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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1762

Chapter 1762 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1988: Audio systems

Morand, J. J., 1989: Audio-visual aids and tropical medicine

Anonymous, 1988: Audio-visual software

Yager, DD.; Hoy, DR., 1989: Audition in the praying mantis, Mantis religiosa L.: identification of an interneuron mediating ultrasonic hearing

Venker Van Haagen A.J.; Siemelink R.J.G.; Smoorenburg G.F., 1989: Auditory brainstem responses in the normal beagle

Decker, T. N.; Jones, T. A.; Gold, R. E., 1989: Auditory thresholds in the American cockroach (Orthoptera: Blattidae): estimates using single-unit and compound-action potential recordings

Cook, D.; Zenobia, K., 1989: Augering answers

Joshi, R. K.; Sharma, S. K., 1989: Augmentation and conservation of Epiricania melanoleuca Fletcher, for the population management of sugarcane leafhopper, Pyrilla perpusilla Walker, under arid conditions of Rajasthan

Prasad, J.; Ravendra Singh; Pawar, A. D., 1988: Augmentation of Epiricania melanoleuca for the control of Pyrilla perpusilla in western Uttar Pradesh

Miura, T.; Takahashi, R. M., 1987: Augmentation of Notonecta unifasciata eggs for suppressing Culex tarsalis larval population densities in rice fields

Heidger, C.; Nentwig, W., 1989: Augmentation of beneficial arthropod by strip-management. 3. Artificial introduction of a spider species which preys on wheat pest insects

Nentwig, W., 1988: Augmentation of beneficial arthropods by strip-management. 1. Succession of predacious arthropods and long-term change in the ratio of phytophagous and predacious arthropods in a meadow

Meheriuk M.; Moyls L., 1989: Augmentation of flesh calcium in apples by hydrostatic and pressure infiltration procedures

Fregly, M. J.; Rowland, N. E., 1988: Augmentation of isoproterenol-induced drinking by acute treatment with certain dopaminergic agonists

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761016

Hishinuma, K.; Nishimura, T.; Konno, A.; Hashimoto, Y.; Kimura, S., 1990: Augmentation of mouse immune functions by dietary restriction: an investigation up to 1 year of age

Bacon, L. D.; Witter, R. L.; Fadly, A. M., 1989: Augmentation of retrovirus-induced lymphoid leukosis by Marek's disease herpesvirus in White Leghorn chickens

Saleh, H.; Abu Gharbieh, W. I.; Al Banna, L., 1989: Augmentation of soil solarization effects by application of solar-heated water

Hishinuma K.; Hosono A.; Mashiko S.; Inaba H.; Kimura S., 1990: Augmentation of superoxide generation in phagocytosing murine peritoneal macrophages by dietary restriction

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761022

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761023

Dyer, WG., 1990: Augmented description of Aplectana travassosi (Nematoda: Cosmocercidae) from leptodactylid frogs of Ecuador

Ayensu, F. K., 1987: Augmenting Ghana's plant genetic resources

Razali, A. K.; Gibbons, E. T., 1988: Augmenting Malaysia's forestry income by converting waste timber into petrochemicals

Grubinger, V. P., 1990: Augmenting a low rate of nitrogen fertilizer for sweet corn production with strip-rototilled white clover living mulch

Bhogal, T. S.; Sharma, J. S.; Arora, V. P. S., 1988: Augmenting income and employment of small and marginal farmers and landless agricultural labourers through dairying in Western U.P

Miller, C. P.; Wildin, J. H.; Cooksley, D. G.; Lowe, K. F., 1988: Augmenting native pastures with sown species

Flubacher, K. H., 1988: Augsburgers create a market

Kopp, D.; Schubel, G., 1987: August Bier and the Sauen forest - an example for recognizing and overcoming degradation of the fertility of forest sites

Franklin, R. T., 1988: Augustus Burns Weathersby 1913-1988

Vannier, P.; Eloit, M.; Toma, B., 1989: Aujeszky virus infection in finishing units and in vaccinated herds. Results of three epidemiological studies

Oliver, R. E., 1989: Aujeszky's disease

Matthews, D., 1989: Aujeszky's disease eradication - an introduction to serological surveillance

Christensen, L. S.; Strandbygaard, S. B.; Henriksen, C. A.; Andersen, A. B.; Andersen, J. B., 1989: Aujeszky's disease in Denmark: the epidemiological situation in winter 1987-88 studied by restriction fragment pattern analysis

