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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1801

Chapter 1801 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Giuseppe Scalabrino, 1987:
Difluoromethylornithine, an effective new treatment of Gambian trypanosomiasis

Mashego, SN.; Saayman, JE., 1989:
Digenetic trematodes and cestodes of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in Lebowa, South Africa, with taxonomic notes

Ahmad, J., 1984:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes from the Arabian Sea, off the Bombay coast, India. On four new species of the genus Retractomonorchis Madhavi, 1977 (Digenea: Monorchiidae)

Ahmad, J., 1984:
Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of Arabian Sea, off the Bombay Coast, India. On three new species of the genus Opisthomonorcheides Parukhin, 1966 (Digenea: Monorchiidae)

Li, Q.K.; Zhang, R.S.; Qiu, Z.Z., 1986:
Digenetic trematodes of fishes from the Bo Hai Sea in China. II. Trematodes: Hemiuridae

Qui, Z.Z.; Zhang, R.S.; Li, Q.K., 1987:
Digenetic trematodes of fishes from the Bohai Sea, China. IV. A new species of Lepocreadiidae

Zhang, J.Y. et al., 1987:
Digenetic trematodes of freshwater fishes from Guangdong Province, Sinineobucephalopsis macrocirrus gen. et sp. nov. (Sinineobucephalidae fam. nov.)

Dyer, WG.; Williams, E H.; Jr.; Williams, LB., 1988:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes of Okinawa, Japan

Anonymous, 1988:
Digest of football statistics

Darcy Vrillon B.; Laplace J.P., 1990:
Digesta collection procedure may affect ileal digestibility in pigs fed diets based on wheat bran or beet pulp

Colucci, P.E.; MacLeod, G.K.; Grovum, W.L.; McMillan, I.; Barney, D.J., 1990:
Digesta kinetics in sheep and cattle fed diets with different forage to concentrate ratios at high and low intakes

Philipczyk, D.; Brandt, M.; Schuldt, A.; Sudekum, K.H.; Precht, D., 1990:
Digestibilities of fatty acids in the small intestine of dairy cows given diets with various cereals

Green, S.; Kiener, T., 1989:
Digestibilities of nitrogen and amino acids in soya-bean, sunflower, meat and rapeseed meals measured with pigs and poultry

Gihad, E.A.; Gawad, A.M.A.; E.N.uby, H.M.; Gomaa, I.A.; Mohamed, A.H., 1989:
Digestibility and acceptability of ammoniated rice straw by sheep

Desai, H.B.; Shukla, P.C., 1988:
Digestibility and balances of nutrients of growing calves fed single cell protein as a part of concentrate mixture

E.G.wad, A.M.A.; Hanafy, M.A.; Shousha, M.A.; Salem, O.A.I., 1989:
Digestibility and blood parameters for sheep fed rations containing poultry manure

Kephart, K.; Buxton, D.; Hill, R.J., 1990:
Digestibility and cell-wall components of alfalfa following selection for divergent herbage lignin concentration

Lancanova, J.A.C.; Restle, J.; Santos, G.L., 1988 :
Digestibility and digestible dry matter yield of Papua grass (Brachiaria plantaginea) as affected by cutting frequency and nitrogen

Taji, K.; Kumai, S.; Fukumi, R.; Horiuchi, E.; Nakahara, Y.; Shinoto, Y.; Yasunaga, K., 1988:
Digestibility and excretion rate of undigested starch in rice whole crop silage and sorghum whole crop silage contained in rations for dairy cattle

Colombani, B.; Orlandi, M.; Liponi, G.B.; Verita, P., 1987:
Digestibility and mineral balance in goats fed on leguminous hays

Zylka, C.A.; Fontenot, J.P.; Allen, V.G., 1988:
Digestibility and nitrogen and mineral metabolism by sheep fed ensiled tall fescue with different levels of endophyte infection

Ayangbile, O.A.; Fontenot, J.P., 1988:
Digestibility and nutrient utilization of crab waste-straw silage fed to sheep

Pekins P.J.; Mautz W.W., 1988:
Digestibility and nutritional value of autumn diets of deer

Colombani, B.; Verita, P.; Liponi, G.B., 1987:
Digestibility and nutritive value of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.) at different vegetative stages in goats

Grandi, A.; Rongoni, V., 1987:
Digestibility and nutritive value of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) silage

Karibaev, N.K., 1990:
Digestibility and retention of nutrients in first-calving heifers

Kavithaparna, S.G.ervani, P.S.mathi, S., 1988:
Digestibility and retention of proteins of sorghum products by preschool children and adults

Komolong, M.; Sriskandarajah, N., 1988:
Digestibility and utilisation of native pasture and leucaena forage diets by goats and sheep

Anderson S.J.; Merrill J.K.; Mcdonnell M.L.; Klopfenstein T.J., 1988:
Digestibility and utilization of mechanically processed soybean hulls by lambs and steers

Plotnikov, A.K., 1987:
Digestibility and utilization of nutrients by lactating cows given a diet containing rape and oat silage

Oksbjerg, N., 1988:
Digestibility and utilization of total phosphorus and phytate phosphorus in cereals for growing pigs

Cvirn, M.; Stekar, J., 1988:
Digestibility in rats of dried silage from by-products of potato processing industry

Schneider, M.; Ochrimenko, W.I.; Flachowsky, G.; Bar, M.; Hennig, A., 1987:
Digestibility in sacco of wheat straw pretreated in different ways and then subjected to gamma -radiation

Ceresnakova, Z.; Chrenkova, M.; Fl' ak, P.; Sommer, A., 1988:
Digestibility in vitro of feed beans and extracted sunflower cake treated with formaldehyde

Flaczyk, E.; Gembicka, D.; Szebiotko, K., 1987:
Digestibility in vitro of protein of bean and pea seeds subjected to different treatments

Rebole, A.; Alvira, P.; Gonzalez, G., 1988:
Digestibility in vivo of ensiled grapevines (branches and leaves): influence of the system of analysis in the detergent fibre scheme on the prediction of digestibility

Bosi, P.; Casini, L.; Macchioni, P., 1988 :
Digestibility in vivo of first-cut lucerne at different stages of development

Petit, H.V.; Ivan, M.; Brisson, G.J., 1989:
Digestibility measured by fecal and ileal collection in preruminant calves fed a clotting or a nonclotting milk replacer

McNab, J.M., 1989:
Digestibility of amino acids by poultry

Wertheimer, T., 1989:
Digestibility of amino acids in broiler chickens in relation to crude protein of the diet

Kuyvenhoven, M.W.; Roszkowski, W.F.; West, C.E.; Hoogenboom, R.L.; Vos, R.M.; Beynen, A.C.; van der Meer, R., 1989:
Digestibility of casein, formaldehyde-treated casein and soya-bean protein in relation to their effects on serum cholesterol in rabbits

Mitchell, D.C.; McMahon, K.E.; Shively, C.A.; Apgar, J.L.; Kris-Etherton, P.M., 1989:
Digestibility of cocoa butter and corn oil in human subjects: a preliminary study

Yokota, H., 1988:
Digestibility of crude fiber and nitrogen in forages by common voles (Microtus arvalis)

Chwalibog, A.; Henckel, S.; Thorbek, G., 1988:
Digestibility of crude fibre. In-between animal variation and the influence of age

Gruhn K., 1990:
Digestibility of crude nutrients and amino acids of different rations for laying hens

Bose, M.L.V.; Wanderley, R. da C., 1988:
Digestibility of detoxified castor meal and lucerne hay in sheep and metabolism of nitrogen fraction

Iotsyus, G.P.; Karinyauskene, B.Y., 1987:
Digestibility of dietary nutrients by young bulls given the enzyme preparation glycosidase G3x

Alieva, Z.M.; Butrova, G.A.; Sorokina, T.P., 1988:
Digestibility of dry matter, readily and non-readily hydrolysable carbohydrates and crude ash in the gastrointestinal tract of cows

Osoro K.; Cebrian M., 1989:
Digestibility of energy and gross energy intake in fresh pastures

Stekar, J.; Sadek, A.J.; Stibilj, V., 1988:
Digestibility of ensiled ground maize grain in egg-layers

Gundel, J.; Babinszky, L., 1988:
Digestibility of feed in pig experiments 1

Sun, Y.X.; Drane, G.L.; Currey, S.D.; Lehner, N.D.; Gooden, J.M.; McDowell, G.H.; Wynn, P.C., 1988:
Digestibility of food, growth and wool production in crossbred lambs fed to support moderate and high growth rates and immunised with somatostatin

Schulze, K., 1987:
Digestibility of mixed feeds and evaluation of their digestible energy for horses

Palfii, F.Y.; Vudmaska, V.Y.; Boivka, T.T., 1987:
Digestibility of nutrients and nitrogen metabolism in cows as affected by ammonium carbonates

