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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dietary marine lipids suppress murine autoimmune disease
, Journal of Internal Medicine. Supplement 731: 211-216 (1989)

Dietary modification as cause of anticoagulation instability
, Lancet 2(8614): 803 (1988)

Dietary modification of chyle composition in chylothorax
, Gastroenterology 97(3): 761-765 (1989)

Dietary modification of potential vitamin K supply from enteric bacterial menaquinones in rats
, British Journal of Nutrition 63(3): 639-652 (1990)

Dietary modulation of oral amphetamine intake in rats
, Physiology and Behavior 44(4-5): 501-505 (1988)

Dietary modulation of rat liver carcinogenesis
, Carcinogenesis 8(2): 337-340 (1987)

Dietary modulators of blood pressure in hypertension
, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 44(4): 319-327 (1990)

Dietary n-3 fatty acid supplementation reduces superoxide production and chemiluminescence in a monocyte-enriched preparation of leukocytes
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 51(5): 804-808 (1990)

Dietary n-3 fatty acids and arthritis
, Journal of Internal Medicine. Supplement 731: 217-223 (1989)

Dietary n-3 fatty acids and children with hyperlipidaemia
, Journal of Internal Medicine. Supplement 731: 181-183 (1989)

Dietary nitrogen and phosphorus interactions in Bos indicus cattle
, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia 13: 124 (1988)

Dietary olive and safflower oils in promotion of DMBA-induced mammary tumorigenesis in rats
, Nutrition and Cancer 13(3): 153-163 (1990)

Dietary omega-3 fatty acids and the regulation of lipoproteins
, Bristol Myers Squibb Mead Johnson nutrition symposia(7): 69-92 (1989)

Dietary origin of retained H+ in infants with acquired monosaccharide intolerance
, Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 8(2): 181-188 (1989)

Dietary pattern and nutritional status of spinning mill workers
, Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 25(10): 315-319 (1988)

Dietary patterns and nutrition in pregnancy in Jamaica
, Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 35(4): 185-190 (1989)

Dietary patterns in 10 groups and the relationship with blood pressure
, Chinese Medical Journal (English Edition) 102(4): 257-261 (1989)

Dietary patterns in the Belfast MONICA Project
, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 49(2): 297-305 (1990)

Dietary patterns in three English towns in relation to dietary goals and RDAs
, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 2(1): 49-54 (1989)

Dietary patterns of antenatal women attending Urban Health Centre and University Health Centre of Banaras Hindu University
, Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 25(4): 111-118 (1987)

Dietary patterns of women smokers and non-smokers
, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 90(2): 230-237 (1990)

Dietary patterns, gastrointestinal complaints, and nutrition knowledge of recreational triathletes
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 51(4): 690-697 (1990)

Dietary phosphorus and calcium effects on lactational performance of Holstein cows
, Journal of Dairy Science 72(Suppl 1): 476 (1989)

Dietary phosphorus and calcium excretion in guinea pigs
, Nutrition Reports International 37(5): 909-912 (1988)

Dietary phosphorus concentrations related to breaking load and chemical bone properties in heifers
, Journal of Dairy Science 73(4): 1100-1106 (1990)

Dietary phosphorus levels and calcium:available phosphorus ratio for growing pigs
, Recent advances in animal nutrition in Australia 1989: 155-163 (1989)

Dietary polyunsaturated fat and hypertension
, Annals of Medicine 21(3): 251-254 (1989)

Dietary potassium does not affect magnesium excretion in rats
, Nutrition Reports International 39(2): 415-420 (1989)

Dietary potassium requirement of juvenile chinook salmon
, Aquaculture 73(1-4): 119-130 (1988)

Dietary practices in rural France in the 16th century
, Medecine et Nutrition 24(4): 233-237 (1988)

Dietary preferences of domestic ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats) on sahelian and sudano-sahelian rangelands. III. Epidermal characteristics of the principal forage species: production of reference data for studying dietary preference
, Revue d' Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 42(2): 237-243 (1989)

Dietary prevention of coronary artery disease. How to help patients modify eating habits and reduce cholesterol
, Postgraduate Medicine 85(6): 243-50 257-61 (1989)

Dietary principles in disease management
, Seminars in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 5(3): 145-153 (1990)

Dietary protein and hoof growth in juvenile female white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
, Journal of Zoo Animal Medicine 19(1-2): 18-23 (1988)

Dietary protein enhanced mammary ornithine decarboxylase activity and tumorigenesis in rats
, Journal of Nutrition 119(4): 547-552 (1989)

