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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1792

Chapter 1792 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Polydorou, K., 1987:
Cyprus. Bovine brucellosis and brucellosis of small ruminants: diagnosis, control and vaccination

Lonsdale, B.; Tarry, D.W.; Bowen, F.L.; Stansfield, D.G., 1990:
Cyromazine pour-on for the prevention of cutaneous myiasis of sheep

Compton, J., 1989:
Cyrtanthus mackenii cooperi

Mirelman, D.; Avron, B., 1988:
Cyst formation in Entamoeba

Edongali, E.A., 1986:
Cyst forming nematodes in Libya

Swarup, G.; Gokte, N., 1987:
Cyst forming nematodes of India

Ahmad, I., 1986:
Cyst nematodes in India

Luc, M., 1986:
Cyst nematodes in equatorial and hot tropical regions

Swarup, G.; Gokte, N., 1988:
Cyst-forming nematodes of India and their management

Haack, D.; Hertsch, B.; Baez, C., 1988:
Cyst-like defects in the coffin bone of horses

Bohler, S.; Neuhauser Berthold, M.; Wagner, K.; Virmani, K.; Bassler, K.H., 1988:
Cysteine in parenteral nutrition: comparative studies on N-acetylcysteine and N,N-diacetylcystine in rats

Gomez-Bautista, M.; Barrett, J., 1988:
Cysteine metabolism in the cestode Hymenolepis diminuta

Souto-Padrón, T.; Campetella, O.E.; Cazzulo, J.J.; de Souza, W., 1990:
Cysteine proteinase in Trypanosoma cruzi: immunocytochemical localization and involvement in parasite-host cell interaction

Rossman, M.D., 1989:
Cystic fibrosis and allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

al Umran, K.; Lamabadusuriya, S.P., 1989:
Cystic fibrosis in Saudi Arabia: a diagnosis not to be missed

Bardoń, A., 1987:
Cystic fibrosis. Carbohydrate metabolism in CF and in animal models for CF

King, J.M., 1990:
Cystic hyperplasia and epithelial polyp formation of the gallbladder

Prasovic, S.; Karli, N.; Radnic, Z.; Ravlic, S., 1989:
Cystic kidneys in pigs

Ross, L.A.; Lamb, C.R.; Jakowski, R.M., 1990:
Cystic mucinous enteropathy in a dog

Panicek, D.M., 1989:
Cystic pulmonary lesions in patients with AIDS

Rysavy, B., 1988:
Cysticercoids of cestodes of the family Hymenolepididae Fuhrmann, 1907 from water-reservoirs of the Prague agglomerations

Costa, H.M. de A.; Lima, W. dos S.; Guimaraes, M.P., 1988:
Cysticercus bovis I. experiments on evagination

Schramlová, J.; Blazek, K., 1988:
Cysticercus bovis: pinocytosis in the Cysticercus tegument

Vanparijs, O.; Hermans, L.; Lauwers, H., 1987:
Cysticercus fasciolaris in mice: a laboratory model for selecting new drugs on cysticercosis

Schurr, K.; Rabalais, F.; Terwilliger, W., 1988:
Cysticercus tenuicollis: a new state record for Ohio

Roby, K.A.; Segal, S., 1989:
Cystine and lysine reabsorption in the isolated perfused rat kidney

Hesse, A.; Bruhl, M., 1988:
Cystine urolithiasis in the dog

Bjekas, E., 1989:
Cystinuria in Irish Terriers

Peschken, DP.; McClay, AS.; Derby, JL.; DeClerck, R., 1989:
Cystiphora sonchi (Bremi) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), a new biological control agent established on the weed perennial sow-thistle (Sonchus arvensis L.) (Compositae) in Canada

Bellenger, C.R.; Ilkiw, J.E.; Malik, R., 1989:
Cystogastrostomy in the treatment of pancreatic pseudocyst/abscess in two dogs

Senior, D.F.; Sundstrom, D.A., 1988:
Cystoscopy in female dogs

Lidderdale, J.A.; S.P.erre, S.J., 1990:
Cystotomy for treatment of urolithiasis in a hamster

Cruickshank, J.J.; Haines, D.M.; Palmer, N.C.; S.A.bin, D.J., 1990:
Cysts of a Toxoplasma-like organism in an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin

