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Comparative detection of mild strains of potato spindle tuber viroid from the dormant potato tubers by return-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and nucleic acid hybridization

Singh, R.P.; Boucher, A.

Potato Research 31(1): 159-166


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-3065
Accession: 001780779

Using R-PAGE mild strs of PSTV (M-PSTV) were detected reliably from dormant tubers. The sensitivity of R-PAGE detection of M-PSTV was equivalent to that of nucleic acid hybridization. Both methods detected M-PSTV when infected tissue was mixed with healthy tissue in a ratio of 1 to 100. When extracted nucleic acid was diluted with buffer, R-PAGE detected PSTV at a dilution of 1:256 and nucleic hybridization only up to 1:64 PSTV was readily detected from 18 potato cultivars.

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