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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1783

Chapter 1783 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782000

Ferratto, M. E. P.; Ariki, J.; Berchieri Junior, A.; Paulillo, A. C.; Kronka, S. N, Jr; Panobianco, M. A., 1988: Comparison of anticoccidials in continuous and shuttle programs in broiler rations. 1. Sodium salinomycin

Singh, R. P., 1987: Comparison of antifeedant efficacy and extract yields from different parts and ecotypes of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) trees

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782003

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782004

Dutta, G. P.; Bajpai, R.; Vishwakarma, R. A., 1989: Comparison of antimalarial efficacy of artemisinin (qinghaosu) and arteether against Plasmodium cynomolgi B infection in monkeys

Bouchery, Y.; Coceano, P. G.; Derron, J.; Hani, A.; Renoust, M., 1987: Comparison of aphid catches by 12 m suction traps around the Alps in 1983

Callesen, O., 1989: Comparison of apple rootstocks M.27, M.9 and M.26 at two densities

Venugopalan, Cs; Holmes, E; O'-Malley, Na, 1989: Comparison of arrhythmogenic doses of epinephrine in heartworm-infected and noninfected dogs

Jones, D. A.; Amjad, S.; Chitravadivelu, K., 1989: Comparison of artificial feeds used in Penaeid shrimp hatcheries

Bunner, BL.; Scott, RL.; Dobson, SE.; Anderson, LM.; Boobar, LR., 1989: Comparison of artificial membrane with live host bloodfeeding of Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Chen, Y. C.; White, E. H., 1987: Comparison of ashing techniques in determining chemical contents of plant tissue samples

Appel B.R.; Winer A.M.; Tokiwa Y.; Biermann H.W., 1990: Comparison of atmospheric nitrous acid measurements by annular denuder and differential optical absorption systems

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782016

Poltawski, A. N.; Schintlmeister, A., 1988: Comparison of automatic bait- and light-trapping methods using the example of the noctuid fauna of Rostov/Don (USSR). (Lep., Noctuidae)

Sweeney C.R.; Sweeney R.W.IIi; Benson C.E., 1989: Comparison of bacteria isolated from specimens obtained by use of endoscopic guarded tracheal swabbing and percutaneous tracheal aspiration in horses

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782019

Cyr, N.; Laidler, J. K., 1987: Comparison of balsam and aspen poplar trees in Alberta

Mosini, V.; Cesaro, S. N., 1986: Comparison of baltic amber and an 'aged' Pinus halepensis resin by means of infrared spectroscopy

Stark, J. C.; Ojala, J. C., 1989: Comparison of banded ammonium polyphosphate and acid urea phosphate as P sources for potatoes

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782024

Janzen H.H., 1988: Comparison of barley growth in naturally and artificially salinized soils

Isokorpi, M.; Sorvari, S., 1988: Comparison of barley starch and agar gelatinized media in regeneration of barley somatic cells

Andrade Aguilar, J. A.; Hernandez Xolocotzi, E., 1988: Comparison of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm from Aguascalientes, Mexico, 1940 and 1984

Combs, N. R.; Kornegay, E. T.; Lindemann, M. D.; Notter, D. R.; Mason, J. P. H.; Wilson, J. H., 1987: Comparison of bending and shear tests for determining calcium and phosphorus status of pigs fed five calcium-phosphorus levels from weaning to market

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782029

Iwanzik W.; Egli H., 1989: Comparison of bioassay and chemical analysis for triasulfuron quantification in soil samples

Nakatani, H. X.; Baliga, V. L.; Dunn, R. L.; Mooz, E. D.; Rapp Sherwood, K.; Tenhec, S. W.; Uydess, I. L., 1988: Comparison of biochemical changes in foliar senescence

Hatano, Y.; Hori, K., 1989: Comparison of biochemical properties of proteinases from the midgut of two blood-sucking insects, Haematobia irritans (L.) and Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae)

Rifai, H.; Bedient, P. B., 1990: Comparison of biodegradation kinetics with an instantaneous reaction model for groundwater

Garau M.A., 1987: Comparison of biological and chemical methods to determine available nitrogen in sewage sludge amended soil

Montano M.; Clutter A.C.; Nielsen M.K., 1989: Comparison of biological efficiency to weaning and to slaughter of crossbred beef cattle with three levels of milk production

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782037

Lott, B. R.; Baker, J. F., 1990: Comparison of birth characters of calves sired by Angus, Charolais or Salers

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782039

Sandoval, W. M.; Heyward, V. H.; Lyons, T. M., 1989: Comparison of body composition, exercise and nutritional profiles of female and male body builders at competition

Brauner, P., 1987: Comparison of body mass and somatometric data of dams of the Bohemian Pied cattle and crosses with the Red Holstein and Ayrshire cattle

Maguire, M. S.; Meredith, H. V.; Spurgeon, J. H., 1988: Comparison of body size and form among ethnic groups of active duty United States Army men and women referred to a weight control program

Smith, Cm Ii; Burris, Sm; Weiss, Dj; White, Jg, 1989: Comparison of bovine and human platelet deformability, using micropipette elastimetry

Devito W.J., 1989: Comparison of brain and pituitary immunoreactive prolactin by peptide mapping and lectin affinity chromatography

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782046

Hoffman, Pc; Armentano, Le, 1988: Comparison of brewers wet and dried grains and soybean meal as supplements for dairy cattle

Pearson E.G.; Riebold T.W., 1989: Comparison of bronchodilators in alleviating clinical signs in horses with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Singh R.P.; Singh B.D.; Singh R.N.; Singh I.S., 1989: Comparison of bulk and single seed descent methods in two mungbean crosses

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782053

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782054

Rabasse, J. M.; Lapchin, L., 1987: Comparison of captures of different insect groups in yellow traps and suction traps situated at two heights

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782057

Marchand, G.; Vigneron, X., 1987: Comparison of carcass composition of lambs produced by France Agnelle

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782060

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782061

Lucia H.L., 1988: Comparison of cell cultures for rapid isolation of enteroviruses