Syrett, P., 1989:
Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link, broom (Fabaceae)

Hoffman, A., 1989:
Cyto- and ecotaxonomic studies on Bromus ramosus Huds. and Bromus benekenii (Lange) Trimen

Corbett, C.E.; Duarte, M.I.; Lancellotti, C.L.; Silva, M.A.; Andrade Júnior, H.F., 1989:
Cytoadherence in human falciparum malaria as a cause of respiratory distress

Luzzi, G.A.; Pasvol, G., 1990:
Cytoadherence of Plasmodium falciparum-infected alpha -thalassaemic red cells

Craven, A.P.; Dyke, H.J.; Thomas, E.J., 1989:
Cytochalasan synthesis: synthesis of (17S,18S)-17,18-dihydroxy-10-(prop-2-yl)-14-methyl-cytochalasa-6(7),13Z,19E-triene-1,21-dione; an isomer of aspochalasin C

Mujumdar, A.M., 1989:
Cytochalasins: a short review

Sheikher, C.; Mittal, P.K., 1986:
Cytochemical changes induced by apholate, tepa and hempa in the testes of Locusta migratoria (L.)

Benjamin, B.R.; Sahni, K.L.; Mohan, G., 1990:
Cytochemical evaluation of enzymatic activity of frozen spermatozoa of taurine cattle and riverine buffaloes

Vaughn, K.C.; Paul, R.N., 1990:
Cytochemical localization of aspartate aminotransferase and malate dehydrogenase in soybean nodules

Metsis, A.L., 1987:
Cytochemical studies of the cystic stages of the sarcosporidian Sarcocystis bovicanis. I. Nucleic acids, polysaccharides, lipids, proteins

Fujino, T.; Ishii, Y., 1988:
Cytochemical studies on the effects of starvation in the gastrodermis of the lung fluke, Paragonimus ohirai

Kanwar, U.; Kansal, M., 1987:
Cytochemical studies on the non-germinal components of the ovary of two nematodes Diplotriaena bhamoensis and Ascaridia galli

Sareen, ML.; Mittal, PK.; Ruma Chanda., 1986:
Cytochemical studies on the ovary of the trematode Cotylophoron indicus Stiles and Goldberger, 1910

Metsis, A.L., 1988:
Cytochemical study of Sarcocystis bovicanis cysts. II Enzymes of oxidative metabolism

Bugara, A.M.; Egorova, N.A.; Bugaenko, L.A., 1988:
Cytochemical study of the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in the pollen grains and somatic cells of forms differing in resistance to low temperatures

Shimizu, T., 1988 :
Cytochemical study on acid phosphatase as a T cell marker in pig lymphocytes

Schrevel, J., 1988:
Cytochemical techniques available for the study of fungal polysaccharides

O'keefe, D.P.; Leto, K.J., 1989:
Cytochrome P-450 from the Mesocarp of Avocado (Persea americana)

Clarke, S.E.; Brealey, C.J.; Gibson, G.G., 1989:
Cytochrome P-450 in the housefly: induction, substrate specificity and comparison to three rat hepatic isoenzymes

Shaw, J.T.B.; Tarbit, M.H.; Troke, P.F., 1987:
Cytochrome P-450 mediated sterol synthesis and metabolism: differences in sensitivity to fluconazole and other azoles

Ronis, M.J.; Hodgson, E., 1989:
Cytochrome P-450 monooxygenases in insects

Yoshida, Y., 1988:
Cytochrome P450 of fungi: primary target for azole antifungal agents

Belgnaoui, S.; Barra, J-A., 1988:
Cytochrome oxidase activity in the anhydrobiotic Collembola Folsomides angularis (Insecta, Apterygota)

Morgan, P.G., 1989:
Cytochrome oxidase and o-nitrophenyl- beta -D-galactopyranoside for improved and rapid confirmation of coliforms enumerated by the membrane filtration method

Shibasaka, M.; Tsuji, H., 1988:
Cytochromes of mitochondria from rice seedlings germinated under water and their changes during air adaptation

Hummer, D.A., 1988:
Cytodiagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii infection using toluidine blue O

Petrushina, M.P.; Slys' , T.Y., 1988:
Cytoembryological characteristics of the species Beta macrorhiza Stev

