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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1758

Chapter 1758 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757000

Giesbrecht, A. M.; Barbosa, R. de C.; Paula, C. R., 1987: Antifungal activity in vitro of some natural amides and their precursors

Massolini, G.; Carmellino, M. L.; Baruffini, A., 1988: Antifungal activity of 3-aroylanilides

Massolini, G.; Carmellino, M. L.; Baruffina, A., 1988: Antifungal activity of 4-aroylanilides

Morita, T.; Ishizuka, Y.; Yaginuma, H.; Matsuda, M.; Nozawa, Y., 1989: Antifungal activity of GBR-14206, a new imidazole derivative: in vitro studies

Polak, A.; Dixon, D. M., 1987: Antifungal activity of amorolfine (Ro 14-4767/002) in vitro and in vivo

Allerberger F.; Reisinger E.C.; Soeldner B.; Dierich M.P., 1989: Antifungal activity of diethyldithiocarbamate

Kowalewski, Z.; Ellnain Wojtaszek, M.; Bylka, W.; Mirska, I.; Kedzia, W., 1988: Antifungal activity of digitonin and alkali salts obtained during its production

Sekido, H.; Kamada, K.; Kodama, O.; Akatsuka, T., 1987: Antifungal activity of enantiomers of oryzalexins against Pyricularia oryzae

Mori, A.; Enoki, N.; Shinozuka, K.; Nishino, C.; Fukushima, M., 1987: Antifungal activity of fatty acids against Pyricularia oryzae related to antifungal constituents of Miscanthus sinensis

Odds, F. C., 1989: Antifungal activity of saperconazole (R 66950) in vitro

Raghavaiah, G.; Jayaramaiah, M., 1987: Antifungal activity of selected plant extracts against the white muscardine fungus

Mishra, A. K.; Dwivedi, S. K.; Kishore, N., 1989: Antifungal activity of some essential oils

Natarajan, M. R.; Lalithakumari, D., 1987: Antifungal activity of the leaf extract of Lawsonia inermis on Drechslera oryzae

Dupont, B., 1988: Antifungal agents in 1988

Lesher, J. L, Jr; Smith, J. G, Jr, 1987: Antifungal agents in dermatology

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757025

Graybill, J. R., 1988: Antifungal agents of the 1980's

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757028

Leyns, F.; Lambert, B.; Joos, H.; Swings, J., 1990: Antifungal bacteria from different crops

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757031

Lehmann, P. F.; Lemon, M. B.; Ferencak, W. J, II I., 1987: Antifungal compounds (killer factors) produced by Kluyveromyces species and their detection on an improved medium containing glycerol

Kondo, R.; Imamura, H., 1986: Antifungal compounds in heartwood extractives of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.)

Warnock, D. W., 1989: Antifungal drug susceptibility testing

Warnock, D. W., 1989: Antifungal drugs

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757037

Negroni, R., 1987: Antifungal drugs of the future

Anonymous, 1988: Antifungal drugs. First International Conference on Drug Research in Immunological and Infectious Diseases. Antifungal Drugs: Synthesis, Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation held in Garden City, New York, USA, October 8-10, 1987

Decun, M.; Oprin, C.; Crainiceanu, E.; Fetelea, V., 1987: Antifungal effect of cationic disinfectant

Pandey, M. L.; Amar Saxena; Gupta, R. C., 1987: Antifungal effect of certain homoepathic drugs

Kunert J., 1989: Antifungal effects of selenocystine and its derivatives on dermatophytes

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757043

Misra, N.; Batra, S.; Mishra, D., 1988: Antifungal efficacy of essential oil of Cymbopogon martinii (lemon grass) against aspergilli

Lehrer, R. I., 1988: Antifungal mechanisms of leukocytes

Isenring, H. P., 1987: Antifungal morpholine derivatives: chemistry and structure-activity relationships

Bandara, B. M. R.; Wimalasiri, W. R.; Adikaram, N. K. B.; Sinnathamby Balasubramaniam, 1986: Antifungal properties of Croton aromaticus, C. lacciferus and C. officinalis including the isolation of a fungicidal constituent

Belousova, N. I.; Dmitruk, S. E.; Khan, V. A., 1989: Antifungal properties of essential oils of Ledum L

Susac K.; Durakovic S.; Rapic V., 1989: Antifungal properties of newly synthetized derivatives of coumarin

Rahber Bhatti M.H., 1988: Antifungal properties of plant leaf decoctions against leaf rust of wheat

