Control of the codling moth and the summer fruit tortrix moth with egg parasitoids - a practical method harmless to the environment

Rost, W.M.; Hassan, S.A.

Erwerbsobstbau 30(7): 189-191


Accession: 001787261

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The effectiveness of egg parasitoids to control Cydia pomonella and Adoxophyes orana on apple was investigated in the German Federal Republic in 1984-87; 4-5 treatments with Trichogramma spp. each at about 9000 parasitoids/tree were carried out in June- September to ensure continuous presence of the parasitoids. T. dendrolimi reduced damage to the fruits by C. pomonella by an average of 59.3% and that by A. orana by 59.6%. The corresponding reductions with T. embryophagum were 60.4 and 34.0%.