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782064

Bockelmann, W.; Monnet, V.; Geis, A.; Teuber, M.; Gripon, J. C., 1989: Comparison of cell wall proteinases from Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris AC1 and Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis NCDO 763. I. Purification and action of the enzymes on caseins

Ohsugi, R., 1990: Comparison of characteristics related to photosynthesis between NAD-malic enzyme Panicum species differing in the chloroplast position in bundle sheath cells

Orskov, E. R.; Reid, G. W., 1989: Comparison of chemical and biological methods for predicting feed intakes and animal performance

Packer, N.; Adamson, H.; Walmsley, J., 1987: Comparison of chlorophyll accumulation and 14C-ALA incorporation into chlorophyll in dark and light in green barley

Ranchyalis, V.; Girkontaite, I.; Burneikene, R., 1988: Comparison of chlorophyll mutation patterns in barley varieties differing in the maximum effect

Pilnik W., 1988: Comparison of chufa and olive oils

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782079

Legendre, B. L.; Clarke, M. A., 1990: Comparison of clarification reagents for polarization analysis of sugarcane juice

Weimer, B. C.; Oberg, C. J.; Moyes, L. V.; Brown, R. J.; Richardson, G. H., 1989: Comparison of classical ion exchange amino acid analysis and o-phthaldialdehyde methods to characterize proteolysis by Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782083

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782084

Sharma, S. K.; Hill, A. R.; Mittal, G. S., 1990: Comparison of coagulation time of ultrafiltered (UF) milk by four different methods

Suttle, N. F.; Brebner, J.; Herbert, E.; Munro, C. S., 1990: Comparison of cobalt supplemented anthelmintics and injected vitamin B12 for cobalt-deficient lambs

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782087

Tsuji, T.; Honda, T.; Miwatani, T.; Miyama, A., 1990: Comparison of coligenoid formation by B subunits of porcine and human Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxins

Kingston, IB.; Wainwright, SM.; Cooper, D., 1989: Comparison of collagen gene sequences in Ascaris suum and Caenorhabditis elegans

Kegler, H.; Meyer, U.; Kontzog, H. G., 1990: Comparison of colorimetric values between healthy and diseased apple leaves of different cultivars and positions

Sobiraj, A.; Arnstadt, K. I.; Scheibner, R.; Lehmann, B., 1989: Comparison of commercially available rapid milk progesterone assays with an approved routine laboratory method in cows

Afshar, A.; Thomas, F. C.; Wright, P. F.; Shapiro, J. L.; Anderson, J., 1989: Comparison of competitive ELISA, indirect ELISA and standard AGID tests for detecting bluetongue virus antibodies in cattle and sheep

Paris, S.; Fitting, C.; Latge, J. P.; Herman, D.; Guinnepain, M. T.; David, B., 1990: Comparison of conidial and mycelial allergens of Alternaria alternata

Ruark G.A., 1988: Comparison of constant and variable allometric ratios for predicting foliar biomass of various tree genera

Marshall, Jd; Hazlett, Cb; Spady, Dw; Quinney, Ha, 1990: Comparison of convenient indicators of obesity

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782099

Drennan M.J., 1988: Comparison of corn gluten and barley in all concentrate diets and effect of anabolic agents on performance of finishing steers

Heerden, H. G. van; Staden, W. H. van; Vink, G., 1988: Comparison of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) yield and fibre properties over locations and seasons

Ethridge, D. E.; Andrew, P., 1988: Comparison of cotton production costs in the U.S. with costs in competing countries

Bhutta, A. R., 1988: Comparison of cotton seed health testing methods and their economics

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782107

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782108

Kovalev, V. F., 1985: Comparison of cow performance in stalls and on pasture

Kus, J.; Krasowicz, S.; Harasim, A., 1988: Comparison of crop rotations containing different percentages of cereals over different tillage and fertilizer application treatments in a long-term field experiment at Grabow. V. Energy effectiveness

Czerniawski, W.; Czerniawska, A., 1988: Comparison of crop rotations involving different percentages of fodder crops. I. Evaluation of rotation output

Czerniawska, A.; Czerniawski, W., 1988: Comparison of crop rotations involving different percentages of fodder crops. II. Nutrient balance

Kus, J., 1988: Comparison of crop rotations with different percentages of cereals over different tillage and fertilization treatments in a long-term field experiment at Grabow. III. Effect on basic chemical properties of the soil

Kus, J.; Nawrocki, S., 1988: Comparison of crop rotations with different percentages of cereals over different tillage and fertilizer treatments in a long-term experiment at Grabow. I. Yields of winter wheat and spring barley

Kus, J.; Skrzypek, Z., 1988: Comparison of crop rotations with different percentages of cereals over different tillage and fertilizer treatments in a long-term experiment at Grabow. II. Rotation output

Tyson K.C.; Roberts D.H.; Clement C.R.; Garwood E.A., 1990: Comparison of crop yields and soil conditions during 30 years under annual tillage or grazed pasture

Mrowka, M., 1988: Comparison of crops of oats, spring barley and their mixtures harvested at various dates for green fodder

McCarter, M. N.; Buchanan, D. S.; Frahm, R. R., 1990: Comparison of crossbred cows containing various proportions of Brahman in spring or fall calving systems: 1. Productivity as two-year-olds

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782120

Schopfer, W.; Hradetzky, J., 1988: Comparison of crown characteristics as vitality indicators for Norway spruce and silver fir

Chewings V.H., 1988: Comparison of crown cover estimates for woody vegetation in arid rangelands

Wang, W. Q.; Natsuaki, T.; Okuda, S.; Teranaka, M., 1988: Comparison of cucumber mosaic virus isolates by double-stranded RNA analysis

Loeser, H., 1988: Comparison of cultivars of Petunia hybrids

Perniola, M.; Amaducci, M. T.; Caro, A. de, 1989: Comparison of cultivars of different maturity group in different environments with and without limited irrigation. Basilicata (Ofanto plain)