Millet Clerc, J.; Simeray, J.; Michel, D.; Chaumont, J. P., 1986: Antifungal properties of propolis against fungi causing mycoses

Dubey, R. C.; Dwivedi, R. S., 1988: Antifungal properties of some higher plants against charcoal rot fungus of soybean

Milliken S.T.; Powles R.L., 1990: Antifungal prophylaxis in bone marrow transplantation

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757058

Roberts, W. K.; Laue, B. E.; Selitrennikoff, C. P., 1988: Antifungal proteins from plants

Amouzou E.; Ayer W.A.; Browne L.M., 1989: Antifungal sesquiterpenoids from an arthroconidial fungus

Shukla, H. S.; Tripathi, S. C., 1987: Antifungal substance in the essential oil of anise (Pimpinella anisum L.)

Fusetani, N., 1988: Antifungal substances from marine invertebrates

Reuben, A.; Anaissie, E.; Nelson, P. E.; Hashem, R.; Legrand, C.; Ho, D. H.; Bodey, G. P., 1989: Antifungal susceptibility of 44 clinical isolates of Fusarium species determined by using a broth microdilution method

Galgiani, J. N., 1987: Antifungal susceptibility tests

Perfect, J. R., 1989: Antifungal therapy 1989

Epstein J.B., 1990: Antifungal therapy in oropharyngeal mycotic infections

Meunier F., 1988: Antifungal therapy in the immunocompromised host

Horowitz, B. J., 1988: Antifungal therapy in the management of chronic candidiasis

Vermorel, O.; Lebeau, B.; Claustre, F.; Grillot, R., 1989: Antifungigram: interpretation and choice of a technique

Burgess, G. W., 1989: Antigen analyses

Repentigny, L. de, 1988: Antigen and metabolite detection in invasive candidiasis

Mourton, C.; Bearzotti, M.; Piechaczyk, M.; Paolucci, F.; Pau, B.; Bastide, J. M.; Kinkelin, P. de, 1990: Antigen capture ELISA for viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus serotype I

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757076

Young, L. S., 1987: Antigen detection in Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Dupont, B., 1988: Antigen detection in invasive aspergillosis

Schlie Guzman, M. A.; Rivas Alcala, A. R., 1989: Antigen detection in onchocerciasis: correlation with worm burden

Dohse, K.; Rudolph, R., 1988: Antigen localization in canine parvovirus type 2 infection by means of the avidin-biotin-complex method (ABC) and direct immunofluorescence

Jurik, M.; Gallo, J., 1989: Antigen of pea enation mosaic virus in vector and non-vector aphids

Caudwell, A.; Kuszala, C.; Fleury, A., 1988: Antigen preparation from plant tissues of pathogenic mycoplasmas (MLO) causing flavescence doree

Yano, A; Aosai, F; Ohta, M; Hasekura, H; Sugane, K; Hayashi, S., 1989: Antigen presentation by Toxoplasma gondii-infected cells to CD4+ proliferative T cells and CD8+ cytotoxic cells

Searle R.F., 1988: Antigen presenting capacity of murine decidual tissue in vivo

Paulnock, D. M.; Smith, C.; Mansfield, J. M., 1988: Antigen presenting cell function in African trypanosomiasis

Chaplin, E. L.; Stobbe, N. S.; Araujo, F. A. P. de; Silva, N. R. S. da, 1987: Antigen production from Babesia spp. and Anaplasma marginale in splenectomized heifer calves

Ibrahim, MS.; Tamashiro, WK.; Moraga, DA.; Scott, AL., 1989: Antigen shedding from the surface of the infective stage larvae of Dirofilaria immitis

Otani, H.; Dong, X. Y.; Hosono, A., 1990: Antigen specificity of antibodies raised in rabbits injected with a chymotryptic casein digest with MW less than 1000

Nantulya, V. M.; Lindqvist, K. J., 1989: Antigen-detection enzyme immunoassays for the diagnosis of Trypanosoma vivax, T. congolense and T. brucei infections in cattle

Tatner, M. F., 1990: Antigen-induced blastogenesis of salmon, Salmo salar L.; head kidney leucocytes to modified Aeromonas salmonicida antigens: a preliminary evaluation method for potential vaccine antigens

Friedman, A; Sklan, D., 1989: Antigen-specific immune response impairment in the chick as influenced by dietary vitamin A

Redelman, D.; Nichol, S.; Klieforth, R., 1989: Antigen-specific proliferative responses to vesicular stomatitis virus following immunization of cattle with inactive virus

Phillips P.; Radigan G., 1989: Antigenemia in a rabbit model of invasive aspergillosis

