Conservation of cut carnation flowers (Dianthus caryophyllus, L. cv. Arthur) . I. Use of preservative solutions

Serrano, M.; Rosauro, J.; Rio, J.A. del; Acosta, M.

Anales de Biologia, Biologia General 14(3): 39-44


Accession: 001785190

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The senescence of carnation flowers (D. caryophyllus L. cv. Arthur) is a genetically programmed process characterized by loss of flower fresh weight, petals inrolling and ethylene production. Two conservative solutions, SB and SN (basic and nutritive solutions) improved the longevity of these cut flowers. They inhibited microbial growth and maintained an acidic pH, avoiding the obstruction of the vascular system in the stem. The SN solution provided also a carbon source (sucrose). The efficacy of these solutions were tested against commercial solutions used in conservation of cut flowers.