D' Amoto, A.; Giordano, I., 1989: Comparison of cultivars of different maturity group in different environments with and without limited irrigation. Campania

Anconelli, S.; Gallina, D., 1989: Comparison of cultivars of different maturity group in different environments with and without limited irrigation. Emilia-Romagna

Losavio, N.; Mastrorilli, M., 1989: Comparison of cultivars of different maturity group in different environments with and without limited irrigation. Puglia

Attene, G.; Marras, G. F., 1989: Comparison of cultivars of different maturity group in different environments with and without limited irrigation. Sardinia

Leto, C.; Forgia, A., 1989: Comparison of cultivars of different maturity groups in different environments with and without limited irrigation. Inland Sicily

Waes, J. van; Vliegher, A. de; Maddens, K.; Nerum, K. van, 1990: Comparison of cultivars of fibre flax

Araujo, G. A. de A.; Vieira, C.; Chagas, J. M., 1987: Comparison of cultivation systems for dry season beans following early maize

Pfutzner, H.; Hofer, M., 1989: Comparison of culture media for isolating Mycoplasma californicum from milk samples

Gustafson, R.; Gardulf, A.; Svenungsson, B., 1989: Comparison of culture, indirect immunofluorescence and dark-field microscopy for detection of spirochetes from Ixodes ricinus ticks

Ellis, R. H.; Hong, T. D.; Roberts, E. H., 1987: Comparison of cumulative germination and rate of germination of dormant and aged barley seed lots at different constant temperatures

Gougeon Reyburn, R.; Leiter, L. A.; Yale, J. F.; Marliss, E. B., 1989: Comparison of daily diets containing 400 kcal (1.67 MJ) of either protein or glucose, and their effects on the response to subsequent total fasting in obese subjects

Cenkvari E.; Schmidt J., 1989: Comparison of decomposition of feeds measured by in vitro and in sacco methods

Takeda, H.; Prachaiyo, B.; Tsutsumi, T., 1984: Comparison of decomposition rates of several tree leaf litters in a tropical forest in north-east Thailand

Cone J.W.; Vlot M., 1990: Comparison of degradability of starch in concentrates by enzymes and rumen fluid

Vargas, RI.; Carey, JR., 1989: Comparison of demographic parameters for wild and laboratory-adapted Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Feliksik, E., 1987: Comparison of dendrochronological curves for silver fir from several locations in Poland

Jesus, R. M. de; Vital, B. R., 1986: Comparison of densities of mother trees and clones of Eucalyptus grandis

Braman, SK.; Yeargan, KV., 1988: Comparison of developmental and reproductive rates of Nabis americoferus, N. roseipennis, and N. rufusculus (Hemiptera: Nabidae)

Karbe, A., 1988: Comparison of diagnostic tests for bovine paratuberculosis: complement fixation, ELISA and immunodiffusion

Doll, K.; Bichler, F. X.; Riepl, H., 1990: Comparison of dialysis techniques and centrifugation/ filtration for obtaining faecal fluids from calves

Kim H.K.; Yoon J.S., 1989: Comparison of dietary methods in nutritional studies

Bruns, E., 1989: Comparison of different BLUP procedures for estimating breeding values of dairy cattle using computer simulation

Benda, V.; Petrovsky, E., 1988: Comparison of different antibody types for detecting avian leukosis viruses

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782157

Sandhu, G. S.; Sohi, A. S.; Batra, R. C., 1987: Comparison of different control methods for the management of bark-eating caterpillar Indarbela quadrinotata Walker (Metarbelidae: Lepidoptera) infesting fruit and avenue trees in Punjab

Samra, J. S.; Dhillon, S. S., 1988: Comparison of different crop geometries in relation to crop stand and yield of wheat

Laufer, B., 1987: Comparison of different culture media for detection of proteolytic bacteria in raw milk and foods for infants and small children

Senff, H.; Bothe, C.; Reinel, D., 1989: Comparison of different house dust mite extracts using the results of skin tests and studies of a simultaneous sensitization against storage mites

Bruder, K.; Mohr, I., 1989: Comparison of different infection methods for testing the resistance to stalk rot in maize

Veldhuis, M., 1988: Comparison of different kinds of ipil-ipil at Lampatan, Pokhara

Schmidely, P.; Robelin, J.; Bas, P., 1989: Comparison of different methodologies to predict body water with the deuteriated water dilution technique in male kids

Peterscmitt, J. M.; Katerji, N., 1989: Comparison of different methods for measuring evapotranspiration in non-irrigated wheat

Cheng, C. C.; Cheng, C. J.; Yu, H. T., 1988: Comparison of different methods for sloping land pasture renovation

Rollema H.S.; Mckellar R.C.; Sorhaug T.; Suhren G.; Zadow J.G.; Law B.A.; Poll J.K.; Stepaniak L.; Vagias G., 1989: Comparison of different methods for the detection of bacterial proteolytic enzymes in milk

Frede, E.; Precht, D.; Jaeck, W., 1990: Comparison of different methods for the determination of milk fat firmness

Mambrini, M.; Peyraud, J. L.; Rulquin, H., 1988: Comparison of different methods of calculating retention time of feed residues in the digestive tract of dairy cows

Lara Rubio, M. E., 1982: Comparison of different methods of calculating stacking coefficients for commercial sizes of smallwood, split wood and logs

Zanoni U.; Dudley J.W., 1989: Comparison of different methods of identifying inbreds useful for improving elite maize hybrids

Sienra Perez, J. C.; Hernandez G, R.; Lerman G, I.; Rios, J. M.; Gomez, T.; Rull, J. A.; Gomez Perez, F. J., 1988: Comparison of different methods of measuring blood glucose by reagent strips

Schuster, H.; Reinsch, N.; Bienefeld, K., 1989: Comparison of different methods of measuring cubital index in the honeybee

Huang, W. Z. et al., 1987: Comparison of different micro-blood sampling methods in the indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) for malaria

