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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chardigny, J. M.; Moreau, D.; Diebold, H.; Klepping, J., 1987: Effect of amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet on cardiac function and endogenous substrate utilization in isolated perfused rat heart

Varela, P.; Munoz Martinez, E.; Marcos, A.; Unzaga, M. T., 1988: Effect of amount of protein in the diet on electrophoretic pattern and immunoglobulin G and M values in plasma of pregnant rats and their offspring

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807002

Richard, D.; Guerin, H.; Roberge, G.; Friot, D., 1988: Effect of amounts of dry matter offered on the intake of tropical grasses

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807004

Wawron, W., 1987: Effect of amputation of the uterus on the state of health and some blood values of pigs. I. Clinical observations. II. Haematological studies. III. Changes in serum electrolytes

Walde, S. J., 1986: Effect of an abiotic disturbance on a lotic predator-prey interaction

Brunser, O.; Araya, M.; Espinoza, J.; Guesry, P. R.; Secretin, M. C.; Pacheco, I., 1989: Effect of an acidified milk on diarrhoea and the carrier state in infants of low socio-economic stratum

Burstein R.; Epstein Y.; Shapiro Y.; Charuzi I.; Karnieli E., 1990: Effect of an acute bout of exercise on glucose disposal in human obesity

Gonzalez Carcedo, S.; Perez Mateos, M.; Barriuso Benito, E., 1988: Effect of an agroforestry cycle on urease activity in lime-rich soils

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807012

Cox, E.; Cools, V.; Houvenaghel, A., 1988: Effect of an alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist on experimentally induced diarrhoea in newly-weaned piglets

Mostofa, M.; McKellar, Q. A., 1989: Effect of an antimuscarinic drug on the plasma pepsinogen activity of sheep infected with Ostertagia circumcincta

Shumway, C. R.; Cothren, J. T., 1988: Effect of an antitranspirant and irrigation on leaf photosynthesis, leaf resistance and lint yield of cotton

Galey, F. D.; Beasley, V. R.; Schaeffer, D.; Davis, L. E., 1990: Effect of an aqueous extract of black walnut (Juglans nigra) on isolated equine digital vessels

Baraldi, R.; Branzanti, B., 1988: Effect of an ectomycorrhizal fungus on fruit tree micropropagation

Orlov, V. M.; Chemeris, V. A., 1988: Effect of an electric field of industrial frequency on locomotion in blood-sucking mosquitoes

Smith L., 1987: Effect of an electronic air cleaner and negative ionizer on the population of indoor mold spores

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807021

Meschy, F.; Duval, S., 1988: Effect of an excess of aluminium on balance of minerals (calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) in lambs

Sattar, M. A.; Gan, E. K.; Loke, S. E.; Mah, K. F.; Wong, W. H., 1989: Effect of an extract of Erioglossum edule on the central nervous system

Martin, R.; Wittwer, F.; Nunez, J., 1988: Effect of an infusion of Haplopappus baylahuen in dogs with liver damage due to carbon tetrachloride

Maskina, M. S.; Singh, B.; Singh, Y., 1987: Effect of an interim summer crop in a rice-wheat rotation

Kinner, B.; Sauer, I.; Reuter, W.; Ries, W., 1987: Effect of an isoenergetic reducing diet on cardiovascular indices and serum lipids of obese persons

Reuter, W.; Kinner, B.; Sauer, I.; Herzfeld, H., 1987: Effect of an isoenergetic reducing diet on special indices of lipid metabolism in obese persons

Elliott J.G.; Black W.T.; Geurin H.B., 1989: Effect of an isolated soy protein based product and whey on partial replacement of dried skim milk and whey protein concentrate in a milk replacer for veal calves

Velasquez Jones, L.; Mota Hernandez, F.; Puente, M.; Kane, J.; Donnadieu, I., 1989: Effect of an oral rehydration solution with glycine and glycilglycine in infants with acute diarrhoea

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807030

Pickett, B. W.; Squires, E. L.; Voss, J. L., 1987: Effect of anabolic steroids on the reproductive efficiency of the horse

Seshadri, S., 1988: Effect of anaemia on physical performance of children and the impact of iron supplements

Dahlberg, S. P.; Lindley, J. A.; Giles, J. F., 1988: Effect of anaerobic digestion on nutrient availability from dairy manure

Lee, Mr; Shih, Jch, 1988: Effect of anaerobic digestion on oocysts of the protozoan Eimeria tenella

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807035

Alvarez Marinez, J.; Gonzalez Lopez, J.; Perez Garcia, T., 1988: Effect of androstenedione and PMSG on Merino ewe lambs managed so as to lamb 3 times in 2 years

Olkowski, M.; Grzegorczyk, S., 1988: Effect of animal slurry and commercial fertilizers on chemical composition of meadow grass mixtures

Mukerjee, S.; Satyanarayana, B., 1988: Effect of anisotropy on swelling and swelling pressure

Ottey, K. A.; Munday, M. R.; Calvert, D. T.; Clegg, R. A., 1989: Effect of anoxia on acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity: possible role for an AMP-activated protein kinase

Yamafuji K., 1988: Effect of anoxia on the spatial pattern of electric potential formed along the root

Chaudhry, M. A.; Anwar, A. H.; Chaudhry, A. H.; Malik, S. Z., 1987: Effect of anthelmintic administration on reproductive behaviour of naturally parasitised sheep

Shrestha, N. P.; Neopane, S. P.; Gurung, H. B., 1990: Effect of anthelmintic treatment and feeding regimes on growth rate of local goats

Ploeger H.W.; Schoenmaker G.J.W.; Kloosterman A.; Borgsteede F.H.M., 1989: Effect of anthelmintic treatment of dairy cattle on milk production related to some parameters estimating nematode infection