Slyusarenko, Z.S.; Petrushina, M.P., 1987:
Cytoembryological expression of incompatibility in the production of breeding material of sugarbeet

Molkhova, E.; Vasileva, M.; Mikhailova, M., 1988:
Cytoembryological study of cochleata mutant forms of Pisum sativum with feminized stamens

Popa, N.E.; Zakrzhevskaya, A.M.; Morozova, M.V., 1987:
Cytoembryological testing of the genetically toxic effect of mutagenic factors of the environment

Orlova, I.N.; Cherednichenko, V.N., 1989:
Cytoembryology of tetraploid alloplasmic rye

Stelly, D.M.; Altman, D.W.; Kohel, R.J.; Rangan, T.S.; Commiskey, E., 1989:
Cytogenetic abnormalities of cotton somaclones from callus cultures

Popa, N.E., 1986:
Cytogenetic action of maleic hydrazide and heteroauxin on seedlings of broad bean

Badr, A., 1988:
Cytogenetic activities of some fungicides

Aref' ev, V.A., 1989:
Cytogenetic analysis and nuclear organization of the sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax

Begimkulov, B.K.; Bezrukov, N.I.; Nazarbekov, B.K., 1989 :
Cytogenetic analysis of Santa Gertrudis cattle and their crosses of different generations

Golisch, D., 1989:
Cytogenetic analysis of a pig breeding herd for 13/17 Robertsonian translocations

Deb, S.M.; Goswami, S.L., 1990:
Cytogenetic analysis of goat oocytes cultured in vitro

Hsiao, C.; Asay, K.H.; Dewey, D.R., 1989:
Cytogenetic analysis of interspecific hybrids and amphiploids between two diploid crested wheatgrasses, Agropyron mongolicum and A. cristatum

Rodionov, A.V.; Chelysheva, L.A.; Solovei, I.V., 1990:
Cytogenetic analysis of meiotic recombination in fowls. Linkage map for 47 markers

Yurkova, G.N.; Prilyuk, L.V.; Novozhilov, O.V.; Levenko, B.A., 1990:
Cytogenetic analysis of plant regenerates of bread wheat in the third and fourth generations

Bondar' , L.M.; Chastokolenko, L.V., 1988:
Cytogenetic analysis of populations of Vicia cracca L. in an area exposed to high-tension lines

Bondar' , L.M.; Chastokolenko, L.V., 1988:
Cytogenetic analysis of populations of Vicia cracca L. in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines

Badaeva, E.D.; Badaev, N.S.; Kurkiev, U.K.; Abdulaeva, A.K.; Zelenin, A.V., 1989:
Cytogenetic analysis of tetraploid triticale

Zhigachev, A.I.; Kurchanov, N.A., 1989:
Cytogenetic analysis of the karyotype of domestic pigs

Pyatkyavichyute, R.B.; Kiselene, V.K.; Sten' ko, R.P., 1989:
Cytogenetic analysis of two populations of Diplodiscus subclavatus (Trematoda, Diplodiscidae)

Muradyan, A.A.; Oganesyan, A.A., 1989:
Cytogenetic and biochemical analysis of combined treatment with Phenagon and gibberellin in wild species of wheat

Eiges, N.S., 1984:
Cytogenetic and breeding characteristics of winter wheat mutants in relation to ethyleneimine dose

Belogorodskaya, S.P.; Borisova, L.S., 1988:
Cytogenetic and cytoembryological features of self-fertile and self-sterile lines of the 0 type and their male-sterile (MS) counterparts

Bolelova, Z.A., 1988:
Cytogenetic and cytoembryological studies and their use in the breeding and seed production of sugarbeet

Chrzastek, M., 1987:
Cytogenetic and morphological studies of wheat lines with rye chromosome additions. I. Study of the extent of aneuploidy and chromosome pairing in octoploid triticale and its F1 hybrids with wheat

Chrzastek, M., 1987:
Cytogenetic and morphological studies of wheat lines with rye chromosome additions. II. Cytological analyses and the value of the most important quantitative traits in wheat with added rye chromosomes

Chrzastek, M., 1987:
Cytogenetic and morphological studies of wheat lines with rye chromosome additions. III. Transmission of rye chromosomes in derived addition lines of the wheat Grana