Toma, B.; Lorant, J. M.; Duee, J. P.; Lery, L.; Vigouroux, A.; Rose, R.; David, C.; Maire, C.; Eloit, M.; Goyon, M.; Laurent, J.; Moquay, V. T., 1988: Aujeszky's disease in France in 1987

Toma, B.; Mollard, M.; Lorant, J. M.; Goyon, M.; Lery, L.; Vigouroux, A.; Eloit, M.; Rose, R.; Maire, C.; Protin, P.; Guilbert, 1989: Aujeszky's disease in France in 1988

Power, E. P.; O' Connor, M.; Donnelly, W. J. C.; Dolan, C. E., 1990: Aujeszky's disease in a cow

Ingh, T. S. G. A. M. van den; Binkhorst, G. J.; Kimman, T. G.; Vreeswijk, J.; Pol, J. M. A.; Oirschot, J. T. van, 1990: Aujeszky's disease in a horse

Egberink, H. F., 1990: Aujeszky's disease in dogs and cats, a review

Murdoch, R. S., 1990: Aujeszky's disease in foxhounds

Beek, P. N. G. M. van, 1988: Aujeszky's disease in furbearing animals

Paschaleri, E.; Papakostaki, D.; Kakamoukas, K., 1989: Aujeszky's disease in northern Greece

Too, H. L.; Tham, K. M., 1986: Aujeszky's disease in pigs in Malaysia

Miry, C.; Pensaert, M. B., 1988: Aujeszky's disease virus replication in tonsils and respiratory tract of non-immune and immune pigs

Mortensen, S.; Andersen, J. B.; Henriksen, C. A.; Andersen, A. B., 1988: Aujeszky's disease. An epidemiological account of an outbreak

Pittler, H.; Rojahn, A., 1990: Aujeszky's disease: eradication from pig farms in enzootic areas using labelled vaccines

Pittler, H.; Rojahn, A., 1989: Aujeszky's disease: eradication from pig herds in regions where the disease is endemic by using labelled vaccines

Foll, P. le, 1989: Aujeszky's disease: situation in the Netherlands

Midtgaard, F., 1988: Aulacidae (Hymenoptera, Evanioidea) a family new to Norway

Macnab, I., 1989: Ault achieves technological breakthrough with world's first pure light butter

Bhatia, P. L., 1989: Aural schistosomiasis mansoni

Coppens, P.; Blais, D.; DeRoth, L., 1988: Auriculo-ventricular block of the Mobitz type 1, 2nd degree (Wenckebach) in a horse

Kajimura, H.; Hiroo, N.; Miura, M., 1988: Austenitic stainless steel with improved resistance to corrosion by nitric acid

Lawal, O. O., 1989: Austerity and aspects of bibliographic services: the University of Calabar Library

Boucek, Z., 1989: Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): errors and omissions

Anonymous, 1989: Australia

Bywater, M., 1989: Australia outbound

Evans, G., 1990: Australia's foreign policy and the environment

Sturgiss, R.; Connell, P.; Tobler, P., 1990: Australia's influence on world sugar prices

Crossen, T., 1989: Australia's urban parks

Maxwell, W. M. C.; Salamon, S.; Purvis, I. W.; O' Flynn, M., 1989: Australia-USSR Agricultural Cooperation Agreement report on Australian mission to USSR on Merino sheep breeding

Gee, R. W., 1987: Australia. Bovine and ovine brucellosis

Possingham, J. V.; Wren, R. A., 1990: Australia. The economic importance of horticulture

Anonymous, 1988: Australia: the struggle for a larger share of a resurgent market

Cane, S., 1987: Australian Aboriginal subsistence in the Western Desert

Anonymous, 1989: Australian Animal Health Laboratory Newsletter

Prendergast, H. D. V.; Hattersley, P. W., 1987: Australian C4 grasses (Poaceae): leaf blade anatomical features in relation to C4 acid decarboxylation types

Czaplinski, B.; Cielecka, D., 1989: Australian Hymenolepididae (Cestoda) parasitizing birds. V. New morphological data on the adult and cysticercoid of Microsomacanthus chenopsis (Palmer, 1981) comb. n

Webster, R. D., 1987: Australian Paniceae (Poaceae)