Dietary protein increases urinary calcium
, Journal of Nutrition 120(1): 134-136 (1990)

Dietary protein intake in diabetic nephropathy
, Diabete et Metabolisme 14(2): 218-219 (1988)

Dietary protein intake modulates glomerular eicosanoid production in the rat
, American Journal of Physiology 256(4 Pt 2): F711-F718 (1989)

Dietary protein requirement of early grow-out seabass (Lates calcarifer, Bloch) and some observations on the performance of two practical formulated feeds
, Singapore Journal of Primary Industries 17(2): 98-111 (1989 )

Dietary protein restriction and renal injury in the spontaneously hypertensive rat
, American Journal of Physiology 256(2 Pt 2): F224-F228 (1989)

Dietary protein restriction in chronic renal failure: an update
, Klinische Wochenschrift 67(17): 882-888 (1989)

Dietary pyridoxine interaction with tryptophan or histidine on brain serotonin and histamine metabolism
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 29(3): 559-564 (1988)

Dietary recommendations for a marathon runner
, Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 23(1): 75-77 (1988)

Dietary recommendations for children and adolescents with diabetes
, Diabetic Medicine: a Journal of the British Diabetic Association 6(6): 537-547 (1989)

Dietary regulation of amino acid transport activity in the exocrine pancreatic epithelium
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 945(2): 273-280 (1988)

Dietary regulation of glucose transport across rat isolated enterocyte intestinal basolateral membrane
, Journal of Physiology 407: 12P (1988)

Dietary regulation of intestinal transport of the dipeptide carnosine
, American Journal of Physiology 255(2 Pt 1): G143-G150 (1988)

Dietary regulation of rat intestinal cholecystokinin gene expression
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 81(6): 2015-2019 (1988)

Dietary replacement in preschool-aged hyperactive boys
, Pediatrics 83(1): 7-17 (1989)

Dietary requirements and athletic performance of horses
, Equine Veterinary Journal 20(3): 163-172 (1988)

Dietary restraint and binge eating: pseudo-quantitative anthropology for a medicalised problem habit?
, Appetite 14(2): 116-9; discussion 142-3 (1990)

Dietary restriction induces microcytic change and shortened life span of erythrocytes without anemia in mice
, International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Internationale Zeitschrift für Vitamin- und Ernahrungsforschung. Journal International de Vitaminologie et de Nutrition 59(4): 406-412 (1989)

Dietary restriction of phosphorus and nephrocalcinosis in two inbred strains of rats
, Nutrition Reports International 40(5): 923-930 (1989)

Dietary rumen protected choline effects on milk yield and composition in lactating dairy cows
, Journal of Dairy Science 73(Suppl 1): 128 (1990)

Dietary salt and the glycaemic response to meals of different fibre content
, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 43(10): 699-703 (1989)

Dietary salt intake and its relevance to ionic regulation in freshwater salmonids
, Journal of Fish Biology 35(6): 749-754 (1989)

Dietary similarity and foraging range of two seed-harvester ants during resource fluctuations
, Oecologia (Berlin) 75.3: 362-366 (1988)

Dietary sodium and potassium intake and colorectal cancer risk
, Nutrition and Cancer 12(4): 351-359 (1989)

Dietary sodium and potassium intake in blood pressure
, ISI Atlas of Science, Pharmacology 2(2): 175-178 (1988)

Dietary sodium deprivation does not alter taste sensitivity in the rat
, Physiology and Behavior 47(5): 881-888 (1990)

Dietary spectrum and activity patterns of Aphaenogaster senilis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
, Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France 24(1): 69-75 (1988)

Dietary status of Seventh-Day Adventist vegetarian and non-vegetarian elderly women
, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 89(12): 1763-1769 (1989)

Dietary structure and productivity of pigs
, Svinovodstvo Moskva 4: 35-37 (1989)

Dietary sugar, hyperactivity and cognitive functioning: a methodological review
, Journal of Applied Nutrition 41(1): 13-22 (1989)

Dietary supplementation with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and human platelet function: a review with particular emphasis on implications for cardiovascular disease
, Journal of Internal Medicine. Supplement 731: 141-150 (1989)

Dietary supplementation with oils rich in (n-3) and (n-6) fatty acids influences in vivo levels of epidermal lipoxygenase products in guinea pigs
, Journal of Nutrition 120(1): 36-44 (1990)