Velkov, D.; Dobrev, R., 1987:
Cytogenetic and physiological changes during storage of forest tree seeds

Olimpienko, G.S.; Lebedeva, O.N.; Pavlova, N.A.; Nikolaevskaya, T.S., 1989:
Cytogenetic anomalies in pollen mother cells of meadow fescue as affected by postmutational conditions of soil nutrition

Triantaphyllou, A.C., 1988:
Cytogenetic approaches in nematode taxonomy and identification

Kumar, P.; Dutt, B., 1989:
Cytogenetic basis of breeding system in some verbenaceous species

Goguadze, R.S.; Kapanadze, I.S., 1988:
Cytogenetic basis of evolution in the genus Citrus

Rcheulishvili, M.D.; Dzhozhadze, T.A., 1988:
Cytogenetic characteristics of some breeds of domestic sheep

Kovaleva, O.N.; Dunaeva, S.E., 1989:
Cytogenetic characteristics of subcultured callus obtained from diploid embryos of barley Hordeum vulgare L

Yadav, B.R.; Balakrishnan, C.R.; Balaine, D.S.; Kumar, P., 1990:
Cytogenetic confirmation of the presence of swamp buffaloes in India

Fomina, Z.N.; Kolosentseva, N.V.; Sen' , L.A., 1989:
Cytogenetic consequences of radiation pollution of the environment in crop plants

Iordanskaya, I.V.; Mal' chenko, V.V., 1988:
Cytogenetic effect of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea on depressed mutants of winter wheat

Mashtaler, S.G.; Yurkevich, L.N.; Potopal' skii, A.I., 1988:
Cytogenetic effect of exogenous DNAs on rye grains of different ploidy

Gudkov, I.N., 1989:
Cytogenetic effect of stimulative doses of gamma radiation on plants

Cherezhanova, L.V.; Melik Sarkisov, O.S.; Ovchinnikova, V.N., 1988:
Cytogenetic effect of sucrose

Amer, S.M.; Mikhael, E.; E.A.hry, Z.M., 1989:
Cytogenetic effect of sulphur dioxide on Vicia faba plant. I

Khakimov, K.A.; Chikhladze, T.A.; Khudolii, G.A.; Akif' ev, A.P., 1989:
Cytogenetic effect of the radiation-sensitizing action of 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine on eukaryotic cells at different phases of DNA synthesis

Gupta, S.C.; Sahai, R.; Gupta, N., 1988:
Cytogenetic effects of malathion on buffalo blood cultures

Topaktas, M.; Speit, G., 1989:
Cytogenetic effects of the insecticide profenofos on human lymphocytes

Jorge, W.; Garcia, E.A., 1988:
Cytogenetic effects on infertility and small litters in pigs

Krakosevich, A.; Gavrikov, A.; Alekseenko, A.; Tsochev, I.; Maslev, T., 1988:
Cytogenetic evaluation of donors of embryos

Baimai, V.; Harbach, R.E.; Kijchalao, U., 1988:
Cytogenetic evidence for a fifth species within the taxon Anopheles dirus in Thailand

Sharipov, I.K.; Shpekbaeva, G.Z., 1988:
Cytogenetic examination of Ala-Tau bulls

Shnaider, T.M.; Fadeeva, T.S., 1984:
Cytogenetic features of pseudofertile lines of rye

Karmakar, P.G.; Dana, S., 1987:
Cytogenetic identification of a Vigna sublobata collection

Kulikova, S.G.; Radzhabli, S.I.; Petukhov, V.L., 1989:
Cytogenetic investigation of aborted, stillborn and abnormal Russian Black Pied calves

Gorlov, I.P., 1990:
Cytogenetic investigations of synapsis and crossing-over in male mice heterozygous for the reciprocal translocation T(14;15)6Ca

Golisch, D.; Ritter, E., 1990:
Cytogenetic investigations on breeding animals in order to achieve genetic improvement in pigs

Chelysheva, L.A.; Solovei, I.K.; Rodionov, A.V.; Yakovlev, A.F.; Gaginskaya, E.P., 1990:
Cytogenetic maps of fowl macrochromosome bivalents

Borisov, Y.M.; Surin, N.A., 1987:
Cytogenetic markers of a C-heterochromatic nature and their karyological variation in barley breeding in the east Siberian region

