Application of selective herbicides for weed control in transplanted tobacco

Dimeska, V.; Stojkov, S.

Fragmenta Herbologica Jugoslavica 16(1-2): 237-250


Accession: 001758321

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This is a summary of a paper given at the third congress on weeds held at Ohrid, Yugoslavia on 8-10 June 1988. Various herbicide treatments were applied to seedling and transplanted tobacco. In seedlings 0.4 kg Devrinol/ha (napropamide) and 3 litres Grasipan (alloxydim Na) gave the best weed control. In transplanted tobacco, 1.5 litres Goal (oxyfluorfen) and 8 and 10 litres Stomp (pendimethalin) were most effective. Treatments increased tobacco yields by 23-34, 28-123 and 15-74% in 1985-87, resp. and raised gross income by 12-28, 64-151 and 35-95% in the 3 years.