jeanmaire, C.; Dexheimer, J.; Gerard, J., 1988:
An approach, at the cell level, to the functioning of vesicular-arbuscular endomycorrhizas

Kokue, E.; Shimoda, M.; Suzuki, R., 1989:
An appropriate ingestion volume of oral sulfa drug suspension in pigs

Adamson, A.H.; Pratt, C., 1987:
An approval scheme for silage additives in the UK

Hromadka, T.V.; McCuen, R.H., 1989:
An approximate analysis of surface runoff model uncertainty

Novak M.D., 1990:
An approximate analytical theory to predict the diurnal effects of local advection

Zimmerman, R.W.; Bodvarsson, G.S., 1989:
An approximate solution for one-dimensional absorption in unsaturated porous media

Critten, D.L., 1989:
An approximate theory for predicting the light transmission distribution across a greenhouse

Sauma F.P.; Hoffmaister A.A., 1989:
An approximation of the determinants and principal characteristics of poverty in Costa Rica

Burkhart, C.A.; Stross, R.G., 1990:
An aquatic bioassay of herbicides bleaching in the charophyte sporeling, Nitella furcata

Schleien, S.J.; Ray, M.T.; Johnson, D.O., 1989:
An architectural accessibility survey of community recreation centers

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An artificial leaf for checking accuracy in the estimation of internal partial pressure of CO2 in gas-exchange measurement

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An asparagine tRNA gene from lupin mitochondria

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An assembly zone antigen of the insect cuticle

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An assessing of grasshopper consumption (Orthoptera: Acrididae) on the primary production of Pyrenean pastures above timberline

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An assessment of American coot herbivory of hydrilla

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An assessment of a composite sampling method for counting strongyle eggs in sheep faeces

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An assessment of a rural health programme on child and maternal care: the Ogbomoso Community Health Care Programme (CHCP), Oyo State, Nigeria

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An assessment of a simple spectrophotometric method for the determination of dissolved organic carbon in freshwaters

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An assessment of binary mixture interactions for nine sweeteners

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An assessment of botanical air purification as a formaldehyde mitigation measure under dynamic laboratory chamber conditions

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An assessment of caloric intake as an indicator of physical activity

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An assessment of computer-based and conventional sizing of Florida tangerines

Anonymous, 1987:
An assessment of credit given to promote agriculture

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An assessment of deficiency payments to milk producers in Japan

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An assessment of desertification and land degradation in arid and semi-arid areas

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An assessment of drip irrigation of sugar cane on poorly structured soils in Swaziland

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An assessment of ensiling the processing wastes from dogfish to produce a protein feed for monogastric animals

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An assessment of excess biological phosphorus removal during activated sludge treatment

Watson, C.J., 1988:
An assessment of granular urea/ammonium sulphate and urea/potassium nitrate fertilizers on nitrogen recovery by ryegrass

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An assessment of hotels in Abeokuta, Nigeria and its implications for tourists

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An assessment of hydraulics and distribution uniformity in farm irrigation systems

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An assessment of irrigation technology performance in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California

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An assessment of nutrient levels, specific leaf weight and lint yield of mepiquat chloride-treated cotton

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An assessment of short-term depletion of stream macroinvertebrate benthos by drift

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An assessment of soil-to-plant concentration ratios for some natural analogues of the transuranic elements

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An assessment of surface-mine reclamation based upon sheetwash erosion rates at the Glenrock Coal Company, Glenrock, Wyoming

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An assessment of the Hennessy grading probe for use in pig carcass classification

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An assessment of the agricultural economics profession: obstacles to the generation of useful products (3 papers)

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An assessment of the assay for serum antibodies to Aspergillus fumigatus catalase in the diagnostic laboratory

van Swaay, CAM., 1990:
An assessment of the changes in butterfly abundance in the Netherlands during the 20th century

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An assessment of the contribution of growth substances to plant development

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An assessment of the cup quality of the new disease resistant Coffea arabica cultivar Ruiru 11 in Kenya

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An assessment of the early stages of microfouling and corrosion of 70:30 copper nickel alloy in the presence of two marine bacteria

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An assessment of the economics of organic farming in Baden-Wurttemberg from a farm management viewpoint

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An assessment of the effect of urban development on groundwater levels in a chalk aquifer

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An assessment of the effectiveness of press kits as a tourism promotion tool

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An assessment of the effects of climatic change on agriculture

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An assessment of the effects of impaired renal function and haemodialysis on the pharmacokinetics of fluconazole

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An assessment of the extent of basal sweep in south coastal lodgepole pine

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An assessment of the feasibility of producing F1 and F2 hybrids for the UK

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An assessment of the fertiliser response and other characters of three dihaploid potatoes and the characteristics of their tetraploid progenies

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An assessment of the herbicide technology extension project in sugarcane in K.C.P. sugar factory command area in Andhra Pradesh, India

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An assessment of the interaction between photoperiod and sex phenotype in relation to appetite development in sheep

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An assessment of the lower limit of specificity of the clinical definition of AIDS in Africa

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An assessment of the national policy objectives in the livestock and grain sectors of Taiwan

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An assessment of the pathogenicity of the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in the North Central United States

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An assessment of the potential of SPOT reflectance data for soil survey in Northern Ireland

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An assessment of the relationship between tissue growth patterns and selected hormone profiles among sex phenotypes in cattle

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An assessment of the risks to the health of grazing animals from the radioactive contamination of pastures

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An assessment of the role of parasites and predators in the regulation of cyst nematode populations

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An assessment of the rubisco inhibitor 2-carboxyarabinitol-1-phosphate and D-hamamelonic acid 21-phosphate as identical compounds

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An assessment of the separation and analysis of humic substances by isoelectric focusing (IEF) method

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An assessment of the stability of aggregates from the Hermitage fallow management trial

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An assessment of the suitability of a soil amendment polymer for tree crop growing

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An assessment of the tourist resources and the possible exploitation of scenic Taimushan

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An assessment of the vine pull scheme: a case study of the Southern Vales of South Australia

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An assessment of woody biomass, community forests, land use and soil erosion in Ethiopia. A feasibility study on the use of remote sensing and GIS -analysis for planning purposes in developing countries

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An assessment on evaluations of mastitis therapy

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An assessment on the uses of timber in residential housing in Sarawak

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An asset/liability management model of a Federal Intermediate Credit Bank

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An association between marmosets and army ants in Brazil

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An association of cigarette smoking with recurrent subareolar breast abscess

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An atlas of protozoan parasites in animal tissues

Anonymous, 1988:
An atlas of rangeland and its main plant resources on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Volume Qinghai