Dietary supplementation with t-butylhydroquinone reduces cardiac hypertrophy and anemia associated with copper deficiency in rats
, Nutrition research 9(12): 1355-1362 (1989)

Dietary supplementers' dietary descriptions, lifestyles and personal values
, Ecology of Food and Nutrition 22(2): 139-156 (1988)

Dietary supplements to aid production
, Far Eastern Agriculture (Sep/Oct): 26-27 (1988 )

Dietary supplements, habits and intakes of hospitalised and community war veterans
, Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 47(2): 51-57 (1990)

Dietary survey at a staff restaurant: composition of the midday meal
, Medecine et Nutrition 25(5): 299-303 (1989)

Dietary survey of a large random sample of elderly people: energy and nutrient intakes
, Nutrition Research 9(5): 479-492 (1989)

Dietary therapy for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
, New England Journal of Medicine 319(13): 862-864 (1988)

Dietary transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy to mice
, Veterinary Record 126(5): 111-112 (1990)

Dietary treatment of atopic eczema
, Archives of Disease in Childhood 64(10): 1506-1509 (1989)

Dietary treatment of hyperlipaemia
, Acta Pediatrica Espanola 47(5): 317-319 (1989)

Dietary treatment of hyperlipidemia
, Clinical Chemistry 34(8B): B111-B114 (1988)

Dietary treatment of hyperlysinaemia
, Archives of Disease in Childhood 64(5): 716-720 (1989)

Dietary treatment of infant colic: a double-blind study
, Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners 39(318): 11-14 (1989)

Dietary treatment of nickel allergy
, Voeding 49(7): 182-185 (1988)

Dietary treatment of regional obesity
, Obesity in Europe 88 Proceedings of the 1st European Congress on Obesity, 5-6 June, 1988, Stockholm, Sweden: 287-295 (1989)

Dietary triacylglycerol modulates sodium-dependent D-glucose transport, fluidity and fatty acid composition of rat small intestinal brush-border membrane
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 979(2): 177-186 (1989)

Dietary tyrosine as an aid to stress resistance among troops
, Military Medicine 154(3): 144-146 (1989)

Dietary variation in diabetics
, Archives of Disease in Childhood 63(7): 794-798 (1988)

Dietary variations within the Australian community: differing food choices in the state capital cities
, Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 47(1): 3-7 (1990)

Dietary variety during and after pregnancy in Scotland and England
, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 2(1): 7-18 (1989)

Dietary whey protein inhibits the development of dimethylhydrazine induced malignancy
, Clinical and Investigative Medicine 11(3): 213-217 (1988)

Dietary whey proteins and their peptides or amino acids: effects on the jejunal mucosa of starved rats
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 49(1): 71-76 (1989)

Dietary yeast culture supplementation enhances urea recycling in the equine large intestine
, Nutrition Reports International 37(1): 11-18 (1988)

Dietary-fish effects on serum lipids and apolipoproteins, a controlled study
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 51(3): 393-398 (1990)

Dietary-induced hyperlipidemia in Biomphalaria glabrata (Gastropoda)
, Veliger 32(2): 230-232 (1989)

Dietary-induced obesity in rats - effects of high fat diets differing in calorific density
, Journal of Physiology 410: 55P (1989)

Dietetic treatment of dogs with chronic renal failure
, Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift 76(8): 249-252 (1989)

Dietetics of short bowel syndrome in adults. 1. Physiopathological bases
, Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 24(4): 306-310 (1989)

Dietetics of the diabetic dog
, Pratique Medicale and Chirurgicale de l'Animal de Compagnie 24(1): 41-47 (1989)

Diethylamine in the air of pig houses
, Veterinariya Moskva 12: 22-23 (1989)

Diethylcarbamazine adverse reaction and relationship to microfilaremia in heartworm infected dogs
, Proceedings of the Heartworm Symposium ' 86, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 21-2-1986: 143-147 (1986)

Diethylcarbamazine prophylaxis against bancroftian filariasis given by a member of the local community in Kenya
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 82(4): 411-412 (1988)

Dieting and osteoporosis
, Journal of the New Zealand Dietetic Association 43(2): 83-88 (1989)

Diets containing high amylose vs amylopectin starch: effects on metabolic variables in human subjects
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 49(2): 337-344 (1989)

Diets different in free fatty acid intake modify the incidence of diabetes in a drug-induced immune-mediated animal model
, Aktuelle Ernahrungsmedizin 14(1): 47-48 (1989)