Reiss, C. S.; Herrman, J. M.; Hopkins, R. E, I I., 1987: Effect of anthelmintic treatment on the immune response of mice

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807052

Sevdimaliev, R. M.; Zakrzhevskii, D. A.; Voznyak, V. M.; Kalashnikov, Yu E.; Balakhnina, T. I.; Ruzieva, R. Kh, 1990: Effect of anthocyanins on fluorescence yield of photosystem II chlorophyll in pea chloroplasts

Sevdimaliev, R. M.; Zakrzhevskii, D. A.; Voznyak, V. M.; Kalashnikov, Yu E.; Balakhina, T. I.; Ruzieva, R. Kh, 1990: Effect of anthocyanins on photoinduced changes of chloroplast fluorescence

Sevdimaliev, R. M.; Zakrzhevskii, D. A.; Voznyak, V. M.; Kalashnikov, Yu E.; Balakhnina, T. I.; Ruzieva, R. Kh, 1990: Effect of anthocyans on the fluorescence yield of PSII chlorophyll in pea chloroplasts

Akhtaruzzaman, A. F. M.; Das, P.; Bose, S. K., 1987: Effect of anthraquinone in alkaline pulping of Acacia auriculiformis

Gadzhiev, V. D.; Mailov, A. I.; Melikov, R. K., 1987: Effect of anthropogenic factors on desert and semidesert ecosystems of Azerbaidzhan

Skibinska, E., 1987: Effect of anthropogenic pressure on Vespoidea and Sphecidae communities

Chudzicka, E., 1987: Effect of anthropogenic pressure on leafhopper (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha) guilds

Kochetov, I. S.; Makapov, I. P.; Kudryashov, A. M.; Mamonov, V. A., 1988: Effect of anti-erosion treatment and fertilizers on biological activity and phosphate regime of sloping land in intensive agriculture in the central non-chernozem zone

Ramasamy, MS.; Ramasamy, R., 1990: Effect of anti-mosquito antibodies on the infectivity of the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei to Anopheles farauti

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807062

Sobh, M. A.; Moustafa, F. E.; Sally, S. M.; Deelder, A. M.; Ghoniem, M. A., 1988: Effect of anti-schistosomal treatment on schistosomal-specific nephropathy

Dhala, S. A.; Bamane, V. S., 1988: Effect of antibacterials and carriers on A. brasilense B25

Babu, K. S.; Singh, R. S.; Chander, H., 1989: Effect of antibiotic resistance on the flavour profile of lactic acid bacteria

Aslan, V.; Nizamlioglu, M.; Kalaycioglu, L.; Acet, A., 1989: Effect of antibiotic treatment of young calves on glucose absorption and some plasma components

Neeraj Saxena; Vyas, K. M., 1983: Effect of antibiotics on certain cell wall degrading enzymes of Rhizopus nodosus and Phytophthora nicotianae

Ashok Aggarwal; Mehrotra, R. S., 1988: Effect of antibiotics on growth, enzyme activity and respiration of Phytophthora colocasiae

Mehta, A.; Mehta, P., 1988: Effect of antibiotics on synthesis of cell wall degrading enzymes by Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium moniliforme

Thompson, AC.; Sikorowski, PP., 1988: Effect of antibiotics on the physical and biochemical properties of irradiated boll weevil adults (Anthonomus grandis Boh.)

Kremsner, P.; Stemberger, H.; Kollaritsch, H.; Scheiner, O.; Hudler, H.; Wiedermann, G., 1987: Effect of antibodies on the activity of Entamoeba histolytica in vitro

Vanage G.R.; Gopalkrishnan K.; Sheth A.R., 1990: Effect of antibodies to human seminal plasma inhibin on spermatogenesis and sperm agglutination in adult male rats

Ellner, H., 1990: Effect of antifungal compounds on the glutathione status of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807077

Van Doorn W.G.; De Witte Y.; Perik R.R.J., 1990: Effect of antimicrobial compounds on the number of bacteria in stems of cut rose flowers

Baird A.N.; Scruggs D.W.; Watkins J.P.; Taylor T.S., 1990: Effect of antimicrobial solution lavage on the palmar digital tendon sheath in horses

Krumhar K.C.; Berry J.W., 1990: Effect of antioxidant and conditions on solubility of irradiated food proteins in aqueous solutions

Cox, E.; Cools, V.; Houvenaghel, A., 1989: Effect of antisecretory drugs on experimentally induced weanling diarrhoea in piglets

Jitender Kumar; Thareja, R. K.; Banerjee, M. K.; Arora, S. K., 1988: Effect of antisenescent regulators on the shelf life of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cv. HS-101

Hassan, M. R.; Khattab, M., 1987: Effect of antitranspirant on the keeping quality of cut carnation flowers (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Narayanasamy P., 1988: Effect of antiviral principles on rice tungro virus infection

Zemkova, H.; Teisinger, J.; Vyskocil, F., 1988: Effect of apamin on the Na, K pump and Na, K-ATPase

Moore P.H., 1988: Effect of apoplastic solutes on water potential in elongating sugarcane leaves

Yoon, J. T.; Lee, J. T., 1987: Effect of apple leaf hair density on the occurrence and infection of Alternaria leaf spot caused by Alternaria mali Roberts

Norman, Rj; Wells, Br; Moldenhauer, Kak, 1989: Effect of application method and dicyandiamide on urea-nitrogen-15 recovery in rice

Sinha, S. N.; Sharma, S. P., 1989: Effect of application of carbofuran granule along with seed on plant growth and seed yield of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)

Salem, S. A.; El Nakhlawy, F. S., 1987: Effect of application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer levels on seed yield, its components and other characters in faba beans (Vicia faba L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807098

