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Chemical weed control in medicinal plant crops. Part 10: marigold (Calendula officinalis L.)

Pank, F.; Ennet, D.

Pharmazie 43(7): 503-506


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-7144
Accession: 001775948

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The results are given of several years' herbicide evaluation on a humic loess loam for weed control in C. officinalis Erfurter Orangefabige. Trifluralin incorporated pre-sowing controlled Galium aparine, Amaranthus retroflexus and millets (Echinochloa spp. and Setaria spp.). Good control of grasses and broadleaved weeds was obtained with a tank mixture of chlorpropham + nitrofen applied immediately after emergence, while phenmedipham applied at the cotyledon stage of the crop controlled broadleaved weeds, and alloxydim sodium and diclofop methyl were active against millets and other grasses after weed emergence.