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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suchanek, B.; Gajdusek, S., 1989:
Composition of milk from cow herds with high milk efficiency

Martin Hernandez, M.C.; Juarez, M.; Ramos, M.; Martin Alvarez, P.J., 1988:
Composition of milk of Murcian and Granada goats

Forbes, G.B.; Barton, L.D.; Nicholas, D.L.; Cook, D.A., 1988:
Composition of milk produced by a mother with galactosemia

Bassette, R.; Acosta, J.S., 1988:
Composition of milk products

Rubchevskaya, L.P.; Levin, E.D., 1988:
Composition of mono- and diacylglycerines of the cambial zone of Siberian larch

Karahadian, C.; Lindsay, R.C., 1989:
Composition of n-3 oils from some Great Lakes freshwater fish

Kalininskaya, T.A.; Lavrova, V.A., 1988:
Composition of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in virgin-forest and cultivated soddy-podzolic soils

Loebis, B., 1987:
Composition of palm kernel and palm kernel oil of Elaeis guineensis

Carew, S.N.; Ayoade, J.A.; Zungwe, E.N., 1989:
Composition of plants fed to rabbits in Benue state of Nigeria

Bafor, M.E.; Osagie, A.U., 1988:
Composition of polar lipids in developing oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) fruit mesocarp, variety dura

Augustin, M.A.; Chua, B.C., 1988:
Composition of rambutan seeds

Yasunori, K.; Yukihiko, A.; Yoshiko, Y.; Takeko, T.; Yoshiaki, O.; Fuminori, H.; Shigeru, T.; Kimio, I.; Hitomi, Y., 1989:
Composition of retail miso

Ray, T.; Callow, J.; Kennedy, J., 1988:
Composition of root mucilage polysaccharides from Lepidium sativum

Dubey, D.D.; Sharma, O.P.; Charan Singh, 1989:
Composition of sand in coastal soils of Kachchha (Gujarat)

Anonymous, 1988:
Composition of standard UK dairy products

Zhakovskaya, Z.A.; Mikhailova, N.P.; Ogorodnikova, T.E.; Kovarskaya, O.M.; V' yunov, K.A., 1989:
Composition of sterols in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains with high nystatin resistance

Volchek, E.A.; Durasova, E.N.; Mukhlenov, A.G.; Mikhailova, N.P.; V' yunov, K.A., 1988:
Composition of sterols in strains of Candida maltosa resistant to nystatin

Saska, M., 1989:
Composition of the 1988 Louisiana final molasses

Steinbrecher, A.; Fuchs, R.; Kolb, E.; Nestler, K.; Schineff, C.; Schmidt, U.; Wahren, M., 1990:
Composition of the blood of warm-blooded horses fed a diet of oat hay or barley hay for 9 months

Zabotina, O.A.; Ivanova, A.B.; Lozovaya, V.V.; Gorshkova, T.A., 1988:
Composition of the cell walls of pea callus differing in capacity for morphogenesis

Larsen, P.B.; Roed, J.; Ibsen, K.K., 1989:
Composition of the diet and serum lipids in children

Vera, R.R.; Rivera, B.; Weniger, J.H., 1989:
Composition of the diet of cattle grazing in integrated sown tropical pasture-savannah production systems

Scheffer, J.J.C.; Vreeke, A.; Looman, A.; Mondranondra, I.O., 1988:
Composition of the essential oil of the rhizome of Amomum pavieanum Pierre & Gagnep

Fun, C.E.; Svendsen, A.B., 1990:
Composition of the essential oils of Ocimum basilicum var. canum Sims and O. gratissimum L. grown on Aruba

Lescure, J.P. et al., 1990:
Composition of the forests of French Guiana: specific formations

Holland, J.; Stevenson, P., 1990:
Composition of the inner mitochondrial membrane of porcine corpus luteum

Rajendran, R.; Gopalan, M., 1987:
Composition of the rice leaffolder complex in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Laily Din; Zuriati Zakaria; Modh Wahid Samsudin; Brophy, J.; Toia, R.F., 1988:
Composition of the steam volatile oil from Hyptis suaveolens Poit

Kevers C.; Goldberg R.; Chu B.J.; Gaspar T., 1988 :
Composition of the walls of stem and leaves of vitrifying carnation

Olthoff, J.C.; Dickerson, G.E., 1989:
Composition of the whole body and component fractions in mature ewes from seven breeds

Alam, S.M.; Ahmed, S.; Azmi, A.R.; Naqvi, S.S.M.; Sultana, R., 1988:
Composition of underground water from southern part of Tharparkar desert for cultivation of crops

Zambolim, L.; Barros, N.F. de, 1982:
Composition of vescicular arbuscular mycorrhizas in Eucalyptus spp. in the Vicosa region, Minas Gerais

Milborrow, BV.; Kennedy, JM.; Dollin, A., 1987:
Composition of wax made by the Australian stingless bee Trigona australis

Kaukovirta, E., 1988:
Composition of weed flora in vegetables with and without chemical control in Finland

Makarova, A.P., 1986:
Composition of yeast microflora isolated at a dairy combine

Chambers, M.R.; Balasubramaniam, S.; Santiapillai, C.; Ishwaran, N., 1983:
Composition, biomass and primary production of some grasslands in the Ruhuna National Park, Sri Lanka

Han, J.G.; Kim, K.; Kim, D.Y.; Lee, S.K., 1985:
Composition, changes of diastase activity and hydroxymethylfurfural content during storage of various honey samples

Aloni, K.; Mbenza, M.; Alexandre, J., 1987:
Composition, depth and spatial distribution of the stone-lines of southern Shaba (Zaire)

Francois, P. le; Florent, C.; Fontvieille, A.M., 1988:
Composition, nutritive value and digestibility of rusks

Jorgensen, G.; Mejborn, H.; Nordholm, J., 1989:
Composition, nutritive value and variation in Danish pellets for chinchilla

Serra Bonvehi, J.; Gomez Pajuelo, A.; Gonell Galindo, J., 1987:
Composition, physico-chemical properties and pollen spectrum of some unifloral honeys from Spain

Peter, G.F., 1989:
Composition, structure and function of higher plant photosystem II pigment-proteins

Morgan, R.K., 1987:
Composition, structure and regeneration characteristics of the open woodlands of the New Forest, Hampshire

Majcen, Z.; Richard, Y.; Menard, M., 1985:
Composition, structure and yield of maple stands in five sectors of the Outaouais region

Smith D.P.; Fletcher D.L., 1988:
Compositional and biochemical variations within broiler breast muscle subjected to different processing methods

Chung T.Y.; Nwokolo E.N.; Sim J.S., 1989:
Compositional and digestibility changes in sprouted barley and canola seeds

Parmar, S.S.; Sukhminder Singh; Sharma, R.S., 1989:
Compositional and quality characteristics of paneer made from soya beans and buffalo milk under different heat treatments

Kishan Singh; Gupta, B.N., 1987:
Compositional changes in Coprinus fimetarius inoculated wheat straw

Jandal, J.M.; Rai, T., 1989:
Compositional changes in milk as affected by the addition of some chemical preservatives and subsequent storage

Rai, T.; Jandal, J.M., 1988:
Compositional changes in milk samples as affected by mercuric chloride preservation - a review

Hongo, T.S.zuki, T.O.tsuka, R.K.wabe, T.I.aoka, T.A.imichi, T., 1989:
Compositional character of Papuan foods

Ukhun, M.; Ifebigh, E., 1988:
Compositional chemistry of Cassia alata seeds

Salinas, J.; Matassi, G.; Montero, L.M.; Bernardi, G., 1988:
Compositional compartmentalization and compositional patterns in the nuclear genomes of plants

Bernardi G.; Bernardi G., 1986:
Compositional constraints and genome evolution

Rash, K.E., 1989:
Compositional elements affecting flavor of dairy foods: cultured foods

Tobias, J., 1989:
Compositional elements affecting flavor of dairy foods: formulated foods

Rozhdestvenskii, A.V.; Tikhomirova, A.A., 1987:
Compositional method of calculating probability distribution of the volume of spring flood runoff

Bernardi, G.; Mouchiroud, D.; Gautier, C.; Bernardi, G., 1988:
Compositional patterns in vertebrate genomes: conservation and change in evolution

Pappas, Cp, 1990:
Compositional requirements for UHT milk in EC member states

Harmer, B., 1988:
Compositions and manufacture of structural members, in particular furniture components

Sato, I.; Aihara, T.; Takada, S.; Sako, K., 1987:
Compost fertilization and reduction of N, K fertilizers in sugarbeet production

Bertoldi, M. de; Civilini, M.; Comi, G.; Manzano, M., 1990:
Compost from biomass: production, quality and use

Pacentino, T.J.; Pacentino, T.J.J.; Rosenbloom, H., 1989:
Compost handling machine

Polovtsev, E.L., 1988:
Compost mixing with PND-250

Seymour, S.A.; Crego, J.B.; Clevener, J.T.J., 1989:
Compost spreader

Senesi M., 1989:
Composted materials as organic fertilizers

Sims J.T.; Pill W.G., 1987:
Composted sewage sludge and poultry manure as growth media amendments for tomato transplant production

Filipek, Z.; Duda, J.; Drogosz, S., 1987:
Composted spruce bark as a substrate for seedlings and transplants of Norway spruce

Abdelmawla, S.M.; Fontenot, J.P.; E.A.hry, M.A., 1988 :
Composted, deepstacked, and ensiled broiler litter in sheep diets: chemical composition and nutritive value study

Harada, Y., 1990:
Composting and land application of animal wastes

Miller F.C.; Harper E.R.; Macauley B.J.; Gulliver A., 1990:
Composting based on moderately thermophilic and aerobic conditions for the production of commercial mushroom growing compost

Frederick, L.L.; Harris, R.; Peterson, L.; Kehrmeyer, S., 1988:
Composting fishery waste

Anonymous, 1986:
Composting municipal sewage sludge

Mandelbaum, R.; Hadar, Y.; Chen, Y., 1988:
Composting of agricultural wastes for their use as container media: effect of heat treatments on suppression of Pythium aphanidermatum and microbial activities in substrates containing compost

Inbar, Y.; Chen, Y.; Hadar, Y.; Verdonck, O., 1988:
Composting of agricultural wastes for their use as container media: simulation of the composting process

Williams, R.T.; Ziegenfuss, P.S.; Mohrman, G.B.; Sisk, W.E., 1989:
Composting of explosives contaminated sediments

Thambirajah, J.J.; Kuthubutheen, A.J., 1989:
Composting of palm press fibre

Quaglio, F.; Olivi, C., 1989:
Composting of zootechnical wastes for agronomic use

Dunn Coleman, N.S.; Michaels, T.J., 1989 :
Composting process for the production of mushroom cultivation substrates

Finstein, M.S., 1989:
Composting solid waste: costly mismanagement of a microbial ecosystem

Pereira Neto, J.T., 1988:
Composting: a low-cost and highly efficient solution for the treatment of solid organic wastes

Peixoto, R.T. dos G., 1988:
Composting: an organic method of soil management

Maclean, J.T., 1988:
Composts and composting of organic wastes January 1979-August 1988

Verdonck, O., 1988:
Composts from organic waste materials as substitutes for the usual horticultural substrates

Schwarzenbach, R.P.; Stierli, R.; Folsom, B.R.; Zeyer, J., 1988:
Compound properties relevant for assessing the environmental partitioning of nitrophenols

Kayahara, M., 1985:
Compound strength characteristics of wood-cement composites I. Characteristic values of basic wood materials and tensile strength characteristics of continuous basic wood materials-cement composites

Kayahara, M., 1985:
Compound strength characteristics of wood-cement composites II. Tensile strength characteristics of discontinuous basic wood materials-cement composites

Couvillon, P.A.; Bitterman, M.E., 1988:
Compound-component and conditional discrimination of colors and odors by honeybees: further tests of a continuity model

Laszlo, I., 1987:
Compounds effective against monocotyledons in the weed control of strawberries

Almendros, G.; Sanz, J., 1989:
Compounds released from humic acids upon BF3-MeOH transesterification