Saur, E., 1989: Effect of application of phosphorus, calcium carbonate and trace elements (Cu, Mn, Zn, B) to three acid sandy soils on growth and nutrition of Pinus pinaster seedlings. Part 1. Growth and major element nutrition

Kamala, B. S.; Angadi, V. G., 1986: Effect of application of trace elements on seedling growth of some timber species

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807101

Alam, S. M.; Sharif, M.; Latif, A., 1988: Effect of applied P and Zn fertilizers on wheat and their residual effect on the growth and composition of maize

Sharma, Uc; Arora, Br, 1988: Effect of applied nutrients on the starch, proteins and sugars in potatoes

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807107

Hadzic, A., 1988: Effect of applying different amounts of NPK fertilizer on the production characteristics of fibre flax

Zhestokanov, O. P.; Meshcheryakov, V. P.; Tverskoi, G. B., 1986: Effect of applying heat to the teats during machine milking on blood flow in the cow's udder

Ali, S. A.; Azmi, A. R.; Alam, S. M., 1989: Effect of aqueous azolla extract and NaCl stress on rice

Mojumder, V.; Goswami, B. K., 1987: Effect of aqueous extracts of madar (Calotropis gigantea) and amarbel (Cuscuta reflexa) on larval mortality, hatching from egg-masses and subsequent penetration into tomato roots

Wyrostkiewicz, K., 1987: Effect of aqueous plant extracts on feeding by the Colorado potato beetle (L. decemlineata Say.)

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807113

Dvorak, P., 1989: Effect of areal drainage on groundwater

Highley, T. L.; Micales, J. A., 1989: Effect of aromatic monomers on production of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes by white-rot and brown-rot fungi

Huffel, X. van; Moor, A. de, 1988: Effect of arthrocentesis and intra-articular administration of antibiotics on the synovial fluid of clinically healthy cattle

Lee, W. G.; Mills, J. A.; Lavers, R. B., 1988: Effect of artificial defoliation of mid-ribbed snow tussock, Chionochloa pallens, in the Murchison Mountains, Fiordland, New Zealand

Pollock, I.; Warner, J. O., 1990: Effect of artificial food colours on childhood behaviour

Bedenko, E. P., 1988: Effect of artificial inoculation with mycorrhizas on seed germination and the growth and development of the chalk form of Scots pine in afforestation of the chalky slopes of the central Russian upland

Hachiya, K., 1989: Effect of artificial leaf cutting on growth and yield of rice plants in Hokkaido

Penaloza H, E.; Mera K, M., 1988: Effect of artificial lodging on lentil yield and its components, at four plant population levels

Lee D.K., 1988: Effect of artificial lodging time on yield and quality of naked barley and malting barley

Stuanes, A. O.; Abrahamsen, G.; Tveite, B., 1988: Effect of artificial rain on soil chemical properties and forest growth

Hussain, A.; Arshad, M.; Hussain, A., 1987: Effect of ascorbic acid and sucrose on seed germination of Sesbania bispinosa at different salinity levels

Halling, H; Osterdahl, Bg; Carstensen, J., 1989: Effect of ascorbic acid on N-nitrosoproline excretion in the urine of lacto-vegetarians and subjects on a free-choice diet

Gross W.B., 1988: Effect of ascorbic acid on antibody response of stressed and unstressed chickens

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807129

Korpela, H., 1989: Effect of ascorbic acid on the bioavailability of sodium selenite in selenium-depleted rats as assessed by serum selenium concentration and glutathione peroxidase activity

Wawrzenska, M., 1987: Effect of ascorbic acid on the motor activity of the intestines of farm animals

Muradyan, A. A.; Avakyan, V. A., 1988: Effect of ascorbic acid on the spontaneous mutation process

Ajayi, Oa; Nnaji, Ur, 1990: Effect of ascorbic acid supplementation on haematological response and ascorbic acid status of young female adults

Ratajczak, W.; Gwozdz, E. A.; Ratajczak, L., 1988: Effect of asparagine and methionine on storage protein synthesis in cultured lupin cotyledons

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807138

Verbyla D.L.; Fisher R.F., 1989: Effect of aspect on ponderosa pine height and diameter growth

Watson E.D.; Sertich P.L., 1990: Effect of aspiration of follicular fluid on subsequent luteal function in the mare

Kommisrudi, E.; Solbu, H., 1988: Effect of assistance at cow inseminations on insemination results

Ferreira, J. J.; Neto, J. M.; Miranda, C. S. de, 1988: Effect of associating elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) cultivar Cameron and maize on the quality of silage and performance of heifers

Yanover, S. B.; Lysaya, A. I.; Kozlova, I. A.; Purish, L. M.; Zvyagintseva, N. P.; Lunev, O. A.; Andreyuk, E. I., 1988: Effect of associative bacterial cultures in the destruction of underground cables

Van Lierop W., 1989: Effect of assumptions on accuracy of analytical results and liming recommendations when testing a volume or weight of soil

Migliaccio, F.; Rayle, D. L., 1989: Effect of asymmetric auxin application of Helianthus hypocotyl curvature

Jensen, J. R., 1989: Effect of asymmetric, daily air temperature and humidity waves on calculated reference evapotranspiration

Lewis, P. D.; Perry, G. C., 1989: Effect of asymmetrical lighting on the body weight and carcase composition of laying hens and their influence on the efficiency of food utilisation

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807149

Egorov, V. P.; Karpushkin, L. T., 1988: Effect of atmospheric humidity and CO2 concentration on water potential of the evaporating surface of a transpiring leaf

Penev, D., 1987: Effect of atmospheric pollution on the species and numbers of insectivorous birds in the Devnya region

