Combining ability for grain yield of maize inbred lines selected from different cycles of BSSS synthetic

Ivanovic, M.; Stojnic, O.

Genetika Beograd 20(3): 293-298


Accession: 001780023

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Seven inbred lines were crossed in a diallel fashion and, together with the resulting 21 F1 hybrids, were evaluated for yield in 1983 and 1984. The highest average yields were obtained in crosses of lines derived from the synthetic BSSS with unrelated lines, most notably B84 (from the 7th cycle of recurrent selection), followed by B73 (5th cycle). GCA effects for these 2 lines were significant in both years. Of the 21 hybrids, only 9 had significant SCA values and all involved at least one BSSS line. Some inbred lines from later cycles of recurrent selection had better GCA and SCA values than lines from earlier cycles.