Melksham, K.J.; Jacobsen, N.; Rhodes, J., 1988:
Compounds which affect the behaviour of the honeybee, Apis mellifera L.: a review

Liu, S.S.; Li, Y.G.; Xu, J.C., 1988:
Comprehensive evaluation of a three-dimensional management model

Harris, C.C.; McLaughlin, W.J.; Rawhouser, D.K., 1990:
Comprehensive evaluation of information/education programs to reduce recreation impacts on the Lower Salmon River

Graf, G.; Lachelt, E., 1988:
Comprehensive intensification and aspects of the improvement of economic accounting

Muhrel, K. et al., 1988:
Comprehensive intensification requires rational organization of transport, handling and storage; et seq (6 papers)

Majunke, C.; Haussler, D., 1987:
Comprehensive monitoring of pests of Scots pine - a contribution to the stabilization of pine stands

Ferguson, R.B.; Baldwin, V.C.J., 1987:
Comprehensive outlook for managed pines using simulated treatment experiments-planted loblolly pine (COMPUTE_P-LOB): A user's guide

Oka, I.N.; Bahagiawati, A.H., 1988:
Comprehensive program towards integrated control of Leucaena psyllid, a new insect pest of Leucaena trees in Indonesia

Anonymous, 1990:
Comprehensive programme

Justmann, K., 1989:
Comprehensive regulations on the supply of livestock, meat and raw materials of animal origin

Fensterbank, R., 1987:
Comprehensive report. Brucellosis in cattle, sheep and goats: diagnosis control and vaccination

Anonymous, 1988:
Comprehensive studies on effective use of natural ecosystems for water quality management. V

Planovskii, A.A.; Kalenich, P.V.; Sokolov, E.Y.; Markin, O.T., 1986:
Compressed air spray drier for milk products

Beery, K.E.; Konwinski, A.H., 1988:
Compressed texturized soy protein and process for making same

Wawer, M., 1988:
Compressibility tests of selected greenhouse substrata

Juste, F.; Fornes, I.; Castillo, S., 1990:
Compression damage on citrus fruits

Wingate Hill R.; Groves K.W., 1988:
Compression dewatering of green wood

Keleny, C.; Straub, R.J.; Schuler, R.T.; Koegel, R.G., 1988:
Compression of baled hay

Sobolev, G.V., 1989 :
Compression of leaf and stem materials and feed mixtures in roller presses with a ring matrix

Murata, S.; Tagawa, A.; Ishibashi, S.; Hori, Y., 1988:
Compression properties of grain and their application to silo design

Kajita, H., 1986:
Compression wood-water relationships

Turkulin, H., 1985:
Compressive and bending strength of beech and locust wood under different temperature and water content conditions

Pearson, R.G., 1988:
Compressive properties of clear and knotty loblolly pine juvenile wood

Drane J.W., 1989:
Compromises and statistical designs for grazing experiments

Bransby D.I., 1989:
Compromises in the design and conduct of grazing experiments

Ferguson, T.H.; Needham, G.F.; Wagner, J.F., 1988:
CompudoseReg.: an implant system for growth promotion and feed efficiency in cattle

Nindi, B.C., 1990:
Compulsion in the implementation of ujamaa

Hamid, S.O., 1987:
Compulsory land acquisition and the question of compensation and resettlement in Jimeta, Gongola State

Tuk, J.B.; Picado, F., 1982:
Computation and design of a wood structure for a building housing the pyrolysis unit

Zuo, H.Y., 1988:
Computation of Picea koraiensis plantation tree volume

Sharma, K.N.; Pandey, N.C.; Panigrahi, B., 1989:
Computation of silt production rate for small watershed-a case study of Machkund basin

Vardiashvili, A.B.; Lebedev, V.A., 1989:
Computation of the angular coefficients of radiation by the method of equivalent areas in modeling heat exchange in solar greenhouses

Refinetti R., 1989:
Computation of the effective body mass for metabolic studies of lean and obese rats

Qun, Y.; Gong, S.R.; Yu, G.Y., 1986:
Computational analogue of tire-soil interaction

Ben Asher J.; Meek D.W.; Hutmacher R.B.; Phene C.J., 1989:
Computational approach to assess actual transpiration from aerodynamic and canopy resistance

Kingsbury, D.T., 1989:
Computational biology for biotechnology: Part I. The role of the computational infrastructure

Zdanovskii, A.B., 1988:
Computational determination of the isohydric lines in the Na+, Mg2+ Cl-, SO42- -H2O system at 0 degrees C

Parrish, R.S.; Perdue, E.M., 1989:
Computational methods for fitting statistical distribution models of multi-site binding equilibria

Anonymous, 1988:
Computational methods in water resources. Vol. 1. Modeling surface and sub-surface flows

Richards, P.J., 1989:
Computational modelling of wind flow around low-rise buildings using PHOENICS

Anonymous, 1988:
Computational molecular biology. Sources and methods for sequence analysis

Gettinby G., 1989:
Computational veterinary parasitology with an application to chemical resistance

Aicher, S., 1990:
Computations of the stress-strain behaviour of glulam beams with adhesive-bonded structural plywood panels under climatic loading

Mancuso, P.; Guarnera, F.; Augello, G.; Chiaramonte, I.; D'Aliberti, G.; Tropea, R., 1987:
Computed axial tomography versus NMR for the diagnosis of neurocysticercosis

Peterson P.R.; Bowman K.F., 1988:
Computed tomographic anatomy of the distal extremity of the horse

Weisberg L.A.; Greenberg J.; Stazio A., 1988:
Computed tomographic findings in cerebral toxoplasmosis in adults

Stuyt, L.C.P.M., 1989:
Computed tomography for envelope clogging determination and visualization

Barbancon, O.; Sherif, A.; Sattar, A., 1988:
Computed tomography in the Yemen Arab Republic. Review of the first 1000 examinations

Kullnig P.; Pongratz M.; Kopp W.; Ranner G., 1989:
Computed tomography in the diagnosis of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Mueller, M., 1989:
Computer aided dairy herd management

Faust, D., 1986:
Computer aided design and management for energy conservation in agriculture

Peretyatko, B.T.; Kataeva, N.I., 1989:
Computer aided design of machinery

Gil Sierra, J., 1990:
Computer aided determination of the mechanical parameters of fruits subjected to elastic impact and to stress relaxation

Chudy, A., 1989:
Computer aided feed planning and balancing

Lebbe, J.; Vignes, R.; Dedet, J.P., 1987:
Computer aided identification of phlebotomine sandflies of French Guiana (Diptera: Psychodidae)

Pompe, J.C.A.M.; Vos, H.W., 1989:
Computer aided instruction at the department of agricultural engineering and physics of Wageningen Agricultural University

Mitchell, J.K.; Cook, R., 1988:
Computer aided instruction of topics in surveying

Hunter, S.R.; Finch, R.C.; Salladay, D.G., 1987:
Computer aided investigation of Portland cement and sulfuric acid production from AFBC waste

Albert, E.; Ernst, H.; Jauert, R.; Schnee, M., 1990:
Computer aided nitrogen fertilisation advice for winter grain crops in GDR - Construction of programmes and results of testing

Trueba, I.; Dal R.T.neiro, R.; Garcia, A.; Ayuga Tellez, F., 1989:
Computer aided optimization of rural engineering project-size: application to irrigation earth dams design

Schmidt, J., 1989:
Computer aided simulation of rainwater erosion on agricultural land

Ortega G.A.; Farvolden, R.N., 1989:
Computer analysis of regional groundwater flow and boundary conditions in the Basin of Mexico

Savin, I.Yu, 1989:
Computer analysis of spectral reflectivity of soils in central Chernozem region

Davidson, S., 1989:
Computer analysis of wool statistics

Sakai, J.; Nakaji, K.; Liu, J.L.; Zou, C., 1989:
Computer application for tractor data acquisition and the optimal control of HST tractor

Pawlak, J., 1987:
Computer application in model investigations into mechanization of family farms

Kavka, M.; Janousek, B.; Vrany, J.; Braun, L., 1987:
Computer application policy in the management of mechanized operations on the Karlovy Vary State Farm

Janal, R.; Svasta, J.; Hurta, V., 1988:
Computer applications in diagnostic testing of milk and cows

Miller, J.L., 1989:
Computer applications in foodservice management education in four-year hospitality management programs

Anonymous, 1988:
Computer applications in recreation and parks

Belitz, G., 1987:
Computer assessment of the main economic relationships in forest management classes, and the resultant possibilities of showing the development of important economic indices

Kohlhaas, C.A., 1989:
Computer assisted design and drafting in irrigation and drainage

Raes, D.; Aelst, P. van, 1988:
Computer assisted design and operation of an irrigation schedule

Esterre, P.; Vignes, R.; Lebbe, J., 1987:
Computer assisted identification of the eggs most frequently encountered in human coproscopy

Boivin, P.; Bruet, D.; Job, J.O., 1988:
Computer assisted mapping of saline soils using electromagnetic conductivity

Cherkashchenko, I.I.; Izhboldina, S.N., 1988:
Computer assisted prediction of amount of flesh in young cattle carcasses

Edwards, G.R.; Chapman, K.R.; O.R.urke, P.K., 1988:
Computer assisted selection of locations in the tropics for the continuous cropping of apples

Wenkel, K.O.; Neumeyer, M.; Wirschel, W.; Groth, R., 1988:
Computer assisted soil and crop management (COBB) - integrated solutions for the calculation and prediction of soil moisture and for operational irrigation scheduling

Yassoglou, N.J.; Kollias, V.J., 1989:
Computer assisted soil mapping for the evaluation of soil erosion risk and land quality in Greece

Tauchnitz, H.; Habermehl, A.; Schwartz, V.; Ridder, H.W., 1990:
Computer assisted tomographic studies on stem discs from trees of the genera Aesculus, Quercus, Betula and Tilia

Schwarzbach, C.; Genseke, R., 1987:
Computer assisted tomography of chronic urogenital schistosomiasis of children and adolescents

Vanselow, G.; Bohme, R.; Podlesak, W., 1988:
Computer assisted use of plant analysis to determine the requirements of major nutrient and trace element fertilizers

Zazueta, F.S.; Smajstrla, A.G., 1987:
Computer control of irrigation systems

Grimm, H.; Rabold, K., 1989:
Computer control of milking parameters

Aumuller, R.; Willeke, H., 1988:
Computer controlled analysis of boar semen with the cell-soft-system

Goering, C.E.; Gui, X.Q.; Buck, N.L., 1989:
Computer controlled engine-transmission system for fuel economy

Azmon, E.; Elazar, D., 1990:
Computer controlled settling tube analyses, calculations, and presentation of granulometric data

Dennis, T.J.; Clark, L.J.; Gunawardena, C.A., 1988:
Computer controlled sizing and quality control system for agricultural produce

Kiryukhin, V.G.; Volkov, Y.I.; Kochubievskii, B.M.; Medetov, S.S., 1989:
Computer design of a plough share

Heong, K.L., 1990:
Computer expert systems for improving insect pest management

Piccarolo, P., 1989:
Computer for evaluating agricultural mechanization

Occena, L.; Tanchoco, J., 1988:
Computer graphics simulation of hardwood log sawing

Wagenmakers, P., 1990:
Computer helps in search for optimal planting system

Pinske, V.; Reissig, D.; Gruterich, H., 1987:
Computer helps minimize expenses on electrical energy in fruit cold storage

Paulsen, M.R.; Wigger, W.D.; Litchfield, J.B.; Sinclair, J.B., 1989:
Computer image analyses for detection of maize and soybean kernel quality factors

Price T.V.; Osborne C.F., 1990:
Computer imaging and its application to some problems in agriculture and plant science

Dennington, L.J., 1989:
Computer integration in hotel and foodservice management education

Brodie, H.L., 1989:
Computer learning about animal waste utilization

Timmons, M.B.; Gates, R.S., 1989:
Computer management models for poultry systems

Berruto, R.; Piccarolo, P., 1989:
Computer management of mechanical grape harvesting

Pichmann, E.G., 1990:
Computer methods of estimating genetic and maternal parameters through simulated selection

Clarke, S.J.; Milligan, S.B., 1989:
Computer model to assess the economic value of a sugar cane variety