Zhigachev, A.I.; Nikitin, N.S.; Kurchanov, N.A.; Marusyak, V.G.; Cherkasov, V.V.; Bogacheva, T.V.; Konovalova, N.N.; Cheredeeva, M.N., 1988:
Cytogenetic methods in animal breeding practice

Paramonova, T.B.; Kochneva, M.L.; Shchegoleva, O.A.; Paramonov, E.V., 1989:
Cytogenetic monitoring during the creation of a new Siberian type of Black Pied cattle

Sharshov, A.A., 1989:
Cytogenetic monitoring in populations of hardy breeds of cattle

Triantaphyllou, AC., 1990:
Cytogenetic status of Meloidogyne kikuyensis in relation to other root-knot nematodes

Chuanchai, V.; Luesakul, C., 1987:
Cytogenetic studies in swamp buffalo

Karihaloo, J.L.; Koul, A.K., 1989:
Cytogenetic studies in the genus Narcissus L. VII. Karyotype and nucleolar condition in some N. pseudonarcissus L. cultivars

Wu, P.L.; Liu, D.J., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies of BC1 and F2 hybrids between Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum-Haynaldia villosa amphidiploid

Wu, P.L.; Liu, D.J., 1987:
Cytogenetic studies of F1 hybrid between Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum-Haynaldia villosa amphiploid

Zagorcheva, L.; Poryazov, I.; Nikolova, V., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies of a gamma ray induced narrow-leaved mutant of French bean

Mastnak Culk, C.; Susnik, F., 1989:
Cytogenetic studies of polyploids of hop (Humulus lupulus L.)

Gangadevi, T.; Rao, P.N.; Satyanarayana, K.V., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies of some synthetic amphiploids of Nicotiana

Miazga, D.; Chrzastek, M.; Tarkowski, C., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies of wheat addition lines

Desai, D.S.; Krishnaswamy, A.; Narayana, K.; Nagaraja, C.S.; Degde, B.P., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies on heterosexual twins in cattle

Rao, Y.V.; Rao, B.G.S., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies on the F1 hybrids of Solanum pubescens with S. melongena and S. melongena var. insanum

Tanaka, T., 1988:
Cytogenetic studies on the origin of Camellia X vernalis. IV. Introgressive hybridization of C. sasanqua and C. japonica

Ionescu, A., 1989:
Cytogenetic studies on the species Allium cepa L., Allium fistulosum L. and their hybrids

Tanaka, R.; Kawasaki, S.; Yonezawa, Y.; Taniguchi, K.; Ikeda, H., 1989:
Cytogenetic studies on wild Chrysanthemum from China V. F1-hybrids of Chrysanthemum lavandulaefolium var. sianense X Ch. boreale

Popova, I.S.; Shumnyi, V.K.; Vladimirov, N.S., 1988:
Cytogenetic study of autotetraploid forms of winter rye. V. C3 families: analysis of the microspore tetrad stage

Badaeva, E.D.; Badaev, N.S.; Filatenko, A.A.; Boguslavskii, R.L.; Zelenin, A.V., 1990:
Cytogenetic study of cereals. Hexaploid and octoploid species containing genome G

Badaeva, E.D.; Boguslavskii, R.L.; Badaev, N.S., 1988:
Cytogenetic study of cereals. Tetraploid wheat species of the Zanduri group

D' yakova, M.I., 1988:
Cytogenetic study of compatible and incompatible crosses of diploid and tetraploid buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench)

Ishin, A.G.; Kostina, G.I.; Filatova, I.A., 1986:
Cytogenetic study of grain sorghum hybrids

Salesses, G.; Bonnet, A., 1988:
Cytogenetic study of hybrids between hazel (Corylus avellana) varieties carrying a heterozygous translocation

Tambasco, A.J.; Ferrari, I.; Scheid, I.R.; Mores, N.; Laus, J.E., 1990:
Cytogenetic study of intersex swine

Shkuratova, N.N., 1989:
Cytogenetic study of mutant forms of peach

Ranchyalis, V.; Girkontaite, I.; Indryunaite, A.; Zhilinskaite, S., 1988:
Cytogenetic study of the genetically unstable pinched ear mutant of barley and its revertants