Epifanov, G.V.; Zakachurin, A.F.; Netecha, Z.A.; Zaikin, A.E., 1988:
Digestibility of nutrients and productivity of young cattle on diets containing varying amounts of sugar and sulphur

Epifanov, G.V.; Zakachurin, A.F.; Netecha, Z.A.; Zaikin, A.E., 1988 :
Digestibility of nutrients and productivity of young stock under different levels of sugar and sulfur in rations

Domrachev, V.N., 1987:
Digestibility of nutrients in cows given turnips

Chatelier, C., 1989:
Digestibility of phosphorus in basic materials of mixed feeds and normal requirements of pigs

Surdzhiiska, S.; Angelova, L.; Rangelova, S., 1990:
Digestibility of protein and amino acids in feeds. 1. Digestibility of protein and amino acids of maize, wheat and sorghum in broiler chickens

Sarwar, G.; Peace, R.W.; Botting, H.G.; Brule, D., 1989:
Digestibility of protein and amino acids in selected foods as determined by a rat balance method

Zander, R.; Hennig, A.; Gruhn, K., 1988:
Digestibility of protein in wheat bran labelled with 15N and its transit time in the human digestive tract

Spyridakis, P.; Gabaudan, J.; Metailler, R.; Guillaume, J., 1988:
Digestibility of proteins and availability of amino acids in some feed ingredients for European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Loucka, R.; Jambor, V.; Trinacty, J.; Pozdisek, J.; Netopil, J., 1989:
Digestibility of silage from chopped whole plants of barley

Celan, F., 1988:
Digestibility of silages made of by products of potato processing industry in egg-layers

Daccord, R., 1988:
Digestibility of some forage herbs

Bergner, H.; Gorsch, R.; Marienburg, J., 1988:
Digestibility of straw pellets after various treatments of the straw with NaOH

Shah F.H.; Zia U.R.hman, 1988:
Digestibility of straws after physical treatments

Gulati, S.K.; Ashes, J.R.; Gordon, G.L.R., 1988:
Digestibility of sulphur amino acids in rumen fungal species

Leibholz, J.; Mollah, Y., 1988:
Digestibility of threonine from protein concentrates for growing pigs. 1. The flow of endogenous amino acids to the terminal ileum of growing pigs

Leibholz, J.; Mollah, Y., 1988:
Digestibility of threonine from protein concentrates for growing pigs. 2. The digestibility of threonine to the terminal ileum in pigs given six protein concentrates

Vanderhaeghe, S.; Biston, R., 1989:
Digestibility test of feeds in vitro with Fibertec

Alden, E., 1987:
Digestibility trial with poultry meal

Alden, E., 1988:
Digestibility trials with commercial cereal mixtures

Feggeros, K.; Kalaisakes, P., 1987:
Digestibiltiy and nutritive value of stoned olive cake in sheep

Potter, G.D.; Webb, S.P.; Evans, J.W.; Webb, G.W., 1990:
Digestible energy requirements for work and maintenance of horses fed conventional and fat-supplemented diets

Fuller, M.F.; Wang, T.C., 1990:
Digestible ileal protein - a measure of dietary protein value

Martinez, G.M.; Knabe, D.A., 1990:
Digestible lysine requirement of starter and grower pigs

Beaugerie, L.; Flourié, B.; Marteau, P.; Pellier, P.; Franchisseur, C.; Rambaud, J.C., 1990:
Digestion and absorption in the human intestine of three sugar alcohols

Chiang, S.H.; Pettigrew, J.E.; Clarke, S.D.; Cornelius, S.G., 1989:
Digestion and absorption of fish oil by neonatal piglets

Hernell, O.B.ackberg, L.B.rnback, S., 1988:
Digestion and absorption of human milk lipids

Mysnik, N.D., 1987:
Digestion and absorption of nutrients in young bulls fed on pelleted peat sugar

Champ M.; Barry J.L.; Hoebler C.; Delort Laval J., 1989:
Digestion and fermentation pattern of various dietary fiber sources in the rat

Flourie, B.; Marteau, P.; Pellier, P.; Desjeux, J.F., 1989:
Digestion and intestinal absorption of carbohydrates: estimation in man in vivo

Mayes, R.W.; Lamb, C.S.; Colgrove, P.M., 1988:
Digestion and metabolism of dosed even-chain and herbage odd-chain n-alkanes in sheep

Milton, K.; Demment, M.W., 1988:
Digestion and passage kinetics of chimpanzees fed high and low fiber diets and comparison with human data

Lass, N., 1988:
Digestion and perfusion studies for determining the net absorption of calcium and magnesium especially from the colon in the dog

Soetanto, H.; Sarono, B.; Sulastri, 1988:
Digestion and utilisation of low-quality roughages in goats and sheep as affected by access to molasses urea blocks varying in urea content

Denney, G.D.; Hogan, J.P., 1987:
Digestion and wool production of sheep grazing grass/medic pasture in the low rainfall wheatbelt

Kobayashi, S.; Arai, Y.; Wada, N.; Ishimaru, K., 1989:
Digestion characteristics of practical methane fermentation plant for the organic matter of dairy cattle manure

Barnes, T.G., 1989:
Digestion dynamics of white-tailed deer

Vasil' ev, V.Yu, 1986:
Digestion in sheep fed on a diet containing protein with varying degrees of degradation in the rumen

Dawson, T.J.; Johns, A.B.; Beal, A.M., 1989:
Digestion in the Australian wood duck (Chenonetta jubata): a small avian herbivore showing selective digestion of the hemicellulose component of fiber

Ralston, S.L.; Squires, E.L.; Nockels, C.F., 1989:
Digestion in the aged horse

Pykhtina, L.A., 1987:
Digestion in the rumen and metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in young bulls fattened on beet pulp supplemented with a mixture of trace elements and an enzyme preparation, Pektofoetidin P10x

Krivoruchko, N.I., 1987:
Digestion in the rumen of high-producing cows in relation to dietary energy level

Landi, S.; Fagioli, F.; Locatelli, C.; Vecchietti, R., 1990:
Digestion method for the determination of mercury in vegetable matrices by cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry

Longland, A.C.; Close, W.H.; Low, A.G., 1988:
Digestion of carbohydrates from sugar-beet pulp in pigs with ileo-rectal anastomoses and energy balance measured by calorimetry

Longland, A.C.; Low, A.G., 1989:
Digestion of diets containing molassed or plain sugar-beet pulp by growing pigs

Longstaff, M.; McNab, J.M., 1989:
Digestion of fibre polysaccharides of pea (Pisum sativum) hulls, carrot and cabbage by adult cockerels

Tripathi, AB.; Krishna, SS., 1988:
Digestion of food in the midgut of the larva of Earias vittella (F.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) - carbohydrases

Bird, P.H.; Morris, S.J.; Hartmann, P.E., 1989:
Digestion of lactose and absorption of galactose and glucose in nursing piglets

Prado, I.N. do; Toullec, R.; Lalles, J.P.; Gueguen, J.; Hingand, J.; Guilloteau, P., 1989:
Digestion of pea and soyabean proteins in preruminant calves. 1. Circulating blood values of nutrients, antibody formation and gut permeability to macromolecules

Prado, I.N. do; Toullec, R.; Guilloteau, P.; Gueguen, J., 1989:
Digestion of pea and soyabean proteins in preruminant calves. 2. Apparent digestibility at the end of the ileum and of the digestive tract

Prado, I.N.nes do; Toullec, R.; Guilloteau, P.; Gueguen, J., 1990:
Digestion of pea proteins in the abomasum and small intestine of the pre-ruminant calf: preliminary results

Stunzi, H., 1988:
Digestion of plant samples for estimation of selenium and arsenic

Widyastuti Y.; Masuko T.; Awaya K.; Azuma R.; Kameoka K., 1989:
Digestion of rice straw stem and leaf fractions by sheep and goats

Zebrowska, H., 1988:
Digestion of starch and fibre of cereal feeds in different sections of the digestive tract of the pig

Semina, N.N.; Fomina, N.A., 1987:
Digestion of structural and non-structural carbohydrates in cows fed on a feed mixture treated with formaldehyde

Maika, C.B.; Malik, R.C.; Cridland, S., 1988:
Digestion studies using Leucaena leucocephala leaf hay/buffel grass diets in sheep

Bertone, A.L.; van Soest, P.J.; Stashak, T.S., 1989:
Digestion, fecal, and blood variables associated with extensive large colon resection in the horse

Gonzalez, J.M.; Hibberd, C.A.; Scott, R.R.; Trautman, B.D., 1988:
Digestive and metabolic changes in fall-calving beef cows due to stage of production and early postpartum protein supplementation

Pritchard G.T.; Robbins C.T., 1990:
Digestive and metabolic efficiencies of grizzly and black bears

Henke, SE.; Demarais, S.; Pfister, JA., 1988:
Digestive capacity and diets of white-tailed deer and exotic ruminants

Fevrier, C.; Bourdon, D.; Aumaitre, A., 1988:
Digestive capacity of the Chinese pig - effect of dietary fibre on digestibility and intestinal and pancreatic enzymes

Muntyan, E.M.; Yazlovetskii, I.G., 1988:
Digestive carbohydrases of larvae of the common lacewing (Chrysopa carnea Steph.)