Askew, J.W.; Parnell, C.B.J., 1989:
Computer model to predict cyclone outlet emissions

Singh, U.P.; Scholl, J.E., 1989:
Computer modelling for water quality planning: a case study

Klushin, L.I. et al, 1988:
Computer modelling of improved antifouling coatings

Stuis, M.; Kratz, W., 1988:
Computer models and simulation trials to assess the behaviour of structural units in relation to moisture. Part 1: Experimental studies in a double climate chamber

Greubel, D., 1988:
Computer models and simulation trials to assess the behaviour of structural units in relation to moisture. Part 2: Theoretical methods in simulated accelerated weathering trials

Dapra E.; Schneider K.; Bachofen R., 1989:
Computer optimization of the performance of an anaerobic filter used for purification of highly polluted wastewater from a sugar refinery

Panicke, L.; Redmann, R.; Dietl, G., 1989:
Computer planning of matings for the production of high-performance progeny in dairy cattle

Fabregas, J.; Otero, A.; Romaris, M.; Cancelo, M.; Munoz, A., 1989:
Computer prediction of the evolution of mollusc cultures: application to Ostrea edulis culture

Hayashi, T.; Koshimizu, Y., 1988:
Computer program BLASTAM for forecasting occurrence of rice leaf blast

Sonneveld, C.; Spaans, L., 1990:
Computer program calculates best nutrient solution plan

Wierzbicki, M.E., 1990:
Computer program for a strategic farm planning

Krause, O., 1988:
Computer program for fertilizer use

Gude, H., 1987:
Computer program for keeping forest management up to date

Gonzalez, F.; Rodriguez, S.; Urbano, G., 1988:
Computer program for use in the Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS)

Snoeck, D.; Snoeck, J., 1988:
Computer program to determine the fertilizer formulae for Arabica and Robusta coffee from soil analyses

Roe, B.A., 1988:
Computer programs for molecular biology: an overview of DNA sequencing and protein analysis techniques

Methley, J., 1990:
Computer recording in permanent measurement plots

Blerot, P., 1987:
Computer science and management of forests under state control

Fukui, K.; Ito, K., 1989:
Computer simulation for microscopic images of barley chromosomes

Schleevoigt, R., 1989:
Computer simulation for qualitative evaluation of the travel behaviour of mobile irrigation machinery

Pinto, P.J.C.A., 1989:
Computer simulation modelling of the growth and development of the potato crop under different water regimes

Cooksey, L.M.; Haile, D.G.; Mount, G.A., 1990:
Computer simulation of Rocky Mountain spotted fever transmission by the American dog tick (Acari: Ixodidae)

Brennan R.W.; Hoffman M.P., 1989:
Computer simulation of a cattle feedlot production system

Giniger, M.S.; McAvoy, R.J.; Giacomelli, G.A.; Janes, H.W., 1988:
Computer simulation of a single truss tomato cropping system

Harris, D.L.; Pomar Goma, C.; Minvielle, F., 1989:
Computer simulation of biological aspects of swine production

Meyer, G.E.; Ashoub, M.A., 1986:
Computer simulation of canopy architecture, light interception, and water use using three-dimensional graphics for corn and soybeans

Xia, X.Y.; Sterling, W.L., 1987:
Computer simulation of cotton aphid population dynamics

Nakamura T.; Owen F.G.; Jose H.D., 1989 :
Computer simulation of feed costs for milk production in relation to dietary ingredient prices

Foster, G.G.; Vogt, W.G.; Woodburn, T.L.; Smith, P.H., 1988:
Computer simulation of genetic control. Comparison of sterile males and field-female killing systems

Lei, S.W.; Cao, C.W., 1989:
Computer simulation of grain drying and ventilation in bin with stirring

Wang, Z.H.; Lin, K.S., 1987:
Computer simulation of groundnut rust: structure and validation of CSGR-1

Stanley, S.W.U.; Haywood, R.W., 1987:
Computer simulation of haulage tractor tests

Knechtges, H., 1989:
Computer simulation of heavy ploughing work

Manz, D.H., 1989:
Computer simulation of manually operated irrigation conveyance systems typical of Alberta, Canada

Molina J.A.E.; Hadas A.; Clapp C.E., 1990:
Computer simulation of nitrogen turnover in soil and priming effect

Jindal, V.K.; Siebenmorgen, T.J., 1988:
Computer simulation of non-selective mechanical thinning

Mount, G.A.; Haile, D.G., 1989:
Computer simulation of population dynamics of the American dog tick (Acari: Ixodidae)

Kozempel M.; Craig J.C.Jr; Sullivan J.F.; Damert W., 1988:
Computer simulation of potato processing

Lei, S.W.; Cao, C.W., 1989:
Computer simulation of rice drying in bin with stirring device

Rummer, R.B., 1989:
Computer simulation of ride dynamics for the design of forest machines

Whitmore, A.P.; Parry, L.C., 1988:
Computer simulation of the behaviour of nitrogen in soil and crop in the Broadbalk continuous wheat experiment

Juszka, H.; Wegiel, T., 1990:
Computer simulation of the mechanical characteristics of asynchronic squirrel-cage motors applied to drive mechanical transporters in agriculture

Herrera Reyes C.G.; Penning D.V.ies F.W.T., 1990:
Computer simulation of the potential production of rice

Chang, S.W.; Wang, G.L.; Shen, L.S., 1989:
Computer simulation of the spray distribution from a horizontal spraying boom

Wang, Z.W.; Han, Y.; Domier, K.W., 1989:
Computer simulation of tractor performance in field

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Computer simulation of transient refrigeration load in a cold storage for apples and pears

Luo, Y.P., 1989:
Computer simulation of water uptake and consumption by crops

Akhtar, S.; Gardner, I.A.; Hird, D.W.; Holmes, J.C., 1988:
Computer simulation to compare three sampling plans for health and production surveillance in California dairy herds

Kedrov Zikhman, O.O.; Frenkel' , G.I., 1988:
Computer system Experiment for the processing and analysis of breeding and genetics information

Prozorov, A.A.; Katysheva, L.V., 1988:
Computer system for breeding center for dairy cattle farming

Chernyavskaya, L.I.; Burlyai, T.F.; Pustokhod, A.P., 1990:
Computer technique in a factory laboratory

Sehested, E.; Vangen, O., 1989:
Computer tomography, a non-destructive method of carcass evaluation

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Computer use in agriculture: evidence from Tulare County, California

Anonymous, 1989:
Computer user's guide of the fertilizer offtake and crop data modules of NFDC's data base

Stafford, J.V.; Ambler, B., 1990:
Computer vision as a sensing system for soil cultivator control

Tillett, R.D.; Marchant, J.A., 1990:
Computer vision for inspecting and handling fruit and vegetables

Marchant J.A.; Onyango C.M.; Street M.J., 1990:
Computer vision for potato inspection without singulation

Marchant, J.A., 1990:
Computer vision for produce inspection

Misra, M.K.; Koerner, B.; Shyy, Y.Y., 1989:
Computer vision for soyabeans

Ven, F.J.M. van de; Lycksell, P.O.; Kammen, A. van; Hilbers, C.W., 1990:
Computer-aided assignment of the 1H-NMR spectrum of the viral-protein-genome-linked polypeptide from cowpea mosaic virus

Joignaux, G., 1989:
Computer-aided automation in the agroindustrial sector: a socio-economic approach

Morrison, C.A.; Fishleigh, R.V.; Ward, D.J.; Robson, B., 1987:
Computer-aided design and physiological testing of the luteinising hormone-releasing hormone analogue for 'adjuvant-free' immunocastration

A.I.rahim, Z.; Tack, F., 1988:
Computer-aided design of dairy cattle units

Camel, F.; Wedad, G.; Nijland, H.J., 1990:
Computer-aided design of drainage networks

Zazueta, F.; Smajstrla, A.; Haman, D., 1989:
Computer-aided design of landscape irrigation systems

Schlosberg, A.; Egyed, M.N., 1988:
Computer-aided diagnosis of toxicoses in dog

Yang, J.J.; Cheng, F.; Lian, Y.H.; Lu, H.J.; Liu, P., 1989:
Computer-aided identification of Chinese broadleaved woods

Cox, R.P.; Thomsen, J.K., 1990:
Computer-aided identification of lactic acid bacteria using the API 50 CHL system

Thamm, B., 1989:
Computer-aided image processing of multispectral aerial photographs taken with the MKF-6 camera to survey differences in plant cover

Plauborg, F., 1989:
Computer-aided irrigation management in Denmark

Kluge, E.; Gutsche, V.; Gunthur, G., 1989:
Computer-aided method for prediction and control of powdery mildew in winter wheat and winter barley (ERYPROG) - test results 1986 to 1988

Groll, U.; Gutsche, V., 1989:
Computer-aided method for prediction of eyespot in winter wheat (CERCOPROG) - tests results 1986 to 1988

Henze, A.; Silbernagel, I.; Gronke, G., 1990:
Computer-aided monitoring of production in cyclogram- controlled pig breeding establishments

Pomeranets, V.N.; Goryunov, N.S.; Muravskii, V.F., 1990:
Computer-aided planning of irrigation system maintenance

Sujata, F.; Spiesecke, N., 1990:
Computer-aided processing and evaluation of measured values of test stand measurements

Pinske, V.; Reissig, D., 1988:
Computer-aided regulation of temperature in cooling the storage of fruit

Kreyer, B., 1989:
Computer-aided selection of ram dams in connection with performance testing of young ewes

Arndt, R.; Muller, G.; Friessleben, H., 1989:
Computer-aided solutions to plant protection problems in sugarbeet

Zhukov, Y.K., 1990:
Computer-aided water accounting system

Glenz, H., 1988:
Computer-aided weed control in winter barley

Byrd-Bredbenner, C.; Lewis, M.; Davis, B.; Antanitis, R., 1988:
Computer-analyzed dietary intake printouts: guidelines for their design and student comprehension

Laube, R.B.; Seveke, L.; Hubrich, J.; Marx, G., 1988:
Computer-assisted analysis of vocalization by calves for the study of development of vocalization

Busch, M., 1990:
Computer-assisted biochemical differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae important in food hygiene

Lohse, H.; Triemer, A.; Nagel, J., 1988:
Computer-assisted control of storage conditions

Hofmann, B.; Pallutt, B.; Rossberg, D., 1989:
Computer-assisted decision aids for effective herbicide use in sugarbeet

Pallutt, B.; Hofmann, B.; Rossberg, D.; Roder, W.; Lutze, G., 1989:
Computer-assisted decision aids for the flexible use of herbicides in cereals

Seiring, B.; Stark, A.; Zschoch, H., 1989:
Computer-assisted design of exhaust installations in the wood industry

Konietzka, D., 1987:
Computer-assisted financial planning in state forest enterprises

Wagenfuhr, R.; Rober, B.; Weiss, B., 1988:
Computer-assisted information and identification of wood species

Piert, M.; Kistler, D.; Hettich, R., 1989:
Computer-assisted infusion and nutrition planning in an intensive care burn unit

Jones, A.J.; Bauder, J.W., 1987:
Computer-assisted irrigation scheduling: an educational tool

Sears, M.K., 1990:
Computer-assisted management of Colorado, potato beetles

Grosse, W.; Nosel, U.; Lupke, R., 1988:
Computer-assisted management of the maintenance of forest machinery

Bocco, G.; Lopez Blanco, J.; Morales, L.M., 1990:
Computer-assisted mapping of gullies: a spatial database for a gully information system

Sahota, TS.; Peet, FG., 1988:
Computer-assisted measurement and analysis of chromatin distribution for determining quality differences among bark beetle (Scolytidae) populations

Moricke, R.; Kiesewetter, M., 1989:
Computer-assisted perioperative management of blood glucose in diabetics with labile metabolism and coronary disease. Computer-assisted improvement of diabetes treatment

Deegen, P., 1988:
Computer-assisted planning of annual expenditure in forest renewal for forest districts, especially in air pollution damage regions

Fischer, R., 1989:
Computer-assisted simulation of processes in the mechanical working of wood-based materials. Part 1. Design of a physically defined model