Anonymous, 1987: Australian Standards on milk quality during its preparation

Martin, W., 1989: Australian agricultural policy 1983-1988

Shirley, G.; Adams, B., 1989: Australian cinema: the first eighty years

Margules, C R. ., 1989: Australian developments in conservation evaluation

Ollerenshaw, P., 1988: Australian endangered species

Priest, S., 1988: Australian experts contribute to an international study on outdoor leadership

Sharp, P., 1987: Australian football in Sydney before 1914

Dalgliesh, R. J.; Jorgensen, W. K.; Vos, A. J. de, 1990: Australian frozen vaccines for the control of babesiosis and anaplasmosis in cattle - a review

Brand, J. C., 1989: Australian indigenous foods - the commercial potential

Swart, H. J., 1988: Australian leaf-inhabiting fungi XXVII. Two ascomycetes on Athrotaxis from Tasmania

Anonymous, 1989: Australian perspectives in veterinary virology

Hamilton, G. R.; Stanton, J. H.; Freeman, R. B., 1988: Australian shearing sheds - a national survey of performance

Anonymous, 1988: Australian soil and land survey handbook: volume 2. Guidelines for conducting surveys

Loveday, J., 1988: Australian soils-the last two hundred years

Altman, P. M., 1989: Australian tea tree oil - a natural antiseptic

Anonymous, 1989: Australian temperate fruits review conference

Quick, G. R., 1990: Australian tractors. Indigenous tractors and self-propelled machines in rural Australia

Cordato, A. J., 1988: Australian travel and tourism law handbook

McIlgorm, A., 1989: Australian tuna fleet in the Western Pacific: implications for industry and fisheries management

Worsley, A., 1989: Australians' food beliefs and behaviours: an overview of five Australian random population studies

Oberbauer R., 1990: Austria

Anonymous, 1989: Austria 107% self sufficient in food

Stauder, M., 1990: Austria's agricultural and food trade and agricultural marketing

Manegold, D., 1989: Austria's agricultural sector and agricultural policy and relationships with the Community against a background of possible entry into the EC

Handschur, P., 1989: Austria's external trade in agricultural products and timber in the year 1988

Handschur, P., 1990: Austria's foreign trade in agricultural products and timber in 1989

Handschur, P., 1989: Austria's livestock exports in 1988

Handschur, P., 1990: Austria's livestock exports in 1989

Schaupp, W.; Weber, P., 1987: Austria. Bovine brucellosis and brucellosis of small ruminants: diagnosis, control and vaccination

Zimmermann, F., 1988: Austria: contrasting tourist seasons and contrasting regions

Mildner, H.; Pollanschutz, J.; Kilian, W.; Eckhart, G.; Donaubauer, E.; Plattner, E., 1985: Austrian Forest Inventory 1971-1980. Vol. 2: Lectures on the inventory

Stindl, G., 1990: Austrian Standards and European Standardization Committee Standards in the wood industry

Anonymous, 1989: Austrian and international tourism and economic data

Anonymous, 1989: Austrian farm income increases considerably

Anonymous, 1981: Austrian symposium on remote sensing

Hancvencl, P., 1989: Austrian tax reform and taxation in agriculture and forestry

Mazanec, J. A., 1987: Austrian tourism trends: observations from a small country

Diaz Vaz, J. E., 1985: Austrocedrus chilensis - anatomical description

Crosby, T. K., 1989: Austrosimulium australense (Schiner), New Zealand black fly and Austrosimulium ungulatum Tonnoir, West Coast black fly (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Haeussler, S.; Coates, D., 1986: Autecological characteristics of selected species that compete with conifers in British Columbia: a literature review

Chozin, M. A.; Nakagawa, K., 1988: Autecological studies on Cyperus iria L. and C. microiria Steud., annual cyperaceous weeds. I. Seed dormancy, germination, and seedling emergence

Matsumoto, N., 1989: Autecology of the pathogenic species of Typhula

Cohen, E., 1988: Authenticity and commoditization in tourism

Lew, A. A., 1989: Authenticity and sense of place in the tourism development experience of older retail districts

Millot, P., 1989: Author's response

Kohsiek, H., 1990: Authorization of Plant Protection products in the Federal Republic of Germany