Dawson, K.A.; Allison, M.J., 1988:
Digestive disorders and nutritional toxicity

Sreekumar, S.; Prabhu, VKK., 1988:
Digestive enzyme secretion during metamorphosis in Oryctes rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Gilliam, M.; Lorenz, BJ.; Richardson, GV., 1988:
Digestive enzymes and micro-organisms in honey bees, Apis mellifera: influence of streptomycin, age, season and pollen

Segner, H.; Rosch, R.; Schmidt, H. von Poeppinghausen, KJ., 1989:
Digestive enzymes in larval Coregonus lavaretus L

Ferreira, C.; Ribeiro, AF.; Garcia, ES.; Terra, WR., 1988:
Digestive enzymes trapped between and associated with the double plasma membranes of Rhodnius prolixus posterior midgut cells

Flourie, B.; Florent, C.; Etanchaud, F., 1988:
Digestive function of the caecum in normal persons

Renecker, LA.; Hudson, RJ., 1990:
Digestive kinetics of moose (Alces alces), wapiti (Cervus elaphus) and cattle

Ducrotte, P., 1988:
Digestive motility during enteral nutrition

Salas, M.; Sheikboudou, C., 1988:
Digestive parasitism in traditional cattle herds in Guadeloupe. II. Study of the course of the infection in several groups of calves

Anonymous, 1988:
Digestive physiology in the pig. Proceedings of the 4th International Seminar held in Jabonna, Poland, 1988

Rigaud, D., 1987:
Digestive psychophysiology: irrational and scientific approaches

May, J.D.; Deaton, J.W., 1989:
Digestive tract clearance of broilers cooped or deprived of water

Vicente, J.S.; Peris, J.L.; Camacho, J., 1989:
Digestive tract growth in meat rabbits

Casoli, C.; Duranti, E.; Falcinelli, M., 1988:
Digestive utilization of Dactylis glomerata L. when green and after ensiling and hay-making

Colombani, B.; Verita, P.; Liponi, G.B., 1988:
Digestive utilization of natural meadow hays in goats

Gnatzy, W.; Heusslein, R., 1986:
Digger wasps against crickets. I. Receptors involved in the antipredator strategies of the prey

Brody, G.A.; Maloney, W.J.; Hentz, V.R., 1989:
Digit replantation applying the leech Hirudo medicinalis

Leonard, J.J.; Larson, R.G., 1989:
Digital and analog processing of signals from grain impact sensors

Batista, G.T.; Dallemand, J.F.; Chen, S.C.; Tardin, A.T., 1988:
Digital and visual analysis of SPOT and TM data for crop discrimination in southern Brazil

Blowey, R.W., 1990:
Digital dermatitis control

Ermolov, V.T.; Zheglov, B.E., 1988:
Digital display block for the process of re-sawing particleboards

Ruark G.A.; Bockheim J.G., 1988:
Digital image analysis applied to soil profiles for estimating tree root biomass

Affeldt, H.A.J.; Brown, G.K.; Pason, N.L.; Burton, C.L.; Timm, S.J., 1988:
Digital image analysis for growth and damage measurement in tree trunks

Zhou, Y.S.; Zhang, L.Y.; Qin, W.Q.; Chen, B.C., 1990:
Digital loading simulator for dynamics of tractor hydraulic lifting system

Davey, R.T.; Margolis, D.; Kleiner, D.; Deyton, L.; Travis, W., 1989:
Digital necrosis and disseminated Pneumocystis carinii infection after aerosolized pentamidine prophylaxis

Carr, K.S.; Eyles, G.O., 1988:
Digital photomaps-the future farm plan

Aumuller, C., 1989:
Digital picture analysis for examination of grain samples

Saha, S.K.; Kudrat, M.; Bhan, S.K., 1990:
Digital processing of Landsat TM data for wasteland mapping in parts of Aligarh District (Uttar Pradesh), India

Elnashaie, S.S.E.H.; Mahfouz, A.T.; Elshishini, S.S., 1988:
Digital simulation of an industrial ammonia reactor

Schueller J.K., 1989:
Digital simulation of combine reel and forward speed controllers

Hill, R.L., 1989:
Digitalis purpurea L., foxglove (Scrophulariaceae)

Krajcovic, M.; Drabant, S.; Petransky, I., 1989:
Digitalisation and processing of analogue records of parameters of mobile machinery

Vinkler, P., 1989:
Digitalization in drainage and irrigation mapping

Petropavlovskii, I.A.; Kremenetskaya, E.V.; Karmyshov, V.F.; Klassen, P.V.; Spiridonova, I.A., 1988:
Dihydrate-hemihydrate method of production of wet-process phosphoric acid from magnesium-containing raw material

Tanaka, M.; Gu, H-M.; Bzik, DJ.; Li, W-B.; Inselburg, JW., 1990:
Dihydrofolate reductase mutations and chromosomal changes associated with pyrimethamine resistance of Plasmodium falciparum

Krasnoff, S.B.; Dussourd, D.E., 1989:
Dihydropyrrolizine attractants for arctiid moths that visit plants containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids

Esper, F.E.; Mineiro, V.; Santos, E.P. dos; Moraes, D.M.; Andrade, N.B. de, 1988:
Dilatation of the lower oesophagus in the treatment of dysphagia in patients with chagasic megaoesophagus

McLennan, M.W.; Kelly, W.R., 1990:
Dilated (congestive) cardiomyopathy in a Friesian heifer

Lamb, C.R., 1989:
Dilation of the pancreatic duct: an ultrasonographc finding in acute pancreatitis

Johnston, M., 1990:
Dilemmas in introducing applied technology: the plough and the cattlelords in Timor

Thon, A.; Steinbeiss, C.D.; Schulz, H., 1988:
Dilute acid procedures for killing haulms in potato production

Currao, W.J.; Cox, C.; Shapiro, D.L., 1988:
Diluted formula for beginning the feeding of premature infants

Jauhri, K.S., 1988:
Dilution optima of broth cultures for maximizing production of carrier-based inoculants

Mambrini, M.; Peyraud, J.L., 1990:
Dilution rate and volume of water in the rumen of dairy cows: variable factors and relationship with transit of particles

Kolachhapati, M.R.; Batabyal, A.K.; Kanaujia, A.S.; Arora, D.N., 1989:
Dimensional characteristics of buck spermatozoa in relation to fertility

Rowell, R.M.; Plackett, D.V., 1988:
Dimensional stability of flakeboards made from acetylated Pinus radiata heartwood or sapwood flakes

Souza, M.R. de; Martins, V.A.; Siqueira, M.J., 1984:
Dimensional stability of six Amazonian woods in adverse conditions of temperature and relative humidity

Ishimaru, Y.; Inoue, E.; Sadoh, T.; Nakato, K., 1986:
Dimensional stability of wood with absorbed polyethylene glycol I. Effect of molecular weight

Ishimaru, Y.; Asai, Y., 1986 :
Dimensional stability of wood with adsorbed polyethylene glycol II. Effect of pretreatment

Rowell, R.M.; Imamura, Y.; Kawai, S.; Norimoto, M., 1989:
Dimensional stability, decay resistance, and mechanical properties of veneer-faced low-density particleboards made from acetylated wood

Anonymous, 1987:
Dimensional stabilization. State of the art review. FP 2.4.1

Londong J., 1989:
Dimensioning of aerated grit chambers and use as a highly loaded activated sludge process

Lyngtveit, T., 1989:
Dimensions for vehicles, tools and machines on farms

Narayan, S., 1986:
Dimensions of development in tribal Bihar

Reddy, A.R., 1989:
Dimensions of farm cooperative overdues in Guntur district

Chelladurai, P.; Scott, F.L.; Haywood Farmer, J., 1987:
Dimensions of fitness services: development of a model

Lehr, J.H., 1989:
Dimensions of ground water pollution: a global perspective

Olamola, A.S., 1989:
Dimensions of institutional and policy deficiencies in the Nigerian agricultural credit system

Innes, F.C., 1987:
Dimensions of opportunity for reducing the dependency factor in Caribbean food production

Dadibhavi, R.V., 1988:
Dimensions of regional disparities in institutional credit to agriculture

Anonymous, 1989:
Dimensions of waste land development

Anonymous, 1989:

Guinaudeau, H.; Leboeuf, M.; Cave, A., 1988:
Dimeric aporphinoid alkaloids, III

Busch, S.J.; Sasson Corsi, P., 1990:
Dimers, leucine zippers and DNA-binding domains