Diets for dairy cattle and heifers based on beet pulp, beet top silage and citrus waste material - herd investigations
, Beretning fra Statens Husdyrbrugsforsog 649: 109-135 (1988)

Diets for pigs: rations containing some alternative feeds
, Informe Agropecuario Belo Horizonte 13(156): 77-81 (1988)

Diets of darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) within a shrub-steppe ecosystem
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 815: 782-791 (1988)

Diets of greater prairie chickens on the Sheyenne National Grasslands
, General Technical Report Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (RM-159): 49-54 (1987)

Diets of two desert mule deer herds in Big Bend National Park, Texas
, Southwestern Naturalist 324: 449-455 (1987)

Diets with varying energy for feeding heifers
, Sovershenie kormleniya i soderzhaniya molochnogo skota na Severo Zapade RSFSR: 27-32 (1986)

Diferric transferrin reductase in Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 158(2): 469-473 (1989)

Difference between GABA-gated chloride channel site ligands in binding to housefly head membranes
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology C, Comparative Pharmacology and Toxicology 91(2): 365-369 (1988)

Difference between bacterial and food antigens in mucosal immunogenicity
, Infection and Immunity 57(9): 2666-2673 (1989)

Difference between two major size classes of carrot rDNA repeating units is due to reiteration of sequences of about 460 bp in the large spacer
, Molecular and General Genetics: Mgg 213(1): 170-174 (1988)

Difference in content ratio of components among horse serum transferrin variants
, Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 51(5): 969-974 (1989)

Difference in luteinizing hormone response to an opioid antagonist in beef heifers and cows
, Biology of Reproduction 41(3): 431-437 (1989)

Difference in sporogenous bacterial populations in thermophilic (55 degrees C) and mesophilic (35 degrees C) anaerobic sewage digestion
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 53(10): 2414-2419 (1987)

Difference in taste sensitivities between male and female elderlies. In the case of asylums for the aged
, Japanese Journal of Nutrition 46(6): 299-306 (1988)

Difference in the degree of stomatal aperture in the leaves of rice mutant lines and its inheritance
, Japanese Journal of Breeding 40(1): 47-52 (1990)

Difference of nutrient amounts returned to soil by litter falls and their effects on soil properties between Pinus thunbergii and Robinia pseudoacacia forests on coastal sand dunes
, Bulletin of the Niigata University Forests 20: 51-66 (1987)

Difference spectra of the blood of Tilapia mossambica (Peters) exposed to endosulfan
, Comparative Physiology and Ecology 12(4): 180-182 (1987)

Difference spectral characterization of microsomal cytochrome P-450 from larvae of insecticide-susceptible corn borer
, Contributions from Shanghai Institute of Entomology 6: 103-107 (1986)

Differences among potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars in northern India in performance of diffuse light stored seed potatoes
, Potato Research 32(2): 197-202 (1989)

Differences among strains of mice in gamete characteristics
, Dissertation Abstracts International B, Sciences and Engineering 49(4): 985 (1988)

Differences between Black-and-White and Red-and-White cattle, and their crosses with Holstein-Friesian with respect to milk performance
, Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej im Hugona Koataja w Krakowie, Zootechnika 25: 133-145 (1987)

Differences between Lolium multiflorum and Festuca pratensis in growth parameters
, Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft fur Pflanzenbauwissenschaften 1: 53-54 (1988)

Differences between Tc1 elements from the C. elegans strain Bergerac
, Nucleic Acids Research 15(23): 10050 (1988)

Differences between barley varieties in capacity for callus formation and morphogenesis in haploid embryo culture
, Biologiya kul' tiviruemykh kletok i biotekhnologiya, 1: 117 (1988)

Differences between blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) cultivars in NaCl resistance
, Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde 153(1): 15-20 (1990)

Differences between field-collected and laboratory-reared insects and mites: implications for foliar insecticide/acaricide evaluation programmes
, Aspects of Applied Biology 21: 65-80 (1989)

Differences between isolates of the English serotype of tomato black ring virus in their transmissibility by an English population of Longidorus attenuatus (Nematoda: Dorylaimoidea)
, Revue de Nematologie 121: 51-56 (1989 )

Differences between normal and slow clotting milk with particular reference to the casein fraction
, Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 39(18): 583-584, 586-589 (1988)

Differences between paternal half sib pigs in various immune response traits
, Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, Edinburgh 23-27 July 1990 XVI Poultry, fish and horse genetics and breeding, growth and reproduction, immune response and disease resistance: 411-414 (1990)