Georgieva, D.; Svilenov, D.; Vinarova, M., 1990: Antigenic activity of Cysticercus ovis and immune response in lambs with experimental cysticercosis

Selimov, M. A.; Tynaltseva, T. A.; Toigombaeva, V. S.; Akmatov, K. A.; Bryzgacheva, O. F.; El' bert, L. B.; Aksenova, T. A.; Kulikova, L. G.; Klyueva, E. V., 1988: Antigenic activity of rabies vaccine Rabivak-Vnukovo-32 when injected intradermally

Berezhko, VK.; Romanenko, LN., 1989: Antigenic affinity of cestodes of the genus Taenia

Ochiai, K.; Takashima, I.; Hashimoto, N., 1989: Antigenic analysis of Japanese encephalitis virus isolated in Hokkaido with monoclonal antibodies

Adkinson N.F.Jr, 1988: Antigenic analysis of household dust samples

Mudannayake, C. M.; Jayasekera, L., 1987: Antigenic analysis of soybean rhizobia by immunodiffusion

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757116

Purohit, S. K.; Jatkar, P. R.; Lodha, K. R., 1987: Antigenic analysis of whole cell, flagella and cell membrane fractions of Trypanosoma evansi

Pedersen H.S.; Djurtoft R., 1989: Antigenic and allergenic properties of acidic and basic peptide chains from glycinin

Robertson, B. D.; Rathaur, S.; Maizels, R. M., 1987: Antigenic and biochemical analyses of the excretory-secretory molecules of Toxocara canis infective larvae

Edwards, MK.; Busto, P.; James, ER.; Carlow, CKS.; Philipp, M., 1990: Antigenic and dynamic properties of the surface of Onchocerca microfilariae

Adachi, K.; Kitame, F.; Sugawara, K.; Nishimura, H.; Nakamura, K., 1989: Antigenic and genetic characterization of three influenza C strains isolated in the Kinki district of Japan in 1982-83

Dea, S; Verbeek, Aj; Tijssen, P., 1990: Antigenic and genomic relationships among turkey and bovine enteric coronaviruses

Matsuda, Y.; Nakagomi, O., 1989: Antigenic and molecular characterization of bovine rotaviruses isolated in Japan

Dea S.; Tijssen P., 1989: Antigenic and polypeptide structure of turkey enteric coronaviruses as defined by monoclonal antibodies

Wesley, Iv; Bryner, Jh, 1989: Antigenic and restriction enzyme analysis of isolates of Campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis recovered from persistently infected cattle

Welles, Eg; Prasse, Kw; Duncan, A; Morris, Mj, 1990: Antigenic assay for protein C determination in horses

Lane, R. S.; Pascocello, J. A., 1989: Antigenic characteristics of Borrelia burgdorferi isolates from ixodid ticks in California

Skripal' , I. G.; Malinovskaya, L. P., 1989: Antigenic characteristics of plant pathogenic mycoplasmas revealed in the gel immunoprecipitation reaction

Dupouy Camet, J.; Bougnoux, M. E.; Ancelle, T.; Fagard, R.; Lapierre, J., 1988: Antigenic characteristics of two strains of Trichinella spiralis isolated during the horsemeat-related outbreaks of 1985 in France

Nersessian, Bn; Lukert, Pd; Goodwin, Ma, 1989: Antigenic comparisons of selected avian reoviruses by use of the plaque-reduction neutralization assay

Lysenko, A. P., 1989: Antigenic composition of mammalian tuberculin

Riley, E. T.; Stibbs, H. H., 1989: Antigenic conservation and variation in Giardia cysts from various vertebrate hosts

Stewart, Cb; Schuler, Ma, 1989: Antigenic crossreactivity between bacterial and plant cytochrome P-450 monoxygenases

Dubreuil, Jd; Kostrzynska, M; Austin, Jw; Trust, Tj, 1990: Antigenic differences among Campylobacter fetus S-layer proteins

Bardana, E. J.; Craig, S.; Strangfeld, K.; Montanaro, A., 1988: Antigenic differences between exoantigens, mycelial and conidial antigens in Aspergillus

Meinersmann, R. J.; Stern, N. J.; Blankenship, L. C., 1990: Antigenic differences in congenic chicken-colonizing and noncolonizing strains of Campylobacter jejuni

Wensvoort G.; Terpstra C.; De Kluijver E.P.; Kragten C.; Warnaar J.C. , 1989: Antigenic differentiation of pestivirus strains with monoclonal antibodies against hog cholera virus