Albert, G.; Curtze, J.; Drandarevski, C.A., 1988:
Dimethomorph (CME 151), a novel curative fungicide

Glahn, J.F.; Mason, J.R.; Woods, D.R., 1989:
Dimethyl anthranilate as a bird repellent in livestock feed

Narzullaev, A.S.; Yunusov, M.S.; Sabirov, S.S., 1989:
Dimethyl endelpheline - a new diterpene alkaloid from Delphinium corumbosum

Ley, W.B.; Ochs, D.L.; Metcalf, E.S.; Pyle, H.; Purswell, B.J.; Bowen, J.M., 1990:
Dimethyl sulfoxide intrauterine therapy in the mare: effect upon uterine-derived neutrophil function

Ley, W.B.; Bowen, J.M.; Sponenberg, D.P.; Lessard, P.N., 1989:
Dimethyl sulfoxide intrauterine therapy in the mare: effects upon endometrial histological features and biopsy classification

Rogers, A.; Conner, B., 1990:
Dimethylbenzanthracene-induced mammary tumorigenesis in ethanol-fed rats

Vincent, C.; Pickering, S.J.; Johnson, M.H.; Quick, S.J., 1990:
Dimethylsulphoxide affects the organisation of microfilaments in the mouse oocyte

Mokrousova, E.P.; Arkhipov, G.E., 1986:
Dimilin against pests of Cruciferae

Tsankov, G.; Mirchev, P.; Ovcharov, D., 1987:
Dimilin and Nomolt for control of the sawfly Neodiprion sertifer

Kozarzhevskaya, E.F.; Knyazyatova, V.I., 1987:
Dimilin for control of the poplar moth

Khalilov, S.K.; Ganiev, S.G.; Bulatova, E.G., 1986:
Dimilin in the control of the gypsy moth

Sylvester, P.W.; Briski, K.P., 1990:
Diminished bioactivity of circulating prolactin despite increased immunoreactive hormone release in old versus young male rats

Rhoads, J.M.; MacLeod, R.J.; Hamilton, J.R., 1989:
Diminished brush border membrane Na-dependent L-alanine transport in acute viral enteritis in piglets

Vagi, F., 1990:
Diminishing farm disposable income in real terms, 1976-87

Harris, M.S., 1990:
Diminishing resources: land fragmentation and inheritance in a Bangladeshi village

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Dimorphism of buckwheat and the mutability of its components

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Dimorphism-associated changes in amino acid transport of Candida albicans

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Dinitrogen fixation (C2H2-reduction) by Dalbergia sissoo and Leucaena leucocephala with native Pakistani rhizobia strains

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Dinitrogen fixation and transfer in forage legume:grass association

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Dinitrogen fixation in the wet meadows and emergent zones of two Nebraska Sandhills lakes

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Dinoprost 14-day oestrus synchronisation schedule for dairy cows

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Diopsis thoracica Westwood. Diopsidae. Rice borer

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Diospyros abyssinica. Diospyros mespiliformis

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Diospyros melanoxylon in its forest community

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Dioxin contents in foods are a real public health hazard

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Dioxin levels in adipose tissues of hospitalized women living in the south of Vietnam in 1984-89 with a brief review of their clinical histories

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Dioxins from milk packaging and coffee filter paper

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Dioxins in cow milk

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Dip diffusion treatment of ten wood species from Irian Jaya

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Diphenyl ether herbicides, a tool to elucidate the mechanism of photophosphorylation

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Diphenylamine-induced renal papillary necrosis and necrosis of the pars recta in laboratory rodents

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Diphyllaphis mordwilkoi (Aizenberg) in Tuscany (Homoptera, Aphidoidea, Callaphididae)

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Diphyllobothriasis in the western coastal region of the Okhotsk Sea

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Diphyllobothrium yonagoense from a man of Okinawa with special reference to morphological differences due to fixation methods

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Diplogasterid predators

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Diploid-like meiotic chromosome pairing in mosaic polyploidy sporocytes of wheat

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Diploid-triploid chimaerism (64,XX/96,XXY) in an intersex foal

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Diploma projects by food microbiologists in 1989 at the University of Horticulture and the Food Industry

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Diplontic selection in pearl millet following mutagenic treatments

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Diploperennial teosinte-maize hybrids: inheritance of prolificity

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Diploperennial teosinte-maize hybrids: inheritance of tassel traits

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Dipstick ELISA for the identification of mosquito bloodmeal

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Diptera Psychodidae Psychodinae, the larvae of which have ventral suckers

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Diptera: Fam. Bombyliidae of Saudi Arabia

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Diptera: Tephritidae

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Direct 1H NMR determination of the enantiomeric excess of carnitine

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Direct DNA transfer and molecular approaches to animal growth

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Direct DNA transfer to plant cells

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Direct VA mycorrhizal inoculation of colonizing plants by pocket gophers (Thomomys talpoides) on Mount St. Helens

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Direct and correlated responses to four cycles of divergent selection for heading date in barley

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for rate and duration of grain fill in maize

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Direct and correlated responses to selection to change the shape of the growth curve in mice

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Direct and cumulative effects of water supply and vegetative irrigation on the grain yield of maize

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Direct and indirect effects of protein and other traits on grain yield in gram

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Direct and indirect mechanisms in the bacterial leaching of covellite

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Direct and residual effects of sulphitation and carbonation press mud cakes on the yield, quality and nutrition of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

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Direct attraction of neutrophils in vivo by the purified neutrophil chemotactic factor of Dirofilaria immitis (NCF-Di) and its secretion from adult worms

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Direct automatic determination of free acidity in oils by flow-injection analysis

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Direct budding in tissue cultures of explants of young panicles of some monocotyledons

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Direct cDNA cloning of the rearranged immunoglobulin variable region

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Direct combustion of winter rape products

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Direct comparisons of inhibitor sensitivities of reverse transcriptases from feline and human immunodeficiency viruses

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Direct competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for sulfamethazine residues in milk

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Direct connections between the R7/8 and R1-6 photoreceptor subsystems in the dipteran visual system

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Direct contact is required between serum albumin and hamster spermatozoa for capacitation in vitro

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Direct data recording on portable computer in forest experimentations

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Direct demonstration of Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae in lungs of pigs

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Direct detection of the crown gall pathogen, Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Sm. et Town.) Conn, in soil samples by means of membrane filtration and bioassay

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Direct detection of transcapsidated barley yellow dwarf luteoviruses in doubly infected plants

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Direct determination of aluminum and its cationic fluoro-complexes by ion chromatography

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Direct determination of cadmium in urine using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman-effect background correction

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Direct determination of chromium(III) and chromium(VI) with ion chromatography using direct current plasma emission as element-selective detector

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Direct determination of iron in urine and serum using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

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Direct determination of true protein content of milk by Kjeldahl analysis: collaborative study

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Direct drilling

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Direct drilling compared with ploughing for winter wheat grown continuously and the effects of subsoiling

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Direct drilling in sward maintenance/improvement

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Direct drilling of durum wheat in Central Sicily

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Direct drilling of medium-heavy and heavy soils using a special model of planter - Kraj II

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Direct effect of parasitism by Dinarmus acutus Thomson on seed predation by Acanthoscelides perforatus (Horn) in Canada milk-vetch

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Direct effects of Pasteurella haemolytica lipopolysaccharide on bovine pulmonary endothelial cells in vitro

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Direct effects of VIP on the release of growth hormone from the superfused bovine pituitary in vitro

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Direct effects of cholecystokinin on human gastric motility

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Direct effects of dry and wet deposition on forest ecosystems - in particular canopy interactions

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Direct effects of simulated acid rain on sexual reproduction in corn

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Direct effects of temperature on abscisic acid, carbohydrate and protein contents of maize kernels grown in vitro

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Direct electrochemical determination of glucose oxidase in biological samples

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Direct epifluorescent filter technique (DEFT). Use in assesment of microbiological quality of water

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Direct evidence for three 1,2-hydride migrations in the biosynthesis of cycloartenol from acetate in tissue cultures of Physalis peruviana

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Direct expansion refrigeration system and a vapour compression cycle for storage and preservation of milk

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Direct extraction of microbial biomass nitrogen from forest and grassland soils of California

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Direct feeding damage on cucumber by mixed-species infestations of Thrips palmi and Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

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Direct field measurements of the N2 + N2O evolution from mechanically compacted soil

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Direct fungicidal action of tioconazole

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Direct gene transfer in Petunia hybrida electroporated protoplasts: evidence for co-transformation with a phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase cDNA from sorghum leaf

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Direct gene transfer to plant protoplasts by mild sonication

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Direct haemagglutination and haemagglutination inhibition tests for porcine parvovirus antigen and antibody

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Direct immunofluorescence testing of normal feline nasal planum and footpad

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Direct in vitro isolation of Trypanosoma brucei brucei and T. b. evansi from disease hosts with low parasitaemia

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Direct inhibitory effect of high glucose in mesenteric artery on glucose absorption from isolated perfused rat intestine