Differences between rice cultivars in the light intensity reduction due to panicle shading
, Report of the Kyushu Branch of the Crop Science Society of Japan 55: 46-48 (1988)

Differences between salt tolerant and sensitive rice genotypes in relation to sodium and potassium accumulation at three growth stages
, Current Agriculture 10(1-2): 65-69 (1986)

Differences between sport and art
, Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 15: 31-47 (1988)

Differences between the 7-spot and 2-spot ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae) in their toxic effects on a bird predator
, Ecological Entomology 141: 79-84 (1989)

Differences between the actual and natural water quality in a small drainage area with a high level of groundwater discharge
, Hydrological Sciences Journal 34(5): 575-588 (1989)

Differences between the host-parasite interface of Ichthyobodo necator (Henneguy, 1883) on the skin and gills of salmonids
, Journal of Fish Diseases 10: 237-240 (1987)

Differences between the venoms of two sub-species of Russell's viper: Vipera russelli pulchella and Vipera russelli siamensis
, Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology 28(4): 427-433 (1990)

Differences defined by bone marrow transplantation suggest that lpr and gld are mutations of genes encoding an interacting pair of molecules
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 172(5): 1367-1375 (1990)

Differences in DNA methylation during oogenesis and spermatogenesis and their persistence during early embryogenesis in the mouse
, Genes and Development 1(10): 1039-1046 (1987)

Differences in Rumex acetosella L. populations along a secondary succession: I. Biomass allocation
, Acta Oecologica 10(1): 3-19 (1989)

Differences in ability of NO2 absorption in various broad-leaved tree species
, Environmental Pollution 58(1): 1-17 (1989)

Differences in agroecological conditions on north- and south-facing slopes of the central Chernozem region
, Soviet Soil Science 21(2): 12-21 (1989)

Differences in arm circumference and skin-fold values obtained by two separate examiners
, Voeding 48(10): 301-304 (1987)

Differences in attack rate of livestock pests between cattle breeds
, Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan 40: 178-180 (1989)

Differences in biology and means of controlling Varroa jacobsoni and Tropilaelaps clareae, two novel parasitic mites of Apis mellifera
, Africanized honey bees and bee mites: 387-395 (1988)

Differences in body impedance when measured with different instruments
, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 43(12): 885-886 (1989)

Differences in body mass and height of school children from villages in different regions of Poland
, Roczniki Panstwowego Zakadu Higieny 37(4): 356-364 (1986)

Differences in carbohydrate reserves between resting and flying Culex nigripalpus collected in the field
, Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 4(4): 547-548 (1988)

Differences in characteristics of the forest vegetation period in Poland
, Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University SGGW AR, Forestry and Wood Technology 34: 19-26 (1986)

Differences in courtship, mating and postcopulatory behaviour between male morphs of the dung beetle Onthophagus binodis Thunberg (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
, Animal Behaviour 40(3): 428-436 (1990)

Differences in dietary intake associated with smoking status
, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 44(3): 185-193 (1990)

Differences in drug response of Plasmodium falciparum within an area of the Amazon region
, Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 83(2): 158-161 (1989)

Differences in ear-leaf iron uptake among corn (Zea mays L.) inbred lines
, Journal of Plant Nutrition 11(6-11): 777-781 (1988)

Differences in economic capacity among forest enterprise areas in Slovenia
, Zbornik Gozdarstva in Lesarstva 33: 81-96 (1989)

Differences in editing at homologous sites in messenger RNAs from angiosperm mitochondria
, Nucleic Acids Research 18(17): 5189-5196 (1990)

Differences in efficacy profile of Desmel and Sportak against Septoria and Helminthosporium on cereals
, Gesunde Pflanzen 40(10): 424-429 (1988)

Differences in fatty acid components and their correlations between cultivated and wild soyabeans
, Jiangsu Agricultural Science Jiangsu Nongye Kexue 10: 13-15 (1989)

Differences in fibre population in dog muscles of different functional purpose
, Anatomia Histologia Embryologia 19(2): 128-134 (1990)

Differences in fungicide sensitivity among strains of Microdochium nivale isolated from golf courses in Belgium
, Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen, Rijksuniversiteit Gent 53(2b): 615-624 (1988)

Differences in glucose metabolic enzyme activities in human adipose tissue from abdominal and gluteal regions
, Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental 37(9): 820-823 (1988)

Differences in gonadotrophin secretion post partum between zebu and European breed cattle
, Animal Reproduction Science 22(4): 311-317 (1990)