Shukla, R., 1987: Effect of atmospheric temperature, relative humidity and age of host plant on the development of Alternaria leaf blight of triticale

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807154

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807155

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807156

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807157

Jolie, R.; Lievens, G.; Roose, P. de; Tuyttens, N.; Pauwels, H., 1989: Effect of atrophic rhinitis on mean daily weight gain in pigs

Barsanti, J. A.; Finco, D. R.; Brown, J., 1988: Effect of atropine on cystometry and urethral pressure profilometry in the dog

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807160

Collazo, D.; Rego, G.; Borges, A., 1984: Effect of attack by the borer Diatraea saccharalis on the quality of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) juice

Gupta, J. J.; Singh, K. S., 1988: Effect of autoclaving dietary rice bran and oils on their feeding value in broiler diets

Reina, Y.; Leon, T.; Montilla, J.; Vierma, C.; Viera, J.; Vargas, R., 1989: Effect of autoclaving or soaking on the nutritional value of four cultivars of Canavalia ensiformis for fattening chickens

Lunt, D. K.; Welsh, T. H, Jr; Rupp, G. P.; Field, R. W.; Cross, H. R.; Miller, A. M.; Recio, H. A.; Miller, M. F.; Smith, G. C., 1990: Effect of autografting ovarian tissue, ovariectomy and implanting on growth rate and carcass characteristics of feedlot heifers

Wang, Q. X.; Gu, W. L.; Dai, J. Y., 1987: Effect of automatic population regulation on maize yield

Ebendorff W.; Wallstabe J.; Kreutzer A.; Ziesack J., 1990: Effect of automatic udder stimulation and stripping on milk production and udder health of cows

Hoson T., 1990: Effect of auxin on autolysis of cell walls in azuki bean epicotyls

Luthen, H.; Hilgendorf, F.; Bottger, M., 1989: Effect of auxin on growth, proton secretion and transmembrane electron transfer in intact maize roots

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807173

Yeh, C. C.; Chiou, P. W. S.; Fan, Y. K., 1989: Effect of available phosphorus on the growth performance, blood component and bone characteristics in Taiwan country chicken during 0 to 4 weeks of age

Kirton A.H., 1988: Effect of average carcass fat concentration on correlations among lamb carcass measurements

Kanis E., 1988: Effect of average daily food intake on production performance in growing pigs

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807177

Ribeiro, M. J.; Matioli, J. C.; Carvalho, C. F., 1988: Effect of avermectin-B1 (MK-936) on the larval development of Chrysoperla externa (Hagen) (Neuroptera; Chrysopidae)

Sotirov, N.; Aleksandrov, I.; Bozhkov, S.; Stefanova, R.; Iordanova, P.; Ivanov, I.; Koramucheva, L., 1989: Effect of avian erythroblastosis virus strain R on turkeys. I. Regenerative anaemia or atypical erythroblastosis

Bozhkov, S.; Aleksandrov, I.; Sotirov, N., 1989: Effect of avian erythroblastosis virus strain R on turkeys. II. Aplastic anaemia

Stefanova, R.; Iordanova, P.; Karamucheva, L.; Bozhkov, S.; Sotirov, N., 1989: Effect of avian erythroblastosis virus strain R on turkeys. III. Expression of 'erb'-specific RNA in bone marrow cells, and the virus content of blood

Buresova, R.; Zednik, J., 1988: Effect of avilamycin on productive efficiency of complete feeds for fattening pigs

Valdes Saenz, M. A.; Frontela Roges, A.; Valdes Saenz, C. R.; Diaz Otero, A., 1988: Effect of avoiding the washing treatment in the preparation of sweet peppers for export

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807185

Rao, P. J.; Subrahmanyam, B., 1987: Effect of azadirachtin on Achaea janata Linn. and Spodoptera litura (F.) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807188

Alam, S. M., 1989: Effect of azolla and N on rice grain and straw yield

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807190

Alexander, D.; Sadanandan, N.; Karunakaran, K., 1988: Effect of azolla and other fertilizers on rice yields

Akhramenka, G. D.; Kazyrevich, T. P., 1989: Effect of backcrosses on alteration of characters in recombinant forms of tetraploid beetroot

Maity, S.; Sen, S., 1986: Effect of background mutation on the inheritance of leaf characters in jute (Corchorus olitorius L.)

Khalimov, F. M., 1989: Effect of background pollution with pesticides on mutational variability in plants

Lopez Pila, J. M., 1988: Effect of baculoviruses in ground- and drinking water

Fukuda N.; Oku H.; Yoshihara I.; Machida M.; Chinen I., 1989: Effect of bagasse alkaline extract on serum and liver lipids of rats fed high cholesterol diets

Hansen, H. B.; Ostergaard, K.; Knudsen, K. E. B., 1988: Effect of baking and staling on carbohydrate composition in rye bread and on digestibility of starch and dietary fibre in vivo

Salmon, R. E.; Stevens, V. I., 1990: Effect of bambermycins (FlavomycinReg.) in diets for growing turkeys

Malhi S.S.; Ukrainetz D., 1990: Effect of band spacing of urea on dry matter and crude protein yield of bromegrass

Akhtar, M.; Alam, M. M., 1990: Effect of bare-root dip treatment with extracts of castor on root-knot development and growth of tomato

Kelly J.C., 1989: Effect of bark addition to moss peat on plant growth

Leben, C., 1989: Effect of bark removal above and below wounds in red maple on bark dieback and discolored wood columns

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807204

Mitsuhashi, T.; Kitamura, Y.; Mitsumoto, M.; Yamashita, Y.; Ozawa, S., 1988: Effect of barley and corn feeding on fatty acid composition and colour values of adipose tissue from Japanese Black steers