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An atlas of the honeybee

Lavdas, L.G., 1986:
An atmospheric dispersion index for prescribed burning

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An attempt at establishing the population density of insects causing mines and galls on the leaves of Quercus spp. in Poland

Androkovich, R.A., 1989:
An attempt at making the principal-agent paradigm operational

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An attempt for separation of bovine X- and Y-bearing sperm by Percoll Density Gradient Centrifugation

Adamska Jarecka, G., 1988:
An attempt of determination of relationship between activity of some enzymes in blood serum of 4 month old gilts and their future reproduction

Izumi, H.; Ueno, M.; Uchiyama, K., 1988:
An attempt of finite element analyses for the interaction of soil and tractor

Chmielewski, W., 1987:
An attempt of use of insecticide Actellic 50 EC in control of copra mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schr.) (Acarida, Acaridae) - a pest of flax and hemp sow seeds

Wawrzyniak, W., 1987:
An attempt on the artificial spawning and eggs incubation of herring (Clupea harengus L.) of Puck Bay origin

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An attempt to apply the nitrogen assessment method to Virginia tobacco crops

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An attempt to determine the thermal requirements of 9 potato cultivars during the sprouting of tubers under controlled conditions

Ellison, R.S.; Jacobs, R.M., 1990:
An attempt to determine the tissue origin of equine serum alkaline phosphatase by isoelectric focusing

Orze, S., 1986:
An attempt to estimate future mensurational characteristics of trees from their values in a given year

Angehrn Bettinazzi, C.; Thoni, L.; Hertz, J., 1989:
An attempt to evaluate some factors affecting the heavy metal accumulation in a forest stand

Cordonnier, P.; Bonnafous, P., 1989:
An attempt to evaluate the economic impacts of using bovine somatotropin in French dairy farming systems

Mezzaliri, G., 1987:
An attempt to evaluate the multiple functions of shelterbelts

Miedzobrodzka, A.; Wadymiruk, H., 1988:
An attempt to fortify drinking juices with magnesium salts

Lonc, E.; Modrzejewska, M., 1986:
An attempt to identification of nymphal instars of biting lice (Mallophaga) using discriminant function

Premakumari, D.; George, P.J.; Panikkar, A.O.N., 1989:
An attempt to improve test tapping in Hevea seedlings

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An attempt to improve the flavour of 'nono' by the use of starter cultures

Booth, R.H.; Rhoades, R.E., 1989:
An attempt to improve the storage of consumer potatoes on small farms in Peru

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An attempt to obtain Candida skin antigens for the diagnosis of systemic candidosis

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An attempt to present an outline of unit cost analysis in pig farming

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An attempt to prevent spreading gene pollution by natural hybridization in rice

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An attempt to produce Ostertagia circumcincta infections in Mongolian gerbils

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An attempt to reduce losses due to entrainment from pans

Gavrilov, N.; Mikhalkov, I.; Mladenova, V.; Petkov, T., 1987:
An attempt to reduce undernutrition of newborn piglets in commercial farms

E.Ouadili, R., 1990:
An attempt to resolve the calorie-protein deficiency: frozen fish marketing

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An attempt to separate and quantitate human and porcine insulin by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography

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An attempt to separate cattle X- and Y-bearing spermatozoa by Percoll density gradient centrifugation

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An attempt to simplify the prediction of potato yields

Vigneault, M., 1989:
An attempt to trace the origins of modern hockey

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An attractant for males of the grey grain moth

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An attributional analysis of student demoralization in physical education settings

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An autecological study of the take-all fungus (Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici) in Western Australia

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An auto-CAD-based watershed information system for the hydrologic model HEC-1

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An autochthonous baculovirus (granulosis virus; GV) of Agrotis segetum (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its possibilities for use in the fight against cutworms

Anonymous, 1989:
An autochthonous case of malaria transmitted by syringe

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An autoecological study of free-living marine nematodes

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An automated accounting system in crop production

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An automated chromosome aberration scoring system

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An automated data acquisition system for assessing in situ biodegradation of chlorinated aliphatic compounds

Diehl K.C.; Van Gelder M.F.; Byler R.K., 1990:
An automated dimension measurement system for soft biological materials

Lichatin, I.M., 1988:
An automated fire-fighting system for periodic-action chambers for the thermal treatment of fibreboards

Lynch, J.; Epstein, E.; Lauchli, A.; Weigt, G.I., 1990 :
An automated greenhouse sand culture system suitable for studies of P nutrition

Casady, W.W.; Paulsen, M.R., 1988:
An automated kernel positioning device for computer vision analysis of grain

Steiner, C.; Kaltschmidt, C., 1989:
An automated method for calcium phosphate-mediated gene transfer

Broekaert W.F.; Terras F.R.G.; Cammue B.P.A.; Vanderleyden J., 1990:
An automated quantitative assay for fungal growth inhibition

Inaba, A.; Nakamura, R., 1987:
An automated system for determining respiration in fruits and vegetables and regulating their temperature by microcomputer

Bankin, M.P.; Zaslavskii, B.G.; Terleev, V.V., 1988:
An automated system for determining the hydraulic conductivity of soils

Testolin, R., 1988:
An automated system for irrigation trial management

Williams, P.; Wegecsanyi, M.; Gross, S.A., 1987:
An automated system for monitoring fumigant concentrations in grain storage

Bertuzzi, P.; Caussignac, J.M.; Stengel, P.; Morel, G.; Lorendeau, J.Y.; Pelloux, G., 1990:
An automated, noncontact laser profile meter for measuring soil roughness in situ

Eddington, D.L.; Suggs, C.W.; Seaboch, T.R., 1989:
An automatic bare root transplanter

Jenkins, B.M.; Sachs, R.M.; Tran, L.T.; Mehlschau, J.J., 1989 :
An automatic biomass fueled heating system for greenhouses

Egorova, S.A.; Rudenko, A.G.; Bergal, M.E.; Lobov, V.I.; Dubina, L.A., 1989:
An automatic control system for technological processes in fruit storages

Mamcarz A.; Kozlowski J., 1989:
An automatic dry food dispenser for coregonid larvae reared in illuminated cages

Slader, R.W.; Gregory, A.M.S., 1988:
An automatic feeding and weighing system for ad libitum fed pigs

Westgarth Smith A.R.; Hereward C., 1989:
An automatic maggot counter for use in blowfly development studies

Smith J.W.; Turner J.V.; Harris C.J., 1989:
An automatic rainfall logger and sampler for field use

Miles, S.J.; Wilkin, A.L.; Holt, J.B., 1990:
An automatic re-potting machine for hardy ornamental nursery stock - design and construction

Beauchemin K.A.; Zelin S.; Genner D.; Buchanan Smith J.G., 1989:
An automatic system for quantification of eating and ruminating activities of dairy cattle housed in stalls