Differences in growth and nutrient use among arctic plant growth forms
, Functional Ecology 3(1): 73-80 (1989)

Differences in growth in response to temperature of maize hybrids varying in low temperature tolerance
, Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 16(2): 181-188 (1989)

Differences in habitat selection and egg biology in sympatric black fly species (Diptera, Simuliidae)
, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie 6(1-3): 156-157 (1988)

Differences in habitat use between two pit-building antlion species: causes and consequences
, American Midland Naturalist 1211: 84-98 (1989)

Differences in health, knowledge and attitudes between vegetarians and meat eaters in a random population sample
, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 82(1): 18-20 (1989)

Differences in heat production calculated after the RQ or CN method and prediction of carbon in biological material
, Energy metabolism of farm animals: 366-369 (1989)

Differences in income from Patanwadi and Patanwadi crosses with exotic fine wool breeds
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 59(4): 481-483 (1989)

Differences in infestation intensity and prevalence of hinge and mantle margin Meiogymnophallus minutus metacercariae (Gymnophallidae) in Cerastoderma edule (Bivalvia): possible species coexistence in Ria de Aveiro
, Journal of Parasitology 76(5): 653-659 (1990)

Differences in juvenile hormone esterase activity between presumptive macropterous and brachypterous Gryllus rubens: implications for the hormonal control of wing polymorphism
, Journal of Insect Physiology 351: 7-17 (1989)

Differences in laboratory analysis of some soil characteristics
, Mesopotamia Journal of Agriculture 21(1): 80-94 (1989)

Differences in labour input in the field production of vegetables
, Biuletyn Warzywniczy (Suppl II): 27-32 (1989)

Differences in low density lipoprotein subfractions and apolipoproteins in premenopausal and postmenopausal women
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 67(1): 30-35 (1988)

Differences in mechanism of early maturity between cultivated common wheat and barley
, Japanese Journal of Breeding 39(3): 327-336 (1989)

Differences in membrane properties between unfertilised and fertilised single rabbit oocytes demonstrated by electro-rotation. Comparison with cells from early embryos
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 979(1): 142-146 (1989)

Differences in mid-day wilting and yield among sweet potato genotypes
, Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 114(3): 383-386 (1989)

Differences in moisture content and shrinkage between innerwood and outerwood of two shortleaf pine trees
, Forest products journal 39(3): 13-18 (1989)

Differences in nitrate reductase activity between malting and fodder spring barley types during the early growth stage
, Sbornik UVTIZ, Genetika a Slechteni 24(3): 173-179 (1988)

Differences in nitrogen and RNA contents between free bacteria and bacteria adhering to feed particles of the rumen contents, in the case of different diets; consequences for the estimation of the proportion of bacterial nitrogen in nitrogen in the duodenum
, Reproduction, Nutrition, Developpement 28(Suppl 1): 115-116 (1988)

Differences in nitrogen and mineral contents and their balance between hard and soft wheats
, Japanese Journal of Crop Science 58(4): 502-506 (1989)

Differences in nutritive value of lucerne cut in morning and afternoon hours
, Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, 4-11 October 1989, Nice, France: 817-818 (1989)

Differences in participation in leisure activities (II)
, Vrijetijd en Samenleving 6(4): 307-324 (1988)

Differences in participation in leisure: results of a secondary analysis of data from the Central Bureau of Statistics: age groups 1974-86
, Vrijetijd en Samenleving 6(3): 213-221 (1988)

Differences in particle stability and electrophoretic behaviour among tomato aspermy virus isolates
, Acta Horticulturae 234: 469-475 (1988)

Differences in pathogenicity for young chickens among field isolates of infectious avian bronchitis virus
, Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria, Chile 20(1): 44-50 (1988)

Differences in pesticide susceptibility of Spodoptera litura Fab. collected from three localities in Tamil Nadu
, Indian Journal of Plant Protection 16(1): 67-69 (1988)

Differences in photosynthesis between a diuron-resistant, an atrazine-resistant, a bentazon-resistant and a susceptible biotype of the green alga Monoraphidium pusillum (Printz)
, Progress in Photosynthesis Research 3: 823-826 (1987)

Differences in pollinator effectiveness of birds and insects visiting Banksia menziesii (Proteaceae)
, Oecologia (Berlin): 761: 119-124 (1988)

Differences in pre-harvest sprouting damage in wheat cultivars and improvements in its testing method
, Report of the Kyushu Branch of the Crop Science Society of Japan 56: 77-79 (1989)

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