Yin, H. F.; Zhen, X. Y.; Sun, C., 1989: Auto-control of drying degree of tea

Goher, N. E.; Kamar, G. A. R.; Riad, S. A.; Rashad, N. S.; Abdo, A., 1989: Auto-correlation in selection experimental data

Ermakov, E. I.; Meleshchenko, S. N., 1988: Auto-oscillatory nature of plant water exchange as criterion of optimization of parameters of environment during cultivation of plants under controlled conditions

Zumla, A., 1990: Autoantibodies and tropical infections

Shubik, Yu G.; Baranova, N. F., 1988: Autoantibodies in cows infected with Babesia

Thoday K.L., 1988: Autoantibodies in feline hyperthyroidism

Yamada, K.; Spezialetti, R.; Marshak Rothstein, A.; Sy, M. S., 1989: Autoantibody in MRL/Mp/lpr/lpr mice. A monoclonal antibody specific for the abnormal T cells from mice bearing the lpr/lpr gene

Tung K.S.K., 1988: Autoantigenic germ cells exist outside the blood testis barrier

Goss, S.; Deneubourg, J. L., 1988: Autocatalysis as a source of synchronised rhythmical activity in social insects

Bulantseva, E. A.; Salikova, E. G., 1987: Autocatalytic ethylene evolution in apple tissues as affected by in vitro experimental conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761157

Munkner, H. H., 1989: Autochthonic forms of self help and modern development in Africa

Pomykal, J.; Jagrova, Z., 1988: Autochthonous clinically manifested trichostrongylosis in an 11-year-old girl

Laster, M. L.; Carpenter, J. E.; Huettel, M. D.; Miller, S. G.; Proshold, F. I.; Roush, R. T.; Schneider, J. C.; Sparks, A. N., 1988: Autocidal systems for Heliothis control

Velagaleti, R. R.; Marsh, S.; Velliquette, R., 1990: Autoclave, reuseable, sterile plant growth system and method

Hempe J.M.; Savage J.E., 1990: Autoclaved egg white as a protein source for chick diets low in zinc

Singh, M.; Rai, M., 1988: Autoclaved gypsum plaster from selenite and by-product phosphogypsum

Wilde C.J.; Peaker M., 1990: Autocrine control in milk secretion

Wilde, C. J.; Addey, C. V. P.; Knight, C. H.; Peaker, M., 1989: Autocrine control of milk secretion: a new system for manipulation

Wilde C.J., 1988: Autocrine regulation of casein turnover in goat mammary explants

Golovin, V. P., 1988: Autodiploid maize lines

Cooper, P.; Jones, M.; Harris, H.; Matar, A., 1989: Autoecological constraints to crop production in West Asia and North Africa, and their impact on fertilizer use

Takahashi, Y.; Furuki, J.; Mizuno, N.; Yamada, S.; Byon, S. Y.; Araki, T., 1988: Autofluorescence as a visual marker for the hooklets of Cysticercus cellulosae

Shivaraju, N.; Giriraj, K.; Hiremath, S. R.; Seetharam, A., 1987: Autogamy in sunflower

Zobel, M., 1988: Autogenic succession in boreal mires

Tsuji, N.; Okazawa, T.; Yamamura, N., 1990: Autogenous and anautogenous mosquitoes: a mathematical analysis of reproductive strategies

Brightman A.H.; Mclaughlin S.A.; Brogdon J.D., 1989: Autogenous lamellar corneal grafting in dogs

Tveten, MS.; Meola, RW., 1988: Autogeny in Culex salinarius from Texas, Florida and New Jersey

Beardi, B.; Opitz, M., 1988: Autoimmune and similar alterations to the head area of the cat

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761180

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761181

Mair, T. S.; Taylor, F. G. R.; Hillyer, M. H., 1990: Autoimmune haemolytica anaemia in eight horses

Carlotti, D., 1989: Autoimmune mediated skin diseases

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761184

Takle, G. B.; Hudson, L., 1989: Autoimmunity and Chagas' disease

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761187

Rizzo, L. V.; Cunha Neto, E.; Teixeira, A. R. L., 1989: Autoimmunity in Chagas' disease: specific inhibition of reactivity of CD4+ T cells against myosin in mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi

Teixeira, A. R. L.; Cunha Neto, E.; Vicente Rizzo, L., 1987: Autoimmunity is no bar to vaccination against Chagas' disease

Resnick, S. D.; Greenberg, R. A., 1989: Autoinoculated palmar pustules in neonatal candidiasis