Mohammad, M. A.; Al Fakhry, A.; Al Niemy, T., 1988: Effect of barley tipping, different levels of NP fertilizers and sowing rates on the yield and yield components of two cultivars

Shil' nikov, I. A.; Kolosova, A. F.; Udalova, L. P., 1988: Effect of basal and repeated liming on yield and quality of fibre flax and potatoes

Zhang, Y. C., 1987: Effect of basal application of fertilizers on yield increase of upland cereals

Mencuccini, M.; Fontanazza, G.; Baldoni, L., 1988: Effect of basal temperature cycles on rooting of olive cuttings

Petsom, A.; Steelink, C., 1988: Effect of base on the C-13 NMR spectra of model phenolic acids related to humic acids and lignins

Bates Bryson C.; Davies Paul K., 1988: Effect of baseflow separation procedures on surface runoff models

Banov, I.; Glogov, L.; Stoyanov, P.; Sadovski, A.; Rafailov, R. L., 1989: Effect of basic agrotechnical factors on yield of maize hybrid BC 66-25

Karkkainen, M.; Dumell, O., 1983: Effect of basic density and growth ring width on bending strength of spruce from south and north Finland

Saranpaa, P., 1983: Effect of basic density and growth ring width on impact strength of spruce wood from south and north Finland

Tichy, F.; Kopecky, M.; Soucek, A., 1989: Effect of basic intensification factors on the yield and quality of spring barley

Sharma, R. C.; Bhowmik, T. P., 1987: Effect of baytan seed treatment on the growth and development of groundnut

May J.D., 1988: Effect of beak trimming on body weight and feed intake of broiler roasters fed pellets or mash

Patil, M. D.; Gupta, B. M., 1988: Effect of bean common mosaic virus on the growth and yield of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

Anand Singh; Singh, H. B., 1986: Effect of bean yellow mosaic virus on fruits of Pisum sativum cv. T 19

Levine S.J.; Hendricks D.M.; Schreiber J.F.Jr, 1989: Effect of bedrock porosity on soils formed from dolomitic limestone residuum and eolian deposition

Alam, M. Z.; Quadir, M. A.; Ali, M. S., 1987: Effect of bee pollination on seed production of carrot, Daucus carota L

Varis, A. L.; Brax, R., 1990: Effect of bee pollination on yield and yield components of field bean (Vicia faba L.)

Gong, W. G.; Wang, Y.; Cai, H. F.; Chen, J.; Xue, H. J., 1984: Effect of bee-collected pollen on blood sugar and liver glycogen in fasted rats and mice

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807225

Landes, A., 1990: Effect of bentazone and CMPP on the development and yield formation of wheat and barley when applied at various development stages of the apical meristem

Kozak, J.; Pavel, L., 1988: Effect of bentonite addition on soil physical properties and physical retention of nitrate

Richter, G. H.; Flachowsky, E., 1987: Effect of bentonite additives on rumen fermentation, metabolic parameters and finishing performance in bulls

Piva, G.; Fusconi, G.; Fabbri, S.; Lusardi, E.; Masoero, F., 1989: Effect of bentonite on ingesta-excreta balance and body retention of some radionuclides in rats

Rana R.S., 1988: Effect of benzene hexachloride on nitrification activity in soil under flooded conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807232

Chun, J. C.; Kim, H. J.; Lee, H. S., 1987: Effect of benzsulfuron on growth inhibition and regrowth of Sagittaria pygmaea

Borkovec, V.; Prochazka, S., 1989: Effect of benzyladenine and naphthylacetic acid on the transport of 14C-sucrose in winter wheat

Tung, M. S., 1987: Effect of benzyladenine and water stress on the polypeptides of chloroplast thylakoid in the greening wheat seedlings

Goswami, B. K.; Srivastava, G. C., 1988: Effect of benzyladenine on protease and related nitrogen fractions in sunflower

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807239

Shafik, J.; Saed, M. S.; Mustafa, M., 1988: Effect of between row and plant spacing on some growth characters, yield and its components in two broad bean varieties

Kler, D. S.; Sarbjeet Singh; Jagrup Singh, 1989: Effect of bi-directional sowing on light interception and yield of toria Brassica campestris

Dofing S.M.; Penas E.J.; Maranville J.W., 1989: Effect of bicarbonate on iron reduction by soybean roots

Pochinok, V. Ya; Mits' ko, V. M., 1990: Effect of biferan, a plant growth regulator, on potato production and yield of standard seed tuber fraction

Radymska Wawrzyniak, K.; Szember Nyrka, B.; Rybka, A., 1987: Effect of bile and bile acids on the motility of denervated rabbit colon

Juste, C.; Legrand Defretin, V.; Corring, T.; Rerat, A., 1988: Effect of bile diversion to the jejuno-ileum upon bile acid secretion

Rai, L. C.; Meena Raizada, 1989: Effect of bimetallic combinations of Ni, Cr, and Pb on growth, uptake of nitrate and ammonia, 14CO2 fixation, and nitrogenase activity of Nostoc muscorum

Krut' ko, N. P.; Gomolko, L. A.; Vorob' eva, E. V.; Mozheiko, F. F., 1988: Effect of binders on the granulation of phosphogypsum

Murthy, D. V. S.; Rao, A. P., 1989: Effect of binding agents in NP granulation

Chandrasekharan, V.; Thangamuthu, G. S.; Balasubramaniyan, P., 1988: Effect of bio fertilizer (Azolla) and urea N on growth and yield of lowland rice (Co. 43)

Gautam, R. C.; Kaushik, S. K., 1988: Effect of bio-fertilizers on the yield of pearlmillet

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807255

Patra, S. K.; Padhi, A. K.; Mishra, S. N., 1989: Effect of biofertilizers at graded levels of nitrogen on the yield of wheat and toria in the north-eastern Ghat region of Orissa