Haq, Sultanul ; Saxena, S. K., 1986: Comparison of different modes of application of carbofuran for controlling Meloidogyne incognita on tomato

Mentasti, E.; Nicolotti, A.; Porta, V.; Sarzanini, C., 1989: Comparison of different pre-concentration methods for the determination of trace levels of arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury, lead and selenium

Tieleman, A. E.; Warthesen, J. J., 1989: Comparison of different procedures for the extraction of proteolytic products from Cheddar cheese

Lienard, G.; Lherm, M.; Bebin, D., 1988: Comparison of different production systems for Charolais suckler herds in grazing areas

Nuytten, J.; Deprez, P.; Picavet, T.; Hende, C. van den; Muylle, E., 1988: Comparison of different pulmonary function tests and their prognostic value in horses affected with COPD

Andreas, C., 1989: Comparison of different salads cultivated under high tunnels in late autumn

Duso, C., 1988: Comparison of different strategies and threshold levels in the control of Panonychus ulmi (Koch) on grapes

Rumachik, I. I., 1989: Comparison of different test-tube closures for cultures of mycobacteria

Kirillov, V. A.; Preobrazhensky, V. N.; Kasatkin, N. N.; Seroshtanova, A. F., 1989: Comparison of different therapeutic methods used in patients with candidosis of the oesophagus

Lipari, V.; Mauromicale, G.; Cosentino, S., 1988: Comparison of different thermal unit methods for predicting the fruit ripening in tomato

Protopapadakis, E. E., 1989: Comparison of different ways of weed control in citrus orchards as mechanical control, chemical control or by covering the soil with black plastic

Shinoda, M.; Sugihara, T.; Manda, T., 1988: Comparison of digestibilities and TDN values of mixed rations containing different roughage source in cows

Kakulu, S. E.; Osibanjo, O.; Ajayi, S. O., 1987: Comparison of digestion methods for trace metal determination in fish

Johnson, AM., 1990: Comparison of dinucleotide frequency and codon usage in Toxoplasma and Plasmodium: evolutionary implications

Pan, F. J., 1988: Comparison of diploid and tetraploid Leucaena diversifolia

Maris, B., 1990: Comparison of diploid and tetraploid potato families derived from Solanum phureja X dihaploid S. tuberosum hybrids and their vegetatively doubled counterparts

Bland, C. J.; Norlander, G., 1988: Comparison of direct alpha and charcoal adsorption methods in field measurements of radon flux

Roberts, T. L.; Janzen, H. H., 1990: Comparison of direct and indirect methods for measuring fertilizer N uptake in winter wheat

Orth D.J.; Leonard P.M., 1990: Comparison of discharge methods and habitat optimization for recommending instream flows to protect fish habitat

Enebak, S. A.; Palmer, M. A.; Blanchette, R. A., 1990: Comparison of disease management strategies for control of soil-borne pathogens in a forest tree nursery

Lillehoj, H. S.; Ruff, M. D., 1987: Comparison of disease susceptibility and subclass-specific antibody response in SC and FP chickens experimentally inoculated with Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina, or E. maxima

Meng, X., 1988: Comparison of dosimetric properties among lactose and several kinds of saccharide in free-radical dosimetry

Chand, P.; Sadana, J. R.; Batra, H. V.; Khanna, R. N. S., 1989: Comparison of dot enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (dot-ELISA) with other serological tests for the detection of Brucella antibodies in bovine sera

Tsai, S. J.; Hutchinson, L. J.; Zarkower, A., 1989: Comparison of dot immunobinding assay, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunodiffusion for serodiagnosis of paratuberculosis

Unger, R. E.; Chuang, R. Y.; Chuang, L. F.; Doi, R. H.; Osburn, B. I., 1988: Comparison of dot-blot and Northern blot hybridizations in the determination of genetic relatedness of United States bluetongue virus serotypes

Hussain, M. D.; Alam, M., 1989: Comparison of drift from charged and uncharged sprays

Clausen, N.; Nubbel ; Geiger, G., 1989: Comparison of drinker systems for broilers

Cevik, B.; Kaska, N.; Tekinel, O.; Pekmezci, M.; Yaylali, N.; Paydas, S., 1988: Comparison of drip and basin irrigation systems in Banana orchards on the southern coast of Turkey

Pobudkiewicz, A. K.; Goldsberry, K. L., 1989: Comparison of dwarf carnation responses to retardants Sumagic and Bonzi

Andrade Araujo, G. A. de; Chagas, J. M.; Vieira, C., 1989: Comparison of early maize crop straw management at sowing time of dry season beans

Morales, A.; Perez, P., 1986: Comparison of early-maturing clones of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) planted in different seasons

Bryukhanova, L. V., 1987: Comparison of ecological properties of Citellophilus tesquorum (Wagn., 1898) and Neopsylla setosa (Wagn., 1898), abundant parasites of the little souslik

Brown, G. A.; Steevens, B. J., 1989: Comparison of economic factors affecting milk production in New England and Missouri

Huisman, J.; Poel, A. F. B. van der, 1989: Comparison of effects of antinutritional factors (ANFs) in different animal species

Kuduk, C., 1988: Comparison of effects of fresh and composted pine bark on early growth stages of barley

Gajda, J., 1988: Comparison of effects of liquid manure application with those of mineral fertilizers on meadows on peat bog soil

Asztalos, B.; Nemcsok, J.; Benedeczky, I.; Gabriel, R.; Szabo, A., 1988: Comparison of effects of paraquat and methidathion on enzyme activity and tissue necrosis of carp, following exposure to the pesticides singly or in combination

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782224

Schmidt, T.; Molnar, S.; Hernadi, F., 1988: Comparison of efficacy of different antifungal agents in experimental cutaneous candidiasis

Boros, V.; Stevonkova, E., 1988: Comparison of efficiency of rennet enzymes on protein of goat and cow milk

Murrell K.D.; Leighton E.A.; Boswell B.A.; Gasbarre L.C., 1989: Comparison of egg excretion and serum pepsinogen levels as measures of nematode worm burdens in calves with limited pasture exposure