Wilton, B., 1989:
An automatically steered electrically powered tractor for field use

Watanabe, M.; Hotchi, M.; Nagasaki, M., 1988:
An autopsy case of disseminated histoplasmosis probably due to infection from a renal allograft

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An autoradiographic analysis of vitellogenin synthesis and secretion in the fat body of the stick insect Bacillus rossius

Pollitt C.C., 1990:
An autoradiographic study of equine hoof growth

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An autoregressive multivariate model for fasciolosis

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An Auxin-Regulated Gene of Arabidopsis thaliana Encodes a DNA-Binding Protein

Cummins, D.R.; Reynolds, D.L.; Rhoades, K.R., 1990:
An avidin-biotin enhanced dot-immunobinding assay for the detection of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae serum antibodies in chickens

Christiansen, I.J., 1989:
An earlier breeding season in fox females using artificial light

Hoffmann, JH., 1988:
An early assessment of Trichapion lativentre (Coleoptera: Apionidae) for biological control of the weed Sesbania punicea (Fabaceae) in South Africa

Wang, C.X., 1988:
An early cowpea Digancao, grown for grain

Nakamura, T.; Hoshikawa, K., 1988:
An early estimate of sterility due to low temperature at booting stage in rice using soft X-ray radiographs

Matsumoto, R.; Okudai, N., 1988:
An early evaluation of citrus seedlings for the resistance to the bacterial canker disease, Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri by a needle-prick inoculation

Yang, C.; Tian, C., 1989:
An early, high-yielding naked oat variety

Gobel, B.; Gohlich, H., 1989:
An easier method for determining drift potential in chemical plant protection. Part II. Drift assessment in different application techniques

Pav, B.; Fojt, V.; Bele, J., 1987:
An easier method of determining stand canopy

Schaefer, P.R.; Baer, N.B., 1988:
An eastern redcedar and Rocky Mountain juniper provenance test for windbreak suitability in eastern South Dakota

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An easy method for isolating the pest resistant varieties in deshi cotton

Xia, L.F.; Gu, Z.J.; Na, H.Y.; Kondo, K., 1988:
An easy technique to isolate true F1 hybrids from the seedling pools obtained from artificial cross-pollination directly involved yellow-flowered Camellia chrysantha

Cohen, I.R., 1989:
An eclectic summary of the symposium on autoimmunity

Kalyan Chakrabarti, 1985:
An eco-biological study on conservation of mangrove ecosystem of the Sundarbans

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An ecohydrological framework for water yield changes of forested catchments due to forest decline and soil acidification

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An ecological approach for the establishment of high-yielding artificial grasslands

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An ecological approach to agriculture - the Austrian example

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An ecological approach to classifying semiarid plant communities

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An ecological approach to landscape planning using geographic information system technology

Huxley, P.A.; Mead, R., 1988:
An ecological approach to on-farm experimentation

Schroeder, H.W., 1990:
An ecological approach to recreation in natural resource settings

Amador M.F.; Gliessman S.R., 1990:
An ecological approach to reducing external inputs through the use of intercropping

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An ecological approach to the use and improvement of a natural grasland area in semi-arid Argentina

Jacobs, L.J.; Heyns, J., 1990:
An ecological strategy in the genus Monhystera - an hypothesis

Athias-Binche, F.; Habersaat, U., 1988:
An ecological study of Janetiella pyriformis (Berlese, 1920), a phoretic Uropodina from decomposing organic matter (Acari: Anactinotrichida)

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An ecological study of productivity in the ecosystems of rainfed and irrigated barley in the western Mediterranean Desert of Egypt

Kantarci, M.D., 1987:
An ecological study on the height increment of young cedars in the open and under side shading

Oyidi, O., 1985:
An ecological survey of acridoid grasshoppers (Orthoptera) in the middle belt of Nigeria

Dugue, P., 1987:
An ecological treatment of anaphylaxis to bee venom

Murschel, B.; Jarosch, J.; Ploeg, R.R. van der, 1989:
An ecological-economic information system for decision making in the management of individual farms

Schulzke, D., 1988:
An ecology-based classification of the GDR into regions for the production of winter cereals

Palaskas, T.B., 1988:
An econometric analysis of EC policy ex-post and ex-ante. An application to dried vine fruits in Greece

Chowdhury, M.I., 1989:
An econometric analysis of demand and supply of fertilizer industry in the United States

Palaskas, T.B., 1988:
An econometric analysis of factors influencing the production of dried vine fruits in Greece and export markets

Kim, Y.E., 1989:
An econometric analysis of import demand for rice in the Middle East and Africa

Kunnal, L.B.; Bisaliah, S., 1987:
An econometric analysis of sources of jowar output growth under new production technology

Amspacher, W.H.Jr, 1989:
An econometric analysis of the California wine/grape industry

Niami, F., 1989:
An econometric analysis of the Japanese import demand for U.S. forest products

Laguna, R.S., 1988:
An econometric analysis of the Philippines' markets for coconut products

Chaudhry, A.J., 1989:
An econometric analysis of the U.S. apple industry

Agbadi, I., 1989:
An econometric analysis of the U.S. cotton, man-made fibers, and textile sectors

Chakravarty, P., 1987:
An econometric analysis of the data of Khadi and village industries

Pagoulatos, E.; Azzam, A.M.; Kitazawa, M., 1990:
An econometric analysis of the forward premium in the international corn market

Tsuchida, S., 1989:
An econometric analysis of the location of barley and soyabean production. The case of the Hokuriku area

Mercier, S.A., 1989:
An econometric examination of the adoption and use of microcomputers by Iowa farmers

Whipple, G.D.; Menkhaus, D.J., 1988:
An econometric investigation of the demand for lamb

Robertson, J.C.; Griffith, G.R.; Lattimore, R.G., 1988:
An econometric model of New Zealand milk production, and utilization

Johnson, M.S., 1988:
An econometric model of international trade in dairy products

Surry, Y.R., 1989:
An econometric model of the French compound feed sector

Evison, D.C., 1989:
An econometric model of the New Zealand lumber market

French, B.C.; Willett, L.S., 1989:
An econometric model of the U.S. asparagus industry

Hagopian, O.K., 1988:
An econometric study of the US wheat market: policy analysis and evaluation

Singh, B.; Nautiyal, J.; Samama, Y., 1988:
An econometric study of the demand for nonveneered structural panels in Canada

Palmer, J.P., 1988:
An economic analysis of Canada's ground transportation sector

Khamoui, T.B.ker, H., 1982:
An economic analysis of Hawaii eucalypt woodchip production for export