Meleshko, A.A., 1988:
Cytogenetic testing in embryo transfers in cattle

Stranzinger, G., 1988:
Cytogenetic tests in domestic livestock

Cataudella, S.; Sola, L.; Corti, M.; Arcangeli, R.; Rosa, G. la; Mattoccia, M.; Sbordoni, M.C.; Sbordoni, V., 1987:
Cytogenetic, genic and morphometric characterization of groups of common carp, Cyprinus carpio

Egawa, Y.; Nakagahra, M.; Fernandez, G.C.J., 1988:
Cytogenetical analysis of tetraploid Vigna glabrescens by interspecific hybridization involving diploid Asian Vigna species

Huang, M.C.; Sung, Y.Y., 1988:
Cytogenetical analysis of the germ cell in the domestic drake and mule drake

Dvorak, J., 1988:
Cytogenetical and molecular inferences about the evolution of wheat

Agarwal, P.K., 1988:
Cytogenetical investigations in Musaceae. IV. Cytomorphology of an interspecific triploid hybrid of Musa acuminata Colla. X M. rubra Wall

Zhang, Y.X.; Salesses, G.; Lespinasse, Y., 1988:
Cytogenetical studies of some diploid and polyploid apple clones (Malus X domestica Borkh.). Origins of the apple tree

Kumar, G.; Roy, S.K., 1989:
Cytogenetical studies on F1 hybrid of Solanum lucani X S. surattense var. violet and white

Mukherjee, P., 1985:
Cytogenetical studies on F1 hybrid sterility in some crosses of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Georgieva Todorova, J., 1988:
Cytogenetical studies on the hybrids and back cross generations of the cross Helianthus annuus (2n = 34) X Helianthus decapetalus (2n = 68)

Kim, I.; Carr, G.D., 1990:
Cytogenetics and hybridization of Portulaca in Hawaii

Iwamasa, M.; Nito, N., 1988:
Cytogenetics and the evolution of modern cultivated citrus

Butorina, A.K.; Muraya, L.S.; Moreno, V., 1990:
Cytogenetics of Hibiscus elatus Sw

Balakrishnan, C.R.; Yadav, B.R.; Prakash, B., 1989:
Cytogenetics of farm animals and poultry

Trunin, L.L., 1989:
Cytogenetics of induced polyploids of gooseberry and spontaneous mixoploids of raspberry

Popescu, P.C., 1989:
Cytogenetics of mammalian livestock

Vijh, R.K.; Sahai, R.; Sharma, A., 1989:
Cytogenetics of pigs with special reference to congenital and reproductive disorders - a review

Anaso, H.U., 1989:
Cytogenetics of the F1 of the Solanum gilo X S. aethiopicum cross

Stuart, J.J.; Hatchett, J.H., 1988:
Cytogenetics of the Hessian fly: I Mitotic karyotope analysis and polytene chromosome correlations

Mashkin, S.I., 1988:
Cytogenetics of the spontaneous formation of plant forms of the specific type following their introduction (as exemplified by species of Cerasus)

Lukaszewski, A.J.; Gustafson, J.P., 1987:
Cytogenetics of triticale

Rao, Y.S., 1988:
Cytohistology of cytoplasmic male sterile lines in hybrid rice

Hammer, C.; Klanke, D.; Lersch, C.; Dirschedl, P.; Kemkes, B.M.; Gokel, M.; Reichenspurner, H.; Reichart, B., 1989:
Cytoimmunologic monitoring (CIM) for differentiation between cardiac rejection and viral, bacterial, or fungal infection: its specificity and sensitivity

Grimble, R.F., 1989:
Cytokines: their relevance to nutrition

Young, E., 1989:
Cytokinin and soluble carbohydrate concentrations in xylem sap of apple during dormancy and budbreak

Santokh Singh; Letham, D.S.; Jameson, P.E.; Zhang, R.; Parker, C.W.; Badenoch Jones, J.; Nooden, L.D., 1988:
Cytokinin biochemistry in relation to leaf senescence

Horgan, R., 1986:
Cytokinin biosynthesis

Nieto, K.F., 1989:
Cytokinin biosynthesis by soil bacteria and its effect on the growth of Raphanus sativus and Zea mays L

Tachibana, S., 1988:
Cytokinin concentrations in roots and root xylem exudate of cucumber and figleaf gourd as affected by root temperature