Chand, D., 1987: Comparison of egg yolk cholesterol levels in White Plymouth Rock, White Cornish and New Hampshire breeds of poultry

Silim, A.; Venne, D., 1989: Comparison of egg-yolk and serum antibody titres to four avian viruses by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using paired field samples

Appel, T.; Steffens, D., 1988: Comparison of electroultrafiltration (EUF) and extraction by 0.01 M CaCl2 for the determination of available soil nitrogen

Sharpe R.R.; Reilly C.C.; Nyczepir A.P.; Okie W.R., 1989: Comparison of elemental concentrations between peach tree short life and healthy trees before and after tree death

Kunert, J.; Kunert, R., 1990: Comparison of embryo development in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in vivo and in vitro

Wells S.R.; Hornfeldt C.S., 1990: Comparison of emetic efficacy in veterinary use

Schiller L.R.; Bilhartz L.E.; Santa Ana C.A.; Fordtran J.S., 1990: Comparison of endogenous and radiolabeled bile acid excretion in patients with idiopathic chronic diarrhea

Steineck, T.; Quintanar, J. O.; Onderscheka, K., 1988: Comparison of endoparasitic infections of wild boars in game reserves with and without anthelmintic treatment

Schulz, S; Westerterp, Kr; Bruck, K., 1989: Comparison of energy expenditure by the doubly labeled water technique with energy intake, heart rate, and activity recording in man

Seale, J. L.; Rumpler, W. V.; Conway, J. M., 1989: Comparison of energy expenditure determined by direct/indirect calorimetry and doubly labeled water in adult men

Wong, Ww-Ouston, Tx; Butte, Nf; Garza, C; Klein, Pd, 1990: Comparison of energy expenditure estimated in healthy infants using the doubly labelled water and energy balance methods

Lampila, M.; Micordia, A.; Vaatainen, H., 1988: Comparison of energy feeding standards for growing cattle. 1. Rations based on different forages

Parker K.L.; White R.G.; Gillingham M.P.; Holleman D.F., 1990: Comparison of energy metabolism in relation to daily activity and milk consumption by caribou and muskox neonates

Seawell, B. J.; Gianotto, A. K.; Williams, S. J.; Scalarone, G. M., 1988: Comparison of enzyme immunoassay and immunodiffusion for the detection of canine blastomycosis

Jayakumar R.; Ramadass P.; Raghavan N., 1989: Comparison of enzyme immunodiagnosis with immunofluorescence for rapid diagnosis of rabies in dogs

Jon, S. R., 1988: Comparison of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and indirect haemagglutination test (IHA) for diagnosis of goat surra

Tenter, A. M., 1987: Comparison of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and indirect fluorescent antibody test for the detection of IgG antibodies to Sarcocystis muris

Warwick, P. M., 1988: Comparison of estimates of energy expenditure with measures of energy intake in female external university students

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782254

Hansen L., 1988: Comparison of estimates of ruminal protein degradation by in vitro and in situ methods

Stekauerova, V., 1988: Comparison of experimental and computational methods of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity determination

Kasap, H., 1990: Comparison of experimental infectivity and development of Plasmodium vivax in Anopheles sacharovi and An. superpictus in Turkey

Charles D.J.; Simon J.E., 1990: Comparison of extraction methods for the rapid determination of essential oil content and composition of basil

Lehocz, J., 1987: Comparison of factors that influence the milk production in Hungarian Fleckvieh and Holstein Friesian cattle

Hinaidy, H. K.; Keferbock, F.; Pichler, C.; Jahn, J., 1988: Comparison of faecal examination techniques in cattle

Eagles J.; Fairweather Tait S.J.; Portwood D.E.; Self R.; Goetz A.; Heumann K.G., 1989: Comparison of fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry and thermal ionization quadrupole mass spectrometry for the measurement of zinc absorption in human nutrition studies

Schmid, G.; Braess, D., 1988: Comparison of fast equation solvers for groundwater flow problems

Vandeputte Van Messom G.; Burvenich C., 1989: Comparison of fat and cream content in normal and mastitic milk of cows

Wang X M.; Norman H.A.; St John J.B.; Yin T.; Hildebrand D.F., 1989: Comparison of fatty acid composition in tissues of low linolenate mutants of soybean

Zhang, S.; Sun, Y., 1987: Comparison of faunal structure of noctuids between Tieling and Nanchang, China

Benno, Y.; Itoh, K.; Miyao, Y.; Mitsuoka, T., 1987: Comparison of fecal microflora between wild Japanese monkeys in a snowy area and laboratory-reared Japanese monkeys

Summers J.D., 1988: Comparison of feed allocation systems in broiler nutrition studies

Leeson S.; Caston L.J.; Summers J.D., 1989: Comparison of feed allocation systems in broiler nutrition studies

Backus, E. A.; Hunter, W. A., 1989: Comparison of feeding behavior of the potato leafhopper Empoasca fabae (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on alfalfa and broad bean leaves

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782272

Mochizuki, M.; Konishi, S.; Ajiki, M.; Akaboshi, T., 1989: Comparison of feline parvovirus subspecific strains using monoclonal antibodies against a feline panleukopenia virus

Haynes, R. J., 1988: Comparison of fertigation with broadcast applications of urea-N on levels of available soil nutrients and on growth and yield of trickle-irrigated peppers

Olsson, S. O., 1988: Comparison of fertility parameters in dairy herds with and without fertility problems. An evaluation of herd investigations

Malterer, T. J.; Cohen, A. D.; Verry, E. S., 1987: Comparison of fiber content determination by NRCC and proposed ASTM methods

Radzik, A., 1989: Comparison of fibre diameter in different varieties of Lowland sheep in relation to touch-and-see appraisal

Lancon, J.; Klassou, C., 1989: Comparison of fibrograph and halo technique length measurements

Bellinder, R. R.; Warholic, D. T., 1988: Comparison of five herbicide programs for no-tillage sweet corn