Alcorn, J.B., 1989:
An economic analysis of Huastec Mayan forest management

Hanley, N.D., 1988:
An economic analysis of agricultural externalities, with special reference to straw-burning

Lingard, J., 1988:
An economic analysis of agricultural mechanisation, with particular reference to rice farms in the Philippines and Indonesia

Toland, G.D.Jr, 1989:
An economic analysis of alternative crop yield coverage plans for multiple peril crop insurance

Li, S.Y.; Miyamoto, M.; Kobayashi, K., 1987:
An economic analysis of animal husbandry in a large urban area of Tokyo - a case study from Funabashi

Atteri, B.R.; Ray, A.K., 1989:
An economic analysis of apple in India

Gillespie, J.M.; Hatch, L.U.; Duffy, P.A., 1989:
An economic analysis of conservation tillage systems under the conservation provisions of the 1985 farm bill

Atanasov, A., 1990:
An economic analysis of crop protection

A.Q.anaibet, M.H.; Osman, M.W.A., 1989:
An economic analysis of demand for wheat in Saudi Arabia

Mohamed, A.E.I., 1988:
An economic analysis of determinants of the net agricultural income from the main cereal crops in Egypt

Kalloli, M.M.; Hiremath, K.C.; Rao, K.A., 1988:
An economic analysis of efficiency in grading and pricing operations of groundnut in Karnataka

Morrison, R.M., 1989:
An economic analysis of electron accelerators and cobalt-60 for irradiating food

Purvis, A.; Hoehn, J.P.; Sorenson, V.L., 1989:
An economic analysis of farmers' willingness to participate in a filter strip program

Reza, M.H., 1988:
An economic analysis of fertility in rural Iran

Bodo, M., 1988:
An economic analysis of flax cultivation in Czechoslovakia

Davies, G., 1988:
An economic analysis of foot and mouth disease policy options - problems and opportunities

Papadopoulos, S.I., 1988:
An economic analysis of foreign tourism to Greece: an examination of the growth and structure of foreign tourism to Greece, 1960-84, with a planning model and marketing policy recommendations

Weld, M.; Knoblauch, W.A.; Regenstein, J., 1990:
An economic analysis of freshwater finfish aquaculture in the Mid-Atlantic States

Sharma, A.K.; Oberoi, R.C.; Moorti, T.V., 1989:
An economic analysis of ginger farming in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh

Letey, J.; Dinar, A.; Woodring, C.; Oster, J.D., 1990:
An economic analysis of irrigation systems

Naik, B.K.; Bhatt, R.; Kulkarni, V.S.; Kulkarni, G.N., 1989:
An economic analysis of marketing efficiency of cooperative organisations in Sirsi arecanut market

Bhatia, M.J.S., 1988:
An economic analysis of optimal adoption of aircraft technology in the Canadian airline industry: the case of wide-body jet aircraft

Chen, L.C., 1987:
An economic analysis of optimal bucking pattern of China fir in Taiwan

Ott, S.L. et al., 1989:
An economic analysis of postharvest handling systems for fresh broccoli

Anderson, K.; Schurle, B.; Reed, C.; Pedersen, J., 1990:
An economic analysis of producers' decisions regarding insect control in stored grain

Fleming, A.M.; Hamm, L.G., 1988:
An economic analysis of reverse osmosis filtration for interregional milk marketing

Belajova, A.; Borekova, B.; Fazikova, M., 1989:
An economic analysis of sheep farming on the collective farms of Nitra

Hyman, E.L., 1990:
An economic analysis of small-scale technologies for palm oil extraction in Central and West Africa

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An economic analysis of technological change in the spring wheat region of Turkey

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An economic analysis of the rural banking programme in Nigeria

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An economic analysis of the socio-market and market economies: a case study of Burkina Faso

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An economic analysis of tillage and timeliness interactions in corn-soyabean production

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An economic analysis of vegetation management on the National Forests in Mississippi, Ouachita National Forest and the Chattahoochee National Forest

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An economic analysis of water management programmes in the Punjab State

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An economic analysis of wine production and viticulture on the Great Hungarian Plain

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An economic and statistical analysis of selected structural characteristics of Louisiana agricultural sector and its impacts on resource situations

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An economic and statistical analysis of the intensification of agriculture

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An economic appraisal of losses due to diseases in bovines over the years

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An economic appraisal of service forester activities in Mississippi

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An economic approach to determining the optimum floor space for breeding fattening pigs in collective boxes

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An economic approach to modelling the allocative behaviour of pluriactive farm households

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An economic approach to the problem of determination of the optimum standard area for breeding fattening pigs in collective boxes

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An economic assessment of cashew production in the Northern Territory Top End

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An economic assessment of risk and returns from prescribed burning on tallgrass prairie

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An economic assessment of the benefits of mosquito abatement in an organized mosquito control district

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An economic based strategy for designing low cost farm buildings

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An economic comparison of aeration devices for aquaculture ponds

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An economic comparison of gantry and tractor-based zero traffic systems used for growing a rotation of crops on a cereals farm

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An economic concept for measuring price uncertainty: the case of the world coffee market

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An economic enquiry into working of dairy cooperatives in coastal area of Maharashtra

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An economic evaluation of a flood and soil erosion project - an application of the damage function approach

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An economic evaluation of biological control of Hieracium

Grundy, T.P., 1989:
An economic evaluation of biological control of rose-grain aphid in New Zealand

Grundy, T.P., 1989:
An economic evaluation of biological control of sweet brier

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An economic evaluation of control methods for Parthenium hysterophorus L

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An economic evaluation of coppice fuelwood production for Canterbury

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An economic evaluation of dried matter production using hot air driers in the Vel'ky Krtis district

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An economic evaluation of drip irrigation for coconut plantation

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An economic evaluation of milk production

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An economic evaluation of seed kill for control of wild oat (Avena spp.)

