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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bollen G.J., 1988: Disinfection of drainwater from soilless cultures by heat treatment

Almaguel, L.; Perez, R.; Caceres, I.; Feito, E.; Sanchez, Y. G., 1986: Disinfection of garlic cloves by soaking prior to chemical treatment against Eriophyes (Aceria) tulipae

Petrlik, Z.; Stys, Z., 1989: Disinfection of hop cuttings with fungicides and the effect on set production

Gourneau, J. M.; Petit, T., 1989: Disinfection of liquid manure tanks and pits contaminated by foot and mouth disease virus

Kinkel, L. L.; Andrews, J. H., 1988: Disinfection of living leaves by hydrogen peroxide

Kfir, R.; Bateman, B. W.; Pitout, B. A.; Coubrough, P., 1989: Disinfection of polluted water by chlorine-flocculant tablet

Gonzalez, M. C.; Santana, N., 1988: Disinfection of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seeds for in vitro sowing

Raats, P. A. C., 1988: Disinfection of soils with steam

Mordkovich, Ya B., 1987: Disinfection of solanaceous crops for control of the potato moth

Anonymous, 1990: Disinfection of syrups by means of UV radiation

Sivakumar, C. V., 1987: Disinfestation of white tip nematode in rice seeds

Yates, Sr; Yates, Mv, 1988: Disjunctive kriging as an approach to management decision making

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801016

Shobanov, N. A., 1990: Disk electrophoresis of hemoglobins in the study of Chironomus species of the plumosus group (Diptera, Chironomidae) and the sample preparation technique

Gilmore, M. R.; Thompson, W. L., 1990: Disk harrow hydraulic wing balancing system

Guo, H.; Burkhardt, T. H.; Wilkinson, R. H.; Hoki, M.; Tanoue, T., 1989: Disk trajectory simulation of a powered disk tiller

Bremnes, H., 1988: Dislocation of the patella in flat-coated Retrievers. Case reports

Caro, M. R., 1990: Disney 'magic' sets new industry standard

Wheeler, A G.; Jr., 1989: Disonycha punctigera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae): first host record of a little-known flea beetle

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Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801032

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Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801034

Zuniga, M. E.; Lokesh, B. R.; Kinsella, J. E., 1989: Disparate effects of dietary fatty acids on activity of 5'-nucleotidase of rat liver plasma membrane

Hutz R.J., 1989: Disparate effects of estrogens on in vitro steroidogenesis by mammalian and avian granulosa cells

Rieke, D. M., 1988: Dispenser assembly for semi-liquid spreader

Ho, I. C., 1990: Dispenser for irrigation chemicals

Trotignon, J. P.; Duchamp, R., 1989: Dispenser for powdered material such as milk

Savant, N. K., 1988: Dispenser method for using urea supergranules in transplanted rice

McGill, S. R., 1990: Dispensing apparatus for frozen products

Bashkis, R.; Grinkyavichyus, V., 1988: Dispensing mineral additives in the feeding sections of farms with large horned cattle

Davidson, D. W.; Morton, S. R., 1984: Dispersal adaptations of some Acacia species in the Australian arid zone

Sergeev, G. E.; Grippa, L. M., 1985: Dispersal analysis as a method of estimating the importance of factors of changes in population abundance, using the grey grain moth as an example

Young, J. A.; Evans, R. A., 1989: Dispersal and germination of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) seeds

Pohronezny, K.; Moss, M. A.; Dankers, W.; Schenk, J., 1990: Dispersal and management of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria during thinning of direct-seeded tomato

Wallin, H., 1987: Dispersal and migration of carabid beetles inhabiting cereal fields

Ross, S. E.; Ostlie, K. R., 1990: Dispersal and survival of early instars of European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in field corn

Johnson E.A., 1986: Dispersal capacity and seed production in anemochorous plants

Andersen A.N., 1988: Dispersal distance as a benefit of myrmecochory

Schweigmann, N.; Vallve, S.; Muscio, O.; Ghillini, M.; Alberti, A.; Wisnivesky Colli, C., 1988: Dispersal flight by Triatoma infestans in an arid area of Argentina