Davies, G.; Jennings, J., 1987: Comparison of five methods for measuring the effect of management on surface soil structure

Leforban, Y.; Vannier, P., 1989: Comparison of five methods of blood sampling in pigs, and of the advantages and disadvantages of each during the process of analysis

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Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782831

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Thompson W.G., 1988: Comparison of tests for diagnosis of iron depletion in pregnancy

Courtney, C. H., 1986: Comparison of tests for immunodiagnosis of canine dirofilariasis

Carvajal, M.; Mulholland, F.; Carner, R. C., 1990: Comparison of the EASI-EXTRACT immunoaffinity concentration procedure with the AOAC CB method for the extraction and quantitation of aflatoxin B1 in raw ground unskinned peanuts

Turilli, C.; Marcolin, G.; Prosperi, S., 1988: Comparison of the ELISA with the CF test for the diagnosis of bovine listeriosis

Yoshimizu M.; Ji, R.; Sami, M.; Kimura, T., 1988: Comparison of the FITC conjugate avidin-biotin complex (ABC) method and the indirect FAT for the detection rate of Renibacterium salmoninarum antigen in carrier fish in bacterial kidney disease (BKD)

Rodriguez, E.; Leon, E.; Torres, B., 1989: Comparison of the Norris, Bliss disintegrator and press methods, in the determination of pol in bagasse

Matthews, K. R.; Oliver, S. P.; King, S. H., 1989: Comparison of the Vitek Gram-Positive Identification system with the API Staph-Trac system for identification of staphylococcal species

Bauer, F.; Novotny, A., 1989: Comparison of the Zetormatic and EHR Bosch hydraulic systems under field conditions

Peterka, A., 1989: Comparison of the achieved labour productivity with milking equipment ZD 3-010 and ZD 2-020 in stables K 208

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782867

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782868

Roberts, D. H.; Lucas, M. H.; Swallow, C., 1989: Comparison of the agar gel imunodiffusion test and ELISA in the detection of bovine leukosis virus antibody in cattle persistently infected with bovine virus diarrhoea virus

Tomaszewski, Z, Jr, 1988: Comparison of the agronomic value of diploid and tetraploid forms of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782871

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782872

Boros, V., 1988: Comparison of the amino acid spectrum of proteins in goat and cow milk

Nguen Duk Leuou; Sherkov, Sh, 1989: Comparison of the anticoccidial efficacy of monensin, narasin and salinomycin in chicks

Barloy, D.; Denis, L.; Beckert, D. M., 1989: Comparison of the aptitude for anther culture in some androgenetic doubled haploid maize lines

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782878

Filledier, J.; Duvallet, G.; Merot, P., 1988: Comparison of the attractive power of zebu and Baoule cattle for Glossina tachinoides Westwood, 1850 and Glossina morsitans submorsitans Newstead, 1910 in Sudano-Guinnean savanna, Burkina Faso

Buchi, R., 1988: Comparison of the attractiveness of 3 kinds of pheromone traps for the flour moth, Ephestia kuhniella Zeller

Harms R.H., 1988: Comparison of the biopotencies of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide for broiler chicks

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782883

Anderson R.L.; Lefever F.R.; Miller N.S.; Maurer J.K., 1989: Comparison of the bladder response to indole and sodium saccharin ingestion by male rats

Bretschneider, A.; Herrendorfer, G.; Hischer, K.; Hammer, K., 1989: Comparison of the breeding of pig populations and their specific subpopulations

Huang, C. W.; Okubo, H.; Uemoto, S., 1990: Comparison of the bulblet formation from twin scales and single scales in Hippeastrum hybridum cultured in vitro

Neuffer, U., 1988: Comparison of the capacity for parasitism and behaviour of two ecotypes of Trichogramma evanescens Westw

Leon, O.; Nilsson, B. L.; Peralta, E. L., 1988: Comparison of the capsid protein molecular weight of isolates and strains of sugar cane mosaic virus

Chavaz, J.; Kaufmann, G.; Dufey, P. A., 1989: Comparison of the carcass yield of Blonde d'Aquitaine and Simmental M terminal crossbreds

Barbano D.M.; Rasmussen R.R., 1989: Comparison of the cheese yield performance of fermentation produced chymosin and other milk coagulants

Cu J Q.; Perineau F.; Delmas M.; Gaset A., 1989: Comparison of the chemical composition of carrot seed essential oil extracted by different solvents

Bheemaiah, K. A.; Ananthanarayana, R.; Desphande, P. B., 1987: Comparison of the chemical methods of lime requirement for the acid soils of Karnataka

Verstegen, J.; Fargetton, X.; Donnay, I.; Ectors, F., 1990: Comparison of the clinical utility of medetomidine/ketamine and xylazine/ketamine combinations for the ovariectomy of cats

Lisiecka, A.; Szczepaniak, S., 1989: Comparison of the coefficient of propagation in some varieties of Alstroemeria

Sherman, Dm; Gay, Jm; Bouley, Ds; Nelson, Gh, 1990: Comparison of the complement-fixation and agar gel immunodiffusion tests for diagnosis of subclinical bovine paratuberculosis

Ogawa, A.; Matsuhira, N.; Iizuka, O., 1985: Comparison of the composition of the A0 horizon under Japanese larch stands in Hokkaido determined through fractionation by sieving

Vogel H., 1987: Comparison of the conformation and orientation of alamethicin and melittin in lipid membranes

Indrak, P.; Schubertova, V., 1988: Comparison of the content of some chemicals in selected carrot cultivars

Karn, J. F.; Hofmann, L., 1990: Comparison of the copper and molybdenum status of yearling steers grazing reclaimed mined-land and native range

Ondrasovic, M.; Rosocha, J.; Ondrasovicova, O.; Vargova, M., 1988: Comparison of the corrosive effects of some selected disinfectants under laboratory conditions

