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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1803

Chapter 1803 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Geraert, E.; Choi, Y. E., 1990: Ditylenchus leptosoma sp. n. (Nematoda: Tylenchida), a parasite of Carpinus leaves in Korea

Geraert, E.; Young Eoun Choi., 1988: Ditylenchus longicauda sp. n. a primitive ditylench

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802003

Cirio, A.; Boivin, R.; Grancher, D., 1990: Diuresis, renal plasma flow and glomerular filtration in awake and anaesthetized sheep: effects of a low-protein diet

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802006

Murzin, V. S., 1986: Diurnal Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera) of the Badkhyzskii Reserve (Turkmen SSR)

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802008

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Muthuchelian, K.; Paliwal, K.; Gnanam, A., 1988: Diurnal and seasonal variations of photosynthesis respiration and in vivo nitrate reductase activity (E C in Pennisetum polystachyeon Schult

Hara, E.; Saito, M., 1989: Diurnal change in digestion and absorption of sucrose in vivo in rats

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Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802028

Furumoto, F.; Abo, Y.; Yamamoto, S., 1988: Diurnal changes in thermoregulatory responses of lactating dairy cows during summer and autumn

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Spittler, P.; Tiedemann, P., 1987: Diurnal gut fill of silver carp and crucian carp hybrids

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802042

Ehleringer J.R.; Forseth I.N., 1989: Diurnal leaf movements and productivity in canopies

Dekker, J.; Westfall, B., 1986: Diurnal oscillations in chlorophyll fluorescence in a triazine resistant chronomutant of Brassica napus

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802046

Gardy Godillot M.; Durand D.; Dalle M.; Bauchart D., 1989: Diurnal pattern of plasma cortisol in preruminant calves fasted or fed different milk proteins

Weidemann, H. L., 1987: Diurnal periodicity in the flight activity of aphids

Avakyan, A. E., 1989: Diurnal periodicity of growth in some representatives of the Triticeae tribe

Shevelukha, V. S.; Avakyan, A. E., 1990: Diurnal periodicity of growth in wild species of wheat

Sanin, S. S.; Chuprina, V. P., 1988: Diurnal periodicity of the urediospore content in air over wheat fields under different weather conditions

Fedosov, S. A., 1989: Diurnal rhythm in the hatching of larvae of the fall web worm moth (Hyphantria cunea) and its regulation by environmental factors

Jensen, P., 1988: Diurnal rhythm of bar-biting in relation to other behaviour in pregnant sows

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Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802062

Hickson J.F.Jr; Pivarnik J.M.; Wolinsky I., 1989: Diurnal urinary urea excretion and bodybuilding exercise

Zyl, J. L. van, 1987: Diurnal variation in grapevine water stress as a function of changing soil water status and meteorological conditions

Nishibri, M.; Li, Y.; Fujita, M.; Ito, T.; Yamamoto, S., 1989: Diurnal variation in heat production, heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature of laying hens at constant environmental temperatures of 23 degrees C and 35 degrees C

Weststrate, Ja; Weys, Pjm; Poortvliet, Ej; Deurenberg, P; Hautvast, Jgaj, 1989: Diurnal variation in postabsorptive resting metabolic rate and diet-induced thermogenesis

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Manian, K.; Natarajaratnam, N.; Jayaprakasam, M.; Rangasamy, S. R., 1988: Diurnal variation in some leaf physiological parameters of horsegram (Dolichos biflorus Linn.) and lab lab (D. lablab Linn.)

Swaraj, K.; Dabas, S.; Sheoran, I. S., 1988: Diurnal variation in symbiotic nitrogen fixation (acetylene reduction activity) in some legumes

Sieciechowicz, K. A., 1987: Diurnal variation of asparaginase in developing pea leaves

Reid, J. B.; Huck, M. G., 1990: Diurnal variation of crop hydraulic resistance: a new analysis

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Pocock, S. J.; Ashby, D.; Shaper, A. G.; Walker, M.; Broughton, P. M. G., 1989: Diurnal variations in serum biochemical and haematological measurements

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802077

Carroll, M. Y., 1990: Diurnal water flux and soil moisture depletion patterns of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.)

