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Characteristics of shortwave radiation absorption by soyabean canopy. II. Absorption of photosynthetically active radiation and its relation to dry matter production

Lee, Y.S.; Yun, S.H.; Im, J.N.; Park, Y.K.

Korean Journal of Crop Science 35(2): 156-164


Accession: 001773922

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In a field experiment soyabeans Hwanggeumkong and Paldalkong were sown at 60 x 15 cm and 30 x 15 cm spacing on 20 May and 20 June 1989. The ratio of PAR to total shortwave radiation was estimated by an empirical equation derived from sunshine hours and direct incoming radiation. The functional relationships between PAR interception and LAI were expressed as a function of Beer's law. The extinction coeff. (K) of the functions ranged from 0.77 to 0.92.

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