Talukder, N. M.; Ali, M. S.; Latif, A., 1988: Effect of biogas effluent on the yield and quality of rice

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Okagaki M., 1988: Effect of concentration and application frequency of nutrient solution on growth and vase life of chrysanthemums

Subhan, 1988: Effect of concentration and interval of foliar fertilizer application on growth and yield of carrot (Daucus carota L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807830

Orme B.J.; Mcmahon D.J., 1989: Effect of concentration on coagulation of ultrafiltered milk

Mehta, A. K.; Singh, R. P.; Lal, G., 1989: Effect of concentrations and methods of application of 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid on yield, fruit quality and seed quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Shmanenkov, N. A.; Kalenyuk, V. F.; Karnachev, P. I., 1988: Effect of concentrations of free amino acids and urea in plasma on the nutritional status of piglets

Saura Calixto F., 1988: Effect of condensed tannins in the analysis of dietary fiber in carob pods

Kulikov, Ya K.; Ivanov, N. P., 1988: Effect of conditions of mineral nutrition on biochemical properties of potato tuber protein

Sakharova, O. V.; Sagamyak, E. A., 1988: Effect of conditions of root nutrition on growth and photosynthetic indices of spring wheat in the early stages of ontogeny

Emel' yanov, L. G.; Arnautova, A. I.; Khodasevich, E. V.; Ankud, S. A., 1988: Effect of conditions of water supply on the ultrastructural changes in barley leaf chloroplasts under heat stress

Takano, T., 1988: Effect of conductivity and temperature of nutrient solution on the mineral nutrition of horticultural crops in water culture

Smith L.A., 1988: Effect of confinement method on physiology and production of gestating gilts

Rombach, M. C.; Aguda, R. M.; Roberts, D. W., 1988: Effect of conidia germination on infection of brown planthopper BPH by insect fungi

Knotek, S.; Zilakova, J., 1988: Effect of conservation methods and rates of applied nitrogen fertilizer on grass intake by sheep

Berry, E. C.; Ghidiu, G. M., 1989: Effect of conservation tillage on European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) populations

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Turek, F., 1989: Effect of conservative and progressive factors on the dynamics of quantitative and qualitative properties of grasslands and perennial fodders under different agroecological conditions in South Bohemia

Greathead K.D.; Barker D.J.; Mctaggart R.; Scott F., 1989: Effect of conserving pasture as silage on the productivity and profitability of grazing steers

Szabo, P., 1988: Effect of consistency of feed mixtures on fattening performance

Simwat, G. S.; Dhawan, A. K.; Sidhu, A. S., 1988: Effect of constant temperature and relative humidity on the termination of larval diapause in pink bollworm

Fujisaki, K.; Kamio, T., 1988: Effect of constant temperatures on Theileria sergenti infection in salivary glands of nymphal Haemaphysalis longicornis

Kramer, D. A.; Hain, F. P., 1989: Effect of constant- and variable-humidity and temperature regimes on the survival and developmental periods of Oligonychus ununguis (Acarina: Tetranychidae) and Neoseiulus fallacis (Acarina: Phytoseiidae)

Starosta, M., 1988: Effect of constructional dimensions of the open binary chamber on working resistance in the briquetting process of dried plants

Madar, Z.; Arieli, B.; Trostler, N.; Norynberg, C., 1988: Effect of consuming soybean dietary fiber on fasting and postprandial glucose and insulin levels in type II diabetes

Ali M.; Hayat L.H.J.; Al Saleh J.; Gubler C.J., 1989: Effect of consumption of green and black tea on the level of various enzymes in rats

Dickson R.E., 1987: Effect of container size and shape on the growth of northern red oak seedlings

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Gador, J.; Motowicka Terelak, T., 1986: Effect of contamination with sulphur on soil properties and crop yields in a lysimeter experiment. II. Effect of elemental sulphur application to the soil on yields and chemical composition of some crops

Motowicka Terelak, T.; Gador, J., 1986: Effect of contamination with sulphur on soil properties and crop yields in a lysimetric experiment. I. Effect of elemental sulphur on the chemical properties of soils

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Zhou, X. C.; Tan, Y. Y.; Chen, T. S., 1988: Effect of continous high rate application of fertilizers on the rice yield and soil nutrients

Sack R.B., 1988: Effect of continued oral feeding on clinical and nutritional outcomes of acute diarrhea in children

Mollica, A.; Traverso, E.; Ventura, G., 1989: Effect of continuous and intermittent dosing of NaClO in natural seawater on the crevice corrosion propagation of stainless steel

Buntan, A.; Corpuz, I. T., 1989: Effect of continuous application of ammonium sulfate and urea on irrigated rice

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807870

Subramanian K.S.; Kumaraswamy K., 1989: Effect of continuous cropping and fertilization on the isotopically exchangeable phosphorus status of the soil

Subramanian K.S.; Kumaraswamy K., 1989: Effect of continuous cropping and fertilization on the phosphate fixation capacity of soil

Subramanian K.S.; Kumaraswamy K., 1989: Effect of continuous cropping and fertilization on the response of finger millet to phosphorus

Ling P.R.; Bistrian B.R.; Blackburn G.L.; Istfan N., 1989: Effect of continuous feeding on maternal protein metabolism and fetal growth in the rat

Swarup, A.; Singh, K. N., 1989: Effect of continuous fertilizer use on Q/I relationships of K in sodic soil cropped with rice and wheat for twelve years

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807877

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807878

Furdzhev I., 1987: Effect of continuous rice cultivation on some soil properties

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807881

Todorov, F.; Borisova, M., 1987: Effect of continuous tillage systems on some fertility characteristics of leached smolnitza