Lundqvist, L.; Edler, A., 1987: Dispersal in patchy environments: effect on the prevalence of small mammal ectoparasites

Schreiber, ET.; Mulla, MS.; Chaney, JD.; Dhillon, MS., 1988: Dispersal of Culex quinquefasciatus from a dairy in southern California

Thomson, J. D.; Thomson, B. A., 1989: Dispersal of Erythronium grandiflorum pollen by bumblebees: implications for gene flow and reproductive success

Nickell, TA.; Ewing, MS., 1989: Dispersal of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ciliophora)

Minkenberg, OPJM., 1988: Dispersal of Liriomyza trifolii

Larsen, K. J.; Whalon, M. E., 1988: Dispersal of Paraphlepsius irroratus (Say) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in peach and cherry orchards

Salom, SM.; McLean, JA., 1990: Dispersal of Trypodendron lineatum (Olivier) within a valley setting

Rios, G. P.; Neves, B. P. das, 1989: Dispersal of cowpea severe mosaic virus

Fowler, HG., 1988: Dispersal of early instars of the mole cricket, Scapteriscus tenuis, as a function of density, food, and pathogens (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae)

Reid, N., 1989: Dispersal of mistletoes by honeyeaters and flowerpeckers: components of seed dispersal quality

Jawa, R. R.; Srivastava, P. B. L., 1989: Dispersal of natural regeneration in some piai-invaded areas of mangrove forests in Sarawak

McClanahan, T. R.; Wolfe, R. W., 1987: Dispersal of ornithochorous seeds from forest edges in central Florida

Dean, W. R. J.; Milton, S. J., 1988: Dispersal of seeds by raptors

Enobakhare, D. A.; Osisanya, E. O., 1985: Dispersal of the alate forms of Cerataphis variabilis H.R.L. (Homoptera: Pemphigidae) in a raphia plantation

van den Berg, MA.; Deacon, VE., 1988: Dispersal of the citrus psylla, Trioza erytreae (Hemiptera: Triozidae), in the absence of its host plants

Kneifl, V., 1988: Dispersal of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella) in the field

Schlumprecht, H., 1989: Dispersal of the thistle gallfly Urophora cardui and its endoparasitoid Eurytoma serratulae (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801078

Carrol, H.; Montgomery, WI.; Hanna, REB., 1990: Dispersion and abundance of Maritrema arenaria in Semibalanus balanoides in north-east Ireland

Callison, O. H., 1988: Dispersion and neutralization of acid casein

Janczuk B.; Chibowsi E.; Bialopiotrowicz T.; Holysz L. , 1989: Dispersion component of the surface free energy of soil minerals

Cook, C. D. K., 1987: Dispersion in aquatic and amphibious vascular plants

Mahal, M. S.; Rajwant Singh; Balraj Singh, 1988: Dispersion of Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt) and development of a sequential sampling plan for its supervised control on raya, Brassica juncea Coss

Collins, PJ.; Sinclair, ER.; Howitt, CJ.; Haddrell, RL., 1988: Dispersion of grain beetles (Coleoptera) in grain partially treated with insecticide

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801088

Galindo G, G.; Honorato P, R.; Millan A, R., 1987: Dispersion of some andisols of Chile by sodium hexametaphosphate and zirconium nitrate

Hunter C.R.; Busacca A.J., 1989: Dispersion of three andic soils by ultrasonic vibration

Pinker, R. T.; Holland, J. Z., 1988: Dispersion parameters over forested terrain

Chandler, LD.; Gilstrap, FE., 1989: Dispersion patterns of parasitized Liriomyza trifolii larvae in bell peppers

Moore, J.; Freehling, M.; Crawford, J.; Cole, P., 1988: Dispharynx nasuta (Nematoda) in California quail (Callipepla californica) in western Oregon

Ahmed, I. P., 1987: Dispharynx nasuta Rudolphi, 1819 (Nematoda: Acuariidae) from birds of Pakistan with a new host record