Brusslan, J.; Haselkorn, R., 1987: Diuron resistance in the psbA multigene family of Synechococcus PCC7942

Ma, Q; Lindsay, Wl, 1990: Divalent zinc activity in arid-zone soils obtained by chelation

Chhabra, A. K.; Naidu, M. R.; Kharb, R. P. S., 1988: Divergence analysis through metroglyph and Dsuperscript 2 techniques in faba bean

Leung, K.; Kim, K. E.; Maurer, R. A.; Landefeld, T. D., 1988: Divergent changes in the concentrations of gonadotropin beta -subunit messenger ribonucleic acid during the estrous cycle of the sheep

Metcalf, D.; Moore, J. G., 1988: Divergent disease patterns in granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor transgenic mice asssociated with different transgene insertion sites

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Carpenter J.A.; Casler M.D., 1990: Divergent phenotypic selection response in smooth bromegrass for forage yield and nutritive value

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802101

Wierman, M. E.; Gharib, S. D.; Wang, C.; LaRovere, J. M.; Badger, T. M.; Chin, W. W., 1990: Divergent regulation of gonadotropin subunit mRNA levels by androgens in the female rat

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Rutledge J.J., 1988: Divergent selection for in vitro developmental capacity of preimplantation mouse embryos

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Gearheart, WW.; Goodwill, RE., 1990: Divergent selection for pupal weight of Tribolium castaneum in optimum and adverse environments

Tixier, M.; Bordas, A.; Merat, P., 1988: Divergent selection for residual feed intake in laying hens: effects on growth and fatness

Mills, A. D.; Faure, J. M., 1990: Divergent selection for social motivation and tonic immobility responses in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica)

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Gahlot T.K.; Chawla S.K.; Peshin P.K.; Krishnamurthy D., 1989: Diverse rib resection thoracotomies for diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy in bovines

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802122

Jos J.S.; Nair R.B.; Sreekumari M.T., 1990: Diverse types of male sterility in cassava

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Anonymous, 1989: Diversification of agricultural production. Crop products

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Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802169

Fey, R. L., 1989: Diversity index usage in the geographic study of home gardens in Quintana Roo, Mexico

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Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802178

Tomov, P., 1989: Diversity of clones of Festuca arundinacea Schreb. originating from the central part of northern Bulgaria in respect of morphological and biological traits of breeding value

Majeau N.; Trudel J.; Asselin A., 1990: Diversity of cucumber chitinase isoforms and characterization of one seed basic chitinase with lysozyme activity

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Ming, H. T., 1986: Division of Acarology

Ming, H. T., 1987: Division of Acarology

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Hooi, C. W., 1987: Division of Medical Entomology

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Anonymous, 1986: Division of Plant Protection Chemicals Research in Berlin-Dahlem

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Ammon, H. V., 1988: Do actual thresholds favour the build-up of herbicide resistance in weed populations?

Loffler, J., 1988: Do air pollutants threaten the regeneration of West German forests?

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802227

Tomlinson, S.; Cole, C., 1989: Do an environmental analysis of your plant

Grafen, A., 1990: Do animals really recognize kin?

Morel, L.; Vander Meer, R.K., 1988: Do ant brood pheromones exist?

Martin, H., 1986: Do bees tell lies? On the psychology of bees

Thompson, K.; Rabinowitz, D., 1989: Do big plants have big seeds?

Giavarini, I., 1990: Do broilers grow best on intermittent lighting?

Wurtman, Rj; Wurtman, Jj, 1988: Do carbohydrates affect food intake via neurotransmitter activity?

Mauricio, R.; Bowers, MD., 1990: Do caterpillars disperse their damage?: larval foraging behaviour of two specialist herbivores, Euphydryas phaeton (Nymphalidae) and Pieris rapae (Pieridae)

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Young, D., 1990: Do cicadas radiate sound through their ear-drums?

Lau, L. J.; Yotopoulos, P. A. , 1988: Do country idiosyncracies matter in estimating a production function for world agriculture?

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802241

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802242

Merritt, R. W., 1987: Do different instars of Aedes triseriatus feed on particles of the same size?

Hapla, F., 1986: Do different thinning measures influence the wood properties of Douglas fir?

Hawkins, B. A., 1988: Do galls protect endophytic herbivores from parasitoids? A comparison of galling and non-galling Diptera

Kimmerer T.W., 1988: Do holly leaf spines really deter herbivory?

Marek, T.; Brun, T.; Reynaud, J., 1990: Do home garden projects improve income and nutritional status? A case study in Senegal

Schmid-Hempel, R., 1986: Do honeybees get tired? The effect of load weight on patch departure

Markert, C. L., 1989: Do inductive developmental interactions or immune reactions decide the success or failure of interspecific gestations?

Wehner R.; Menzel R., 1990: Do insects have cognitive maps?

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802252

McMillan, W. H.; Sealey, R. C., 1989: Do melatonin implants influence the breeding season in Coopworth ewes?

Aas, O.; Ulvund, M. J., 1989: Do microfungi help to induce the phototoxic disease alveld in Norway?

Granger, D. L.; Hobbs, M. M., 1988: Do natural killer cells help protect us from disease caused by pathogenic fungi?

Beghin, J. C.; Karp, L. S., 1989: Do nonagricultural distortions justify the protection of US agriculture?