Schupp, J.R.; Ferree, D.C., 1988:
Cytokinin injections are ineffective in overcoming the response of young apple trees to root pruning

Zhu, X.R.; Inoue, H.; Mizutani, F.; Matsumoto, K., 1989:
Cytokinin levels in satsuma trees as influenced by temperature treatments during the quiescent period

McGaw, B.A., 1986:
Cytokinin metabolism

Wang, T.L., 1986:
Cytokinin mutants

Inbault, N.; Doumas, P.; Pethe, C.; Laloue, M.; Bonnet Masimbert, N., 1989:
Cytokinin nucleotides contents in sexual buds of Douglas-fir

Chatfield, J.M., 1987:
Cytokinin oxidase activity from Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Great Northern callus tissues

Laloue, M.; Fox, J.E., 1989:
Cytokinin oxidase from wheat

Blakesley, D.; Lenton, J.R., 1987:
Cytokinin uptake and metabolism in relation to shoot multiplication in vitro

Lerbs, S.; Lerbs, W.; Wollgiehn, R.; Parthier, B., 1988:
Cytokinin, light, and developmental control of protein synthesis in Cucurbita cotyledons

Salk, P.L.; Parker, L.W., 1988:
Cytokinin-containing plant growth regulators: variation in efficacy as a function of latitude

Rozek, S.; Piskornich, Z.; Radwan Kaznica, M., 1985:
Cytokinin-like effect of benzimidazole fungicides on the level of photosynthetic pigments in aging Phaseolus vulgaris leaves

Gupta, H.S.; Pattanayak, A.; Bhuyan, R.N.; Pandey, D.K., 1989:
Cytokinin-mediated induction of embryogenic calli and plant regeneration in indica rice (Oryza sativa)

Parsons, A.; Sanders, D., 1988:
Cytokinin-stimulation of the plasma membrane proton pump - its role in hormonal stimulus transduction

Van Staden, J., 1989:
Cytokinins and auxins in carnation senescence as related to chemical treatments

Lenton, J.R.; Appleford, N.E.J., 1986:
Cytokinins and early growth in wheat

Van der Krieken, W.M.; Croes, A.F.; Smulders, M.J.; Wullems, G.J., 1990:
Cytokinins and flower bud formation in vitro in tobacco: role of the metabolites

Incoll, L.D.; Jewer, P.C., 1986:
Cytokinins and the water relations of whole plants

Gurevich, A.S.; Yakushkina, N.I., 1989:
Cytokinins as one of the factors of the copper effect on potato photosynthetic apparatus

Taller, B.J.; Wong, T.Y., 1989:
Cytokinins in Azotobacter vinelandii Culture Medium

Sugiyama, T.; Hashizume, T., 1989:
Cytokinins in developing tuberous roots of sweet potato

Vedenicheva, N.P.; Musatenko, L.I., 1990:
Cytokinins in seeds during maturation and germination

Gil' manov, M.K.; Sultanbaev, B.E., 1989:
Cytokinins induce appearance of NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenases in germinating wheat seed

Anonymous, 1986:
Cytokinins: plant hormones in search of a role

Crane, S.A.; Ziemer, E.L.; Sweeney, C.R., 1989:
Cytologic and bacteriologic evaluation of tracheobronchial aspirates from clinically normal foals

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DLG-Food Tec '88

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DME, Dansk Mejeri Elektronik A/S

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DMV Campina

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DNA Probe for Identification of the Take-All Fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis

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DNA probes for rapid diagnosis of malaria

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DNA probes for the faecal diagnosis of Giardia lamblia infections in man

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DNA probes for vector taxonomy

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DNA probes in disease diagnosis

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DNA probes in the clinical laboratory

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DNA promoter fragments from wheat

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DNA restriction fragment variants

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DNA sequence analysis: past, present, and future

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DNA sequence of the gene encoding a Plasmodium falciparum malaria candidate vaccine antigen

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DNA sequencing

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DNA sequencing using Taq polymerase

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DNA useful for the transport of foreign proteins to the plant cell wall

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DNA-mediated transformation in rice protoplasts

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Anonymous, 1988:
DOA approved crop varieties from commercial breeders