Bridge, P.D., 1988:
Computer-assisted taxonomy of filamentous microfungi

Wang, Q.S.; Gao, R.Y.; Wang, H.Y., 1989:
Computer-assisted transposition of conditions in high-performance thin-layer chromatography to high-performance liquid chromatography for the separation of pesticides

Hruschka, H.; Mazanec, J., 1990:
Computer-assisted travel counseling

Heege, H.T.; Hugle, T., 1989:
Computer-assisted wet feeding of fattening pigs

Pohlmann, J.M.; Reiner, L., 1990:
Computer-based weed control with decision support and herbicide selection

Braunsfurth, M., 1989:
Computer-based, long-term study of sleep restlessness in a dog

Gaspar, Z., 1988:
Computer-controlled irrigation to prevent damage caused by drought

Schmotz, L.; Suhling, P.; Beck, H., 1988:
Computer-controlled undercut pendulum saw in the production of wooden windows

Aalbaek, B., 1988:
Computer-identification of strains of Enterobacteriaceae

Andres, E.; Orlovius, K., 1988:
Computer-supplied, site-related fertilizer recommendations for potash based on long-term field experiments

Blixt, S., 1988:
Computer-supported gene bank management

Shah, I.M.; Shah, M.M.; Shah, I.R., 1990:
Computerised control and monitoring of Narmada Canal System (India)

Aumuller, R.; Willeke, H., 1989:
Computerised evaluation of boar semen using the Cell-Soft system, with special reference to diluents and conception rate

Lowe, P.D., 1986:
Computerised forest planning services

Busch, W., 1989:
Computerised herd analysis in cattle

Maton, A., 1989:
Computerised management and decision-making systems for agricultural enterprises

Xiccato, G.; Carotta, N., 1990:
Computerised management in rabbit breeding

Kundler, P., 1989:
Computerised management of soil fertility and crops

Kilpatrick D.J.; Walker N., 1990:
Computerised recording system for an experimental pig herd

Bentsen, H.B.; Sehested, E., 1989:
Computerised tomography of chickens

Sangiorgi, F., 1988:
Computerization in stock farming: an indispensable step for progress in cattle rearing

Bashmakova, V.N.; Golichenko, V.I., 1989:
Computerization of control of servicing operations

Gittins, J.; Overfield, N.D., 1988:
Computerization of egg quality assessment

Fabos, J.G., 1988:
Computerization of landscape planning

Edgley, M.L.; Riddle, D.L., 1989:
Computerization of the Caenorhabditis elegans genetic map

Snyder, R.L., 1988:
Computerized agribusiness energy analysis

Szentirmay, H.; Schobl, R., 1989:
Computerized analysis of complex replacement of basic resources

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Computerized analysis of diet in infants 6 to 30 months old. 1. Method of survey and estimation of energy intake

Catassi, C.; Guerrieri, A.; Natalini, G.; Gabrielli, O.; Coppa, G.V.; Giorgi, P.L., 1988:
Computerized analysis of diet in infants 6 to 30 months old. 2. Estimation of intake of individual nutrients

Huirne, R.B.M.; Dijkhuizen, A.A., 1990:
Computerized analysis of individual farm performance: an application in swine farming

Crovace, A.; Molfetta, L.; Boccia, G.; Bello, A. di; Mastronardi, M., 1990:
Computerized bone densitometry in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease in dogs

Zarnovican, R., 1990:
Computerized capture of radial increment

Shultz T.A., 1989:
Computerized corral feed stations for dairy cows

Bak, J.; Kovacs, L., 1989:
Computerized dairy farm management system developed in Hungary

Elmore, R.G., 1987:
Computerized dairy reproductive herd health records

Knutson L.; Sailer R.I.; Murphy W.L.; Carlson R.W.; Dogger J.R., 1990:
Computerized data base on immigrant arthropods

Kuun, C.P.; Vermaas, H.F., 1989:
Computerized data-acquisition and control system for an experimental pressure steam dryer for lumber

Harris, D.L., 1989:
Computerized decision support for pork production

Mennella, V.G.G.; Borghi, P.; Morabito, A., 1988:
Computerized design of animal buildings - system for defining specific performance

Mennella, V.G.G.; Borghi, P.; Morabito, A., 1989:
Computerized design of buildings for animal systems for defining specific performance

Theodoropoulos G., 1988:
Computerized diagnosis of gastrointestinal helminths of humans

Maetzig, D., 1987:
Computerized evaluation of stall related highest performance principles

Kerkhof, W.A.M.; Oldenziel, H.J.; Bot, A.P., 1987:
Computerized evaluation of waste-disposal sites: effects on the environment

Mitzscher, H.J.; Thatner, M.; Kuschy, G., 1988:
Computerized farm business analysis of the results of pig breeding and production enterprises to reveal efficiency reserves

Mollet, C., 1990:
Computerized field records

Anthony, W.S., 1990:
Computerized gin process control

Barre, J., 1990:
Computerized hotel reservation: the key to the market

Bauerle, W.; Short, T.; Mora, E.; Hoffman, S.; Nantais, T., 1988:
Computerized individual-nutrient fertilizer injector: the system

Kotz, P.; Triller, W.; Wiesner, F., 1989:
Computerized information supply from the labour resources databank

Bausch, W.C., 1989:
Computerized irrigation scheduling using spectral feedback

Rodriguez, O.S.; Paez, M.L.; Mendoza, C., 1989:
Computerized isoerodant map of the Central High Plains

Noerr, A., 1989 :
Computerized land evaluation databases in the European Community. Updating 1987-88 of the EC land data catalogue

Muller, H.; Kubler, H., 1989:
Computerized management and control in milk production

Grasselli, A., 1988:
Computerized management and decision-making systems for agricultural enterprises

Bader, E.; Frint, G., 1987:
Computerized management methods for dairy plants

Giametta, G.; Gualtieri, M.; Tomaselli, G., 1989:
Computerized management of a large scale rabbit producing unit

Lauf, D., 1989:
Computerized management of land and stocks from the beginning of spring

Matrai, Z., 1988:
Computerized management systems in agriculture

Dewar, P.; McIndoe, I.; John, P.; Bright, J., 1988:
Computerized microirrigation design in New Zealand

Walt, M.A.; Forgione, L.A., 1989:
Computerized nutrition analysis: a nutrition education model for cardiovascular health

Farkas, J., 1988:
Computerized record and data processing in dairies

Ahmad S.; Heermann D.F., 1990:
Computerized scheduling for irrigation management and pumping operations in the watercourse command

Becker, Y., 1987:
Computerized secondary structure analysis of FMDV capsid protein VP1 as a basis for characterization of virus isolates

Hasert, G.; Grottke, E.; Gumpert, H.; Pfeifer, B., 1989:
Computerized solutions to the management and organization of a rational feed economy. First experience of using the CAD/CAM work station for the feed sector in cooperative farms of the Knau cooperative association

Santoro, G.; Giacometti, G.; Colzani, G., 1987:
Computerized system for measuring tractor power takeoff performances. Characteristic and isoconsumption diagrams

Carrillo Alfonso, M.J.; Machado Benavides, S.; Gonzalez Rodriguez, V.; Rodriguez Corcho, A.; Priadko, N., 1989:
Computerized thermal energy balance for raw and direct white sugar factories

Schneider, P.; Wiesner, H.U., 1989:
Computerized veterinary surveillance of dairy farms

Munzert, R.; Pfleger, D.; Auerbach, E.; Grotzeck, R., 1988:
Computerized work stations as a management tool

Chatfield, D.; Deans, C.B.; Freshwater, D.B., 1990:
Computerizing parks and recreation

Emsbach, M.; Schneekloth, H.D.; Stoffers, M., 1988:
Computers - leisure: electronic games and computers in youth work

Kennedy, T., 1988:
Computers aid dairy exports

Conrad, H.J., 1988:
Computers for agronomists?

Esslemont, R.J., 1988:
Computers in dairy farm management

Nau, H.R., 1988:
Computers in farm management and agricultural economics

Anonymous, 1989:
Computers in the farm environment

Barre, J.; Duguay, P., 1989:
Computers in the tourist industry/New technologies

Harrison, J., 1989:
Computers not widely used by US farmers

Misztal, I.; Gianola, D.; Foulley, J.L., 1989:
Computing aspects of a nonlinear method of sire evaluation for categorical data

Sugimoto, Y., 1988:
Computing demand and production functions for Japanese persimmon

Rao, V.U.; Murty, K.P.R.V., 1988:
Computing potential evapotranspiration by different methods

Ehui, S.M.; Hertel, T.W., 1989:
Computing the socially optimal forest stock for the Ivory Coast

Reddy, P.R., 1988:
Computing water requirement of groundnut

Anonymous, 1988:
Comunicaciones del III Congreso Nacional de Fitopatologia. Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife - Islas Canarias) 29 Oct.-2 Nov., 1984

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Concanavalin A promotes adherence of Salmonella typhimurium to small intestinal mucosa of rats

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Concanavalin A-induced redistribution of surface receptors in Acanthamoeba castellanii at different growth phases

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Concanavalin A-induced suppressor cell activity in intestinal mucosal leukocytes obtained from healthy cows

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Concensus in role perception of agricultural extension in modernizing Saudi agriculture among the extension workers, College of Agriculture personnel and Saudi Agricultural Bank personnel

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Concentrate distribution and farm management

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Concentrate feeding and milk composition

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Concentrate feeds for ruminants: prediction of the nitrogen value PDI by a standardized enzyme method

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Concentrate intake and behaviour of dairy cows with programmed concentrate distribution

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Concentrate supplementation of silage for dairy cows

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Concentrate-free fattening of young cattle in winter

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Concentrated and dry milk products

Poskrobko, W., 1987:
Concentrated and integrated wood processing at the Hajnowka Woodworking Enterprise

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Concentrated fertilizer application to cigarette tobacco

Reerslev, J.F., 1989:
Concentrated milk protein

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Concentrated sulfur dioxide treatment with nitrose

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Concentrating algae slurries using a dissolved air flotation unit and a centrifuge

Anonymous, 1989:
Concentration and companies in the tourist sector

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Concentration and distribution of nutrients in Eucalyptus grandis as a function of age, grown in the cerrado region

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Concentration and distribution of toxic elements in rice and husk

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Concentration and distribution pattern of selected micronutrients in preterm and term milk from urban Brazilian mothers during early lactation

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Concentration and drying of whey and permeate

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Concentration and estimation of microquantities of nitrogen-containing fungicides in food products and in air

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Concentration and immunological characteristics of lectin in soybean (Glycine max L.) cultivars

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Concentration and internationalization of Spain's agroindustrial sector, 1977-87

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Concentration and pH effects on the fluorescence spectra of humic acid-like soil fungal polymers

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Concentration and purification of plant pathogenic viruses by field step electrophoresis

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Concentration and release patterns of nutrients (N, P and K) during decomposition of maize and wheat roots in a seasonally-dry tropical region

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Concentration and size distribution of airborne particles in a broiler house

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Concentration and specialization in Chinese agriculture, 1979-1985

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Concentration and turnover of estradiol in the rat uterus in vivo

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Concentration and uptake of N, P and K and the effect of potassium sulphate on Vicia faba L

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Concentration and uptake of nitrogen in late sown wheat as affected by seed rate and row spacing

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Concentration changes of potassium and sodium ions in the pig's fetal fluids during the first half of gravidity

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Concentration changes of zinc, copper and iron in serum of chronic chagasic myocardiopathic patients

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Concentration dependent influence of exo-brevicomin on the pheromone attraction of the bark beetle Ips typographus L. (Col., Scolytidae)

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Concentration effect of soluble dietary fibers on postprandial glucose and insulin in the rat

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Concentration gradients of free sterols, steryl esters and lipid phosphorus in the trunkwood of Scot's pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

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Concentration in milk production of Shahabadi cows: an analysis in Gangetic belt of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Concentration in the food trade and competition policy

Shuvalov, Y.N.; Kontridze, A.N., 1989:
Concentration of 137Cs in krasnozem soil and in atmospheric precipitation

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Concentration of Babesia bigemina-infected erythrocytes using a dextran sulphate affinity column