McBride, L. J.; Koepf, S. M.; Gibbs, R. A.; Salser, W.; Mayrand, P. E.; Hunkapiller, M. W.; Kronick, M. N., 1989: Automated DNA sequencing involving polymerase chain reaction

Coyne, R. V.; Walton, D. F., 1988: Automated Ektachem method for measuring sodium in sweat

Lloyd, D. C., 1989: Automated aberration scoring: the requirements of an end-user

Harris, D.; Paul, E. A., 1989: Automated analysis of 15N and 14C in biological samples

Neal, M. G.; Junge, D., 1989: Automated batch blending system for liquid fertilizer

Dergunov, N. P.; Eremyan, A. S.; Shchelkunov, A. G., 1988: Automated braking of the log in LO-15S cross-cutting machines

Wood, D. M.; Houck, M. H.; Bell, J. M., 1990: Automated calibration and use of stream-quality simulation model

Holmes, K. J.; Chu, W. S.; Erickson, D. R., 1989: Automated calibration of a contaminant transport model for a shallow sand aquifer

Lavogiez, 1990: Automated control of the crystallization process

Michule, G. A.; Dzenis, V. A.; Sedov, V. A.; Tarshis, M. G., 1989: Automated data processing for epidemiological surveillance of bovine leukosis

Miller, W. M.; Peleg, K.; Briggs, P., 1988: Automated density separation for freeze-damaged citrus

Section 2, Chapter 1762, Accession 001761207

Petry, W.; Kuhbauch, W., 1989: Automated distinction of weed species using form parameters by means of digital image processing

Metreveli, V. I.; Didebulidze, A. K.; Gabeliya, D. I.; Ramazashvili, R. E., 1990: Automated electric drive of a bridge unit

Bruckner, H.; Wittner, R., 1989: Automated enantioseparation of amino acids by derivatization with o-phthaldialdehyde and N-acylated cysteines

Muraoka T.; Katsuramaki T.; Shiraishi H.; Yokoyama M.M., 1990: Automated enzymatic measurement of adenosine deaminase isoenzyme activities in serum

Neeley, W. E.; Phillipson, J., 1988: Automated enzymatic method for determining ammonia in plasma, with 14-day reagent stability

Laqua, D.; Kriesten, S.; Haufe, W.; Gelfort, U., 1989: Automated grading of peeled potatoes

Thorne D.H.; Vandepopuliere J.M.; Lyons J.J., 1989: Automated high moisture diet feeding system for laying hens

Leonard, J. J.; Yu, J. C.; Yakimchuck, S., 1989: Automated high-pressure ventilation system

Grinsven, Jjm-Van; Booltink, Hwg; Dirksen, C; Breemen, N. Van; Bongers, N; Waringa, N., 1988: Automated in situ measurement of unsaturated soil water flux

Schwarz, W., 1988: Automated inspection of wood surfaces with charge-coupled line scan cameras

Kravets, Ya O.; Buzovetskaya, G. V.; Eremenko, V. N.; Mel' nichenko, T. M.; Pimenov, V. V.; Mazunin, V. V.; Kashirskii, V. A., 1989: Automated ion-exchange installation

Crees, O. L.; Brotherton, G. A., 1990: Automated juice analysis

Humphreys, A. S.; Oest, E., 1988: Automated layflat irrigation tubing

Humphreys, A. S., 1988: Automated level basin irrigation field studies

Kravets, Ya O.; Zarudnev, L. P.; Gurova, S. A.; Akimova, L. I.; Kim, V. V.; Tishchenko, N. S.; Povolotskii, S. I.; Skorobogatov, E. A., 1990: Automated line for continuous decolorization of syrups

Chandler, J. C.; Moss, R. M.; Merriam, J. L., 1990: Automated low pressure pipe flexible deliveries: Orange Cove Irrigation District, California

Neufang, L.; Auerswald, K.; Flacke, W., 1989: Automated maps for the prediction of erosion and water pollution using the dUSLE-a contribution to sustainable land use

Walker, D. A., 1989: Automated measurement of leaf photosynthetic O2 evolution as a function of photon flux density

Shalavin, V. F.; Nikulin, B. P.; Nikulenok, V. P., 1988: Automated measurement of tree-length logs

Saarinen, J. A., 1989: Automated measurement of water potential in glasshouse substrates