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An economic evaluation of soil conservation in Kitui District, Kenya

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An economic evaluation of the Conservation Reserve Program

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An economic evaluation of the Florida saltwater resident recreational fishery

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An economic evaluation of the Oak Creek Range Management Area, Utah

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An economic evaluation of the activities of the Siedlecin agroindustrial combine in conditions of reform

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An economic evaluation of the benefits of research into biological control of Clematis vitalba

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An economic framework for the evaluation of rangeland restoration projects

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An economic investigation of wheat breeding programs

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An economic model for evaluating charcoal production of multipurpose tree species using the transportable metal kiln

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An economic model for evaluating peat and logging residues as alternative fuels for a heating plant

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An economic model of corn combine forward speed control

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An economic model underlying the choice of capital intensity in timber production

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An economic overview of the GATT negotiations in agriculture

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An economic perspective on the NT horticulture industry

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An economic perspective on the Sasakawa-Global 2000 initiative to increase food production in sub-Saharan Africa

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An economic profile of the Georgia floriculture industry

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An economic profile of the commercial landscape industry in Georgia

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An economic profile of the lawn-care industry in the metropolitan Atlanta area

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An economic profile of the world peanut sector

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An economic review of farming in the North West 1987/88

Anonymous, 1990:
An economic review of farming in the North West 1988/89

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An economic review of the British animal feed industry

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An economic risk analysis of conservation tillage systems for wheat, grain sorghum, and soybeans in the Great Plains

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An economic study of poultry enterprise in Indore district

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An economic study of some pulses in Egypt

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An economic study of summer forage crops

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An economic summary of the National Animal Health Monitoring System data in Ohio, 1986-87

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An economic, geographical analysis of agriculture in the Varena district

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An economical lightweight portable resting unit for sampling adult Anopheles quadrimaculatus populations

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An economical procedure for screening of hybridoma supernatants for surface reactive antibodies to filarial larvae

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An economical trap for tsetse flies: the Vavoua trap

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An economical, digital meter for gypsum soil moisture blocks

Duncan, G.A.; Swetnam, L.D.; Tapp, B., 1988:
An economy riding sprayer for small acreages

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An ectoparasite of the adult citrus psylla, Trioza erytreae (Del Guercio) (Hemiptera: Triozidae)

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An ectopic ureter causing urinary incontinence in a male dog

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An effective agrochemical service for crop production

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An effective cleaner for organic stains on stone

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An effective formulation for mould- and aflatoxin-free storage of corn

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An effective fungicide for the control of downy mildew on cucumber

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An effective method

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An effective method

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An effective method for increasing the biological value of frozen bull semen

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An effective method of control of the mole cricket

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An effective method of increasing performance

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An effective method of inseminating replacement heifers

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An effective vole trap for use in practical forestry

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An efficacy test of four fungicides against damping off in Pinus merkusii nurseries

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An efficient DNA sequencing protocol using a phage/plasmid chimeric vector and an automated fluorescent DNA sequencer

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An efficient greenhouse design for hot climates

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An efficient method for generation of full climatological records from daily rainfall

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An efficient method for rearing Colorado beetles on potato foliage

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An efficient method for the isolation of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA from single bees

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An efficient method of sequencing PCR amplified DNA

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An efficient plant test to screen for resistance to Drechslera poae in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.)

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An efficient procedure for manual platelet counting

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An efficient procedure for the isolation of recombinant baculovirus

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An efficient protoplast preparation and regeneration system for Agaricus bisporus and A. bitorquis

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An efficient synthesis of mosquito oviposition attractant pheromone, (5R,6S)-(-)-6-acetoxy-5-hexadecanolide

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An egg drop associated with splenomegaly in broiler breeders

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An egg surface antigen of Setaria digitata (filariae) shed on development to microfilariae

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An egg-based cream for industrial scale confectionery production

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An egg-negative patient of acute metagonimiasis diagnosed serologically by ELISA

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An eight-passage monitoring system for testing insect flight rate and distance by means of the microcomputer

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An eight-year experience with a very-low-calorie formula diet for control of major obesity

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An electrical method for detecting Listeria spp

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An electrical-resistivity borehole-dilution device for the determination of ground-water flux

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An electrically controlled pesticide agitation system for rotary-winged aircraft mounted sprayers

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An electrochemical Claus process for sulfur recovery

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An electrohydrodynamic technique for removal of moisture from soil samples

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An electron microscope study of the toxic action of Bacillus sphaericus in Culex quinquefasciatus larvae

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An electron microscopic study of Cytoecetes phagocytophila infection in Ixodes ricinus

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An electron microscopic study of lymphatics in the dermal lesions of human leprosy

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An electron microscopic study of the adherence of Lactobacillus acidophilus to human intestinal cells in vitro

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An electron microscopy ion-exchange technique for the identification of rabbit plague virus

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An electron microscopy study of cell wall lysis by Meloidogyne javanica gelatinous matrix

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An electron paramagnetic resonance study of skeletal muscle membrane fluidity in malignant hyperthermia

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An electron probe study on the distribution of Si and Fe in roots of rice suffering from oranging physiological disease

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An electron spin resonance study of halloysites

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An electronic flow-through milk meter for pipeline milking machines

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An electronic imaging system for determining droplet size and dynamic breakdown of protein stabilized emulsions

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An electronic method for estimating the vaginal and uterine egg content of nematodes, with special reference to ascaridoids

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An electronic system for controlling threshing and separating by a combine harvester

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An electronmicroscopic study of phytochrome isolated from Avena sativa L

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An electrophysiological study of ganglion blockade by paraquat and diquat

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An elegant jasmine for the greenhouse

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An elite Vicia faba cultivar, Binghuziwan

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An elite source of dwarfing in wheat, Fangzheng Bendi

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An embryological investigation of Astragalus glycyphyllus

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An embryological study of seed development in Brassicoraphanus (Brassica japonica Sieb X Raphanus sativus L.)

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An emergence trap for insects breeding in dead wood

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An empirical analysis of integrated cattle feeding hedging strategies using estimated options on commodity futures contracts

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An empirical analysis of strip and rollover interest rate hedging

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An empirical analysis of the buyers' market for milk quotas in Schleswig-Holstein

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An empirical approach for predicting runoff yield under desert conditions

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An empirical assessment of bulimic patients using multiple measures

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An empirical assessment of member motivations in the museum setting

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An empirical enquiry into producers' associations

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An empirical examination of the link between monetary policy, and US agricultural commodity exports

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An empirical investigation of changing and sustaining consumer shopping enjoyment

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An empirical model for leaf expansion in cacao in relation to plant water deficit

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An empirical model of the relationship between irrigation and the volume of water collected in subsurface drains

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An empirical model of urban fringe land use

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An empirical model of windows of opportunity for Caribbean basin off-season fresh fruit and vegetable producers in US markets

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An empirical model to predict clover yield and content in cut swards

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An empirical preview of the proposed agricultural insurance scheme in Nigeria

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An empirical study of policy incentives and comparative advantage in the fisheries industry of Thailand

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An empirical study of the agricultural labour movement in Japan. A cross-sectional analysis of the population census

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An empirical-statistical analysis of the efficiency of managing maize productivity

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An enantiospecific synthesis of the spiroketal portion of avermectin B1a

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An encephalitic form of listeriosis in broiler chickens

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An enclosed system for pesticide mixing and loading

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An end to diversification in the Sahel

Anonymous, 1990:
An end to protected farming? GATT and world trade

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An endogenous colon mitosis inhibitor and dietary calcium inhibit the increased colonic cell proliferation induced by cholic acid