Payment, P.; Berube, A.; Perreault, D.; Armon, R.; Trudel, M., 1989:
Concentration of Giardia lamblia cysts, Legionella pneumophila, Clostridium perfringens, human enteric viruses, and coliphages from large volumes of drinking water, using a single filtration

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Concentration of PMSG in blood plasma in gilts following injection and effect of an anti-PMSG injection, measured by means of testosterone production assay

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Concentration of Pentostam in human breast milk

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Concentration of S-methylcysteine sulfoxide (SMCO) in rape (Brassica napus var. napus)

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Concentration of alpha -tomatine in tomato plants in relation to genotype and environmental conditions

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Concentration of amino acids in hen eggs during the final period of embryonic development

Novikova, L.N.; Gasanov, A.S., 1989:
Concentration of anthocyanins in the leaf tissues of ornamental red-leaved stone fruit crops

Shen, J.M., 1987:
Concentration of available soil zinc in paddy soils in hilly areas of Kaihua County and effects of zinc application on first rice crop

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Concentration of beta -carotene in the blood serum of cows in large commercial farms

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Concentration of boron in gram (Cicer arietinum) as affected by micronutrient anions

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Concentration of carotene and vitamin A in blood serum of young bulls in relation to dietary structure

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Concentration of elements in hair as an index of mineral supply in dairy cows. 1. Magnesium and copper

Nakos, G., 1989:
Concentration of exchangeable and soluble aluminium in acid forest soils in Greece

Girao, R.N.; Mies Filho, A., 1989:
Concentration of fructose and citric acid in semen from Corriedale rams subjected to natural or artificial photoperiod and temperature

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Concentration of genes for pollen fertility restoration in some varieties of sunflower produced on the basis of distant hybridization

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Concentration of glycogen and amino acids in tissues of pigs given lysine and methionine

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Concentration of income and land holdings. Prediction by latent variables model and partial least squares

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Concentration of ionic copper in soil solution

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Concentration of lactoferrin and transferrin throughout lactation in cow's colostrum and milk

Wignaraja, G.; Quan, N.T.; Koo, A.Y.C., 1988:
Concentration of land holdings and income. Comment on N.T. Quan and A.Y.C. Koo

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Concentration of linoleic acid in lipids from some organs and tissues of young male cattle in relation to linoleic acid content of whole milk replacer

Paranyak, R.P.; Zakhariv, O.Y.; Ivanyak, V.V.; Yanovich, V.G., 1988:
Concentration of linoleic acid in lipids of some organs and tissues of young cattle on reduced linoleic acid intake during suckling period

Silva Junior, M.C. da; Barros, N.F. de; Pinheiro, A.L., 1987:
Concentration of nutrients and effect on soil fertility of three forest species in the region of Vicosa, Minas Gerais

Lihan, E.; Jezikova, O., 1989:
Concentration of organic and inorganic substances in grassland under different fertilizer rates and utilization intensities

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Concentration of phosphorus and calcium in blood and wool of sheep

Gedz, B.M., 1988:
Concentration of phosphorus compounds and calcium in skin and wool of sheep

Novikov, L.V., 1989:
Concentration of protein and its fractions in serum of young bulls given a feed mixture containing rapeseed oilmeal

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Concentration of protein fractions in embryo tissues of the hen as affected by sodium nitrite

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Concentration of protein using ultrafiltration

Kraljevic, P.; Lulic, S.; Levstek, A., 1988:
Concentration of radioactive caesium (134Cs and 137Cs) in animal feed

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Concentration of receptors for estradiol and progesterone in canine endometrium during estrus and diestrus

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Concentration of staphylococcal enterotoxin from food extract using copper chelate sepharose

Gotze, M.; Blodow, G.; Kitzig, M.; Duschinski, U., 1988:
Concentration of steroid hormones in the follicular fluid of the bovine ovary during follicular development

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Concentration of sulfuric acid by desorption of water vapor under foam conditions

Haberkorn, K., 1988:
Concentration of the viruses of trout haemorrhagic septicaemia and infectious pancreatic necrosis by precipitation with ferric hydroxide or membrane filtration

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Concentration of total lipids, cholesterol and phospholipids in blood of cows during their first and second lactation

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Concentration of tvorog whey using a reverse osmosis unit

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Concentration of urea in organs of chickens fed on a diet supplemented with lysozyme

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Concentration without privatization? Some consequences of changing patterns of rural land control in Africa

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Concentration-dependent presoldier induction and feeding deterrency: potential of two insect growth regulators for remedial control of the Formosan subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

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Concentrations and transport of solutes in xylem and phloem along the leaf axis of NaCl-treated Hordeum vulgare

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Concentrations of FSH are elevated in new-born ewe lambs carrying the Booroola F gene but not in lambs from a prolific Romney strain

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Concentrations of U and Po in animal feed supplements, in poultry meat and in eggs

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Concentrations of brown rust spores in clouds and precipitations

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Concentrations of cations in the blood serum of chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, during the periods of river migration and spawning

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Concentrations of chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (CDD) and dibenzofurans (CDF) in soil from the vicinity of a large refuse incinerator in Hamilton Ontario

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Concentrations of dopamine and noradrenaline in hypophysial portal blood in the sheep and the rat

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Concentrations of elements in annual rings of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) from Arendal, in southern Norway

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Concentrations of eleven essential cationic mineral elements in broilers with and without ascites

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Concentrations of glucose and ketone bodies in blood plasma of sheep during the perinatal period, depending on the number of fetuses

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Concentrations of glycosylated prolactin in the pituitary gland and plasma of lean and obese barrows

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Concentrations of high density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol in ischaemic heart disease

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Concentrations of iron and zinc and their ratio in goat meat from Alpine and Nubian breeds

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Concentrations of iron, copper, cobalt and zinc in blood of sheep in relation to age

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Concentrations of lead in brain, kidney and hair of dogs in Mexico City

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Concentrations of lithium in drinking water in Maracaibo City, Zulia State, Venezuela

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Concentrations of moulting hormones and juvenile hormones during diapause and non-diapause stages of Hyphantria cunea D

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Concentrations of nutrients in mouse oviduct fluid and their effects on embryo development and metabolism in vitro

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Concentrations of oestradiol and testosterone in peripheral and spermatic venous blood of dogs with unilateral cryptorchidism

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Concentrations of oestradiol-17 beta in plasma and milk and progesterone in plasma during the oestrus cycle and in early pregnancy in goats

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Concentrations of organochlorine compounds in the blubber of seals from eastern and north-eastern England, 1988

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Concentrations of plasma progesterone during the oestrous cycle and in early gestation in crossbred dairy cattle (Bos taurus X Bos indicus)

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Concentrations of plasma prolactin and luteinizing hormone following nest deprivation and renesting in ring doves (Streptopelia risoria)

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Concentrations of selected elements in milk and milk components

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Concentrations of some contaminants and trace elements in milk

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Concentrations of some tetracyclines in blood serum and soft tissues

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Concentrations of some trace elements (Se, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mg, K) in blood and heart tissue of patients with coronary heart disease

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Concentrations of steroid hormones in follicular fluid of pigs in spontaneous or synchronized oestrus

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Concentrations of sulphadimidine, oxytetracycline and penicillin G in serum, synovial fluid and tissue cage fluid after parenteral administration to calves

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Concentrations of the main biochemical constituents of serum in young Gobra zebus of Senegal

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Concentrations of thyroid hormones in maternal and cord blood from a normal Kenyan population

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Concentrations of thyrotropin-releasing hormone and substance P in the central nervous system of Wriggle mouse Sagami, a mutant ataxic mouse

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Concentrations of total protein and protein fractions in blood serum of young pigs

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Concentrations of two organic contaminants in precipitation, soils and plants in the Essex region of southern Ontario

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Concentrations of vitamin E in the serum and milk of postpartum sows and in the serum of their suckling pigs

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Concentrations of volatile fatty acids and acetate production rates in the forestomachs of grazing camels

Weschler, C.J.; Shields, H.C.; Rainer, D., 1990:
Concentrations of volatile organic compounds at a building with health and comfort complaints

Kasnakoglu, H.; Bauer, S., 1989:
Concept and application of an agricultural sector model for policy analysis in Turkey

Kochev, K., 1990:
Concept and criteria for environmentally sound drainage systems

Thang, H.C., 1986:
Concept and practice of selective management system in Peninsular Malaysia

Jagdish Singh, 1985:
Concept of integrated regional development

Singh, R.B., 1985:
Concept of integration in rural development

Patel, S.L., 1987:
Concept of pesticide application equipment and technique

Kadyrov, M.A.; Anoshenko, B.Y., 1990:
Concept of self-optimization of the breeding process

Libicki, B., 1989:
Concept of social tourism

Remer, T.; Pietrzik, K., 1987:
Concept of the importance of nutritional status in the regulation of adrenal androgen secretion

Wisniewska, G.; Winnicki, T., 1986:
Concept of the treatmet of wastewater containing ammonium and nitrate ions

Jagusiewicz, A., 1989:
Concept of touristic investment in Poland

Acharya, R.M., 1988:
Concept, genesis and evolution of National Milch Herd - genetic considerations

Grimm, S.; Volkel, R.; Wiechens, E., 1990:
Concept, instrumental technique and process plan for the automated analysis-line for soil testing at the Agricultural Research Institution (LUFA), Augustenberg (FRG)

Hoffmann, G.M.; Verreet, J.A.; Kremer, F.W., 1988:
Conception and method for future-oriented, targeted control of foliar and head diseases of cereals

Bekeova, E.; Elecko, J.; Hendrichovsky, V.; Hajurka, V.; Choma, J.; Krajnicakova, M., 1989:
Conception in dairy cows at different seasons of the year in relation to thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) concentrations

Jourdan, O., 1988:
Conception of a long-term field trials network

Stanko, P., 1988:
Conception of development of irrigation techniques

Takada, N.; Ohisa, N.; Numabe, T.; Ishikawa, Y., 1990:
Conception rate after transfer of Japanese black cattle embryos produced in vitro

Nurgozhin, A.K.; Kasymov, K.T., 1988:
Conception rate and litter size of ewes inseminated with frozen semen of high-producing rams

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Conception rate following surgical and cervical transfer of bovine embryos

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Conception rate in Gir cows and their exotic crosses

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Conception rate in ewes following AI with frozen semen, with special reference to intra-uterine, transmural insemination

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Conception rate, growth, and lactation of dairy heifers treated with recombinant somatotropin

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Conception rates and calving intervals after prostaglandin F2 alpha

Warren, J.E.; Kiesling, D.O.; Akinbami, M.A.; Price, E.A.; Meredith, S., 1989:
Conception rates in early postpartum ewes bred naturally or by intrauterine insemination

Virakul, P., 1987:
Conception, gestation and parturition in swamp buffalo

Power, K.C.; Wheeler, B.E.; Schulte, D.D.; Meyer, G.E., 1989:
Concepts and applications of database integration with spreadsheet and wordprocessor software packages

Burgan, R.E., 1987:
Concepts and interpreted examples in advanced fuel modeling

Arvin E.; Harremoes P., 1990:
Concepts and models for biofilm reactor performance

Lescure J P.; D.F.resta H.; Riera B., 1990:
Concepts common to the analysis of the processes of dynamics and succession

Fenyes, T.I., 1989:
Concepts for formulating management approaches in a less developed agricultural economy

Thatcher W.W.; Macmillan K.L.; Hansen P.J.; Drost M., 1989:
Concepts for regulation of corpus luteum function by the conceptus and ovarian follicles to improve fertility

Lauvergne, J.J., 1989:
Concepts for the constitution of farm animal genetic resources, migration laws, principles of classification and scenarios of stocking

Roistacher, C.N., 1988:
Concepts in the detection and control of citrus virus and virus-like diseases

Ferenci, D., 1989:
Concepts in village tourism

Schroth, M.N.; Becker, J.O., 1990:
Concepts of ecological and physiological activities of rhizobacteria related to biological control and plant growth promotion

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Concepts of leisure in Western thought, a critical and historical analysis

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Concepts of pest control - IPM and biological control

Pilla, A.M., 1989:
Concepts of quantitative genetics

Trudgill, D.L., 1986:
Concepts of resistance, tolerance and susceptibility in relation to cyst nematodes