Nunnink, E., 1989: Automated metering of liquid fertilizers

Sekerka, I.; Lechner, J. F., 1990: Automated method for the determination of boron in water by flow-injection analysis with in-line preconcentration and spectrophotometric detection

Peskov, B. E.; Khmeleva, A. V., 1989: Automated method of forecasting heavy summer rains and winds

Dowell, F. E., 1989: Automated peanut grading development using machine vision

Holz, F., 1988: Automated photometric determination of the activity of xylanase, polygalacturonase and cellulase in soils. Communication III: The determination of the activity of cellulase

Holz, F., 1988: Automated photometric determination of the activity of xylanase, polygalacturonase and cellulase in soils. Part I: The determination of the activity of xylanase

Holz, F., 1988: Automated photometric determination of the activity of xylanase, polygalacturonase and cellulase in soils. Part II: The determination of the activity of polygalacturonase

Honer, C., 1987: Automated plant produces 17 000 gal of ice cream per hour

Chizhevskii, A. M.; Chernyshov, L. V., 1986: Automated processing of multi-zonal aerial photographs for plotting soil maps

Witte, G., 1990: Automated purity determination of sugar house products

Harris G.A.; Campbell G.S., 1989: Automated quantification of roots using a simple image analyzer

Matula S.; Dirksen C., 1989: Automated regulating and recording system for cylinder infiltrometers

West J., 1988: Automated sequence reading and analysis

Holmes, R. G.; Morgan, M. T.; Carpenter, T. G.; Nau, K., 1988: Automated soil core sampler and soil physical properties measurement

Wells, L. G.; Bader, M. J., 1990: Automated sorting of oriented tobacco leaves

Wells, L. G.; Bader, M. J., 1988: Automated sorting of oriented tobacco leaves

Laqua, D., 1989: Automated sorting of peeled potates at the Food Potato Inter-farm Unit, Muncheberg

Ghodrati M.; Ernst F.F.; Jury W.A., 1990: Automated spray system for application of solutes to small field plots

Abbasov, A. M.; Guseinov, L. A.; Shirinov, N. A.; Gadzhiev, R. M., 1990: Automated systems for ventilation of cowhouses

Karavaeva, N. M.; Lebedev, V. A.; Burakov, A. A.; Kudryavtsev, K. V.; Borovoi, V. M., 1987: Automated technological process control system for kiln seasoning of lumber

Manninen M.; Wirtanen G.; Ahvenainen R.; Mattila T., 1990: Automated turbidometry in assessing the bacterial content of food products inoculated with pathogens

Halberg, K. J.; Olsson, R. H., 1989: Automated versus manual leisure assessment: a comparison

Mains, W. H.; Ethier, D. J.; Lynch, D. R., 1988: Automated, variable speed pto for a plot-sized potato harvester

Lu, Y. Q.; Bao, X. D., 1988: Automatic analysis of the image of Giemsa banded plant chromosomes with computer

Grindal R.J.; Priest D.J., 1989: Automatic application of teat disinfectant through the milking machine cluster

Zhang, N. Q.; Chancellor, W., 1989: Automatic ballast position control for tractors

Smirnov, N. M.; Lapushkin, A. A., 1988: Automatic calculation of mechanized labour requirements

Gandoy Bernasconi William; Palacios Velez Oscar, 1990: Automatic cascade numbering of unit elements in distributed hydrological models

Brewer, H. L., 1988: Automatic cassette feeder for seedling transplanter

Brewer, H. L., 1989: Automatic cassette-type seedling transplanter development

Szenassy, A., 1989: Automatic chitting station for an early potato crop

Barresi, F.; Blandini, G., 1988: Automatic citrus grading devices

Toth, L.; Bak, J., 1989: Automatic cluster remover with and without follow-up milking

Gautz, L. D.; Chancellor, W. J.; Rumsey, J. W., 1989: Automatic computer records of farm machinery use

Anonymous, 1988: Automatic control and optimization of food processes

Knapp, F. W.; Henson, W. H, Jr; Panchappa, K. M.; Yeoman, O. J., 1989: Automatic control of a cattle spraying system

Yoshida, J.; Okuyama, S.; Ito, K., 1988: Automatic control of agricultural machines

Bakker Arkema, F. W.; Moreira, R. G.; Eltigani, A. Y., 1989: Automatic control of crossflow grain dryers