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Direct inhibitory ovarian effects of prolactin in the process of ovulation

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Direct land grading design of irrigation plane surfaces

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Direct liquefaction of activated sludge from aerobic treatment of effluents from the cornstarch industry

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Direct liquefaction of wood by catalyst at lower moisture content

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Direct liquefaction of wood through solvolysis and catalytic hydrodeoxygenation: an engineering assessment

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Direct liquid introduction LC-MS of polyene macrolide antibiotics: comment on the structure of filipin II

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Direct luteotrophic effect of oestradiol-17 beta on pig corpora lutea

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Direct marketing - a chance for the catering trade

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Direct marketing of airports and local economic development

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Direct measurement of k channels in thylakoid membranes by incorporation of vesicles into planar lipid bilayers

Suzuki H., 1989:
Direct measurement of average temperature at different soil depths

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Direct measurement of intra-articular pressure in the distal interphalangeal joint of horses, with reference to the pathogenesis and therapy of diseases of that joint and of navicular disease

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Direct measurement of nitrogen uptake by roots of field-grown plants

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Direct measurement of whole blood glucose by a needle-type sensor

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Direct measuring of fuel for agricultural tractors

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Direct methods for estimating denitrification losses of nitrogen fertiliser

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Direct methods of measuring the moisture content of solid agricultural materials

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Direct modulation of human neutrophil behaviour by Candida albicans

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Direct neural effect of lateral hypothalamic stimulation on insulin secretion by pancreases of normal and obese rats

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Direct observation of cell wall structure in living plant tissues by solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy

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Direct observation of pesticides on plants using LAMMS: imazaquin on soybean leaves

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Direct observation of the structure of mycelial cell walls from the potato blight fungus Phytophthora infestans by solid-state 13C NMR

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Direct organogenesis from petiole and thin cell layer explants in sugar beet cultured in vitro

Molterer, W., 1990:
Direct payments contra market regulations

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Direct pituitary inhibition of prolactin secretion by dopamine and noradrenaline in sheep

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Direct planting of Robusta coffee cuttings. Trial report

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Direct plantlet formation in cotyledon cultures of Capsicum frutescens

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Direct potentiometric determination of the chlorine ion in water extracts from soils and in natural water

Lynbimova, I.N.; Goryachkina, I.V., 1987:
Direct potentiometric determination of the concentration of chlorine ions in aqueous extracts of soils and in natural waters

Hagen, E., 1989:
Direct procurement helps supply of fruit and vegetables

Szabó, I.; Antal, T.; Faluhelyi, S.; Tóth, I.; Faredin, I.; László, F., 1989 :
Direct radioimmunoassay of serum progesterone for monitoring the reproductive status of large pig herds

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Direct regeneration of plants from mesophyll cells

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Direct residual effect of organic wastes and zinc sulphate on zinc availability under cropping sequence of wheat (Triticum aestivum) - rice (Oryza sativa) in calcareous soil

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Direct responses in males and correlated responses for reproduction in females to selection for testicular size adjusted for body weight in young male lambs

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Direct seeding cultivation on submerged paddy in rice. II. Dissolved oxygen uptake and germination properties of rice varieties in the O2 saturated water

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Direct seeding of Virginia tobacco on clay-loam soil in central Italy

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Direct seeding of cole crops in Louisiana

Parkinson, L., 1989:
Direct sell

Katz, J.M.; Wang, M.; Webster, R.G., 1990:
Direct sequencing of the HA gene of influenza (H3N2) virus in original clinical samples reveals sequence identity with mammalian cell-grown virus

Jewell, R.A., 1989:
Direct shear tests on sand

Nehra N.S.; Stushnoff C.; Kartha K.K., 1989:
Direct shoot regeneration from strawberry leaf disks

Repkova, J., 1989:
Direct somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from cultured embryos in the genus Trifolium

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Direct somatic embryogenesis from anthers and pistils of Cichorium

Guedira, M.; Dubois Tylski, T.; Vasseur, J.; Dubois, J., 1989:
Direct somatic embryogenesis in anther cultures of Cichorium (Asteraceae)

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Direct somatic embryogenesis in peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

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Direct somatic embryogenesis on styles of Cichorium; temperature effects and origin of embryoids

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Direct sowing of annual summer flowers outdoors

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Direct sowing of rice with minimum cultivation

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Direct sowing of summer cut flowers

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Direct sowing of winter rape in stands of Elymus repens after application of Roundup (glyphosate). A greenhouse experiment

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Direct spectrophotometric determination of total boron in soils with ultrasonic leaching in automatic flow systems

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Direct use of hexaploid wheat in the production of recombined hexaploid triticale

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Direct utilization of low-temperature geothermal energy in protected cultivation of vegetables

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Direct visual evidence that scrapie agent contains a single-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

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Direct visualization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a blood sample from an AIDS patient

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Direct wet mounts versus concentration for routine parasitologic examination: are both necessary?

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Direct withdrawal and head pull-through performance of nails and staples in structural wood-based panel materials

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Direct, residual and cumulative effects of phosphorus in rice-cabbage-tomato cropping system in an Alfisol

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Direct-mail literature as a method to reduce problems of wild river management

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Direct-maternal genetic and heterosis effects on production and reproduction traits in Dairy Criollo, Jersey and their crosses in the tropics

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Direct-seeded rice. Principles and practices

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Direct-seeded sawtooth oaks (Quercus acutissima Carruth.) show rapid growth on diverse sites

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Directed application of glyphosate in gradual control of johnsongrass on the canals

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Directed movement of latex particles in the gynoecia of three species of flowering plants

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Directed smallholder tobacco farming in Fiji: present status and future potential

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Directing ecological succession

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Direction of and selection criteria in cassava

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Directional fidelity as a foraging constraint in the western harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis

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Directional growth of wheat leaf rust infection structures after penetration and formation of the substomatal vesicle

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Directional saturated hydraulic conductivity and macropore morphology of a soil-saprolite sequence

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Directional scattering properties of a wintering deciduous hardwood canopy

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Directional selection and clutch size in birds

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Directional thermal infrared exitance distributions from a leafless deciduous forest

Balick, L.K.; Hutchison, B.A.; Smith, J.A.; McGuire, M.J., 1987:
Directional thermal infrared exitance distributions of a deciduous forest in summer

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Directions for Malaysian agriculture and policy alternatives: a question of linkages

H.Chai Lee, 1989:
Directions for Malaysian agriculture and policy alternatives: the private sector view

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Directions for research on plant growth regulation in the future

Sharpe, J.L., 1990:
Directions for the '90s: lessons from Japan

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Directions in the development of sugar beet harvesting machinery in COMECON (USSR, Czechoslovakia and GDR)

Walker, D.I.T., 1989:
Directions in worldwide sugar cane breeding

Schonwalder, H.G., 1988:
Directions of development aid

Nieder, G.; Hobaus, E., 1988:
Directions on dosages of pesticides in viticulture

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Directory of Australasian acarology

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of cooperators and libraries - International Nematology Network Newsletter

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of development education periodicals

Lassanyi, M.E., 1988:
Directory of export and trade assistance

Berry, J.T. (Chairperson, Plant Directory Committee), 1988:
Directory of fertilizer plants in the U.S.-1988

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of food and nutrition institutions in the Near East

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Directory of germplasm collections. 1.I. Food legumes

Bettencourt, E.; Konopka, J., 1990:
Directory of germplasm collections. 3. Cereals

Bettencourt, E.; Konopka, J., 1990:
Directory of germplasm collections. 4. Vegetables

Bettencourt, E.; Konopka, J., 1988:
Directory of germplasm collections. 5. II. Industrial crops

Bettencourt, E.J.; Konopka, J., 1989:
Directory of germplasm collections. 6.II. Temperate fruits and tree nuts

Shanmugasundaram, S., 1989:
Directory of mungbean and soybean researchers

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of non-governmental agricultural organizations set up at European Community level

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of primary wood-using industries in Alberta - 1988

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of research workers in agriculture and allied sciences

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of shipbrokers 1989

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of shipbrokers 1990

Gooch, P., 1988:
Directory of sources of fertilizer-related information

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of training establishments in Ivory Coast

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory, chronicle, mycological periodicals, mycological societies, mycology in Estonia, more abstracts - Tenth Congress of European Mycologists, Tallinn, Estonian SSR, August 1989

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Dirofilaria immitis

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Dirofilaria immitis infection of dogs in Austria

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Dirofilaria immitis: molting process of third-stage larvae

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Dirofilaria sp.: taxonomy and distribution

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Dirofilaria striata infection in a North Carolina child

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Dirofilariasis and immunity to Dirofilaria immitis

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Dirofilariasis of the breast

Anonymous, 1989:
Disability and special needs

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Disability control in a leprosy control programme

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Disabled village children. A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families

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Disadvantaged regions and agricultural poverty in the EC

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Disaggregate airport choice models

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Disaggregation of trends in production and productivity of ginger under the Plans in Himachal Pradesh

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Disappearance of feed amino acids in the rumen and intestine studied with nylon bags

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Disappearance of ingesta, gastric and duodenal pH and clot formation in the stomach and small intestine of piglets after ingestion of sow milk and cow and soyabean extract

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Disappearance of salamanders from clearcut plots

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Disappearance of winter snow cover and the distribution of vegetation in the Dischma valley

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Disarming debt: we could - but will we?