Konkin, Y.A., 1990:
Concepts of technical and machinery services in agroindustrial complexes

Burghardt, W., 1988:
Concepts of the development of modern drainage filters from synthetic fibres

Gallais, A., 1989:
Concepts of varietal value and of test value in autotetraploids. Application to genetic advance in population improvement

Torello, W.A., 1987:
Concepts regarding winter and shade stress

Caporali F.; Nannipieri P.; Paoletti M.G.; Onnis A.; Tomei P.E.; Tellarini V., 1989:
Concepts to sustain a change in farm performance evaluation

Clark J.R.; Kjelgren R.K., 1989:
Conceptual and management considerations for the development of urban tree plantings

Beaton, G.H.; Corey, P.N.; Steele, C., 1989:
Conceptual and methodological issues regarding the epidemiology of iron deficiency and their implications for studies of the functional consequences of iron deficiency

Gianinazzi, S.; Trouvelot, A.; Gianinazzi Pearson, V., 1990:
Conceptual approaches for the rational use of VA endomycorrhizae in agriculture: possibilities and limitations

Ruskin, H., 1988:
Conceptual approaches in policy development in leisure education

Hanninen, H., 1986:
Conceptual aspects of the study of annual rhythm in forest trees

Shaw, M.W.; Royle, D.J., 1988:
Conceptual basis for estimation of disease-induced crop loss in field experiments

Comerma, J.A.; Williams, D.; Newman, A., 1988:
Conceptual changes in the classification of Vertisols

Gilbert, D.C., 1990:
Conceptual issues in the meaning of tourism

Welch, J.B.; Olson, J.K.; Yates, M.M.; Benton, A.R.; Baker, R.D., 1989:
Conceptual model for the use of aerial color infrared photography by mosquito control districts as a survey technique for Psorophora columbiae oviposition habitats in Texas ricelands

Goldstein R.A.; Olson B.H.; Porcella D.B., 1988:
Conceptual model of genetic regulation of mercury biogeochemical cycling

Rymon, D., 1988:
Conceptual thoughts on what are optimal yields

Tembo, M.S., 1988:
Conceptualization of appropriate technology in Lundazi District of rural Zambia

Roberts, R.M., 1989:
Conceptus interferons and maternal recognition of pregnancy

Poluha, E.; Engstrand, G.; Idemalm, A.; Melchert, J.; Narrowe, J., 1990:
Concern and responsibility. An evaluation of the Dodota water supply project in Ethiopia

Ostrowski, S.R., 1988:
Concerned about safe use of flea control products

Cheresharov, S., 1989:
Concerning complex chain drives

Prokof' eva, N.K., 1989:
Concerning production of preserved skim milk products

Skotnikov, V.A.; Novikov, A.V.; Labodaev, V.D.; Voichinskii, S.M.; Shestopalov, A.S., 1989:
Concerning shortcomings in the main indices determining the output of tractors

Tanchev, E., 1989:
Concerning the force of the brake pedal in truck loaders

Zarkhin, M.I.; Emel' chenkova, V.N., 1988:
Concerning the possibility of using lighting units type Svetotron 02-OP in the illumination device of cabinet ShkSh-1.5 V

Brown, R.B., 1988:
Concerning the quality of soil survey

Banaszkiewicz, B., 1989:
Concerning the reform of social insurance for farmers (I)

Kukharskaya, O.B.; Troyan, V.L., 1988:
Concerning the regulation of milk byproduct prices

Libbrecht, M.B., 1987:
Concerning the tenebrionids of the Belgian fauna (Coleoptera Tenebrionidae)

Donnelly, C.W., 1990:
Concerns of microbial pathogens in association with dairy foods

Blumenberg M., 1988:
Concerted gene duplications in the two keratin gene families

Gorenc, V., 1989:
Concession agreement

Akerman, H.J.; Annersten, L., 1989 :
Concluding remarks regarding applied research in soil and water conservation in the SADCC region

Sinden, R.E., 1989:
Concluding remarks: variation and polymorphism in parasite phenotype - implications for the selection of potential intervention strategies

Riis, P.M., 1990:
Conclusion and perspectives

Vermeulen, P., 1988:
Conclusion of farm comparisons. Continuous culture up to the high wire gives positive results, but interplanting does not

Perales, I., 1988:
Conclusions and recommendations of the 1st meeting of the working groups on food microbiology of the public health laboratories

Kleinhempel, H.; Proeseler, G.; Schwahn, P., 1990:
Conclusions from last year's infection of cereals by viruses

Howell, P.; Cobb, S.; Johnson, D., 1988:
Conclusions: looking to the future

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Concomitant Trichinella spiralis and Dipetalonema viteae infections in Mesocricetus auratus. Initial findings

First M.R.; Weiskittel P.; Alexander J.W.; Schroeder T.J.; Myre S.A.; Pesce A.J., 1989:
Concomitant administration of cyclosporin and ketoconazole in renal transplant recipients

Tilmant, L.; Dessaint, J.P.; Tsicopoulos, A.; Tonnel, A.B.; Capron, A., 1989:
Concomitant augmentation of CD4+ CD45R+ suppressor/inducer subset and diminution of CD4+ CDw29+ helper/inducer subset during rush hyposensitization in hymenoptera venom allergy

Murphy, M.C.; Steele, J.L.; Daly, C.; McKay, L.L., 1988:
Concomitant conjugal transfer of reduced-bacteriophage-sensitivity mechanisms with lactose- and sucrose-fermenting ability in lactic streptococci

Frey, F.J., 1990:
Concomitant cyclosporin and ketoconazole

Larue Achagiotis C.; Goubern M.; Laury M.C., 1988:
Concomitant food intake and adipose tissue responses under chronic insulin infusion in rats

Janbon, F.; Raoult, D.; Reynes, J.; Bertrand, A., 1989:
Concomitant human infection due to Rickettsia conorii and Coxiella burnetii

Ganguly, S.; Khan, E., 1989:
Concomitant occurrence of populations of Heterodera cajani and Hoplolaimus indicus on pulse crops in India

Anonymous, 1988:
Concrete objections. Ministry of Agriculture's response to applications for development of agricultural land

Iwasaki, T., 1990:
Concretion preventing agent for fertilizers

Mair, T.S.; Taylor, F.G.; Harbour, D.A.; Pearson, G.R., 1990:
Concurrent cryptosporidium and coronavirus infections in an Arabian foal with combined immunodeficiency syndrome

Hubner, J.; Uhlikova, M., 1989:
Concurrent Toxoplasma and larval Toxocara infection in the population of Czechoslovakia

French, A.; Obwolo, M.J., 1989:
Concurrent carotid and aortic body tumours in a Bull Mastiff dog

Schilling, P.J.; Vadhan-Raj, S., 1990:
Concurrent cytomegalovirus and pneumocystis pneumonia after fludarabine therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Andersen C.P.; Bussler B.H.; Chaney W.R.; Pope P.E.; Byrnes W.R., 1989:
Concurrent establishment of ground cover and hardwood trees on reclaimed mined land and unmined reference sites

Davies, S.F.; Colbert, R.L., 1990:
Concurrent human and canine histoplasmosis from cutting decayed wood

Kristensen, F., 1989:
Concurrent hypothyroidism and allergic dermatitis, type I, in dogs

Ocholi, R.A.; Chima, J.C.; Spencer, T.H., 1989:
Concurrent infection of a Patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) by Citrobacter freundii and Trichuris trichiura

Samad, M.A.; Bari, A.S.M.; Ghimiri, N.P., 1987:
Concurrent infection of babesiosis and sarcocystosis in a heifer

Hohenhaus, A.E.; Rosenberg, M.P.; Moroff, S.D., 1990:
Concurrent lymphoma and salmonellosis in a cat

Pritchard, G.C.; Done, S.H., 1990:
Concurrent maedi-visna virus infection and pulmonary adenomatosis in a commercial breeding flock in East Anglia

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Concurrent malaria and bacteraemia in a multiply transfused patient

Lu, H.Y., 1989:
Concurrent model: the extension of linear regression analysis of genotype-environment interactions

Nugroho, S.G.; Kuwatsuka, S., 1990:
Concurrent observation of several processes of nitrogen metabolism in soil amended with organic materials. I. Effect of different organic materials on ammonification, nitrification, denitrification, and N2 fixation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Rietveld, E.; Vetter, J.C.M.; Stilma, J.S., 1987:
Concurrent parasitic infections among patients with onchocerciasis and controls in Sierra Leone, West Africa

Raad, I.; Singh, V.; Quan, T.J., 1989:
Concurrent positive serology for ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease

Van der Velden, M.A., 1989:
Concurrent presence of mesenteric hernia and jejunal intussusception in a horse

Kitchen, L.W.; Clark, R.A.; Hoadley, D.J.; Wisniewski, T.L.; Janney, F.A.; Greer, D.L., 1989:
Concurrent pulmonary Blastomyces dermatitidis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in an HIV-1 seropositive man

Mraz, O.; Cizek, A.; Hejlicek, K., 1989:
Concurrent surveys for Yersinia in slaughter pigs, synanthropic animals and livestock personnel in a limited area

Rowlands, D.T.; Woollon, R.M.; McEvoy, C.M., 1989:
Concurrent use of the oxfendazole pulse release bolus and the monensin rumen delivery device in young grazing cattle

Sanker, S.U.; Staugaard, T., 1988:
Condemnation of slaughter pigs from SPF/MS -herds. Inflammation of lungs and pleura

Kaloyanov, Z.; Mladenov, M.; Kaloyanov, I., 1989:
Condemnations because of helminthosis at Shumen abattoir, Bulgaria

Gusyatinskaya, N.A.; Taran, V.M.; Lipets, A.A.; Nabrotskii, Y.B., 1989:
Condensate of secondary vapours - extracting agent for sugar

Sato, S.; Watanabe, M., 1988:
Condensation and decomposition of hydrated alkaline earth bis(hydrogenphosphoramidates) with acids

Bertrand Harb, C.; Charrier, B.; Dalgalarrondo, M.; Chobert, J.M.; Haertle, T., 1990:
Condensation of glycosidic and aromatic structures of amino groups of beta -lactoglobulin B via reductive alkylation. Solubility and emulsifying properties of the protein derivatives

Zaman, K., 1988:
Condensed and hydrolyzable tannins in two soybean (Glycine max L. cv. Mandarin) cell lines that differ in their ploidy level

Inoue T.; Simpson K.L.; Tanaka Y.; Sameshima M., 1988:
Condensed astaxanthin of pigmented oil from crayfish carapace and its feeding experiment

Mazzocco, P.; Fortina, R., 1990:
Condensed distiller's solubles in the feeding of growing pigs

Gorni, M.; Berto, D.A.; Moura, M.P. de; Camargo, J.C. de M., 1987:
Condensed molasses solubles in diets for growing and finishing swine

Nanaj, D.; Gremi, T., 1989:
Condensed sap (vegetation water) of olives for feeding calves

Terrill, T.; Windham, W.; Evans, J.; Hoveland, C., 1990:
Condensed tannin concentration in sericea lespedeza as influenced by preservation method

Hamed, G.R.; Chung, K.H.; Hemingway, R.W., 1989 :
Condensed tannins as substitutes for resorcinol in bonding polyester and nylon cord to rubber

Rola, J.; Rola, H., 1987:
Condition and demand on studies of segetal weeds in field crops

Piasta, W., 1989:
Condition and perspectives of mechanization mushroom growing

Kato, C., 1989:
Condition of adsorbed water, interlayer water and water of constitution of clay minerals

Encke, B.G., 1986:
Condition of forest regeneration as an indicator for planning game culls

Miller, W.R.; McDonald, R.E., 1989:
Condition of waxed or film-wrapped 'Minneola' tangelos after storage

Wegener, U.; Reichhoff, L., 1989:
Condition, development trends and care of mountain meadows

Kalmukov, K., 1987:
Condition, growth and yield of natural stands of Tilia tomentosa in north-east Bulgaria

Zeh, D.W.; Zeh, J.A., 1988:
Condition-dependent sex ornaments and field tests of sexual-selection theory

Cushman, JH.; Whitham, TG., 1989:
Conditional mutualism in a membracid-ant association: temporal, age-specific, and density-dependent effects

Feather, P.; Kaylen, M., 1989:
Conditional qualitative forecasting

Birch L.L.; Mcphee L.; Steinberg L.; Sullivan S., 1990:
Conditioned flavor preferences in young children

Birch L.L.; Mcphee L.; Sullivan S.; Johnson S., 1989:
Conditioned meal initiation in young children

Breslin P.A.S.; Davidson T.L.; Grill H.J., 1990:
Conditioned reversal of reactions to normally avoided tastes

Dibattista D., 1990:
Conditioned taste avoidance induced by lactose ingestion in adult rats

Czaplewski, R.; Mcclure, J., 1988:
Conditioning a segmented stem profile model for two diameter measurements

Obrestad, T.; Pettersen, J.M.; Palmgren, O.; Syversen, U.R., 1989:
Conditioning agent for nitrate-containing fertilizer

Getz W.M.; Brueckner D.; Smith K.B., 1986:
Conditioning honeybees to discriminate between heritable odors from full and half sisters

Miller, W.R.; Chun, D.; Risse, L.A.; Hatton, T.T.; Hinsch, R.T., 1990:
Conditioning of Florida grapefruit to reduce peel stress during low-temperature storage

Gibon, F.; Cabon, G., 1989:
Conditioning of coarse forage: what changes?