McCutchan, T. F.; Cruz, V. F. de la; Good, M. F.; Wellems, T. E., 1988: Antigenic diversity in Plasmodium falciparum

Dietzschold, B.; Rupprecht, C. E.; Tollis, M.; Lafon, M.; Mattei, J.; Wiktor, T. J.; Koprowski, H., 1988: Antigenic diversity of the glycoprotein and nucleocapsid proteins of rabies and rabies related viruses: implications for epidemiology and control of rabies

Ulbrich, F., 1988: Antigenic effect of Aujeszky's virus after inactivation by gamma irradiation

Torian, BE.; Connelly, RJ.; Barnes, RC.; Kenny, GE., 1988: Antigenic heterogeneity in the 115,000 Mr major surface antigen of Trichomonas vaginalis

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757158

Marica, D.; Abrudan, O.; Chitu, F.; Ildico, K.; Pop, M.; Marcu, N.; Cristea, C., 1987: Antigenic identity of cattle serum and semen proteins in relation to the need for a physiological semen diluent

Karaev, Z. O.; Babenko, G. A.; Ignat' eva, S. M.; Solov' eva, G. I., 1990: Antigenic preparations for the immunodiagnosis of candidosis

Muller, S.; Plaue, S.; Samama, J. P. et al., 1990: Antigenic properties and protective capacity of a cyclic peptide corresponding to site A of influenza virus haemagglutinin

Hauptfeld Dolejsek, V.; Shreffler, D. C., 1989: Antigenic properties of 36 new H-2 congenic strains and 4 independently derived strains, W10LT, DDD, BZH, and FM

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757163

Cho S Y., 1988: Antigenic protein fractions reacting with sera of sparganosis patients

Mencher, D.; Pugatsch, T.; Wallach, M., 1989: Antigenic proteins of Eimeria maxima gametocytes: cell-free translation and detection with recovered chicken serum

Akkina, R. K., 1990: Antigenic reactivity and electrophoretic migrational hereogeneity of the three polymerase proteins of type A human and animal influenza viruses

Sugiyama, M.; Hirayama, N.; Sasaki, H.; Sugimura, T.; Minamoto, N.; Kinjo, T., 1989: Antigenic relationship among strains of ibaraki virus and epizootic haemorrhagic disease virus studied with monoclonal antibodies

Sekhon, A. S.; Garg, A. K.; Padhye, A. A.; Standard, P. G.; Kaufman, L.; Ajello, L., 1989: Antigenic relationship of Penicillium marneffei to P. primulinum

Huang, Jc; Hanks, D; Kvasnicka, W; Hanks, M; Hall, Mr, 1989: Antigenic relationships among field isolates of Tritrichomonas foetus from cattle

Chinonavanig, L.; Billings, PB.; Matangkasombut, P.; Ratanabanangkoon, K., 1988: Antigenic relationships and relative immunogenicities of venom proteins from six poisonous snakes of Thailand

James, M. A.; Montenegro James, S.; Fajfar Whetstone, C.; Montealegre, F.; Erickson, J.; Ristic, M., 1987: Antigenic relationships between Plasmodium falciparum and Babesia bovis: reactivity with antibodies to culture-derived soluble exoantigens

Decaesstecker M.; Meullemans G., 1989: Antigenic relationships between fowl enteroviruses

Metzger, A. A., 1989: Antigenic relationships between swine vesicular disease virus, other porcine enteroviruses and certain human and bovine enteroviruses

Gorziglia, M.; Larraide, G.; Green, K.; Kapikian, A. Z., 1990: Antigenic relationships of human and animal rotaviruses as determined by antisera to baculovirus-recombinant expressed VP4 proteins

Gough R.E.; Collins M.S., 1989: Antigenic relationships of three turkey rhinotracheitis viruses

Savich, I. M., 1990: Antigenic shifts in basic isoperoxidases of maize seedlings on chilling stress

Kissel, B., 1989: Antigenic spectrum of strains of Pasteurella anatipestifer isolated from poultry in UK, Italy, USA and Germany

Petri, W. A. Jr; Broman, J.; Healy, G.; Quinn, T.; Ravdin, J. I., 1989: Antigenic stability and immunodominance of the Gal/GalNAc adherence lectin of Entamoeba histolytica

Hearn, V. M.; Mackenzie, D. W., 1989: Antigenic structure of Aspergillus species

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757191

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757192

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757193

Kozel, T. R., 1989: Antigenic structure of Cryptococcus neoformans capsular polysaccharides