Shelby, B.; Bregenzer, N. S.; Johnson, R., 1988: Displacement and product shift: empirical evidence from Oregon rivers

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801097

Tyl' nyi, S. A., 1989: Displacement of a particle against advance moving centrifugal disc

Narasimhan S., 1988: Displacement of nutritional receptors on cell membrane as an initiation factor in carcinogenesis

Solarski, H.; Solarska, J., 1986: Displacement of plant nutrients from farmed and forested catchments

Savvaidis, I.; Nobar, A.; Hughes, M. N.; Poole, R. K., 1990: Displacement of surface-bound cationic dyes: a method for the rapid and semi-quantitative assay of metal binding microbial surfaces

Gravi, P. de, 1988: Disposable one piece plastic feeding bottle, with separate compartments for milk and water

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801104

Knecht, B.; McKinley, I. G.; Zuidema, P., 1990: Disposal of low- and intermediate-level waste in Switzerland: basic aspects of potential relevance to microbial effects

Anonymous, 1989: Disposal of milk on farms

Zilka, M., 1988: Disposal of pig and cattle manure

Casadei, E., 1989: Disposal of the farm business and the prohibition against competition

Marutzky, R., 1990: Disposal of wood treated with preservatives: possibilities and problems

Taneja V.K.; Dwivedi V.K.; Nivasarkar A.E.; Saxena M.M.; Nautiyal L.P., 1989: Disposal pattern in three halfbred groups

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801112

Soma, L. R.; Behrend, E.; Rudy, J.; Sweeney, R. W., 1988: Disposition and excretion of flunixin meglumine in horses

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801114

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801115

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801117

Srivastava, A. K.; Chaudary, R. K.; Raina, R., 1990: Disposition kinetics and dosage regimen of sulfadiadine in crossbred calves

Srivastava, A. K.; Rampal, S., 1990: Disposition kinetics and dosage regimen of sulphamethazine in sheep (Ovis aries)

Srivastava, A. K.; Malik, J. K., 1989: Disposition kinetics and urinary excretion of 2-pyridine aldoxime methiodide in sheep

Srivastava, A. K.; Malik, J. K., 1989: Disposition kinetics of 2-pyridine aldoxime methochloride in Bubalus bubalis

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801127

Verhagen H.; Beckers H.H.G.; Comuth P.A.W.V.; Maas L.M.; Ten Hoor F.; Henderson P.T.; Kleinjans J.C.S., 1989: Disposition of single oral doses of butylated hydroxytoluene in man and rat

Kinabo, L. D. B.; Bogan, J. A., 1989: Disposition of triclabendazole in horses, ponies and donkeys

Mansen, R. A., 1989: Dispute negotiations among the Guajiro of Colombia and Venezuela: dynamics of compensation and status

Arn, H.; Rauscher, S., 1987: Disruptant tests for Eupoecilia ambiguella and Lobesia botrana

Abbott, B. D., 1987: Disruption of antennal morphogenesis in Bracon hebetor by exposure to triethylamine

Murdoch, W. J., 1988: Disruption of cellular associations within the granulosal compartment of periovulatory ovine follicles: relationship to maturation of the oocyte and regulation by prostaglandins

Polyvanova, E. N.; Triseleva, T. A., 1987: Disruption of corpora allata development during ontogenesis of Eurygaster integriceps Puton (Insecta, Heteroptera) under the influence of precocene II

Collins, A. M.; Hellmich, R. L., 1988: Disruption of defensive behavior

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801138

Dewsbury, D. A.; Shapiro, L. E.; Taylor, S. A., 1988: Disruption of ejaculates by male copulation in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus)

King, J. N.; Gerring, E. L., 1989: Disruption of equine bowel motility by endotoxin - evidence of a role for prostaglandins and PAF

Pfeiffer, D. G.; Killian, J. C., 1988: Disruption of olfactory communication in Oriental fruit moth and lesser appleworm in a Virginia peach orchard

Juneja S.C., 1988: Disruption of pregnancy in rabbits serving as hosts for feeding ticks