Jeong, K. T.; Ban, Y. S.; Yoo, K. K., 1989: Effect of control of leaf number on growth and chemical characteristics in flue-cured tobacco

Noomhorm, A.; Tiasuwan, N., 1988: Effect of controlled atmosphere storage for mango

Romo Parada, L.; Willemot, C.; Castaigne, F.; Gosselin, C.; Arul, J., 1989: Effect of controlled atmospheres (low oxygen, high carbon dioxide) on storage of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L., Botrytis group)

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Tomana T., 1988: Effect of controlled fruit temperature on maturation of apple fruits

Anonymous, 1987: Effect of controlled growth pattern on tomato fruit-set at high temperature

Watkinson, J. H., 1989: Effect of controlled-release selenium granules applied with fertiliser on blood levels of grazing sheep

Isensee, A. R.; Nash, R. G.; Helling, C. S., 1990: Effect of conventional vs. no-tillage on pesticide leaching to shallow groundwater

Tangendjaja, B.; Johnson, Z. B.; Noland, P. R., 1988: Effect of cooking and addition of enzymes on feeding value of rice bran for swine

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Colling, M.; Wolfram, G., 1987: Effect of cooking on purine content of foodstuffs

Fletcher, Jr; Law, Sj; Walters, Ah, 1987: Effect of cooking on the nitrate levels in vegetables

Diaz Marquina, A.; Villanueva, M. J., 1988: Effect of cooking processes on the carbohydrate fractions of Spanish dishes of vegetable origin

Von Elbe J.H., 1988: Effect of cooking temperature and variations in sweetened condensed whole milk on textural properties of caramel confections

Grantz, D. A., 1989: Effect of cool temperatures on photosynthesis and stomatal conductance in field-grown sugarcane in Hawaii

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Mejborn, H., 1989: Effect of copper addition to mink feed during the growth and moulting period on growth, skin production, and copper retention

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807903

Brosvic, G. M.; Hecht, G. S., 1989: Effect of copper and vitamin B-6 deficiency on taste sensitivity in the rat: a signal detection analysis

Kuldeep Singh; Bhobria, R. D., 1987: Effect of copper and zinc on the dry matter yield and nutrient composition of wheat

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Stevanovic, ; Sevkovic, N., 1987: Effect of copper on productive and reproductive performance of laboratory mice

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Kuduk, C., 1988: Effect of copper on the initial growth of wheat and on biological properties of cohesive soils

Casimiro, A., 1987: Effect of copper on water relations and growth of Triticum

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807917

Huber, M. C.; Winter, R. E. K.; Bolla, R. I., 1989: Effect of copper sulfate and lead acetate on infection on pines with Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Salgare, S. A.; Gawde, S., 1989: Effect of copper sulphate on pollen germination of successive flowers of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp

Syamal, M. M.; Rajput, C. B. S.; Singh, S. P., 1987: Effect of corm size, planting distance and depth of planting on growth and flowering of gladiolus

Tracy, W. F.; Hatfield, R. D., 1989: Effect of corngrass on cell wall components

Uehara, T.; Tanikawa, M.; Jodai, S., 1987: Effect of corona treatment on glueability of Japanese pine

Uehara, T.; Goto, T., 1985: Effect of corona treatment on wood properties

Kerimova, M. G.; Akhmedov, I. R.; Aleskerova, I. R., 1989: Effect of correcting diet on catecholamines in the urine of students in increased mental-emotional load conditions

Ben Hur, M.; Plaut, Z.; Shainberg, I.; Meiri, A.; Agassi, M., 1989: Effect of cotton canopy and drying on runoff with lateral move

Vilkova, N. A.; Kuznetsova, T. L.; Ismailov, A. I.; Islambekov, Sh Yu, 1988: Effect of cotton varieties with high content of gossypol on the development of cotton bollworm Heliothis armigera (Hbn.) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Butter, N. S.; Kular, J. S., 1987: Effect of cotton whitefly damage on seed germination and fibre qualities of upland cotton

Gaudet, D. A.; Bhalla, M. K.; Clayton, G. W.; Chen, T. H. H., 1989: Effect of cottony snow mold and low temperatures on winter wheat survival in central and northern Alberta

Scialabba, A.; Melati, M. R., 1988: Effect of cotyledon removal and effect of auxins and cytokinins on seedling growth, lateral root formation and xylogenesis in radish

Cansunar, E.; Richardson, A. J.; Wallace, G.; Stewart, C. S., 1990: Effect of coumarin on glucose uptake by anaerobic rumen fungi in the presence and absence of Methanobrevibacter smithii

Sundaresan, R. V. S., 1987: Effect of coumarin on tobacco necrosis virus infection in Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Prince

Singh, R. B.; Rana, R. S., 1988: Effect of country sugar (jaggery) on growth and sporulation of Bacillus thuringiensis strains

Hulugalle, N. R., 1988: Effect of cover crop on soil physical and chemical properties of an Alfisol in the Sudan savannah of Burkina Faso

Zink, J.; Hurle, K., 1990: Effect of cover crops on weed infestation in maize

Ibragimov, E. I., 1987: Effect of covered smut fungi of wheat and oats on sheep and fowls

Thangamuthu, A.; Selvaraj, J. A., 1989: Effect of covering emasculated flower for hybrid seed production in cotton

Kucera, J., 1987: Effect of covering with perforated flat plastic and non-woven fabric on overwintered lettuce, head cabbage and Savoy cabbage production

Valasek, F.; Serences, P., 1989: Effect of cow housing on milk production

Tinker, E. D.; Buchanan, D. S.; Wettemann, R. P.; Frahm, R. R.; Knori, L. W., 1989: Effect of cow type and body condition score on postpartum cyclicity of various two-breed-cross cows