Lord, D.; Boily, R.; Vigneault, C., 1989:
Conditioning of potato storage by groundwater heat pumps in Quebec

Bunting, W.R.; McLeod, G.R., 1984:
Conditioning red pine: influence on performance after overwinter frozen storage

Silva, A.M.; Rosa, R., 1989:
Conditioning the greenhouse climate by means of a heat pump

Buse, L.J.; Day, R.J., 1989:
Conditioning three boreal conifers by root pruning and wrenching

Churchill, D.B.; Berlage, A.G.; Bilsland, D.M.; Cooper, T.M., 1990:
Conditioning wildflower seed

Herten, B.; Board, R.G.; Mead, G.C., 1989:
Conditions affecting growth and enterotoxin production by Staphylococcus aureus on temperature-abused chicken meat

Krupinska, W., 1987:
Conditions and possibilities for food industry development to the year 1990 (based on the example of the Szczecin voivodship)

Blanchemain, A.; Boisseau, B.; Boutonnet, J.P., 1988:
Conditions and prospects for the development of sheep farming in Britain

Leppack, E., 1989:
Conditions and recommendations for potato storage in the Federal Republic of Germany

Schollmayer, G.; Nieder, R., 1988:
Conditions and scale of nitrogen losses through denitrification from the rooting zone of agriculturally used soils

Stevanovic, D.; Miladinovic, Z., 1989:
Conditions and tendency in pepper production in Yugoslavia

Goembski, G.; Marcinkowska, B., 1989:
Conditions determining the economic decisions of tourist enterprises in Poland

Korpi, K., 1989:
Conditions for agriculture and rural industries in Lapland

Feraud Keller, C.; Espagnac, H., 1989:
Conditions for appearance of somatic embryogenesis on callus from the culture of leaf tissues of Quercus ilex

Fotev, Y.V.; Avetisov, L.A., 1989:
Conditions for culturing anthers of wild tomato species

Gerasimovich, L.S.; Folitarik, A.M., 1989:
Conditions for decentralised system of air humidification

Liu, M-A.; Jones, GL.; Stoffolano, J.G.; Jr.; Yin, C-M., 1988:
Conditions for estimation of corpus allatum activity in the blowfly, Phormia regina, in vitro

Klebaner, F.C., 1988:
Conditions for fixation of an allele in the density-dependent Wright-Fisher models

Parfitt R.L.; Kimble J.M., 1989:
Conditions for formation of allophane in soils

Vanova, M.; Benada, J., 1989:
Conditions for herbicide efficiency against cleavers

Sajbidorova, M.; Bezak, A., 1988:
Conditions for increased concentration and specialization of vegetable production in the Trnava district

Duduk, V., 1987:
Conditions for low-energy storage of maize with a high moisture content

Nahm, K.H., 1990:
Conditions for mould growth and aflatoxin production in feedstuffs

Boehm K.H., 1989:
Conditions for multiplication of toxin producing fungi

Durand, M., 1989:
Conditions for optimizing cellulolytic activity in the rumen

Sun, G.C.; Sun, S.Y.; Shen, Z.T., 1989:
Conditions for sporulation of rice blast Bl fungus

Zadkov, A., 1990:
Conditions for stable production in agricultural enterprises

Tylkowski, T., 1986:
Conditions for the after-ripening of cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera var. divaricata Bailey) seeds. I. Quantitative changes in reserve materials during the after-ripening of seeds under various temperature regimes

Ferstl, S.; Weber, J.; Bohn, H., 1988:
Conditions for the association of the two clotting proteins of the cockroach Rhyparobia (Leucophaea) maderae (Blattaria)

Cifra, J., 1987:
Conditions for the conservation of bottomland forest associations on the Danube

Gaecki, R., 1988:
Conditions for the growth in number of foreign tourists' arrivals to Poland

Priebe, H., 1989:
Conditions for the integration of an ecologically friendly system of livestock farming into the general structure of agriculture

Thalmann A., 1989:
Conditions for the production of mycotoxins in feedstuffs

Izakovic, R., 1989:
Conditions for the temporary storage of maize pollen

Richards, D.L.S.; Clutton, R.E.; Boyd, C.; Shipley, C.; McGrath, C.J., 1988:
Conditions for tracheal intubation in pigs using vecuronium -a comparison with succinylcholine

Johnsen, T.N.Jr, 1988:
Conditions influencing turbinella oak (Quercus turbinella) mortality from picloram or picloram and 2,4-D

French, J.L.; Mulla, M.S.; Mattei, L. de, 1986:
Conditions leading to the toxicity of methoxychlor to game fish in Humboldt River, Nevada

Baumel, C.P.; Kober, R., 1990:
Conditions may be right for transportation futures market

Johnson, B.S.; Erickson, A.E.; Voorhees, W.B., 1989:
Conditions of a lake plain soil as affected by deep tillage and wheel traffic

Schafer, H.B., 1988:
Conditions of agricultural growth in developing countries

Moriya, K.; Saito, K.; Shimoi, H.; Sato, S.; Tadenuma, M., 1987:
Conditions of ethanol fermentation. Ethanol fermentation of beet molasses (part 2)

Jurgens, W.W., 1990:
Conditions of occupational hygiene and health: reflections on medical prevention in agriculture and forestry in the GDR

Tarasenko, V.V., 1990:
Conditions of operation of hydrodynamic separator for tomatoes

Ryu, H.S.; Moon, J.H.; Lee, K.H., 1988:
Conditions of quantitative analysis for free amino acid in fermented proteins

Kogut, S.; Trojanowska, M.; Golemo, M., 1990:
Conditions of regulating temperatures in a hen house with a system of in-blown air heating

Sokolov, I.D.; Paskina, A.V.; Buksha, Y.V., 1988:
Conditions of syngenite conversion into potassium sulfate

Potts, M.; Short, R.V., 1989:
Condoms for the prevention of HIV transmission: cultural dimensions

Kluge, E.A., 1989:
Conducting a statewide club membership survey: methodological issues and learning opportunities

Hester, D.; Hunter, G.; Dunaway, D.; Shuleva, K., 1990:
Conducting maximum treadmill tests with young children - procedures and strategies

Daud, W.R.B.W.; Armstrong, W.D., 1988:
Conductive drying characteristics of gelatinized rice starch

Jamrich, V.; Tomanova, S.; Kmet, J., 1987:
Conductivity of dried leaf matter as a test of the physiological activity of tree species affected by factory emissions

Janal, R.; Vavra, V.; Silhova, A., 1988:
Conductivity of the juice and musts of several wine grape varieties

Stratulat, G.V.; Russu, V.I.; Ropot, V.M., 1989:
Conductometric determination of exchangeable volume of clays

Stadnitskii, G.V., 1986:
Cone and seed insect diapause and its significance in seed damage

Cibrian Tovar, D.; Ebel, B.H.; Yates, H.O.I.I.I.; Mendez Montiel, J.T., 1986:
Cone and seed insects of the Mexican conifers

Groot, P. de, 1986:
Cone and twig beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) of the genus Conophthorus: an annotated bibliography

Carter, L.M.; Meek, B.D.; Rechel, E.A., 1989:
Cone index and cotton zone production systems

Vepraskas M.J.; Wagger M.G., 1989:
Cone index values diagnostic of where subsoiling can increase corn root growth

Barnett, J.P.; Brandt, F.A., 1990:
Cone maturation and seed yield of Ocala sand pine

Smythe, J.M.; Bedient, P.B.; Klopp, R.A., 1988:
Cone penetrometer technology for hazardous waste site investigations

Sirois, D.L.; Stokes, B.J.; Rawlins, C.L., 1989:
Cone penetrometers - how do they measure up?

Smith, R.F.; Magasi, L.P.; Harrison, K.J., 1986:
Cone rust, a potential problem in white spruce seed orchards

Caron, G.E.; Powell, G.R., 1989:
Cone size and seed yield in young Picea mariana trees

Bonner, F.T., 1986:
Cone storage and seed quality in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.)

Bonner, F.T., 1987:
Cone storage and seed quality in longleaf pine

Loch D.S.; Harding W.A.T.; Harvey G.L., 1988:
Cone threshing of chaffy grass seeds to improve handling characteristics

Bloomberg, D.; Upchurch, S.B.; Hayden, M.L.; Williams, R.C., 1988:
Cone-penetrometer exploration of sinkholes: stratigraphy and soil properties

Thappa, RK.; Tikku, K.; Saxena, BP.; Vaid, RM.; Bhutani, KK., 1989:
Conessine as a larval growth inhibitor, sterilant, and antifeedant from Holarrhena antidysenterica Wall

Sawant, V., 1989:
Confection and method and apparatus for manufacturing it

Edwards, D., 1989:
Confectionery in the UK

Munksgaard, L.; Ipsen, R., 1989:
Confectionery products

Pracas, V.M., 1990 :
Confectionery storage and dispensing device

Kruger, C., 1989:
Confectionery without sugar

Borlaug, N.E., 1989:
Conference comments: biotechnology and world food demand

Anonymous, 1988:
Conference considers sulphur and sulphuric acid developments

Brandenburg Vogelzang, A. et al., 1989:
Conference on 'Revitalization of the countryside: local and regional government action', Vila Real, Portugal, 17-19 May 1989

Anonymous, 1990:
Conference on HIV, lentiviruses, and the monocyte-macrophage. November 9-10, 1989, San Francisco, California

Anonymous, 1990:
Conference on Phytophthora diseases of citrus and other crops in the Mediterranean area

Anonymous, 1988:
Conference on agricultural engineering. Proceedings of a conference held at Hawkesbury, Richmond, NSW, Australia, 25-30 September 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
Conference on improving planning and accounting in the agro-industrial complex

Anonymous, 1983:
Conference on problems of seeds of tropical tree species. Volume 2

Anonymous, 1988:
Conference on tourism: Horizon 1992, Brussels, 23-24 November 1987

Anonymous, 1989:
Conference tourism

Anonymous, 1987:
Conference. Progress in treatment and control of parasitic zoonoses. Cluj-Napoca, 6-7 November, 1987

Anonymous, 1988:
Conference. Recent advances in pathology of domestic animals. 9-10 June 1988, Cluj-Napoca

Anonymous, 1989:
Conference: Innovations in cow feeding and parameters of freedom of milk from adulteration

Gressel, J., 1989:
Conferring herbicide resistance on susceptible crops

Koob, M.; Grimes, E.; Szybalski, W., 1988:
Conferring new specificity upon restriction endonucleases by combining repressor-operator interaction and methylation

Koob, M.; Grimes, E.; Szybalski, W., 1988:
Conferring operator specificity on restriction endonucleases

Platt, G., 1990:
Confidence and commitment in the future that's Oakthorpe!