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802257

Goncharenko, E. G.; Matsyuk, V. A., 1987: Do not be in a hurry to use chemicals

Bootsma, J., 1989: Do not bend over newly planted trees

Gulik, T. v d, 1988: Do not harvest late cauliflowers before November

Baart, J. M. T.; Joosse, M. L., 1989: Do not overdo thinning of Jonagold

Anonymous, 1989: Do not use Ethrel again

Forbes, Gb, 1990: Do obese individuals gain weight more easily than nonobese individuals?

Strauss, D.; Bednar, L.; Mees, R., 1989: Do one percent of the forest fires cause ninety-nine percent of the damage?

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802265

Nuthall, P. L., 1989: Do our experts hold the key to improved farm management?

Teasley, K. M.; Buss, R. L., 1989: Do parenteral nutrition solutions with high concentrations of branched-chain amino acids offer significant benefits to stressed patients?

Dicke, M.; Sabelis, MW. de Jong, M.; Alers, MPT., 1990: Do phytoseiid mites select the best prey species in terms of reproductive success?

Prins, A. H.; Laan, R. M., 1988: Do plant characteristics influence the numbers of Ethmia bipunctella on Cynoglossum officinale

Evans, P. T.; Malmberg, R. L., 1989: Do polyamines have roles in plant development?

Lomas, J.; Anderson, G. M.; Domnick Pierre, K.; Vayda, E.; Enkin, M. W.; Hannah, W. J., 1989: Do practice guidelines guide practice? The effect of a consensus statement on the practice of physicians

Pratt, N. C.; Huck, U. W.; Lisk, R. D., 1989: Do pregnant hamsters react to stress by producing fewer males?

Spencer, H.; Kramer, L.; Osis, D., 1988: Do protein and phosphorus cause calcium loss?

Latto, J.; Hassell, M. P., 1987: Do pupal predators regulate the winter moth?

Hamoudi, A. C.; Qualman, S. J.; Marcon, M. J.; Hribar, M.; McClung, H. J.; Murray, R. D.; Cannon, H. J., 1988: Do regional variations in prevalence of cryptosporidiosis occur? The central Ohio experience

Chin, S. C., 1987: Do shifting cultivators deforest?

Davies, R. J., 1987: Do soil ameliorants help tree establishment?

Bertilsson, B., 1990: Do sulfonylureas imply a resistance risk in Scandinavia?

Makkar, H. P. S., 1988: Do tannins affect only protein utilisation?

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802282

Langhammer, R. J., 1988: Do the ACP trade preferences discriminate against ASEAN agricultural products?

Potthast, V., 1989: Do the Dutch make better feeds for lactating cows? NEL and VEM in comparison

Zyl, J. van; Vink, N., 1988: Do the opinions of American agricultural economists differ from those of southern African economists

Horton, S.; Campbell, C., 1990: Do the poor pay more for food?

Musgrove, P.; Galindo, O., 1988: Do the poor pay more? Retail food prices in Northeast Brazil

Bennet Clark, H. C., 1990: Do the song pulses of Drosophila show cyclic fluctuations?

Knowles, G.; Abebe, G., 1989: Do trypanosome enzymes cause the pathogenic effects of trypanosomiasis?

Edwards, C. A.; Johnson, I. T.; Read, N. W., 1988: Do viscous polysaccharides slow absorption by inhibiting diffusion or convection?

George, K. P., 1990: Do we have a moral obligation to practice a sustainable agriculture?

Reisch J., 1988: Do weighted nasoenteric feeding tubes facilitate duodenal intubations?

Zaborova, E., 1989: Do you feed the horse correctly?

McManus, P. M., 1988: Do you get my meaning? Perception, ambiguity and the museum visitor

Yoder, K.; Robinson, B., 1988: Do you know how to identify and control boxelder bugs?

Fitchen, J. M., 1990: Do you know what to ask if you haven't listened first?: using anthropological methods to prepare for survey research

Green, J.; Grudens Schuck, N., 1988: Do your own market research

Mercier, S. A., 1989: Dockage and foreign material in the grading standards for wheat exports

Kinsella J.E., 1988: Docosahexaenoic acid and other dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids suppress leukotriene synthesis by mouse peritoneal macrophages

Anonymous, 1989: Document issued by the Professional Council of Veterinarians of the Province of Misiones, Argentina, with reference to the illegal introduction and use of an exotic recombinant rabies virus

Line, M. B., 1990: Document provision and supply in less developed countries, with particular reference to the potential of regional systems

Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802305

Ver Hey, M. E.; Woessner, W. W., 1987: Documentation of the degree of waste treatment provided by septic systems, vadose zone and aquifer in intermontane soils underlain by sand and gravel

Boehm, E. et al., 1980: Documentation of the storm catastrophe of 13 November 1972. Part III. Exploitation of windthrow timber

Otto, H. J. et al., 1979: Documentation of the storm catastrophe of 13 November 1972. Part IV. Rehabilitation of storm-damaged forests

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Section 2, Chapter 1803, Accession 001802318

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