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Disassociation of bactericidal and fungistatic activities from the oxidative burst of avian macrophages

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Disaster management: a case study of Kosi security system in North-east Bihar

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Disaster mitigation: a community based approach

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Disaster mitigation: strong houses or strong institutions?

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Disaster prevention in dry lands. An overview of national efforts in Ethiopia and case studies of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society

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Disbudding calves by using a Leister-Ghibli hot air gun

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Disc configuration and performance

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Disc electrophoresis of sera of sheep with natural hydatidosis

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Disc feeler mechanism and driver

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Discharge and output of nutrients at the tile-drain-outflow of a drained area in the Tertiar Hugelland in South Bavaria

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Discharge coefficients of short submerged tubes used for irrigation water outlet

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Discharge manifold for cheese casting machine

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Discharge measurement at drain outfalls

Anonymous, 1989:
Discharge measurement structures

Yoshida, K., 1989:
Discharge rate of pendulum action fertilizer broadcaster

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Discharge rates and performance of collector drains in Egypt

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Discharge section of the main milk pipeline of a milking installation

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Discharge-export relationships in headwater streams: the influence of invertebrate manipulations and drought

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Discharges from coal gasification plants

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Dischidia pectenoides, a new ornamental plant

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Discipline specialization in Canadian physical education and kinesiology

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Discoid lupus erythematosus in cats

Scott, D.W., 1990:
Discoid lupus erythematosus in three horses

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Discoloration and microflora in Norway spruce wood after wounding. Part 1. Spread after 2 years

Outer, R. den, 1988:
Discoloration of carrots with wet cooling. Higher storage temperature or vegetable oil are possible solutions

Marmont, L.G., 1988:
Discoloration of potatoes and potato products

Sun E J., 1989:
Discoloration of rice leaves caused by ammonia gas released from refrigeration factory

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Discolouration of Taj Mahal marble - a case study

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Discolourations of carrot (Daucus carota L.) during wet chilling storage

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Discontinuities in the microsporocyte wall and microsporogenesis in Zeuxine strateumatica (Lindl.) Schltr

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Discontinuous growth of twigs of two Ericaceae grown in vitro

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Discontinuous transcription in Leptomonas seymouri: presence of intact and interrupted mini-exon gene families

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Discordance in the effects of interleukin-1 on rat granulosa cell differentiation induced by follicle-stimulating hormone or activators of adenylate cyclase

Anonymous, 1989:
Discover America 2000. The implications of America's changing demographics and attitudes on the US travel industry

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Discovering French rabbit production

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Discovering the insect world

McNaughton, N., 1989:
Discovering the secrets of the Luvisols: the Breton plots after 60 years

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Discovery and development of fungicides

Miller, L.H., 1990:
Discovery and disease control

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Discovery in Belgium of four toxinogenic Escherichia coli strains of type S102-9

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Discovery of Aedes (Howardina) bahamensis in the United States

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Discovery of Babesia major in cattle and confirmation of its transmitting vector tick in China

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Discovery of Entomophaga maimaiga in North American gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar

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Discovery of Posthodiplostomum minimum (MacCallum, 1921) Dubois, 1936 (Trematoda: Diplostomatidae) in Egretta thula in Mexico

Huth, W., 1989:
Discovery of a further strain of barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV)

Grissell, E.E., 1989:
Discovery of a holly seed-feeding wasp

Naranjo, S.E.; Steinkraus, D.C., 1988:
Discovery of an entomophthoralean fungus (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales) infecting adult northern corn rootworm, Diabrotica barberi (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Richardson, K.; Cooper, K.; Marriott, M.S.; Tarbit, M.H.; Troke, P.F.; Whittle, P.J., 1990:
Discovery of fluconazole, a novel antifungal agent

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Discovery of male Ectoedemia argyropeza (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae) in south-west Ireland

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Discovery of methoxyacetylcarbamide in the urine of normal adults and phenylketonuric children

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Discovery of noninfectious viral genes complementary to Marek's disease herpes virus in quail susceptible to cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis

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Discovery of novel avermectins with unprecedented insecticidal activity

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Discovery of sexual reproduction in an unusual new species of Stachylina (Trichomycetes)

Telford, S.R.; Jr., 1989:
Discovery of the pre-erythrocytic stages of a saurian malaria parasite, hypnozoites, and a possible mechanism for the maintenance of chronic infections throughout the life of the host

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Discovery, transfer to crops, expression and biological significance of a bialaphos resistance gene

Powell, R.L.; Wiggans, G.R.; Norman, H.D., 1990:
Discrepancies between daughter yield deviation and parent average

Mulligan, K.; Butterfield, G.E., 1990:
Discrepancies between energy intake and expenditure in physically active women

Groenewald, J.A., 1989:
Discrepancies in agricultural data from two official sources

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Discrepancy between the intestinal lactase enzymatic activity and mRNA accumulation in sucklings and adults. Effect of starvation and thyroxine treatment

Anshel, M.H.; Sailes, G., 1990:
Discrepant attitudes of intercollegiate athletes as a function of race

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Discrete and continuous insect populations in tropical environments

Larina, G.I., 1989:
Discrete-dynamic analysis of immunological parameters during experimental tick-borne encephalitis

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Discriminability and preference among milking machine functions by dairy cows

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Discriminant carbohydrate components of human milk according to donor secretor types

Kalyankar, S.P.; Rajmane, K.D., 1987:
Discriminant function analysis in the loans of cooperatives

Camussi A.; Cicogna M.; Corti M.; Greppi G.F., 1990:
Discriminant functions between young bulls of three beef breeds from blood constituents

Backman, S.J.; Crompton, J.L., 1989:
Discriminating between continuers and discontinuers of two public leisure services

Prasad, Y.E.; Ramanna, R.; Achoth, L., 1989:
Discriminating factors influencing the rural poor to cross the poverty line - a case study in the Cada block of Anantapur District, A.P

Slaughter, D.C.; Harrell, R.C., 1989:
Discriminating fruit for robotic harvest using color in natural outdoor scenes

D'arey C.J.; Torrance L.; Martin R.R., 1989:
Discrimination among luteoviruses and their strains by monoclonal antibodies and identification of common epitopes

Knopman, D.S.; Voss, C.I., 1988:
Discrimination among one-dimensional models of solute transport in porous media: implications for sampling design

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Discrimination between cholesterol and sitosterol for absorption in rats

Koeniger, G., 1988:
Discrimination between different coloured queen models by free-flying drones (Apis mellifera L.)

Brown, A.H.F., 1988:
Discrimination between the effects on soils of 4 tree species in pure and mixed stands using cotton strip assay

Prokopy, RJ.; Green, TA.; Olson, WA.; Vargas, RI.; Kanehisa, D.; Wong, TTY., 1989:
Discrimination by Dacus dorsalis females (Diptera: Tephritidae) against larval-infested fruit

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Discrimination by hens in favour of litter rather than wire floors?

Spivak, M.; Ranker, T.; Taylor, O.R.J.; Taylor, W.; Davis, L., 1988:
Discrimination of Africanized honey bees using behavior, cell size, morphometrics, and a newly discovered isozyme polymorphism

Couvillon, PA.; Bitterman, ME., 1987:
Discrimination of color-odor compounds by honeybees: tests of a continuity model

Hussain, A.; Bushuk, W.; Clark, K.W., 1989:
Discrimination of cultivars of lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.) by electrophoresis of seed proteins

Inoue, Y.; Chen, PW.; Ikeshoji, T.; Kawabe, S.; Kazano, H.; Ogawa, Y., 1988:
Discrimination of newly immigrated white-backed rice planthoppers, Sogatella furcifera (Homoptera: Delphacidae) by lipid analysis

Hussain, A.; Scanlon, M.G.; Juliano, B.O.; Bushuk, W., 1989:
Discrimination of rice cultivars by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and high-performance liquid chromatography

Yoshikawa, K., 1988:
Discrimination of the interspecific hybrids by means of microscopic structure of dorsal leaf surface

Zayas I.; Pomeranz Y.; Lai F.S., 1989:
Discrimination of wheat and nonwheat components in grain samples by image analysis

Bartos, P.; Stuchlikova, E.; Hanusova, R., 1989:
Discrimination of wheat cultivars after their rust reactions

