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Control of orange wheat blossom midge Sitodiplosis mosellana (Gehin) , with pyrethroids

Kurppa, S.; Husberg, G.B.

Annales Agriculturae Fenniae 28(2): 103-111


Accession: 001787076

Six pyrethroids, Talstar (bifenthrin), Karate Ripcord (cypermethrin), Decis EC 25 (deltamethrin), Sumicidin 10 FW (fenvalerate) and Luxan Permethrin (permethrin) were found to be as effective as the organophosphorous insecticides Folithion (fenitrothion) and Bladan E 605 (parathion) for controlling oviposition by the cecidomyiid Sitodiplosis mosellana when sprayed on spring wheat (at 200 litres/ha) in Finland in 1986-87.

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