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An energy budget for the larvae of Penaeus monodon (Fabricius)

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An energy efficient drying chamber for FCV tobacco curing process

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An energy supplement

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An engineering, microbiological and sensory study of yogurt from soymilk

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An enhanced classification approach to change detection in semi-arid environments

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An enhancer stimulates transcription in trans when attached to the promoter via a protein bridge

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An enlarged largest subunit of Plasmodium falciparum RNA polymerase II defines conserved and variable RNA polymerase domains

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An entrepreneurial application: systematic innovation

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An entrepreneurial initiative on farms

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An environmental ethic for parks and recreation

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An environmentalist's view of pest management and the Green Revolution

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An environmentally sound scheme for the management of water hyacinth through its utilization

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An enzyme immunoassay for the anabolic agent zeranol

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An enzyme immunoassay for the detection of tenuazonic acid, a toxin from the rice fungal pathogen Pyricularia oryzae

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An enzyme immunoassay for the determination of lipase in human duodenal fluid

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An enzyme mediating the conversion of zeatin to dihydrozeatin in Phaseolus vulgaris embryos

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An enzyme surfactant treatment and filtration technique for the retrieval of Listeria monocytogenes from ice cream mix

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An enzyme-linked immunoassay for the measurement of the concentration of cortisol in sheep plasma

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for canine C-reactive protein

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for coccidiosis in chickens: correlation of antibody levels with prior exposure to coccidia in the laboratory and in the field

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against Escherichia coli: association between indirect hemagglutination test and survival

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of chymosin in dairy products

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae serum antibodies

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of vesicular stomatitis virus antigen

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitation of DNA

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An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using an arc 5 antigen for the diagnosis of cystic hydatid disease

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An enzyme-linked lectin assay for the study of lectin receptors of Leishmania

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An enzymic method for measuring the molecular weight exclusion limit of plasmodesmata of bundle sheath cells of C4 plants

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An epidemic of Paederus dermatitis in southern Nigeria

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An epidemic of besnoitiosis in goats in Kenya

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An epidemic of echovirus 18 in 1988 in Japan: high association with clinical manifestation of exanthem

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An epidemic of fatal posterior paralysis and sudden death in goats: a case report

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An epidemic of poliomyelitis in southern Kerala

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An epidemic of sorghum downy mildew in Nebraska in 1987

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An epidemic of type 3 dengue on Niue Island

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An epidemiologic assessment of exposure of children to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in a Toronto community

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An epidemiological comparative study of hypertension and its risk factors in 10 populations of China: a report of the baseline phase

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An epidemiological investigation into the reported incidents of dog biting in the City of Guelph

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An epidemiological study of parasitic gastroenteritis in sheep under an intensive grazing system

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An epidemiological study of paratuberculosis in Ontario dairy cattle: Study design and lipoarabinomannan antigen ELISA test result

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An epidemiological survey of filarial chyluria

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An episode of M. bovis infection in pigs

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An epizootic of peroneal and tibial neuropathy in Walker Hound pups

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An equation for calculating the latent heat of vaporization of water in cereal grain. The measurement and analysis of equilibrium water content

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An equation to describe dose responses where there is stimulation of growth at low doses

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An eradication plan for plant invasions

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An ergonomic evaluation of lawn mowers' startability and controls

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An ergonomic study on workload of tobacco stalk-cut harvesting by machine operations

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An ergonomics study of sickle designs for a reaping task in Indian agriculture

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An essay on regional agricultural economic thought: analysis of INRA's regional studies

Tietema, T.; Merkesdal, E., 1986:
An establishment trial with Acacia tortilis, A. karroo, A. erubescens and A. erioloba at Morwa Forestry. The situation after one year

Boers, A., 1988:
An estimate of 1987 business results for outdoor vegetable growing farms and fruit nurseries

Boers, A., 1988:
An estimate of business results for 1988 of glasshouse horticulture and mushroom nurseries

Pellarova, A.; Dusek, J., 1990:
An estimate of racing performance heritability in the Czechoslovak horse breeding

Soto, R.; Saavedra, E.; Edwards, G., 1989:
An estimate of the demand for tractors in Chile, 1961-86

Kondo, T., 1987:
An estimate of the economic efficiency of apple production

Klufa, J., 1990:
An estimate of the parameters of the logarithmic-normal reliability model for farm machinery

Tatchell, G.M., 1989:
An estimate of the potential economic losses to some crops due to aphids in Britain

Chandna, S.S.; Garg, S.K., 1987:
An estimate to damage incurred by rodents to kharif crops

Kato, M.; Inthavongsa, K.; Imai, K., 1989:
An estimation of leaf area in edible canna (Canna edulis Ker.)

Goulter, S., 1990:
An estimation of temperature changes near Lake Pukaki, South Canterbury, since the enlargement of the lake

Rosenberg, R.; Wirtz, R.A.; Schneider, I.; Burge, R., 1990:
An estimation of the number of malaria sporozoites ejected by a feeding mosquito

Connett, P.; Webster, T., 1987:
An estimation of the relative human exposure to 2,3,7,8-TCDD emissions via inhalation and ingestion of cow's milk

Ramsby, C.T., 1989:
An ethnographic study of an off-campus physical education program

Domowitz, S., 1989:
An ethnography of storytelling in two Anyi communities (Ivory Coast)

Labadie, R.P.; van der Nat, J.M.; Simons, J.M.; Kroes, B.H.; Kosasi, S.; van den Berg, A.J.; t' Hart, L.A.; van der Sluis, W.G.; Abeysekera, A.; Bamunuarachchi, A., 1989:
An ethnopharmacognostic approach to the search for immunomodulators of plant origin

Kobisch, M.; Pennings, A., 1989:
An evaluation in pigs of Nobi-Vac AR and an experimental atrophic rhinitis vaccine containing P multocida DNT-toxoid and B bronchiseptica

Terawaki, Y.; Ono, H., 1988:
An evaluation method for a sire's availability based on the inbreeding coefficient of his offspring

Choi, S.H.; Cho, E.K.; Chae, Y.A., 1987:
An evaluation method for sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) resistance to Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica

Waaldijk, K., 1989:
An evaluation of 35 years of leprosy control in northern Nigeria as demonstrated in the original pilot project Katsina

Broder, J.M.; Houston, J.E.; Williams, F.W., 1988:
An evaluation of Ag Horizons: a campus visitation program for student recruitment

Mayer, D.F.; Britt, R.L.; Lunden, J.D., 1989:
An evaluation of BeeScent as a honeybee attractant