Ashari S.; Aspinall D.; Sedgley M., 1988:
Discrimination of zygotic and nucellar seedlings of five polyembryonic citrus rootstocks by isozyme analysis and seedling morphology

Alston, J.M.; Carter, C.A.; Jarvis, L.S., 1990:
Discriminatory trade: the case of Japanese beef and wheat imports

Nock, A.M.; Caira, J.N., 1988:
Disculiceps galapagoensis n. sp. (Lecanicephalidea: Disculicepitidae) from the shark, Carcharhinus longimanus, with comments on D. pileatus

Holland, N.S.; Chaput, L.J.; Boe, A.A., 1990:
Discus Bush Buttercup and Dakota Gray Turban. New winter squashes for North Dakota gardens

Buttoud, G.; Normandin, D., 1987:
Discussing public control over private forest wealth management: the French experience

Huber, J., 1990:
Discussion among German economists concerning the relationship between agriculture and the environment

Veiga, C.M.; Martin Piera, F., 1985:
Discussion and confirmation of the presence of two species of Scarabaeoidea (Col.) in the Iberian Peninsula

Szabo, K., 1989:
Discussion in Parliament on the cooperative bill

Bergen, D.W., 1988:
Discussion note: 'Issues in agricultural research orientations in developing countries'

Goedseels, V.; Parduyns, G., 1989:
Discussion of animal parameters incorporable in a vision system as an automatic controller of air and floor temperature in pig houses

Torregrosa, A.; Palau, E., 1990:
Discussion of test results of pedestrian tractors after the design of a standard test

Yang, C.T.; Ma, B.L.; Li, W.S., 1989:
Discussion on successive pollination for overcoming infertility in distant hybridization of rice

Mazhar, A.A.; Heakal, F.E.T.ib; Mogoda, A.S., 1988:
Discussion on the behavior of a porous anodic film on aluminium in H3PO4 studied by electrochemical techniques

Gao, J.C.; Li, W.M.; Jiang, G.R., 1987:
Discussion on the economic threshold of the striped rice-stem borer (Chilo suppressalis Walker)

Zhuo, F.Y., 1986:
Discussion on the mutual-effect between the working-parts of portable drill and soil

Fioravanti, C.F.; Scheibel, L.W.; Cornford, E.M., 1987:
Discussion summary: cestode and trematode biochemistry

Phillips, S.M.; Kemp, W.M.; Dissous, C., 1987 :
Discussion summary: molecular modulators of immunity

Maizels, R.; McKerrow, J.H., 1987:
Discussion summary: session on future molecular strategies for the study of nematode, trematode, and cestode parasites

Dunmore, J.C.; Langley, J.A., 1988:
Discussion: conceptual and empirical needs for integrating resources and trade analysis

Schwartz, N.E.; Rossmiller, G.E., 1988:
Discussion: developing a framework for analysing effects of resource policies on trade

Ogg, C.W.; Sutton, J.D., 1988:
Discussion: linkages between soil conservation policy and trade policy

Sharples, J.A.; Schertz, L.P.; Segarra, E., 1988:
Discussion: policy issues and research questions relating to the trade-resources interface

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Disease and insect pests and their control in rice ratooning systems

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Disease and insect resistance in hybrid rice

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Disease and non-battle injuries among U.S. Marines in Vietnam

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Disease and pest management in black pepper nurseries

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Disease and threatened birds. Proceedings of a Symposium held at the XIX World Conference of the International Council for Bird Preservation, June 1986, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Disease association in West Bengal

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Disease complex in chickpea involving Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium oxysporum

Mukhtar, J.; Khan, A.A., 1989:
Disease complex in chickpea involving Meloidogyne javanica and Sclerotium rolfsii

Parker, D.W.; Hinton, M., 1990:
Disease conditions diagnosed in culled adult cattle sent to an abattoir either with or without a veterinary certificate

Alexander, T.J.L., 1988:
Disease control - present and future

Mackintosh, D., 1989:
Disease control in pig fattening schemes

Edman, J.D., 1988:
Disease control through manipulation of vector-host interaction: some historical and evolutionary perspectives

Heatherington, P.J.; Meredith, R.H., 1988:
Disease control with HWG 1608 on cereals and rape

Ruland, W.; Frahm, J.; Fehrmann, H., 1989:
Disease development of Drechslera avenae on oats

Sindermann, CJ.; Lightner, DV., 1988:
Disease diagnosis and control in North American marine aquaculture

Kim, C.K., 1987:
Disease forecasting: past and future in special reference to rice leaf blast

Aulakh, K.S.; Chahal, S.S., 1988:
Disease free seed production in cereals

Anonymous, 1988:
Disease highlights 1987

Anonymous, 1989:
Disease highlights 1988

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Disease in mixed cultivars, composites, and natural plant populations: some epidemiological and evolutionary consequences

Curtis, P., 1990:
Disease in young pheasants

Sarma, Y.R.; Ramachandran, N.; Anandaraj, M.; Ramana, K.V., 1988:
Disease management in black pepper

Peterson, G.W., 1988:
Disease management in windbreaks

Whelan, H.G.; Gaunt, R.E., 1988:
Disease measurement in barley crops

Baltazar, R.B.; Tangonan, N.G., 1987:
Disease occurrence as affected by age of transplanted seedlings

Fries, R.C., 1990:
Disease of a delicacy (Haplosporidium nelsoni infection of oysters)

Anonymous, 1988:
Disease of field crops in Canada. An illustrated compendium

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Disease outbreak in a flock of sheep, possibly related to a pestivirus

Bugnowski, H.; Zepezauer, V.; Bugdol, G., 1988:
Disease outbreaks in fattening pigs fed animal protein diets

Pretzsch, H., 1987:
Disease pattern and growth behaviour of damaged Scots pine in NE Bavaria

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Disease prevalence in Georgia turkey flocks in 1986

Dorn, P., 1988:
Disease prevention programmes used in poultry production in the German Federal Republic

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Disease problems and their management

Shanmuganathan, N.; Emmett, R., 1986:
Disease problems associated with grape production in the tropics and sub-tropics

Walsh, J.A., 1989:
Disease problems in the Third World

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Disease profile in Russian Merino in semi-arid region of Rajasthan: seasonal

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Disease progress of Sclerotinia wilt of sunflower at varying plant populations, inoculum densities, and environments

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Disease progress of angular leaf spot caused by Isariopsis griseola Sacc. and its implications on resistance of some bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars

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Disease progression and leaf area dynamics of four peanut genotypes differing in resistance to late leafspot

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Disease progression in wheat lines and cultivars differing in levels of resistance to common root rot

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Disease reaction of winter barley in the German Democratic Republic. 1. Varieties released in the years 1979 to 1984

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Disease resistance and humoral antibody production in rainbow trout fed high levels of vitamin C

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Disease resistance and immune response genes in cattle: strategies for their detection and evidence of their existence

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Disease resistance and sugar content in Saccharum-Miscanthus hybrids

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Disease resistance in Chinese hybrid rices

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Disease resistance in different carp lines

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Disease resistance in durum wheat: screening and utilization of primitive and wild species

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Disease resistance in poultry from the breeding aspect

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Disease resistance in sugar beet varieties

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Disease resistance of Hippophae rhamnoides bred at the botanic garden of Moscow State University

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Disease resistance of tobacco lines obtained by using the tissue culture technique

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Disease resistance sources and utilization in breeding improved mungbean in Pakistan

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Disease resistance under irrigation

Cirulli, M.; Ciccarese, F., 1988:
Disease resistance: an excellent resource for world-wide biological control in tomato

Deng, T.C.; Yang, I.L., 1988:
Disease response of maize inoculated with B strain of maize dwarf mosaic virus

Humphrey, J.D., 1988:
Disease risks associated with translocation of shellfish, with special reference to the giant clam, Tridacna gigas

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Disease severity and grain yield in barley multilines with resistance to powdery mildew

Anonymous, 1990:
Disease situation in Europe, 1st and 2nd quarters of 1990

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Disease status of fowls in smallholdings

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Disease suppressive properties of container media

Hone J.; Pech R., 1990:
Disease surveillance in wildlife with emphasis on detecting foot and mouth disease in feral pigs

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Disease survey among goats and dromedaries in southern Tunisia

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Disease survey of commercial apple orchards in southern Ontario

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Disease symptomatology and variation in susceptibility of seed-propagated hybrid geranium varieties to Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii

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Disease-resistant tobacco lines and varieties derived from Dzhebelski Basma, obtained as a result of interspecific hybridization

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Disease/pest observation methods

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Diseases and deterioration of bamboos in India

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Diseases and disease management in rice ratoon crops

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Diseases and disease management of rainfed lowland rice

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Diseases and disorders of pines in the tropics: a field and laboratory manual

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Diseases and forage stand persistence in the United States

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Diseases and fungicide treatments on cereals in 1987. Leaf and ear diseases. Foot diseases

Anonymous, 1988:
Diseases and insect pests of mungbean and blackgram. A bibliography