Anonymous, 1987:
DOA releases more varieties

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DPX L-5300, a new postemergence herbicide for the control of broadleaved weeds in wheat

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DPX-M 6313 - a new herbicide for use in pastures

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DPX-M6316 + pyridate, a new maize herbicide for post emergence control of broadleaf weeds resistant to atrazine

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DPX-M6316, a new broad-leaved weed herbicide for use in mixtures in winter and spring cereals

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DPX-V9360: a new corn herbicide for postemergence control of annual and perennial grasses

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DRAEN - a flexible CAD-system for the planning of drainage systems for teaching purposes

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DRIS evaluation of the nutrient status of bahia and St. Augustine turfgrasses

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DSS software for fertiliser distribution

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DTP vaccine litigation, 1988

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DUMPS - a new, undesirable disease with recessive inheritance in Red Holsteins

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Dactuliochaeta, a new genus for the fungus causing red leaf blotch of soybeans

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Dactylogyrus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from seven species of Notropis (Pisces: Cyprinidae) from the Tennessee River drainage: descriptions of four new species and remarks on host relationships

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Dactylostomum harishaii sp. nov. from the intestine of a freshwater eel Mastacembelus armatus (Lac)

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Dactylostomum stapali sp. nov. from the intestine of a fresh water eel, Mastacembelus armatus (Lac.)

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Dagro, the second triticale variety on the varietal list

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Dahi and acidophilus milk

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Dahlia as a cut flower. Short vase life remains a selling problem

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Daikon white radish. Increased sale is possible by lengthening the supply season

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Daily and annual water potential of Pinus cembroides and Pinus discolor in the southern mountains of San Luis Potosi

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Daily and seasonal variation in total radiation and its components above and within a beech forest

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Daily change of cage depresses mass gain in mice

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Daily changes in reproductive hormone levels in the female gilthead seabream Sparus aurata at the spawning period

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Daily diets of young workers, students of vocational schools at large industrial factories

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Daily feeding rhythm and rations of juvenile chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, during river and early marine part of their life cycle

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Daily flower production, rate of seed, and fiber flax cultivars as related to seed yield

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Daily food intake by women manual workers in large factories

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Daily foraging activity of Bombus and Psithyrus in different altitudinal bands of Umbria and the Marche

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Daily furrow irrigation in orchards

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Daily monitoring of a rock tablet at a maritime Antarctic site: moisture and weathering results

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Daily weight gain during fattening and energy requirements of growing pigs at different air temperatures

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Dairy Center: a teamwork showcase

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Dairy Comp 305 program

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Dairy Crest pioneers thermal fluid processing

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Dairy Danmark A.m.b.a. - today & tomorrow

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Dairy Fellows - a non-traditional approach to teaching dairy management to undergraduate students

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Dairy Foods processing in our universe

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Dairy Promotions Report 1987-1988

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Dairy Termination Program: an estimate of its impact and cost-effectiveness

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Dairy aid development - India's Operation Flood

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Dairy and food research at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

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Dairy and poultry statistics

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Dairy biomass in ruminant diets: effects on ruminal fermentation and liquid digesta kinetics

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Dairy biotechnology in perspective

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Dairy butter

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Dairy casing method and apparatus

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Dairy cattle

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Dairy cattle breeding

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Dairy cattle breeding research in India

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Dairy cattle in France: a choice of breeds with constant increased productivity

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Dairy centres in the Auvergne

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Dairy cessation schemes, quota transfers, and regional rigidities

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Dairy complex for use with the link system of herd maintenance

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Dairy cooperatives and their role in the United States - 1988

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Dairy cooperatives are on the right track

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Dairy cooperatives: a catalyst for economic and social change in rural India

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Dairy cow behaviour in two different tying systems

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Dairy cow disposal rates from commercial dairy farms participating in the DAIRYMIS II computerised management information system in Ireland

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Dairy cow mortality in herds in East Slovakia

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Dairy cow selection through videotex -- economically optimal management strategies depending on changing general conditions

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Dairy cow sensitivity to short duration electrical currents

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Dairy design for a semi-arid climate

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Dairy desserts and related products

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Dairy development in Asia

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Dairy development in Guyana

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Dairy development policy: instruments and implications for India

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Dairy development scheme in Mehsana district of Gujarat State - an ex-post evaluation study