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801144

Rudd, Jwm; Kelly, Ca; Schindler, Dw; Turner, Ma, 1988: Disruption of the nitrogen cycle in acidified lakes

Mansour, S. L.; Thomas, K. R.; Capecchi, M. R., 1988: Disruption of the proto-oncogene int-2 in mouse embryo-derived stem cells: a general strategy for targeting mutations to non-selectable genes

Malcolm, S. B., 1989: Disruption of web structure and predatory behavior of a spider by plant-derived chemical defenses of an aposematic aphid

Beckage, NE.; Metcalf, JS.; Nielsen, BD.; Nesbit, DJ., 1988: Disruptive effects of azadirachtin on development of Cotesia congregata in host tobacco hornworm larvae

Hanahan, D., 1988: Dissecting multistep tumorigenesis in transgenic mice

Poulsen, C.; Chua, N. H., 1987: Dissection of upstream sequences involved in regulated expression of the Nicotiana plumbaginifolia rbcS-8B gene in homologous nuclear background

Rodrigues Coura, J.; Galvao Castro, B.; Grimaldi, G. Jr, 1987: Disseminated American cutaneous leishmaniasis in a patient with AIDS

Jean, Y. H.; Hwang, E. K.; Kim, J. M.; Kwon, Y. B.; Chung, U. I.; Youn, C. K., 1988: Disseminated Aspergillus fumigatus infection in a Korean calf

Terreni, A. A.; DiSalvo, A. F.; Baker, A. S, Jr; Crymes, W. B.; Morris, P. R.; Dowda, H, Jr, 1990: Disseminated Dactylaria gallopava infection in a diabetic patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia of the T-cell type

Sturm, A. W.; Grave, W.; Kwee, W. S., 1989: Disseminated Fusarium oxysporum infection in patient with heatstroke

Mowbray, D. N.; Paller, A. S.; Nelson, P. E.; Kaplan, R. L., 1988: Disseminated Fusarium solani infection with cutaneous nodules in a bone marrow transplant patient

Shapiro, P. E.; Grossman, M. E., 1989: Disseminated Nocardia asteroides with pustules

Wong, P. K.; Ching, W. T. W.; Kwon Chung, K. J.; Meyer, R. D., 1989: Disseminated Phialophora parasitica infection in humans: case report and review

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801163

Ness, M. J.; Markin, R. S.; Wood, R. P.; Shaw, B. W, Jr; Woods, G. L., 1989: Disseminated Trichosporon beigelii infection after orthotopic liver transplantation

Murphy C.J.; Canton D.C.; Bellhorn R.W.; Okihiro M.; Cahoon B.; Dufort R., 1989: Disseminated adenocarcinoma with ocular involvement in a cat

Kahler, J. S.; Leach, M. W.; Jang, S.; Wong, A., 1990: Disseminated aspergillosis attributable to Aspergillus deflectus in a Springer Spaniel

Brems, J. J.; Hiatt, J. R.; Klein, A. S.; Hart, J.; El Khoury, G.; Winston, D.; Millis, J. M.; Busuttil, R. W., 1988: Disseminated aspergillosis complicating orthotopic liver transplantation for fulminant hepatic failure refractory to corticosteroid therapy

Cook D.J.; Achong M.R.; King D.E.L., 1990: Disseminated aspergillosis in an apparently healthy patient

Helm T.N.; Mazanec D., 1990: Disseminated aspergillosis presenting as a skin abscess

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801171

Scheidegger, C.; Frei, R., 1989: Disseminated candidiasis in a drug addict not using heroin

Dodd L.G.; Nelson S.D., 1990: Disseminated coccidioidomycosis detected by percutaneous liver biopsy in a liver transplant recipient

Kramme, P. M.; Ziemer, E. L., 1990: Disseminated coccidioidomycosis in a horse with oestomyelitis

Sprinkle, R. L. B, I I. I.; Kosova, L. M.; Tougas, T.; Morales, L. M.; Ugarte, R. de, 1989: Disseminated coccidioidomycosis of an ankle joint. A case study

