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Breeding for stress tolerance under tropical conditions in tomato and heading Chinese cabbage

Improved vegetable production in Asia Proceedings of a seminar held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 21-23 October, 1986: 88-109

Breeding for stress tolerance under tropical conditions in tomato and heading Chinese cabbage

The subject is outlined with reference to the main constraints imposed by tropical environments, namely high temperatures and heavy rainfall leading to flooding. The genetic basis of the adaptation of tomatoes and Chinese cabbages to these conditions is considered, as is resistance in tomato to diseases (Pseudomonas solanacearum and tomato mosaic virus) and rootknot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.).

Accession: 001767696

Related references

Opena, R.T.; Lo, S.H., 1979: Breeding for heat tolerance in heading Chinese cabbage. From germplasm evaluated under mean temperatures of 25 deg C since 1973, 78 heat-tolerant but low-yielding varieties were obtained. Heat-tolerant, disease-resistant varieties with improved yield were developed from inbred lines derived from crosse...

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Opena, R.T.; Kuo, C.G., 1994: Breeding for tropical adaptation in heading Chinese cabbage - achievements and continuing challenges. Heading Chinese cabbage is a popular vegetable in eastern Asia but does not usually form compact heads in the hot and humid tropics. Varietal development for stress tolerance in the tropics has been carried out at the Asian Vegetable Research and...

Wang, X.; Zhang, S.; Hu, D.; Zhao, X.; Li, Y.; Liu, T.; Wang, J.; Hou, X.; Li, Y., 2014: BcPMI2, isolated from non-heading Chinese cabbage encoding phosphomannose isomerase, improves stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco. Phosphomannose isomerase (PMI) is an enzyme that catalyses the first step of the L-galactose pathway for ascorbic acid (AsA) biosynthesis in plants. To clarify the physiological roles of PMI in AsA biosynthesis, the cDNA sequence of PMI was cloned...

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Opena R.T.; L.S.H., 1979: Genetics of heat tolerance in heading chinese cabbage. F2 and backcross segregation for heat tolerant .times. heat sensitive crosses in Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. Group Pekinensis) indicated that heat tolerance was controlled by a single recessive gene.

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Zhu Y.; Cao S., 1989: Determination of freezing tolerance and its correlated characters in non heading chinese cabbage. Non-heading Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. chinensis (L.) Makino) was used as experimental materials in this research. Freezing tolerance of 26 cultivars and F1 hybrids, which distributed in different parts of China, was evaluated bo...