Shimada, K.; Izaike, Y.; Suzuki, O.; Kosugiyama, M., 1989: Effect of cow weight change on cumulative milk yield, reproductive performance and calf growth in Japanese Black cattle

Varma A., 1988: Effect of cowpea chlorotic spot virus infection on nodulation and nitrogen fixation by cowpea

Tolzin, J. L.; Gates, R. S.; White, G. M.; Parker, B. F., 1988: Effect of cracks on the pressure-velocity relationship of baled alfalfa hay

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807950

Kelly, D.; O' Brien, J. J.; McCracken, K. J., 1990: Effect of creep feeding on the incidence, duration and severity of post-weaning diarrhoea in pigs

Arida, G. S.; Shepard, B. M.; Almazan, L. P., 1990: Effect of crop age and leaf location on food consumption and development of rice leaffolder LF Marasmia patnalis

Nenadic, N.; Slovic, S.; Vidojevic, S., 1989: Effect of crop density and nitrogen application rate on maize yield

Singh, R. C.; Rao, P.; Dahiya, D. R., 1988: Effect of crop geometry and intercropping on gram production

Grewal D.S., 1989: Effect of crop geometry and nitrogen fertility on nutrient uptake in wheat

Pannu, R. K.; Malik, D. S.; Malik, R. K.; Singh, K. P., 1989: Effect of crop geometry, irrigation and weed control on growth and nutrient uptake by weed and groundnut

Buszard, D. J. I.; Schwabe, W. W., 1989: Effect of crop history on response of apple cv. Cox's Orange Pippin to a range of fruit setting treatments

Chaudhry, M. A.; Shafiq, M., 1986: Effect of crop management on soil and water conservation

Nagaraja, B., 1989: Effect of crop mixtures on income and employment: a case study of Anantpur district

Grzebisz, W., 1988: Effect of crop monoculture on the stability of the soil structure

Sansome, G., 1990: Effect of crop population on the performance of herbicides in winter oilseed rape

Sidhu B.S.; Beri V., 1989: Effect of crop residue management on the yields of different crops and on soil properties

Jiang, Y. et al., 1989: Effect of crop root systems on the composition of soil humus

Gupta, S. K.; Agarwala, R. K.; Sharma, S. L., 1987: Effect of crop rotation on management of stalk rot of cauliflower

Bagyaraj D.J., 1988: Effect of crop rotation on native vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal propagules in soil

Pillai, K. S.; Rajamma, P.; Ravindran, C. S., 1987: Effect of crop rotation on the incidence of sweet potato weevil

Vasconcellos, C. A.; Sans, L. M. A.; Pacheco, E. B., 1988: Effect of crop rotation on the root system of maize and on some chemical characteristics of a dark red dystrophic latosol from the region of Sete Lagoas

Covarelli, G.; Tei, F., 1988: Effect of crop rotation on weed flora in maize

Scholte, K.; s' Jacob, J. J., 1990: Effect of crop rotation, cultivar and nematicide on growth and yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in short rotations on a marine clay soil

Simon, A.; Sivasithamparam, K., 1990: Effect of crop rotation, nitrogenous fertilizer and lime on biological suppression of the take-all fungus

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807977

Ohyama, N., 1989: Effect of crop-side basal application of fertilizer on growth and yields of rice plants

Kumar, A.; Roy, R. K., 1988: Effect of cropping system and fertilizer level in a chickpea/wheat crop combination

Albrecht, A., 1988: Effect of cropping system on aggregation in a Vertisol and a ferrallitic soil (French West Indies)

Mehta H., 1988: Effect of cropping system on genetic variability and component analysis in soybean

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807984

Rajashekhara, E.; Sreenivasa, M. N.; Bhat, R. S., 1989: Effect of cropping system on vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal development in redgram and sunflower

Overhoff, A., 1988: Effect of cropping systems and crop rotations on nematode population dynamics on arable land

Reddy, K. A.; Bheemaiah, G., 1987: Effect of cropping systems and soil types on dry matter production, N, P and K uptake of maize (Zea mays L.)

Balyan J.S.; Seth J. , 1989: Effect of cropping systems on maize production and their residual effect on succeeding wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1808, Accession 001807989

Park, Y. I.; Kim, J. B.; Chung, H. W., 1988: Effect of crossbreeding on the incidence of stillbirths in swine

Charyulu, E. K.; Acharya, R. M., 1988: Effect of crossbreeding the local Chokla, Malpura and Jaisalmeri with Rambouillet on the follicle diameter and follicle medullation at one month of age

El Shahat, A. A.; Mabrouk, M. M., 1990: Effect of crossing and body weight on prime cuts of sheep carcass

Staikou, A.; Lazaridou-Dimitriadou, M., 1989: Effect of crowding on growth and mortality in the edible snail Helix lucorum (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) in Greece

Ambrose, DP.; Sahaya Rani, MR.; Vennison, SJ., 1988: Effect of crowding on the camouflaging behaviour, size, development, oviposition pattern and hatchability of offspring of Acanthaspis pedestris Stal, a potential predator of insect pests (Heteroptera Reduviidae)

Phillion, B. J.; Mitchell, J., 1984: Effect of crown position on the rooting of juvenile black spruce cuttings

Everts, H.; Smits, B., 1987: Effect of crude fibre, feeding level, body weight and method of measuring on apparent digestibility of compound feed by sows

Patil, B. P.; Kamble, V. J.; Gujar, B. V., 1989: Effect of crude protein replacement by Shevra (Alysicarpus rugosus D. C.) on nutrient intake and digestibility in crossbred heifers

Porwal, B. L.; Singh, H. G.; Sahu, M. P., 1988: Effect of cryoprotectants on yield and yield attributes of gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

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