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801176

Vartivarian, S. E.; Coudron, P. E.; Markowitz, S. M., 1987: Disseminated coccidioidomycosis. Unusual manifestations in a cardiac transplantation patient

St Germain, G.; Noel, G.; Kwon Chung, K. J., 1988: Disseminated cryptococcosis due to Cryptococcus neoformans variety gattii in a Canadian patient with AIDS

Macias, A. E.; Leon R, S. P. de; Reyes, E.; Victoria, P., 1988: Disseminated cryptococcosis in a surgical patient

Walker, B. F.; Gunthel, C. J.; Bryan, J. A.; Watts, N. B.; Clark, R. V., 1989: Disseminated cryptococcosis in an apparently normal host presenting as primary adrenal insufficiency: diagnosis by fine needle aspiration

Oriba, H. A.; Lo, J. S.; Bergfeld, W. F., 1990: Disseminated cutaneous fungal infection and AIDS

Barthez, J. P.; Kervran, J. P.; Buzacoux, J.; Farid, I., 1986: Disseminated dermatophytosis due to Microsporum canis

Dickson N.J., 1989: Disseminated feline cryptococcosis

Helm, T., 1989: Disseminated fusarial infection

Nadler, J. P., 1990: Disseminated fusarial infection

Richardson, S. E.; Bannatyne, R. M.; Summerbell, R. C.; Milliken, J.; Gold, R.; Weitzman, S. S., 1988: Disseminated fusarial infection in the immunocompromised host

Rhyan J.C.; Stackhouse L.L.; Davis E.G., 1990: Disseminated geotrichosis in two dogs

Johnson, J. E.; Beech, J.; Saik, J. E., 1988: Disseminated hemangiosarcoma in a horse

Tornieporth N.; Disko R.; Seeliger H.P.R.; Emslander H.P., 1989: Disseminated histoplasmosis after a visit to a tropical country in a man with known sarcoidosis

Chen, G. H.; Lin, L. B., 1990: Disseminated histoplasmosis capsulatum. A report of two autopsy cases

Smith, E.; Franzmann, M.; Mathiesen, L. R., 1989: Disseminated histoplasmosis in a Danish patient with AIDS

Clinkenbeard, K. D.; Cowell, R. L.; Tyler, R. D., 1988: Disseminated histoplasmosis in dogs: 12 cases (1981-1986)

Leggiadro, R. J.; Barrett, F. F.; Hughes, W. T., 1988: Disseminated histoplasmosis of infancy

Liam, C. K.; Chua, C. T.; Pathmanathan, R., 1990: Disseminated histoplasmosis presenting as a non-healing tongue ulcer

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801199

Zeben, D. van; Zijlmans, J. M.; Kuijpers, T. J. A.; Tinga, C. J.; Haak, A., 1989: Disseminated histoplasmosis. Typical presentation with involvement of the adrenal glands

Macher, A.; Nelson, A.; DeVinatea, M.; Lanoie, L.; Thorpe, R.; Sambe, D., 1988: Disseminated infection by Histoplasma duboisii in an African patient with AIDS

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801204

Slappendel, R. J., 1988: Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Hagiware M.K.; Kogika M.M.; Malucelli B.E., 1990: Disseminated intravascular coagulation in dogs with aflatoxicosis

Plank, G.; Heinritzi, K., 1990: Disseminated intravascular coagulation in porcine eperythrozoonosis

Heuwieser, W.; Kikovic, D., 1989: Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy in a cow of the breed Deutsche Rotbunte with fungal mastitis and left displacement of the abomasum

Nimmo, G. R.; Whiting, R. F.; Strong, R. W., 1988: Disseminated mucormycosis due to Cunninghamella bertholletiae in a liver transplant recipient

Kaben U., 1988: Disseminated mucormycosis in a premature infant

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801212

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801213

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801214

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801215

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801216

Edwards, J. F.; Ficken, M. D.; Luttgen, P. J.; Frey, M. S., 1988 : Disseminated sarcocystosis in a cat with lymphosarcoma