Heffernan, W.D., 1989:
Confidence and courage in the next 50 years

Rosenheim, J.A.; Hoy, M.A., 1989:
Confidence intervals for the Abbott's formula correction of bioassay data for control response

Edwards, D.R.; Haan, C.T., 1988 :
Confidence limits on peak flow estimates for ungaged watersheds

Sanderson, M.J., 1989:
Confidence limits on phylogenies: the bootstrap revisited

Cherif, A.; Martin, G.E.; Soltero, L.R.; Massiot, G., 1990:
Configuration and total assignment of the 1H- and 13C-NMR spectra of the alkaloid holstiine

Kamiya, F., 1986:
Configuration of wood sheathed wall and its racking resistance

Randel, P.F.; Cleve, J.F. van, 1988:
Confinement feeding of dairy cows based on stargrass as green chopped fodder or hay

Gilbert, J.; Startin, J.R.; Crews, C., 1987:
Confirmation and quantification of pesticide residues by mass spectrometry

Marr, C.M.; Love, S.; Pirie, H.M.; Northridge, D.B., 1990:
Confirmation by Doppler echocardiography of valvular regurgitation in a horse with a ruptured chorda tendinea of the mitral valve

Erwerth, W.; Hermann, G.; Bretschneider, U., 1989:
Confirmation by electron microscopy of Coxiella burnetii in samples from aborted cows

Cilliers, C.J., 1989:
Confirmation of host specificity of Neohydronomus pulchellus under simulated natural conditions

Kasali, G.B.; Shibani, S.B.; Senior, E., 1989:
Confirmation of operative acetate, H2/CO2 and methanol methanogenic pathways in the solid-state refuse fermentation

Escribano, J.M.; Pastor, M.J.; Arias, M.; Sanchez Vizcaino, J.M., 1990:
Confirmation of positive serological ELISA reactions for African swine fever with the immunoblotting technique. Use of virus-induced proteins with molecular weights of 23-35 kilodaltons in the development of a diagnostic kit

Palme, R.; Mostl, E.; Bamberg, E.; Lorin, D.; Arbeiter, K., 1989:
Confirmation of pregnancy diagnosis in mares by means of oestrogen determination in faeces

Anonymous, 1987:
Confirmation of resistance to limabean pod borer in selected soybean accessions

Cerovsky, J.; Vinter, P.; Picha, J.; Pichova, D., 1989:
Confirmation of the diagnosis of anoestrus by the progesterone test

Poethig, S., 1989:
Confirmation of the linkage between Tp1 and sl1

Avila, J.M.; Fernandez Sigler, A., 1987:
Confirmation of the presence of Aphodius (Pseudoacrossus) thermicola Sturm (Col. Aphodiidae) in the centre and south of the Iberian Peninsula

Antola, A., 1989:
Confirmation of the results of amelioration of drained peatland forests

Kerwin, J.L.; Dritz, D.A.; Washino, R.K., 1990:
Confirmation of the safety of Lagenidium giganteum (Oomycetes: Lagenidiales) to mammals

Schoilew, C., 1990:
Confirmation of the type of tumour in cattle with enzootic leukosis. (Brief report)

Morrison, I.N.; Todd, B.G.; Nawolsky, K.M., 1989:
Confirmation of trifluralin-resistant green foxtail (Setaria viridis) in Manitoba

Charm, S.E.; Zomer, E.; Salter, R., 1988:
Confirmation of widespread sulfonamide contamination in Northeast U.S. market milk

Pelt, R.W. van, 1988:
Confirming tracheal hypoplasia in Husky-mix puppies

Chadderton, R.A., 1989:
Conflict analysis and management alternative for the Manayunk Canal

Robinson, G., 1990:
Conflict and change in the countryside. Rural society, economy and planning in the developed world

Ratnieks, F.L.W., 1989:
Conflict and cooperation in insect societies

Bages, R.; Nevers, J.Y., 1988:
Conflict and power in rural areas of France at the time of decentralization

May, V., 1989:
Conflict at the coast: leisure, development and management - the case of South Central England

Teferra, G., 1990:
Conflict between agriculture and fish production in Ethiopia

Schreyer, R., 1990:
Conflict in outdoor recreation: the scope of the challenge to resource planning and management

Goodier, R., 1990:
Conflict in the Cairngorms: contrasting attitudes towards the use of the mountains

Hodge, I., 1990 :
Conflict or consensus over agricultural and countryside issues?

Little, S.L.; Farrell, P., 1989:
Conflict resolution processes for successful leisure service delivery

Eitzen, D.S., 1988:
Conflict theory and deviance in sport

Furst, T., 1990:
Conflicting images of organized baseball in the 19th century sport press

Marquez, L., 1988:
Conflicting points in present-day standards dealing with the measurement of vibrations which affect drivers of agricultural wheeled tractors

Pearlman, M.V., 1990:
Conflicts and constraints in Bulgaria's tourism sector

Hayden, R.M., 1987:
Conflicts and relations of power between peripatetics and villagers in South Asia

Porowska, A., 1987:
Conflicts between recreational and productive functions of forests and methods of their limitation

Gundersen, G.A.; Lunnan, A.; Solberg, B., 1984:
Conflicts between the use of wood for energy or pulp in Norway, analysed using the IBRD model

Pavlickova, H., 1989:
Conflicts in the agricultural working environment and how managers can solve them

Ganjanapan, A., 1989:
Conflicts over the deployment and control of labor in a northern Thai village

Cheng, P.C.; Pareddy, D.R., 1990:
Confocal light microscopy: a new tool for maize research

Kamieniecki, K., 1986:
Conformation and dairy performance in three successive lactations of local black-pied cows and their crossbreds with Holstein-Friesian cattle

Drozdz, A.; Jasiorowski, H.; Empel, W., 1988:
Conformation characteristics of hoof box in F1 crossbreds of different strains of Friesian cattle

Suchanek, B., 1988:
Conformation evaluation in cattle in countries with an advanced standard of breeding

Boettcher, P.J.; Hansen, L.B.; Young, C.W.; Chester Jones, H., 1990:
Conformation of a genetic control population versus daughters of highest progeny tested bulls for milk yield

Slade L.M.; Branscomb J., 1989:
Conformation traits of jumping horses

L.H.H.; Gong Z X., 1989:
Conformational changes facilitate the in vitro translation of intact virions of robinia mosaic virus

Leidescher, T.; Decker, H., 1990:
Conformational changes of tarantula (Eurypelma californicum) haemocyanin detected with a fluorescent probe, 7-chloro-4-nitrobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diazole

Goldsbrough, A.P.; Bulleid, N.J.; Freedman, R.B.; Flavell, R.B., 1989:
Conformational differences between two wheat (Triticum aestivum) 'high-molecular-weight' glutenin subunits are due to a short region containing six amino acid differences

Dzhikiya, K.A. , 1987:
Conformational features and milk letdown properties of Holstein-Friesian cows of different origins

Grinberg, V.; Danilenko, A.; Burova, T.; Tolstoguzov, V., 1989:
Conformational stability of 11 S globulins from seeds

Tatham, A.; Masson, P.P.pineau, Y., 1990:
Conformational studies of peptides derived by the enzymic hydrolysis of a gamma-type gliadin

Tatham, A.S.; Drake, A.F.; Shewry, P.R., 1990:
Conformational studies of synthetic peptides corresponding to the repetitive regions of the high molecular weight (HMW) glutenin subunits of wheat

Dudeeck, H.; Hiegemann, M.; Simeonov, M.F.; Kojic Prodic, B.; Nigovic, B.; Magnus, V., 1989:
Conformational study of some amino acid conjugates of indol-3-yl-acetic acid (IAA) by 1H-NOE-difference spectroscopy. Structure/auxin activity relationships

Shoham G.; Lipscomb W.N.; Wieland T., 1989:
Conformations of amatoxins in the crystalline state

Schreiber G.B.; Robins M.; Maffeo C.E.; Masters M.N.; Bond A.P.; Morganstein D., 1988:
Confounders contributing to the reported associations of coffee or caffeine with disease

Taborsky, V.; Moanas, A.M.H., 1989:
Confrontation of results of different testing methods for the effects of pesticides on predatory mite Amblyseius mckenziei Sch. et Pr

Hornfeldt, C.S., 1989:
Confusion over toxicity of poinsettia

Lingaas, F.; Filseth, O., 1989:
Congenital abnormalities in calves

Binder, S.; Brem, G.; Dirksen, G.; Forster, M.; Gottschalk, A.; Krasslich, H., 1988:
Congenital abnormalities in the offspring of cows inseminated by mono-ovular twin bulls

Gerlach, K.; Skrodzki, M.; Trautvetter, E., 1988:
Congenital abnormalities of the aortic arch in dogs. 1. Persistent ductus arteriosis with left-right shunt

Harper P.A.W.; Plant J.W.; Unger D.B., 1990:
Congenital biliary atresia and jaundice in lambs and calves

Vitellozzi, G.; Fornai, G.; Ciorba, A.; Mechelli, L., 1988:
Congenital caudo-recto-urogenital syndrome in cattle

Post, K.; McNeill, J.R.; Clark, E.G.; Dignean, M.A.; Olynyk, G.P., 1989:
Congenital central diabetes insipidus in two sibling Afghan hound pups

Bellah, J.R.; Spencer, C.P.; Brown, D.J.; Whitton, D.L., 1989:
Congenital cranioventral abdominal wall, caudal sternal, diaphragmatic, pericardial, and intracardiac defects in cocker spaniel littermates

Tubman, T.R.J.; Reid, M.M., 1988:
Congenital cutaneous candidiasis

Drut, R.; Drut, R.M., 1988:
Congenital cutaneous candidiasis diagnosed in cytologic scrapings

Broberg A.; Thiringer K., 1989:
Congenital cutaneous candidosis

Nilsson, B., 1990:
Congenital defects have become less frequent due to progeny testing

Sjokvist Hyden, K.; Nilsson, B., 1990:
Congenital defects in lambs

Klein, H., 1988:
Congenital deformity of the forelimbs (arthrodysplasia) in calves

Darke P.G.G., 1989:
Congenital heart disease in dogs and cats

Matic, S.E., 1988:
Congenital heart disease in the dog

Pereira, D.; Rivero, R.; Feola, R., 1988:
Congenital hyperplastic goitre in sheep

Braund, K.G.; Mehta, J.R.; Toivio Kinnucan, M.; Amling, K.A.; Shell, L.G.; Matz, M.E., 1989:
Congenital hypomyelinating polyneuropathy in two Golden Retriever littermates

Robinson, W.F.; Shaw, S.E.; Stanley, B.; Wyburn, R.S., 1988:
Congenital hypothyroidism in Scottish Deerhound puppies

Scott W.D., 1989:
Congenital ichthyosis in a dog

Knowles, K.E.; O.B.ien, D.P.; Amann, J.F., 1990:
Congenital idiopathic megaesophagus in a litter of Chinese Shar Peis: clinical, electrodiagnostic, and pathological findings

Ribble, C.S.; Janzen, E.D.; Proulx, J.G., 1989:
Congenital joint laxity and dwarfism: A feed-associated congenital anomaly of beef calves in Canada

Schwartz, D.A.; LoGerfo, J.P., 1988:
Congenital limb reduction defects in the agricultural setting

Mulei, C.M.; Atwell, R.B., 1989:
Congenital lymphoedema in an Ayrshire-Friesian crossbred female calf

Lehner, P.J.; Andrews, C.J.A., 1988:
Congenital malaria in Papua New Guinea

Kirberger, R.M., 1989:
Congenital malformation and variation of the lumbar vertebrae in a dog

Harjulehto T.; Hovi T.; Aro T.; Saxen L., 1989:
Congenital malformations and oral poliovirus vaccination during pregnancy

Szabo K.T., 1989:
Congenital malformations in laboratory and farm animals

Chung, S.I.; Livingston, C.W.; Edwards, J.F.; Gauer, B.B.; Collisson, E.W., 1990:
Congenital malformations in sheep resulting from in utero inoculation of Cache Valley virus

Dubey, J.P., 1989:
Congenital neosporosis in a calf

Malik, R.; Hunt, G.B.; Chard, R.B.; Allan, G.S., 1990:
Congenital obstruction of the caudal vena cava in a dog

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