Gus' kov, V. V.; Gerashchenko, V. V.; Kupriyanchik, V. V., 1989: Automatic control of gear changes in draught and transport machines

Juan, V. C.; Carda, M. S., 1988: Automatic control of greenhouses

Nigam, R. B.; Banerjee, M. K.; Nath, A., 1990: Automatic control of imbibition water temperature

Mikhlin, V. M.; Ostrovskii, L. S.; Opolonik, T. I., 1990: Automatic control of maintenance and repair of machines

Kovalinskii, A. I.; Karasev, O. B.; Geleisha, A. A.; Shelopukha, M. V., 1990: Automatic control of microclimate in poultry houses

Sokovikov, V. K.; Aliev, M. G.; Skrypnik, I. A., 1989: Automatic control of the depth of soil cultivations

Gulyaev, G. A., 1989: Automatic control of the process of drying grain of high moisture content in a shaft drier

Chancellor, W. J.; Zhang, N. Q.; Thai, C. N.; Witt, C. B., 1989: Automatic control of tractor operating factors

Dong, E. F.; Fang, D. L., 1987: Automatic control system for proportional glue spreading

David, J.; Filka, P., 1988: Automatic control systems in milk processing

Kreiner, B. Ya; Cherkas, Yu D.; Komarov, G. N.; Ul' yanov, V. N., 1989: Automatic counter for bottle baskets

Han, K. J.; Gao, H. W.; Feng, Y., 1989: Automatic creation of constraint equations in farm machinery selection

Hu, K. J.; Gao, H. W.; Fen, Y. T., 1988: Automatic creation of constraint equations in farm machinery selection

Matsui K.; Shiose E.; Okubo T., 1990: Automatic determination of grazing and feeding behavior of horse in paddock and stall

Siccardi, A., 1989: Automatic device for obtaining frothy milk

Gorodnichev, V. I., 1989: Automatic drive of multisupport sprinkling machines with frontal movement

Barbari, M., 1988: Automatic feeders: adaptation and behaviour of animals

Suggs, C. W.; Eddington, D. L.; Seaboch, T. R.; Peel, H. B., 1989: Automatic feeding transplanter

Thibault, G.; Savoie, P., 1989: Automatic filling and emptying of a water evaporation pan

Nagorskii, I. S.; Bel' deiko, Yu N.; Tribunalov, M. N., 1989: Automatic flax turning machine

Suhren, G., 1989: Automatic fluorescent microscopic count of bacteria (Bactoscan)

Engeler, R.; Leuenberger, H., 1990: Automatic forage consumption recording in loose housing

Han, K. J.; Feng, Y. T.; Gao, H. W., 1989: Automatic formation of constraint equations in farm machinery selection and its iterative simplex algorithm

Vilmanis, Ya V., 1988: Automatic guidance of mobile agricultural units by laser radiation

Stark, M.; Farrow, S.; McKie, M.; Rutovitz, D., 1989: Automatic high resolution digitisation of metaphase cells for aberration scoring and karyotyping

Batra, S. W. T., 1988: Automatic image analysis for rapid identification of Africanized honey bees

Wild, A., 1988: Automatic irrigation device for cultivated soil

Mackroth, K.; Bambach, G.; Wolfhart, 1990: Automatic irrigation of pot plants

Mualem, Y.; Voskovoinik, Y., 1989: Automatic irrigation systems-control and operation-part II. Field test of irrigation by tensiometers and the prospect for improvement

Mualem, Y.; Voskoboinik, Y., 1989: Automatic irrigation systems-control and operation: part 1. The various types of automatic systems available in Israel and the benefits of applying tensiometer readings

Kamisugi, Y.; Fukui, K., 1990: Automatic karyotyping of plant chromosomes by imaging techniques

Manera, C.; Mugnozza, G. S.; Damiani, P., 1988: Automatic management systems for the control of the microclimate in greenhouses

Pis' mennyi, V. V.; Karpun, E. V.; Korovin, V. V.; Dzhambetov, E. M.; Semenova, I. A., 1989: Automatic measurement of sugar content in molasses solutions

Moskvin, G. A., 1989: Automatic milk counter for milking installation

Street, M. J.; Benson, J. A.; Marchant, J. A.; Wilkin, A. L.; Allen, C. J., 1990: Automatic milking apparatus

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