Armignacco, O.; Capecchi, A.; Schifano, C.; Mori, P. de; Bordi, E.; Visca, P.; Grillo, L. R., 1989: Disseminated strongyloidiasis in a patient with AIDS

Savio, E.; Pasini, C.; Calvi, A.; Arnaboldi, A.; Liserre, V., 1988: Disseminated strongyloidiasis mimicking hepatic cirrhosis

Ronan S.G.; Reddy R.L.; Manaligod J.R.; Alexander J.; Fu T., 1989: Disseminated strongyloidiasis presenting as purpura

Chunge, C. N., 1987: Disseminated strongyloidiasis presenting as septicaemia and meningitis: a case report

Kaslow, J. E.; Novey, H. S.; Zuch, R. H.; Spear, G. S., 1990: Disseminated strongyloidiasis: an unheralded risk of corticosteroid therapy

Wu, M. P.; Ko, L. Y.; Chen, K. C.; Chiou, C. K.; Kou, Y. M., 1988: Disseminated strongyloidiasis: report of a case

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801225

Ingram, C. W.; Sennesh, J.; Cooper, J. N.; Perfect, J. R., 1989: Disseminated zygomycosis: report of four cases and review

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801228

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801229

Lashley, L. M., 1989: Disseminating agricultural information to farmers in Trinidad and Tobago through television

Elbourn, C. A., 1988: Disseminating forestry information by different technological means: the case of CAB International

Curran, S. W.; Knake, E. L.; McGlamery, M. D., 1986: Disseminating reserach through extension: wild garlic, a case study

Tatchell, G. M., 1987: Dissemination and agricultural use of aphid monitoring data

Gaur H.S., 1988: Dissemination and mode of survival of nematodes in dust storms

Kubba, R.; El Hassan, A. M.; Al Gindan, Y.; Omer, A. H. S.; Kutty, M. K.; Saeed, M. B. M., 1987: Dissemination in cutaneous leishmaniasis. I. Subcutaneous nodules

Kubba, R.; Al Gindan, Y.; El Hassan, A. M.; Omer, A. H. S.; Kutty, M. K.; Saeed, M. B. M., 1988: Dissemination in cutaneous leishmaniasis. II. Satellite papules and subcutaneous induration

Anonymous, 1988: Dissemination of renewable energies in farms and rural villages: barriers and policy measures

Marques, L. F.; Noldin, J. A.; Bacha, R. E.; Ishiy, T.; Santos Junior, O. G., 1988: Dissemination of technology relating to irrigated rice in Santa Catarina: units of demonstration and genotypic observation

Furth, D. G.; Brivio, C., 1988: Dissemination of the second PIME Entomological Museum

Cook, R.; Thomas, B. J.; Mizen, K. A., 1989: Dissemination of white clover mosaic virus and stem nematode, Ditylenchus dipsaci, by the slug, Deroceras reticulatum

DiChristina, T. J.; Arnold, R. G.; Lidstrom, M. E.; Hoffmann, M. R., 1988: Dissimilative iron reduction by the marine eubacterium Alteromonas putrefaciens strain 200

Isermann, K.; Henjes, G., 1990: Dissimilative nitrate reduction in the (un-) saturated subsoil under different forms of land use

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801248

Sarkar, D. K.; Kumari, G. K.; Babu, P. R.; Pillai, R. N., 1987: Dissipation of aldicarb residues in soil and egg plant

Verma S., 1988: Dissipation of aldicarb residues in soil and green gram and cowpea crops

Ross L.J.; Powell S.; Fleck J.E.; Buechler B., 1989: Dissipation of bentazon in flooded rice fields

Dikshit, A. K.; Handa, S. K.; Verma, S., 1988: Dissipation of carbaryl residues from pea crop

Pal, A. K.; Senapati, H. K.; Pattanaik, M. R., 1988: Dissipation of carbaryl residues in brinjal

Faleiro, J. R.; Singh, K. M.; Singh, R. N., 1985: Dissipation of carbofuran and carbaryl in cowpea

Snel, M.; Almond, R.; Scorer, D. J., 1986: Dissipation of clopyralid in German soils under field conditions