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Diseases and insects in British Columbia forest seedling nurseries

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Diseases and mycoflora of Oryza indandamanica Ellis

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Diseases and nematodes

Anonymous, 1986:
Diseases and parasites of fishes and aquatic invertebrates. (Literature of the USSR for 1983-1984)

Anonymous, 1988:
Diseases and parasites of fishes and aquatic invertebrates. (Literature of the USSR for 1985-1986)

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Diseases and pests in intensive onion growing

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Diseases and pests in nurseries

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Diseases and pests of carnation

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Diseases and pests of head lettuce

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Diseases and pests of sunflower and their control

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Diseases and pests of vegetable crops and measures for controlling them

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Diseases and reasons for culling in Swiss dairy breeds. 2. Culling and relations between diseases and milk production

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Diseases and reasons for culling in Swiss dairy cows. 1. Incidence and recurrence of various diseases

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Diseases and their management

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Diseases as a constraint to the introduction of exotic goats on smallholder farms in Western Kenya

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Diseases associated with HIV infection - markers of AIDS Candida infections

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Diseases associated with man and pig in the ancient Near East

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Diseases caused by blood parasites in parrots

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases in cattle

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases in dogs and cats

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases in fur-bearing animals

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases in horses

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases in pigs

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases in sheep and goats

Anonymous, 1988:
Diseases in sheep and goats 1986

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Diseases occurring in purebred Arab horses on Polish stud farms

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Diseases of Albizia falcataria in Kerala and their possible control measures (Final report of the Research Project Pathol F03/April 1982 to March 1985)

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Diseases of Australian fish and shellfish. Proceedings of the first Australian Workshop on diseases of fish and shellfish, Benalla, Victoria, Australia, 27-30 May, 1985

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Diseases of Calamus spp. (rattan)

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Diseases of Chinese cabbage and their control

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Diseases of Crustacea relevant to Australia

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Diseases of Desmodium species - a review

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Diseases of Echinodermata. II. Agents metazoans (Mesozoa to Bryozoa)

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Diseases of agricultural crop plants

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Diseases of aquarium fish in northern Germany

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Diseases of arecanut and coconut palms

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Diseases of beans and their interactions

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Diseases of calves from two weeks to three months of age

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Diseases of calves. I. Bacterial diarrhoea in Sergipe State, Brazil

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Diseases of cassava

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Diseases of cattle: a manual of diagnosis

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Diseases of chilli and their management

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Diseases of corn

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Diseases of cultivated sunflower in Liaoning Province, People's Republic of China

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Diseases of dairy cows in Brittany. Effects of nutrition and housing

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Diseases of deepwater rice in Jorhat District, Assam, India

Anonymous, 1990:
Diseases of dogs

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Diseases of dry summer rice in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

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Diseases of exotic acacias in India

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Diseases of forest trees in Kerala 1. Albizia falcataria

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Diseases of forest trees in Kerala 2. Ailanthus triphysa

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Diseases of forest trees in Kerala 3. Bombax ceiba

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Diseases of ginger

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Diseases of goats. I.II

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Diseases of grey and red-legged partridge chicks reared in intensive units

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Diseases of guava, ber and phalsa in India

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Diseases of high incidence on tomato in the Canary Islands. II

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Diseases of honey bees in New Zealand

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Diseases of interiorscape plants in Alberta

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Diseases of molluscs

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Diseases of molluscs

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Diseases of multiple aetiology in pigs: pathogenesis and control

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Diseases of multiple aetiology in poultry

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Diseases of native Australian fishes

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Diseases of nematodes. Volume 1

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Diseases of officinal plants: Curvularia lunata, foliar pathogen of Origanum vulgare

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Diseases of onion and their control

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Diseases of ornamental fish, including carp

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Diseases of pasture legumes in Australia

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Diseases of pear in the Punjab and their control

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Diseases of penaeid prawns

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Diseases of pigs on high fibre diets

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Diseases of rice seedlings growing in the nursery box

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Diseases of salmonids. II

Tattar, T.A., 1989:
Diseases of shade trees

Agnihothrudu, V., 1987:
Diseases of small and large cardamom

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Diseases of small game animals in their natural environment. Evaluation of work carried out by the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory from 1972 to 1984

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Diseases of some important leafy vegetables and their management

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Diseases of sorghum and millet in Mauritania

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Diseases of sugarbeet and their control

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases of sugarcane. Major diseases

Suzuki, K.; Aihara, H.; Yamada, T., 1987:
Diseases of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) and hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) predisposed by weather conditions

Rao, V.S.R., 1989:
Diseases of the chicken. 1. Viral diseases. (i) Marek's disease in chicken - a study report

Rao, V.S.R., 1989:
Diseases of the chicken. 1. Viral diseases. Infectious laryngotracheitis in chicken

Rao, V.S.R., 1989:
Diseases of the chicken. I. Viral diseases. (vii) Infectious bursal disease

Lettow, E.; Middel Erdmann, I.; Keil, S., 1988:
Diseases of the distal phalanx in the dog

Anonymous, 1988:
Diseases of the ear canal

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Diseases of the hind legs in pigs related to the type of floor, with particular reference to bursitis

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Diseases of the retroperitoneal space in the dog and cat

Penaud, A., 1988:
Diseases of the sunflower inflorescence

Suter, P.F.; Gomez, J.A., 1987:
Diseases of the thorax-radiographic diagnosis

Steiner, A.; Fluckiger, M.; Oertle, C.; Regi, G., 1990:
Diseases of the urachus in calves. Clinical and sonographic findings, therapy and prognosis

Schunk, K.L., 1990:
Diseases of the vestibular system

Bourdeau, P., 1988:
Diseases of tortoises and turtles. 1. Clinical examination and common diseases

Bourdeau, P., 1989:
Diseases of tortoises and turtles. 2. Cutaneous and digestive diseases. 3. Diseases of respiratory and other organs, and therapeutics

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Diseases of trees and shrubs

Thapliyal, P.N.; Sinha, A.P., 1989:
Diseases of triticale

Burchill, R.T., 1986:
Diseases of vegetables

Bedlan, G., 1989:
Diseases of vegetables in 1988

Bedlan, G., 1990:
Diseases of vegetables in 1989

Laguna, I.G.; Rodriquez Pardina, P.E.; Truol, G.A.; Nieves, J., 1988:
Diseases of viral aetiology on soyabean (Glycine max) in Argentina

Mehta, Y.R.; Igarashi, S.; Nazareno, N.R.X., 1988:
Diseases of wheat in the state of Parana: guide for identification and control

Sohi, H.S., 1988:
Diseases of white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) in India and their control

Pastoret, P.P.; Thiry, E.; Brocher, B.; Schwers, A.; Thomas, I.; Dubuisson, J., 1988:
Diseases of wild animals transmissible to domestic animals

Poli, A.; Mancianti, F.; Marconcini, A.; Cerri, D.; Agrimi, P., 1987:
Diseases of wild-living hares (Lepus europaeus, Pallas) in Tuscany

Prescott, J.N., 1988:
Diseases of winter housed sheep

Ladds, PW.; Sims, LD., 1990:
Diseases of young captive crocodiles in Papua New Guinea

Anonymous, 1989:
Diseases of zoo animals. Proceedings of the 31st International Symposium on diseases of zoo animals and wild animals, held at Dortmund on 24-28 May 1989

Anonymous, 1990:
Diseases of zoo animals. Proceedings of the 32nd international symposium on diseases of zoo and wild animals, 23-27 May 1990, Eskilstuna (Sweden)

Anonymous, 1988:
Diseases, insects, weeds and other pests outbreak. Pakistan

Errington, A.J., 1990:
Disguised unemployment in British agriculture

Anonymous, 1988:
Disharmonies in EC and US agricultural policies: a summary of results and major conclusions

Anonymous, 1988:
Disharmonies in EC and US agricultural policy measures

Swinson, Y., 1989:
Dishing up the facts

Appel, F.; Luf, W.; Brandl, E., 1988:
Disinfectant residues in milk after use of udder hygiene products for mastitis prevention

Udavliev, D.I., 1989:
Disinfecting poultry houses with a bactericidal foam

Bogatsevska, N.; Vitanov, M.; Boneva, P., 1989:
Disinfecting tomato seeds against bacterial pathogens

Blewett, D.A., 1989:
Disinfection and oocysts

Andryunin, Y.I., 1990:
Disinfection for African swine fever

Anonymous, 1987:
Disinfection in veterinary and farm animal practice

Bereznev, A.P.; Brichko, V.F., 1990:
Disinfection of animal buildings for tuberculosis

Pyarnaste, E.E.; Makhova, S.A., 1989:
Disinfection of buildings by aerosols of etheric oils and ultraviolet light

Ruijter, A. de; Steen, J. van der, 1989:
Disinfection of combs by means of acetic acid (96%) against Nosema

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