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Comparison between constant-protein, calorie-restricted and protein-restricted, calorie-restricted diets on growth of young chickens and on plasma growth hormone, thyroxine, triiodothyronine and somatomedin

Rosebrough, R.; McMurtry, J.; Proudman, J.; Steele, N.

Energy metabolism of farm animals: 139-142


Accession: 001781790

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The effects of energy and protein restriction on growth and metabolism in vitro in broiler chickens were studied. Male broiler chickens growing from 14 to 28 days old were fed on 14 and 20% protein diets providing daily 4 kcal/kg0.70 or 20 and 28% protein diets (2.8 kcal/kg0.70). Chickens also consumed 40, 60, 80 or 100% of that formula for dietary energy in the presence of set or varied amounts of dietary protein.

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