Clausen, M.; Leier, G.; Witte, I., 1990: Comparison of the cytotoxicity and DNA-damaging properties of 2,4-D U 46 D Fluid (dimethylammonium salt of 2,4-D)

Lieutier, F.; Cheniclet, C.; Garcia, J., 1989: Comparison of the defense reactions of Pinus pinaster and Pinus sylvestris to attacks by two bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) and their associated fungi

Murkowski, A., 1988: Comparison of the delayed luminescence in triazine susceptible and resistant biotypes of Brassica napus

Ou Yang, S. C.; Chu, Y. I., 1988: Comparison of the development of the tobacco cutworm (Spodoptera litura (F.)) reared on natural and artificial diets

Dobrzanski, A.; Paczynski, J., 1989: Comparison of the different weed control programmes in celeriac

Gruhn, K., 1987: Comparison of the digestibility of crude nutrients and amino acids between treated cattle subcutis and barley in poultry

Gruhn K.; Zander, 1989: Comparison of the digestibility of crude nutrients and amino acids from rapeseed oilmeal and expeller of various origins in colostomized laying hens

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782910

Picard, E.; Parisot, C.; Blanchard, P.; Brabant, P.; Causse, M.; Doussinault, G.; Trottet, M.; Rousset, M., 1988: Comparison of the doubled haploid method with other breeding procedures in wheat (Triticum aestivum) when applied to populations

Boehnke, H. J.; Alms, C.; Schoss, P.; Lotthammer, K. H., 1990: Comparison of the dynamics of infections among veal calves kept under different husbandry systems

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782915

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782916

Sutton, C. M.; Botham, K. M., 1988: Comparison of the effect of dietary cholesterol on bile acid synthesis in isolated hepatocytes in suspension and in culture

Ibrahim, M. A. R., 1987: Comparison of the effect of different compounds used for the synchronization of estrous cycle on buffaloes ovarian responses

Hughes, A.; Brock, J. H.; Parrott, D. M. V.; Cockburn, F., 1987: Comparison of the effect of human milk and infant formula on macrophage function

Mcvetty P.B.E.; Edie S.A.; Scarth R., 1990: Comparison of the effect of nap and pol cytoplasms on the performance of intercultivar summer oilseed rape hybrids

Noyes E.P.; Feeney D.A.; Pijoan C., 1990: Comparison of the effect of pneumonia detected during lifetime with pneumonia detected at slaughter on growth in swine

Gustafson, Sb; Mcilwraith, Cw; Jones, Rl, 1989: Comparison of the effect of polysulfated glycosaminoglycan, corticosteroids, and sodium hyaluronate in the potentiation of a subinfective dose of Staphylococcus aureus in the midcarpal joint of horses

Geissler, K., 1989: Comparison of the effect of various insecticides on the spread of barley yellow dwarf virus in winter barley in relation to sowing date

Szteyn, J.; Uradzinski, J.; Kafel, S., 1988: Comparison of the effectiveness of detection of coagulase-positive staphylococci in milk in three liquid media

Frances Calvillo, M. V.; Sanchez Monge Laguna de Rins, M. A.; Garcia Fernandez, T., 1988: Comparison of the effectiveness of fungicide application against Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn on potato depending on dose and mode of application

Wichtel, J. J.; Whitacre, M. D.; Yates, D. J.; Camp, S. D. van, 1990: Comparison of the effects of PGF2 alpha and bromocryptine in pregnant beagle bitches

Banton, Mi; Flory, W; Jowett, Plh; Winston, Gw, 1989: Comparison of the effects of Sesbania drummondii on the hepatic microsomal monooxygenase systems of chickens and rats

Newman, S. E.; Follett, M., 1989: Comparison of the effects of Super-start + to a standard soluble fertilizer on geraniums

Levy, M.; Merritt, A. M.; Levy, L. C., 1990: Comparison of the effects of an isosmolar and hyperosmolar oral rehydrating solution on the hydration status, glycemia and ileal content composition of healthy neonatal calves

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782933

Langhans W.; Harlacher R.; Balkowski G.; Scharrer E., 1990: Comparison of the effects of bacterial lipopolysaccharide and muramyl dipeptide on food intake

Colin R., 1988: Comparison of the effects of continuous and cyclic nocturnal parenteral nutrition on energy expenditure and protein metabolism

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782936

Beard, A. J.; Castillo, R. J.; McLeod, B. J.; Glencross, R. G.; Knight, P. G., 1990: Comparison of the effects of crude and highly purified bovine inhibin (Mr 32 000) on plasma concentrations of FSH and LH in chronically ovariectomized prepubertal heifers

Birt D.F.; Julius A.D.; Dwork E.; Hanna T.; White L.T.; Pour P.M., 1990: Comparison of the effects of dietary beef tallow and corn oil on pancreatic carcinogenesis in the hamster model

Guesnet, P.; Pascal, G.; Durand, G., 1988: Comparison of the effects of different types of fatty acids in the diet on experimental cholesterolaemia in rats

Narvaiz, P.; Kotliar, N.; Lescano, G.; Kaupert, N., 1988: Comparison of the effects of heat and irradiation on Aspergillus parasiticus

Beveridge, I.; Pullman, A. L.; Phillips, P. H.; Martin, R. R.; Barelds, A.; Grimson, R., 1989: Comparison of the effects of infection with Trichostrongylus colubriformis, T. vitrinus and T. rugatus in Merino lambs

Swain, Jf; Rouse, Il; Curley, Cb; Sacks, Fm, 1990: Comparison of the effects of oat bran and low-fiber wheat on serum lipoprotein levels and blood pressure

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782944

McClure, P. J.; Roberts, T. A.; Oguru, P. O., 1989: Comparison of the effects of sodium chloride, pH and temperature on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes on gradient plates and in liquid medium

Chowdhury, S. D.; Davis, R. H., 1989: Comparison of the effects of two lathyrogens on the reproductive system of the laying hen

Panagakis, P. B.; Bucklin, R. A.; Walker, W. R.; Jones, P. H.; Combs, G. E., 1989: Comparison of the effects of ventilation systems on the performance of young pigs reared under summer conditions