Kramer, V.L.; Garcia, R.; Colwell, A.E., 1988:
An evaluation of Gambusia affinis and Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis as mosquito control agents in California wild rice fields

Hudak, C.; Stehouwer, R.; Johnson, J., 1989:
An evaluation of K rate, placement and tillage systems for soybeans

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1988:
An evaluation of Ronstar plus diflufenican on container-grown landscape crops

Gastellu Etchegorry, J.P.; Mohr, H. van der Meer; Handaya, A.; Surjanto, W.J., 1990:
An evaluation of SPOT capability for mapping the geology and soils of Central Java

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1989:
An evaluation of Snapshot, a new pre-emergence herbicide

Grafton, R.Q.; Walters, E.B.; Bertelsen, M.K., 1990:
An evaluation of a FSR/E project: costs and benefits of research and extension

Williams, M.F., 1989:
An evaluation of a hydraulic knuckleboom loader in a high production/multiple log sort operation

Plowman, J.; Close, E., 1988:
An evaluation of a method to differentiate the species of origin of meats on the basis of the contents of anserine, balenine and carnosine in skeletal muscle

Hayasaka M.; Takusari N.; Yamagishi N., 1990:
An evaluation of a regression equation for predicting the dry matter intake of cows in early lactation when given a total mixed ration

Elkilani, M.A., 1989:
An evaluation of agricultural water problems in Libya as affected by government policies

Behr, H.C., 1990:
An evaluation of alternative EC-market policies for fruit and vegetables

Collins, G.H.; Pope, S.E., 1987:
An evaluation of an ELISA test for the detection of antigens of Dirofilaria immitis

Pixley, C.E., 1988:
An evaluation of an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and SDS-PAGE, western blot transfer techniques to detect rabies virus antibodies in canine sera

Pettigrew, D.E.; Amos, H.E.; Sisk, L.R.; McCormick, M.E., 1988:
An evaluation of anhydrous ammonia treated sorghum and wheat silages and soybean hulls in total mixed rations

Zhebrak, E.A., 1989:
An evaluation of antiradiation activity of some growth regulators after chronic gamma-irradiation of plants

Zschoche, M., 1989:
An evaluation of automation solutions for combine harvesters

Goodband, R.D.; Hines, R.H., 1988:
An evaluation of barley in starter diets for swine

Ponzoni R.W.; Davies R.L., 1989:
An evaluation of biological and conventional pig selection indices

Khinkovski, T.; Lazarov, V., 1988:
An evaluation of breeding value of rams using the BLUP method

Houska, L.; Pulkrabek, J.; Fiedler, J.; Pokorny, M., 1988:
An evaluation of carcass value indices at a pig testing station

Pratchett, D.; Carrick, M.; Young, S., 1988:
An evaluation of cattle types for the East Kimberley

Thoen, C.O.; Temple, R.M.S.; Johnson, L.W., 1988:
An evaluation of certain diagnostic tests for detecting some immune responses in llamas exposed to Mycobacterium bovis

Ioselev, L.G.; Stokozov, I.P., 1988:
An evaluation of changes in the phosphate and potassium reserves and in the acidity of arable land in the Russian Federation

Rutherford, I.; Bell, G.J.; Freer, J.B.S.; Herrington, P.J.; Miller, P.C.H., 1989:
An evaluation of chemical application systems

Gillespie, R.J., 1988:
An evaluation of cherry production in New Zealand

Hucl P.; Baker R.J., 1988:
An evaluation of common spring wheat germplasm for tillering

Newkirk, J.R.; Casavant, K.L., 1990:
An evaluation of competitive transportation modes moving Washington fresh fruits and vegetables

Tsvetanov, V.; Konstantinov, K.V., 1988:
An evaluation of components of hybridization in crossbreeding Pleven Blackhead and East Friesian sheep. 2. Milk yield in the 1st and 2nd lactations

Barber, D.M.; Waterhouse, A., 1988:
An evaluation of cutting of incisor teeth of ewes in an attempt to control premature tooth loss

Hanrahan, T.J., 1986 :
An evaluation of deproteinated whey as a pig feed

Baxendale, R.W.; Johnson, W.T., 1988:
An evaluation of dormant oil phytotoxicity on six species of woody ornamentals

Simeonovova, J.; Ingr, I.; Jerabek, S.; Winterova, J.; Dvorakova, V., 1989:
An evaluation of eggs laid by Rhode Island Red (RIR) and Rhode Island White (RIW) hens

Lewandowska, G.; Sawicka, B.; Sakowska, T.; Berger, S., 1988:
An evaluation of food consumption by rural families over the years 1980-86

Weichel, B.J.; Archibold, O.W., 1989:
An evaluation of habitat potential for wild rice (Zizania palustris L.) in northern Saskatchewan

Gilbert, R.P.; Bailey, D.R.C., 1989:
An evaluation of hair coat characteristics and performance of Hereford and Angus cattle

Vankan, D.M.; Copeman, D.B.; Novak, M., 1988:
An evaluation of implanted male Onchocerca gibsoni in mice as a screen for macrofilaricides against Onchocerca volvulus

Nelson, D.L.; Laidlaw, H.H.J., 1988:
An evaluation of instrumentally inseminated queens shipped in packages

Hay R.J.; Clayton Y.M.; Moore M.K.; Midgely G., 1988:
An evaluation of itraconazole in the management of onychomycosis

Llewellyn, G.C.; Sherertz, P.C.; Armstrong, C.W.; Miller, G.B.J.; Hagler, W.M.J.; Bean, G.A.;, C.E., 1988:
An evaluation of kapok and Spanish moss bedding materials for mycotoxigenic potential using Aspergillus flavus, A. parasiticus and Fusarium tricinctum

Nakev, S., 1988:
An evaluation of lines in the principal breeding flocks of North East Bulgaria Finewool sheep of the Shumen type. 1. Fleece weight and wool length

Baveye, P.; Valocchi, A.J., 1989:
An evaluation of mathematical models of the transport of biologically reacting solutes in saturated soils and aquifers

Ocio J.A.; Brookes P.C., 1990:
An evaluation of methods for measuring the microbial biomass in soils following recent additions of wheat straw and the characterization of the biomass that develops

Abdalla H.O.; Fox D.G.; Van Soest P.J., 1988:
An evaluation of methods for preserving fresh forage samples before protein fraction determinations

Xian, J.; Gerdes, R.; Farrell, D.J., 1989:
An evaluation of microwave-treated soybeans using laboratory rats

Palfreyman K.R., 1988:
An evaluation of mixing performance and fat globule damage in cream crystallizing silos

Knittle, C.E.; Cummings, J.L.; Linz, G.M.; Besser, J.F., 1988:
An evaluation of modified 4-aminopyridine baits for protecting sunflower from blackbird damage