Polyakov, I. D., 1987: Antigenic structure of Microsporum species from animals

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757196

Travassos, L. R., 1989: Antigenic structure of Sporothrix schenckii

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Surovoi, A. Yu; Vol' pina, O. M.; Snetkova, E. V.; Volkova, T. D.; Ivanov, V. T.; Chepurkin, A. V.; Ivanyushchenkov, V. N.; Burdov, A. N.; Dryagalin, N. N., 1988: Antigenic structure of apththovirus. I. Synthesis of protective peptides derived from the principal immunogenic region of VP1 protein from virus strain O1K

Polonelli, L.; Dettori, G.; Morace, G.; Rosa, R.; Castagnola, M.; Schipper, M. A. A., 1988: Antigenic studies on Rhizopus microsporus, R. rhizopodiformis, progeny and intermediates (R. chinensis)

Grieder F.B.; Schultz K.T., 1990: Antigenic topography of bluetongue virus 17

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Donelson, J. E., 1987: Antigenic variation in African trypanosomes

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Agabian N., 1989: Antigenic variation in relation to vaccines

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Xue W.; Blecha F.; Minocha H.C., 1990: Antigenic variations in bovine viral diarrhea viruses detected by monoclonal antibodies

Anderson, J. F.; Doby, J. M.; Coutarmanac' h, A.; Hyde, F. W.; Johnson, R. C., 1986: Antigenically different Borrelia burgdorferi strains from Ixodes ricinus in Brittany, France

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Anderson, JF.; Magnarelli, LA.; Lefebvre, RB.; Andreadis, TG.; McAninch, JB.; Perng, G-C.; Johnson, RC., 1989: Antigenically variable Borrelia burgdorferi isolated from cottontail rabbits and Ixodes dentatus in rural and urban areas

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757220

Obaid, KA.; Ahmad, S.; Khan, HM.; Khanna, R.; Mahdi, AA., 1989: Antigenicity of cellular and subcellular fractions of Leishmania donovani

Gaitmanova, S. A., 1989: Antigenicity of inactivated, emulsified porcine parvovirus vaccine

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Isibasi A.; Kumate J., 1990: Antigens

Tomsikova, A., 1988: Antigens and allergens of the genus Chrysosporium (Emmonsia) agent of adiaspiromycosis

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757228

Hall, F. R., 1988: Antigens and immunity in Theileria annulata

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757230

Ibrahim Granet, O.; Bievre, C. de, 1988: Antigens involved in the pathology of Fonsecaea pedrosoi: immunochemical study

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Moses, E. K.; Yong, W. K. , 1989: Antigens of Bacteroides nodosus

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Eddy E.M., 1988: Antigens recognized by monoclonal antibody to mouse acrosomal components differ in guinea pig spermatogenic cells and sperm

Smirnova, S. E.; Sedova, A. G.; Zimina, Yu V.; Karavanov, A. S., 1989: Antigens to Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus detected in vector ticks by solid-phase immunoenzyme assay

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757244

Tuntipopipat, S.; Chawengkiattikul, R.; Witoonpanich, R.; Chiemchanya, S.; Sirisinha, S., 1989: Antigens, antibodies and immune complexes in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with cerebral gnathostomiasis

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Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757270

Stewart, H. J.; Flint, A. P. F.; Lamming, G. E.; McCann, S. H. E.; Parkinson, T. J., 1989: Antiluteolytic effects of blastocyst-secreted interferon investigated in vitro and in vivo in the sheep

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Halladay P.K.; Hunt N.H.; Butcher G.A.; Cowden W.B., 1990: Antimalarial action of flavin analogues seems not to be due to inhibition of glutathione reductase of host erythrocytes

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757276

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Anderson, M. M.; O' Neill, M. J.; Phillipson, J. D.; Bray, D. H.; Kirby, G. C.; Warhurst, D. C., 1988: Antimalarial activity of an aqueous tea prepared from Brucea javanica fruits

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757284

Scheibel, L. W.; Rodriguez, S., 1989: Antimalarial activity of selected aromatic chelators v. localization of 59Fe in Plasmodium falciparum in the presence of oxines

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Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757298

Fleming, A. F., 1990: Antimalarial prophylaxis in pregnant Nigerian women

Runge L.A., 1989: Antimalarials

Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757301

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Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757965

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Section 2, Chapter 1758, Accession 001757989

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Jones, G.; Davidson, D., 1987: Application of a land resource information system to a small area in Scotland

Luna Davila, E., 1989: Application of a linear model to the evaluation of surface irrigation

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