Analysis of variety crosses to develop early base populations for reciprocal recurrent selection in maize

Camussi, A.; Landi, P.; Bertolini, M.

Maydica 33(4): 269-281


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-6153
Accession: 001755232

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Ten populations (synthetics and local varieties) with good combining ability for yield, earliness and lodging tolerance were crossed according to a diallel design and evaluated at 5 locations in north and central Italy. Six populations showing the best mean performance were assigned to 2 base composites according to the expected values of the crosses between them. Two tester lines (A632 and 117) were used in developing the 2 composites to further increase their genetic variability. The choice of best performing populations for the constitution of base populations and the inclusion of elite pure lines are discussed.