Jewell, N., 1989:
An evaluation of multi-date SPOT data for agriculture and land use mapping in the United Kingdom

Jewell, N., 1988:
An evaluation of multidate SPOT data for agriculture and land use mapping in the United Kingdom

Haines, J.H.; Kohler, S.A., 1986:
An evaluation of ortho-phenyl phenol as a fungicidal fumigant for archives and libraries

Sharma, T.C., 1987:
An evaluation of parsimonious stochastic models for runoff forecasting and simulation in tropical environments, Zambia

Balishter ; Singh, R., 1989:
An evaluation of performance of regional rural banks in Agra District of Uttar Pradesh

Anonymous, 1990:
An evaluation of planting flexibility options for the 1990 Farm Bill

Westhoff, P.C.; Stephens, D.; Helmar, M.; Buhr, B.; Meyers, W.H., 1990:
An evaluation of policy scenarios for the 1990 farm bill

Zverina, M.; Krousky, J., 1988:
An evaluation of precision sugar beet drills in Czechoslovakia

Neal H.D.S.C.; Gill M.; France J.; Spedding A.; Marsden S., 1988:
An evaluation of prediction equations incorporated in a computer program to ration beef cattle

Anonymous, 1990:
An evaluation of price support equilibrium options for the 1990 Farm Bill

Groover, G.E.; Kenyon, D.E.; Kramer, R.A., 1989:
An evaluation of production and marketing strategies for eastern Virginia cash grain producers

Hacker, R.B., 1989:
An evaluation of range regeneration programmes in Western Australia

Clutter, A.C.; Woltmann, M.D.; Buchanan, D.S.; Vencl, R., 1988:
An evaluation of rapid versus slow growing lines of pigs

Miyazaki, T.; Motozaki, H., 1989:
An evaluation of recreation

Ostrofsky, W.D., 1986:
An evaluation of red spruce vigor using the Shigometer

Perera, A.H., 1986:
An evaluation of regeneration potential in Pinus plantations in the central region of Sri Lanka

Brinkmann, U.K.; Powollik, W.; Werler, C.; Traoré, M., 1988:
An evaluation of sampling methods within communities and the validity of parasitological examination techniques in the field

Kolar, M.; Pavlik, J., 1989:
An evaluation of selecting gilts for a breeding herd with regard to parity at their birth and the number of piglets weaned in that litter

Barrington, M.N.J.; Olsen, M.D., 1988:
An evaluation of service complexity measures of front office employees in the hotel/motel industry

Dinsmore, R.P.; White, M.E.; English, P.B., 1990:
An evaluation of simultaneous GnRH and cloprostenol treatment of dairy cattle with cystic ovaries

Cornish, M.A.; Smith, M.C.; Mackay, I.J., 1990:
An evaluation of single plant randomised field trials of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Puttock, G.D.; Smith, C.R., 1986:
An evaluation of site preparation with the Donaren 180D powered disc trencher on full-tree logged sites

Moughan P.J.; Wilson M.N.; Smits C.H.M.; Smith W.C., 1989 :
An evaluation of skim milk powders subjected to different heating conditions during processing as dietary protein sources for the young pig

Ward, A.D.; Middleton, B.J.; Haan, C.T.; Campbell, G.V., 1989:
An evaluation of small catchment flood estimation techniques

Hughes, D.W., 1989:
An evaluation of soil conservation policy alternatives for the Palouse

Ekanade, O., 1990:
An evaluation of soil productivity in interplanted cocoa and kola environmental systems in SW Nigeria

Glinski J.; Stepniewska Z., 1986:
An evaluation of soil resistance to reduction processes

Jeffrey, W.A.; Rutherford, I., 1990:
An evaluation of some alternative application systems for spraying cereals in Northern Britain

Scarratt, J.B., 1986:
An evaluation of some commercial soluble fertilizers for culture of jack pine container stock

Carty, J.G.; Cunnane, C., 1990:
An evaluation of some methods of determining storage yield relationships for impounding reservoirs

Anonymous, 1990:
An evaluation of soybean marketing loan options for the 1990 Farm Bill

Ripley, H.T.; Mawdsley, J.P.A., 1988:
An evaluation of spot imagery for wetland monitoring

Kujawa, K.; Roczniak, B., 1989:
An evaluation of strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus taking population structure into account

Crews, J.R., 1989:
An evaluation of swine waste management systems: utilizing an interactive microcomputer - economic/system design program

Jones, P.E., 1988:
An evaluation of the 'BWCAW User Education Program': a cognitive and behavioral analysis

Atwell, R.B.; Sheridan, A.B.; Baldock, F.C., 1988:
An evaluation of the Dirochek test for detection of Dirofilaria immitis antigen in dogs

Bembridge, T.J., 1989:
An evaluation of the Venda agricultural extension service

Murty, M.R.S.; Supriana, N., 1986:
An evaluation of the application of the Indonesian selective cutting system on a logged-over area in dipterocarp forest in Singkel Forest Complex, South Aceh

Ryan, A.S.; Martinez, G.A.; Roche, A.F., 1990:
An evaluation of the associations between socioeconomic status and the growth of Mexican-American children: data from the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HHANES 1982-1984)

Jelinek, J., 1988:
An evaluation of the conformation assessment system for Thoroughbred horses used for two-year-olds in Czechoslovakia

Coeytaux, F.; Donaldson, D.; Aloui, T.; Kilani, T.; Fourati, H., 1989:
An evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of mobile family planning services in Tunisia

Cameron, I.R., 1988:
An evaluation of the density management diagram for coastal Douglas-fir

Kanders, B.; Lavin, P.; Kowalchuk, M.; Greenberg, I.B.ackburn, G., 1988:
An evaluation of the effect of aspartame on weight loss

Gamarnik, N.G., 1989:
An evaluation of the effect of conformation type of parents on growth intensity of Siberian-bred Hereford bulls

Coleman W.K.; Estabrooks E.N., 1988:
An evaluation of the effect of plant growth regulators on cold hardiness in apple trees

Ubasheev, I.O.; Dashanimaev, V.M.; Tarnuev, Y.A.; Lonshakova, K.S.; Kusheev, C.B.; Strubinova, V.N., 1989:
An evaluation of the effect of plant preparations on the electrical activity of the organs of the digestive system in rabbits suffering from toxic hepatitis

Cho S Y.; Chang Y S.; Carmichael G.R., 1989:
An evaluation of the effect of reductions in ambient levels of primary pollutants on sulfate and nitrate wet deposition

Gregory, N.G.; Wotton, S.B., 1990:
An evaluation of the effectiveness of handheld stunners for stunning chickens

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