Combined efficacy of Pasteuria penetrans and Paecilomyces lilacinus on the biocontrol of Meloidogyne javanica on tomato

Maheswari, T.U.; Mani, A.

International Nematology Network Newsletter 5(3): 10-11


Accession: 001779909

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Results revealed that individual applications of P. penetrans (at 150 mg/kg soil) or P. lilacinus (at 3.0 g/kg soil) enhanced all the plant growth characteristics of tomato cv. Pusa Ruby seedlings grown individually in 15-cm-diam. pots, with P. penetrans being the more effective. Simultaneous inoculations of both the bacterium and the fungus were even more effective and increased dry weight of the shoot by 33.34% and lowered M. javanica (at 3000 J2/kg soil) populations by 66.2%.