Mankin, K. R.; Walker, P. N., 1988: Comparison of the effects of water-cooled and air-cooled high pressure sodium lamps on lettuce growth

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782954

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782955

Calamel, M., 1989: Comparison of the efficacy of four dicrocoelicidal preparations

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782957

Bougon, M.; L' Hospitalier, R.; Launay, M.; Menec, M. le, 1988: Comparison of the efficacy of methionine and methionine hydroxy analogue in broiler chickens

Forgione, P.; Ferrara, L.; Schettino, O., 1990: Comparison of the efficacy of some hydrophytes used for the depuration of olive oil factories water

Section 2, Chapter 1783, Accession 001782961

Kinkorova, J., 1988: Comparison of the efficiency of five types of traps in relation to the number of aphids caught

Fix, H. P., 1988: Comparison of the energetic feed value of rations for sheep assessed according to various systems of energetic feed evaluation

Basuki, W.; Iizuka, M.; Furuichi, K.; Minamiura, N.; Komaki, T.; Yamamoto, T., 1989: Comparison of the enzymatic isomerization of glucose produced by porcine serum alpha -glucosidase and Rhizopus glucoamylase

Sutherland, S. S.; Speijers, E. J.; Andres, B., 1989: Comparison of the exotoxins of four strains of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis

Shirley, Bw; Ham, Dp; Senecoff, Jf; Berry-Lowe, Sl; Zurfluh, Ll; Shah, Dm; Meagher, Rb, 1990: Comparison of the expression of two highly homologous members of the soybean ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit gene family

Rennie, B. D.; Tanner, J. W., 1989: Comparison of the fan alleles in C1640 and the lines A5, PI 123440, and PI 361088B

Imura, K; Walser, M., 1990: Comparison of the fates of ingested leucine and ingested 2-ketoisocaproate in rats

Kennedy, S. J., 1990: Comparison of the fermentation quality and nutritive value of sulphuric and formic acid-treated silages fed to beef cattle

Vallejo, O. E.; Gutierrez, T. P.; Trejo, G. A., 1990: Comparison of the fertility ewes synchronized with PGF2 alpha or MAP-HCG and inseminated with frozen semen

Vagt, A.; Saar, W.; Pingel, H.; Schneider, K. H., 1988: Comparison of the frequency of chromosome aberrations during early embryo development of Pekin ducks (Anas platyrhynchos f. dom.) of a light and a heavy line

Brodacki, A.; Gluchowski, W.; Smalec, E., 1989: Comparison of the frequency of occurrence of phenotypic forms of the egg white content in geese originating from Anser anser and Anser cygnoides

Augustin, M. A.; Lee, K. H.; Yau, K. T., 1987: Comparison of the frying performance of market samples of palm olein, corn oil and soya oil in Malaysia

Iovenko, V. N.; Sukhar' kov, S. I.; Turinskii, N. M., 1989: Comparison of the gene pools of Multifoetal Karakul and purebred Karakul sheep

Iovenko, V. N., 1987: Comparison of the genetic structures of sheep populations using biochemical polymorphisms

De Wergifosse P.; Coene M.M., 1989: Comparison of the genomes of pathogenic treponemes of human and animal origin

Cervato, A.; Piva, C.; Marudelli, M., 1988: Comparison of the green area and chlorophyll content methods in the ULR calculations for growth analysis in two-row barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

De Vries D.P., 1988: Comparison of the growth and development of dwarf rose cultivars propagated in vitro and in vivo by softwood cuttings

Bruckner, U.; Elgner, N., 1987: Comparison of the growth of Impatiens New Guinea hybrids

Batista, M. P.; Woessner, R. A., 1983: Comparison of the growth of four exotic species in podzolic soils in Amazonia

Tabata, K.; Gorie, S., 1988: Comparison of the growth of gynogenetic diploids with control diploids in hirame Paralichthys olivaceus reared in the same tank

Jensen, A. M., 1983: Comparison of the growth of silver fir (Abies alba) and Norway spruce (Picea abies) in pure and mixed stands on sandy soils in central and western Jutland, Denmark

Prochazka, I.; Dvorak, J.; Prochazka, J., 1988: Comparison of the herbicides Benazalox and Labrax in winter rape

Furbeck S.M.; Bourland F.M.; Cabrera E.R., 1989: Comparison of the hot water and accelerated ageing techniques for deterioration of cottonseed

West, Ce; Spaaij, Cjk; Clous, Wm; Twisk, Hp; Goertz, Mph; Hubbard, Rw; Kuyvenhoven, Mw; Meer, R. Van-Der; Roszkowski, Wf; Sanchez, A., 1989: Comparison of the hypocholesterolemic effects of dietary soybean protein with those of formaldehyde-treated casein in rabbits

Rosenbusch, C. T.; Larghi, O. P.; Pereyra, J. B.; Bernardini, C., 1990: Comparison of the immunogenicity of live and inactivated vaccines against Gumboro disease

Stoeck M.; Ruegg C.; Miescher S.; Carrel S.; Cox D.; Von Fliedner V.; Alkan S. , 1989: Comparison of the immunosuppressive properties of milk growth factor and transforming growth factors beta 1 and beta 2

Kleine Herzbruch, R.; Geyer, E., 1988: Comparison of the in vitro translation capacity of Taenia crassiceps metacestode mRNA prepared by the phenol and cesium chloride method

Liebig, G., 1988: Comparison of the incidence of lachnids on white fir with weather at different locations (1977 to 1987)

Garnier Sillam, E.; Toutain, F.; Renoux, J., 1988: Comparison of the influence of two termite species on the structural stability of tropical forest soils

Gentry, P. A.; Bondy, G. S.; Ross, M. L., 1988: Comparison of the inhibition of deoxynivalenol and T-2 toxin on bovine and porcine platelet function

Hassanali, A.; Bentley, M. D., 1987: Comparison of the insect antifeedant activities of some limonoids

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