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Culture and controlled spawning of striped bass (Morone saxatilis) to produce striped bass and striped bass X white bass (M. chrysops) hybrids

Smith, T.I.J.; Jenkins, W.E.

Proceeding of the fortieth annual conference, Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, November 20-23, 1986, Baltimore, Maryland: 152-162


Accession: 001790277

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The culture and controlled spawning techniques used are described. Some striped bass matured at 2 yr of age, and most were mature by 3 yr. No were mature at 2 yr, 16% were mature at 3 yr, and 59% were mature at 4 yr. In 1985 and 1986, water temp. and photoperiod were manipulated successfully to induce spawning 1-3 months before the natural spawning season. Striped bass and white bass matured readily in outdoor tanks under natural conditions, and were easily hybridized. However, striped bass were difficult to mature and handle. Wild white bass matured in outdoor tanks.

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