Biochemical changes associated with ripening of Cheddar cheese from buffalo milk: ripening changes at elevated temperatures

Vema, A.; Anand, S.R.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 42(3): 581-583


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 001764081

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In an attempt to produce buffalo milk Cheddar cheese with a typical Cheddar flavour, ripening was done at 13+or-1 degrees C. Although increases in lipolytic and proteolytic activities were observed compared with cheese ripening at 8+or-1 degrees C, typical Cheddar flavour was not produced. Buffalo milk cheese had an acceptable flavour after 8 months ripening, but calcium lactate crystals formed on the cheese surface. Cheese ripened for 9 months had an unclean flavour, a weak body and a greasy texture.