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Breast-milk calcium and phosphorus concentrations of British and Gambian mothers during prolonged lactation

Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 49(1): 4A

Breast-milk calcium and phosphorus concentrations of British and Gambian mothers during prolonged lactation

Ca and P concn. were measured in milk samples from 144 rural Gambian mothers (0.5-25 months post partum, 16-49 yr old, parity 1-12) and 72 Cambridge mothers (UK) (0.5-26 months post partum, 20-42 yr old, parity 1-12). Ca was measured by AAS and P by centrifugal analyser after dry ashing and mild acid digestion. Ca concn. in both countries decreased as lactation progressed, levelling off after 9 months, with an av. difference between early and late lactation of 27%.

Accession: 001767456

Related references

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