Garg, P. K.; Singh, S. P.; Hameed, S. F., 1987: Dissipation of endosulfan residues in/on mustard crop

Singh, P.; Hameed, S. F.; Singh, I. P., 1988: Dissipation of fenitrothion and monocrotophos on pods of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)

Rao, B. N.; Ramasubbaiah, K.; Murthy, K. S. R. K., 1985: Dissipation of monocrotophos and carbaryl in chilli Capsicum annum L

Rao, B. N.; Subbaiah, K. R., 1987: Dissipation of monocrotophos and carbaryl in green and ripe fruits of chilli and removal of the insecticides by different processing procedures

Hubbs C.W.; Lavy T.L., 1990: Dissipation of norflurazon and other persistent herbicides in soil

Ong, K. H.; Ch' ng, A. L.; Chua, G. C.; Chua, S. B.; Ng, B. B.; Luk, S. C., 1988: Dissipation of pesticide residues from leafy vegetable, cai xin (Brassica chinensis)

Gupta, A.; Parihar, N. S., 1989: Dissipation of quinalphos (O,O-diethyl O-quinaxilin-2-yl phosphorothioate) residues in and/or on cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis)

Verma, S.; Handa, S. K.; Dikshit, A. K., 1988: Dissipations of endosulfan on cole crops infested with aphids

Ohmiya, K.; Kajino, T.; Shimizu, S.; Gekko, K., 1989: Dissociation and reassociation of enzyme-treated caseins under high pressure

Zilversmit D.B., 1988: Dissociation between cholesterol secretion and plasma lipid transfer activity in rabbits

Migneault, D. R.; Force, R. K., 1988: Dissociation constants of phosphoric acid at 25 degrees C and the ion pairing of sodium with orthophosphate ligands at 25 degrees C

Kurata, S.; Kumano, H.; Natori, S., 1989: Dissociation of Sarcophaga peregrina (flesh fly) fat body by pupal haemocytes in vitro

Floody, O. R., 1989: Dissociation of hypothalamic effects on ultrasound production and copulation

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801279

Castellino P.; Luzi L.; Del Prato S.; Defronzo R.A., 1990: Dissociation of the effects of epinephrine and insulin on glucose and protein metabolism

Flood, J. F.; Morley, J. E., 1989: Dissociation of the effects of neuropeptide Y on feeding and memory: evidence for pre- and postsynaptic mediation

Noren, C.; Yousif, F. B.; Mitchell, J. B. A., 1989: Dissociative recombination and excitation of N2+

Colin, F.; Lecomte, P.; Boulange, B., 1989: Dissolution features of gold particles in a lateritic profile at Dondo Mobi, Gabon

Lin, C. F.; Benjamin, M. M., 1990: Dissolution kinetics of minerals in the presence of sorbing and complexing ligands

Mcsherry C.K., 1988: Dissolution of cholesterol gallstones by bile acids in the prairie dog

Page, F.; Kimpe, C. R. de, 1989: Dissolution of ferruginous and aluminous compounds of Podzolic B horizons of Quebec soils by dithionite-citrate-bicarbonate, oxalate, pyrophosphate and tetraborate

Basak, R. K.; Debnath, N. C., 1986: Dissolution of rock phosphates and basic slag in an acid soil as influenced by their rate of application and moisture regimes

Arocena, J.; Geyter, G. de; Landuydt, C.; Schwertmann, U., 1989: Dissolution of soil iron oxides with ammonium oxalate : comparison between bulk samples and thin sections

Bakhtar, D.; Bradford, G. R.; Lund, L. J., 1989: Dissolution of soils and geological materials for simultaneous elemental analysis by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry

Katska, L.; Smorag, Z.; Gajde, B., 1988: Dissolution of the zona pellucida of bovine oocytes after holding in homo- and heterological oviduct

Wilson, Gb; Andrews, Jn; Bath, Ah, 1990: Dissolved gas evidence for denitrification in the Lincolnshire Limestone groundwaters, eastern England

Section 2, Chapter 1802, Accession 001801297

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